The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware on April 10, 1953 · Page 18
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 18

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1953
Page 18
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Man Role Admits in Death Father of 2 Tells Police Girl Was Fatally Shot In Struggle Over Gun rCRANTON, Pa April 10 (U.. Andrew Moncasy 34-year-old father of two children, has admitted that Margaret Grunik, JH. was wounded fatally Monday night while strug gling with him for possession of. a revolver. District Attorney CMalley announced today. Moncak. of nearby Peckville, told police he brought the wounded girl . to the receiving ward of Mercy Hos pital, advised attendants to "Wait until I get some help.? then fled. Miss Grunik died two hours later. Calls Shooting Accident t CMalley said Moncak insisted the shooting was an accident. He, said Moncak told him the shooting oc curred when he tried to wrest the pistol from the girl after she picked jt up irom ine noor qj his car, parsed on a culm dump. ; ; Moncak told CMalley he tossed the revolver onto the floor of the car after the two had spent about two hours of "target practice. Tells of. Threat I Miss . Grunik then picked up the revolver and remarked: "I-think IH takrf this gun and scare ouie Into marrying me," Moncak said. There was a struggle and the pistol went off, he added. Authorities believe the "Louie re ferred to was Carl Luixi. aa. an in terior painter and decorator of Bos ton, Mass., wno dated the girl on trips here, and came to Scranton voluntarily to aid in the investiga tion. Jcajsal-ETerr Ereais-y Vjfcajtsa, Dshware.' Frgay, ! April 10," 1S33 Gamma Globulin Held Cutting Clumce of Child Getting Polio To Reject Plea CHICAGO, April. 10 (aV-Gamma globulin, a substance obtained from human blood, can cut to one-eighth child's chances of coming down with polio. . t ; This was shown vesterdav in. a final report from a team of doctors who made tests involving 55,000 children in Texas, Iowa. Utah and Nebraska during the 1951-32 polio epidemic. 1 - ; The doctors said the f studies, which bore out their preliminary findings, showed that gamma globulin save temnor&rv but. "highly significant protection against paralytic poliomyelitis... r A total of 104 cases of.saralvtic polio occurred In . the children studied. A total of 31 cases occur red in the eroun which recwfvMl th substance compared with 73 in a group of. similar size which received narmjess and inactive gelatin solu tion. - However, the second mi ftr inoculation showed the greatest con trast, only three cases occurred in the cfaildren inoculated with gam ma globulin, comnared with 24 amonsr those riven relatin. Maximum nrotection was aChrrierf between the second and fifth weeks after Inoculation, and after .eight weeks no protection could be de tected In the substance. . . The report was by Drs. William McD. Hammon, Pittsburgh; Lewis I. CorielL Camden. N. J.: .Paul F. Wehrle, Pittsburgh, and Joseph Btoxes, jr.; rnuadeipnia. U. S. Is All Out Of Lighthouses Rep. Kean Gets Request For Old Building As Hide-Awdy -;'', '700. 1 ' f.lDBrJDGEDtf m DAILY INCL. SUNDAY 1 225 MARKET ST.; PrescripHeas Sundries WASHINGTON, April 10 0J. The government said- todav it I fresh out of surplus lighthouses for people who want to "get away from is aH. : ' -: - -.'. .. Rep. Robert W. Kean (R-NJ) said constituent from Irvington, N. J., wrote to him seeking aid in locating hideaway. : t,- - - - - "I am quite seriously thinking of buying an abandoned lighthouse if that were possible," the Irvington scnooi teacher said in his letter. "Then at least for a little while each year I could escaoe this great tv race v Fire Chief Is Happy 5 Lost Apparatus Arrives ; MARYSVILLE. Calif April 10 UPi. Marysville's new, gleaming red fire truck finally arrived yesterday four davs late. Th sa nnn tmry driven here' from the Elmira, N. Y., factory, had been unreported after passing through Denver; - Fire Chief Robert Mailer, who'd been worried, was as ' hannv as a boy. Not bothering to ask questions, he sighed: . T guess it was Just delayed." Jersey Prosecutors ; . Plan Biogo Drive TRENTON. N. J., April 10 WV Bingo has been sentenced to die In New Jersey. :..