The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1951 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1951
Page 4
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FACB SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1951 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THl COURH5R NEWS CO. H W HAINE8. Publisher HARRY A HAINES, Assistant Publisher A. A. FREDRICKSON. Bdltor PAUL O. HUMAN. Advertising Manager Bole N«tlon»l Advertising Representatives: Wallic* Wilmer Co.. Ne* York. Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta. Memphis. Entered as second class mailer at the post- office at Blylheville, Arkansas, under act ol Con- grew, October 9, 1917 Member of Tha Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In (he city or BJylhp.vilJe or arty Ailburban town whera carrier service 1* maintained. 2Sc per week Bv mail, wiinin a radius of 50 miles. »MX> per year. $2.50 Tor .six months. I1.2.S lor Ihree months: by mall outside 50 mile lone. 112.50 per veur payable In advance. Meditations Pf jt Ihtn. belnjr evil, know how to jfiv* jrood ffiflu unto your children, how much more shall your Father which In In hravrn jrlve jrood thlnjs to them that a&k him — MaKhrw 1:11* * * Tim Is :hn spirit of prayer—sinrere:. hutnblp, believing, submissive. Other prayer thnn (his the Bible does not require—God will not accept— Gardiner Spring, Barbs A statistician says that only two in every hundred people have singing voices. And the genl In th« bathtub won't believe it, » • * Cheer up! Summer will burn lis«lf otit- * t * In *n eastern summer school ten Is served to students during exams week. Wouldn't nerve tonic be more appropriate? ' * * * Hom*-jrrnw?t ruriimh^r swiwn It herr and, with the IHlle- «nw, mom's In • iw«M pfcklc. * . * * Worry rtocs '§. perfect Job of getting you nothing but more of the jume. Safe Way to Deal With Reds Is to Anticipate the Worst America's foremost Russian experts are agreed that Moscow made * major miscalculation when it spurred North Korea to attack South Korea last year. They believe the Kremlin did not /ore- see the bold Western response to that invasion, nor did it anticipate the vast rearmament program to follow. From the fact that the Communists agreed to talk truce with us in Korea, these experts now conclude that Russia is anxious to offset this mistake. They argue that Soviet leaders, at the very least, seek x breathing spell, an easing of tensions that may lull the West back" to sleep. By the same reasoning, they conclude that Russia is unlikely in the near future (o take any aggressive step which might arouse the West anew, perhaps on a far bigger scale than Korea. Thus they believe, there will be no early attack upon Germany, Yugoslavia, or Iran, prime targets in the Russian strategy of conquest. Yet there are disturbing signs that actual Soviet thinking may not he following this line. In Yugoslavia, especially, the situation is not promising. Marshal Tito recently declared that Cor the first time satellite armies ringing his country are superior in strength to his own stubborn force. Since Russia itself is obviously responsible for the satellite build-up, it cannot be unaware of the changing balance of forces. A notable increase in Soviet-inspired mdfjents along- Tito's boundaries is another straw in the wind. These affairs are manufactured to provide excuse for attack. Furthermore, the material state of Tito's army is not good. It sorely needs new equipment. With more L'. S. money in prospect, that handicap may be corrected. But right now it makes Yugoslavia, land of the heretic Communists, a tempting morsel to Stalin. All these factors notwithstanding, Moscow should hesitate to initiate attack on Tito, if the reasoning of America's Russian specialists is accurate. Because that assult would carry with it grave risk of embroiling Russia in World War III. Vet some U. S. newsmen in Europe raise doubt that Russia sees it that way. They suggest