The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1930
Page 8
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PACE nioitr I01IOTER : Judge Who Stayed His Exe'•' cution "Until Further : OrdeYs" Now Is Dead. ''••' ,»V JPAUL H/UtRISON i .'•„•'' SEA SM-tc* Writer • , TRENTON, N. J. — Tn;s is (lie i •: itory rf Archibald Herroj).'who for 52 years has'-lived happily, in tin- valley of the shadow of death. All that lime, in the Stale Prison here". llo,.has awaited ..electrocution for n . murder o"ramiit«i "when he Va's'49 • Now,-at-11, he knows that he ha> ph'eated the chair,, and.'fc proud o' • 'his unprecedented victory. • ••'• Since Herron went to the bleaV ''little',death house; 81--others-h'nvi • passed/' through, it to-oblivion. Sjov. • eral times it seemed that/.the calir liUksman,,-who had'.boasted thai ' he'd ;"beat the Irap," would .iinve U • Join'them. But, alone and penni less, he squirmed through a. maz< of; technicalities, finally to have th' trial-judge delay His execution "un' til further, orders." : • •-i Then the Judge died. • . ' • -.;. 6" Archie lives, and smolces, and • lhink*->about.the'one great triumph . of his drab career.' He has .been forgotten .-by. society;rand by the state. -Even in th* hert 1 , n voluntary.hermit In '-hit, tiny, cell, Ik- is alm-st a mythical figure. .•, ':'•••• v- ; No'»•«•»• BMfchl ' • • •• Archie L is griteW] for this. ob-. "s'curWjtX 1 It '•'remains -his • assurance ' of safety. 'If ariyorie 1 sought a su-. prarrie court ruling rri his status, It might reveal that the door to the death house and its electric chair still' stanai' open, for him. Herron is .-'a. murderer. There never was any quetUon'oI his guilt. In July, 1908,-Tie' had been: hated before .Uie-;R*v:'"-Samuel-' Bj; D. •Prtck'ett, retired minister 1 and acting Justice of \fie' peace in Metuchen, near New.' Brunswick. 1 . The charge was'disorderly conduct,, and Herroti'•.•*»! jailed.' Immediately after his releare, he'went to Dr. Prlckeit's home and shot him dead. On July 28, 1906,-Justice:! Jamer. J. Bergen,'in Middlesex '• County court, sentenced Herron to' die during the wfrck-of' September' 1. Five days 'later a writ of error b'rought a* slay : .df execution, and" Justice Korgeh then-named the week of Jhn. 25, 1909; • • - : ' : ,-\ • • At)'this time there arose a, question of Herron's sanity, and a'30- day reprieve' came from Governor Fort, who later extended it-another month. On March 28, however, trie i'.t-YEnrr ordered that the olectrucii- Uo:i take place within-11 fays. Questioned His Sanity «,.' ,Me GKeated Electric -i . ; -."•--.: i > Archibald' Herron, a,t 71, Is' conten l in- the sEc:us;c-n;of-hls',t.lny cell, his pl|>e. and his memories of liiivlny clit-.ilcd.tliv -electric elixir, to which he'was condemned 22.years' ago. This sketch by Geurg'e Ctark, .NBA Service ivnrt The. Courier .^'tws arils'., shop's how -Herron locks four EpndiYi, another forcing.ibid. West jiasjcs ninl Noith goes to^flvc spades,' showlni; (our - spades,! iu:il Informing his partner thai'' lie showed Die full extent of jlilgh'.eiml tricks In Ills first Mil. fenst passes and South now K«S to six clubs. North has now a [icrfect rea'<jln;j on the South hand. He knows that l( contains four hearts, five » und four clubs and, as It Is ainln- yltallon fur a-Brand slam, the"clul) fult must he headed by the ace. If Soulh's hand originally held i flvs hearls and five spades, 'ihc! spades would have boen bld^-tlic. higher ranking or the two ' limg j suits. With this knowledge, Nortli i can now see that two losing cliibs in the South hand can be discardti on the nee and king of diamonds, i With four hearts in each hand, tliej trump can be picked up In . prolj-; ably three leads, nntl as the ace of I clubs will take cure ut one -of' North's-clubs, the otlwr club In the! North hand may )ji- discarded'on! declarer's fifth spade, therefore' North.'takes the bidding to seven i hearts. - .?! ' ;. ... -The flay '.'