The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 29, 1949
Page 8
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BTGHT RI.YTHEVn.r.E (ARK.) COUHfER NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 20, 10 ii ie rest a r rivers Committees for Coming Year Announced by Farm Bureau President H. F. Ohltndort ol Oridor, piesicidu of Hie .Mississippi County Farm Bureau, this week listed members al Hie bureau's c'omnmues io serve for the coming year. + — The included [he members of speck. Frenchman s Bayou; and all committees of the bureau and their chairmen. The committees appointed are for both Norlh ,*nd South Mississippi County. Mr. Oh- ienriorf pointed out. The committees announced are: Public Service Committee—Ben F. Butler. Osceola. chairman: Herbert T. SMpp«n and H E. Phillips. Osceola; K. C. Flceman. Harry Wright and Canard Caudlll. Manila: W. E. Hogan, Blytlicville: R. L. Houck Uixora; W. A. Webb, Lep-nto; M R. Griffin. Dell; Phi! . . . Bnst. Fienclntmn's Bayou; Fnuik ] p P v|[ins. Manila. A. M. Hull. Manila Rl. Two. Cotlon Committee I North Mississippi County)—E. M. Regenold, Armorel. chairman: Charles Rose, Rnselina: Pied Pleeman. H. C. Knappenberger. B G West. Bill Wvatt, Lloyd Ward. C C. Lanosion, Charles Brogdc-t). L. G. Freeman Robinson. Chester Blytheville: Lee Bcardcn. Henry I Hoyt. Bob Bryant, and Lerov Cari lor. I.e'trhville: M. H. Keohler and i K. A. Stscv Dell: Gcorsc Hale. Kur- il. C. Wrifiht and Howard Dean Tj-ronza; and W. M. Taylor. ; Kelser. | Alfalfa committee—C. J Lowrance Privr. chairman; R. C. Bry- j an. A W Young. Richard Cromer. j and Fred Jacobs. Osceola: Louis G j Nash and C. C. Lansslon. Blythe- j viHe: E M. Rejenold. Armotel and j R. H. Robin.-otl, Kei.-er. j Livestock Committee—A M ROB- I ers Wilson, chairman: L. H Atitry. j Burdeite: Cliarli's F. Friend, Ji:m- j er: Leonard Flllison and Ambrose Te'alord. Lv'.xora. Lesier Gill. O«-eoIt: A C. Spelling. Rinje: anH Chsrles Lutes. Blythevilie. Snoplpmeiital Crop Commiltee (.South Mississippi County i — Lloyd Godley. Osceola. chairman: A. L- Gieenwell and Hudson Wren. Wilson: C. W. Hoover. Victoria; B. D. SprlnRlield. Coleman Crews. Ralph Woodruif. and C. B. Driver. Osceola- Hnys Sullivan, Bnrdette; .1 R. Forrester. Tvronz.i: J. B Wilson. Joiner: Charles Robinson. Reiser: Wilbur Wiltiy, Elowah; A. B. Bradley. Lnxora; and James Hall. Frenchman's Bayou. SlIDplemenlal Crop Commiltee (North Mississippi Couulyl^Juii Smotheinian. Blytheville. cliair- inan; H. C. Knappenberper,. Vanre Bixon, Charles Broaden, K. B. •Woodson. J L. Gunn, and A. C. Owens. Blytheville; George Hale and C F. Tompkins, Burdetle: O. j wi!son O. St'vers. Minils: V. S. Johnson j and i O. Edwards, Leachville: and John Stevens Jr.. Dell- Soil Management Committee <South Mississippi County)—V. G. Mann, Osceola. chairman; Jack Hooi. J. E Simmons, H. L. Veasman. J. A. PiRK, lister Gill and Boyd White, Osceola: W. B. Tyre. West Rid?,e: Auten Chitwood. Bill ' Dyess. and R. C. Lansston. Luxora: A A. Banks, Rt. One Tvronza; '• Georee Web-ster. Rt. Two Manila; .1. C. Clllloni III. Wilson: Julien Coilomo. Frenchman's Bayou; W. S. Cockerham, Star Route Manila; *nd Waymon Holloway Dyess. Soil ManaRement Committee INorth Mississippi Co»nty»—Hil- "' rtrert Bunch. Blytheville. chairman; Vance Dixon. H. C. Knappenbersier. Conway Duncan. Blytheville; John Hoyt inti W. O Oalyean. Leach- villr; J O. Himneycull. and John Stevens Jr.. Delli Charles Rose. | aireanv Homeland; snd O. O. Stivers, Claude | Lancaster and L. K Holt. Manila. Cotton Committee 'South Mississippi C<wmly»—John E. Cram, .Wilson, chairman; C. D. Ayers. L. '.