The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1939
Page 2
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 2U, 11)30 mm PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 'Daily rate per line for coas-ecu- '!«• Insertions: - '• ' One time per line io< 3,»'o limes'per line per day 08c unce (lines per line per (tay...OGc °ix't!>:ics pov' line per day... 05c Month, rate per line .....GOc Cards of Thanks... 50a & 75c Minimum charge 5Bc Ads ordered for three or sh 'lines ana Mapped before expiia- von win be charged for the mmi- '«• oj times the add appeared anc adjustment oi bill made. ' All Classified Advertising cojjj lubinlttcil by persons residing out- title at the city nrtist be accompanied by cash. Rales may be easily computed • tro'm above taiJlc. • Advertising ordered lot Irregulai nisei-lions lakes the one time rate No responsibility will be' taken lor more than' one incorrect Inser- 'mn'Hi'any classified ad. For Real Modern 3 room furnished api I'l'iBUlairc. Call 294. H17 W. Ash. ____ 26-ck-ll V. furnished roohis. 53,00 pcr~wcel£ Private entrance. Water aim Lights furnished. 1221 Holly. ' 2G-pk-l Two Furnished Rooms, 90V P!', ol Ty- 26-ck-2 3 room apartment and baih.~224 Epugan. Mis. Wert. 25-ck-M Satisfactory qualtly and service In Dairy products. Caltle free of Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace 1,-wety 902-J, 'for Salseirs Oriido A Raw Milk. Cream, Country nutter. Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged niiytlmc. llalscll's Dairy ' Premised Laud. Route 2 Salesmen Wanted qican-Cut Man with car can "make S3CO to $5PO monthly, he at homo every nl»ht; selling line sprclal amiscs lo county officials, uijio dealers, road' conlrn'ctor.s, motor linos, fleet owners and farmer.-;; ccmpuny'rater half million;'many years in business. Box POG Courier' News.' Mnk2B Wanted •» ''com unfurnished apartment-, I downstairs, private bath; 1129 \V. 24 ck 23 .A si). Resilience at 111 E. Davis, Electric water healer, electric stove arm Coleman oil • heater furnished. Phone J. E. Hassan, -127. 22-ck-tt 3 room furnished apai intent, electric stove' and refrigerator Cal! «3-W. -•" ••'•• M-ck'-W Ccol, south bedroom. Oarage, Reasonable: Mrs. Simmons, 818 \Va!- 21-ck-(f 2 lovely furnished rooms adjoining balh.-Oarage. Metroniy. G13 Wsl- nut. Phone 859-W. 21-ek-28 3 loom furnished apartment. G05 • No. 5th: Mrs. Elma Crowdcr. 'lUcktl Comfortable bedroom Phone 277-J 625 W. Main. 18 c k-tf Large front room, 2 bods. Ccni-cn- ' Sent- to talh. Phone 280. 8-ck-li Nice large bedroom opening MI sloping . porch. Mrs, Emma No- Ion, 310 W. Walnut. 22-ck-tf Welding EXPERT KLKCTRTC AND ACETYLENE- WELDING prag line and he.-ivy welding e specially. