The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JAN_U_A_RY!^i93J CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word 'or first insertion and one cent a word lor each subsequent insertion. No advertisement, taken for less than 50c. Count tho words and tend the cash. Phone 306 =-• •-* FOR SALE FOR- SALE—Saw mill. Cotton Co. JSTsAli^Baby Chicks. All var- ( iet'es custom hatching solicit-, cd. 'Marilyn Hatchery, Blyf.icville. I BLYTHKVILLI':, (ARK.) _COUlilHU _NE\VS_ FOR RENT—Four room apartment, 810 West Ash. Call 510. 5C-TI- 1 FOR RENT — Modern bungalow, niirage, on paved street. Call L. Fowler, 888 or 450J, 20C-TF J FOIVRENT—Modern C room :iousc. Garage, coal and \vooci house. Corner Chickasawba and Uroad- wav. Phone 1512-F4. 22P-K25 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. Steam heat. Call 630 or 1015. 22P-K27 FOR RENT—Steam heated front bedroom, COS West Main. Phone G42. "c-' { FOR RENT—Furnsl'.cd apartment, I newly decorated. 713 Chickasawta. I Phone "255. 19e-k23| FOR RENT—Nice furnished apart-1 ment—115 W. Davis. Rental $351 month, and other property. Thomas Land Company. 21C-K31 | FOR RENT—One of Shane Apartments on Main Street (downstairs or upstairs). Harrtwcsd floors and best of fixtures and heating plant. Telephones 191 ami | =71 24C*K'Jl , OIL. _ . HEOIX I1KHB TODAY wn»' *" ,. TOI.I.HI.H ™n- o-lii J Ilir lilcn ot n Junlur Lolin- uy Cluli 'o "" Hit j-oimciT »<M tr'm u.ter bomloln. 1C «". 10 he e— nn ii.-ircnln nllimrd, no rai. Ai-cordlne!). i>li« ni-r f,.r Ihe |inrrli:»r ur llu- Hill rm. n lll-iii-r» frn.-I «llli ' ,u«r ....... anil |ir.ii.T«l*a. ",, ..... lit," of h<T frl«-."J«, '<> -rl,:iul iniJ IlirnUh II. wn» the ilniiKlili-r "' •' ,,,1,,1,,,-r and 111" MflnlnilBliu-r .'I : , vi-rv wriilllij- «n! ......... « furmi-r I'llll. VAN IIDOII.V. ,vtl,, «:.* a niliT.ilit nernill «»<! "HIT nb " ul SWrnberg 21C-K23 while tic rrhnMiria- II.K. ,,l ie vluli h.iu.e «n» K "n -ill nrll.l i-llll«l III 1 1" I the Tnlllvrr Inline nnJ uftire.l , ,1,1,1 |M.rlr ; ,tl III «cli:inKe Jill • « m,,,l. AH" I.,- LilJ -Lave.! UK hhi hrlird niHB" tl1 "" 11 '" "Oh, /icllo. from-Ntv -Voi/i." i,,U have OUR BOARDING HOUSE PAGE,FIVE By .Ahern WANTED POULTRY WANTED-Markct prl-1 ces any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. SC-TP | WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by ccmpe- tent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 104 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF POULTRY WANTED— M a r k e t | prices paid at C. L. aennetb Ca. J Peed Store. 210 N. Railroad St. I west of courthouse. Not buyms at! Fisher's place on First Si. any more. J. E. FISHER. 16C-1U NOW CO ON WITH Till CHAI'TP.R X •.'