The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1934
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SOFT Mil PUB [1ST Cub Oiilfield Has Rcmnrkuhlc Record at Hal For Past Years HY (iCOnfiE KIHKSKV 1'nKciI Press SlafT fnrrrspnnili'rl CUICAC1O lUI'i—TIn* dik-ano Cubs' outfield may nol !;<• the bi-si mill In tin* majors Mil! •Ci'-Tji b;i: tin' ivrord-i fliow thai ,:i«l i«"r:ormni!C< - s no othi-r club has fo-ir o.nCi'l l."rs Mit!, n i-iimpi -:>e h.ntlin-' nvrir'i 1 ID iijiial !l;p (.'n!,s ([iiaiici Willi a inlal of 40 years ol 111:1 Jor ! n, ifi'.iim' MTU'-i- IK him! thrin. tli'-'m: b.n:i,i^ ..ycrit-.-r M| MO. Kir] I]. ;irr|l.;j<-u (hi I in Lead Hitlers in Local ;,;' i.oop; Robinson Best Milling, Fidcling Team. Two members m ilu- wnin'ii,; (rains last wo?k |,, H H , snfl Ikill j fmir ( l.<a^nc are tircl [nr baltiny leail-jlxj.-iie (i-*-li[p. according lu Iht- iirsl av- jCI-u-fc erases released by J. P. l'iii-nd, j u-jnti-:- linn the i'inil, Iitti'ue .stalislicinn. Nuni'.iin Hunch.Lroiip vith ;, i,-, : ,i-i: rjf i'liitlmi- .shoiislo]). niul Cavt yc-iir.s in tin- maju,.., Oanske, ttlio hold'; tin- iKii'i.-hi'iiwi, turia-r ff.r Robinson, r;ich have 1 hiiii 1 . (il MTUII- ;;, t| lupned 0111 Ihr.I- lilt.s in':i,r! S,i:oi;ill trips lo tlie lor mi iivi'i':i':i' cf .1M. AltliOiiBh (iarhiiiil Mur- fian lias' a iKTfeci pL-rc.-ntiL;i-. the Kirby fly ch:»«-r lii.s t-i-i'ii In bal In 1 , cncc-. Clmrh:s Ki-iimcr. liiind 1 / man for the Tt-.'uim.s. aiul O!llc> ]-r.strr. Kirby (irM b-i<.i-i],:in. HP; i-lc«.c kxiiii'.il the Iraibr.s -,\ltli :i licrccnlaijv of .1X1 at, » n-.sult wl two liite out o! ilnvi- ollii-l.u l.m n s ai bal. i;r-\'ui pluy.Ti l;uvi-! a ,5<lO average. , I'llilirr Is Slugp-r i Although pilcl'.c-rs as a concni rule are not suiiiwscd lo hit, i-s pcclally not for a long distance. "Dick" Potter. Robinson ace box-1 man. is (lie '-Babe" Duili of the ic-asmj witli two l-.oiiie ruiis. He | n . ,,.. . . , nl?.o leads in loinl bases \s-ilh H.! Koy Welcll and Ka\' My Konnan Bunch (Pnsllme), Itoi- : — - ' cry (nobiiu-oii), Mai^li Callaway Ji 1 . aiobinsoin. FuTinai, i Kirby >. each have one circuil c:aal. I'our Iiave iroleii" out triples, Hlnicr ilioblnsoni. Foster IK.HUVI. I'M •;-.- Cubs iwo years ngo for $16.000, and fives prumlH' (if developing Inlo a .-.liir. Hi- is (>i.^;. lias a nri':U aim niul a bla/ii.; comjx-tllivc- i|:lnl. •[•)«• c:nb- op-r:ril I!H' .season wnh Kl'-ln in li-li. (,"iy:ir in ci-nti'i 1 Mid iiali- lliimnn m ii'hr If all Ilin-i- r:J UK-SI- j.layi-is ihuiitd play i.ny-iln-n- ni-iii iln-n .-landiinl in' --'-asoii*-. tin- rub-, vi'ill liavi- hcavi' liinifi;- '.m!ii-:il in ibe fii--pl!i'!i.^'i]i -.\-il U- i;-'il ii lU'.c I.I :iHv \'.uiny in his '.:ii li-M lli-kl |i;i- ijl-'o is i-xjy• :• 'I :o pbv 11 IIJI'.'- [O \inii-. (liilly v. hi M II:'- ^.''j!j:. iiM- far- lie Spoil Writer Explores History of Game Called "stud Poker TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 103-J _BY BILL BRAUCIIER i game Introduced In the 15th cen- NEA Smfce Sports Editor | [ury, which first made use of the CLEVELAND, o.—There comes to. gentle an of "blumng." . u i desk a little blue-covered txx* ! wasn't until after the Prcncli Rev- ! t *• . D.T-J THOMAS — OEpRGE SCARBO the Managnr Smilh to Contract Today; ola May or May Not. Sign affair. S:n<l l.'lli ; if. -aid I'll t'ci inn- rni I x>vs :ind s)iov.