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 1!) or Res. 1010 Colored woman to cook and (to Kchcral housework. Kitchen electrically equipped llirotishonl. Good •jimi'ters. $R JJM- week. Mrs. W. A. Whistle, Rosclaiid. Ark, M-pk-'iS Ice Phone 10? JOHN BUGHANAH ICii CPU) WATEUMELONS' Notice Fishing License t'On YOf.ilt C'ONyKNJKNCK ' \\'K AK'E J')1KI'4HKD 'TO ISSUfc VOU1! FISHJNO IJCKNSE AT .Op STOKE ' ' SHOUSE-HENRY HARnWAKi'i CO. rii'one 35 Wauled" dens, nicknamed "Millionaires' since 1932. The Brazilian ambassador who was dean of the diplomatic coi'iw f.r the rust live-years, has enter- laluwl every member of the royal lumlly, has seen the size of (he diplomatic corps In u,i,don grow- to three time.'; what It «a.s when liu first became nmlm<,-!i<l:i' to the Court of St. James 13 years aso A making Feats !n Pearl Dives Arc Recounted WaiHed-Fnrnishcd Lipnifmcul witn (.wo bedrooms, Call BM. ursl - Courier News.' SVUNEY, N. S. W. (U1>1—Jnpu- iln .esi; pearl-shell divers In Torres 251)1(30 Strait (North Australia) wcrl; at Experienced Inuy bookkeeper"Tur'l; ftiar^ron^'iiVS'nmi c^Jlet ! '' "n-' 01 ',.'" ownMK-coruhig lo olllcers of the com- uos xx , c/o^noiuvealth cust:ins launch vigl- 2l-uk-28 la'iii, which recently relumed' lo _ 01 Calrnes I North Queensland) aderu I 1 or hiiif^ cvulsc of lhc c "i' e Yiu * I'uiiiusuid and Gulf of Carponluiia wiilcrs. This rtepth is in excess of Hint regarded as possible by nnvnl divers OOLDP1SH MINNOWS ' Lost J?3« Hl»h School Tin-;. Courier NCV.-S. Reward, Ky. tn a-ck-30 IN THE ClMNCIinY COURT TOR " CHICKARAWBA D13- COONTV For Sale One good milch co«- and calf "for sale. 107 W. Main. ' 26'pk 31 M «n' «' Mii. Bertha Caricw, Plutntills vs. No. U331 rtrthur Hyde, Junics M. Hyde and ' John Hyde; Defi-ndnnls, PLANTATION' FOR SA1,B 1150 Acres 3 miles west-' of Beraie Mo.i'fn Stdddant Co.: 1120 acres' in cultivation, 5 houses. 1 larfie barn. Highly productive land Government allotcd acreages 2-15 cotton, 275 corn, 220 wheat Bent-fit •rajments $4200 annually. Can'be purchased for $5400 doivn with need, anniial instnlhncnts, inciitd- ms interest anrt principal, $270-! 53 f also have other similar bargains in smaller farms. Nathan M. Sims 207 Scott Co. Mill BId s . Sikcston, Mo. Ft. Hoar show case 518- 8 It. counter SO; 3 ft, counter SC. All nearly as good as new. E. H. pent- 24pk28 feet to, Ole Hickory Inn. Lumber. $18.90 per thousand at- mill. Adjoining Clear Lake I' arm, p. .R. Garner, Armorcl. FOR SALE—1937 ruck. Frigidaire Ford pick-up drink coolin ^ ....... box, two Dayton computing scales, Ilobart slicer. Allen adding machine, two glass show cases, nrat block, etc. Tiiis property foreclosed and can be sold at bargain prices. Call Reid ville. Phone 882. Evrard, Blythe- Washing, Ironing E.vpert trashing and Ironing. Cliean Rough dry and fintsh. 6 quilts $1.00. One day service. Willie Uel) Green, behind City ice planl. _ 8-ck-O-f personal ,, 'lie bile |o rid vmirscif ot constipation. pros' pains.' 'anil' that sour punk foelin?. Tnke one box cf KIIJBVS ACITIVI-; UVHU PJI.I.S 2">c at all Kirby Stores OOES YOUR CAR Wander, WEAR. AWAY YOUR TIRES? - ! -' " i 5 • ' It's riaii«rrniis anrt c.vpnr.ivc I" 'Ifii-c nil), f-'trcrins f,'e, 1r an, I front Wheels' mil" of 'adjust-' »"•„(. Kccpini; them in R i, n ;) nnlcr is si> .sininle and incxpun- s »'c MIII sliniilcl never trust (n Chances. ADJUST STEERING GEAR Joinis — (ighfciiing trout Sprin- Clips ai:d Ics. (1'arts Extral. FREE FRONT END INSPFXTION (The above includes .1 cnmptcte INSPECTION nnd KEPOIir on ccnrllllnii of Wheel lUiniiinciil and factors afTettinj (ire wcin PHILLIPS ith &, Walnut Phone 810 SAFE. 38x18. Weight 3500 |>omids. TERMS. City, box «i 5-ck-<J-5 Cypress Gum pay,, /, s u umocr en 400 acres or woodland, 3 miles iouihra-st Blythcville. D. R ncr, Armorel. 