Idaho State Journal from Pocatello, Idaho on April 6, 1970 · Page 9
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Idaho State Journal from Pocatello, Idaho · Page 9

Pocatello, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, April 6, 1970
Page 9
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IDAHO JOURNAL NEWS OF EASTERN IDAHO AND THE STATE 1'OCA'ra.LO, IDAHO, MONDAY, APRIL G, 1970 . (dodo Stole Journal · Sec'ion B · Page 1 Lewiston Couple Found Dead in Car LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) - i'olice found Joseph Sporli, -12, and tiis one-time common-law wife, Mrs. Mary Evortll, 28, dead in a parked car Sunday THE WAY IT IS My Pet Pipe By RICHARD LAKE Binqham Assessor Tells of New Bill BLACKF'OOT - B i n g h a m Coutity Assessor Everett Goodwin has an important armounce- menl for all persons who filed for exemption ol taxes under House Bill 50 before Nov. 30, 1909. Such persons aro required to a! the assessor's office before May 15, 1970, to be eligible for tax reduction for 1970. "If you do not understand the procedure to follow, please call at Hie assessor's office in Bing- tem courthouse," Goodwin said. Nez Perce County coroner ruled the deaths murder-suicide. lie said Sperli. Livingston. ,, , , . . - - . Mont., apparently kidnapped asll . u « (le '-.TMurf 1 ngernaijs.shor. 1 quit smoking my pipe la in breaking in a pipe is faith. March 19Gf. Then in November You teve ( l d s p e t p l p e . l t e ,,_..., .,, uiEliI on a side road near Walia, ? f th 1 same ycai '' started smok- should be a curved stem or a signup again, Goodwin says,be- T e a c h - i n Set Idaho just south of Lewistoii {KZ pifics * la - straight stem, t Hke tlio curved cause tlie 1970 Legislature M . J O I A °"'" '··"'" ' ·'"- stem so the bowl can rest on amended House Bill 59 with CALDWELL, Idaho (A?)-An my chin. Never mind (lie hone;, House Dill G44. "environmental teach - in" is Ing up your house, getting black tlie sugar, the tamping, or Ihe in the new bill, therearesome planned at the College of Idaho , fancy tobacco. Just stuff it full ,1 e w requirements replacing next Thursday, with afternoon Mrs. Everett from'her Lewiston l e m n = J'our breath, causing em- of old horsefealhers, light up, [hose In old House Bill 59. and evening speeches planned, physema, andcoshngyounioney, and have faith that sooner or In House Bill 044, exemption Caldwell citizens and students 1 can't see where snuikingliarms later Hie horrible taslewillbuni app Ues to both trailer houses, will talk on ecology, effects of you a darn bit. Smoking is Just off. usei i as dwellings, and homes pesticides and other topics, lots ot fun. Then if anybody is lull alive you n v e in, the assessor ex- The most fun is breaking in a lo observe, they will see you plained. These are known as im. new pipe. 1 bought one in Call, with Itiat ultimate contentment provements. Exemption applies in your face, just puffing along ( 0 Improvements only, and ready to take anything lite An applicant must be fully re- lias to dish out. tired with a gross income of not The pipe smoker will inherit more than $4,800. t!ie earlt - Applications must be signed home, drove to Walia and then killed her and himself. Deputies said the bodies were found in a car. It had a piece of hose attached lo its exhaust pipe running into a window. f , ,, , .. .. Chief Deputy Sheriff W. A. l-'rye · a Uiat sM 011 -"' said the woman liail bruises on her moutli and right eye ami scratches on her lugs. Investigating officers said the kidnaping apparently look place Saturday. Neighbors identified Sperli as the