that the Kremlin may be more impressed by our talk of Western unpreparedness for general war. Moscow may therefore conclude thai the risk of war is not great, and that the satellites could with impunity jump on Tito. If that really represents Politburo thinking, (hen (lie top Communists are less affected by the rearmament we have achieved than by the distance we still have to go. In the welter of fact, rumor, misrepresentation ant) calculated falsehood which comes to Ihe surface in Rurope, can one be sure what Stalin's conclusions are on this or any vital issue? Suffice it to say thai if he did order an attack on the guess that Ihe West wouldn't spring to Tito's aid, it would be an error dwarfing by a hundred times the mistake of Korean aggression. We dare not assume bur Washington experts are right and American reports from abroad are wrong. To be safe we must anticipate the worst. We must notify Russia in unmistakable language that an attack on Yugoslavia, however disguised as civil war or defensive retaliation, will he met by the full force of Western arms. By CLAUDE E. SPARKS (Courier N>»-« Staff Wrller) When the lusty cry of the carnival barker hits the-nild'*a.y In Hly- Iheville next mnnth, it apain will DP fair time—a lime lor festivity, prize hogs, pastries and all the "umpteen" and one lh!n?s (hat to into the making of a distrirt /air. To Robert E. BlaylorK. secretan of Northeast Arkansas District Fair Association, the IBM fair will mark the culmination of another year's planning and his eighth as an officer of the organization. He Is the last, active member of the original' Mississippi County Fair Association which has sponsored the fair for the past seven years. As secretary of the association. Mr. Blaylock is chared with the yearrround management of Walker Park and the fairground, and the j planning and execution of the au- Outcasts From Human Race nu " ralrm 1)HVS p , r ¥nir Mr. Blaylock estimates he spends . about 60 working days anntially in I BlythcvilU Personalities— District Fair Time Is Festivity Tune-arid Work For R. E. Blaylock as Fair Group's Secretary \Vhen you Itcar a report that some Chinese Red propagandist has been spouting anti - American vituperation over the Peipitig radio while Korean tnice talks were in pi-tigress, try to take the charitable view. Remember that these Chinese, like their Russian brethren, were human lie- intts before they became Communists. Views of Others Strange Paradox The story of the allORCrt mnrdfr in December, 1(144, of an Office of SlratcRic Services officer, Maj. William V. Holohan, behind the German linen in Italy seems already a« bizarre as anything ever dreamed up by E. Phillips Oppenhelm at his best. And the end In not yet. Two Americans of Italian extraction .former First l.t, Aldo Icardi and former Sgt. Carlos Ixi- Dolce, have been substantially accused of murder or complicity in murder by the Department of Defense and by the slain man's brother. Against Mr. LoDolce stands a published statement reputedly signed by him nnd witnessed by two special agents of the Central Intelligence Agency anrl an officer of Ihe Rochester. N. Y., police. This recounts such a killing In detail and name* the signer as the one who fired Ihe fatal shot after Lt. Icardi and two Italians, according to Ihe statement, had joining In arranging to. poison tht OSS major. There are disagreement* as to some of the other details In the story. Former O6S chief, Maj. Gen. William J. Donovan, says Major Holohan carried only 114,000 with him when he w»« parachuted behind enemy lines to did guerrilla*, not 4100,000 as staled by the Defense Department. Whether, the Army or Major Holohan's brother Initiated the Inquiry Into his disappearance It not yet clear. Nor 1* It clSjirJ-whether the Impending publication of the brother's story In True Magazine forced the Defense Department Ui issue Its statement or merely hurried It. In either case the department's reticence fa understandable. For under the law' which applies ill is now changed) Mr. Icardi and Mr. LoDolce, since Ihey are out of the Army, may not be. tried by rourt-martial. And under a U. S.