-.,C., Stanley Carpenter. E. ".A. Hook and Lawrence Woodarrl. Osceola; Elstior Beall. Wilson; James Nex'., Lepanto: Lee Wesson. Victoria- C. f\ Tompkins. Burdet;te; A. C. Spellings. West Ridge; Ruins -Branch. Joiner; G. A Louuey. Ty- R. Ft. Robinson. Reiser; Am- 4-H Committee iSr,uth Mississippi County) Hays .Sullivan. Bnr- dette. cliairman: F'ber A Wliite and W. H Frasier. Osceola: C. W. Hoover .Victoria: R. C. Bra'ich. Joiner: Paul Jackson. Luxova; and .1 R. Forester. Rl. 1 Tvronzn. 4-H Committee (Norlh Mississippi Countvi — FV C. Kuai>pcnb<*r"i>r. Hlvtheville chairman: W. K Ho- aan. Fred Flecman. 1. G. Nash, A. C. Owens and Roland Greene. Blythe\ i'le. Labor Commiltee 'South Mississippi County)--R. E. L. Wilson III. Wilson, chairman; Charles Coleman, Tal TonRnte. and J A. Crnslh- waite. O.srroia; J E. Tea ford, ora; Chjrle.' I.owrance. Driver; Ralph riowden, Joiner. Labor Comii-.ittec 'North Mississippi County) — Ed Slacv. Hell, chairman: H-rry Wrtehi and Rev Cnstlebvrry. Manila: John Hoyt. l^achvl.le; H B Sheppard and J a m r s Middleton. Blytheville: Charles Hose. Rose-Sand a" 1 Reseuold. Armcuel. Negro Committee—C. F. kins. Bnrdette. chairman; Rese.pol'1. Anuorc.1: Cotton Export Slump Is Due Brannan Says DALLAS, Tex.. July M--(/Pi—-Secretary of Agriculture* Brannan pit- , .„,,,. .. ched some ban news to the nation's j tiotju-ed. Program for ASC Soil Conservation : Day Is Announced JONESBORO. .July 29. f/T»—The Oj ntt'lpy'.s Riclfje Soil Conservation Field Day, an annual event at Arkansas State Collar, will be held Sept. I. college officials have an- Ei'otvers yesterday and offered a solution. He loltl the- tenth annual cotton research concress: I. Cotton ex|x>rt markets are threatened. 'i- Farm income i s dropping— faster thfin [lie farmer's operating COst.s. 3. The colt mount left The event is sponsored annually by the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce ami the Soil Con.scrvalion Service of Northeast Arkansas. This year the co-sponsors are calling on a clo/.en farm implement dealers in the area lo join them In staging one of the Rreatest field days the I state ha.s ever seen, as a face- n carryover-.-thai a- i niitiiiR job will be clone on the Ark—is continuing ansas Stale Collese farm. its three-year rise. j The actual laboratory farm of In i he lace of this. Brannan | the college comprises about SOD sain 1 , a -sound support-price" pro- | j,,. V cs. 3011 acres nf crop land alirt pram is needed to maintain abund- ( 5(10 acres of rolling land. About ant production ami consumption. 1175 arrcs are In cultivation. HALTING TI1K KNKMT—Agriculture Department Supervisor Leo ivet>cn inspects a .swarm of 'hoppers that succumbed to man's !949 battle in Wyoming recently.. 'hoppers ate jxiison bait. The Aui'iciiiture Department and farmers of the Midwest and Southwest ai'e waging an extensive battle against these invaders that are causing heavy damage to crops and grazing lands. Many Ready to Claim Gold Buried Somewhere in State of Arkansas F. and E. M. Tomp- E. M nosers, C C L<illl>,<l<i». I,. G. Biythe- ville; Fred Jacobs and E. H. Burns. Osceola; Tom Calli.v Lu.xora; C. !> Dentoiv Rt. One Tyronza; C. J. ]/>wi-ance. Driver; and J. H. Craln. Calcium Arsenate For Cotton Pests Urocd by Experts GREENVILLK. Mi-«.. July 29. W> -^-Thc coHon larnipr hi tbe Miwls- rinpi delta i^ brln? urRcd to usr calr'mni «rsenat« to check crop pest, 1 -;, where ncccssnry, in vte\v of a shortage ol the iiew oi'gnnic i I I.HTI.E ROCK. July 20. (/Pi + The reported finding in Arkansas: of S'^00,000 in pold coins buried dnr- i inc the Civil Way is proving quite' a headache to the state's attorney Keneinl. Attorney General Ike Mi'rry is, rc<eivme letters daily claimiiiR the- allescd tieasine or snsmc.sting what., should be done with H. One of