The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Big Boston Blowout-Scene, Starters II BpTTLE But Botlcry Superiority Needed !o Offset Of Americans ower FRIDAY, JULY 3, 193G (This is the second of twri floi-Ies on the. malar leagues' alt- star game at National League Talk, Boston, July .) * • * 1!V IIAItliV GKAYSON Snorls Editor, NEA Service BOSTON, July 3.—Pitching Is n per cent of baseball, which Is v.'hy Die, Nationals must be given an edge over the Americans In Iho J93G 'edition of the major:,' all- star game at National League park here July 7. \ With a different altitude to-' ward the contest after three consecutive dcfea's, the Nationals plan to have Uiclr five finest fllngcrs ready. As though the fans did not give him a. sufficient advantage in electing Dizzy Dean, Hubbell, Mungo, and Wanickc, Manager Orimm made it certain that, there would be no shoitage of pitching effectiveness by adding Hid righl- liandcr who came to Die rescue of lib Chicapo Cubs, Curtis Davis. While the Americans' chucking corps sounds Impressive, it does not nt Hits time compare with the low 'em down boys named to churn for the older wheel. Bob Grove is lo open for the junior leaguers against Dean. Lon- liconmg lefty came back like a bad check in 1935 and launched Ihc current campaign auspiciously, but has been liltle more limn a."big name recently. * • * Amcilran League Pitchers Just Biff Names .Vcrnon Gome?, did not permit the Nationals to become frisky in Cleveland a year ago, : and Mel Tlatdci was equally efficient when hp stepped In for the last three rounds. But Gomez, who started all tliree pievious .all-star engagements, hasn't had too much luck this reason, cither in the sunlight or moonlight, what with the truant offficers trailing him and one thing or another. Harder hasn't been nearly as handy with the .handcuffs as he has In the past. Schoolboy Rowe's arm has been a mystery running to extremes. .While. 1 .Monte Pearson already lias won more games for the Yankees than he bagged for the Indians during the entire 1935 season, the Caltfoinian lemalns a very definite lisk In an Important assignment. With Gomez having i yet lo demonstrate that lie packs all of his tanner wizardry, little Tommy Bridges, rated off hts present form.' is the best money pitcher at, the beck and call of Manager- McCarthy, who so wisely, chess him; y mra HOP iJrm George Threatens lo Give Laster Race for SwalliiK; Honors HV .1. A new menace threatens the three week batting supremacy of Helen Laster. Nu Wa Inflelder. in the Oirls 1 Softball League. OHtlng three hits In as many llme.s at bat against Mury ixiu Whittle, Cecil Cola hurler, Edna George. Blythevllle Steam Laundry (ir:,t baseman, boosted her Rv V Harry Grayson Well. It turned out Just ns cvciybody su.spec'.ed I', would three tucnths a';o wlii:ii Dick Bhikat clamj.ed (hut. haimncrloek on at Madison O'Muhnny £<|imi-e Cinrdt'ii. Jf nothin-! rise, the ascendancy of Kvfu'ell Marshall to the world hcavywelsht championship returns wrestling lo the wrestlers. In order to hold its forts against tlie now and no».' stranger combination which the cap-1, „.,,:.. able Marshall represents, the groi'y " "' that lias canlrcllcd the dodge for greater extent then any champion I lias been since. ::omi' ol the ' car mus-aser; rebelled C;i:» CunnciilxTi; in 19*>, The] stc.-ky Cclni-ad'.nn rf<ii;iivs no! iclicanr.n or bodyguard.-;. lie h;is ! more hnnmeis, kck.<; uml sri:;.