The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1934
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Served by the United Preu THfi DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHEA m- 1D[ r. U a.= !j^ 1 ~.?'_ .„"„„_" ^ J- 1 J-J TT k_7 VOL. XXX!—NO. 83 -ville D«lly News Blythevllle Courier •V'- 'ipl Vslley Leader Blythevllle Herald NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHEA m ARKAN8A8 AND 6OUTHEAOT M188OURJ BI.VTHl'iVll.l.K, AKKANSAS. WRIiNKSDAY. AIMUL 25, 193.) SINGLE .COPIES FIVK CKNTS U. S. ftENT SHOOTS STILL OPERAT OF OFFICERS ID IT Hempstead Services Will Be Held Thursday ['olice Activity.Is Centered Today in the Vicinity of . "! ? ; t1p " lc t cli „"'? , 10 " 3 m silicnt of ~ _•" - Little Rock, hau been 111 a year. Ot Paul President Si-ins Kill Ciirhinj. Cotton Production ST. PAUJ,, Apr. 25 (UP)—With an nrmy of 5,000 law enforcement clfiecrs ma?scd under a grim command to "shoot (o kill," the frail(It manhunt for John Dillingrr lh(! Hocsier furm Ijoy, turnnd ur- ioii-,1. tiirnrd again Inie today in the Twin Cilles. With Ktacciito sharpness reports and warnings poured in upon the massed hum from scattered pniLs of tile middle mill federal agents In command of Hie search worked feverishly in a gr?at mobilization against crime. .Squad cars, bristling wilh ma- eliini! gum and other weapons, inarrd out irom central siuUor^ in response to tip.5 that, although they were guarded with secrecy, led to a belief that Dilllnger may have returned to th» locale ol .some of .his most savage battles with the law.' prevailed throughout the LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 25 (UP) — Funeral services for Fay Henip- slead, BS, : 'poet laureale of Fi-ee Masonry, who had received more Masonic honors than any other man in the histroy of the order, v.'il] be held here Thursday at 3 p. m., it was announced' today. Hempstcnd died here • yesterday r\ M „'. " n . . '« Does Not Want Role of i i Mediator in Fisher Body' He was the third man In Masonry to bear the title of poet laureate. The others were Robert Burns, who received the honor in 1787, and Robert Morris of Kentucky, named In 1884. Next month Hempstead would have celebrated the 65th nnnlver- sary of his eniranen Into Masonry. Company .Strike Attorneys . Make Closing Arguments in Cannon Conspiracy Trial WASHINGTON, Apr. 25 (UP) Defense attorneys late today in iciiaiui] prevailed inrougnout the ""-"="« anurueys mie tonoy in 1)12 strike of 201 Twin Cities as they were placed ] llnal statements to (he jury in attendants wh»n under almost, nmriiai i-,,v t.-iih 'he trial of Bishon Jamps rnn. I....,- ..._. _, ." .under almost martial law with federal, county, state; and city officers converging here. Investigation.:! were underway at St. Louis Park, a Minneapolis Mibm-b, where, police. .w»re-rsp6ff- ,Ld • -l.ooWng ' for" Tommy Carroll, prilfhger gangster, in hiding there. Another concentration of federal agents and police was on at Columbia- Heights, another suburb. In an effort to track down a much .•plattered black sedan "used in the '.holdup of .a farmer at Elk Hivtr. ^The former. August Oterg.^re- .. ported *io police 'thattre"ha'd be*i held up by four or five men and two women. Other squad'cars were ordered lo a district on Summilt avenue, (xclusive SI. Paul residential dis- inct, wher- gangsters iiave been found in hiding on several occasions. the trial of Bishop James Cannon jr.. and Miss Ada L. Burroughs staked their clients "hteli moral character" against'criminal 'charges of. -ftfrispiracy to evade the corrupt practices act. WASHINGTON, Apr. 25 (UP) — Bishop James Canhdn, Jr., today was charged with 'hiding behind '•- skirts of his spinster secre- WASHINGTON, A|ll. 25 'UP) - 1'rcsident Roosevelt is keeping hands off the f.lrlk-; In thi: plants C'J the Fisher auto todv comjuny, he said today. Mr. Hooscvelt is (ILscoura^in^ f.!