.COMETHIN<> v «ry modem ami O clariim. ch? Full of the •It v\vrc." ilolloivay said. ••That's a good name for it. loo. saiil UiiiRer ihoushtfully. "Jmc <X viv,e mc-ant Just wliat we stand tor No parents, no preaclicrb-, no na'jles. Yes. w< call It joic dc rlire. Tliat'3 ll'.c first article li •be cniislilulion." •Tin sure I could do it." he said "I'll like to." "I can't pay you a lot but you don't need lo work very hard nt It. You sec—don't till anybody—it's my club, and I'm footing tlic bills. I'liil aii-1 lather don't know it yet. And it is taklns a lot "iorc money in lix ii up than I tlKiircrt on. Maybe we can arranfie with Phil !or you to Uirons for dignity. H was ilic ( slay here while you are dolnf It. n\, n ial life did It. It tliey ro ; and 1 will pay yon all I can svaro."l ln cmiiS; me on', they can jolly "1 don't llii'uk I could slay bero— I,i 0 it before 1 put any ' rllM, ASK'M IF rie Los-f -fir WAV He BAKED (MM IT FOR A LOSS ! I WAS rllS ToRK " MOT A BAP agreeably. bard Holloway h:tcrrn|ileil tlicin. laudiins, lust linn. ' NotliSns do- -I'-M iim." he said. "It Is mare : -;•'. i's-L'r cb't-i ;u!'.> :,ri-'.:it idci. Y.m'rc really i luive frrlty much or n it there. Uliiser—you cli'.l- cioms IRIII! It would I"' a ct I'm sure— Who is Phil? "1'tiil is ray stcpniama. She'll be surprised." aingcr's eyes twinkled. "Think uii a good reference— e way ask for one." "Do you live here alone, you and women on your walls. Ginger Eisjlicrt. "All right." bht assonlcil moodily"Cooby, 60 yo'.i think it .would looi; bettur to take him aro:»:d the isiiro —" "0!i. liiat would In' ulci!.' >:iir. Mlinjrer. "S.i i:nmi-Hl'.-!i:. 11'' 'soiug lo ilu a i-.ailr.iit ot n:i>. •I'liil. in color." ,,,,„.„,„.....- i "How nice." said !".:ll ovi-:;- '.'-jr. 1 ,"'•'" '] "1 Ihliil: that wimld u- -i Jo'<-ii-:ie lip ami bit down." aalil n:itiirc-fi--t:it!icly imw.i-ian said Hard Ilnllnway clmi.-:ly. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 'S15//OI'AL By Martin 'ir^r Ort.MiV VEtYIN ^ r wwcrt v\W ii vt«> 1.011 ..r-.^ ', HOW?) I to V\Klt> OWE ' IV.A II i .\v\r\ ui.\rML\ c~ * u all. [tear and in by.llie front or i'ia!i WANT TO BUY LAND—We have buyers for tracts from 10 acres to 500 acres or more and parties have money to buy. If you have land for' sale, ses us al once. Thomas Land Company. ' 24C-K31 CHANCE OF. LlFETIME-RCliab'.::, ambitious man to establish local business. V.'e finance, you. Experience unnecessary- Make S8.00- S12CO day'. Full or part time, Mc- NESS CO., Div. C-asS, Frcenort, 111. i'hlir "And falbcr," EC-id Cinser non- cl:alanily. . Rani Holloway moved uneasily. "Your father! Uosh, what will r.e think it you spring me on liim like tliispdnmpei; In , from lieavca •knows whcrc'J He'il bs sarc lo ob- jccl. And i'.c'll ask a lot ct <]iie3- iioi:s—" : "Not father. He wouldn't dream ot objecting because lie is the sort who -never sees any reason lo ob- 'jecL Anil lie wouldn't think of asking ijuc-sliuns. Jhit leak out for riiil." ho professcil himself entirely satisfied with his fooil Ginger stood up and laiipud licr we jut-t £0 through from tr.kc a ciuincc on it?" ^ ; "Til go by ibe frnnl door." sr.r'.-r-- Gooby, vlio was ratber punctilious j ju '.about details or etiquette. L'i.1 ii: less than n minute they i "1X0; at •~ -, : i 3i';iiiK i-onsiKiulnnalily lo-' be n pleasure. This is a i-ir— mil. ':!.r"cn tin-iilcasaiit piazza, unite ! my ilarlin^." !:e said cmiiriicly. "1 ii il:oy had o:iu aai'tlict \i>-; rjr p.Ll'doH- I^'-.t lii:',l l'.:l- 5 i-i ju'.ir li.v.iso 1 am living no lunger a isirsn::ai;c." I'liil laiisfctil pioJ-iuturcdly. "II 13 our tnuse," r.iic w'A. "i::ul all «tA"iEX'T they £ilns lo ** this is a vciy!; ccctlliig?" inquired ll'.c r.rn.