The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, DECBMBKK 19, Miss Mary Nunn Contest Winner High School Senior Selected For Annual Citizenship Award Miss Mary Nimn, dsiugliler of Mr ami Mrs. Marvin Nunn. IMS Ijecn imincd "Gooct. Citizenship Girl" in Jht! annum conlcst .sponsored by (lie Uiuglitcrs of Ihe Amcilciui llevolu- «on. It was announced toclny liy Mrs. P. 13. Joyner, eliiilnnrui of th" committee, • " A senior In niythevlllc High School. Miss Nunn is outsLjm'diiiz m bom scholastic anil extra-curricular activities of the school, where she now is serving ns editor or the Blylhcville chlckasaw, high school paper, ns treasurer of Ihc Hod Pepper Club, as president, of Beta Club, nnd as secretary of the Slndpjit Council. She led the honor roll for'senior Well school din-ing (he first six weeks of (lie current school year find tied for second hiiju honors in the second six weeks period. Selected by the student body of Ilio high school and faculty members for outstanding leadership; dependability and participation in extra .-• curricula!- activities, .Mts- Nunn. will compete with other senior high school Birls from various cities in thg state'for the'Arhansa- title of "Good Citizenship Girl" • Production Credit Group fleets 3 New Directors At the annual meeting of-.stockholders of the Carutliersville, Mo. Production Credit Association, President T. R. Cole announced election of the following to serve as directors of the Association for the time specified: O. A. Knight, Portageville, elected for n term of three years. n. K. Swindle, Senath. elected for n term of three years. Charles L. Davis, White Oak elected for a term of one. year. The program was high-lighted with, talks by Ray E. Miller, secretary. Production Credit Corporation of St. Louis, and Dr. w 0 Etheridgc, supervisor of field crops with the College of Agriculture 'who is located in Columbia, Mo.; at the State University. The new directors will meet in the immediate future and plans will he made to.increase the scone of operations of the Association's Business as well as endeavor to omprove service to Its members, it was ati nounced. Wins DAR Honor BLYTHBVJLLK COUWRll NEWS Keeping Up With The Men In Service Miss Nu mi Steele News Mr. nnd Mrs. Elsworth Rincliart are the parents of a soft'born • at the Holcomb Hospital.- ilolcomb Mo,, on Dec. 10. The baby has beer flfimed Elsworth Dale. J, I/. Wilford, seaman l-c 'in the Navy, is spending a 3(i-day leavi hi Holland with his mother, Mrs UHa Wilford. He Ims just returned alter 17 nranths duly in the Sout! .-"aciflc. Pvt. Hex Stewart lias returne; to hts station in Washington D c after spending a 21-day fi'irlo'ug' m(n liis parents, Mr. and 'Mrs Frank oiewarl of Holland Miss Martha Wllford Grissom i student at Monticello College li Godfrey, III., has arrived to spent the holidays with her mother Mr< Alma Grissom. ;The Rev. H. E. Pierce, who ha been minister for the Stcelq nnt Holland Churches of Christ for th past six months, lias resigned tlies- charges, and will go to Damascus Ark., -. where he will engage ii fanning-. Mrs. Holly Fnrris and daughter Hobble Sue, have arrived homr after a. visit of three months Ir Oakliuid, Calif. Joe Micide, a student nt Uni versify of Alabama, Tutcaloosa hn- arrived to spend the holidays witr his parents, Mr. and Mrs Sim' Michic. - s Jiead Courier News Want" Ads. Franco Successor? Temperatures Atlanta ................. 58 Augusta ................. (57 ' .. ' g.j ... 04 ..57 " Birmingham , Charleston Charlotte , Cliatinnooga . ..... Chicago ....... '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'." 15 Cinciiuiatl ............ 32 nen\'er .............. ' 55 Detroit. ........... ... 2f. Jacksonville ...... " " 71 Tallahassee . '.'