The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1931
Page 6
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PA01! SIX (AUK.) rouuiKii NI-:WH SATUl-;i)AV. JANl'AKY 2-1, Follow In Bobby's Path? May Be Another Bobby coming Up From Ranks of Golfdom's Babies. BY WILLIAM BRAUCIIER NBA Service Sports Kilitor The man who succeeds irs> im. mortal Mr. Jones— providing any. body ever .succeeds Mr. Jones — may come from the ranks of the ycutlv> just- emerging from their 'cejns. There are a number of these— north, 'sdttlh, east anil \vc5t— i:»; none has shown fie promise (.'. greatness given years PSJO by Ills Atlanta golfer when he came to thc tournaments as a <lcl!c»te. high- strung boy. ', • Like' the. Davis Cup tennis f\(u- ation, the amateur golf outlook tills year seems to be one for yajn-j men only. When Jones left t:: amateurs, George Von Kim v.-fi:i "with him. George Volgt and Holan:. Mackenzie remain on the job, ' ready to offer tough competition. but without Jcnes It looks Hk; anybody's ball game. » « . * Two years .Walter Hagen watched the .husk}'.. 17-ycar-oM Charley Seaver of Los Angeles, piny th:- 1 course,': and labeled him "another Jones in the making." It is to be! • observed, however, lliat several cth- • er Bobby Jones' have been much \ ' Earle Cardinals Facet Olc Miss at SI i aw nee 'Monday, Cooler In Double Win at Armory The Cooler girls and boys won their second double victory of., the season over the Blythcvllle nigh school cage learns al Che Anh:ry here last night. The visiting girls, un'JctVa'.e-J thl-: season, and reputed to have tlu best team In .southeast Missouri. found the BIytheville girls .st.urd; foes last night. The visitors fi:ii:;h- ed on the front end of a 14 to • score. ITevlonsly the Missouri team had defeated the BIytheville girl? by an ovcrv.'helmiiu; score. Thc- Cooter boys swept oft* to a flying stall against the Chlcka- saws lo lead 17 to 4 at the lulf. i The nlythevlllc boys fought back , , _ mne , i desperately In the second half but scintillating stars In Brysim ami mll<1 not ovcrco , no thc early i caij . i Tiic Earle Cardinals, crnck Ar| kansas lndep;ndcnt basketball ! tioii|ie, and the O!e Miss five will j clash Hi the feature basketball I garni; of the season In Mississippi I county at Sliawncc .school, near • Joiner, Monday night.' | The Karle Cardinal have tsvlci won t!ie Southern and Trl-Statc Independent championships and rate as one of the strongest t?ams In Dixie circles this season. The Cardinals defeated the Olc Miss t|iilntct by thc clc*e marjiii of 21 to 20 earlier In the season at Oxford, Miss., where the University of Mississljipi is loealsd. Sine:.' then Ole Miss has. defeated Ij. S. U.. and other good teams. 'Hie Earle Hcd Birds beast some that found the two teams only pDin: apart when i!'.: same end: :The score 12 to II. ; 'flu> bays also put ii)> a fjs: ga:.-.: • which was featured by defensive iwoik with neither team atle to hi', '. the basket with much success. The isccre, 13 to 9. ' t a STOCKHOLM. CJI'J—Will!?:. '. f ie-l. of the v,-cr:a i; coiniilMnlir; of .'• A~ ' indus'.ilal depression, 05 SvreJh'.:/ •.vwns ilecital lo reduce communal taxes diirin? I' 1 -"- T'G largest re- duclLOii i ; one oi 10 p?r cent in the mil of O.^ar.'iiatn. in Ui? central par. of the country. We are now writing applications for crop loans and would be pleased to have you come in and discm;s youi 1 situation with us. Our office in the First National Bank is open and can be reached through the side door of the bank on Second street. Bushey, guards, and Campbell, center. The game will start at 0 o'clock at UK.' Shawnce .school glm, on 01 near Joiner. n.ANDir STI-:ALS CAT BUFFALO. N. V. lUl')—The bandit who b-iikc into Hie offices of (he U. K. llLfl'inan Machinery com- 1 pany tco!