The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1930
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Serped fry i United Press BLYTHEMLLE COURIER NEWS TVP TVMfTTJAWn U VOTCO A UVT> /MS *.VS\nrt1km AC rvv * TITC * tin i n • «»». « n .««.. . „- " ^Krf^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 172 BlythevJlle Courier, Blythcvllie Herald, Blythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. ARKANSAS, SATUUDAY, OCTOHRK •!, 10:10 ; SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENtg CARDINALS WIN THIRD GAME, , _ ,— m __ __ I - j Will RccapJJigLakel FH17 evee IB GET BIDS ON A Perfect Day For El Toro Action Assures Protection Next Winter and Spring Against Flood. Property in the Big Lake and Little River areas of Drainage District 17 will recelvg flood protection next winter and spring against any t rdihary high water- Bids will be received next Wednesday ut 10 a. m. by Clifton H Scott, receiver, on the. recapping of fifteen miles of levee from Big Lake to the state line, and along the state line three miles east. Ap- prr.xtmately 9,512 yards of earth will be required. John Meyers, engineer' for the district, is hopeful that work 'will get under way b> the end of next week, and barring exceptionally heavy fall rains no difficulty. Is expected in completing the job' before there is and danger of flood,Bids will be opened at 10 a. m. October 8 In the district's office in the Lynch building. While in Blylheville lost -week Mr. Scott said that he regarded recapping of the l£vee as essential, arid his notice that bids on the '• work willbe received next week Li accepted here" as evidence that Judge John E. Martlneau has or- > - . dered the'work done. Confer With Bondholders Maintenance of the district's physical -structure was discussed at"34 Louis yesterday by a local propSr-' T: --ty"-'%wners > -cot.imli.iee which" :mef with representatives of the bondholders. At this meeting the iccal men were informed that • tlie levee would be repaired, but no assurance was given of any other, maintenance work. Those who attended the St. Louis meeting were W R Satlerfleld, C. W. Affllek, W. W. Shaver, Max B- Reid and Zal B. Harrison. . Word that the levee would be put! in condition was received with sat- is faction by owiiers of properly in the area-,'affected.'as the'levee in its present, condition was regarded as no-protection against' a flood of no more than normal height. While the receiver -has turned 'over most of the district's money ti the bondholders It Is understood that collections this fall are expected to be sufficient to pay for ths levee work. Biggest Crowd of Week Expected Tonight ; Jones ancl Garrett Winners. Officials of the Mississippi Cout Hold Four for $64,000 Bank Theft CHARLOTTE, N. C., Oct. 4 <Ui>> —A bank guard and tliree confederates v.tia held in.-the county Jull here after their confession to robbing the money truck of th Ain- ilcan 11 ust-company here of JM,000 Tlie confessed robbers are Carl Bailey, bank .guard and messenger LIU sira ly Fair estimated today, that » s - on the money truck. Victor Hunter. ooo people' visited to. fair 'during' "nloii County deputy sheriff Wnl- T,, J£v WednpsdftV. Thursday ana t«r Thomas, half-brother of Ball-. Tuesday-, Wednesday, Thursday anil Friday. With the biggest ;da ot the f'nir - present Uxlay attendance .certalrv crowd and a bigger lo-nlght. total attendance .at the lair, which i-nds.- to-night, rAay be ; nea r the.'40,000'. .mark it Is be| lieved. ". -. ' . • . That tlw slogan "the biggest and .ey's wttf.