The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 6, 1966 · Page 90
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 90

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1966
Page 90
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34 Port IV MON., JUNE 6, 1 966 pg flltgtlf g TOttteg HAL HUMPHREY The Old Political Song and Dance Getting your own series on TV may be tougher than becoming President of the United States. OK, then, would you believe U.S. senator? You'd better, because on the shelves of a Hollywood film vaults are two TV pilots starring George Murphy, neither of which was considered good enough by Madison Avenue measurements to become a series. Many of you may have been under the impression that our now Sen. Murphy had long ago retired from show .business. Except for emceeing the entertainment at the past four Republican conventions and a GOP rally here and there, song-and-dance man Murphy wasn't much in the public eye. But that wasn't because he hadn't been trying. In 1959 actor Murphy made a TV pilot for Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball at their Desilu Studios. It was a family situation comedy half-hour which had Martha Scott playing his wife, and it was titled "You're Only Young Twice." Two years later (1961) he teamed up with Janet Gay-nor at Desilu, but under a different production banner, to shoot a second pilot called "Sweet 16." This one, too, failed to engender any network andor sponsor interest. As one agency man puts it, "Song-and-dance men don't have much luck with TV. Look at Mickey Rooney and Ray Bolger, who both had series, but not very successful ones." It's no good speculating now, but one wonders who might have been California's junior senator if either of the Murphy TV pilots had sold. He wouldn't likely have traded a hot TV series for a job as a senator. The rewards, both monetary and exposure-wise, shall we say, are simply not comparable. When All Else Fails Obviously, however, there is a similarity between show business, and politics, and when an actor's career begins phasing out on him, it is only natural he'd look toward politics as a second career. He hasn't said so, but isn't it reasonable to suppose that Ronald Reagan took his first serious look at a possible political career only after the GE Theater went off CBS-TV in 1962, following a nearly 10-year run? Reagan made some guest appearances on TV after that, but nothing very steady unless you count hosting Death Valley Days, and unlike George Murphy's situation, apparently no one was hiring him to make a TV pilot for a proposed series. If Reagan wins California's gubernatorial primary on the Republican ticket Tuesday, several TV producers will be kicking themselves for not having the foresight to see that he still had a grass-roots potential. Wendell Corey is on the same Tuesday California ballot running for Congress in the 28th District. Several years ago Corey was star of a TV series, Harbor Command, and more recently he was starred in a psychiatric drama series, Eleventh Hour, which he didn't get to finish. Ralph Bellamy took over for the second and last season in 1963-64. Bellamy, by the way, would have a great headstart in the field of politics with the image he created by playing Franklin Delano Roosevelt in both the play and movie version of "Sunrise at Campobello." Republicans Have Edge On a partisan basis the Republican actors have the edge so far, with Sen. Murphy already in office, and Reagan and Corey running in primaries. Steve Allen, a Democrat, intended to run for Congress, but had overlooked registering the year before. In the 40s Helen Gahagan Douglas made it to Congress after a Hollywood career, the only Democrat to do so thus far. I suppose one might make the case that Democrats are more successful actors, so haven't had the need to