The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware on August 4, 1979 · Page 38
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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 38

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1979
Page 38
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autoworld The News Journal, Wilmington, Del., Saturday, August 4, 1979 Page 38 Big-car dreams must end, but waking up is hard to do By IVKK PETKKSON V-w York Tirm-s y-rvn( DETROIT - Once upon a tin if, before there was a DOT or a DOE, an NHTSA or an EPA, before, even, an OSHA or ERDA - lot alone OPEC an automobile designer someplace or other woke up with a terrific realization Automobiles, it dawned on him, had stopped being just a way of getting around, humdrum grocery-getters and commuters They had become, well, romantic - things of the heart In those days after World War II, people started making money again, the Depression faded into a morality tale for lazy teen agers, and for most Americans an era of seemingly boundless affluence, optimism and personal freedom began. That era's predominant symbol was the big. lush, colorful American car, as grinning and extroverted as the man behind the wheel l.ast week, in a plant 30 miles west of here, that era ended as far as red-blooded lovers of big American cars are concerned when the Kord Motor Co produced its first down-sized, or smaller. Lincoln Continental Dubbed the Mark VI, the model closes the book on the majestic Mark V - the last of the big. unabashedly gas-guzzling, road-hogging, head-turning luxury liners to shine the tattered ideal of heedless consumption off an acre of polished lacquer and chrome The end of the Mark V, mourned as it is by many connoisseurs of Detroit iron, evidently comes none too late in the market scheme of things. The gas shortage, fear of a recession and the influence of smaller cars have driven the big-car market into a tailspin, with all manufacturers reporting vast over-supplies of the big ones while they are unable to meet the demand for compacts. The same forces, and particularly the growing acceptance of small cars, has also brought a slump to the market in the big cars that speculators mothballed in the hope of big profits from nostalgic buyers. To big-car buffs, these signs are only further proof that after 30 years, the head is taking over from the heart in the automobile market With its companion sedan series, the Mark V was the last big car to bow to the Arab oil cartel and the economy policy in Washington. To many, it was the ultimate extension of a design period that began in 1948, when the Cadillac sprouted its first little fins and car makers began to realize that the American automobile's main function was not practical but romantic "Joy ride" said it all, and even the French, who could appreciate the impracticality of it all, would call Detroit iron "La Belle America me" Lincoln even named its top-of-the-line, $21,000 models the "Collectors Series" a bow to the widespread notion among auto buffs that true lovers of American cars would begin squirreling the last of the big ones away, like fine wine, against the dismal day when the world was taken over by Volvos. Ford, in fact, gambled on keeping its cars full-sized after General Motors began trimming its products in expectation that the public would rebel against smaller cars. In the case of the Continental, it was apparently the wrong choice. Judging from recent plunges in sales figures, the only people collecting Continentals are the Lincoln dealers. The tide had turned at the gas pump and perhaps in the hearts of many buyers before the last Continental rolled proudly off the line. Two and a half tons of steel a few-inches shy of 20 feet long translates to 10 miles to the gallon on the way to the gas line, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, and brisk sales last year and in early spring suddenly nosedived as the warm weather gasoline crisis struck. On July 10, 1978. dealers had enough Mark V's to last them 58 days. This year on the same date, the inventory of unsold Mark V's was 210 days, more than half the total production since last January . Downsizing, as Detroit called its shrinking car act, did provoke a lot of hoarding of certain big models by