-. forts that from time lo time have placed him in the role of labor mediator, believ'in'5 that jwaec cf> Herts can- be handled by the op\ ixxsinsi faction.'; iirnl others. Fillinr Stations Close CLEVELAND, O., Apr. 25 (UP) — Strikes and threatened strikes hung over Cleveland Industry to- oay. Approximately oiuvrlghili o( the city's 120,000 industrially ompioyed were on the streets while city. >.taie, and federal mediators worked lo bring agreement between (mn:oyeri anil \vorker.s. -A critical .situation dewlop«d 1" )12 strike of 2.0M gasoline station tlcndants when U appeared ct-r- tain that virtually every . service station in the city would be tary in ! his. effort Ohio Bank Robbfd AKRON, O., Apr. 25 (UP)—Two brmdits held up the Mogadore Kavinss bank near here today, ab- (.utted two ogicers and two ' customers, and escaped wilh between 43.000 and KOOO. The kidnaped four were released unharmed. Tlie btindils drove a Ford V-8 Police were checking the y that the bandits might be members of the John DUllnger gang. The men gathere .dup several revolvers, a shotgun and some ammunition before fleeing. Tumulty Revealed as Long In Silver Market WASHINGTON, Apr. 25 (UP) Joseph Tumulty, secretary to President Woodrow Wilson! was icvenlrd (oday to have held con- tracis to buy 100.000 ounces ol sliver for May delivery in a report submitted to the senate todav by Secretary of ~ Morgenthau jr. to disprove Roosevelt Will Confer on Far East Situation lUI'l— In WASHINGTON. A|ll. 25 President llnnsnvell plum I Rrcrctnry of Stale Cordell Hull 10- duy to discira (he Jn]iiiiio.s» sliu- ulIon In ri'lutlon li> china in, u-,-i: ns UhiT Internal l(in:i] matters. Clilini <ilvrn Assutunrcs PKIl'IMI. Chlim. Apr. i5 iUP»— The si niitcrlos of (In nine p.mvr 11 1 -illy hnvr> iK.siiml Cliimi that hey will uphold (lie irenty nnd oppose Japanese hcKi'inony in Asln, i Bovi'i-inncnl spokesman assured he ration In :> ri ,dln broadcast unlRlii. All .signatories, Ineliidlnx Cully Cobb Opt i m i s t i c -..., ~ ..„,„.: rllc "'^'^P '" l" c ""lion's program ol forcing a re trictlon of uerlciiltural output Is recorded in this before night. Cars were stalling historic photo .us President Koos?veU signed the B.inkhcnd ],||1 f or comnuknrv rnm,M r ,. on-doo,lbv;n >;«,* for l Dcfc • or duction. Wllneslnr ihe sfenlni. from 1,-tt ,„ r t. .„- ,„,.','„ T ">,™" "* ."' . colton » r °- charges of conspiracy by a gov-. argument to a Jury. Assistant Unite.d states -Attorney John'3. Wilson, outlining"ih'e evidence against Cannon and MKs Ada L. Burroughs, took Up the testimony -of the churchman in .vhich he said he handed a sealed envelope containing $6,000 In cash to..Miss Burroughs. to • give In campaign workers.. Miss • Burroughs, however, testified, according .to Wilson, ihat, the bishop old.not give her cash but checks which'- she-, cashed -and put 'lii the envelope herself. -•.-•-. "It sounds like chivalry, doesn't it? 1 ' Wikon asked' the jury. "But don't attribute -it to any unselfishness on this man's part," Wilson continued. "The lads-are Ihat two people must be guilty of conspiracy under the law. "U is nothing, in the world but a case of a man hiding behind a woman's skirts." fuel. FIsher/Body corporation Worker;; numbering 8.400 continued to picket, ihe big plant here pending negotiations tefora the aulomobile labor board In Delroli. Fears grew that (he strike would spread to other plants of the automobile industry, which . employes nearly 50.000 here. -, SlrikeAl .EIrM:.:iU.-,]i • • BIRMINGHAM, Apr. 25 fUP)- A strike of smelter workers broke shor of the bill, nnd oh Birmingham's Inrt ..„..