go into politics. Still, one also could say that only the Republicans are versatile enough to include politics in their histrionic repertoires. Of the new crop of actors who seem to have political aspirations there are Robert Vaughn (Democrat-Man from UNCLE), Dan Blocker (Democrat-Bonanza) and Chuck Connors (Republican-Rifleman). It's always a question, of course, how the electorate will react to such political casting. When moviemaker Jack L. Warner first heard Ronald Reagan was running for governor, he is suppoed to have said, "Frankly, I would have cast Dennis Morgan as governor and Reagan as his best friend." Today's The Lucy Show, 8:30 p.m. (3) (Color) Lucy Carmichael (Lucille Ball) wants to go to a Hollywood premiers and see the stars but can't obtain a ticket. (Repeat) "Death In the Pacific," 8:30 p.m. (13) (Special) Documentary of famous World War II Pacific battles including Guadalcanal, the Marianas and Iwo Jima, and the American fighting men which fought them. Summer Music Hall, 9 p.m. (4) (Color) (Debut) Series replaces Andy Williams as singer John Davidson hosts Gale Garnett and comedian Richard Pryor in a musical variety program. Publio Affairs, 9 p.m. (28) Warsaw Ghetto" is the story of the Nazi's infamous treatment of Warsaw's Jews told by rare films and stills. Hollywood Talent Scouts, 10 p.m. (2) (Color) Carl Reiner presents a singer; actress Dina Merrill introduces a comedy team; singer Jimmie Rodgers brings - forth another singer; host Art Linkletter pre George Murphy Best Bets sents Miss America of 1965 as a ventriloquist, and The Korean Kit tens, a song and dance group. Bun for Your Life, 10 p.m. (4) (Color) Paul Bryan risks his life to expose a dictator as a ruthless murderer. Celeste Holm, Stephen Mc-Nally, Robert Loggia and Katherine Ross guest. (Repeat) The Avengers, 10 p.m. (7) The kidnapping of Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) involves secret agent John Steed (Patrick Macnee) with a lethal knitting circle and gets him into a battle with Russian and Chinese spies. William F. Buckley, 10 p.m. (9) William F. Buckley debates author John Henry Faulk on the abolition of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Managers in Action, 10 p.m. (28) Host Lawrence A. Ap-pley presents "That Priceless Ingredient," an examination of the elusive quality which makes the difference between a mediocre manager and a great leader. MORNING NOTE: Network programming (channels 2, A & 7) subject to interruption and change for coverage of the Gemini 9 splashdown, 5:45 Q News and Farm Report 6:00 0 QD Sunrise Semester (30 min.) 6:30 0 American Story Classics O Educaton Exchange 0 Guidelines (30 min.) (8) TV Classroom (30 min.) loday 'he Farm (30 min.) 7:00 0 News Wallace, Roberts (60 min) O Today (2 hr.) I COLOR Hugh Downs hosts, S3 Scope (30 min.) GD Captain Kangaroo (30 min.), O Engineer Bill (30 min.) (Jg Cartoons (60 min.) Q) Superman (30 min.) 7:30 (8) News; Sunup 0 Car 54, Where Are You? (30 min.) Q Pancake Man (30 min.) 1 color i Cartoons. CD Hobo Kelly (90 min.) 8:00 0 Captain Kangaroo (60 min.) (6) Peter Potamus (30 min.) 0 Girl Talk (30 min.) 0 Engineer Bill (30 min.) 1 color i Cartoons. (JJI Today (60 min.) 3 Economy; Spanish; Math 8:30 (J) On the Farm; Santa Barbara (6) Soupy Sales (30 min.) 0 Pamela Mason (60 min.) 0 Space Patrol (30 min.) 8:45 (0 Cartoonaroony 9:00 0 QD I Love Lucy (30 min.) (3) Industry on Parade 3 (Jo) Eye Guess; News (30 min.) 1 color i Bill Cullen emcees. 0 Yoga for Health (30 min.) 0 King & Odie Q CD Jack La tanne (30 min.) Buckaroo 500 9:15 (2D Science in Action 0 Big Babysitter (45 min.) 1 color I Cartoons. E Guidepost (60 min.) "5-.30 0 The McCoys (30 min.) Q Concentration (30 min.) Scarlett Hill 130 min.) 0 Mike Douglas (90 min.) CD Gypsy Rose Lee (30 min.) 9:45 (3) Background; News 10:00 0 (T) Andy of Mayberry (30 min.) QD Where the Action Is (30 min.) Q go) Morning Star (30 min.) 1 color i Dramatic serial. 