.'.'.'. ....... (jg Kansas City ...... '.'.'.'.'" 34 Jvlacon . . ..... ' . ' . . ...... 65 Memphis .......... !!!.'" 45 Mintjii ....... _ ^ iiontgomeiy ......... \_ 55 New Crieans . . ...... go New York ..... '.'..'.'.'.'.'. 39 Enn Antonio . .... . ...... 55 Savannah . ........... w Tampa ........... ...... Gfl Washington . " 4R Dallas ......... .'.'..';;'..'" _ Houston .......... .... sz Jackson . . ...... = fi Little Rock . ...'.'.'.'. ...... 45 Shrevoporl . .........'.'.'.'." 6a The term Christmas is derived from -Cristes Masse," meaning Clinsts mass or church festival of Chr st. This anniversary of the Nativity •, of Christ is celebrated throughout the Christian world Tech. Swgt. John L. Brown, son of Mr. and Mis. li. ](. Drown of lilylhcvlllr, Is a Member of the famous "galloping ghost" of thi> Allied forces—Hie .second armored divition, which is now operating In tile First Army area somewhere in Germany. Seriiciint Brown took ills training at Port Denning, G:\. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson of Klc.idwny have two sons in service. Pvt. Harry D. Johnson recently completed his Ijsistc training anil have been irnn?f erred to Fort tlllcy, Kara., while (heir other son, Robert Tracy Johiif.on, lins been overseas for 14 months with the (liisrlcrmnster corps. Corp. Floyd Williams, son .->r Mr. and Mrs. Will T. Williams of Soutc 2. Blythcville, who Im been .Intloned at Port Sill. Okla., re- •en(ly has been transferred to 'forth Camp Hood, Texas. P\t. Hollts I,. Moody has arrived 'n Italy according to information •eceived by his wife, the former Miss Florence Gracoy of Blvlhe- •itle. Private Moody, who has been n service for seven months, was '.aliened for six months ni Camp 'omiiEon, Ark. • • * Corp. Velbert Mnylicr. son of Mr. '.nd Mrs, James Mnylicr of noute ', Blythcville, recently was awnrd- d the Good Conduct Medal "for •vemnlary behavior, efficiency anil I 'idelily," at a .station of the Air I "crvice Command located .vomc- -'here in Enslnnd. Corporal Msyher is one of many *rmy Air Corps pcrsoimcl pravitl- <ig the' necessary equipment, which lakes It possible for the Allies to •laintain a steady offensive on all routs. * * • Pvt. II. A: Green of Stcele has M-rlved in France according to a nejsaee received by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Dick Green, also of Ifcelc. Entering the Army April ] J!)43 ?r!viitc Green left the States' three vceks ago. Pfc. Marvin Green, son of Mrs. ^esMc Green of Stecle, ha;, been .verscas for the past 11 months ".nd now Is somewhere in Prance. Private Green entered the Artnv Dexterous Deck Dealers ••-x These fi.m. women, ruled among thi- worlds giciOeM bridge players, reigned'their liisl vci.r's Ul™ bj w Jnl »;,s four nnllonnl event, io, Women, TOMI* ,„ (he vecenl iourney «|Zio« by Amo «0 ContiactUndge.Lci.BOc in Atlmu- N J l.ell to right, they uvo Mrs A M Sobc New VoT Pnh<S™P, Wr *";. All <"n- C; "- M'* •' E ™>"«' llk' Vn. MnlplicVoiH.8 Ilnladolphia. Pa- Ai the njl, prosuitmu UK- vinery tenilicMe. Is noted bridge cxpci'l Wllllmn V ey. Kxfi-ulivi' .Sc'Cii'liit.v ol Hie leaifiie. Hair Down, Slightly Mussed <'lean, In addition, the Semite's public exhiblllon tervcil to put all six of nominees in tlui limelight As fi»ch,.il should have lliti In'sl minds in UK- Senate, Die • ino^l e Inlellccla, men of clearest vision, men who cnn rise iitove trivialities.. Clrimtlui; lliiil some of the wtm- tcr.s we>:e rliihlly opposed to mw public.lh[|ii)sltloji of Ihc I'resldenl'fi immlnccs.Ior top jolw In llic:8lnlc Dciinrtmi'iit nii(l nmy linvo re/ritln- e<l from nsklng embarrasslnn : t|iies- llons for Ihnt reason, did Ilie-Sen ute 11V I'KTKR l-:i)S(),V Courier News Washington I'oiTcsimiulcnt The Senate FoielBn Relations — ^..j,,.. ,. llvl: Committee Combined Greater three Hi™ u publicity build-up at inn- Ring Third rx'i-rcc Sideshow ami Humble value, made tho names of Invesllgntlnn of President Uoosc- fircw, Clayton, Dnun, Holmes volt's six nominations [or -Assistant Ifockefoller.'and Mcl.elsh niiicli liut- Scci-etiii'ies of State couldn't have lcl known thnn (hoy wove before tiirnecl out better from the Deimrt-' servwl Io spread on the record their menl of Stnte stnmJuolnl if 11 hnd nchlcycmcnts ami views, cleared the ,.,„.