<;ui>: i than a hard-.vai-e merchant. j Lewis, the live-time champion. . li ons of (ho lev,- who v.otild give | Marshall serious trcuble. and the Wend Hear ol at;]y will pass the Rockies prob- d Ml up for Hie same rra»o:i thai Jim l.or.d';; jiluyrd the chill fu" Ihc fur r:i> !<,!-;. If Lewis clrc'cd to lay on ills Etoinacli It would tu ft o a derric 1 --. to turn him over. Thai v.-oiilein't ] ileu s* (lie 'crilcmcrs, and tlic show i:; the (li'iny, rvt'ii when Ihr-y can wrestle like Marshall an.i averi.iic lo 545. and within strik- F( ' v " ai years has had to call ing distance ot the Nn Wa slar. tllc " !<1 «'ai horse. Ed strangle!But Helen will doing her hit m U-cwis. cut r,f retirement, helping the Cleaner.s down Jack! For the duration of (he war, Applebaum'.s Store, .securing two triek champions, aciobats, nils In three trips, and still leads | litnfsts. fuoltall players, and gen- Ihe l(.-op among the leaders with crol roughhouse artists are rele- ,f//S. Her record for six games Killed to Hie background. The .shows: :it bats 1!). runs 9, hits' 11,1 "'en will wrestle it out If U lakes total bases 1C, singles B, triples I, alt .summer, fall and winter, home runs 1. When Shikat forgot thai he In eight games Edna has ap-' v;:lsn ' 1 ' supposed to pin O'Miihiiny ,i.... 'i.nd ji-uped to the outlaws, it didn't take Professor Gustave ])i-iii'cd al bat. 22 limes, .seeming hits, and has crossed the plate It times. She has erne, home ni<:. | J", 1 '*^ Dmis Fowler, Laundry, has an average of .607, hut ha.s parlicipal- Miycr, tin' Hotokcn astrolcgist, to '1'u'o Other Claimants While Marshall {;cneially Is ocK'ptod, C'aliff.rnia cnnsidors Vinceiil LopeK liie champion, iin- doiitti'dly litcauso h? has a musi- cpntnr- | cal name. Dave Levin of Urotiklyn claim; that AM Habi dropkickcd him into! tlie tille, ulthoiigii the foul do- • (.l.slcn t:f the referee was reversal : hy Clrorgc R irrenan, Hie New Jersey slate alhk-th coinniissloiifr. ! 'Hie wri'sclin-.: fucLions mi'.st 1 iiitve leruncd liicir mathemutici | from a Dclancy street .suit sales- was to 1930 All-Sli r game. Atlanta ... xKnoxville nivinlngliam Little Hock .... Cliattanooga xNew Orleans . Memplits Knoxville x—Night (tame. Southern league W. I,. 52 2G 41 33 3!) 33 37 39 Pet .COT .5118 .500 .•187 .47-1 .474 cd iii but three games, banging out. six hits In eight times al bat. Other hitlers within the .500 circle include: Adelaide Cowscrt, \ breath Coca Cola, .500; Sena Tmmble,' Coi-a Cola 500; Eunice Scott, P.r.slcn. who acted for the more Laundry. .r,M; Ilanel .Lutes, An-, alfliirnt promoters. Jack Ah Italia an Accident Tin. 1 slight delay in tra ing the crown was dcic of contract suit to a agahis" gbikat b,-ou, ; ht by Joe Alvam of - Cm Icy Ijlebaiiiii's. .500. | of Ncw Yo ,. k p^., I)owscl . O ' f Individual departmental lenders IJcston. liay Fablani of Phlladclare: mcsl times nt bat. Alice aa-h.-bia. and Tom Packs of at lil>a, Auptebaum's, 24; hits, E.' Louis. Oiitii-gc, Laundry. 12; runs, Saliba.l Tills action also brought the Applebaum's, 12; home nms,i qualm All Data out of Hollywood Marie Igleharl, Nu Wa Cleaners, | enough to clear the almos- Lii(-illi; Oldhani, Coca Cola, 2 each, phcre of a federal courtroom in None has more Ihan one double Cclumbiis by hnling Shikat out Into the ringside pews In Detroit. It was the old line 'title, now held has by Marshall, that (lie beef trust of the crossed or triple lo her credit. laundry Leads Clubs Blyllie.villc Sleam Laundry been unable to break Its losing'wanted, not the .S3 45 .423 *livnk but