The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 6, 1961 · Page 28
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 28

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1961
Page 28
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28 pwti- FRI., OCT. 6, 1961 2.03 angelra 'Eiuirs 73 BOOST IN DECADE SEEN FOR FREE WORLD OIL NEEDS NEW YORK Lfl A 73 increase in the free world's consumption of petroleum is likely in the next 10 years, the Chase Manhattan Bank said Thursday. It said' the oil industry's outlook can hardly be other than optimistic considering the mounting energy requirements of the world's growing population and petroleum's dominant position as an energy source. The bank said consumption of oil in the free world abroad, particularly in Western Europe, is expected to increase from 9.3 million barrels a day to 16.8 million by 1970. United States consumption is expected to exceed 12.5 million barrels a day, an increase of 2.8 million over 1960. However, Chase Manhattan warned of external forces which it said could impair the industry's health and growth. "Currently the industry finds itself between two converging pressures increasing competition and increasing government intervention," it said. Over-the-Counter THURSDAY, OCT. 5 The followlnfl bid and a;ked prices are ootalned from the National Assn. ot securities Dealers, Inc., and are unofficial. They do not represent actual transactions. They are Intended as a guide to the approximate range within which these securities could have been solo or bought at the time of compilation yesterday. Insurance stocks Bid Ask 118 143 21 Aetna Fire Aetna Lite Am Equitable Am Herf Lfie Am Ins Newark Argonaut Ins Benef Std Life Conn General Cont Assurance Cont Casualty Firemans Fund Franklin Life General Re-Ins Glens Falls Globe & Reoub Great American Hanover Fire Hartford Fire Home insurance Life Ins of Vlr Lincoln Nat Life 160 169 Maryland Ces 40 43U Mission tqunies nor i-tre Nat Union Fire Nationwide "A" Northrlver Pac Indemnity Pac Mutual rroTective stc Lite t'.t iv Provtd-Wash aaii 2Sii st Paul f&m &u em1 aec ins r naven vu vt Sec Title Ins 13'i 14V Springfield Ins 40fe 4Vi Tint Guar co NY 36'. am 124 151 23 IS l'4' 2 3(H4 47 5(Hb ZW 315 181 190 108Va 113'a 66 1231a 129 163 179 44i n' 24 263; 541 i 571 47U 50i. VU 4 63 66 112 117 147 159 45Vi 48U 44 47'4 441 a 48V 38 41 Title Ins Tr Travels Ins US Fid Guar US Life Westchester 571.5 163 171 6734 7! 76' 7 8QV4 361 3 39 Eastern Banks Bankers Trust 69 77 Chase Manhattan 8Uk 85 Chem 8k NY Tr 84'a 87H ionr in no t-ni iw im First Nat Chi 9W4 First Nat City IOU4 ioau Irving Trust BH 51H Mfrs Hanover Tr 58V 61 Morgan Gty 131 136 i . Western Banks Arizona Bank 374 jou Bank Am NT&SA 6V 71V BankofCalSF 5S'.i S&V. Citizens NB La 594 City NB Of 8H 3712 40in Cont Bank 44 SOU Crocker Anglo 66'i 6?Vi Fidelity Bank 38 41 FlrstNT.SSD 47U 5Mi First Western 5SVs 59 Pac Nat Bk SF 52 55' t Pac State Bk 28U 30ii Santa Monica Bk 26'j 29 Sec First Nat LA 8i 9dW union oarK la 1 to wv, Unit Cal Bk 69V j 731,; US Nat Bk SO 46 50 Vallv NB Phoen A4i Afl'i Wells Fargo 7V 82i SB.L Heldln Companies Allied Emp Inc 37' i 4(P-.ij cai Financial 4v 1 Empire Flnan 25'- 27" : Far West Fin 33 36V'2 Fin Federation IjO no , First Fin of West 20',j 22'ii Gibraltar Fin 45 4B,'i Hawthorne Fin is we Lytton Flnan 394 32 Midwestern Fin 22Vi 25 Trans-Coast Inv 30 32Vj Trans-HI Word 33 36Vi UnFInCpofCal 55 58Va wsscoFmsii sivi sy Common and Preferred Acme Electric 25 ?R!e Air Products Ask 201 16 l'-I 7' 4 7? 