-, and Klchard McRanu?, The last three limned are residents of Union, county. They were brought. Iwre today from Union county jail. . -. . Police recovered <M,380 of the missing luoiiey, found burled In Hunter's yard, and Indicated more towns .that cannct support a bull ring im- a Jiull lecie in the street and letting amateur Certain small Spanish provise one by turning toitadors try their hands v.iLh him. This picture, taken at the village of Valdemoro. shows tha wind-up of such a festivity, with "El Toro"—Ihe bull—winning practically all of the honors and the would-be bull fighters shinning up the walls at top speed. Orville Malone Seriously Injured in Accident Near Armorel; Youth Arrested Urges Legion Attention to Rehabilitation Problem BOSTON, Oct. 4 (UP)—Increased attention should be given 10 the problem of rehabilitation, National Commander O. L. Bodenhamer, El Dorado, Ark, will say in his report to t_hs opening session of the American Legion's national convention Nfonday, . . ."If the Legion is to continue to grow in service and its power for good." the report will say, "then it Is most Important that we plan our program of rehabilitation to cover a period of years, that proper finances be made available for the execution of said program, and tliat we outline and support such constructive and conr^rvatlve .leg' irlatlon as will be in keeping with ths Interests'Of. the American people. State Treasury Well .. Filled Report Reveals best fair' w&s not an idle boast might be found later, is proven by-the. largest, attendance) the history of the county fatr[ and u large and well-balanced group of exhibits despite the handt-| cap of Die long drouth which af-| fecled many crops, Is ,the opinion of J. Mel Brooks, secretary of the chamber of. commerce, which sponsors Ihe annual . fair. Confidence was also expressed by .Mr. Brookb that the lair this year would he a financial .success, al- Five persons were injured, at least one seriously'when their car collided with an auto driven'-by R. J. Watson.on Highwav 18 near Armorel, east of this city about 11:15 o'clock last ni°ht, 'Seven adults and two children were riding In' the.; small touring ca r which was struck .by a large sedan diiven by Watson, who with his companions, another.. young man. ahd / two girls .escaped uninjured. Watscn Is charged .with reckless 'driving. 'Orvill Malone of the Tomato neighborhood was knocked conscious and his jaw bone- broken by the impact. He was rushed' to a Memphis hospital lor treat mint last liight. Louis Maione sustained ft broken ankle and cuts •about the (ace. - Vernon Butler! received severe cuts about the] face as did Mrs. ii'ay Butltr, a;;d Ethel Butler. Constable Ivan Butler of Candian townshiu who was rirtlni In the machine driven by Malone. •arrcito'l yni-iig Watson v>en his car slid ir.lo a ditch alter Ihs eollisoi:, According to Butler, Wagon's or tfas traveling at a hi«,i speed when he attempted to dodge a cotton wagon halted on his side of the road and swept head-on into the small louring car. No date for Watson's irla.1 has been set. LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 4 At the close ol the first quarter of the new fiscal year ending September 30 Lhe state of Arkansas had a, cash balance of S16.612.029 and govern mental expenditures Our ing the same period as shown by warrants redeemed by the slate treasurer \vsre $20,406,648.10, records in the offlce cf the treasiirer and auditor show. .though the fair manager declared that he would not be. able to de-, termine the result before to-night; Attractive and uniq\ie exhibits filled the community booths, commercial booths were effective and well displayed, as was speckii booth by the state and fish department. . 'Tne big have been (up ._jthe show opened" supplied plenty of amusement for the crowds which th« GfHTO Bodnar -shows whicii on the -grounds -since Constitutional Government Ended Until: After November Election. .