man who forced Toasted and all broke in." That was a miserable lie, but wellcatlcnced and sort of happy. I look it home and smoked the innocent thing. Wow! It was bitter and strong and tasted like it was made out; POCATU10 I S O N T H E G O ! Vote 'No' APRIL 7th SURVEYING DAMAGE - Dr. W. D. Green of Blackfoot surveys the remains of his office after a Friday noon hour fire which destroyed all of his equipment, The fire originated with a metal kettle of materials used for making dentures, which was left on a hoi plale in Dr Green's office during the lunch hour. There was extensive smoke damage to other businesses in the building, and upstairs roomers had to be evacuated by firefighters. Three Days Separate Dentist From 40 Years in Blackfoot Authorities said Sperli filed 011 l°, r ' , ., . . . ,, « suit lor divorce from the woman ?° ne ot lllc books U ' U V°" to I in 1069 in their common-law ^ ''T V °» f * r , 1 !\ y ° Ur l man-iage. A month later, ret- W ·'I ^"^ the burn ng tobacco' ords show, she filed a counter- SeUks he 1)OW , 1 ' ""? SWGeU ! suit, saying no divorce was nee- f, mi ' E * " fom " U ° » ^ and, essary in such a marriage. " 1C , f^. PTM 6 **, ias te e""-! in May of 1009, Sperli was , D °" l 7TM *" *TM. «;, D "'' 11U 'S charged with assault with a gun !'.°TM y ls , lol . riWe '» « , and on Mrs. Everett. A month ll d . oes » ' la ' c a »"· " J usl t , . . . e , , , KmnkoH flml fiimps !iurl fnllc later, while free on bond, she charged him with assault again, this lime with a knife. Last November, records show, . , , he was arrested and charged y T', P ! P u , W and S t a r l ' - - b about halfway down, you will built up a good cake or crust in , no lime. This doesn't work eitJi- , Officers said Sperli served a er- If you want to bul '" al ! out ' ·isnil in 1C1CI (V,y ^f,,M ""'66 PBCk'S Of 17)2 tCllCS PCI' piCO, ison lerm in iyoi lor assault- - , , . -1, , v """ --"'·' gel away with it, but i smokes and fumes and falls' out, and the bowl is left moist and smelling terrible. They say if you just smoke with making a false statement when attempting to purchase a gun, prison term ing a Lewistoii housewife will an icepick during a robbery attempt. BLACKFOOT -- Dr. W.D. ,.j came , iere on Aprl , G Green was Just three days short 1930 and my daughl8r of being in the dental profession on April 5 in Blackfoot for 40 years when SA ^ ' his office at 19 West Pacific 1 fire last Friday. I'm going to work to tinish Ihe dentures flat were destroyed in 1931," Dr. Green ttle fire," Dr. Green said. Then the man who began work. , , , "I had planned to retire the i"5 on teeth in Blackfoot back was destroyed completely by last of June," the dentist added, when Herbert Hoover was Pres- Bv THE f i r o i a s r *,.,»,, Although nearly everything "" " '"- '"" " ^ y Two Persons Die in Traffic Over Weekend you You can smoke tobacco thatcosts $2 an ounce, hut In these early stages whatever you smoke is going to smell like the chicken coop is on fire. Wliat counts will lave full time to de- The pioneer dentist went home was destroyedinthedentalotfice TM te ( " some of the things he Two persons died over the weekend as result of traffic ac- . ,, f . and ucLviuuiu, LJI , vji ctru 3tiiu out,' in a fire that did $4,500 ne ted managed to salvage some damage to the building and eon- ot (he equirjmen t neede(i to work I tents including smoke damage on dentures whidl now is d r y i n K I to Johnny's Second Hand Store, out in Usnee at Ms , lorae at ; Franklin Press, Clark's Barber 308 South | tout: Shop, and apartments on the ,, WIthIn a week w . 