The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1931
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K - Served by the United Press VOL. XX\'1I—NO. 2C7 BtVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS •HIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION BlythevlUe Courier, Blylhevllle Daily News. Hlythevlllc Heiald. Mississippi Valley leader. m.YTHKVlLLK, AUKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 19M. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS PAYROLL IN HALF Getting Fit All .Departments-, at Work: i Safety Championship! Plaque Received. i With a full week's operations scheduled for the first time in months, all departments at the Chicago Mill and Lumber corpo- lalion's BIylltcville plant were at work today, and while it is impossible to say how long this renewal of activity will last. B. N. Ware, I Jr.. the manager, said today that, indications were that the months ahead would show a noticeable improvement over the past half year. Approximately 300 men were al work- a', the mill todr.y, and Mr. '"'are said that the average for the. week would probably be around 315 f. day. Tins is an increase Lawyers Attacking Dry Law Arkansas Will Receive 32 i Carloads for Reel Cross Distribution. j He has traded his political war 'ciub fcr a golf stick. And here you Jolm J. Raskcb, the Democratic National Committee's multl- lliunr.ire chairman, in the role* of about 150 men a day over re- crnt weeks. -Vo 31orc Jobs Open At the same time Mr. Ware ... , , pointed out thai all the jobs are of a " nk = afl sl , at Pa!m ,. going to regular employes of the _ Fla ^ whcre he ls °" vacatlon ' null who have bs;n either laid off or on part time during the slack period, and that there are no jobo in sight now or in the immediate iiiturc for outsiders. Coincident with the return to something approaching normal activity at the mill came an announcement from Chicago t'lat the Blythevillc plant, in competition v.-ith ten other units of the Chicago Mill and Lumber Corporation, had won the company's 1930 accident prevention championship . A handsome bronze plaque, emblematic cf the championship, arrived today and has been placed on the wall of Mr. Ware's office. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 2G. (UP) — Drouth stricken Arkansas was one step nearer relief today f> 32 csr- loads of food and vegetables were being prepared for shipment to.the fctate from six states to feed hungry farmers. Approximately 400,000 persons In Arkansas are in need of assistance, it, was estimated by Howard Bonham of the Red Cross bureau cf public Information, who has just completed an inspection tour of Isome of the worst hit sections. The donations of foad stuff from otrfer states will be turned over to the Red Cross officials with directions thai it be'used exclusively in Arkansas. The food Is to be ship- Girl Held For Courtroom Killing In winning-the championship the Elythevilie plant led all other Chl- •' cage iniU (iivistojj^by a .wide- riiar ... r sih;" placing^' first' ths iJhV-' sm fourth quarters of the year, and Indian Independence Leader and Followers Leave Prison Cells. , near the top the other two q.uar- j dependece." BOMBAY, India, Jan, 26 (UP)— IV'ahatma M. K. Gandhi, leader of the nationalist civil disobedience campaign against British rule was released f . from ^Yeroda; 'rjrjsjri /tV- rilglit on r fhV firsPannlversary of he nationalist "declaration of In ped from Colorado, Texas. Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming within Ule week, it> was announce:!. A branch office of the Red Cross national organization was established here today with a personnel of 40. All relief work in the stal? will be handled through the Little Rock branch. Albert Evans, assistant national director of disaster relief is in charge of the office. Hed Cross officials said today the people of Arkansas are responding to pleas of the relief organization to help themselves by planting spring gardens. Bonham said h: was appalled at tiie conditions through sections of. Pulaski county near here and at England, Ark., and said assistance would have to be provided if many persons are to live through the winter. Attorneys supporting Federal Judge William Clark's recent declsloi that the Eighteenth Amendment unconstitutional arc picture