26'2 293i 25 30a 424s 9li Bid Benson-Lerner 17 Berkshire Hath fl'j Biochemical Proc 11 Birtscher Corp 7 aononza Atrimes Boston Capital Botany Indus Bours Inc Bowater Paper tsrunsw a uruo n'-4 Cal Inters! Tel 24' Cal Oregon SflVi Cal Pac Utilities 24'; cant water svc zsva Cal Water & Tel 40 Campb Mch Inc 8' Canadian Suo Oil 12Vj Cannon Electric 2112 24Vi Cap For Tch Ind 11 MVi Century Prop 6a 67a Citizens UtilS A 3H 33Va Do B 2BU 301 coastal Dyrtam cp s Coca Cola LA 27'.? Coleman Engine 7W Colo Interst Gas 44 Colo Oil & Gas Do Pf 22)i rolwcll Cfl 31 Computer Equlpmt 2V cmwitn Oil Kef iu'.2 Cnnsat Am Svc 2 Consol Frghtwys 11 consoi rock rw 21 Cornet Store 8 Cresc Eng & Res 6 Cyprus Mines 35V Dashew bus Men 22 31 467H 13H 105. 12', 32'-a V.'t 19 21 i'. 61b IHj 13': 78 83 33 la 2SV 12 127-b 16'. 2 ia' 28''2 303 68 Altamil 37 -1. Am Cement 11H 121 Am Express 361 Am Labs Inc 6 7U Am Marietta 2S4k 27 Am Plpe&Const 45 3'i Anadite Inc 32 35; Anheuser Busch 56' a 60li Arden Farms U'i 16V DO Of 541' 57' Aril Bancorp 2W 2B AHI Fert&Ch 8 Aroowhd Purltfli 19 21 Automatic Retail 56' 1 (& Aittnmjitlnn Indus Ali Avery Adhesive 19 2Wa Avon Products 91 . ?7 Altsc O KGm 191 21 Babcock Electron 24 37' eeKins vansiiior tn yiaiEii Bell Electronics 15 1 6? Max on Del E Webb Demi Tayior Dial Finance Dialaphone Diversa Inc pf On cm Dob Coro Ducommun Mils 201 Dun Bradstreet 45V 3 Dymo fndus Eld on Indus Elcctrada Cp Electro In sir Flwtrnnlr Cao Electronic Comp 5'4 Electronic Eng 15V2 Flectr Intl Cao 13 ElectrSd Invst 26 Eiectrosollds 7' Epps Industries 32 Ets-Hokin&GalvIn 14V7 Farmer Bros V. Fed Mart 17',i First Boston C 83? 87 Four Star TV 21 i-i 23b Futterman Corp 15S 16 oaraen La no lo 3 Gas service Gen Tel 4Va pf UO b PT 17 v: 4V 39 42 IB 19 19 V 21 21 22 Vi 13 14V 15 W.'4 5 6 13 14, 2-a 1G6 4 Do 5'. pf Genisco Gertsch Glasspar Glickman Co Great Basin Pet 2' a Gt AM Am Mkts i'.i Grinneli Corp 177 Harvlll Coro Va Heubleln inc 65'? Hilfon Credit Corp 3 Houston Fearless 5 Inform Sys Inc 9'2 Intl Elec Res 14 Intcrsetate Bake 34Vi 36 DO Dt 84 Interstate Eng 14 15 Interstate Host 26V3 29 Interstate Mot Fr 11 13 Interstate Bend IV i 4i' i Itek Coro 29W 32Va Jurgensen Groc 4 5Vj Kaiser steei 35 Do pf 21 Kentucky Utlis 45 Kinetics Corp 11 Knudsen Cream 29' 7 32'r Koehrlng Co 94 10 Kramer Am 4 5va la Drua co 1&3 lB'i Laguna Nlghel 11 12 L Arrowhead Dev 7'4 8i Langenaorr uaK 22" 24'? La sco Indus 2 3 Liberty Records 12V 13 Lone Star Steel 19 20 Luckv Laaer 21H 23V M8.D store PlX 6 7 Marco Corn 15 16 MacMlllan R-F OH 3 4' Marine Capitol Co 12 13 Market easxet 3i'i 34 Marlin Rockwell 20 22 Marshall Indus 11 12V? inc 6 11 Elec 17 19 10 16 37 Bid Ask Mayfalr Mkts aVj 9Vi MccormicK ieipn 4V2 5'3 iMektrol Labs 1 iMerchants FM L 2S; 27 microaor inc iw li Miles Labs 105 . iMisslies Sys Corp 15V2 17 IMobile V T 7 8 Morning Coffee 3',i 4V worn son usen j 34 rvanonai rrop 1 is1 Do Pf 49 NIoman Marcus IB 19i Networks Elec 4 5 Nevada Nat Gas 11 12 Nevada Power 47 49 New Eng G&A 31 33 Kormern ma Pi 43 46 Pabst Brew 14) 15 Kac Airmotive iv avj Pac Automation 3 4 ac naw rroa ayv 43 Pac Intermtn Ex 111 1214 Pac Mercury TV 6 7 Pac Outdoor