••-.' gathered for the 1930 'fair.' • General 'Fobes, B, E. 'Jones' 18 months old Holsteiiv bull L 'won' the.- sweepstakes prize for the best In- dl,-idiial -male shown at the annual cattle judging of the 'Mjuu.- sippi,County Fair which ends-to-day. Dolph Garrett's Jerkey-'cow won sweepstakes honors for •' tha ocst female..'-' '•-•:.--•••. ; -. •••-.Although'. ; the two sweepstakes winners" attracted a- big share of attentlcn at the biggest.cattle show In. the history of the counts' fair, the family'' cow : contest ''was' the most Interesting competition ' of tho show with 16 entries In the contest. 'George Bunch- of Blythe- villc won first honors'In'the'con. test with'hU'coV, while:.Ben Brock, also of BIythe'riile,' was.'second. . R. E. Jones.won honors for the bcjt cows arid 'offspring with Kolstelns and the Yarbro dairyman 4i . .' . , n also swept many, other honors in' Men in Women t UTtU the show. Returns from the cattle judging contest'• are' incomplete at Signed Confessions Tel! of Brutal Crime; Child's' Mother Implicated. NEW MARTINSVILLE, W. Va:, Oct. 4. (UP)—Four men. one of them a government worker, allegedly .confessed tc'-pollce'to the mur- 'der of 3-year-old Oarlun Bailey, yfhwe'body was found on Grandview .island in'the Ohio river, early Monday morning. .The boy's mother,' Eva Bailey, 40, was Implicated in th? confession Terminating an all night period of questioning, Ray Henry, light tend er, on the Island*for the govern, men!, his brother CtVirJes, and ciyde McBee and James Dunn, both of Grandvlew, O.. signed confessions admitting the killing, police The confession'was a cold blooded* 1 story of how the four-men and ch? woman 1 , wro was divorced from .Garlaa's father, took the\ trie-Island' last Sunday.during ; a drinking: party and decided to ''get rid of the -kid.". •'• .. .-.,'•.- • I The men took the screaming Child-in t heir', hands, ahd twisted the 'body, until, it-Was lifeless.'.They then, sought to -tear it apart by fheer force -but after falling- the Jxxly was thrown'inthq river later """' 'back to shore" ' .' '' ' Iwliana-Kentiicky G a n g- sters Hired for $10,000 to Murder Reporter. CHICAGO, Oct. 4. (UP)-The mystery of the murder of Alfred J. Lliujle, Tribune' reporter, was nuar- inir a definite .solution toduy after ;u conscience-stricken cliauHeur'laul u coroner's Jury tic had aided In the .slaying, ' • • Llngle. was killed by Jce 'IVaum und luembors of His notorious Indiana and Kentucky gongs. Prank Bell, former convict who .".as been under arrest since June on charges of robbery and murder, told Coroner Herman Bunrtesen and a jury last night. Trauin, Ken. nichnrd Michael Sullivan, and a blond man whose name Bell dkl not know were hired. Bell testified, lo kill the re|>orler lor $10,000. They were to collect the money, he said from Patras. North Side restaurant owner and rlend of Jack Zula. powerful gang eader who police say lulled Lln- gle because the reporter shook him down arid then double crossed him. When they tried to collect their 110,000, Bell testified, Patras drew a. gun Instead of money from his safe: A duel ensued and Patras was dlled. A lew months later Zuta was killed in a Wisconsin hotel -resort. '•^^L, THE PITCHERS Hallahaii Allovvs v!....... nhia Visitors.Seven Hits But Is Never jrj Danger./ - 'T7~' : n. H. E. Athletic* . V-..'.'. : ' }$ ',; 7..' ''0. Cardinals ., -,.