The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY OCTOBER 3, 1930' BLYTHRVILLK,'- (ARK.) CLASSIFIED ADS terUoa md CM cent • word for wca wbMQUtiM' lm*r- Wn, Mo *tlv«ru<einenttuea lor>« Uuut Me. (Xiunv (be •rprd* ind> tend tbt t*fb.' • "•• - : l ''- •• FOR SALE FOB SALE-Tpasb; or Trade-my cquity^ln '-property at 109 West Ash;' St v '.priced :a.t a great deal below- value. '* Dr,' C. A. - Caldvvell, Larc,--A'rk.' ! , ',' 23l'-10-lti FOli BALE-'-My Cafe'an-a bar. gam lor cash. See me nt 1'jiil \\. Mnirt -St., Blythcville. 30P-K7 1'Olt SALE—Am" leaving, city 'a will sell six roonis -liicq furnir. ture cheap Jor casli. "312 Franklin) 358. IP-iU FOR SALE—Four ro:m hoUse on Division St. 5500.. terms'- if <le- slrcd. C. \Y. Tiplon, Manila, Ark. '•'• 1P.K4 FOR RENT FOR UEhiT—C Room House, 116 Cherry. Phone CH. 29P-K4 FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street-'Telephone 197 and 571. ^ v 1511. FOR RENT—6 room 1 '-' house, 232 Dougan. Phone^M ,'' 'i'Scktl FOR RENT-^M'lv 'walnut,.. two baths, ncwly'ide'coratcd. Reu|, :: $45. Tnomas Land ( .Copnpany. . .;-3Cc-t3 FOR RFNT-r i Twb ipom apaitaient., Furnished. '5(8 Wejl Main/Phone 353. ''- ">Vl 30p-K FOR _ OR RENT— 5 rooTRr^liouse, ; rnod- em, corner Filth' nt?* Park sis. Mrs. F. P.. Caller, COS North Fiith St. ..... .-30p-k5. FOR HENT— Front bedroimV c'oh- venicnt to bath. • .Private home. Phone 47DW. '"•--' 1C-K5 FOR RENT— 5 vcom hous?, newly papered. Within three blocks of Central Ward School. Call at 916-' Holly or Phone 290. 2C-K8 FOR RENT—Light housekeeping rooms. 203 Wc-st Davis. 2P-K8 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. •Cashed and Ironed by competent white woman. Sirs. Brown, 104 S- Lake St. 17ck-tf WANTED TO TRADE—150 acres improved land near Manila, clear of incumbrance, lor Blytheville properly. What have' you? J. C. Chapin, Manila, Ark. 30p-k3 RELIABLE MAN ren.iiired immedi- attly in Blytheville for respcn- siblc position. Steady work. No experience. Honesty and desire to work necessary. Must have car. Pay starts immediately. Write fully. Syncro Motors Company, Battle Cr'cek, Mich. 2F-K3 AT ONCE— SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent position*; clerical, rr.ecr).nical,i'iles- manship; experience unnecessary. Salaries S25.-S100. weakly, transportation furnished. BOX 117fi, CHICAGO, ILL. LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—On September 20th, two black horse-mules, weight about 900 pounds, age 8 or 9 years. J. S. Trimue at Puxico Bridje. 23P-K9 GcoU cheer .ind a smiling service has wen more patrons for ns 1han any other one factor. We serve'attractive, seasonable, palatable dishes, priced on a range'popular with the average patron. An artistic dish Is half digested. BLACK CAT.CpF.FEE SHOFPE AT THE-'GOFEiuOTEL.- ;le akes m'Seel- NOTICE With our recent partnership with Air. Gee, Carney, we now have the best equipped 'inch? pendent shop in lown...',-.: '•'. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGED Pirkwick BuildiB* . "We know we know-how" PAGE LOU BR.OOKMAN ALlTHOi?OE"RA^U. ROMANCE" 1Q5Q i$r;y NEA"SERVICE/ INC. lll'CI-. lil'HK TOUAt CKI.IA MITCIIKI.I,. IT, Inct. « «rw lite \\krn »he Irnve^- 4h« kciiur tu JtnlCfmorr ivh«r« «)it' h>B llvi'J »lik krr »IUimr< mvlktr, .vAKCAiiKT no<;r:ns. 10 joi> kcr falbtr. JOHN MrrCHEI.I,, >.<• htr cruB'MOtkcr !• B •<a(rly A'eiv York inflllntr.