0 Burns and Allen (30 min.) (5) Film Drama (30 min.) 0 Movie Drama (1949) "Red Light," George Raft. CD Movie Drama "Girl in the Black Stockings," 10:15 QD Your Federal Executive Board 10:30 0 Dick Van Dyke (30 min.) (3) Never Too Young (30 min.) ZS Paradise Bay (30 min.) 1 color i Dramatic serial. ti World Adventures (30 min.) I color i "Austria Rendezvous on the Lake." (6) The Nurses (30 min.) News Johns, Nolen 10:45 3 Frontiers of Southern California 11:00 0 (J Love of life; News - Q (jg Jeopardy (30 min.) 1 color i Art Fleming hosts. 0 Peter Gunn (30 min.) 63 GD Supermarket Sweep (30 min.) 3 Treasure (30 min.) 1 color i Bill Burrud hosts. 11:30 0 (1) Search for Tomorrow Q fig Let's Play Post Office color i (30 min.) Q Movie Comedy (1946) "People Are Funny," Art Linkletter. O CD Dating Game (30 min.) 0 Spectrum (30 min.) CD Sheriff John (60 min.) 1 color i Children's program. B Romper Room (60 min.) 11:45 0 (D Guiding Light 11:55 O Jg News AFTERNOON 12:00 0 Keene at Noon (30 min.) With Bill Keene and Calvin Jackson. t3 Let's Make a Deal; News 1 color i Monty Hall hosts. 0 GD Donna Reed (30 min.) Girl Talk (30 min.) Q The Big Picture (30 min.) 1 color I (io) News Rinaker, Myers (30 min.) M Economy; Spanish 3 Paging Parents (30 min.) 12:30 0 (JD As the World Turns (30 min.) Q rjgl Days of Our Lives (30 min.) 1 color I Dramatic serial. 0 GD Father Knows Bost 0 Faith for Today (30 min.) CD Movie Drama (1937) "Bad Guy," Bruce Cabot, Virginia Grey, Qj) Dialing tor Dollars (60 min.) 60 The French Chef POT.TTICAI MONDAY'S TV PROGRAMS 1:00 0 ( Password (30 min.) O The Doctors (30 min.) El Movie Drama (1931) "Secrets of a Secretary." Q g) Ben Casey (60 min.) g Movie Drama (1947) "Humoresque," John Garfield. 1:30 0 faj House Party (30 min.) 1 color I Art Linkletter hosts. a (jo) Another World (30 min.) Movie Drama (1938) "Call of the Yukon," Richard Arlen. 2:00 0 GD To Tell the Truth; News 0 (jg) You Don't Say (30 min.) 1 colorj Tom Kennedy hosts. 0 CD Confidential for Women IB Movie urama usjbi "Battle of Broadway," Victor McLaglen. 2:30 0 QD Edge of Night (30 min.) Q (jg) The Match Game (30 min.) 1 color I Gene Rayburn hosts. 0 December Bride (30 min.) 0 GD A Time for "ss News 0 Nine on the Line (60 min.) 1 color i Mark Davidson hosts. 3:00 0 QD Secret Storm (30 min.) Q P.P.O., (30 min.) 1 color I Dennis James hosts. 0 Our Miss Brooks (30 mm.) 0 GD General Hospital (30 min.) Movie-Drama 11936) "Mutiny on the Bounty," Clark Gable. (Part I) Q Felix the Cat (90 min.) I color 1 3:30 0 Loretta Young (30 min.) 0 Movie Drama "Plunder of the Sun," Glenn Ford. 0 Divorce Court (60 min.) g) Movie Western (1948) "Station West," Dick Powell. 0 The Nurses (30 min.) rjp Shane in Wonderland (30 min.) 1 COLOR 1 0 Jack in tfte Box (30 min.) 1 color i Cartoons. 4:00 0 Sea Hunt (30 mm.) QD Movie Drama "Ain't Misbehavin'," Rory Calhoun. 0 Never Too Young Movie Drama (1956) "Savage Wilderness," Victor Mature. Popeje (60 min.) 1 color i Cartoons. CD Billy Barty's Big Show (60 min.) i color i Children's program. SI Escuelas (Education) 4:25 0 Arlene Dahl's Beauty Spot 1 color i 4:30 0 Movie Comedy (1944) "Here Come the Waves," Bing Crosby. 0 News Putnam, Brundage, fishman, Enberg (30 min.) color I 0 Where the Action Is 130 min.) 0 Bozo's Big Top Show (30 min.) B Novela Semanal (Drama) (30 min.) 5:00 Shebang (60 min.) 1 color i Casey Kasem hosts. 0 News Ward, George, Healy 0 9th Street West (60 min.) color I Sam Riddle hosts. CD Superman (3D min.) (B Lippy the Lion (60 min.) 1 color i 6D What's New (30 min.) Dperacion la-la (60 min.) Suzy Saturn (60 min.) I color i Cartoons. 