3-pk-B-3 - Ihc nW-yosldcnt 'rtcfcnrifin(. A,- tmii- Hyde' is wnriicd 16 a]),,cai- ' In the Chancery Court -'of' the Chick- n*:aw;lm Dislrlct ' of Mississippi County, Arkansas, ivilliin tliirty oays and answer die coiiiplnlnt of he plaintiffs. Prank Ilyiie, Charles Hyde and Mrs. 1 licrdia 'Caricw Witness my hand as Clerk of fflitl Court and (i, e sei) i ih erco r (his K day of August,' 1039 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. W. I^on smith" ' =" Attorney 'for "PlntiUlffs. C. A. Cunningham Attorney arl ''lUcm. 1 2C-2-B-1C London Envoy Of Soviet Near Deep's Status LONDON lUI')-CliuW)i- ooviet Anibassndcr Ivan urliaiic aialsky asy 55, wlio 27 yciu-s ago had difficulty in onlering Urilain as a political refugee because he only possessed $lo instead of the regulation S25 is expected to uccime the dean oi the diplomatic corps ton-nrd the end of the year, as n result of the ponding retirement of the Brazilian Ambassador Sir Regis dc Oliveira, ivlio rcaclira (lie age limit cf 05 on Oct. !0. After the retirement of Sir fiaul tlic Belgian Ambassador Baron Cartier dc Marchicnnc would he- come the senior diplomat, hut as he is 08 on Nov. 30, he is scheduled to retire. Mine. Mnisky would (hen become the chief authority on court procedure and would lie consulted by the wives of the other <lipi : mats. She ana her husband have lived in Kensington Palace Gar- STEAMBOAT BUILDER IfOftfZO.VTAL 1, ^ Inventor of the steamboat. 11 Uncooked. 12 Appearances. 15 To si;;. 16 Lazy person. IS To bo' indebted. ID Apart. 21 Closest. 2.1 To sparkle. 25 Duct. 26 Surmiscr. 28 Unit of work. 251 Measure. 30 Ventilating machine. 31 Lair. 33 Musical note. 31 To be l7ldi?[)DSCcl. 35 .Spider'. 1 ; home. 37 Duet. 39 Any wrongful act. •11 Furnace tool. •13 Elm. •15 Wood t'orrcl. •17 Unit in electricity. Answer to Previous firule M Chair base. ' lived from 1VC5 to 1815. 17 Royal. 19 Ventilated. 20 He wns an —'by profcsi-ion. 22 Solar orb. 2-! Commanded. 27 To search for. 30 To qualify. 32 Almond. 34ronslc!lnlioii. 35 Sorrow'. 36 To exist. 3« Native mclal. 48 Commercial privilege. 42 To send back. 41 To deduce. •!fi To lrc^j>;iss. '18 Oriental Kuilnr. 51 Auditory. 5-1 Instrument. SC Social insect. 58 I'artof moulh. SD Provided. 01 Verb termination. POULTRY N'lce. fat liens and fryers A ollior poultry at [ill limns. ANI) STICKLKK-OOOIMVIN CO. 400 K. Main Wert Optometrist "HR MAKKS 'KM SICK" Over .Tue Tsaacs' Store I'hoilC S«10 „„„ s (i,ll dhlni; ilics l»'i>,wnV<> of abriit swar,. I,,,.), ,,„„„, s 1,™ y. T | U . .,„„,,„„,„ ,„,. sul( , i« UKIII 3oa feel, init (lie com- not ;n tlifir Infers ore run i'innn;h | 0 supply iilr. lowiiij; ;l dlsi-ovi'iy made bv Niimno, mniical olllccr n't ™<y Islam!. ,u, Auiliiilliin '»: mac. I here have lu'i'n few I l/ilalllles. |)r. Nlnun-. nolctl lirpiishl up fnmi a'^rat'depll^via's' mi extremely brlghf reil. li'sls wlik'h Incliided Ilia <l<wii (if rats I,, „ ( u