-t as I:Q fullov.-cil G!::u--r _..-.,- cntiic-ly cum .•cut al:;n:l It all, Mr. iloHoivaj ;t tl'.e least lilt ill at ease. , ":.!r: Hullov.-ay is solus to ilo a .... H—.tiMt ot .Mra Ii]iiil!:c while tic 1? I your invliatluas hnlcl pood hire, i-.'- ',--•-"too and lanyht nuo ol Mir-[Any I'.OII?D liisi harbors you arm ,.-,. ! W'- annoiinre'l (Mnscr cliecrhilly. ICiiiiicr is a psrsunaso nml open lu •'-s-I "Uh. Hutt is J«s l h'Vi-ly." sSifl [all ciiincis. Thai's nil H wuiilil iclic '••'•- !'!.il v.-i!h nuiel ajnivalsins cycslio (inn a palace lino a parsonage . . tlie aowercd nasstone ualb frcai ;!'•: J lips' reflectively^ "What do you jaiuitarjiice. Pliil wan rcafii::a :••'•• '•'•'•'• ' ft I •ini the young man's face. I you a:ul ..... --••--• - • j .-\vi-cra are yn:i Htoppins In I "I am'tc v.-iili my bnshr.nil. Mr. kitchen door | .;, , ; d >Ir Tolljvcl . cordl- Hollnway. ilial il will be a ]ny lo "Oil. not so very, al.c a.-- llC 'i' | uvc vou 5 , a y IUTC willi us wlillc him comfor'.iasly. "Ihcy aic- f-" .-''.-.;..,.. ln to] , vm] ,, i( , u . lt|l ,. 1]C ! vn ,, .;, 0 hl l;i .,, Tlirnsh." And she usiiil to stranfc |i;-nccc'l:i:ss. !. "Uut after all this is [nelly [r.-.;:h ! out of llio oniiuary. you t::n"v." I "M«st l!i::is.; arc." she replied. ] Circmnslanccs conspired lo L.TSO Elic awkwardness of their Fii::-k:i I "V.'l.v. lo tell yon the truth," lie: you rjar/li'it Uinscr Internirled wiili ..j ) tell y.™ llio truth, fatlicr. he isu'i sloppins at all yet. in Itt-'l Tlirnsli." And she oliservnl kuw UinKcr's eyes sbone ... , arrived. Nnturally he v.-oiihln't wish In ma!:e a mistake, ive thuiiglil we'd bctlcr ask you. . b:; yi,nr pnnlaii." said Hit artist Luialily. "I'm very Eorry. .Miss (Ihwr. lint 1 timoly can't let ' you eel ji|js iunii:muj>i njiuv >." j.... p.,.,-^.- — - _ tbiiik 1 should do first, (looby7" she [to .Mr. Tulllvcr on Ihe front pia-/a asked. "Show him to Ptiil. or pull "Oh, hello, darlings." calicJ t.i:i- ,-;-•- •••-•=••; V:,;,;-^,.. ",.• ( , him ri S bt away to worU at Mil, ] ^cl^l,,^^ loiiitc,,, tf . ,^ ^^^^^ ^ Gulf Service Station "That Good Gulf Gasoline" FOR TRADE New or Used Automobiles City Property. L. FOWLER I'hoiie SSS for "I should Ibink you'd bctlcr tell Miss Phil first," said Gooby judiciously. — --"Yei, hat on tho other band. III w.-iy. Mr. llolloway is l!:e he =.'Wr starlcil to <!o the 1 who is rnii-; M brirlitcn i niiniiie. i ILU, u'.-.u, t n.i.n ?>.'• ,v/ v..^.. -.--. - - — meet Mr. Holloway. tlie a'.tUt rr.ipi ncn't you s-npposo he coiihl IK New York. My father a-d my niunmer. tlio Tollivcrs. 5'r. i Red lial) Burlier Shop 318 W. Main Williams & Damon. Prop. Felix Kyle, Fred Boyett. Guy Rogers, Virgil Williams, Earl Damon. \ . . JWILL TRADE ior your equity in FIIEXCH HM> LAIVVLKS STKiUr I Improved farm. E. G. HankiiW I LYON'S. Krar.c;'. (UEM-Ine n." ; . ',123 Missouri Avc., Blytiicviile. 'strike of liwj'cis ever to ccc;ir -,:'. 