- . Tlic jrlrl haft not trt» k«ow> kte fdtgirr w*» Uvlnv KHtll Ike ila? br-.ciMiie la^^lke llaltlmnrr • aiiitrlMrnl. C«lMi Vhud lUiipiM^d • >HOD RUCKUS; krr m.lktr'. ceo •X'una fa««1*tind. to : fic" lirr fntkfr. .'•; MKfkrl) oH«ni.'t»> eltl a !!(<• of irtf.-illh nnd riiMn-Hllnlfljr. pvvrj-- tlUB{r '<tinMi;rM. skc It-nvr* brr MlAkrr. umiunrr (tinl Mrx. Ku^rr* -tl • nt-rtanilf til nni) >ke Irnvpa ;,B.VRSFV - whn-itTrnrii that Home dnT ke a>4 CcMn *rlll lip. marrlrd. 1 Tkr ^Ir) l« lauflx and 1U a( fa*« • 1^' licr, nriT kniur. Mtlrhrll finrtM 'Itrr'ln Irnra Ktiil !• ^vnTr]t.ll. He 'n.i|» to MIIS. r,Vt:i,Y\ 1'AII- flON'R, Heaottfal trjdaw nhoir kni* l.nnj h.-ii. Tirf» MllrhrllS clo.r rrlrnd. »lt». - i'nrgoni ncr<n ID Inlrndun' Olla to tKr r^Kkt net at y'«UBw prntilr (lio-JK^i It !• ot>vhni« Khr r^)zard« Ikr clrl HH n iiLrnriH Tn snln Milrb^irn nnfcllnn^. I'll th'.a end iilir Invltrn CellA to »|irnd ji ivcck-rnd nt krr I.OBK Hlnvd bumr. AmonK thr athrr CUfJlU [• TOD JORDAN, n tinnd- numr nnd fnsrinnlinK rnung IUBB irkn dcvnlr« klmirlf io Cclla. Ith coaching from the sidelines, i "Try this oua with me!" Tlie orchestra liad begun an. ther waltz. Cella did not turn icr head. She knew Tod Jordan lad-como up Behind her even b«- bro ho spoke, "mi «ue had made up Lor mluil not to dance agala vllh Jordan. "No, tlianks." she said. "I—I'm Et a little tired." ile stood In front ol her then so swlmitttugl" But sister, LU1!" It's midnight." | the big porch. It wai alter nhio remonstrated her o'clock, Itut nlio suw no one. Th« sho could not avoid his eyes. 'eclly straightforward Ills Per- gaze- ras. Quo nilght bnve thought they liad Just met. Then let's Bit over here," no .vow nn ox WITH Tiin s'lrmT CHAPTER XIX ; ; J Oil DAN drew^lho girl quickly to ' n-ard him.-: in that swift 'In slant Cella.-was-conscious only o tlio hypnotic gazo that' held her Stic had no thought of resisting a Jordan's arm pressed closer. He bent his head— . ''•, .... v . .At that very moment, as"though , timed by ^a- stage director, .the Frcncli window! were thrown uack and a figure appeared, ^tlhouelted In a flood of light. Eve- Brooks' throaty laughter pealed out on.tuc night. ' - v' • "Lcot it. what I've toundl" the tried. "Romeo—and II it Isu't 111- lie Juliet out here'rehearsing the balcony scene! Come on, everybody, tills is a Idler place Io danco than inside." The others crowded atler Eve. Cella had drawn away from Jordan 'In embarrassment. The young ' man. entirely undisturbed, remained where lie was coolly smiling. Eve Brooks approached him, her eyes mocking. "Your turn next," Jordan said rasiially. and as llio radio orchestra again teg'nn Us tempestuous blue harmonies, the pair moved off in a fox trol. "Want to dancii" Jitnmlo Wen «ter asked Gelid. Sho didn'f want to. Wliat Cella wanted was to slip away Tvhero no one could see how her cheeks were burning and ask hersel! how In Hie world she had come so near to forgetting herself, forgetting Par ncy Shields, forgetting everything! Nevertheless slio let Webster lead her away to the rhythm of tlio fox trot. Gradually Celia was able to con quc-r her confusion. Mrs. Parsons ' bad disappeared Kate Duncan and Conrluey Brooks wero sitting in tlio shadows at the far end ot the porch. Lisi was try in; to perform a Bailor's he suggested, nodding toward-a rattail porch Beat In tho shadows." "1 prefer tho moonlight." "In that case BO do I." Tho porch rail was wide enough to make a comfortable seat Cella had seated herself and was leaning against tho corner pillar. Sho had no Idea how becoming the poso was. Jordan looked down on her for a f«w moments, then dropped to the rail aud sat facing her. He studied her faco before lie spoke. "Eve Brooks thinks I like you too well." he satdjn. that slow, oddly stirring tone. TiHB girl eyed him Inquiringly. .