Adv IHa 12V rac rower & ir 4V'.z 53 Pac Vitamin Cp 5 61'. Palomar Mort c 29 mv Parker Hannifin 32 Pauley Pet 17 Pendellon Tool 2V't Permanent Piltor Mi Permanent Cem 20 22 rersonai rr ugs ilH it- Petrolane Gas 29V? 33 Phaostron 3 4 rioneer not uas J) Poly Industries 3 Pomona Tile 4 Portland Gen El 47 Producing Crop 7'j Prod Research C 15'.2 Pub Svc of NM 37 Purex Coro 72 Purolator Prod 32V 34 Rabin Winters 5 6 Radlatronlcs 3 4 Resiflex La bora t 14V-t li Rockwell Mf Co 34' 37 Rose Marie Reid 11 12 Roy Dut Pet NY 51 55' Roval Industries v'.s 1mA1 Scantlln Electron 28Vj 3i'i Scott Foresman 287a 31; sees Lanoy snop i3i 14 Shore Calnevar 8V 9' Sierra Pac Pw 34 37V2 Merger, of Restaurant Chains Eyed A state permit is being sought for a merger of the John R. Thompson Co., Chicago-based national restaurant company, and Robert C. Wian Enterprises, Inc., owner of 14 Bob's Drive-ins and coffee shops in Southern California, and franchiser of 261 Big Boy Coffee Shops in Zi states and lot cities. H. Haskell Davenport III, president of Thompson Co., operator of 47 restaurants including the Ontra Cafe-; terias, said the merger dis cussions would be held on an exchange-of-stock basis. If a merger is consummat ed, Davenport said, the Wian Enterprises will operate as a separate division of the Thompson firm and Wian would become a director and vice president of Thompson and one of its principal stockholders. He would re main as managing director of Wian Enterprises. Wian Enterprises had net sales for 1960 of $12 million and net earnings of $290,000. In the same period, Thomp son nad sales ot $2a million and net earnings of $359,000. Prices Siasiicd on Ramblers DETROIT (UPI) Amer-j ican Motors announced it was reducing prices on alll cuts ranging up to $230. line from $209 to $228, audi The company said adver-on the economy Rambler tised-delivered prices on the! Rambler Classic line have 'Wen reduced from 550 to American series from $112 to $156. Low-priced deluxe models are $1 lower. NEW YORK (DJ) NeU- ner Brothers, Inc., sales for; the nine months ended Sept. 30 were 550,471,174, up 3.5f0 over the like 1960 period. ORB1R NOW '62 CONTINENTALS CU, 34451 - AT. 6-2121 BRUCE CBARY Focfwy AutbaHxad OmmUr 122 0. US TUKM 01., UN UltlU Harrfield Sales Up Sales of Hartfield Stores, Inc., for the eight months ended Sept. 30 totaled $21,-828,813, up 32 "0 over the same 1960 period. i fhmuafl gfrrflrffl fou.m.n ooo is a Sound Conservative Investment . . . SAFE CONVENIENT AVAILABLE All Insured Savings Accounts provide Guaranteed Protection with high earnings. No market fluctuations. Offered in Pass Book Form which may be opened with any amount or Full Paid Certificates in multiples of $100.00. , Accounts opened on or before the 10th of any month earn dividends from the 1st. Incorporated 1924 Now in our 37th Yor. spacious pajkino counr mi TO out CUSTOMUS 30 34 4V4 5 SVi 8Vj 164 40 7o'3i Smith Indus So Cal Water So Union Gas Southwest Gas ipeeaea wan S prague Eng Spring Sfr Cap State Explr Straza Indus Stroke o! Calif Strong Cobb Ar Sunset Hsa Dlst sysiron uonner 32' i 35' 223 i an 62 9' 32U 38 2Vj 96Vi 35 3flVs 12 13lfc 24A 34V4 22 23'.: ?'