<5.iIOi!o Iliis llltli! Dive goes "Twejd, twccdl" That's how Blllle Dove MJ»S dressed, (i,oiii licad' tn fool, wne'h bin! came Iwmc from Europi ,th|e cLhtr day. The lovely Him star la Scturcd as rhe arrived in New orfc, Hollywowl-'jouiid,' after u onlh's vacation from klelg lights, Irrciors and whirring cameras." Goste, aiidi Bellohte Pay Brief Visit to Bluff Cily This Morning. MEMPHIS, Oct. 4. (OP)-Amld cheers aiid pomp MaJ. Dleiidonne Ccste and U. Maurice Bcllonte, famous French trans-Atlantic flyers, landed their plane the Question Mark at municipal airport today.' ' As Ihe .big plane taxied up to the walling crowd niany brokr through the police : line a'nii headed for the heroes. The officials quickly kept them off. however, and these with official badges.had first chance The plane took 'oil shortly afte: 12:30 today for New Orleans, the overnight' stop. The' French flyers expect to reach the southern metropolis about- 5 p. m. . HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 4. (UP) — The Cuban congress gave President G^rardo Machodo the ' pawer to , suspend' constitutional rights un- j (n!s time, but results of the judg- til after the November election at j ln S ln full will be carried in Mon a special session here today. a ~ av ' s P a Pcr. Congress adopted the measure presented by the president by a vote of 15 to 5 in the senate and 78 to 10 In the hour.?. FLASHES ! Wet Association Reports Expenditures for Year FLIES TO INDIA CARDINGTON, England, +. (UP)—The. R-101, larrMt airship (n the world, started today on a ronnd trip flight to India. She carried 53 persons. • .WASHINGTON, Oct 4 (TJP)_ : The ! Association" A?aln?t il'-e Pro- Ocl. i mbition Amendment, COUNTRY CLUB BURNS BALTIMORE, Md. t Oct. 4. (UP)— Th« Baltimore • Coantry Club, largest In the work!, was destroyed by fir* today.. - .. leading wet organrxation, expended $583,790 during the ilrsl v ei?r.t months of 1930 for political, educational and other purposes in its efforts to effect repeal of the mh amendment, it was learned tod*y. A report of the association's expenditures from January 1 to August 31. including a list of recent contributors.-was recorded with Ihe . .. , ---------- ...... lll( . The flame* threatened a girl*' ! clerk ot the house -today in con- schooi nearby. Teachers and pu- formlly with the corrupt practice pils fled b«t a fortunate shift in "' the wind saved the Institution. Revolt in Brazil . MONTEVIDEO. Uruguay, Oct. 4 (UP) — Revolutionists against the Brazilian government were reported holding the frontier towns of Santa Anna and Llvranto today against siege by loyal federal trnops. Many revolutionaries who have lived in the border town of Rivera since 1925 were crossing the frontier to aid the movement against the government. CLEVELAND, O., (UP) — Police Jailed a woman traveler here when they caught Mrs. Ethel Pearl, 25. formerly of Youngstown. climbing on a freight car. She said she had abandoned hur husband In Youngstown and was going to "ride the rails" to Mexico, already liavlng visited Nebraska and Virginia tlie same way. Lose Game to Ladies OSOEOLA, ARK:, Oct. 4—Her ber.t Bryant, liandlcapped by long skirts and a womans head dress, made a valiant effort to pitch a winning game for tho business and professional men here yesterday afternoon, but lost 13-to 12 to tlie P. T: A. ladies who appeared less liandlcupped In the men's clothes they donned for the occasion. Approximately $25.00 was realize; from the box receipts, wliich will be used for local P. T. A. work. Planter Found Guilty of Murdering His Wife end cf Civil War days that n treasure lies buried on a farm In the ! vicinity of Randies, in the south I end of Cape Glrardeau county, had EL DORADO. Oct. 4. (UP)—M. | Its ccuntcnart today in a report S. Webb. 49. planter, near Strong, i that the treasure lias been removed Cape County Treasure, Long Buried, Has Been Removed CAPE G1RAKDEAU, Mo.