-. . t - V ,Vr , The state's 71 county prosecutors decided -at a conference yesterday to put an end to bingo playing, and to crack down on all forms of gam bling, v. , -i'Mst v' ' It is legal in New Jersey to bet money at race tracks, and the state's Democratic Party has sought since 194T to make bingo legal ; "Binzo is out. ' said Uerrer County Prosecutor Mario Volpe. Acting as spokesman for the pros ecutors, voipe said: "Operators of binto lames will be given official notice to .close down. The same thing applies to raffles. Exp: U. Sherman Challenge To Permit; Free Elections Held Sore of IJejection WASHINGTON. April 10 Vt Top American officials today saw little chance Russia ' would accent an American-German challenge to permit genuinely free elections in Commtinist-ruled East Germany. President Eisenhower and German Chancellor Konrari Adenauer, in a. move to test Russia's current peace offensive, urred- Moscow to ttnM tn this and ak free some 300.CC0 Ger man war prisoners still in Soviet hands. -. :-.,:- The ioint Amerkn-rwrman an peal came in a formal communique nwurwTina me resuiu of three -days of intensive talks between Eisen hower, Secretary ' of States Dulles and a German detention hMt h Adenauer. He Becomes Tourist Adenauer rrannvf t v plane todav for San.VnnHiKn n begin a nine-day cross-country tour A A uciuxc reiummg io uermany. Diplomats who helped draft the apppeal to Russia aeknnvWH it was mainly designed to call world attention to Russia's enslavement nf East Germany.;1'- ..,:r:!;iV Eisenhower and Adeftaur jointly cautioned tha Western world against relaxing . tU vigilance and slowing down the growing rearmament drive. As he prepared to leave, Adenauer could point to these acnievements: Tin Fledges Gained . . . V- 1. A pledge the U. 8. will supply guns, tanks, planes, and other mili tary equipment needed to arm 12 German divisions which will join the six-nation European Army, once created. . . 4 2. A promise ; that the TJ. 8. is sympathetically7 considering financial aid for beleagured West Berlin and thousands of refuzees fiockme into" Western Zones from East Ger many. . S. The return to West German ownership -of . about 350 small ves sel taken by the U. S. as repara- uons alter tne war. 4. American agreement to reexamine the status of some 300 Ger man war criminals now held in Itandsbers- orison. 5. An agreement by the U. S. to begin negotiations for a formal treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation with Germany to replace a 1923 pact which expired. German's Pledges . 1. Controls aimed at chokdnar off shipment of strategic materials to communist nations win be tightened by "supplementary measures' aimed at barrine trans-shiDment through Germany. 2. An early agreement with Franc wUT be SOUKht to settle the bitter dispute over the Industrial Saar. Phone of Future May Be Carried Dial-Less Instrument Like a X7atch Is ' Foreseen PASADZNA, Calif, April 10 (AW The telephone of the future? Mark R. Sullivan, San Praticisco, (president and director of .the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, said in stri- address last nirht? "just what form the future telephone will take is, of course, pure speculation.. Here is my prophecy: "In its final develooment. the tele phone will be carried about by the mdiviauai, perhaps as we carry a watch today. It probably will re-tnure no dial or eouivalent. and I think: the users will be able to s each other, if they want, as they caia. . ' i -"Who knows but what it