-2 42U 112 Tefon Ranch Telecomputlno Texas Am Oil 4B Ak inermai rower i-.4 t1 Thompson Fbr Gl 20ii ?5'. mriny urugs iu-4 s Tlma inc Times-Mirror Tool RestEno Transcon tines irans oas ftpe Transvat Eleclr Travelodqe Cp tucson uas Unilever MV i0 Ifli unneo bieciroay 174 wt US Chem Mill 4'4 5 US Leaslna T- 7V2 uj ocrvnicria vvj 11 United Utils 28Vi 30 Urelhane Cp Cal 11 12'h UO A 4 Urethnna lndui IVi Utah Const & M 491 1 S3V3 Van Camps 39'j 42"j vdi onun innus 2Js Vons Grocery 22,i 24' Warner & Swasey 30V4 32' Warren Bros 26'2 29 Wash Nat Gas 334 36 Wasta Klna I?'.? ii4 Vavne Mfa U' . 19 k. v. weaincriora lPi Western Nat Gas 13? wHiem ruo Wltco Chem Weathr Corp Wyta Labs 1 Yuma Cons Ind 'Zero Mfg 13'. '2 1 72', 2 74V I 4i 41 All 7f? 26 J9Vj 2' '? 2Tt Sears' Sales Set Records CHICAGO Sears Boe buck & Co. Thursday re ported a marked increase in sales for September, estab-l lishing a new all-time record for the month. Gross sales were 5392.S63, 833, an increase of $28,205, 102 or 7.7Vo over the pre vious record of $364,658,831 in September, 1960. Sales for! the first eight months of; Sears' fiscal year, Februaryj through September, totaled $2,840,353,908, also a newj record. This was a gain of $79,517,115 or 2.9 of sales over the $2,760,836,793 in the same period of 1960, which was the previous record. Interest Purchased NEW YORK (DJ) Cities service lo. announced acquisition for cash of a substantial interest in a principal Evance Coppee & Cie of Brussels subsidiary. Evence Coppee is a large European industrial organization with interests in metals, electric power, coal, chemicals, foods, construction and other enterprises. WHOLESALERS DISTRIBUTORS Just arrived naw tin of West German HI F! itcreo coniolei (alto multiplex), Beit quality cabinetry and componenti. Very competitive. Choice territories in California and Nevada now being offered. For details, please contact WESTERN AUDIO IMPORTS I7S l Pari !. Pllo Alio, Calif. Phortt OAvtnport 13467 r"7 "r LEASE Xi-.. r i: , N f 1962 CADILLAC. . Coup Ol VI tit. Fully Equlppid, ran rower im. Air uddq. 1962 CONTINENTAL sl455tlr': riniy tqHtfpea. run rower Inc. Air Cond. 1962T-BIRD sgg' CJURE LEJtSflNG flUomltr 5-9391 Olympia 2- 8960 mwm imi owe hlvOh t uuf. V s HIE tOAN CAU. WE BUY your nr.tnl car. FREE 34,000 mil. worronly cgalnH npslr killi, iiuluto nni and labor. afjl L J f i FASTEST NONSTOPS FINEST JETS SEATTLE'i . .... 1 hour, 58 minutes PORTLAND 1 hour, 49 minutes SAN FRANCISCO .... I 54 minutes MEXICO CITY 3 hours Coach & Deluxe Only Western flies FanJets to San Fran cisco and the Pacific Northwest. Four revolutionary FanJet engines enable these Jet-Age miracles to cruise at 910ths the speed of sound, take-off in 30 seconds and in 13 rd less distance than conventional jets, climb to 30,000 feet in 8 minutes. You're not flying the finest along the Coast unless you fly a Western Airlines FanJet! FRIENDLIEST SERVICE To Western, there's only one passenger on every f light. You'.This hospitality has been a tradition for 35 years. Results : such incomparable service as Western's Champagne Flights and Hunt Breakfast Flights, plus JetCoach Flights with delicious hot meals and reserved seats. Next trip, be sure to fly Western. The moment you're aboard you'll know vou've chosen the right airline! ELECTRONIC RESERVATIONS, 24 HOURS A DAY: IHAdison 6-4242, THomwall 2-2101. SYcamom 57751, CRestview 4-7881, OSbome 9-1796, HArriJOn 1-8271. Or set your friendly Travel AjT

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