- 'i-ni up of 'fin bo's John Smith, business manager nf the lilytheville Tigers, local ball club, said todav iliat he v/ould .sign anil place In liie malls a con- , trad bv which tlie local club Joins I ,,,, ,, ... . .., ' ', tlie Trl-Slale sf-ml-pro league nro- ! stral|:h(s nu " « (:< """ ? by Ons -Hatny" Foreman ; ' lll( ; ri% -'^ N ^eral inleresUn S lli- The ]ca",,i, win li composed ol I '' s! "'""" ts °" llle BamP "' :a forlnlli. llemuntln niul Senatobia, ! ^^ fC!:i d ° Vl '"' Am " n:< Mis.s., Covlni'ton, Tenn.. and Jone.s- lioro. Oweola and lilylhovlllc In Arkansas- with niioihnr team Xq' . jici ii" ncldeii, iiccorilini; lo Foreman. i-i .:<nii Hiickws of lhe U. S. government Heel Irani at O.sctola salil hist - nialil, however. Hint they did nol l;vo l>ail ' 1 '"' l to losc> lo lnrec of -- n'lin ID enter ihelr auijri-gaKoii in lt ' ntl - -. • • Slu<l is ll!c youngest ami lhe looji. most popular of il:e card games . . •< .schedule will call for I ' ' : ""' ls lllr( ' c 'lv "'e re.snll of a called }>rlin?ro, an Ilnlian ....„ „,...„ u i,in^ jjiuv-i,v»n.-i t;u i/wp. ; viii^n i IJIU11 iiiivj IHL JTLIlCn J from CJcorye Henry Usher, entitled i olntion Hint lhe "raise" feature w-is "S'.ixl Poker Dine Bock." And docs I added, ai:d the game became Ho'i- ihai man know his game? if lie j ilottt. . . . "Draw" was imrodinjed plays like l:c wrlte.s alxini It, don'i I under lhe reign of I/iiibs XIV—anil .sit in win, him. j tr-.o game has bed, pracUraUy the CJiiorgf has set down, in a him-1 sonic ever since, (in <l or more pnges, the history of According to a story Fisher tell.s. Ihc lenii •-.stud" came aboul In th« iollowiiix jnanner: A group of Kentucky back-' woodsmen were Indulging in a game niul guzzling corn iikker. On" of [ho players, who had become n "H woozy, siispecied .some undcr- ti'.om ure: hand work o» tlie pan nf a ons- T« straight wa.s a: ilrst an out- i eyoti » fl|U wno wn - s sl 'l'»K 1" U<: lawed hand ami n .straight was nol luhnliied li, polite suvh-ty! . . iiuii wheij il was firM i;,kcn • inlo I he lolil, il was played to heal tlie noble art,'nieclianlcal caYculn- Slor > p at Slud lions drslencd to be of benefit LO llmsf guys »•.:<> play them c!tw>, and a iliwrlatloji on the rules. "Rinkey ]:> !i with hl.s can ix-ai t*rc bin ,„ , [,-alil 10 >!iv«- mi- u chiiiice | ov . c ,| to p , nv nl]tsklp ,, ]0 , • . . • iinnhi C p.,, 01, tne t|l . a 'nut ;iiiHt'bmly. •hc(|ii](! has Tin; lengui! .schedule will call for 70 irami-s nnil the vason will )>i> < Ml '""° ."ilil. Cinraes will Ix- played on i Thurfrtnvs anrt Sim-liiys v.'ltl ilr-n'-'eliradf-rs on Sunday. in ill' 1 travnc will he n n The crs Foil [o Di aw in Pro- j liininary Mulr . ~\W ENDINGS Games Tonight UliellC-S Mill IltlT-t tllL' Ark- vio team and Haync.-,' nini: vill lackle Liberty In'two saine.s H Haley Field lonlsht. 'J'n ?r,mos will sinrt at 7:31) o't-luck. ett (Teachers). .Jenkins iHasiimi;). .Klevrn doubles hnve been rcctird- eu by Mlb-jin iKIrby). Slr.lU e iKk-!- by). names' (Pustlmc).' 1 ' 1 Moire 'HiuMino. Bailey (Pnstlmc), Qlov- cr (Pastimei. M.irsli Call.iway !,r'. •Teaclicrs), Atkiiis (Teachen,). Rodcry (Robinson), nimer (liob- Injnn). Oanske cRciblnsun). Robinson Drily is not only the best hiliinir u-nin but nlro" leads In fielding. -Tlicy have slapped out twelve hits in thirty-nine chances with the stick for a .308 nercenl- oyc, scoring 17 runs. Tlidr four I'rrors are eoocl for .883 nvvrnGu in tlie field. Pastime Is second with .306 and .7(14 respectively. The Teaclic-rs have made tin- most er- 10.