*• "Surely, you understand that little—scene ot Bve'B," ho went on. "I hopo you didn't let it disturb you! No ono else would—tliat 1«, uo one who knows Eve Brooks." "Oh, no—I. didn't, mind." Cclla spoke quite as catucjly. noit as tho man. "That's right," Jordan eald. "You see Eve, poor thing, IB some- "Whit of lit It's only two mllei to the club, And lima won't be & crowd around. I want a swim! Wbo else is gblug!" pOURTNEY BROOKS and Web^-* Bier wero enthusiastic over tills Idea. -TUcro was some discussion and then tho two men were on to get cars. Celta Mitchell, who liad bceu listening In alarm, looked about-for Mrs, 1'arsona. Slio was chatting with Jordan, apparently content to see her guests take entertainment. Into, tbelr own bands. Cella edged away. When th« opportunity came, before the cara had arrived, she touched Mrs. Parsons' arm. *I think I'll slip upstairs," the said. "It will bo all right If I don't EO with lha others, won't It? I'm raally sleepy." "Just as you wish, ot course." "Then I'll say good night uow." Celta disappeared. A llttlo later from her upstairs room 8ho heard shouts of laughter and then the sound ot the cars going down ttio driveway. So this was a fashionable house party! The evening tad Icon nothing at all as Cclla bad imagined it beforehand.' Sho stood • by tho window i moment looking out at the bright moonlight. Then.she went to the dressing table, slipped garden wns beautiful In the «mi light. Celia followed Iho cobble- Btono path, pausing to watch tlio in their pool, and then strolling on among the flowers, It was an informal garden, perfectly tultcd to tho rambling house und broad grounds. Tho doubt, Ox, would be warm, no but tho morning brcci'j ' her lovely shoulders, ready .for .bed. rink and 'rock from her presently was thing of a cat. .It's Just as well to know that If you're going to he around her much. She's got the dea now that I'm interested In •on." . .... There was a pause, timed romantically, then Jofdan added oftly. "there's someono clso not •ery far away I wish I could persuade to believe the same thing." Celia was on her feet. > "Excuse me,' please," sho said. "I almost forgot! There's something I want to speak to Lisi ibout/' Then, with her heart pounding, she hurried away. Cella could not risk coming under .Tod Jordan's spell again. His presence made her feel guilty. She avoided him the rest of the evening. This, she was a bit surprised to learn, was not difficult. Jordan did not even ask her to dance-again. Cella joined Lisi Carr, who was describing his riences as - an amateur airplane pilot. The radio from dance music to a monologue, and someone la disgust .turned it With her chiffon negligee about her Cella perched on the foot .of the bed, feet curled, beneath her. She toolt Barney's letter from her purso and spread out tbe pages. Then sho re : read the. whole letter carefully. "Barney!" sho whlspere4 softly when sho had finished^ "Oil. liar- ney!" For a long time Celia sat look- Ing at the crumpled envelope. Finally sho folded tho pages, tucked (hem away and put the letter again In her purse. After that she turned tho llgut out and slipped Into bed. Sho lay with her eyes open, staring up at tho black ceiling.. There was so much in this new world that Cella Mitchell did not understand. She weut to sleep at last, but it was not Barney Shields the made tl perfect. Thero WHO a'path Celia had not Inspected the before. Now sho followed it. She heard a sliout and looked about quickly. Over the shriibliory ahead tlio caught sight ot i Hashing hit o( motion. Tennis! 