—A leg- ion nearby ones in. search of the was convicted of killing his wife last June end sentenced to lifeta- priscritnent in tlie state penitentiary late yesterday. Wet*, alleged to have shot his wife three times and attempting to take his own life, was the principal witness for the defense. His three sons were witnesses for the prosecution. and carted away. No ore was hurt in the club or school. BAYS INQUIRY BLOCKED WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 (UP) — A charsrc that the Democratic, stale marlilnc. In Tennessee is attempting to prcvrnl Invcsliga- tk/n of espfiid'Uurrs by Demo•critic sehalorial candidates ,ln (he crimary c-anuritijn in thiil slate.., until after Hectlcn was made tnoiy to GeraM P. Njf, by tbr committee afent who has been Of the total the association said about $160.000, or 27 ner cent, h directly chargeable to political work. Ernerscn Axlcy, a fanner, while hunting on the farm ol W. M. Bond, a mile north of Randies, found what was left of the reported treasure—a rusted Iron kettle, a few scattered gold coins, an old wedge and two footprints were all that remained. i Bond told the Southeast Mlssou- i iir- ii 'rlan the legend of the treasure and Armorel Wins Honors i tov ll was ! <*w(t missing by in Fair Poster Contest • Ax ° s treasure. The last attempt to find it was made less than 5 years ago when a Negro declared his divining rod could locate It. However, much digging on the part of white men wlro paid the Negro for his •knowledge" failed to reveal any- .hlng. The places where men have dug for the robber's money are said to be haunted. Many (>eople in the vicinity will swear that they ihave seen a headless ghost tn these woods. Bond said. And now the empty kettle has proved conclusively lo Bond that the money has lain all these years within half a quarter of a mile of Authorized to Onerate Bus Line From Bl^lhevill Over Highway 18. LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 4 (UP)— The Arkansas railroad conimlssloi granted three bus and transfer'per nits and refused one here late yes terdav. Those receiving the permits nr Tom Stewart, truck line owner, fo service over Highway C3 Iron Jonesboro to Memphis: Clyd Pierce, .transfer service in an around Jonesboro: p. J. Barnes, bi line between Blythcvllie and Huff man .over. Highway 18. A permit for another (ruck lin between Jonesboro and Mcmph was refused on Ihe grounds tha the territory was already ncUviuatol served. In contest of 800 Bales of 1930 Crop Ginned at Prison Farms LITTLE ROCK. .Oct. 4. (UP)Nearly 800 bales of colt<>n havo been plnnxl fro m'he-Tucker and Cummins cr,m1ct farms An estimate of 2200 tilts -,„,;, b«n placed on the farms t** y«*r 3,410 An Old Legend Sometime after ths Civil War, i.the story goes, a large sum of Teacher associations, the fourth and lifih grades of the Armorel school won the blue ribbon for the train or a bank is no longer known, and the robber later was found dead. But the scrap of pi- r-°f was found on his body, which . „ . , , , , - , best poster; Armor,;! Junior - high j told where th« money, which was was second, Luxora primary grades •• ..... third and Armorel'a primary -de partment won the green rlbbjjti'for foilr[h TlrtnrYM? • ''- '•">-'• foiirlh honors. Mrs. T. E. Tiite Is presl tlw council, of to be about $«000, was buried near a black gum tree. Wh»t became of th« note was never known, althougb tha story was p«s»ed on from father to son and many persons h»4 dug on Bond's farm and his Axley Found found a hollow black HE ST. LOUIS, Qcl.'- Touching the Philadelphia-: pitchers for' ten well )juiicrie<i" .Kits' the St. i Louis' CiijHnals .-.' 'won the third game' of;';thp : - : .' ISftp World:.