above as they appeared in Washington to argtie the case before- th United States Supreme Court. Seated are Julias Henry Cohen Heft), Frederick M. P. Pearse (center) and Sclden Bacon. Standlnj, left to right, are Kenneth E. Dayton, Prof. Leslie J. Tompktns, George 11. Williams and Judge Daniel F. Cohalen. It was the first lime Hint the validity of the prohibition law, in vlsw of Its ratification by state legislatures instead of constitutional conventions, has been argued before the highest court in the land. Three Mile Project Has Yet . to Receive Definite Authorization. One hundred or more men will be put to work next Mny r>n a 3- ' mile loop levee near Burfli'ld if plans of the army engineers corps office ut Memphis receive official approval. Bids on the job, which will involve about 1.200,000 cubic yards of earth work, will be uskcd us soon or final authority for tlia work Is aranted, nnd 11 Is hoped thai the contract will be awarded In time to stint work in May. It Is estimated that ucwcen 100 and 150, men will be employed on the Job.j ters. Helena was second, Chicago third and Greenville fourth for the year. Beat Quota by Wide Marjin On the basis of the number and severity of lost time accidents In proportion to man hours worked Blytheville given a point score of 920.50 oul of a possible l.COO. Keicna, in second place, had a ECO re of 830, white others followed far down the line. When the contest was started a frequency rate quota cf 60 and a severity rate quota of. 1.25 were set. Blytheville teat these quotas by wide margins with a frequency rate of 533 and a severity rate of .07. For the last quarter of the year the Blytheville plant, with 191,419 man hours worked, did not have a single lest time accident. The Blythe- villa plant had more men hours worked for thq year than other Chicago mill plant except j tint at Helena. Victor Bra;-, office manager at the local plant, was chairman of the accident prevention committee through which the successful safa- Helen Eaton THREE FOB Oil TIF.FTS 11WS Various other idependenca leaders also were released in a grand amnesty to members of the nationalist congress executive commutes as a conciliatory move to[ Induce the Ganhl section to par-' ticipate In negotiations fcr a new constitution giving India self gov- trnment. Mahedev Desai, general secretary of the all-India congress, and sec 1 - rctary to TVfa'natma Gandhi, was released from jail this morning. He was the flrst of prominent Indian politicians to be freed by ordor of Victory Lord Irwin. It was understood delay in releasing Ginrthi war, due to the prison governor's tions- waiting for signed instnic- H O U EC Appropriations ty campaign was conducted. Cooperation of department hearts .«id I ., , err.ployrs throu 3 hout ihe plant was| Mrs. J. obtained. The department heads' vfl:o served on the accident pre- \eiv.inii commiitee are O. F. Bitr- fc?uni, bos factor;.-, Joe Elkins, machine shop, Bert Ellis, power plant, Mat Rainbcll,, b^ch, panel dep lc-j Phillips. Sr., lumbsr yard. Coton share prices were bouyant on the stork exchange following tre victory's statement. Some shares advanced seven rupees about £2.25. Big mill shares gained as much as 20 rupees, or aboui 50:30. All big seripls rose about 20 points. Tilings awaited Gandhi's arrival from Poona prison at Vic- i-rir\ terminus here. Dies at Paragould Mrs. J. G. McKenzie. mother of „„,„ Mrs. Marcus Evrard and W. M. Rainbcll. sawmill. Tom • McKenzie, of this city, nnd a ?io- ; veneer mill, Jce D. Hall-1 neer resident of Paragould ted at ;anel department, and Char- ?« hontt t^ this mc.nlng M- Three Carloads of Hogs Shipped from Evrard and Mr. McKenzie were at I her bedside, with other membars of iar.illy, when she passed av»n The deceased, who was promi nently known in her home city, had Committee Questions Secretary of Agriculture. WASHINGTON, Jan. 2B. (UP) — Hearings bofore Ihe house appropriations committee on the $25,000,000 Red Cross relief fund wer; 1 brought to a climax today by a charge of Representative Byrns. Democrat. Tennessee, that the procedure wliicli Is delaying the house's action is "absolutely futile." Byrns denounced Ihe proceedings after the committee had spent two hours discussing with Secretary cf Agriculture Hyde, and Thomas H. McDonald, chief of the bureau of mblic roads, the $80,000,000 federal lighway emergency fund voted some time ago without any rcf- rence to the $25.000.000 Red Cross provision in the interior department bill which the conunltte? was considering. At the conclusion of the hearing the 325,000,000 Hed Cross appropriation was brought to the attention of Secretary Hyde who said tiat none of the fund would be sisn: by his department, and he had ro estimate of the number of destitute in the country. He was not directly asked to express an opinion on the nroncse:' appropriation which R-eubllcan house leaders, acting und«r inslm. tlcns from the White Ho'.i?3. will seek to eliminate or reduce when 't conies before the house. Jone?., Rutledge and Chisholm Charged With Luxora Station Robbeiy. The first definite result .of a re-; lentless camaign - by railroad detectives, special agents and local oOicers in this lerritory against the wave'of robberies that has swept this section was revealed at Lux-' ora today when thrt ^ RlytV.evlll& ncn. all with prison' records, were b&iu'.d over to the "grand jury on turslary charges. Jlmmle Jones, Monk Uutledge and Forrest "One Round" Chisholm, all of this city, were bound over by Justice'Elliott Williams' at Luxora this morning on charges of burglar; In connection with a robbery staged at the Luxora Frlscr depot some time ago, when 40,000 f Ol The new levee will be higher nnd i stronger than the old. and will be I ;,et back from 100 to 300 yards' from lUe present levee Ijne. It' will start about a mile north ofi Barfield and run a mile and aj I half or two miles south of thati point. I The actual construction work will be paid for by the federal guv-1 eminent, but the. SI. Francis I*vco dlslricl must provide Ihe right of way and compensate land owners ! for the cost of removing buildings. The Garner store and gin at Barfield will baibehlnd the new levcs| well asj HELEN [flU First Degree Murcl e i Charge Brought Agains Youthful Killer. . o 'J line and their removal, as well as> DEWITT, Ark., Jan. 26. CUP)— " Ult I that of a number of olllpr build-1 M rs . Helen Spcnce Eaton, 17-year- ^-j'rramet TparVwillp Plant-' '"6 s . «'» *> c "pessary. Hepresen-j oW girl, w m face charges of first -^ gainst Leacrwrne i idm j [atlvcj . of thc , CVM dl5 , rlct havD de(;re munlef hcrc loday er Completed., • Lower House Also Acts to Keep Assembly . Costs' Within Bounds. : LITTLE ROOK, Jan. 2G (UP)— Both brandies of the general as- . embly were embroiled In heated Iscursloiis today centering around enatc and house employes, which csullcd In tiic upper chamber lashing its payroll in half and adoption of a resolution in the louse ngalnut addition, of any no're-employes except for replacement purposes. Shortly after the senate con_'n«'i following the week-end recess It went Into executive session. According lo reports bitter flghts were numerous before the senate voted lo reduce Its number of employes. Although the exact number affected by the cut was not Immediately esccrtalned, II was rumotcrt that the number of senate workers had been cut to CD. An unofficial check last week showed 138 names on the payroll of the upper body. The reduction was reported lo have affected all classes of employes including stenographers, committee, clerks, assistant clerks and pages. The house resolution limiting the number of employes to TT, the number how engaged, was Intro- The $35,000 ;damage suit brought against R. Di Wahl, owner of a plantation near Leachville-by B. F. Arnold, his wife and their small daughter, as the result of a highway accident, was placed In th? hands'of a. circuit Jury at 11:50 o'clock this 'morning. • At 3 -o'clock this afternoon the jury lied not reported. The Jury retired to its chambers after tiiree and a half days in the jury box while the plainliffs and defendants presented the testimony .'of u number of witnesses. Evidence in the cas? was completed Friday afternoon while the session this morning was devoted to Judge O. E. Keek's instructions to cigarettes were removed from a store-room. Jones was spirited away from j ''"under The "rules of a state stat•noon' ' . . . while Rutledge and Chisholm were j the jury and arguments of op! posins couns-'l alrcidy teen on the ground obtain-. Mos ^ 0 ( u,e d a y [3 expected to be Ing information as to the probable consummated by selection' of the ;sl 'of the right of way. j ury w i,i crl w m decide' the fate of Setting buck of.the levee is con- (hc yomi g woman in connection .dered' ntcesjary because Ih2 old , rtth ., tne shooting of Jack Worls, levee, at njany who was shot In the courtroom here few feel from the river bank. losl WMk ^.