< in addition to a safely box containing S55, the ofllce pet, a feimtle cat named Sixty Cycles. The final score was 23 to 13. Dell Cagers Take Two , | Games From Armorel DELL—The girls and boys bas- E:etball teams of Dell won 'two games from the teams of Armorel school here last night. The girls of Dell school emerged victorious In a closely fought gam:; Sam Thomas, Secretary. MOAVANS Hc Is .vlljlilly I . 20, nn;l ^polled in' the. making. Seaver. J i Asl .year went £vcr as "the" though, has been coming rapidly. ; of th " e v/n!kcr Cup team, only to He lost to Gene Hoimms In l!^-| |dmn ns Ulc ij !g snut . In onc , O f semi-ftaal at Merlon last year. Well ! ]11s walker matches. he pulled n ohead of Honmns at the turn, youn; i gamo oul o[ l!!0 u rc i up, after! Seaver took aboard several juicy | r or( .| ng a seven-hole delicit with 15- steaks, a couple of orders of mash- 1 move lo p ] ay „„,, 0 ( t j la m05l re . ; ed potatoes, a few dishrs of assart- m-n-knhie bll,s of uphill golf seen in • ed vegetables with four ham sandwiches for desert. He lost the lea;i thereafter aud the chance lo HUT! .Jones'. But these young men must learn. .Romans, north and south cham- many years of international clum- jiioiiship piny. Thc Oroson bey put up Ihe greatest match In the hls- toiy of the Walker Cup scries. plon last year, is just above 21 ami! •really, plays betSer golf ihnn DMrolt and Chlcaco are furnlsh- ' Ing hvo likely younijotfis who ap- p^nr ready to lake rank among the showed ogainst Bobby In thc mini | firs'. 10 amatc.nrs. IWroil sends at. Merion. In 1921 at Mlnl'ciudi. 1 Ciiavlcy Kocsis. Michigan district he reele_d ofT a 71 to lead nil the | winner last year .Chicago has brothers, Including Jones, scttinj a; brought out Johnny Lehman, win- .course, record on his first qualify- of t!:e last Western. Opon. Ing round. Jones, of course, shot a i Johnny came lo Chicago fiom 67 a day or so later, clipping four' Crcun Point, Intl.. via Purdue, win- Irom • f loman^' mark, but O.-nc's | iili:g (he Big Ten championship play was-not bad for a young ra^it i while a stiubnt at the Boilermaker of 18 at Minikh'ada. Hc met Jo;ics | sclitol. Kocsis Is but 10 yenrs old. in that tournament, losing 3 and j Lehman is just about ID cast, his 2 t and worse golf, has been played I first vote. than that.. . • • ; The BibbV Jcnrs nf the future - . .-*•*' ' * msv be some hd like the b:;yr : Another of the young men llkriy I na:iic;l here—kids, little knan-ii unto come through at any time Is j t jj. • they suddenly flash into th? Maurice McCarthy, whose tempoia-1 brilliance of a clwinplunslitp. rctui != much like that of Bobby's. | McCarthy is a challenging, com- i petltive person; just past 21, and! he plays his best .when, the stakes aie high. One 'of Jones' devastating characteristics was his ability to put' down any cockiness on thc BURDETTE.—The Biirdcttc Iws part of an oriponcnt. Let Iho.nnn >:ctball tenms won two caiues frou playing .against Jones get chesty ! «>o Yarbro teams Friday afKrnosi •bout an . approach and Bobby i »t lh» »=w Armory at Blythevllk would sink -one from th= roushJ. The girls' B ame was well .plays: Should Jones', opponent st?.rt c;it-! drsplle the 20 to 7 victory for th drivirlg him, Jones would belt one. Biirtlolte team. At the end of th down, the fairway that would carry ; »">t quarter neither (cam had SCD; and earn- until it became a dim;"'- Burdctte came from behind i speck -in the distance. Il's a vain- '"« second quarter to rim up the! able, trick in mat<!h play, it you • Ecorc can do it, and McCarthy is ju5l: Th boys' game was fast nn:l in- the boy to try it. ' terc^ting. Thc Ynrbro boys played Don Moe merits heavy consider- i well but could not score frequently j Teasiis Win From Yarbro Cagers •nough to give the.Burdetlc boys strenuous competition. Whittle was high point man for BurcleUc with even points. GOOSEFISH CATCHES GULL PliOVINCETOWN, Mass., (UP) —Antoro - and Domingo Joseph, Cape Cod fishermen, while fishing on the Ranges 15 miles off here, were attracted by a sea gull's screams They licaded for the scene and came upon a big goosefish with a soil gull in Us mouth. Tlis fishermen attacked the goonc- flsh with a pitchfork and the gull, i ceased, [lew away. Basketball Pro Aces ' in Memphis Tuesday! MEMPHIS, Tenn., Jan. 24.