the letters came from Ellv.abi*thlown. Ky. In it. Mrs. Katie L. Clifford said that all her life she tine! been told that her uncle. Genrse Ryan, had burled a treasure tiiuini! the Civil War. "We feel so confidenl that this Is uncle Georee's money." she i wrote, "as he was unmarried and would have the means lo have a pot of sold." John W. Griffin of Forl Smith. Art:., wrote snsne.stlng that the ".s^OO.dflO be snlit- up amonp the Democrats of the South, of which I am one" or at least for Murry ia nrmocrall to see thai the Republicans don't get. any of the cache. Where does Ihe attorney general fit into the pictvrc? Last week a Philadelphia atlor- T ». I GStS On _. TCSTS gy He also meed reduction of production costs by mechanization—H ;(hnne stre-sed by many congress ! s|-ieakers and increasing domestic ! consumption by finding new use.s for cotton. 1 The secielary .said his own "Brannan "plan" may not be "the final and only" government answer to the nation's farm problems. The , Rrannan plan has hart rough going j in congress. I "We hope oilier people will come ' forward with more constructive and I UKefut itiens." Rramian said. [ One o[ cotton's problems, he declared is that the dropping tlollar- balance of the nations in the sterling bloc "enuUi seriously disrupt the South's exports on cotton and tobacco." Faur-fear-Old Cancer Victim Happy with Mail An estimated 100 tractors, eqnlp- ned with all tvpos of Ihe latest farm imnlements and eqvipmcnt will hey in humming on the morn- iiiK of Sept. I atir! when the day i.s done, approximately 165 acres will have been re-claimed, reworked and seeded. The work also will include jiuildin 1 ? of slock nonds concrete Ivoughs. abrnit 12.000 feel of terracing, channeling over 1.000 feet, channel sodding. *:ully sod- dinu. 1.^00 feet of fencing, timber stand imijrovenient and various ot'ier soil eonservation^ features. Between 3.00ft nnd 4.000 firmers and businessmen of Northeast Arkan-ns are expected to be on hand for the operation. North Mississippi Countv hninc ' demonstration club members are completing experiments witii control of carden pests The clubs recently started application of a 50 per cent, technical methoxychlor inscj-tii-idc nu (lie gardens of Mis. F3. A. B-ig£ and Mrs. Mae Auten. Both Gardeners have repotted a cnmulete riddance of c-'lci'tnber beetles, bean beetles, harlequin bues. squash IIURS and plant lice. Mrs. Antcn said that althorRh her carrion was still yielding vegetables, that, her ueiszhb^r's ^arclen, with only a fence to divide them, = had received fhe same crtre except j for the insecticide and was nnw infested «ith all kinds of garden Police Stone Lensmen Seek'mq Pictures of Churchill in Swimming \ MILAN', Italy, July '23 i.-lVPhot- ; opiaphers cruised nut to take pic- of Winston Churchill .sv,-\m- miiiii but they -vere stoned by police. Several locks nearly hit their mo- lorboal. Chuj-chill is vacationing at Gardone on Lake Grade in Northern ftaly. Fie has requested privacy from newsmen and photographers. PHOKN1X. Ariz. July 29—i.Pi— Bobby Byors. a four-year-old boy who doctors say i.s suffering from cancer, is happy now. Fie has more mail than he can opeti. In response to his plea, cards and letter came in a flood. More than 5.000 pieces were received in one riay. Bobby had asked for mail be- ] Poles to llet \York Decora lions cnusc he liekd to have the postman | WARSAW. Poland —'.