^ )x\ug tried lor the salying of the girl's father, Clcerc Spnce. . - Mrs. 'Eaton' was taken to.LlUU. Rock for safe keeping following th: shooting bul was returned her. Wednesday and an Indictment wa> i(;turned by an Arkansas count, grand Jury. Later she was taken t. Lonoke lor safe keeping and ofB cers brought her here today to fac. duced by Representatives -J~-^ Jefferson county, and Myers, L.IW- rc nee 'county. The measure passed by a unanimous vote. ; • '. Spe'iker Neale pledged his support In currying out the provisions ; of the resolution and. stated 'he. 'would -rrfus- to sign vouchers tor pa'ytng additional employes,- .; ', A'"' resolution offered by Representative Clark, Grant county, vole' 'resentment against a. story Blytheville Saturday afternoon [ te w[] . cn nas teen in crfect aD out while Rutledge and Chisholm. were ' two s a verdtct , may be r c- f.l:o taken into custody and remov- 1 tumed ij y t i K j ury when nine or ed from this city. They showed tip mon , n , cn ,b ors have agreed on their with officers at Luxora this morning and were bound over to the grand jury, according to reliable reports. verdict. . The case of Cedar Rapids Fi- Brawl at Keiser Lands Three in Hospital and Two in Osceola Jail. OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 26.— Cecil Fortner and Bill S. Shufllebarger, both of Kelscr, are held in the Osceola jail on charges of drunkenness pending the outcome of injuries received by Dock Montgom- eryi 38-year-old farmer of Ketsor. nance and Thrift company vs.| wllD (s n ^ ti, e Blytheville hospital ' Bessie Hall., et al., was under _way I { 0 )i OT i ng n n affray In which he received knife wounds on the Kelser road Saturday night. Guy Floun- Railroad officers cooperating with ThrT affcrnoon" wTth Judge Holland various local officers in this sec- aupe aring as counsel for the plain- tion have slowly been galherins ev- tl jr an[i P< c.-Douglas, attorney for iric-nce oh numerous rcbberie* In t he defendant. tte past few months and a round- 3 . E Kcck excuscd U ?.°...K™! 1 .l. nCCUSCd ° £ crimes h self from 'the bti.cli, at noon to.......... day after the Arnold' jury had re- now under way. seval, were also carried to the Bly- seval. were also carried t o'.he Blytheville hospital suffering minor Injuries sustained in the some affray. One of the Rounsevals was trial. She has bnsn detained at th home, of Sheriff Obe Benton al Lo noke for the past several days. Coast Guard Killing Held "Just an Idcident" WASHINGTON, Jan, 20. (UP) — The killing of W. P. Cluett. master of the Canadian schooner Josephine K by a coast guard vessel was said by Assistant Secretary Lowman today to be "regrettable, but merely an Incident of the transaction." carried jn Pock . The trio of Blythevillc men ore tired and Judge J. F. GavJtney Hater discharged from the hospital, now held In the Osceola lail an.1 0 [ jonesboro was selected as act- j lave not as yet made 'S-4,000 bonds j n g judge. »et by Justice Williams. ghufllebarger and Montomery, according to Montgomery's Will Cfose Seal Drive at Luxora Thursday Geore; W. Barnam. county cholr- mun of the anti-tuberculosis ca-n- paien. will speak at the Luxora Methodist church Thursday night in closing the drive which lias been i In progress here-for almost two. months. It Is planned to collect all funds by the end of this week. Judge Gawtney directed a ver- , story, were walking along the Kei- dicl in favor of the Cedar Rap:ds: ser Ioacl g a turday night when th3 Finance and Thrift company j Rounsevals passed in a truck. On? NEW LONDON, Conn., Jan. 28. (UP1—Coast guard gun nre disabled the alleged British rum runner Pcmiscouda of St. Johns, N. P., at Fort Pond bay, Long Island, today. against Bessie Hall, ct al. 12-Year-Okl Boy Sued For Million Drunken Driver Draws $100 Police Court Fine | of the three threw a rock In the I A sw( , rv | nSi wavering drive that •truck, and the Hounsevsls. stopping l ended abruptly wnen nl5 car bounc . J J ed into a tree brought down a SlflO fine on Chester