continues lo show tlie, Teutonic Twister who . .M 40 .385 New York Detroit ... Washington Cleveland lloslun ... Chicago Philadelphia American League W. 11 22 32 33 33 31 37 44 •14 49 30 39 way to the other clubs with Ihe j O'Mnhony. willow. They hold a Iwenty point I As long as he had It, Ali Baba 38 31 .....24 St. Louis 22 balling average advantage over Jack Apptebaum's Store, In .sec„,.. mid place. .37C lo 350, picking up .G90 "»' c » puinl.s during the week. Y>'I31 " l(! Baumers lost one. Nu Wa £42 1 Cleaners, in challiing up Ihelr 53;;' ntlli victory in a row, fell off '52). j five points but have .330. Coca .451!! t ' <llil made the biggest club gain, .303 : '"'''hie twenty-one and ]'J33 l>!ick mto t!lc select group with National League W. St. Louis 44 Chicago 22 Pittsburgh 39 New York 38 Cincinnati 3C Boston 33 Philadelphia 24 Brooklyn 23 .B29 .021 .54!| .543 was permitted to beat Shikat again and lo' lour until the novelty wore otf, and (hen in Columbus the other ni;>ht—Marshall. Marshall being on lq> in a decisive victory for Billy Sandow and Al Haft, the kerosene circuit promoter who strung along with the man who .ran the. bone- cliinbtiv' bending worts for lucre than a ° decade with Lewis as his shoot- 30fl. Nu Wa has scored the most '"=' slar runs, 7«; Applebaum the mosi. =>"""<>»• Strikes hits. 7(i. . | Sadie Stanley added another game lo her pitching crcdil by limiting Applebailm's Store. She has won five and lost none. Mary l!a& When Sandow broke with Lewis in 1932, the powers gave him plenty, pf ozone. But Sandow picked'ii]i Marshall, and patiently bided hi:; time. Now hi- i.s °>i i • >..'>. ii, ^ <iiui IU.-IL iiuriu. muly - ,. , - , r, 37 ''Lou Whitlle. Coca Cola. Is credit- ; lllCl ' ir ; vcl ' s seal ; as;un ' nn<1 Hllft " : ' •4,3-ccl willi three wins and two loss- ' s ',""," U ' ; l !! " L '' f wluu , h he ll:t:i 0|iei ~; 3 , ;i «. Mrs. lien, Browning, Apple- »«L °" „ °L^ """-' '"* ° Head aian in Ne\\- Mai Deal - Text Again I.ikflv to Switch to Fur Turn With Gabby Hartncll catching the entire game, as Charley Grimm says he will, the Nationals have the jump back of the plate, too. The chances are that McCarthy will employ Bill Dickey for no more than, three innings. Inasmuch as the tall Yankee receiver is so susceptible to Injury. McCarthy, acting for the incapacitated Mickey Cochrane, drafted Rick Ferrel! to work with Grove, and also has Roily Hcmsley, who took care of the complete chore a year ago, but who this season has. had his old trouble with discipline, i j The Nationals require this superiority in pitching and catching, for their team batting average .307 against .334 for the Americans. Young Stuart Martin and Joe • Medwick of the Cardinals arc the only Nationals with batting marks comparable lo those of the members of the murderers' ro\v assembled by the American League —Gehrlg. .398; .Radclilf, 373j DiMaggio, 304; Appltng, .364; GeU- ringer, .364, and Foxx and Averill, .343 each. - With. Foxx again likely, to play third base, the Americans' .Infield Wll ; be the smoother defensively, if anything, and pack vastly more power, with Gehrlg at first, Geli-. ringer at second, and Appliug, and Crossctti at .shortstop. Senior CMmiil Club \Vrak al Third Base Grimm's outfit is none too strong at Ihird base, with Pinkr.y Whitney, who is back with tlie Phils, and Lew Riggs of the Reds. :Jimmy Collins will play first, and Billy Herman and Stuart Martin tccond. Leo Durocher should get 'the call at shorLstop. Durocher