1Q d second floor. Blackfool firemen believe the fire started from I-I^L -- U«».. denture material on a hot plate 111/11111 Iffl/in in Dr. Green's office. ·MM1IW IIIUII Business Unit WinsMost i Work In Power, Oneida To Present Annual Trophy | n R 0( | eo likes 15)70 toll to Gl. This compares with 54 on this date a year ago, Tlie latest victims were V.W.A. Hanson, 70, of Caldwell, and liodney L. Waller, M, ot Marsing. "Hanson was killed about 8:30 AMERICAN FALLS -- "Cen- p.m. Sunday when he was slruck sus takers ot Power County are by a car as he was walking very busy at work tryingtomeet along the street in Greeiileaf, a a two-three week deadline they small community near Caldwell. set for themselves," says Mrs. Canyon County sheriff's offi- Beverley Beitz, crew leader for cers identified the driver of the botli Power and Oneida Counties, car as Samuel P. Kiinbrell, 20, Mrs. Beitz and her crew urge a sludent at Community College all residents to hold their ques- in Walla Walla, Wash. PORTLAND, Ore, (AP) GRACE-- A trophy willbepre- The biggest check in the pacific u . sented again this year by the Indoor Rodeo at Portland's Me- * Grace Businessmen and Women to the Businessman or Woman of the Year. Golden Hardy was named by the group as chairman of acom- Allen Keller, Olathe, Colo, who won in steer wrestling, re. tionnaires until the census taker morial Coliseum over ttie week- ,,,,, ,, ,, . - ... , ,. end wpnt In P-Mil Striker Wei ley Md other E' aces u « crew end went to Paul striker, Wei- wi] , fe greafly a[{]ed Jf some _ °' le ot Ule household is at the TO DISCUSS MOON- Dr. Willard F. Libby, Nobel Prize wu Wallerdiedi'na Boise hospital n « an( J s TM im Adviser to tlie comes to their residence. Since O f injuries received Jan, 23 in a Idaho, will discuss tlie is so widespread, Iwc-car collision four miles west origin of Uie_ moon at a dinner including Soufli Pleasant Val- ot Marsing. mlttee to determine the recipient, and Lloyd Painter andClair Chadwick will assist him. The group voted to enlist the . . uutL nia( . x _ al aid of the schools and towns- rider, Steve Coleman, look first cj)le Howar(] people for a clean-up campaign, placeinlhatevent^wlnnins $600. He i ping ln ' taker at all times until tlie questionnaire is picked up. Census takers in American c » D i n h h, i Falls are Mrs. RoseFloyd.Mrs. St. Paul, Ore., bareback Ella Mae canfteld and Mrs. Lu- rural and most Public Roads Bureau Okays Overpass Design MONTPELIEU - The Bureau meeting at 6:15 p.m. April 1G at the Westbank Motel in Idaho Falls. Tlie meeting issponsored jointly by tlie Eastern Idaho Nuclear Council and the Eastern Idaho Section of tlie American Nuclear Society. It is the annual meeting ot tlie Nuclear Industrial Council and is open to the public. On tlie agenda is Die business meeting at 6:15 p.m.; social hour, 6:45; dinner, 7:30, £**,uf.v. * -- · -- ~-- --f 1- 0 - - - . - . i l l f\ Me JlClUlUt 111 UlC lUldl OHU IILUil . T , . , - -- , w.» ..-«. t « . . . « , « . . ^.^( , .,,«, Eddie Jensen was named chair- Ace Berry, Oakdalc, Calif., was c |, a!lenKinE dL5tr i c t are Mrs ubljc Roafis las approved and Dr. Libby's talk, 8:30. Tick_ . - i t . T^, f*, .·~,r.v.f.