Hatch in police for driving 2U1U J. E- wnuainsan snipped uui • ... w ,, ^-]-, n r, carload. All three carloads were i other daughters, Mrs. W. M.Flan- rhipr-=d to S'.. L;uls, Missouri. Ail, nigan, and Mrs. K-. H. ua.antr. of the hogs were bought from; botn o! Paragouia. farmers in the vicinity of Cardwcll. Funeral arrangements were in- Thcre have been qute a number! complete today but burial wi.l prob- 0 ; cars ol hogs, as well es some; ably be made in that city tomorrow, cattb, shipped from wir.:er and past fall- here this] j Son Born Last Night to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lloyd isv Dsvoe Will *o Higher Courts vr Bradlev Tomlinson Fanera! Held Yesterday; i.os ANGELES. Jan. 20. <UP)-! j Daisy Dcvoe today asked for a nna- conviction of grnnrl OSCEOLA. Art., Js"i ' as — Fu-; trial in her reral services fcr Jchn Bradley! of funds from Clara Bow.: Tntnlms-n. Oscrcla planter, who i film star, and will fijht fcr he; Paso,! f r( , oc i om | n (ne i,| 3l ,,; r co -.i r t s . . , died of pneumonia in El Texas Sitiirdav, were conducted' r, ,, , . _ • from th- funeral home- of J. w.i , '!? 0 ' 1C!l of her nltora -V- Su " . Horrh in Memphis nt 2:30 o'clc<;V: I pcrl0 ^ J " d 8C William C. Doron pent- j this nftern-on followed by a «r-! wned tne a ^ o! her sentence un-. vice at St. Peters* Catholic Church, i'" Fobr «:ary 2. I ''/acclnate 280 Fleet Workers for Smallpox 1 HOLLYWoonTjan. 26. (UPI-A ': son was born to Mrs. Harold Lloyd. OSCEOLA, ARK.. Jan. 26—Tw0j w jf e o [ (he fl!:n s''". here last hundred and eighty employees o' n!ght 1 - re c hnj ) ias D ; 2 n nsmed the tovtrnmcnt fleet quartered in; Karo!di jr the MiffissiPPi River just south of have b*?n vaccinated for Mrs. Lloyd Is the former Mildred also a screen actress. There Interment was made in Elmwood Cemetery. | •• , , „ _ Pall' bearers w;re H. V. Cart- 1 . VaFlP*>thl!t Student wrlghl, Ed L. Quinn, B. F. Sutler/ Major F. P. Jacobs. J. C. Young nnd G. B. Segraves. all of Osceola. Mr. Tomllnson, who was 39 years' NASHVI.LLF. .Ian 26 born and reared in Oscc- • Thomas P. Howe. 17, son Found Slain on Porch tr.e truck, got down and attacke-J Montgomery, cutting him ssvercly wll ha pocket knife. Fortner and ] j-'o'^t" this" Shufllebarger, coming to his res-1 wn|lc | n t ox [ c "at=d" cue. Inflicted minor injuries on his | Pollce testlris ; d lnal Hutch's driv- assailants, Montgomery says. Port- ] ing was notn | n g to b rag about ami ner and Shufflebarger were unin- j hard lo follow wnilc thc defend- 3 ured - ! ant contended that his driving was V.tU-1 JU^i^Jlt,-—'— **t "* % ~f~ j^-.j .;;.,- •-•.^-•-^-••- er, which alleged connection .be-," twccn the house and senate in the rnattcr of employes was defeated by a large.majority. . ' • ; A blir providing for, tha biennial appropriation for operation, maintenance, and Improvement of Hen- dersori State Teacher's college, was . offered and referred .to .the budget committee. A second bill also affecting the Arkacielphia scnool would levy and collect a two tenths mill tax on all real and personal property for maintenance of the Henderson Stale Teachers college. Little Rock Parachute Jumpers Set Record LITTLE ROCX. Jan. 26. OJP>— Three records were established here ate yesterday when o man and n woman Jumped 2,000 feet irom n speeding plane. Miss Lois Hudson, 19, set two records when she "made a parachute leap. She has the distinction of being the first and youngest woman In the state to make a parachute jump. The third record wns set when Sergeant H. Hamilton, of the 15!th Observation Squadron, Arkansas National Guard, jumped simultaneously with Miss Hudson in Ihe first double leap to be performed In the state. Fortner, Shufflebarger and Montgomery are alleged to have been drinking. for U. S. Flyer Missing in Far East; SHANGHAI, China, Jan. 26. (OP) fine until ho looked around al "the law." Then his machine played him false by smacking th" tree. His companion was fined S15 on a charge of public drunkenness. A _ young girl drew a similar line for la like offense. Buena Ventura Suffers Fire Loss of $2,000,000 BUENA VENTURA, Colombia, Jan. 26. (UP)—A fire which was b;lievcd to have been'caused by a band of crlminnls destroyed the central business section of Buena Ventura today with loss estimated nt approximately $2,000,000. Winston Edwards Dies OLDEST SWEDE CELEBRATES L1NKOEPING. (UP)—Sweden's . u- u M n H.eldest inhabitint, C. G. Pettersson, at HlS Home Near feu :has Just ceW)ra ted his 104th birthday at Vreta. In spite of bis grcr.t —Fear that G. W. Brophy. aviator flying from Foochow to Canton, may have met with disaster of same kind, was fe' 1 . here when no 1 Funeral services were held Sun- ag e he reads the newspapers everv word had been received of l>Ii:day afternoon at the Mound ceme-lday and likes to listen to the ra- whereabouts at 10:20 a. m. today. ter ' y at rjell for Winston Edwards, | d| 0 . Lost year King Guslif ?av? Brophy \vho v,-ss forced Jav.