-Itallan convention of 1868 tsmirt to be still in effect) there Is rioubt that these men, both American citizens, can be extradited to stand trial by Italian civil courts. This presents a strange and intolerable^paradox: Hers are two men accused of a heinoua crime. Yet., as matters stand., it ts doubtful that they can be tried and. If guilty, punished. On the other hand, If Ihey'are Innocent, as they now declare and the former chief of OSS operations In Kaly says hr believes they are, there Is no ready machinery for clearing their names. -CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR SO THEY SAY of buildings, collections and in preparation fcr the next yeru-'s event. Having served as president of the association for three years, in addition to his tenure as secretary. Mr. Blaylock is well-acquainted with the necessity tor planning in such a (air and looks forward to "one of the highest fairs in Ifl51 once over tightly- By A A. rretriekM* From now until Ihe Democrat* and the Republicans assemble" ta convention and wrangle and deb»t« and swap votes and finally in » R anticlimactlc blaze of static give birth to osndldAte*. the nation win'.' be subjected lo « period of speculative finger-pointing, beckoning «tnile« and modest disavoweLi. Actually, neither part,- is especi- constrictor eggj. Anything In take ally picky about aho will win the presidency come '52. .lust «o it's one of their boys. And there are not more than approximately 853 public toilers who would like to i he president. Scratch * politician and you find a candidate. Usually, when this bu.sinesn of grinding a president out of the nation's creaking electoral machine comes up. I go hide In a closet or renew my hobby of collec.Uug boa —Courier News Photo t'Ain KNOI.'CII-rR. E. Blaylock, secretary of Ihe Northeast Arkansas Fair Association examines a copy of the lair catalog and its preview of things to come. About 2,500 of the cataloRs were distributed to past and prospective exhibitors this year. Anyone ;nay enter an exhibit. [ Mr, Blaylock in his fair planning | • presents a strange situarion for he I also Is official weather observer (or ] Blytheville. I Fairs and Wealhpr we've ever had—if we get the weather." "Rain Is a fair's worst enemy,' Mr. Blaylcck says, "although a crop failure and consequent lack o( i "That doesn't mean I can Just money also Ls a big detriment to 1 'turn on' good weather for Ihe fair tlie success of a county fair." though." ha sa.v* "but if I could. J That the wealh should bother ' certainly would " About 65.000 persons attend Ihe Northeast Arkansas District Fair Th« DOCTOR SAYS my mind off the fact that l'v« bet on the wrong hor«« for more years than I care to mention, Not that this hat been due to my belonging lo the "wrong" party. It's simply because my generation has had only Ihe choio of voting lor the lesser of tw« evils. This next year, however, I think I jhall back — quietly, nt course—n political dark hor.w. I haven't much to los«. All the talk these day* Is about Eisenhower and what party might get him. There's no doubt about Cousin Harry. He'll run again if 1C take* every nickel the taxpayer! have. Taft. Stassen. Dewey, Waiv, ren. Douglas—who knows? It's '»' free country. I think we need a little new blood by Mrs. E.. who writes: _ "The doclor has been treating each year here, and looking after j m - v six-year-old daughter for what their many entries for prize money and also providing their entertainment. Mr. Blaylock Is kept busy jumping from one project to an-! other during the fair's live-nay] See H1.Ari.OCK nn Pai;r 8 | j" By KDWIS' P. JORDAN 1 . M.D. i Written for NEA Service Even today with all the new! •iiss which are now available,' l£^££^l next man. God willing, they could do no worse or spend no more. First, I wish to Introduce Mervln Brosthwaite of Upper Plate, N.T. hard he says is pus in the urine for the — v- «i usu n« H i M: ui upper nut*. W.T. past two year... When this pus was | An , ctive membet £{"(„« vegetar- firsl discovered, the doctor said It | an Party, Mr. Broslhwaite s, was a streptoecoccn.s infection. "Through laboratory t«sls. the and reaction of it. However, 'efer Ed son's Washington Column — Scuttling of Rangers Leaves Marines Nation's Tough Guys* There's plenty nf rhubarb [lying in the Pentagon over Marines vcr- iius Army Rangers. Early In Ko- *ean war. Army'.