hitting .317 against the .281 of Arky Vaughn, who cannot begin to field'.'vrith the Cardinal cap- lain. " Even If; lie employs Chapman Averill, and DiMaggio throughout McCarthy's outfield will not be as strong defensively as that o the Nationals, who have a re hiarkable collection of retriever In Medwick, Dcmaree, Berger, ot 'Joe p Moore, and Galan. Radclif and' Selkirk. ot the Americans ar comparatively poor workmen the gardens. .The game, which, pliyed 49,200 persons, nnd $51,000 Park in OF COLORADO /£ 7/Jf. T TO/KC&JD THRONE op, THG &ws TM.V , BUT * 7, /s IN" CALIFORNIA, D.WE L£V/NCiAMS business at the spacious National TOLEDO (UP)— Speaking of long League park In Boston, one drives. Toledo Rolfers country. Old Braves' Field accom- The star Nova Hercults tn 1934 changed from a star of C Northeast Arkansas Leagll W. 1.. Osceola 26 Caruthersvilc' 27 Joni'sbum 2G Newport 2li niiOHkl 18 ialesvilli- ;.12 . ;J24 bnum, and Evelyn McDanieLs, made their mound debul lliis week but both were beaten. ' . 33 Select Hitlers Tlirce hitlers— Gwendolyn Fish- cr, Coca Cola; Sadie- Stanley, Nu I 5TO jWa, and "Tooisie" SUinncld, ' man, for V,T .school that were taught i:i there could be only on!.- champion lo a division. \ Marshall gladly would clarify j tlic situalimi, however. Forluna-' lely for him, perhaps, the anli- (juatcd has no claim lo the title, nllhorsh it. is sale to say that the New Ycrk or some other commis.slon shortly will create en" for him, just out rf force of liablt. Mnnltcy House Ideal •DENVER (UP)—Monkeys live in comfort at City Park Zoo here. A former Iwo-story stable building lias been converted hdo a monkey house with a tunnel running bs- low around from the building to a I miniature Island of trees and j shrubs, surrounded by a ro:-k~ I walleil moat. " I AliiM-m Uwi'ii. shown ..; Uic tin^1 ol !,,s .su-jii;;, has .silenced the critics who had the Duioit his Umim; ll,7p m !hc m»"rt 1"" rios l::c\ r.,li. Hitiin K ao points iinovc Ins 1M3 avenise. of .203 tho third IjiiEcman has 'taken ttj cloutinf; home i-uns. The Rev. Alex-aiHler John For- sj'lh, an English divine, invented (lie poicussion principle in firearms in ir.07. Louisiana's fur crop is mn:le up | largely of muskrat pelts, ol which five or six million are taken annually. Opossums, raccoons, minks, skunks, otlcrs, and foxes help to swell the stale's trapper income to I about SB.000,000 yearly. ' lieflill' You Buy Any Otltlinaril - See (be NEPTUNE 2 II. 1-. <n,r Single Oyl. W-l 1 '-' (Olher lo 10 II. P.) I.IDHRARl) TIRIC oi liA'I'TKKY CO. Pet. .COS Ice Cold Liquors & Gins 1 ARE BETTER THEY COST NO MORE /' ' ' ril'--' .. •' ; JOE'S LIQUOR STORE Oi)i!osilc Kress' .400 Baseball Results Memphis 3. Atlanta 1. Ncw Orleans at Nashville, rain. Birmingham at Chattanooga, rain. Little Reek at Knoxvillo, rain. Ariioriciin l,eai;ue Detroit 7, Chicago 1. New York H, Boston 7. Cleveland 14-4. St. Louis G-2. Washington 4, Philadelphia 3. National l.cacuc Chicago 8. Cincinnati C. SI. Louts 4, Pitt.sbingh 2. New York 7, Boston 0. Philadelphia 5, Brooklyn C. Nnrlhrasl Arkansas Lracuo Jonesboro at. O.scoola, rain. Batesville at Paragould. rain, ihirt at Carulhersville, niln. Laundry bangetl their way back into the charmed circle of .300 hitters, and swelled the total I thirty-three, according to the av-' crages that include games of Monday, June 29. They arc: lone Friend. Applebaum, .