--Series.V'.ioiday^ "' their (irst victory ,i<if .trio series. . ' -• --..';••:. . . 'The lineups':— '• ..,.'' ; Philadelphia—Bishop, 2b; Dykes, Jb; Cochrane, C; Simmons,. If;' Foxx, Ib; Miller, rf; Haas, ct; Bol* ey. ss; Walberg, p, .. " ; Si. lyiflls-Douthlt,. cf; Adams, 3b; Frlsch. 2b; .Bottomley, : Ib; Hafey, If; Blades; rf; Wllwn,•"«;'. Qelbeilss; Hallahaii, p. ' • :V .' Umpires—GeUel, : at plate; Riar-i; den, at flrst; Moriarty\ at second;;'. > J Rlgler, at- third.': - : U- • :: ;•• • . .1":'.' \\ ATHLETICS-felshop ' SSfoeit ito/, ghU Dykes tannid. ^CocJiraho;.' ormer Georgia Congress;man Will Address Public Rally at Methodist Church On i ten'iWeeks goad citizenship our of Arkari'is former Congress- nan William D. Upshaw, of Atbn- a, ,G».,- will hold a.cay-.wWe.riUjf. t the-. Ftt»(. Methodist church Sun- ay afterncon at,2:30 o''clo:k under lie - auspices: of the i Antl-Salcon League of Arka'risas. -He will also peak at US Pjrst Baptist church Sunday .morning, 11 o'clock. He ad- lessed the high school assembly Friday afternoon.. • • "America's 'Greatest Battle"' will :e the Iheme for tomorrow aflcr- '.ccn's address. At' the mcrnlnsr hurch- service .he will uss ."Bulld- nif Citizens for..Uncle Sani" ns his .ubject. ' V . ' ' .'.'.' This''aracter.'w.^o 6oast r liat he Is the only mnn from Georgia who in congress voted "wo- non have as much ssms as men," :ent six weeks' In Arkansas last sprlnj on a similar 'tour. . . He stroke at Hulbert TuKdav nlirht.-at Marlon Wednesday n'.itht. Tolner Thursday, nisht In openim ':{.<; campaign in'this stale. In addressing .the' high' school students Ire former connressmir 'Irfssed "Pluck and Pjro"S2", in-.r 'irief nrlflres 1 ! In whlcli lie ureed tp- taJ abstinence from liquor iii"ahy form. .. , • '.lit"- - - .. ... walked oh four pitched ittallt; 81m-' rrijjns fanned.^ Foxx was^'safi'-on' a'hard Infleld hit, Bishop • idvanc-' Ing. Miller-fanned. No •runj.'-two- hits, no errors. • •'-' .':;, •. • ''-' CARDINALS-rDrtitnU ;foulei ; bit' : to Foxx. Adams-oppped^to 81m-' ftions. FriKh fu>d to Miller'- No.' tuna, no hit», no errors ' '••:*••'•' ."•'.Seeorf.-r 1 - 1 —' A3 a member of shaw congress Up- Internal! onal fame some years a?o by a scath. In? speech on ''Sober Officials" In wlilc'n he. called en every official In Washington. Congressmen, Senators. Cabinet officers, and even the president himself, to "begin on yourself, if prohibition. you want to enforce and. as Sam Jones used to say. you will have one rascal out of the way." For several years he kept. Washington "on Its ear" wondering what revelation the Georgia crusader would make next-. Of this memor- oble fight the. Literary Digest ?aid: ."To Congressman Upshaw belongs ft credit of awakonlne the conscience of America on (he question of sober officials." •" ;,'" German Fascist Officers Guilty on Treason Count LEIPZIG. Germany, Oct. 4 (UP) —Lts. Rlchsrd Scheringer, Hans Luden and Hans Wenut. young officers of the Relchswehr. were found Rulltv of inciting treason among Reichselir troops in behalf of fascists and were sentenced to 18 months military Imprisonment each by the supreme court today. Youths Caught Stealing Milk Get Jail Sentences Tit) yodtlis. .Paul Edward G«n- salles and Lloyd George Umbaush. were fined Sip each and five davs aniece on the street gang by Juetee W. D. OravctSe in police court tbis morning. They were caught redhanded by Officers Thurman Atkins and Jim Bums as they left an Ash street residence with a supply of morn- Ing mill: left by .the milkman: Officers are checking up on n car the bovs were driving, licensed in an- gum tree freshly sawed, according to Bond, and beside it a hardwood wedge, old and worn, such as used In felling trees. The