5:15 O News- Jennings 5:30 (3) News (30 min.) (g Leave It to Beaver (30 min.) CD Winchell-Mahoney Time (60 min.) I color i Children's program. (S The Cost of Hope (30 min.) QD The Friendly Giant -5:40- 4 MAYOR SAM YORTY REPORTS 5:45 0 News Schubeck, Weir, Hearn 1 color 1 2D Tales of Poindexter EVENING 6:00 0 News Dunphy, Green, Story, Stratton, Keene (S) Leave It to Beaver (30 min.) Q (jo) News Huntley, Brinkley ( COLOR 0 Route 66 (60 min.) (Sj Public Service Program 0 Movie Drama (1952) "My Wife's Best Friend," Anne Baxter. (S) News 0 Laurel and Hardy (30 min.) 3 Lloyd Thaxton (60 min.) ( color i Teen-age dance show. g3 Trouble With Father (30 min.) g3 The Observing Eye (30 min.) Noticiero (News) (30 min.) Long John Silver (30 min.) 6:30 GD News Huddy, Olson 0 News Latham, Schubeck, Hearn, Brown, Peterson i color i QD Zane Grey Theater (30 min.) 0 Tall Man (30 min.) CD Huckleberry Hound (30 min.) I cl" I S) Movie Western (1939) "Three Texas Steers," John Wayne. Physical Geology (30 min.) 09 Marina Lavalle (Serial) (90 min.) gg True Adventure (30 min.) color 7:00 0 GD News Cronkite (30 min.) rcoioi Q Golden Voyage (30 min.) fcoLOR "Three Cities of Europe." ADVERTISEMENT MAYOR YORTY REPORTS ON "LAW ENFORCEMENT" TONIGHTI 5:40 P.M. KNBC CHANNEL 4 "UNIVERSITIES" TONIGHT! 7:25 P.M. KABC CHANNEL 7 DEBATE TONITE 9:55 PM KHJ-TV CHANNEL 9 Clireni For VorTy For OsvKpae 1 Br! Murray, cho'irvjti TIC! V.'il:he BI-d., Lc. Ai-.jc'rt MorUt i ruilon Sm fronciica B Political! Yorty (30 min.) I COLOR O Twilight Zone (30 min.) Forest Rangers 130 min.) QJ Bachelor Father (30 min.) Expedition (30 min.) S3 What's New (30 min.) 03 California History and Government m Apaslonada (Serial) Roller Derby (60 min.) 7:15 0 Political: Reagan -7:25-7 MAYOR SAM YORTY REPORTS O Political: Yorty 7:30 0 To Tell the Truth (30 min. ts nuiiapaiaa iuu mm.) i color i Frankie Avalon is host to Nancy Sinatra, the Hollies, Lola Falana, the Ronnettes and the Yardbirds. (Re peat) 0 Movie Drama (1952) "Deadline U.S.A.," Humphrey Kim Hunter, Ethel Barrymore. 0 (3) 12 0'Clock High (60 min.) "The Jones Boys." A frightened pilot and a blackmailer cause a shadow o' treason to be thrown over Col. Galla- gher. Stars Paul Burke. (Repeat) 9 BEST BET T0NITE ."THFin;TwnRin" q Movie-Drama (1960) i color I "The Lost World." Michael R.nnip iiM Joh riaude Rains. fib) Political: Patrick CD Political: School Bond Rally for Prop. S (60 min.) CD Holiday 130 min.) I color i "Porpoise Round-Up." g) Star Performance (30 min.) 3 Great Society (30 min.) 63 Science Reporter (30 min.) "Power for the Moon Ship." 6J) Un Canto de Mexico (music) 8:00 0 (3D I've Got a Secret (30 min.) Q (To) John Forsythe Show (30 min.) 1 color i "School for Spies." (Repeat) (6) Movie Drama (1955) I color i "Run for Cover." CB Daring Ventures (30 min.) i color i "Motorcycle Hare Scramble." 09 Dateline Europe (30 min.) 124! Dollars and Sense (60 min.) ) French Chef (30 min.) 0 Comicos y Canciones (Comedy) gg Marv Gray (60 min.) 8:30 0 -QD The Lucy Show (30 min.) Cameo appearances by Kirk Douglas, Jimmy Durante, Vincent Edwards, Edward G. Robinson. (Repeat) 0 Dr. Kildare 130 min.) "Daily Flights to Olympus." A screen hero, fearing the loss of his hero image, goes against Kildare's orders. Stars Richard Chamberlain, Raymond Massey. (Repeat) 0 GD Legend of Jesse James (30 mm. "The Dead Man's Hand." In a strange town, the James boys join a banker in a strange game of poker. Stars Chris Jones, Allen Case. (Repeat) CD Merv Griffin (90 min.) (0 Political: Yorty (30 min.) All Star Theater (30 min.) g in My Opinion (30 min.) 03 Brown; Seidenbaum g) Casa de Huespedes (Serial) 9:00 0 (1) Andy Griffith (30 min.) 1 COLOR 1 (Repeat) 4 PREMIERE! KRAFT SUMMER MUSIC HALL Starring John Davidson Q (To) Summer Music Hall (60 min.) I debut i i color i Singer John David son hosts musical variety series replac ing Andy Williams. Tonights guests: Gale Garnett, Richard Pryor. 