! .".West, opens the ([iieeii of '<(ia- moiid:;, dummy wins with the MnB, ami declarer. discards one of .his loslnV 'clubs.' Three rounds •• of i trump urt; then led—then . the spades. On - the fifth suade'onc club Ls discard-Hi in'dummy. The acVof cluus is then le*' other club.ruffed In dummy—the IUJtrlVful)) bt'hig- discarded. vr(.' the uce of diamonds, and the declarer lias-made a grand slam in hearts. ,-The grand slam Is not possible In spades. ^ ,. .'today. hai\d' 'Lr. 'an interesting ,ex- WWTrt t-104-7-2 H—O-t-9-J BY WM. E. MrKENNEY' ' | ample o[ arriving at a grand slam Secretary American Bridge I*afur> in « foin-caril suit where the slam In order to give a dear j>lct\ure of cannot be made In the long five- the distribution of the h^nd, the cird suit." :'•'.."'• "" writer hns'long advrcated the bid- ' --- : rtlng of biddable four-card .suits i or five-sard i-jlte. The' fol- HEST Sr-1-5-1 "-*•*•«•• H—10-9 0—Q-l- 10-7-Z 6-fcUM ' «0-JTM—OE/MER ' ....;•-. S-A-K-Q-9-* H-/»-K-J-2 . • o—ioM. haiisc. fare. But Archie Is: a man of -siinplt tastes. He wants .only plenty of tnbatco, and ;«eclusion with his pipe and hl£ thoughts. .. N«(«r* CM ' . His cell Is on. the second tier of one of the wlngi, and:!Ierron never stirs from it. Col. . -Edward B. Stone, luu'uly but ."non-coddling" warden, has offered him all tha recreational privileges of a ""liter". but. he scorns them. Tliey, say foKill g b! ,i • The Blddinc / Soulh, the dealer,'opens ding with two hearts. This is a r ™ u lrcs partner . , that the. only time. in twelve years to keep the bidding open. West that Archie descended to the 1 ground passes and North goes to three flooTi was 'When his son •. came to hearts. This is -a. positive response ^UW"' ,.Hls We never cnme. I and lella partner that -the hnnd Center. Keepei- Jqr*ph 'Mcchcs- contains at least fow hearts and nsy brought .word that Herron did ut lens; two quick tricks-the ace But Uie records i-how that shortly n-t care,- about having 'a ; visitor, and king of diamonds being the two after this order was Issued, anither ; but 'that the renortcr could see him quick, tricks. • ; '•' ' Booze Ls a slang term derived from tho Dutch word "buizcn' which mran.i to drink li'i excess. RITZ THEATER Friday and Saturday NOW RUNNING • IN ST. LOUIS AND JlEMPHIS^at Loew'a Theater. came -from justice": Berg eh direct- Ing arV'inqiU.ry into Herron's 'sanity. Prominent .alienists : were: brought from I^ew. Yrrlc'. arid Philadelphia, andri 1 because tiieir findings 'were Inconclusive, f the ' trial • Judge, oh Jutie.'-3.viuq>endsd' the- execution. "urilil ;'-f urth'er' "orders." . - • : . -Thii''-was "thei loophole through which Herron eetaped 'death. For Justice'^Bnteir 'dfc'di in '.1923 (with-. out- issulBg : ' any^,'"further "ordsrs." And according fo'-New -Jersey law, the senterKlir.-juriitt\ must set the; week of, . : *n 'electrocutlpn." ••-• . "AitWe.'uaia'tS.teil me ' in his - cell.- This was . about hajf way up . Ui'ptloiw- block of little bar'- red door.s. 'From ll,.thi'bugh the big outer ..: windows ^Archie can .•' get i p. ew minutes of sunshins, and !per-' laps Van' 1 , ijccasipna! . glimpse, of a bird). 'or (even an- alrpiahe.f '-' ; There was a ; bunk,-a table, sani- lar!i- : accommodaiions, a'dielf with a -.package of tobacco,' sand. -Archie. He is shqrt," 'stocky and pastyrfaced, *!tha mt)e gray hair'arid; a'jitulj . .. me that he'd beat '.the death;: ientenceY 1 said Irving C: Bleam;Jwho;haS been prison clerk 'lor. » '••years. .."I -rtrnemraf him: well, ;frbm Uie -time 1 1 'checked him in. .