„ 11(SK «|. .orini'V Ainuii'isnrtoi- been nrrnngc.! by one of the cle- "»• of n lot of mtvllclous mlslnfor-, drew If I,,, f .v.rwlravlm I Irah»r Ijartinciifs own press ngcnls-ur-v- >»»"on, mid In K enernl did the Do- tn power ^c drffent ,Vj n^ • " doii-'-currrjiil Infoniiixtlon spcclnl- jmrlincnt, of Stnle no end of j-ootl '•" —'.'-... npl11 - '" lsls '" '" innklng Its rcoreanl/nllou, needs The six chnrnclcrs in senrch of " ll>1!i »ml Policies mallei's of com- conflnnntlon ithc'six men "accused" m<> " knowltduo., of having been nominated [is assist- <!1:T ' f HR INCOXdltUOils ants to Secretary of State Ed Slet- 1'ICTUUK tlniiis. »11 caye splendid accounts 'I'licre Is mint her aspect, of tho of " ' . . . Foreign liclntlons Conunuice mcnibni'6 who did speak lip cuiidiicl themselves In ,sncli 11 way as Io vu- llecl niiJy credit, on tlielr (;roiipr U was good cross-exnmllmtlon when Senntoi- Clnlfey of C'ciuisyl- vnnla' asked- former Ainbuiisndor same goes for Genntor asking .lamca c. Dunn aboill Ids ntllflide townnls Pniiico and It was etiually enllijlUcning to hnvo Hcn- ntor Peppor itsk Gcncrnl Holiiies to clear up the part he pluycil In deal Ings beltt't't'ii fiobcrt Murphy mid i™, .„, t.uc :,, UI .IKIIU nccounis , ""••>•• '•- uniiuifi- aspect, of tho iius Mtt't't'n fiobcil Mnmiu- themselves nnd came throng Seimlc's Illtlo i>re-Chrl S t,nas ,m,b- the Prenrt, !„ N«"rtl, Afrlc — '"« l >;lll >' wlilcli does not look so AND ON.TJIK O't'liKtt, HAND- Kood. Uy comparison will, pprform- But eonslder the succlBclo < f Km. ;; ,K'Os of the six no,n,,,ec,. pc,f,,,,,, ,,c,,Hk BhlX" of ™ 5 °c ( °a ^ wei-c"nolhhi!2 to i" lh " nsi ' lvi!5 h . 1B Bcor daiy Btcttlnliis to "Explnlti Air rorccs In June, lfl-13. good, Hamilton, he former Miss Annte ..... makes her home In Steele. Is scirlni; ' somewhere In Franco. ' • Since entering the Army tn Do- '" tad !!', ' a comber, 1S42, Sergeant, Hamilton .sponsibillties for bap IK' I „ M , has been oversea., 13 months. ol the world will M 'remcnaous Wlml do you make of Sen. James '1'iimiell of Dcliiware wakliiK Grew to Hive u (lellnltlon of n "WbSrnl"? To what did Sen. Hiram J °'"'soii of California ask Jimmy Filtering through Spam's light censorship come rumors of civil strife in Spain, and a report that Miguel Maura, above, former Spanish Minister of the Interior lias been asked by Spanish Republican groups to form a new .government, succeeding that of (-.eneralissimo Francisco Franco who, the report said, has left the country. TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS Make Your Selections Now— USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN HARDWARE CO. Years' Continuous Service' SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS FLOWER SHOP DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCERJ OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 5M Main Blythcville, Ark. Phone 2921 for art "out of this world" wardrobe of action-free frocks, come cotton-picking among rhs nev/ Nan Canons. Candy colorful checks and Gripes to reveal « new and charming casual you. Choose them for yourself and "gifting", too. Bullon.)o-Waut Rivcrjido clicdcd ginghom b\j|lon us'n poclcli; Elo.i (ollor; turn back bioi «Rl. Atlion bock. Blue Brown, Red. 10-18. • —Sutfon front waih- oblc r.ulli-it/ipc eollcn chambroy cool rfrcn. Two jpaeioui ptxkeli. Self b«lt. Brown, G«en, 4754— ChctV Cotlon Scor- mcker baton Irani caal cu | p Self bell. Brown, Rost. JOE ISAACS fucorpnr.ilccl In Blyfheville Since1902 —Soertvcker bullon front cool tfrcjs. Club collar. Generous ikifl poclseti. Self bell. Brown, 6!ge, Green, Dunn where Ihe Atlantic Charter was now? Johnson then jjol further landed up by Inferring, that IIm Pour Freedoms were part of the Atlantic Charter, nml hail t u bi' t,ct Btrnlghl by the man lie mas- tloned. Does Seimtoi' Murray really l«- Itcvo tho u. a. Sliilu WtfiMii-iincnt | s iiiuler domination of Churchill mid the iJrlllsh ForelRii Olfice,' ns lie Inferred In his qiK'slluiiInK of Dunn? Ken. Hi'imrtl. cimiiip cinrk, of MlssuHi-1. Intrndiiclnu im utterly frivolous nutobloifi-nirtiicni skeleli of Ardilb.dd MacU'lsh, merely dc- fciilixl his own end by cho.iiiciilitfc Ihe whole |ierforimince. In summary. th« Invesilaallon nave a chance to look at not only .li'.' HMlstniit fiet'relaili's but also 11 jnve n uoud rtnso louk nt (he Heni i' Knvlcii Kelatlons CommUlce " the latter was pcrliups die less msiilriiiH siuiii, | n j|,»i respect the nvi'sll|ii\lloii backllred, vMi liHvsiimition of ll.o hcnnti I'orelgn UelalKms Committee by (he )r«pos«l Smclatlat in Ihe DctmrU iienl of aintc would Imvc lic'cn In- ercsllti|{. 'I'lie Ntivtil Air Trauspon Suvke "iij'lllfl Division Illes over 320UOO nlle.'j n .woi-k. canyluu OfiOO niisscn- !''is mmilhl. PAGE Corporal Convalescent Hospital DAY'IONA'BFACH, Ma, Dec 10 -Corp Myrlon L, Gllbow, who for- nurly lived at 8^3 E «th Pi, Chicago, has recently arrived ti w^lch Conialcsccnt Hospital, the Aimy 0 now iccoiidltlonlns center In Dav- o,m Heach The carcJully p j Bn ^ iccm dilloulng pro-am here will flwcd his conyaJuscciice and assist his mum to the bc5t qf heoltji, Tho son of Mi and Mrs Louie Qllbott, in BlyiiuMllc, cnteicd the. Army July, JSH, nn d has since served seven months, In the South Pacific Ills wife, Lessle, Hies In St Pctcifibury, Fla Coipoial Ollboiv « fl 5 formerly em- plojcrt by the Akron Jllans Co in llllnob, Ho nlso ie«,eived lite Returns from Overseas J D \Vldnoi, plwuninist'a mate i-i. In the Nmy, )ms nrnvwi in Hie united stnics aftei '*& months ovoiscas FCHICC, ntcoidiug to a mewiujo received by hi? parents Mi and Mrs Jc«se Wldner of lilithcvlllo ,,,, N ? W '" I>05 A "S?K Calif, Mi Wldncr expects (o nulvc in nljthe- Mlli* Jan )S to spend Ills & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative 2M I.yncli KM*. COLD WEATHER SERVICE MM.«iMM!» 110 UI<ASS ' n'w'PI'OOU MATS nnd w' " " KPA>R " ml KKPLAC15 'SERVICE STATION F. B. f'tinirr Srrniul ,t Asli His Phone 2011 NOTICE TO PROPERTY' \s nmy lie mining ymir propcrfy. 'c'iiii"'me to check.up without cost or oblift.illo,!. • • '" L lo KATS^SIICK AND ItOAfll CONXIt'o^,..'..' . GUAHANTKK1)- WORK ''"". ' ./" : H.C.BLANKENSHIp '>U!i I;, ivfiitur-hv ' ' ' . ' ' t *-\-i! 1 '- •• '•' i ">' AND MILES ^ IN THE YEAR TIRES FOR ELIGIBLE CERTIFICATE HOLDERS The ration board played Santa Glaus to those of you who were lucky enough to get a new tire certificate this month ... for you're not only eligible to buy a new Goodyear but we've got them now to sell. -• There's nothing synthetic-but the rubber. These big beauties have the same pre-' war appearmice, sure-stop, Deluxe tread design and tough tire body construction that have made Goodyear the best tire on the road year after year. Bring your certificate to Goodyear today and get a longer run for your money. (600 x 16) GOOD.'VCAR L TIOIS GOOD/fEAR 410 W. Main Phmt 2492

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