23P-K30 France, has terraina'.sil her?. I'.fl:'. , intorvcnri.::i by Minisi;".' o: Jn :io GET STEADY GOVEHSMENT • HoMy -- - ----- JOB—S1C5-S225. mouth mi e si - • ovl womcni. Particulars Free. V/ritc. i .Instruction Bureau G7T. St. Louis, j I.'jtECKLKS | Mo.. Quickly. S3P-K30' cor.ifonaWo at ilia. Ai;an:5' hnard- liou r ?J 1 wi?b the club \'."'.-sc v-as icat':v—v.c cnuld irjt l.'iiu nil i;-.crc. ilo will bo licvo rnr—on, av.-ay with tills. Tlicy'vr I confes.i i don't sec how you worlicil it =o cleverly, hut you dirt 1 didn't ccsne here npmi coinmlssloii to fifi that chJi bouse. Mifs Ginsw 'c.^n't l:i;nw uie at all—" "lint yfiit'ro tming lo do Hie house," Kl-.a Inlcrruptcil hnlly. Ciiniiniicd] mj5i=::-a!e5. gcUcu and VnUc k-ndcd as usual. 'an""mcLtit-nt"' Liwyer.- .v.ccxJcn y'.c-.v. protr.hly !OD yi?;.> M. [ holiiin AND J3T AS Soos-l b'.i; IIL-V. all i= i-> -was pulled item the bottom of lore arc h-jin, :'::- 'V/hito river, near Cumback, en Uic fcii line of William Davis, a tarm- cr. All p.irts cf Ihe p'.ov: arc of VliAHS Ol.l> ixvcacl. inchiding the point and m.ilti - A , board, with a few home-mad cnails it together. ,^m?S**«&^ New York Cotton NEW YORK. Jan. 24. Cotton close;! barely s'.cady. m^f mm ~^mr ' Refuiiccd FAY O.DAVIS Phones 234 or -l-l Casli Paid For Late Model Used Cars W. T. JJARNBTT- 117-113 East Main St. Phone 888 or 887 Open liieh Dec. new 1124 Ilii Mar 10U 10-n May ... 100-1 1034 July .... 1080 103G Ocl 1103 HOG Spols qul:t and 1C15. 1113 111.^3 1053 107S 10'M W.34 IS v£.ff...S^S., So.v.ETHlMff I HITCHED \-\\KS O? TO A.'.V SLSD, 1. ? Vcu HA\f£ 7o ^>JArr QUITE A IT'S TU3M ASAIW .'.' Local and long dislancc liaulin^. Special rates on carload lols. Team fcr local hauling. V. R. WASHAM TRANSKKK 1400 Chickasawb,a I'honc S3! We can Save you money on Aulo Glass JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 Main Phone fiG HAY One bale or .1 train lead. EAR CORN, shuck on. RSc In. Shuck onr, SGc per uu., in car lots. Coilon Stiles Sales Co., Inc. BlyMievillc, A\k. l'1-.or.e 174 or LD 1803. I \>J'.SW IT v.'AS KV TD2M T RIDS MAIM.... Liwoy ACTS ;a T«eiTi iWf NTiOM SHML JJrteP New Orleans Cotton NEW OHI.-EANS. Jan. 2! Cotlcn clfsf'l steady. Open Hi'-'h IX-c 11". 1123 Jin 10'^ Mar ms May .... KM July .... 1C.V- Get 1103 Siwts slcadv ;• •\ MI: ':.\Mi!i i: or i n i'. Jobless Esl in St. Lawrence Hall TORONTO. Out. i UP)—Hungry. jcbl?f-s man arc Icastin^ twice a day in the once prcnd St. Lav.-rc-nr? Hail, v.-hcre fsvoral scare aq.i Jenny Linrt ir.adc her Canadian (b- tut; where l!ic Prince of Wai::-, who liter England's kin-, Edward VII. danced v.-itli Tr.rr.nfi dc'jutajil?s: v.t.crr t'.:? cht:; cf On- tario'E capilal gathered fc: I The ivy Maiion Club lias Irajr.- ' fcrmccl ti'.e hall h'.'.o a cii-.tcrr. {:..! tho iucin;>!oy«l. whcvo mov.- than 1 n ll)aii«an.-i ti'cr- luaaK arc servc-ci ; daily. Bclh ini?:nploycd i«:-:i I nirnifccrs of soria'.ly lafly fa: irioi^nlr Hicir srrviccf in prcpsriur ! and >•.nil c t : :c ir.cah. . OF tT \S RUMORED, W^E BEtM HIRED SCHtWWC, PRESIDENT EITHERTO STEftU T\te , OR Tu STE •&fW^£\ ';":--/i^^r's^ijv;'..:.;•; I . A^'^l "*«4sJi! T\!£ S.^& OF BGCOMlNCi SO OJSLV RICH THAT THEV COULD i?: TO SPcMO H.MF TiAElX WEM." WAINST

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