-Pi— The bring him get-well cards and have i Communist - led Warsaw poverii- his mother. Mrs. H. J. Byers. read : them to him. i But now they think Bobby, who may not have much longer to live. ; hus all the mail he can use for -souie time. A special Uuck was neeeicd to bring it Lo his home here and more is continuing to : pile up in Ihe branch postoffice. Mrs. Bugps' with only two garden was saved application of the ney. Miss Helen Wilcox. wrote him new insecticide, but Mrs. Auten rain request for information mi Ark- peatedly attacked the insects with ansas law regarding removal ol the spray or dnsl. buried treasure. I , Murry replied that Arkansas has f ai t Europe Peasants a law under which the slate could possess any personal properly abandoned for seven or more years and hasn't heard liom Wil- An iron blade, perhaps 5,000 year.= old. was found in an Egyptian pyramid. merit, constantly urging more and, more work, is adding two new decorations to the lonp list alreiidv being awarded to Poles who work the hardest. The new orders arc r.AlletS "Banner of Work'* "builders of People's Poland.' Much along the liner, of the so- culled Stakhanovile system In Soviet Russia, directors in all branch' es of industry nre encouraging i workers to exceed their production I targets- Kntornologisfs tneetinsr rt day at Stone-vine declared that sup- | cox s | nce plies of Ihe new organic insecli- i ^tter Miss Wilcox's inquiry was ! cides. such as benzene, hckachlor ! ^blici/ed. Murry received a letter! irie and toxaphene are not adequate ffrpm W. U. Wilcox. Dallas. Tex..' to meet the needs, ! wTio said he was related to the The crop specialists pointed out [ Philadelphia attorney, that the gold j thai cotton farmers in Mississippi j was hls an(1 th at he would come j have lost hundreds thousands of dollars through boll ' weevil infestation and will lose more unless every nrec.anUon is 1 made to check the advance of the ! weevil. ! One cotton authority stated that there are 1.400.000 acres of cotton in the delta ano that there is only enoueh of the organic insecticides to take care ot a little more than 300.000 acres. to Arkansas lo claim it. HE advised the attorney genera] he knew where the treasure was burled. A.s far as Murry knows, no one has started digging for the reputed treasure yet, but the claims keep coming Into his office. A steam engine was fust usiTi -iperate the bellows ol brtwe Teaford, Luxora; Le.slie E. blast, furnace in I77S. TRUCKS Special Prices I'.ll'i Slmk'lmrier Triu-k anil Trailer. ve-.ilU ;i" rxlra clean joli f«v Iho price . . . will niitkc an ideal uiillini picker and ctiUun hnuliiiK triu-W. $995 Hints He Romance on His Mind \ CULPBPER. Vii.. July •in-i.-fr-- Vire president BarUcy hinted yes• terday that he is in a romantic I mood. j In crowning queen of Culpeper'.s bi-centcnnial celebration he said: i "While I'm in the mood — I may Crown one of my own -ome of these davs and keep her." Barkley recently stopped off in . St. Louis to be a luncheon guest ' of an attractive widow. Mrs. Cirle- 1 ton S. Fladley. The incident started speculation that the vice presi- ent. a widower, may he eonsider- g marriage. Visitinq Soviet Union MOSCOW — it1»>— Thousands of peasants from Kasterti European countries have been visiting the Soviet. Union and teaming about Soviet agriculture For instance, three delegations of Polish peasants have made extensive visits to the Soviet Ukraine. A Roumanian peasant delegation consisting of over 150 Romanian peasants has visited Moscow. Et then visited do/ens of collective farms, state farms, machine and tractor stations and other Soviet ncricultm-at enterprises in various areas of the nation. A Hungarian rieasnnt delegation rerently spent seme M-eeks in the USSR. Tile dele^aies are elected bv Iheir \'illagcs to icpresent the vit la^c. eMabli.sheri in 1913. is -set up to pas-s n:: M-H- rlaiins involving in terner.