*; Ranger training program 'w a * greatly expanded. want to take them over. They d rather kep Marine* not much bi?- zer than present force of 250,000, or Standard." Its new alignment will be to raise the morale standard. 1 :; and prestige of the entire U. S. infantry organization. What this may amount "'t n i s making A)] infantry companies a.s First fighting in-j close to Ran^rs a* possible. Of- Navy. dtcateri that more! fleers snrt nor.-coins wiW be seat Holding the Marines I,o (his s to Fort Bennins t-o take courses! and abandoning the Ranppr pro- were! with emphasis on spit and polioh. I gram may be a compromise to keep war; physical conditioning and rugged i everybody happy. field training. In Chairman tjni While Army and Marint Corp-" brass will not admit it, and while Department nt Defense public relations officers refuse to talk to reporters Rbmit it, this, de-emphasis on the Ranger program may in part be a concession to Marine am- j that, they think the non-voting bit ion.* medicine seems to get it- out, completely and it seems to return so easily with a slight cold and even ."•ometimes without a cold. "He has given her suMa. penicillin, aureomycin and other drugs. These usually help the infection for R time and then the germ b«- comes resistant to the rinig," "T.s thi5 Infection .anything .it- rious, and if it were not treated, j would tt be outgrown? The dcc- i tor has had X-rays taken and finds thusi asm. What they fear h thai! no obstruction. He also had my it Marines «et too big. Army will i daughter's tonsils removed .several months ago, but the Infection Ls still there." Now this liHU girl ha* appar- guerilla type op- e r a 11 o n s likely for war nUt forces, f A special Ranger Training Command was set up at Army's big in- Tet«r Cdson fan try training center, Port Bonn ing/ Ga. Volun- riraftw.s were carefully irreenM and hand picked^ .fnr the more rugged physics I -sp (i r in;ens that, coulri take Ranger training. Recently, however, all Ranger companies in the Pacific have hern de-acLlvnieri, All Ranger personnel I largely responsible for mo VPS in has been transferred to I87th Air- ! Congress to increase strength nf bore regiment, And the Ranger f Marines lo 400,000 men. Idea would one-fifth the size of thejently been treated very well. When pus is present in rhe urine, it means that there are germs present somewhere in the urinary tract between the kidneys and the external opening. It Is advisable, a.s was done here, Giving the Commandant of the Marine Corps a place on Joint Chiefs of Staff does not have unanimous Navy support, either. Some Navy men feel Joint Chiefs is already one man too big--meanin The Marine- 5 ; have long lived 'on the tradition: that they were the original tough guys. This buildup has been so well sold that It is Training Command will cease to function as such on Sept. I. Present plan wems to Jccep the training staff intact, but to rechrlsten be in make the Marine- 1 - America's first line of defense, ready to take on any emergency i Some Navy and "Operation H I g tH have tried to 5lov n a global basis. Marine officers down IVm en- I chairman, now Gen. Omar Bradley, L%,,nq.t an absolute necessity. A statistical summary nf what the chairman does WBJS recently put out when General Bradley began his second two-year term. In the first term he had. among other things, held 248 Joint Chiefs meetings, made 174 visits to the White House, 47 appearances before rongre.vional rnmrniUrpj; and travelled I4$.