v | llK mat Optometrisl Graduate OiiKmnj- iisl in Wythccltlp. sses Hlicd Oorrcrlly lielmel lie dlscomcd tluit carbon m:noxl<!u iwlsaiitn s was tin; real of dead,. -n,e \n wets 'had Hint valvos lo (lie air compressors located In ihe bilges, nw , Blue, and llw divers wer r the en- bn-atlilim Kliire (Ids dis- Intakes lwv« |, C eii Ihe exhunst eovery the iilr , moved and arcidenls linve lieeii re^ (IlK'lMl 10 II Illlllllllltltl. A|ii)rusliniUdy Ilivci'-fonrlhs nil pi'destiiun di>nlli.s-|,i ,-lly und countr.v-occnr ,,f l( , r 5llll( | mvi ,. Safety Plane Crashes, Hs Designer Is Killed LONDON (UJ>). I'erctvul N. Wll 1-cojini'ds. Sussex, O f worked on ,st his . ., neiljjn.s for (lie safest plnnc. (Ills year he saw his dream (me. Tlic 81. Fnmcfe, an machine wllli two cii 1 - Bliii's, was completed mid tested. Ihc first jjllot to fly 11 wa<i dc . Iglitcd • with '(!.« ease of control tile Bccontl- did liol c\cn bothei to carry 11 parachute / JIiiBh N/blloy, cl camaithen- , •slili'c, -was pilot No 3 H C took the * plane up from Mtnkter Lovcll Ox • fpnhliliic, with (|ic designer as his passciiKcr. The inacblne crashe I Bodi men were killed. Head Coiirtcr News want ails. IVANTKI) STOVE WOOD IN Tium; ran A GOOD WORK MULE ; Hi' AiiMliliu. ,,f value ,,^H A. !•'• piKTiucn 1'lwit'c 372 (ir 700 Cured >Vilhoiit Siirpi'ry, iinil very snfn and harmless mdhod; without c.milnnncnt. io I. loss of (hue from work and with very little discomfort •Mil's of piles, fissures, fistulas, etc., Irealcd by our ofllco DUS. NIES & NiES lilyliiovillo, Ark. Clinic Hi Mali Now l.oratnl it )pi tj a 'ri\\ Scciiiiil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON Ml Makes of ttelmlll Ty nl .,v-rm.r«, Machines 11IHi >"'i'\yo jiHcrbiijjs, please." MY UAKMAN cloth. VERTICAL •10 NiglH before. G3 Arranged 50 Right. 51 Yellow |>jr<J. 52 Russian' village. 51 Connecting word, 55 Polynesian chestnut. 57 Cora) island. 59 Kind of inetcr. GO He was a ' American. 62 John — w;(s tlic first steamboat experience. 3 Ruby spinel, "i Pitcher. 5 I'alm lily. G Opposed to inventor. ^ Fourth note. 8 Fewer. !) Hackneyed. 10 Commands. 13 To love excessively. li^^OviSSiP^^ rt.r\ N LEAVING THE 1CLEGRAPH ^*i^ i iVH^ IX * JI -*' "'"v-iX IrtAII TD HELP GUARD VAGJUI JOE FALL ASLEEP WHILE EDGES Hl& WW WTO -we OARKKE55. Ajnx Stores I' ({V V. T. HAMLIIV .AN'MUD 1M THEIR EVES, ' |F ' M ^ GL ' V ^^' ^W OUT ON Me/ I AYE..AWP I AWAIT. \ O OF SOME C3RBAT 7ROJAW WARRIOR/ HAVE YOU SEEM AUC.MT 'OP H/M, BDV .. W|LL POOR. DUST "'J THEIR BE THIS Nil Two WHV.S K1JOAR MARTIA A\X!OttW»i.VF cent BACW "AM HY ROY C«AtNh I BEG VOUR PODDOIJ.SUH.Bin I M NOT INTERFERING IN ' Soya DOMESTIC QUA.RP.ELS U4 THE LEAST... ~~~< —J—fTHTM LET | ( (GO or MEM SHE'S GF.TTIWG AV/AYI JU&TTWELVE MINU7ESTOOET' FRKCKLES ANI) HIS FRIENDS Tried and True Method RY MERRILL Bt,OSSE« HURRY HOME . SOMETHING TERRIBLE is GOIHG To HAPPEN . SlQMED : NUTTY." 1 WOMOER. WMATS BUT HOW WILL We GET HOMK ? -LARB , SOLD THE CARBURETOR.,' MAYBE WE CAW GET SOMEBODY "TO TOW FAT CHAMCE / LARD .TOO ALWAYS DO evERY- IHJNS \A;n>D*.i/^ i you YOU SEEM TO BE THUMBS' ife^P^

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