ground around the tree had been dug to $ depth of 2 feet and a Jew feet *w»y from It lay an old irrvn kettle, a small one such as was formerly laed for cooking vegetables. A few coins. $2.50 gold pl«c*s, lav n*»rby. And in the dry earth were foot prints of two people, a man who wore rubber soled shoe* or rubber boots and a woman with a small foot Communist Uprising; Is Feared at Hankow SHAKO HI, Oct. 4 (UP)—Martial law was proclaimed In Hankow today following an explosion there in the steam boiler power company which killed five persons and injured nineteen. » '; The-,bla»t, of mysterious origin, creited rumors tlial a radical Intrigue,, was ftfool there. Fear of a communist uprising was expressed. OARDlNAtS --'Bot'tottley "strock out. Hafey alto fanned.'' Blades filed to' Hans. ; -No''runs, no : hlts,- ho errors.' • 1 .' 1 •--'- ; '.' • ''''"/''"''. ' •v - : Thlrt Innlnr 'V" '-' • ATHLETIOS^Bislibp out to.B°t" tomjey.. -DyVss, -walked.;'Cochr'fhe ' walked; •Sirhhions : hlt into .'a;'dou-.' ble play. No runs, no. hitvio'e'rv l-Are .'- ' * ' •'*- ' '• - • : . .1. J*,. . . . ,;"foufed'-io': Cochrane; Gelberf grounded, "out, Boley;'- to- Poxx. ftallahafi' fanned. No runs,.ri5 hits, tie- errwil""" "'". '.' : - ' '. Fomrth,'tnnlni 'I .. ." ATHLETIC^-Poxx hit (o Halla- hafi 1 who threw him out a£ first. Miller grounded to Bottomley.' Haas fanned: .No runs;, no-hits, no errors.- • CARDINALS-Douthlt hit a home run into left field bleachers. Adams fouled' to-Cochrane. Prisch grounded to B"ley,-who tossed him out'at first. Bottomley fanned. One tun, One-hit, no errors,. " Fifth Inning ATHLETICS — Bsley filed to Douthlt. Walberg fanned. Bishop singled. Dykes filed to Douthlt' No n-ns. one hit,' no errors. 1 ••••'• " : CARDLVALS—H a f e y '• grounded out. Boley to Poxx. Blades, singled !o center. Wilson singled to right, Blades going to third. Gelhert singled to left.-scoring Blades.'Wilson tried to make, third on the-plsy and was thrown out. Simmons tQ Dykes. Hallahan walked.'Shores replaced Walberg on mound'-for Plill- ndclphla. 'Douthil out. Bldiop to Poxx. One iiin. three bits, no er- lors. Sixth Innlnr . ATHLETICS— WatkUis replaced Blades In right field for the Cardinals. - Ccchrane grounded out, Frlsch to Bottomley. Simmons- doubled to right. Poxx fouled out [o Bottomley. Miller...Jlned to D-uthi£jin center. No -luns, one liit,.no'*rors.' ' ^ "--^ CARt)lVlALS — A d'amir grounded out. Dj'kes WFoxx. Friseir fouled to Poxx .behind tho pla^e. Bottomley grounded, out. No., ; 'riins, no hits, no errors. . ...' Seventh Inniruj i—Haas .out!. Frisch lo Bottomley. Boley grounded out to Bottoniley. Shores walked. Bishop singled, Shores stopping at second.. Dykes grounded out. Bottomley --unassisted. No runs, one hit, no , errors. CARDINALS—Hafey singled to left. Watkins singled to center. Wilson- slnsled' to left, scoring Hafey other state. Jack Hill and Waltheu Prewitt were fined one dollar each' on charges cf violating traffic rules by illegal parking. Virgmta Lawyers Wet Association Poll Shows RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 4. <UP>— By a vote of more than three to on* lawyers of Virginia huve ure- ed. rene«l of the 18th amendment. (0 fl -tat'ilstlon of a referendum of the Virginia staic bar. 'm**» publio lut nj^ht. and' Watkins. Qulnn replaced Shores for th« Athletics. Oelbert forced Watkins at second. H«W(Continued on Page S* WEATHER ARKANSAS- Cloudy, occasional showers in extreme west portion tonight: Sunday unsettled with occasional showers. _.,_., 'According to the officer *6Ltb« -. obsemr, Frances Carpemw) ' minimum temperature h*ri" we.i 54 deirrees and lha for Friday

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