$n mile?, on inspec- See HOT.I.VWoiHl on face 10 Ui identify the germs and to try them out against some of the modern drugs. After this is done, H Is possible to try one nf the drugs to which The germs seem most sensitive, and this offers the best hope of complete recovery. RESISTANCE LOWER says: ,, "Whatja matter with vegetables* f| Who]* trouble with (his country i§' w« don't have enough vitamina. And when we ijet 'em. where, d'ya think we get 'em? Outta a bottlV-l This country's run clown, We'r« lackfng In vitamin B-l, niacln and iron. We'r« crabby. We hate people. The only green stuff we care about t« dollar bii:s. We oughta spade up Port Knox and plant H to carroU, rutabaga* and lettwei. SpeaJcin' of lettuce, how much doe* this president's Job pay, anyway?** Thank you, Next, Ronald Mr. Brosthwait* J. Welchnester of Syzygy, o., par«keef, trainer and part-time birdwatcher. Mr. Welch- nf!St«r voted for Calvfn CoolJdgr* and since ha« cast hi« ballot for such candidate* n» Al Smith. Alf Landon, Wendell Wilkte and Thomas Dewey. He feels that hU luck is bound to change next time, On his outlook on the present *U.u»- tion. Mr. Welchnest*r said: "Mopt people don't know U, but parakeet* »re pretty smart birds." I also like the look* of Clement M. Ofltwnnger of Stirrup Oup, Ner., a veteran politician who Tor years fostered the Birdb»th-for-Bverr- Backyard movement. He nays: "The country U going ^o th« do**, w* must turn the rascals e\\t,\- • The Trumanite^. I mean, not- tha fJ do»s. I love dogn, I stand fcmr- In ihi.s little girl the source oft«lUarf for peace, prosperity, virtu« r - IN HOLLYWOOD By KKSKINK JOHNSON NKA SiaFf i HOLLYWOOD iNEA> — Merit Oheron, who been right up there with Garbo and Howard Hughes In the living legends league- since the death ol her fiance, Coiit Glr- n^lo Clni, admitted to me that she's about, to retire. It was Jhr day before she ^as to fly to London lor he Marrin? rolr in "24 Hour,-? In the Life of a Woman" and Merle was the first l^cend I've pver wanlftd to whistle I .-;hall my voice as loud and a.s oftrn as 1 bolievc It to be in the interest of the American people—General MrvcArthnr. • t * SnvirJ JrM'ejpn poJiry orcasionaJly changes tactics, but, there is never a change in its oasic substance.—Marshal Tito warning against Moscow's clamor for peace. • * t We Une British i have neither Ihr, intellectual brilliance of the French, the plodding thorough ness of (he German;, nor the patience o( the Eastern races. But we have tmenlive genius . . . ari\enUire and courage.—Or. Cyril Garbett, Archbishop of York. • * * "i"ne chewing of pencils, leather or pieces of wood DV children should be regarded as a wholesome in-line t and not a.« a neurotic trait.—Dr. Ham H. Neumann. Columbia University itsearch- The thing wrong with relision today the world o\er, and especially in America. Is that It Is too centrally hralefl ^na comfortable.—Murdo S. MacDonald. Pastor of an Edinburgh Presbyterian Church. * * * A povrnmrnt of tyranny Includes the seeds oT 1:5 own destruction like the underworld mnn- strr.* \\hn once ruled Chicago.— Fan) G. Hoffman. prPMdrnt. Ford Foundation, reporting un- t rest in Russia* ** » * IA^ Argrlen is the hpst mP.trojwhUn tomtnvm- Hy 'n the united States—a rity that hM every- thin*.—Prof. Waller Dees, Jr.. of Tampa University, F]fc. _at in her while shorts and open- i throated blouse. j for two IT.irs shp h*rf rcfusrfl to talk ti» npwspapr.rmrn n\ any srrat length, but a press agrnt nainf d fit orgc Thomas trhn wnn her confidence in Knropr hart pcr- *ii;\dcil her to break her shell of silrnrr. "The picture that Merle made with Paul He lire id in France is | about \n he re!ta<rd." • he said. : "The title is 'Piurfon My Fienr-h* •and Mrrlp said she'd help us with. j an interview." 1 point and talked a I "Oh. yr?." smilrrt Merlr, ] <x?.at | "It's .-.inD^cd W j to help. I really want to retire." 