-.S, 11. Tbi- select group (J f pj.ijvrs liit- ling .300 or belter follows: I-'iffitlir ICnli-lii-l wdii over Tom- | iiv T:..S'-I<! in t«o inn ,il llii-cr- ' SO11T|[i:i<N mli'k falls :I:KI ]{ (1 y Welch toiJert i- nil lurn- tliaw with Kay M>\-rs r:h:illnm>lli;:i ... . :: !:iM iii-;iif:, naiil il thi 1 ami- Ni.-w Orleans -' j: -•' ; Memphis I Ta-v^s Innied mil to i;.- n c;reek '. u 'i mlnijhnm Ifiom Chlcnuo Inslrad of a jMexl- IHiifhvkllc "n i.iit i!i:iK-d in u fast iiinlnnn- I Allanln .nice. Ta.sxis «ns fL-vt-rii] imnlKls ! Kno\ville l:'--.'iu-r than Kiiieliel. jl-itlli- Roul: •I'::- fjirtk van ihe nr.-,t f:ill in ; .-hoi-i ordrr aflei throwing Kn!ch T ' NA'I'H)X.-M. C\ all over the- line. Knk-licl ciimii • L-acI: In Rive-.' Tassis 1 stioulciei.s m'ClilciiKo tin- mm while tin- lalter was be- N( ' w y<)rk inivd In n .spin iiolil. TILSMIS ap- l" 1 '"*lyii 1,. ! •i . vet. hcon nid other dttniis- art' (n he wmketl out. As lo when the sra.'ion v;ltl o-jen Foreman ns yet hus made no definite announcement. Smllh say.s he expects his team' li be one of the leaders in (he loon from .(he .slail. The local i( mi,n<i"cr win present n number .H:i:i ,. ^"'""I'ls semi-pro players in 7U In.s lme-ni). ne n good hand for the .S;Hig one, and lie fitakeil all his puke. HI.S one-eyed opimncin rais- eil, and the hero of the yum rushed outside, grabbed L.-.O reias of lii.s I trusty ilallion, led lhe horse into lhe room and declared he would put up his na» as part of the pyt. Me .suspected his hand had become an open bouk w.iile tie w:is out. "Now." he calmly stated, resting his six-shooter on tlie ta'jle. -vou fellers know derne<l well what I'm belling on. Now I propose tlm to nmko il fair all the way around, each man turns three nf his cards facs u|>—discards Iwo—aim draws two more face down. I'll gamble . |'''is thoroughbred slud horse on my Lose to Barons,' chances—and if anyone makes c i • 111! 1 ' alw " !OVC lllcrc nc K llre t!:c nne- ^mOklCS and Lookouts. eyed gent a dirty look; rli sim-n r T ' L i ''is other eve out,!" Ill Iriumphs. 1 So was tbrn stud j»ker. • FOX A JOB FOtt u sc^ioOi-THE^ ir» DiSPEHATlON JOikJEp'AtH iTlfiERAfir STOCK OOMPArlY. .42!) ..2 3 .. 2 4 ..2 5 I.KAOCE \V. I,. i ictory Knit-be Ue well on ilu- wny to i' in (lie third fall when ! '*' Kl °" won. Tin- Gnvk u . as Cincinnati .. . KlllChCl ilbnul ,,1-n- t|,(;' Rl L ""^ •• r\n* with hcmliocks. Knit-h-jl .sue- I rrhllr "lcl]>hlri a-ciled In shaking loos-: from one and .shnvliijr '|- : ussn.s Inin iho ro|H's. i As Hit Greek from Hie j ropes Knidiel triniml him lo the i mat and IlalU-ncd him Iheic long j ci:m,j:h Inr the reli-n-i- tn inl KnichePs .'ihnnldi'rs. Yeslcni [ teams p ct National leagues. 1.000 .H:i:t .COO 'I lie Little Rock Travelers lost a | Village 100 Years Old 9 to 3 decision to lhe New Orle- I MECIIANMCSDUHG. O. (UP) — aus Pelicans at Lillle Rock. |TliK Ohio village has Just cclc- 7he Travelers' poor ntlding fig- | brated ils centennial olKervance i:neil malerially in their defeat.'An entire week was devoted to a | fimr errors being made. Milnar community cclnbration ol the PUT i«''''" lile 'onto for the Ptllrans. town's progress ami freedom from Dail leams.CaniiL'll was the losing pitcher. • | financial difficulty. . | 'I'hc lili-m'.nghani Barons'trouuc-' ;rtinv was an o|ren d«(e for; 1 ' 1 ' " le Memphis Chicks at Mem T in both lhe American and 1>liis - ' rho worc w;ls 9 'o 1- Epps. ni lor.,,,,,,, Iformfr NTemphis schoolboy. wa : s I the big gun in lhe Baron attack I jvvith a triple Fcorinu two men and! • .u .single tliat untied the score in Buckeyes Discuss Subsistence Farm Finwi-r Trail Draus Molurists CLEVELAND. < UP)— The wild- nower trail in Cleveland's metro- I^olitan park system, aglow wltn ' Mondav Open Date For •«?M B JO: - MAK'lUA. Q .UP. -A snbsis- ,?.