-I'd- talk to him. some- tiihes, 'before'.' the" 'd"ctors arrived, and bs' always 'seemed perfectly rational. "But u ''soon as the alienists cam*, he.'d start Siting quter. He'd s'c'ream'-and cuss like'a 1 : craiy man. The hearings dragtfecl ofi for-flve years and'en(isd : ln'atd*a'dlcck. But 1; never could -see • but: that Archie was ' anyone else. •.' - "Star Boarder". :New "Pretty soon everybody -lost Interest. The .doctors wruldn't agrei. and nobody felt like stirring up. another long ..Investigation.,-. Archie' didn't give 1 a Ijlfof trruble. I guess 4 he'll be .our star-boarder as long as he lives.",' • ; .The' ci3»th'.house only held six men, 1 so' Herron • was mwed to a regnlar.. cell block to make room for less fortunate-men. But he re. malned technically a;death housa Inmate and,TRS-such, continued to enjoy those- fevpersonal privileges granted :•• the » condemned.' Archi.j. hasn't' done-a lick-of work in-«2 years. :•' '• '.•.:- «'-.... He. > might demand;, and receive,, the better, food that is .the chath bis of r^oustache^ He.ciutched..his pipe, ' puffed, smoke. at 'tho felling, and ! stared • -at his c ftller ' .« i I h . '.a faint", glint. 'of suspicion ' in -his' 'watery, blue, eyes' : - ' • .''•'• •' '"'••• 'Talked at Health! ' .•'•" .•Arthle's ««versatic"n vas : mqno- sylliblc,. and',cphf1n,;d almojst "'en- tlreiy'.to his health and his tobacco. "I've had a pretty bad c<<ld," he said, ''and I'm Just -gettlo 1 around to Tfeelin' mysell again.": No. he dlftn't read. He had'plehty tb'thlnk' about. A man can', think'' up^..a lot of interesting things in 21 yikrs. Yes, '.the .nights were setting c~ld. He'd need some more blankets. ~ He'd heed some more tobacco, too, vli«l. Thnt or^;the shelf. the keeper was ad : »f tile last package ;East pasMs'iirid South now bids fjp. lie didn't have niuch truck with' the other 'prisoners. And it was just-as-well that nobody come to see him.." A man got to be his own best friend In 22 years of this. Sure, he was happy. Good food. No work. 'A litle deaf, but that just kept hirri from being disturb ed. And now he was getting over his cold. .LWhat -did, he think of being the only .man who ever hart lived so , long-under .sentence of denlh—to'i cheat the chair and to outlive ithe j | Judge;.who sentenced him? - • •?'' I Arcjiie amilcd. "Pretty good.' Ij.j s*ld,;and Uy back on his think within sigh'-'of satisfaction. '•*• HOME THEATRE Friday ;ani!^turday •.-:^li;Talking. Pictui'trf : iModenr Epic ; 0 f tHe"' Aji,All! Talking: Picture- With several,; Stahs ;-i ; , including— Jack Peri'in^ Biiffalp ll'ill,- Jr., Pete Morn'.:•-.;. son,.in ; j 'BEYOND THE RIO "GRANDE 1 Jade Box No: 10 nnd Comedy. Adm. Matinee and Ni^ht— 10 and 25c. Coming—Monday &. Tuesday BUSTER JHC Comedy and Fables. Adm. Matinee—10 and 30c Adm. Night—10 and 35c. Coming—Monday & Tueadav Hitz—Nancy Carroll TT - " m , *• w * «^o^*«_v —nm.—i-^rtjiv:^ vyttiiuii ;int —Home Theater^Ruth Chat-| Buddy Rogers in "FOLLOW &t°" -'"•„ A ^AD.Y OK THROUGH".- All Natura SCANDAL' Color. Ask !for Gold Me^alFlour, O-'iat.Your ...- ! r;n.. GroCers •-,-•• - : ' ' ' <OTTOS TOP PRICES 1B ^,'} HONEST ^ WEIGHTS Courteous treatment from responsible employees 17 Gin Stands 8 unloaders mean QUICK SERVICE PI66LY iVYIGGLY BARGAINS FOR SATURDAY ONLY E;5e PEACHES Golden Ripe M 2 ik M LibbysDelux P&C Corn 25c Pet or Cariiatidn Brand 3 Large or 6 Small (Sans CABBAGE Clover Bloom APPLES Ne\v Jonathan, Fancy. Red, Box Fruit, Pounds Hillsdale targe Square Sunset Gold A Fresh Supply PIHHWLE or Spaghetti SUGARS 10pounds 49c - • -- T ' . ?ilv .-. .-' •••-' --ijj 1 !. 5Strin0 Medi ' urn Weight Calif. Pack No i Can We Don't Substitute It'iGehmrte Blalk Itewk v * 3 Pound Limit 1b:29c PORK LIVER Ib. 15cHIX SHU5HGE Ib. 10 $n«ar BACON STRIPS " PURE LAM) W 15* I FISH Cured lb,19c CHUCK ROAST pound 16c

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