—B.i:-.- I feetball fans In this territory vvlli; get their tliird annual chance r.< j see Ihc greatest pro leai'.uc c.iae. club In the world, the Toledo H::l J Men, here next week. The Ohio; live, foimcrly known as ti:e Cteic- \ land Roseiiblnms, will pack their' tricks here to display them agninM | the Memphis Elks, Tuesday Jan. Ti ' at (he Ellis Auditorium. i Saul by a great iiumter of cril- j ICK to be the "only- club In th:! world that can make a basketball i disappear find reappear at will," itie j Red Men have the most 'colorful , und i>owcrful attack in til' 1 on. j Dutch DEhncrt, round'oi 1 cl thc wheel play, the b?st ottensive wc-i- j pou in basketball, -.rll ag.iin bj with the Red Men. Delmert Is on. 1 1 of the greatest cagers of all time. ; having made All-Pro League guard ' 11 consecutive y^ars. His mates will be Joe Ltiuchlck, the palm artiv, who grips the spheroid like It. is n mere baseball; Uavy Banks, dimiu- utlve Jewish forward, one of ,111,0 i most accurate forwards ever In the I leas'ue; Lon Splndell, nrot!gc qf Nat Holnian and a brilliant floor man; Pete Barry, excellent forward and sure shot at tile basket from any angle. The best team in Memphis basketball history, the Elks Club Antlers will face he Red Men. haying survived a strenuous play-oit series in this section. Elks boast of one-sided -victories against every BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer _ Hf^RRf ERILE REVERSED Hotex- ROOM.'. opponent and they bid fair to give the Toledo club a run for Us money. Unemployment Aids Professional Loafers TORONTO. Out. (UP)"—Thc jirevalcnce of unemployment, with [the consequent widespread efforts :o "help thc unemployed," is proving n boon to numbers of men who never worked even w'nen jobs were available, acceding to Toronto police. Since meal tickets are being given out to the worklsss. several men have been fomul with tickets for meals at every place where such tickets are being provided, police say. Others, arrested for drunkenness, have been found to have been llv- in? on charity, yet their liquor permits have shown recent purcV.iscs of wine up to n gallon a day. In such cases, the permits have b.ien forwarded to the Liquor Control Board for decisions as to whether they should be cancelled. IN T THE DISTRICT COUHT OP THE UNITED STATES fOR THE JONESBORO DIVISION OP THE EASTERN DISTRICT! OF ARKANSAS.' IN THE MATTER OP E. R. Grant, Bankrupt No. 153C. Notice Is hereby given that petition for discharge has teen riled by the bankrupt, and same will be heard in 'thr- United States Caurt Rooms, at Little Rock. Arkansas, on thc 2nd day of March, A D. IB3I. a'l >J:30 A. M. SID B. REDDING. Clerk. By Bess Mathes. D. C. ttS M\ Fop.BACE-pa58AU.-SnH, eouavr THE KID BONUS WAKNING OK1JEK CHANCKIY COURT. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. MnUce Torre and Lill'.e M. Torre, Plaintiff, No. -1893 vs. Catherine Johnson, et al., Defendant. The defendant Catherine John- i son, Johnnie Johnson, Tommie! Johnscn. Wilbur Johnson, Bonnie j Jchnson are warurd to appear within thirty days in the court, named in the- caption hereof and ! thc complaint of the plaintiff Mattoe Torre and Llllie M. I Torre. 1 Dated Jan. 24, 1931. R. L. GAINES. C'.erk,; By Elizabeth E'.ythe, • ' C'.tr't. Sam Matratt, Ally. Ad Lilein. 24-31-7-14i et what WANT l|OU IT/ There will be an adept Ad-Taker al our end eager and competent to render helpful service and transmit your desires to the 1.7,000 daily readers of our Classified Columns .. . people who the things they want House for thc want COURIER

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