™" tenco farms proji m is l:ri,,.r C on- I V Lm sidered her- by a comm^ec of ! ,'f more than " 100 fanners com in ^ <i<i '' ! gent upon sovcrnmc, appro™ : ^" The pi:-,, would divide a 3500- ' ?, ."' cre area into MO horucMcads i O f. They will resume play today. Newtoumlland is not a the Dominion of Canada. O . jnhles.s families with farm ! ^ , lt;O " i * '" S Ot 1 °" •"'<*-™<'s and spare '""'' St '" " ln01 " are violel - s ' m " S " C illlcl Dutchman-.; - T " e tra ." is in tlle North " rra:n ' :it '°» . of ">c Park. ™? ';f"'™«>'« "f «-h:ch " Mt f-"™'""'" «'«l' l»°»i experience iniulu till the soil in | part of jsimimcr anil cnsnge in handicraft «o;k in whiter. natu " 1 Read Courier News Want Arts. .n.i.t ™Fed«al Funds Aided I.KAfillE i.. ret. ...... Closed Oregon Schools S.-MJ3M. -Ore. grant rm ~ the rc-oiKiiIng O f ek'ht closed Ore- find forestalled the •ISO ^ closing of 44 others.' Some .school districts in the '-lute hold unpaid warrants dating buck as far us 1010. Current war- ^sr.^-.^J^ E: --'^r;, r^. Pastime. .750; Caiukc. 'Robinson -750; Kramer, Teachers, .667; Rister, Kirby, .CC7; Rimer, Rablnson, .500: Potter, Robinson. .500; Atkins Teachers. "'" sedma the eighth. . Moore was trie winning and Davis the losing pitcher. The Knoxville Smokies found T, , V Nn ? hville I'itchino to their liking Fecl . ( -' t ;" 1 V«terday and scored n 9 to 3 ver- the winner. Parham hit for the, circuit. j Tlie Chatlannoga Lookouts defeated the Atlanta Crackers 7 to 0 ai Atlania. A wild throw bv Jacobs. Cracker pitcher, gave the Lookouts lhe u-lnnini; rim in the ninth inning. Qarfoot was. the winning hurlL-r. The Lookouts goi 1.1 hits. CM* Robinson; Teachers Ti-i leacncrs. .m Teams W LT Pot Robinson .......... 1 0 0 1 000 Pastime ............ 1 0 01000 Teachers .......... 0 1 0 .000 Kirb >' ............... 0 1 0 .000 Ark -Mo ............ 0 0 0 .000 Ha >"ne5 ............. 0 o 0 .000 H "ghes ............ 0 0 0 000 Ube rty .............. 0 0 0 poo rants in numerous unsalable, while.- in must l:e discounted ::iil slspr, aim took dumping each othe lhe. third man in , . preliminary miiid, • tin I'l-omolcr Kinkey replaced him mill an hnimriccl n-ii-u'i; diii-ni^ Manila 411 Club* Win County Wide 411 Tournament- SKIT Tuesday - Weds. •Hal. 2:MO, I0-2f,c Nile K:\~.. I-"-Sac MANILA. Ark.-Mi,i,iH, U . • •' girls won bolh titles m the lirst eage tourney of . the cpunty 4H cluts here the pasi week. The 4H club tourney plan mp.y be enlarged to a district and a Etate meet Inter, according lo. Arnold Phillips, president of the i county 4,1 ciub council. Due to some kird ol a misun (ierstandir.g as to the schedule some teams were forced to for- j feit their games. The total number of teams to aciuaik .play in the tournament was 10. The Ivrh point men of lhe boys division were Wakefield ol . I.on; Oak. 19 points. Poe of Man-! Ha. 10 points and Bariho'.omw.! 8 points. Three of lhe girls div- \ ision were Iglchean of Deli 11 : points, Dudley, Manila. 