1 here, the octre.^es in Italy? She turned her ba< thin?, it, can be rioi "You know what 1 must say I did Ei It's an old cliche,.b have to po on. • Oi one can pull one.=el: Now I'm all right since I've come bai and this hou.^e." She looked nrom tial Bel Air mansii tenk\vood tones n with valuable pafn To Marry -I Invp this h Merlp ?aid solemn Everything in it Ml come hack hen "To many. Dr. asked. i "We're friends. j Merle, "If isn't an i with ii5 Mnrriaee. went, baric T commented that Hrd and Fred Astaire had j.iid the samr thing. "But | mean K," s;>:rt Mrrlr. "\VliM .<; ihe point of grun? on? I'd only pnd up making more tnd plenum, ret die ir that happened Why are picture. 1 ! so bad \\\f~t. dftvs? I vf a^^rtl people and nobody .<-rcm^ to know. "I'm nhvays bo in? pujiird mlo ; omeih:ii? that's \Tronc or not carr- fully thosicht o»t lor mr. U \\a-s different when I was with Samuel Golrtivyn. of course. He thivj^hl a i ?reat d?al of nie as an act:ess." 1 One Ciood pic luff j Whrn riid Merle think >hr'ci turn j : :n her Screen Actors Guild mem- i j bor^hip rirri? j Trip <0ant eyed beaut v iho=:zh( j j H c\ci- and remarked that i! wnuld i ] prnbablv happen oMcr ?=hr finished : i '-4 Hoii! 1 ^ in the Life of a Wnnun." i ) "I nnnl to do n«r ^r>f>i1 pirinrc ! • and ihrn say Roo*lhy. This looks ! ] like \ht- plrlurr, I'm told tl's a | i srns.itjonAl script. You *rr, l | | this, nrrd to Ho one pic'hirr ihsl I i i won't bo terribly ash.mird r>f," j "Actually I had rtccidrd fn icl!:r| i bctovfl Cnuntr Cinl —" Mrr>\ voirfl Ira lied off anci her [in?r[s r;viir to re.K *T nieati, we h.iri dccidert lo CPI m.irrleri anrl [ knoa- 'hrrp ftftx no po^.sible cJi.infp of my work ins. "People «av an actrr.-'. i ,\n't rp- | ir'\ no -- ni] know, Cmin' Cim> mother 'AM out of the greater and it was all .« they (alk •' abou sirad of beauty "^'On rnhic oft tl bad nnd to Du5«. on the whale ppenpd then, pretty awful, time and HEe never thinks ogether at;ain. t's happened lo Hollywood at her pala- with its rich walls hung ffS. ctor? r so much." "I built it. part o[ me. if course." Ross?" I all." said line like that lean." her nccrilr- ut Hollywood. i I first came e so beautiful morons. Today Thing' In- amor. pcrtcstal when Tort ay > A* good a contract as monds anv- it had a very good. hand. HP, was ready | infection evidently rannnt. b* discovered, although X-rays and other studio* have been made, rt is true thaf. such infections sometimes come from infection, elsewhere in the body, such as Infected tonsils. The fact that the child Bets wor=e when .^bfi ha^ a cold quite likely mearxs only that her resistance is lowered at such times. Evlr dnnOy Ihn ecrrns flr« quite resistant to mtxit of the drugs which ran now be used, and become more re- happened, of rourpr. South i slstaiU (o thrv^e drugs after A time, ' woiilrl tiol be safe to assume to make a jump re-bid in no-trump, i that the condition would clear up and he made it. His re-bid phowed that his hand was too strong for an opening bid of one no-trump but not strong enough for an opening bid of two no-1 rump. • West iRd the queen of spades, and South won with the kine. Declarer then laid down thp. king of dia- yrni m.Tkr bad n rturcs- Today sn rnsnyj actors rttri't carr. It's anvlhinc (nr a hnck.rrh*y rfo arj- ihin? (a Wt their feccs on blll- lo^rrt*. j \ "Thry A-rept S^OOO and a telr.- visiou >f*i \fnr saying [Lhat this or pinriKl is co-Tri Thnt/£ why ;bmri- is disap?earins Irom Hint Ihr Holl. JACOBY ON BRIDGE BV isvvvi.o ,i.\conv \\rilljn ftr NE.V Service NORTH A 1 32 » A37«3 J WEST(D) * QJ987 » QJ 109 Wesi Pass I* Pass M •EAST *-S 1 V .! 10 8 7 6 4 • 4 *Q762 SOUTH * 4 AK 10 VAQ52 * K5 + A 1P84 North-South vul. North F»5t Soirth Pass Pass 1 4* 2 • Pass 3 N.-T. Pass Pass Opening lead—4 Q of il.