- zpn today jusi .as peace was restored to -the district's coal fields. ...An estimated 400 union employe? at-- the. Thomas 'furnace of Republic Steel"nnd--lron- corporation walked 'out, protesting" that their co!bargaining demands had '' Stuckey Brothers Build 8-Stand Gin at Lepanto LEPANTO, Ark.-A modern eight stand gin, all steel, valued at about $40,000, is being built here by the Citizens Gin Company, owned and operated by ~" ~ ginners nnd merchants of Lepanto. Work was begun on the erection of the gin this week. The gin Is ho, o the si«n,n 3l Iron, ,, ( t to r,,,,t. an, .Senator John ,,. Hank of At b-i (I ftl. ,lv..tnnlnli.-. b - 1I.5MI .* ......i. 't.llut.JI William H. B.mthrad. Wall Itescy of Mtolss'ippl anT'li'i'mpton rulmer of Sjiuli Carolina nrhanrp T<; uiuance IS Scientists ' CHICAGO, Apr. 25 (UP) — A .,„„ fresh crop of black spots marched ) 0 j k been across thfe lace of thVun todav, " breii-iirj (larlock of Coolor lias IJoci) Missing 2 X^coks CODTER, Mb. — Clint ' Carlock, 45, retired business man of this section, who on April 9- left the residence of Jess Holland, where lw made his home, has not been .wen or heard of since, nnd all efforts of ills uncle, C. D. Martin, prominent planter of this county' and his sister. Miss Beatrice Car-1 VIENNA, ', Irhigan, to locate him I The next p Archduke Eugene Is Mentioned. foi' .Presidency Under Fascist; Regime Japan. Imil .r-okc: mint wild. cogi!iii]U.<t. ii:ni . taping i,ave (lie a.vmrance. LOCIJSPIl Cecil l.aui'jord, 29, Seriously Wounded by Fed-, cral. Agent 0. .B. Knapp ;.•:' Cecil I.nnyford. 29, was -shot- ' : ihrrnuh ui» lung by Federal' - ; Officer O. 13, Knapp of Capo air- i nidean. Mo., as he allegedly 'level- * :d a shotgun at anolher federal. }• •leenl dill-Inn u rnid on un illicit }' db:llHery near Die Arkansas slate .5 Hiii! In Uuiiklln county, Mtaourl, '•* nine inllrs ncrthwest of here, lale c yfslfrday aflernoon. I.nn.gforrt 'wot Igi a serious, bus • not ciltlcnl candlllon ul ihe Hly- Ihtvllli! hospital (oday nnd his ,j H'cuvcry *as expected .unless com- ; locations develop. . Nathaniel Jenkins, agent, who allegedly was the I target of Lnngford's gmi when Over Acreage 'Rccluc- " D Illllcr n " M slloti W1LS lion Program for Says Public Misled on .ent the earth and oilier disturbances about which Cancellation! .'.cl-.nre "con make only the "< r , fulile ' a graduate of the Unl- Cflrlock an and lielr lo Martin r. 2S '(UP)- 1 ot > Allslrla WASHINOTON. Apr. 25 (UP1- A charge Ihat ilierc liad been a deliberate' eflo'rt (o mislead nnd confuse the public regarding the cancellation of airmail contracts was made In the senate today by Chairman Hugo L. Black of the special airmail investigating committee. Black charged "subsidized editorial writers" had souiribmcd in confusing the issue. He defended administration air- mall policies during consideration being equipped by company. imirany, ownea ana of tllc BIacl£ -McKclUir airmail bill Stuckey'" Brothers. ? lul <1esir 'bed the situation cans- merchants of le- ms " le cal >cellation of rontrncu as "a network ot intrigue. ir.Anipu •ation and fraud." Black challenged those whose the Murray comracts were cancelled to "gii into the courls". ed the effects of these six A ' J plantations near here, left the i Holland home to come to the post- tl- „*<: , . . . "^ be Archduke Eugene of the lispji- bnrgs, many well Informed perso!is believed today. .. , ' President.WllhelnVMIIclas Is ,lo i be replaced in the reorganization on (he earth for th» prombe of " ' ° P vs o n ' >, • , ., llls Braduatlon he of (Austria's republican government on Italian fascist lines, nnd fecal] of the archduke; from Swltz- tolefraph weather freaks. niriin cMii^ hMiiin,,) "•''"•'" three years in the u. S. • cnanu would be regarded as a n h'L ^aib , MnriWS - '^ lt ' en tecnmo comlc "- Slcl> lownrrt rwloratlon of the ' ivi^sihle Wlth lwo °" oo'OP""'" In Ok- Hapsbiirgs and enthronement -'of 1 iahoma (ln(J onc ln Texas Archduke Otto. A .special govern- About eight years ago, due to nic nt decree already has been Is- HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. .Apr. 25 IUP)—Ciilly A. Cobb, chief of |hn cntton section of the agricultural adjustment administration, told the American Hardware Manufacturers convention today that 11 the 1934 cotton crop Is held to ai.OOO.oqo acres the nation will be on the road to permanent reeov- f i'- Such n crop, he said, would Iw 8 per cent below the five-year iivernge and participating farmers would receive between $125.000,000 and »130,000,000, first, payments of which have already started. Cobb said u 41.000,000 acre crop was being planted, ut this lime liist year,-'resulting'in the emergency plow-up campaijn as the chota? of farmers 'find' wrlciilturiil leaders. . • .. • •', <"• • Although he styled last year's program u a. "tremendous-success", Cobb' asserted iliol -it was ioo early to. predict the' outcome of .the 193« program under".ihe Bankhead blll.v •'. :'•• :c .•.-'• Jjst-yea'r,' he estimated, 10 or 15 per cent- of-farmers In some communities failed to sign > oirll- flcates and-.'planned.'-to 1 ' InoKosj acreage. The Bankhtad bill : was the answer to that . problem, he said. •-..'. ..•.'-. , Chiseling , will bo - much - hardci under the. Banlcheacl .'bill,- he asserted. - - . ' .' and last outbreak of tun spots 'about six years ago marilal troub>s, crimes, sickness, and even bi-si- ness failures were frequently con- tics and keeps well posted on cur-, rent events. sued •permitting Eugene to return, although the exile laws have not yet brr-n annulled LINZ. AuMria, Apr. 25 IUP) — »Kh Ihe sun s-ois ' in." ii»iiuit.^> \vtre ircnueiKlv' con- *» m --,... .-., .u. ,— nected in more or ess hazv wiV H ° tt ' ns ncver known lo ™"y''7 KO ">Slommlres were reported lo e or less hazi ttll -' s .very much money on his person, have been killed by gunfire today It Is feared that he has lost his ln » fight belween Austrian le'g- I memory. lonnalres and German storm troopers nt .the Bavarian town of VII- shofen on Hie Austrian-German Charges Bremer Kidnap H-,I,I,»J • D • F. n. R.'s Pnrlrjlt I n Beads Hatched in rnson] HARRTSVTLLE. N. H. IUPI-A 'portrait of President Roosevelt. I Flftpfn were reported fiFen lo Stock Prices NEW YORK, Apr. 25 (UP)— Smarl recoveries in grains and sliver steadied Ihe stock market lale today. Prices firmed from their lows but volume continued dull. A. T. and T 121 3-8 Anaconda Copper 165-8 Bethlehem Steel 42 Chrysler 51 1-3 Cities Service 3 Coca Cola 126 General American Tank 41 1-2 General Electric 22 -7-8 General Motors 38 7-8 International Harvester 41 1-4 Mtddlewcst Utllllles' .. Montgomery Ward ... 30 7-8 New York Central ... 34 5-8 Packard 5 Phillips Petroleum ... 19 7-8 Radio 81-4 Simmons Beds 20 1-8 SI. Louis-San FYanclsco 4 1-8 Standard of N. J. ... 45 1-2 Texas Co 26 1-2 U. S. Steel 50 7-8 U. S. Smelling ...'... 124 Form Gin Company LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April 25.— The Farmers Gin company of Manila in Mississippi county has filed articles of incorporation with :he secretary of state. -- 'portrait of President Roosevelt. I tpfn WASHINGTON, Apr. 23 (UP>— ! made entirely of beads, lias been ! hospitals. The -lot lo kidnap Edward Brcm- completed by George E. Duncklre. r. St P Passes Billinger w •» m ' .~ iCommil |Cr. St. Pan], was conceived in It took 21,000 beads to make the Leavenworth federal penitentrarv, 11« by 12 inch portrait. largcd today in ap- i "T'«ll ". * T Y 1 the house rules! 1 31k .^mCriCa UlV In support of his '•• ' — ----- - - - ' • iig Ihe woundjd mini today. 1 Ti:e alleged still opcriilur was hot in ihs left side; ulmojl. lo '• he back, with, the-revolver bullet ' oilulng In his lung. According. o rs]Hjrls, Knapp. an cxpnrt plslol •'. shot, was almost, a 100. yards . •iW:iy frcm.Langford when-he flicd:". If.