01 course. These mu»l bo tho tennis courts she Imd heard Jliiiinlo Webster talking about lasl night. Now sho EIIW them. A man and a girl 0:1 either sldo of the net In franlto pursuit ot the liny, npln- nltia ball. It was Ltsl and Wel>- sler. Tlio players wero too Intent on their gnmc to note the spectator. Ltsl nerved emaalilngly, Wclistcr' 0 racket sent iho spinning oack Into uu Impossible corner. Lisi returned It. aud hack again. Over and'back. Celb watched, spellbound, had never seen such skillful leiiiih playing. At [act when tho was finished she wared nnd came forward. Llel paused a moment to call a cheerful greeting, nnd ^hen set .was resumed. Celia sal on bench at tho side ot tho court watched. "Hello!" Sho looked up. Toil Jordan, looking more bronzed than ever In his white clothes, dropped io Iho bench beside the girl. • "Good morning." "1 saw you heading this wny, and so ,' followed," ho said, "t hope you don't mind?" "Why, ot courso not!" "Oh? I—er, rather gathered List night that you didn't care to ho friendly." Ceiia continued to watch the (lying lull. "im torry you thought tlial." • "Then it isn't true? I incau, you <>URDOARDING HOUSE PRAT "friis -nMe T iHe MADAM-issues ORPSRS Tbtt fM£ "To CLEA^i MiP BjRKMcis .-FOR .' BACK' SOWS LOADS OR WOULD WLLlGfJAJRB. WotlLP TlldAMCE ME, """"-Trie BRoAPCAS-f HOME BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IT AIN'T RIGHT! By Martin LOST—Roll of money. Young man, driving Ford roadster was recn : to pick up same at lltli and Ash,: Friday afterno:n, the 26th. License known. Reward. 1100 LOST— Black horse mule and mouse Coach Mills has a 'gome with the colored nvarc mule. Finder Junior high school of Jonesboro for notify W. A. Dales, Holland. Mo. ills second tcnm. Tills squad is ccm- 2P-K6 posed mostly of freshmen, but they --------- are very promising football play- New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 3. (UP)—Cotlon closed barely sleady. Open High Low Close Oct-oid 1042 ..,. • .-... 1035 , •&SC new 1030;104G 1024 1032 r, Dec-olct 1057 1073 105?-,1061 '.'. Dec: new 1053 1072 .1050 1058 ; , Jari old 11C8 ....' ••:.-.. 1070 Jak nev.'. .... 1079 105D 106S Mar.'..'.. 1077 1097 1075 1084 May .,i. 1097 1114 1094 1103 July .":.. 1116 1130 1112 1118 "'Spots'els'-ccl quiet at 1050, off 5. —Auto Parts— Why Pay More?, JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 21st Call) 66 Royal C. M Public Accountant und Auditor • ' Specializing in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems. Fhone 52 Ingram Bldjf. Blytiievllle, Ark ''New Orleans Cotton NEW' OHLEANS, Oct. 3 (OP5 — Cotton closed steady. •'' Open -.High Low Close . '.•.':1057 -10?8 1041) 1065-:' ;. • 1063 ''iftlj 'i058.>1066;> "-'1063"'- I07S ;1058 - 1C'63. ..-'.1633'•'IMS 1075 'IpSB-;-' .. 1103 1114 1005 HOI 1 ' .. 