-n .«v-! 65p wno succumbed at his home]him one hundred crowns as a cral days ago at Foochow wl.ilc 3y-1 ncar DOM Saturday. birthday gift. ing. from Shanghai to C'ntcn oni Tne Deceased is survived by his . — the first .leg of a flight to Manila, | w |dow took off at 7:15 n. m. today. Funeral clans were In charge of WEATHER old. ola and one of the planters of M et prominent; I-o»ii< vlllc. Kv., optician, wns found i Coun- lsnot to death m. l\\* pr.rch of h!s derton, I Not every 12-year-old boy can bc| (UP) —ij UC rt f 0r $1,000,000, so therefore this: of a attaches to Jce C. An- Gas Heater Costs Lives of New York Family (Up) _ s{x ,.,,*. * INCdW IWniVj Jrtll. iU. I W* f -J'.^ above, of Winchester, membcrs ot one {&m | U . wcre dead lV»i Ei i..--- ( »UT w, CU^HJ M. «i_iw-" —----—.. -..v.w vuiiiiif |7IL1!11V1 A Ul «i: l3Cl9 1|IIJ1 ^yiJll "" ""^ **-*»*.'* ' *i t.i' ^»in_j» «L Ji"' — -- • "----, -- . . jyif fyiDCTS Ol OllC lEUlliLV W(,» t UCitU small 'W follcwins deve.opment are a i rea dy two children, . Gloria t v . He had hr:n In El Pass for! fraternity house nt Vandjrbllt unl- : . Tenn. And?rton is a carrier boy lcday a ( ter a gas nca ter left burn- of a case last week. The pst'.cnt and has brrn ifolatcd and Is recover- ! adoptcd ' The latter month ngo . girl was the pnst year for his health. Hejwrslty early todav. Funeral plans were In charge of the Cobb Undertaking company. Fire at Sherill, Ark., PtNE BLUFF, Ark., Jan. 23. (UP) j ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy in west portion, stowsrs In east por- i tion this afternoon and possibly ti- itrerno north portion. Tu;si^y (i!r i and scmewhat warmer !n north. * inj. .Ar.othcr csse Is reiwrleci from ' The'child, which weighed Just county I The local health officer also re- bcforo :four pounds, was born two months b ul was given more ):o ris cue case of meningitis, a than an evcn c i, ance to live and negro child on the Ayers pUnla- j was p ] BCC(t m an incubator. lion west of town, wjio is recover- j Mrs Llovd TOS rcpDr t C d doing illR. 'well. | was the s"n of the late Hu^h D.I Toriiluiscn and Mrs. Tomllmcn of Builer. and Is svrvlved by his wife, left burn- _ A fire at sherlll, 18 miles north-! Accordtn" to the official weather , . — .... ,- — . „ —. r - --- *ere they: We5t ot n€rCi destroyed three build-!observer, Charlfs Phillips, the mln- D., Police who investigated his dealh j^^ tow]1 jg w>len colonel Lukj slept consumed all the oxygen In | | n g, today Loss was estimated at Imuin temperature hf re yesterday or. irrn,,u;.;ces- it suicide. w.. h viil« nuhlL.h.r. went into ^ ro ° nl ™« ^ey suffocated. i approximately SiiO.OOO. was 45 degrees and the maximum, . for the Chattaoc^a Jfcvvs In his ing in the apartment w Mrs. Grace Kuykendall Tomlinson, 1 i F.'.-aclIcy Tomlinson Jr.,, D. Tomlinson Jr. . _..!.,« Nashville nubllsher went into va room anQ lney 5" IIOt; "--"- ;approximately A volume of poetry by Robert ««• NM'VVllle publisher went v nco ^ ^ posto 4 cc , drug store and ; 72 rkjrees; clear. On the mine was found in Howes court at Winchester and filed a : cnlMrnn were ^, J)ld ,„ tMr apart . | offlcc buildings burned to the ! day a yew ago the minimum ttm- n. nieivd at n poem entitled $1,000,000 damage suit against the „,„„ Xv ' Pam ,, n , ,„„. Mr; nnhcn's i irrmmrt iv.fnro thn Pine Bluff nre cerai'.re was 30 degree and the of St Louis nd a stor Beufah R 0 ^\f n Mempht.^ ' n ^ 11^ tav who sa.d'he^'s « charging llte1 ' J0fl WM trotner . when ne ™ me to P a >' a »««*l « the defendant | visit. department which answered «11 could check the blaze. th- iiiaxipn'm, v. ds^ree.'i; cloudy with .59 Inches of rain.

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