-id (inn On Jet kin' : Knapp and Jenkins were nrm- I'crs of a.i'arly of four-redi'ial " agents from Capo Glrardcau who had come lo Blythevllle Monday nluht. Two olhcr agenl.s,' A. li. £t urn nnd N.-Mnrchlno, Wre pav- llclpatlng In Ihe raid 'but.. wers £ome dlslance from the scene of .lie shcollng.- Knapp and J^ukird approached th^ slill and began a circling movement as l>uiglnrcl and iit:cthtr iiitin, working nt lliaj slill; started 'to'run. .Jenkins, -clrollnj around lo head oil.Langford,-was unaware tlinL lh,e man had stop- lied "to plck'-iip a shotslin; -Knapp,' appronchliifi from •Uib'othjf 'side, saw 'Langford grab the level It at. Jenkins whe ter- came 'into 'the open frcm a tract of tilnber. ' ' When 'giia.aud n tKe lal- • Samuel Insult Starts Trans-Atlantic Trip ABOARD.S, S. EXILONA, at Sea. Apr. 25 (UP)—Samuel Insull wa5 :,n a 3.200 mile voyage direct tc New York loday to face truuc charges in c-unnectluii • wilh llu collapse of. hUi .utilities empire. Insull, after a day watching dock operations from the Exllona's deck under guard of seamen, almost collapsed In tlic ship's lounge last night from smoking loo many clgais. lie recovered quickly when he went on for air. Langford raised his gun lie cavjtt Jenkins unprepared for si:ch a move but Kiiapp, watching. hU motloil!),"flred 1 ."' ; A .4tfrallhre pullet. ' (oi-b-lnlo Lungford's sldb'-anrt lie dropped- his sholjfiin, Inrr.hig lo . run. 'He-wn« captured after a clmsc of several minnt'fs, His •companion' 1 escaped. Langford Ls said- to have 'shot a tanner youth near the 'still last Actk. He Is known (o have been .he object of- a search by Uunklin counly, Mo., 1 and local county officers at-(he time he was wounded.' Federal investigatoi-s • from St... Louis were reported on the way here today to make a report of the shootinj. Awalltnj tlicir arrival olher federal agents were reticent, about discussing Ihe affair. ' ' ; The incorporation papers the capital slock of the company at $25.000 with J. A. Lewis, B. G. Gill and Otto Bradberry. incor|X>r- ators. ^ X Y\ f f w | . in tic in w.. ^H^I i iji HJ-, i ,.>i.ij.(- i of Mercy retition I ; for nn ^^^ti 0n <,< M-I ias * | eral prisons. I Shoemaker said lie had ".itli- , ^ ?.",!'!!:! .f° i^" "P »>« charge and list New Orleans Cotton NEW' ORLEANS, Apr. 25 (UP)— Forced to absorb heavy liquidation during the session, the cotton market ended today on the local exchange with losses of around SI - bale. . open high low cVise ay 1121 1123 1094 10941} l 1136 H3J 1107 1111 Oct UM 1154 1122 1128 c 1161 1164 1133 1137 Jan H66 1169 1142 1142 Mar 1179 1181 1150 I152b Spots closed steady at 1121, off Chicago Wheat May jul open 74 7-8 74 7-8 high 76 76 low close 73 5-8 76 7-8 75 5-8 75 3-4 Chicago Corn open May 44 7-8 Jul 47 1-4 high 45 47 1-3 low close 43 3-4 44 7-8 46 3-1 35. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Apr. 25 (UP)Colton closed barely steady. open high low close 1115 1123 1093 1094 1133 1138 V110 1113 1150 1157 1127 1129 1162 1166' 1137 1138 1167 1172 1144 1144 1181 1181 11S6 1157 Spots closed steady at 1110, off Shoemaker onw was con- med to Lcavenworlh. The Farmcr-Latorlte criticized pnilicularly conduct ol the Leaven- ,1-orth prison and said that "big "ml gangsters from Chicago, con- inr.frt (heiv. have been i,, so . t ,..„, nc ing as chauffeur to ihe superintendent." Naval Funds Included in Huge Relief Measure' 25 "Amnesty- for John Dllllnger If he surrenders Is asked In a petition belna rlreiil.nod in his home town, Mooresvllle. Ind.. anil other Indiana cities. Donald Roe, above, bank clerk, \s seek- 'OB signers to the plea, based tin the contention thai tlie bandit *»a given ID unfair sentence on his first coBTkilon, for robbivg grocer. blanket relief aporopriatlcn bi I ».l contain authorization for ad- dent Roo"'v°i C0nstnictloni Prosi The estimates will go up to con- was pointed oul just as soon as the revenue till is passed. The White ' House polnled m,t, "^evcr. ihat decision as lo actual -hip construction rested the president. Against Island Sugar WASHINGTON. Apr. 25 (UP>— Go.'