-10"; Alice Saliba, Applebaum, .458; Audley Blythe, Coca Cola, .450; Juanila Grimes, Applebaum, .444; Imogene Smith. Nu Wa, .434; Evelyn McDaniel, Laundry, .429; Kathryn Northern, Laundry, .411; Marie Iglehart, Nu Wa, .409; Bessie. Hemphllt, Applebaum, .400; Kula Whittle, Applebaum, .400; LucilLs Oldhani, Coea Cola, 400; Wibna Iglebait, .308; Ruby Lutes, Applebaum, .361; Pauline Russell. Laundry, .308; Nadine Willis. 352; Ruth Rrwin, Laundry. .357; Sadie Stanley, Nn Wa Cleaners, .333; Dorts Russell. .333; B. McKcnzic, Coca Cola, .333; B. Moore. Applebaum, 333; Blanche Morris. Applcbaum, .333; Lcla Whittle. Applebaum .318; Gwendolyn Fisher, Coca Cola. .3IS; "Toolsic" Stanfield. Laundiy, .308; Lorenc Wldner. Coca Cola .308; Bculah Johnson, Laundry 1.300. Today's Games Southern League Little Rock at Memphis, night. Nashville at Atlanta. Knoxville at Binningham. Ncw Orleans at Chattanooga. Colonial Brick Not Imported; Kiln Is Found JAMESTOWN. Va. IUP)—Dis- covery of a brick kiln at jof the early settlement here has: 'dealt a blow to the legend of Im- j ported Knglish bricks, according i to Snpt. B. Floyd Flickingi'r of the j Colonial National Historical Park. Tlic iong-.standiiiLj belief that early houses here and al Yorktown were built from imported | bricks i& credited to' the trade names "Hutch Brick" and "English Brick." Those names denoted sizes, lather than the origins of the ] bricks. Flickhiger said that among the • ; llrst workers brought lo the rils- nisracli, Knglish prime minister, triet. were brickmarkei-s and brick- prrdictcd his cnvn success in his | layers, and that the re<l clay of maiden speech in Ihe House ol i tlie district was Ideal for their Commons. '.rade. American League Detroit at Chicago, Boston al New York. Cleveland at St. Louis. Washington at Philadelphia. No National I, mcu names scheduled. Nnrlhrast Arkansas T. OsciH>la at Jonesboro. Only game scheduled. 1933, 48,363 and $52,982 at the Polo Grounds magnitude, too faint lo b£ seen by In 1934, and 69,812 and $98,692 the naked eye, .to the nth most in llic Cleveland Munlclpil Sta-1 luminous star In Ihc Uvin, flWm a jear ago, Mil do capacil.v wiinin a few days' time knock a ball all the way from O'nio Into Michigan. It isn't s o far. The stale line cuts through the north portion of No. n green at the Sunningdale golf course, and parts of five other 'holes are In Ohio and Michigan. Six hundred fatal accidents were caused by defective cars In Enjland lasl year. $50,000.00 At My Disposal This Month TO-LOAN ON CARS Ucilucc your present payments—STRAIGHT CASH LOAN'S — AS LONG AS 18 MONTHS TO PAY. Uring your car ami ccrtiiicale of registration to U. W. AlliMJNS Sutlbiiry Hltlg. i>] 10110 ,|<)5 For celebrating— here's our own family's whiskey! I dare say a lot of folks looking around in tlie liquor stores have got their eye peeled for something extra special for the 4th. 1 shouldn't wonder if there's some that hasn't found out they can gel the exact same whiskey we distillers enjoy ourselves. The Wilken Family Whiskey is our own Family's recipe—made in every way according to the recipe of our Dad that started distilling 44 years ago. If you've got a mind lo find out how mild and tasty a whiskey can be without it's costing you much either—Tom and William and me would like you to try the Wilken Family Whiskey. And The Wilken Family hopes /* you hove a nice holiday! •^^ tt ^ / ILKEN m CoprtluW, 19)6. J". S. Finch & Co.. Int. BLENDED AND BOTTLED BY JOS. S. HNCH & CO., INC, J SCH{NLEY,PA.-DIVlSIGNOFSCHENlCTPROOuCTSCp,WC. |

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