«;. pn^oners of war. religion; oi'Eani^aiions, and etnjiloyw and routractors who were ^orkinn on Wake, riiiam and Cavitr Lslancis at the cnnbreak of the war. BLOCKS Top quality at reasonable: prices on all t\ jit's: rock face, plain, cinder partition bEncks, and pyramid blocks anci b.ises. CULVERTS ^Ve have every s5/,e > want; he sure lo get before YOU buy. mi s price Sand & Grovel Johnson BLOCK CO. Phono 2380 y Gl South KDK! 'i-Tnn Tnu-k new nvutur, K<KK( lires, slake Ixnly. $895 I!H7 Chevrolet :) l-'l'on, clean, practically new lires. $995 Ifltfi InlcriiRlionnl I -Ton Truck, motor overhauled, all lires are j, r (Mifi . . . less body. $765 I (I IT Willys Jeep, lias a new culi . . . \\ill sell al M bargain. ff/ic INTERNATIONAL' HARVESTE 312 SOUTH 22? 'ruman Names War I/aims Commission WASIIINUTON. July M 'iVi— ic.sidcni TiHiimn yesicrriny nuin- intcri Daniel J. cleary of Illinois. Irs. Ocorsia !• I.iisk of Nc« Mcx- o anrt David N. Lewis of New nik as nirmbcrs of Ihe War Claims Commission. The poMltons pay S12.0f0 a year. The Ihroc-mcmber rnmniission The SKCRK'I ol Rothrock's fXPERJ Prescription Service ROTHRQCKDRUGCQ ITS THl FUUY AUTOMATIC OUTFIT thatmeans SPEEDIER.. EASIER... MORE EFFICIENT BALING Turn out neat, well-packed, sliced bales aster . . . easier . . . and at lower cost— iepend on a John Deere Automatic Baler. It's a compact, automatic baler tViat hustles through the field . . . making well-tied bales, wire-tied with no clipped ends to fall on the ground to hnd Iheii way into the slomacni oi your stock. IMUINV. 1151 The lohn Deere is comparatively light . . . compact and sturdy in construction . . . low in power requirements . . . big in capacity— handling three to lour tons ol hay per hour. Be sure lo give this new baler a complete going over . . . feature by feature. You'll b« convinced—tho lohn Deere is Iho baler for you. See us soon (or complete details. The All 'Round Tractor * ALL 'ROUND THE fARM + ALL YEAR 'ROUND Why liny a Iriicfnr Hint Rives .von only part-time service? Working lime is what counts, and [lie Ford Traclor does such a variely of jolis llml if "works more hours, saves more hours." Ford Hydraulic Touch Control, Implement Position Control, Triple-Quick Attaching of implements . . . and the big Dearlmrn line of implements makes this THE nil 'runnil tractor. By all means, come in and gel Ihe lacts. Yon will like our parts and service MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO South JOHN DEERE **& ** depart meats, too. FARM EQUIPMENT Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Allen Hardin, Mgr. Highway 61 South, Blytheville. lor other Maioni. loo — lh»y r« easy lo poui. don't btotv liom e«<iers. (here's less wasle. Growena Checkei-Etls are Purina Growena in a NEW FORM Ihnl grows big. well-developed pullels '.^ eTcn lastor lhan Growena mash. Checker.E,, S <,„ liny panicle, fV't TXis V«<" =• «-'• '<= 9ro. rour >?£•,•» pullsU RIGHT th« Puiina way. Irom mash lo bile lilt — in Ius1 ^.j s?e UJ |oday |o , checker-Elti— Ihe variety bird* like. They eat ."^'^ Growena,complele radon—Grow. ChecVer-Elts betlei — grow faster. '. t "*'* in 9 Chow, to le«d w'uh > RM PUUETS AT 10-12 WEEKS Jusl mix Purina Chctc-R-Ton in the |ced, Chek-B-Ton * qcis up lo 93.6% o| Ihe large rcmndwormi — with no shock lo Ihe birds. Use PURINA CHEK-R-TON YOUR STORE WITH THE CHECKERBOARD SIGN 4493—Telephone— 4493 L K. Ashcraft COMPANY Block Reuth ft Depot SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL Custom \viirk tor gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shcarinj! up to !/•! inch Ihickncss Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South ({roadway _ Phone 2651 THE GRAMS COMPANY * I\I \1101\b Phon« 521 ija'j<' 11 'i-in» • iJT-ijruri' BM I HI Ml Phone 3075

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