10 poinu. I and Maloy of Manila, 8 points. An nil-county 4H club team was picked both for (he toys and girls. The boys team is: Wakefield ,f, Lone Oak; Poe, f. Manila; Smith, c, Hatcher; Hawkins, g. Half Moon; Key. g. Manila. The girls team is: Dudley, f. Manila: Maloy. f. Manila; Casidy. t. Hai- cher; Iglchcart, g. Dell; ByrJ. g. Manila; Williams, g, Shady Grove. Igleheart of Deil and Poe of Manila were voted to be the most outstanding players in lhe tournament. The score of the boys championship game was Manila 25. Lone Oak 9. The girls championship game was Manila 23. Deil 3. REEDSPORT, Ore. (UP)-A quilt containing 8,011 blocks, carl, containing three stitches, has just be«n completed by hSrs. Ulla Paine. Centers of thc*blocic are gold, eac 1 ) surrounded by a different pastel sli.iiic. The third raw la wlilt*, \ FEED BARGAINS If .vi.u want f«tl for mulw, chickens, cows or hOKs. We can K iv t . you the best buy i n ( own • (Iroj, m one of these days anil you'll niiic-klv M'o thai »-c hayu evorythini; in food i<, take tare of your needs. You'll make more Money with Purina Chows! CASH FEED STORE /trims tin- street from old Postoffice Paramount News Anty Clyde Cmncdv STARTS THURSDAY IN THE COURIER NEWS D ON N A OF THE BIG TOP By Beulah Poynter Through the careers of three star performers-jealous, passionate, temperamental- Beulah Poynter presents one of the most absorbing stories ever written about circus life. Here at last--a novel that boldly reveals the intimate, human side of the colorful people of the Big Top. Guard Against Hot Weather Trouble SUMMER-IZE NOW! K^N ' (rj*'*' \ -t^T , - Week-End Trips or Long Motor Touri tit SAFER when yoi/.have 7 POINT PROTECTION Drain, fluiii anj refill cnrckcaw with correct cliart grille of Mobilc.l for lumnxr driving. Drain, clctn anil refill trar.smiuion vlih Mc-bihil G*ar Oil, jummtr grade. Drain, clean anj refill Jifferrntiji wiih NTobiloil Gear Oil, lummcr gti,if. Mobilubricate chanii tliorouglil y, ulin^ special MobiCgreitet at aprrovej by your cir nianul'act-jrer. Fluin and clean raJialor thoroughl)-, uiiny; S^cony- Railialor Cleaner or Socony Kailiacor 1 Iinli, if nccei^ary. Clieck battery and fill with distilled water; remrvve cocroiicn ind grease terminals. Fill jaloline lank with summer Mohilga* or M.-ibit- Oat lithf*. Ask iny Mtjnolli Suiion or Deiler for t demonstration of Mobiloi! Products H OT weitfier places a terrific strap- on automobiles. Fnsicr drivint, plus n blistering sun, cnlls for coug'icr, lieat-rcsisting lubricants. \VImcr-\vorn oils and greases can't stand the paccl Your crankcase, transmission and differential ought to be checked! Yo« cooling system and b.ittcry must be in first-class condition! Magnolia "SuM>fER-iZE" Service i? especially designed to protect you against hot weather trouble. Check the seven points at the left. You need every one of them for safe, economical motoring. Remember tliat "SUMMER-IZE" Service is distinctly a Magnolia Service, created for your protection and convenience. Drive in today! Improve Your Car's Performance at MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS _ Sfoy with Magnolia and you sfay ahead!" (B-SUM-17) Majr.olla Petroleum Co., A SeKony-Vjcnnm Ccnpinj- Silent) Eager Performance » . . Mobilgas! I

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