^\ nr,A «pr*i\nH WlUn S^flH. Third nlapp-- . - ^. _ . _ _ . ' thp HdQlini fnr a ni'rmi-\cnrl nil «t- ...jn ».,, 1.1 / · _ _ »i.. j j man with Doug Campbell and Fred Van Vleet on his committee. Members voted to give a §100 scholarship to a Grace High School student. Members also discussed removal of abandoned cars. Some action ou the matter willbe taken by city and county officials, Jack Pearce, the group's chairman, spoke on city loyalty. Present were ISmembers, including Bob Rigby and Herb Kramer, representatives of the gas company from SodaSprings; Hardy, Chadwick, Marvin Nungessor, Pearce, Nellie V. Johnson, Mrs. I van Bortz, VanVleet, Jensen, Campbell, Painter, Larry Allen, Gilbert Nelson and Sam Krebs. second with §500. Third and $300- went to Jimmy Dix of Australia. Dale Trotter, Crooked Crreek, Alta^andtarryMahan, Brooks, Ore,, split fourth place for $74,47 each. Mahan also was second in a three-way tie in bull riding to give him total earnings of $456 and t!ie all-around title. Hugh Chambliss. Albuquerque, N.M,, won saddle broncs and $G43. Clyde L Lewiston, Idaho, took $482 hts second place win. Payette Man Dies Following Farm Accident Shirley Liese, Mrs. Melba Wright and Mrs. Melba Haskell. Each census taker is assigned an area that must be covered in the time limit. First Security Bank Announces Leader Changes MONTPELIER -" A mara- lias been made at tor a proposed rail. e ts will be sold for tlie dinner overpass in Monlpelier, at tlie door. tin of the State Department of Bcdr Lake Fair Employment. _ ,, The overpass wilt bridge the 10 B6 multiple tracks on tlie west end fti A _ :| 10 of Montpelier'sMainStreeLThe Ml Hprll I J Construction willelimlnatewait- ing at (he tracks while switch ..^v^nrt i^n \ M ° NTPE " E " ~ A r , engines and passenger trains meotingor he BcarLakcCoun^ block (he road Falr Boar(1 wl!I be lield A P r " The total project is estimated i? al Blackfoot Music Department Hosts Music Festival ness administration degree trom Idaho State College. He previously has served In the U.S. Army. He Is married and has two children. Bingham will become the assistant manager of the First Security Bank in Rexbtirg. Transferred to Rexbtirg Is Mlcliael Bingham. He will lie replaced by Dale liced Skinner, a native of Salmon. Skinner will be assistant manager of the Tlmeivay credit department. Skinner is a graduate olSalm- PAYETTE, Idalio (AP) - In- O n High School are! holds a busi- juries suffered in a tractor mishap Saturday proved fatal for George Relber, 10, of I'ayctto. ile died in an Ontario, Ore,, hospital Saturday nlghl n few BLACKFOOT-- The music fie- Iioiirs after Hie tractor he was partmont of Blackfoot High operating lipped over ami pinned School will host the annual mil- him underneath. i i i i . r» sic festival next Friday and Relbor was attempting to pull Held IP Death Saturday with musicians from a stuck tractor with another more (Iran 17 schools lo be rep- tractor when Ihe accident occur- resented. red 15 miles oasl of Payetto. Housing Is needed for aboul 150 students who can siccommo- Qnyernor's T O U T date a few students for tliatnlglit arc asked lo contact the music MoVCS tO Emmett band Saturday night, Welser Poi i n m r h n p n t llce clllet Msl Person said, Toinnetl ion in solo perfor- EMMETT, Idaho (AP- Goy.. Ernest Fluff, 37, was dead on minces an d ensembles will take Don W, Samuelson planned to arrival at a Weiser hospital at- m, tiio rhv Friday and Friday "take government to (lie people" (cr being slabbed intheabdomen Biirit n hm-e will be given for in Emmett late today with a w m, a ia rg e butcher knife, Die 11 festival giiesls. r llbllc forum a ' " 1C Gem Coul ' P° Uce clllef sa([1 ' nanrl.: choirs and girls' glco ty Courthouse. No charge lias been filed ehfe^ will per orm on Satur- 11 was to be the 32nd such against Mrs. Fluff, (te mother of riiv wTu winners from both Irip of the governor's to county tnl . ee smaU children, day, wiui w , jn ^ aprogranl for seals since last fall, leaving him 'picrson said an inquest would A has been chosen as for Ihe characterized by with solid be nine feet wide at the top, seven feet wide al Hie bottom and five feet deep. Ag Students Win Coveted Degrees City Hall at for 15 at Montpelier. Bids will be opened on a concession stand of concrete building block to be constructed before the fair. W.W. Payne of Georgetown · lias replaced Reed Crane as chairman of the 1070 fair board. Also released from ttie board are veteran members Cecil Ouayleand Bl 1 . 