^el/ or Mmply he The proper thing to do is to continue with what treatments or cth- mrasurcs the doctor may recommend. ered *vith the queen, and South won irith >h€ ace of cluhs. Declarer next ir-ri a club to rtnmmy'j liing and returned a diamond. West was end-playeri tor the second time in the same hand. He could laV:e his t\vo diamond tricks, but then either a sp«de or a heart return would eive declarer sse—and Ihe ninth trick. free Olti Glory and the sanctity n* motherhood. War In bud. Depression is bad. Sin I* bad. Martinis «r« bad. if you use too much vermouth. "I'll admit to one grave error in my career, i once voted for Free Silver. But I w»s hoodwinked. I tound out later they didn't mewl to givt »w»y »ny fre« silver." Last member of my t«nUtlv« stable of dark horsee 1* oiovi« f. UH of shrdhi, E>a., a .retired pencil sharpener mechanic who now devotes his time to collecting old garbage onns and other intereat- ing bits of contemporary Amert- cam. Mr. Urt ha. 1 ! had no previous political experience, hate* people and doesn't believe in letting women vote. An advocate «f the gold standard, he believes U.S. Grant was the best president th» country ever had. A World War I draft-dodger. Mr. Urt. stayed out o< jail by bribery and is proud of it. Ordinarily, a man such as Mr. 'Jrt might be considered M lacking • in n tew of the qualities a presi-1 dential candidate should have. Nevertheless, he has the backing of all newspaper desk editors and copyreaders at his beck and call, as Urt certainly would be, an easy name to fit into a headline. Musical Instrument Antwtr to Previout Puizl* monds and led a low diamond to dummy's ace. Kast discarded a low heart, and South groaned mightily. Now what? How should South continue? Declarer ied the fur of clubs from dummy and finessed the eight from his hand. West won with the jack of clubs and was stuck tor a j return. A spade or a heart would dive declarer a free finesse. It was obviously foolish to cash the diamonds while dummy still had 'an entry in clubs. So West returned a club.' Dummy playrd Ihr nine. Bast cov- Free Bid May fax Partner^ Hand 15 Years Ago In 8/ytrievil/c . R Menard. who is pla.vinz with an orchestra out of Paragnuld. is ' home for a few days. North night avoid a free hid of i Mr. , n( j M r5 . \ v . v. Alexander two diainords it he Had not passed 1 anc | lwo fon f, o f Osreola, have fk- cn icuialiv. hrdinaiily. this bid would | rn the shouse apartment on West compel .--ojtb to bid Kain. In other \valnul Slrwt. and will move here ' •A-o:ds ifiOf.dA rt'i rlnt>s f'-f\ minimtm "Hirce i •Vmth tl.i r- nt lihr ;f JK Ins b'ri H' 1 ^ same ir, 's rcspomc of two rtia- | next .PUsh Sduth to three , (or of when South has a near- i J(ate (i Mr Aloxanrirr Tcs , co slalion ,, pcr a- st , he no such problem nflrr near-minimum openins i krow Ihlt there is no ic cards and l-hat two dia- Mrs. G Lillard snrl son. ,J. W.. Mrs. Rr.y \Utthen-.«. t li p fnrmor NtiM June Lillarcl, and Mi.v= Dolline Lillsrd. of Akron. O.. arnvort Pri- riay [or * vi.^it. with Mr, and MTS. John Murray and other relatew. HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted stringed musical - instrument B II has a s\veet 13 Intersticed H Above IS Rodent Ifi Sea eagles IBExist IS Preposition 20 Robber 22 From (prefix) 23 Precise 25 Give forlh 27 Advance 2fl Turfs 23 Parent 30 Diphthong 31 Ear (comb, form) 32 We 33 GreeS philosopher 35 Roman emperor 38 Passage Sn Ihe brain 39 Pull 40 Weekday (ab.) 41 Time measures 47 Pair (ab.) 4R Owns 50 Trie present time 5\ Expire 52 Seth's son (Bib.) 54 Amounts of income SSCilyin Ne\ arta }7 Bureau! VERTICAL 1 Venturesome 2 Astronomy muse 3 Permit 4 Company (ab.) 5 Russian river 6 Female horse 7 Volcano In Sicily SStajger 0 Toward 1" Eggs 11 Sea nymph 12 Constructs 17 Direction (ab.) 37 Female 20J.egislators monster 21Ecl M WJl^UEJ I CJUatlUH U Italian mount MCat 33 It resembles the 34 Hydrocarbon 36 Slender sword 51 Owinff " ~ • S3 Thus 43 Wood measure 44 German river 45 Church part 46 Colors 4!) Descendant . ichoes 42 Suffix 55 Canadian S^y province {sbj *»•• VI.

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