mav actu ally translate from one language to anotnerTr.j.: Advertisement , THANK RZAVBtS! Stoat attacks ar acM todiCMttoa. Wms tt atrtkas taka Bn-M taMata. Thar eoetaia ha astt-actiaa .nittrtnai kuaaa ta Aaetora far tha raliaf af haartbum mm aaa. SM vafuadaS tf sal aatlaSaa. Send amatv nrtn an Mantua. Oransabur. H. x. Oat 1 os:;s7A.mmr.. :TAtn, Arra the International Ccrrriiiza far Ettropean Miration (ICZtf), ported today that his orranir-.tlon helped move ZiAZX mlsranta from Europe to overseas homes in the year enaea tob. 23. , -'. r -. me local, oiasoa adsea, tti s "disappointment," but he exrects more refugees to move to new tmssa ux we coming months. -In the year surveyed, 33g0tt went to the United States. 11.150 to Crazu. JM io to Australia. 9? to Oasada tr."Tr.:cT3i td ether countries. Kzzxlj ts cf th tyrants caa zrca cTry. Axzznx xxiy ana ts ncC.rrtj . rrcrtUd zzzzt cf After Ccd-, Theft . TTJOYtZZlXZZ. It. t. April 10 Of3. Louis C Taykv. O. was drirics t a chtc: with ttarr tSa ctr ciitwtrahis rrrrr?". attxctrl and retted hia. Then they drove the bstterea Taylor to his home, carried fclza fcto the hoose. put him to bed and B&raa his car in tta nrara. ; "Oldmst Co-EdueeSsssl CcT la Vfciw v A rr-YesrChurch-rcird, Hbcrcl crts Cctca Winter Teim Sept. 11-May Jl tmm aw Tens Jm (WA3t 1 Cswrsst ef Intfrwcttoe ln Art, t&h and ksSsien, tlsley, turissM md Economic. ChamUtry, EducstioM, fnsjiidi,- Fsra IssfiMttt Nssllh and hykoI Education, HIttory mttd Ooarwmnl. Horn EcanewUM, McisssMticw. Muc Pnilotophy, Phytits. Ptydioloty, and SodaUsy. rat-nomSIONAli Madktna, mirams. dantittry, phmrmotf, Isw, svrasl. Um, ngiwaariHg, minUtry, wool wfk. safkwbwfs. , - PtOFESSIONAl: TaocMnf, bwtwoi. Ksw atswmia, mmtk,' tacratsfiaL In (& Hscrl of lbs LmtUul Sktsasdssh VeUtr , 22$ MQmm From WUzalagton , t WHte: Adaaltsi Offketridflswatsr Csllsfs, Bjewatsr, Virfsl Sunday Pastry Making Okayed: in Montreal MONTREAL. ADril 10 P. It's oKay to maka a pastry in Montreal on Sunday. Judze 1L J. McManamv. nntinff that the city's baking industry has oeen masing pastries on Sundays f or more than SA van v.trri.v dismissed crown charees that a bakerv- was violating t.h Tjifh.4 Day Act. The defendant company claimed was-1 necessarv tn mannfarfura pastry Sunday to deliver them fresh to loD&ers Mondav. , ; The Lord's Dav'Act does not af feet those, enzaaed In "work of necessity." said Judge McManamy. CENTRAL TIRE CO. I2lh fi Tan5ll Sts. IVifclnjtcn, Del. , the SUDT SALE that will YUm TOE' TOfW UIPSDE)Li-. ,0OM starts TOE) AY EVEROART BROS. Smyrna, Del. at STOLE SU ITS MATC H D 031 C U 1 7S . FITTED SUITS priced 20. to 40. IF T40T SPECTALlV PURCHASED WOULD DE 009.05 T HARVEY E. HALL 002 French St. IVila-nfnston, Del. . YW? Iwy eaild waat. and ' '1. "' ' f.1ITC!5LL wwjease ELICIIG; .... ... - 4 t CIRCLE S Lcurcl, bclawnro 3H POST ELECTRIC i!rn!nfcn Lcncr. Hc C&stla, Dclaucro aaa3. PAUL.. 210 0. L3cryfc-d Ave, Hwiuwaj rum , .17.!.: Del. G3ouo wag AMOS STMEV l?000l00'00000000000040404044M GEORGE n. KIRK Dcbucro City, Del. 000000000000000400400040040f J 7(5 S000d 00000000S440404'040440400, mm RABIO 70 Q Tct!l Cfc. 0000000000000404000440040 W0f00004004400044404 Maaal WISP AP32X CPSaAL DACK3Q ITAC::3 The finest washer von caa mn. Hdm capaciry makes short work of washday. Full 1 0-la. capacity.Apex saferrwringrr.Exclasiv n!lsv H0000000040444000000004044j LEE'S ffif 117 t;ci st. VJV-l-ztzz, Del. Apex Spiral Dasher Sets domes deaaet with less fehric wa PHILIP i 107 C Crci et. I Tffrffffjjjj l044440400040000040440444 ft. 5 mi. "i n II I wfflBALL r AND 32 MARKET ST, mm raaaj tt0tZi . WASHER COST . . $flr.5 IMftfcJ 1017P) liC - : ; SOU-5 TRACTOR COST . . Zilj . UYtL SUPPLY RIMIO ?5 p w I AL VALU2 . UVnJ 7 l 2 Mil iViWl ffiii C ; t acmn go. C- r P-f v ? . rT 00004:1 2 ;. p- 1 cii-ciz-jci , - . .-. -.v.. - t f -' '

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