1 . Lauridsen. l« ilia i school. tlie high wit" 12 counties lo visit before early May. | loW bul a date has nol teen Leona Bird, Paris, lias been SHELLEY (AP) - Eighteen retained as secretary. Eastern Idaho vocational agriculture students were awarded IDAHO TTMFFIC'DEATHS tlie coveted State Farmer de. Q y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS gree at tlie closo of the 39Ui unoiodate 61 WEISER, Idaho (AP) - Mrs. annual Future Farmers of Am- i%9iodate 54 Mary Pluff, 27, of Welser, was erica leadership conference held In custody over the weekend here, pending further Investigation into the fatal sUbbingofherhus- ,, . _ L U V E R N JOHNSON Supports City Manager Form of City Government. "Why Support the City Manager form of Government? It Sovei Money for one thing," VOTE NO! APRIL 7th T PNP Commillco. Stan Day, Chairmen v J V in! ^ I? P); at First Security Savings 6 % timent annual rale 2- YEAR CERTIFICATE ACCOUNTS 15,000 OR MORE ANNUAL YIELD: 6.09%* 5 O C % ^t__ ^ J current % ^Ibl V^r annual rate 6-AAONTH CERTIFICATE ACCOUNTS $1,000 OR MORE ANNUAL YIEtDj 5.31%' 5 HW ·· 0 / ^g I^T /O f ,^cur re nl · 4f Q^r annual rclo 1-YEAR CERTIFICATE ACCOUNTS $1,000 OR MORE ANNUAL YIELD: 5.83% 5 % current annual rate PASSBOOK ACCOUNTS ANY AMOUNT ANNUAL YIELD: J.06% 1 'When all lavingf onA earni'ngi remain a year. H More Ihon ever, Firil Security Saving! ii Irie place for Ihe money you can'l afford loriik. Idaho*! largeil Slofe chartered Federally-inured lovingi and loan payt you higher comingi. Crioaie our legular paubook oceounf or from three new certificate atcounfi, earning) tampDunded ond payable iemi-annually. Whichever account you thooie, our J30,000,000.00 in oueti ore behind your tavingi. And how safe It ii, iniured by Ihe Federal Sovingi and Loan Inimance Coiporation to $20,000.00 and available too. VAlridiawaU are peimllled or. oil cerliRcate accounh before maluiil) 1 , iubieel lo Federal Home Loan BonV limiralioot, Eilobliihed in I 927, we have iKree officel in Eaitern Idaho for youi convenience. Earnings Paid Semi-Annually Safety of Your Savings Insured up to $20,000 Money Received by the 10th Earns from the l$r. ^·"p^f'^Fpii 1 ' )j;;^Vf°n. ^ :' POCATELLO' 349 Wejt Center Hftnt Offict FALLS 379 A Street Bn-ich Ofiitt '·1 '/ REXBljRG 12 College Ave. Branth OHrct FtRST SECURITY SAVINGS lOAN ASSOCIATION SOCIAL 'ATTENTiON TO MAIL ACCOUNTTS Send your check or money order with coupon today. CUP and MAIL this coupon foi First Security Savings Loon Association at one of the office addresses shown above Please open account: Q Pocatello Office Idaho Falls Office Q 5% passbook (No minimum) L~] 5.25% 6-month minimum certificate ($1,000 or more) n 575V. 1-year minimum certificate ($1,000 or more) Q o% 2-year minimum cerlificafo ($5,000 or more) Q Rexburg Office G Joint Q Individual Q Corporation Q Organization Name(j) Address Ci'y ............................................ State ........................ Zip ............................... Amount enclosed $ .......................... Social Securiry ........................ or I.D, Number

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