. Gen. Frank Murphy of the Philippines and General Blanton Wlnshlp. governor of Puerto Rico. Mn;d today in vigorous protest to the war department over wha; they termed restrictive. features ol the Jones-Costlgan sugar bill as .t applies to th;lr territories. In a. cable lo Secretary of War George II. Dern. Murphy said <hr bill «as hljhly (Incriminatory against Philippine sugar nnd U put Into cffecl would resell In a larpe surplus of sugar In Ihe islands, (browing thousands of laborers out of work. Sings Despite Threat on Life irAMPTO\ 0 'v" l ,; F mn,' V ? cll "Bes" H 13 high time to "talk W SmWi TO i '"P'-^fow America up. mot downi.y So de......"'•. S2 ' lvl 'o cast his drst dared Mrs. William Iliissell .Mag In ttlese Chan 6"" 1l l3 h 'Sl' and. talk BattU Fleet Completes Panama Canal Passage ABOARD U. S. S. CALIFORNIA, Off Colin, Canal Zone, Apr. 25 (U P)—Ships of Ihe United Stat-'s bailie fleet. 100 strong, gathered, off Colon loday after a maneuver never brfore attempted, passage at ihe greatest possible speed through the Par.amn Canal under cor.diiions approximating war. The last ship cleared the canal at the Atlantic at 5 A. M., today and the 110 ships of the armada were at anchor off Colon. vrlc for 'hr i M Wni T ' mco1 "- b3ins rat general ot (lie of American litvolu- Fr«ni = « ns le Kl ""BiKTs o American litvolu- ni,«» i , j ' find a ' m cralKr of th2 Uon, wlicn. as shown here, ehe oracsi iod»e in UMJ stale. He bs-i»l>cned the organliatlon'j 43rd rfli»e a Mas sae. e s-in e organi fli»e a Master Mnson on Dec 20, "QtineiHal Cnngrei 1865 ' in Wash- Mart Williams, Former Police Chief, Is Dead Man Williams, 47. former Bly- Ihevllle chief of police, succumbed here today. Mr. Williams had been in 111 health for .some time, sugcrltig from cancer. The deceased Is survived. ty his wuLw, who resides - iiV "Memphis, p a son, Jimmy, who lives h;re, a | daughter, Margaret, and a brother, Edgnr Williams, formerly superintendent of schools here. Funeral arrangements are i.icom- plelc according to the Cobb Undertaking company. "I received a loiter saying that they would shoot me if I sang hero. Rut I am not afraid. ... I respect all religion*." With Mils announcement, Mme. Kniesrine Babylnnian Brick Unearthed Ion has been obtained by Red New Yolk'. Carnegie Hsll held Milton Benntitl Lamodln, archeol- under tu« auspices of Noil- JB.H.TUHJ- was u». minimum ogist. Il Is believed to be the only Sectarian Antl-Nul League to cksor, according to Samuel relic of lls xlnd In America, Chamnlon Human Rlehts. ''Norrls. offi-lal wpith^r nhc« C. L. Berlin to Manage Unique Cleaning Plant W. P. Mclntosh. manager of the Unique Cleaning Service planl here for the :>ast year, has been transferred lo Memphis where he will probably be assigned to anolher subsidiary of the Memphis Steam Laundry. Mrs. McTntosh and chil- ! dren accompanied him to Meni- jphls loday. I C. L. Berlin of Memphis assumed the management If Ihe local plant lodny. He has be«n connected wilh Ihe company for some time agid established the local plant" several years ago. Mr. Berlin will move his family here this week. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair lonljtil. Thursday Increasing cloudiness and u armor. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair lo- nlghl. Thursday fair and warmer. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 09. minimum 55.

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