1115 1125 1110 Mar. May Jul. Spots clcsed steady at, 1031, off 8. V. R. WASUAM—Trumfcr Daily, trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages, anywhere, -i Special ratesMn carload loU. -\ ,.., ... . Local Phone 85Iv. A .. - , Memphis 'Phone"5-SiV WARNING OHDER CHANCERY COURT. CHICKA- SAWfcA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI .COUNTY, ARKANSAS. John .'Har.coik Mulual Lit:. Insurance. Co!;, «£ al, Plaintiff, No. 4837 'vs. William B. Amberg, et al, Defend- ] The defendant"' William; Amfccvg. Charlotte H."AinbfTg L. Cantlcy, SWe Finarigeftf,....... of'the State of''Missouri, in charge of the liquidation of. Liberty Trust Companyj at Kansas City, Missouri, are warned to jp; pear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer tho p complaint of 'the plaintiff, JohnMiancock Mutual LHe Iiuitrance Company, et al. Dated Oct. 3, 1930. W. \v. HOijIAPETER, clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Churc'.i & Gannaway, Al'ys. for plaintiff. E. M. Terry, if,M-iM, - - . .V - i" *-x' J Wly. 'ad litem, * • 3-10-17-24j cm ,1. au^te .\V4 •0060Nt NOT WHlt MX AX think you might 'possibly come like me?" "I might." ' • "KnouEh to turn now and smile?" Thero WHS no use. Sho couldn't Cclla dldn'l was thinking ot as'shc. dropped oK want to quarrel with Jordan nuy aud that unforgettable moment In She wanted to go on talking, f, 'tying Illtlo things in a way which me.ant so much. ' *.', Tbo resolves of last" night were next morning, wearing the llt- llo while lenuis frock Mrs. Par forgotten. When tho tennis players wero exhausted and they nil sons had bought for her, thero was •walked hack to tho houto together. no one else In eight. wwl-TRV A»'GK rc'.WE YPAV CftSH TOR IM 'XBNMIU von. VMTOhVX NOW hM 1 1«tY u w^6 uv 10 w wtx P \_wto HWJE ^'at wtxx, ff If- ' NT NOT "iO Hilda, the maid she had seen t,U~c off. ' Jordan had been dancing with Parsons met them Kate Duncan. Now they joined tbe . "Celia." she said, "I have news for you." tTn Bo CoatiBiwd) the dining room and Hilda brought I.Isl looked up Impul- her fruit, toast qnd coffee. sively. "The parly's' gcttinB stale. Alter that Celia wandered out on Whirlwinds Play at Hayti Today knowledge of wrist material Jones- a license they had paid for every- boro has. on tier junior high school thing. Some have tlmnked m team, but he expects hls:team will departed when,! pronounced them at least make- a gcrod game and he. mar and wile, and hopes for a victory. team has an open date today and • Bricks EO big that one of them would make the wall of a small bungalow are forecast in the announcement of a new building material at Pennsylvania Slate College. BUSINESS DEPRESSION MONT1CELLO, N. Y. (UP) — Couples who . "Ted and run" arc exasperating Justice of the Peace Isaac Silbermon, wno says he has performed 'rriore free marriage ceremonies this year than ever before. "Some of the couples," he This is tho first time that Hayti has-Iiad a second team game of The present annual consumption of copper in the Uniled Slate; Is more than 16 pounds per person. importance. Coach IMllIs opinion that when they paid $3 for no Irtca of the outcome. He Ivas nc FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AH THAT U6AMSS AJ.S csii-Y ONE GULLET IP I'D 5HOOT UP IW THE AIR,M68B£ SOH,£8Ot>y \JJOULD HEAR. IT AM' IT LOOKS IS SIM I US OOT....Al-it> •WTH FACS/.R AMD FAUS FAST ASLEEP. DOS SCRASIliLED DATES ' OCTOBER THTODl GOSH, KNOW, NOW \t IB BC.TTE.R GtT BUS-r ftND A NICE. PRESENT ', POP 1 .' HKVCL VOVJ _ -1 LOST BR1OC.! XOU THOUGHT THIS" ' MOflNING T«ft.T I'D fORSET IT 1 0-JST (V UTTLC TH»iT TWCNtV - 1115

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