0 GD A Man Called Shenandoah (30 min.) "Obion-1866." Shenandoah learns he was a feared man, but little else when he meets a former lawman. Stars Robert Horton. Claude Akins guests. (Re peat) On . "Death in the Pacifc" (60 min.) i special i Documentary of famous Pa cific battles of World War E3 Movie Drama 11947) "The Lone Wolf in London,' SA U.S.A.: Novel (30 min. ED Public Affairs (60 min.) B Secreto de Confesion (Serial) g Fairest of the Fair (30 min.) 9:30 0 (JD Hazel (30 min.) (Repeat) 3 a gggl I Bkl II II 1 POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT ymmmmmm - f tonight cr' ' ii Z, ttaamwitfiBmBaaa I 9:30 P.M. , I TON1GHT & EVERY MONDAY IS "BOGEY" NIGHT 11 pin THE BIG SLEEP BOGART & BACALL G3 5 WM. PENN PATRICK "COMMIES AT CAL?"' 0 Political: Patrick (30 min.) Q GD Peyton Place (30 min.) 9 GEORGE CHRISTOPHER IN ACTION! 0 Political: Christopher 3 Arts and the School (30 min.) gj Rita & Tony De Marco (60 mm.) Movie Drama 9:45 0 Political: Yorty (30 min.) 0 Headline History -9:55-O Political: Yorty lO-BB 0 QD'tinkletter's Hollywood Talent Scouts (60 min.) 1 color i Guests: Carl Reiner, Dina Mer- rill, Jimmie Rodgers. Q jg Run for Your Life (60 min.) I color i Bryan risks his life to expose dictator. Mars Ben Gazzara. Robert Loggia guests. (Repeat) 0 News Putnam, Brundage, Fishman, Enberg I color i m Movie-Documentarv (1953) 0 QQ The Avengers (60 min.) g Buckley's Firing Line (60 min.) q News Dreier, Burrell, Kelly, Franklin (60 min. I color i , 3 News-Johns, Brundige color EB Movie-Western (1933) Comment: Cecil Brown S3 Managers in Action (30 min.) 10:30 S3 Comment; Off Ramp 6B Pasos Triunfales (Music) 11:00 0 News Dunphy, Story, Udell (3) He5 O News Schubeck, Miller N.E.T. presents an extraordinary documentary Warsaw gheito The agony of 600,000 Jews Warsaw ghetto Films and stills made by the Nazis ihemselves Warsaw ghetto Narrated by a man who got out alive Warsaw ghetto RwD I 111 LJJ.liTXLJHM rjJIJ.lIiJ.Jt I ivrmmi wmw- it.rnuTDnvcDciAi r amimiiatc m IjH I CHALLENGES VOTERS ON: I EDUCATION I 1? ISI H "ORGANIZE A THROW-OUT'' H f "A HAND INSTEAD OFA HAND OUT' t Mr-v I FINANCES 1 VTTI J 1 "OPERATION FRESH START" 1 3S IV INFORMED VOTERS WILL WATCH1 Lj&i V TOmTE rack 9:30 m hi "3U L3fcfiL vjjTni CHANNEL 5 Iff tonight 9:00 PM f KTIA (( The National Educational ij 5 GEORGE CHRISTOPHER IN ACTION I 0 Political: Christopher 0 News Ward, Healy Q Movie Drama (1946) "The Big Sleep," Humphrey Bogart. TO Regis Philbln (90 min.) 1 color i Conversation-interviews. JB Movie Drama (1946) QD Diary 11:15 0 Seaway (60 min.) 11:30 0 Movie Drama (1950) (3) Movie Drama 0 (To) Tonight Show (90 min.) 1 color i Johnny Carson hosts. (6) Movie Drama 7 RONALD REAGAN DISCUSSES THE SITUATION AT BERKELEY rg Movie-Drama" 1l953) I2.i5 q Movie Drama (1934) 12,30 (Q Movie Drama (1952) Movie Drama (1955) 12:55 Q Movie Drama (1949) 1:15 Movie Drama (1941) 0 11:00 P.M. KTLA CHANNEL 5 George " ffroiitlcil Advtrtliement) - fif" 1 CHANNEL g : ! t'1 h 8 n:nft p.m. iBy 1 W CHRISTOPHER in Action . . . SEE Christopher confront Khrushchev , . . SEE what J. Edgar Hoover says about Christopher and law enforcement . . . SEE what General Eisenhower says about Christopher's record The Qualified Candidate for Governor CHRISTOPHER FOR GOVERNOR COMMTTTBg IIM WUhlt BlTd., hot AnfilM Arch Moil Kin, Jr, Coorttattoe ThomM P. PD". So. CtHI. Cfarirau kk'ttkitkkkkkk.kkkkkkickick ADVERTISEMENT The adventure of ; being a wife It should be "the most mar- velous adventure a woman can experience," says Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale. In June Header's Digest. you'll find her suggestions, for keeping excitement in ' marriage. ..simple do's and . don'ts to help you have, more fun and perhaps- the surest rule you'll ever, : find for becoming a successful wife. Get JuneReader's Digest' -now on sale I yMAmyM -- :. wmssgz. am., w :C r

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