speculators who counted on making a killing in the specialty car market later on. But for various unforeseen reasons, it has not turned out that way. There was a lot of fanfare, for example, over the production of the last American convertible, the Cadillac Eldorado, in 1976. Thousands were snatched up and garaged, their window stickers still intact, for sale later at inflated prices. "We had people coming in and buying every Eldorado convertible we could get," said John Cnssman of Wilson-Cnssman Cadillac of Birmingham. "Now I've had calls asking me if I'll buy them back. They cooled right off As soon as the new stvles came out. thev were old hat " The gasoline crunch and the fear of recession have obviously had a negative effect on the market for cars like the pre-downsized Eldorado. The big-car glut has hit both the small-car showrooms and the used-ear lots. Inventories, measured in the number of days' supply, have jumped from an ample 98 days for Chrysler's Cordoba on July 1. 1978, to 345 davs almost a years' supply - last July 1. Inventories for Chrysler's compact economy leader, the Horizon, meanwhile, have shrunk to a bare 27 days this July 1. from 43 days a year ago General Motors, whose big-car stocks range as high as seven months's worth, recently began a cut-price dealer incentive program to help sell big cars and pickup trucks The same imbalance between big and small is true for the other major makers as well '"V - . k" ra: 4tJ ' Ll r - - j , Iff ! 1 "I. T:. 'ill 4 .J.Ei I . Tr:-? ' K f T" T't Wtsr ... .'st-- 4 The first four-door 1980 Lincoln Continental Mark VI is inspected last week by Thomas Laity at Ford Motor Co.'s Wixom, Mich., assembly plant. The Continental was the last of the American luxury series to hold out against dwindling fuel supplies and higher costs, but economic reality eventually chips away at even the American dream: The Mark VI is smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient than the Mark V. (UP!) TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION I :4 1- 1 Automohil iltt I HAVE SICK'''? AanttoHlDF'B Ktu'dman Chevrolet I JJtf, 46'Ootn Von to f-n 9 i m 10 I L TRANSPORTATION BUtNDVWINC CKtTill tl'NOUTM ,lrarl3tllmIssJ!5!', On Display, The All New Gas-Sivim T! Mymotrtti 1-DOORS and 4-DOORS! iiMrtrtCwnlOWWM' 8mt Cwivtnr an' 7 IN STOCK Mufry. Ihty wm1 WFEKEND SPECIALS ") DATSUN B-21D a P1 I Cvl r h 75 (KJO m. "4 MUSTXSC", A,,t A cv' rLn PS 4 uOC m. 77 -sPIS rtf Auto A. 'ILh PS, 22 000 nil "8 U'BARON ? fir Hi'0. I, fA.fl. PS ' viny oo ' t 0OC mi 2 If 4 SPCt 4 tvl rfch SJ UOC m, BRANDYWINE CHaYSLED-PLTWOUTH 3807 KIRKWOOD HWY. PHONE 998-2271 TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION j TRANSPORTATION j TRANSPORTATION (2? Imported t Sports Cart OATSUN '1. ?JZ mjwi 6mn4 m tm i.W 3'S ill 1U2 an S j datsun n !o; t)V 6SJ aMyr tpm Datsun u 7ti0l. a c. aTi m. ic ' -'"lS-.lM'J DAT SUN 'I , ltd. J .I I sao 145O0 ts or Dav 4 ik tor jovte ws m; a" 6p,n c:oRlK)R - gllv loatlf 40 0O0 " A ML PAC i R MHJ 6cvl rj,h MS 39 000 ti, ," Chew Ik'JiAillc Ato i Ah PS ; 000 frt, "7 CLL-Vss d( Auto PS PB vml top ct i' 26.000 mi ; datsun n iml. toa ir. j OA1SUN '76 B710 Auto 4CI j VANSLMEVY J?8-4ly I OATSUN 76 S'O S'n Wgn Froit I tNhf rjr Ntw tirei low m, 40 DATSUN '7-200bX Sf.aru . ANSC HfV Y I DA T Si IN '77-2CZ Auto, t AV PORTfc CMLVY OATSUN DODGE '76 MAXI VAN AutOffMi it V 8 PS Pfl oir lio 1395 STANTON AUTO SALES ?807. aufo loaded yellow bik J7SO0 64fl.)) "4 OLDS lOKONADO i piat'"h -xiV'twn mig hn iHpow.f 7 OOQm. SpiaiWi ' Victienn AS 9V 411X RraniKwine am m iteriX) tri AImm slT-PI mouth W :JTI j F iE ST A "8 -DiKnr grOuD AM ' r '4 000 mi $1800 814 '351 427 rl , CAUSSO fM r WWSSfSfWTWf IK Ik SALES PARTS 5FBVICE -jf HONDA 'J -Civic am fm 4 itxl IrtOO bett otr good COnd 24V(J aft S X wkdi AuDt FOX tDMd. rular oa. FV to j HONDA '6 - -Accord great m. TinMtw Bi finish nxilh match ec cood T3t-72;j .ng valour tnrlor Showroom j HONDA '?7-Accord Auto um-s coodlflon S65 Concord VA r(ig gftJ b(u 0w mj UtM Ca( rJt.5k?:.!?9P i Jldav4. l !6iJavM AUDI '71 Good cond 71 000 mi. J HQNDA "V-OVlC " tod IVckef radio thockt, HbOO jiajcht fc 0409 73Ow8 -SyflJHW. ' tS ' ' NUCAH WA20A w om AUST,N WARINA 7J-Air 4 i BMW ! VA7DA GL S ARE HERE i Y8M WADA Sale! 1 Sfvire I E(1mon PA 21VEL6 9O00 IMADA '7b GlC. aic cood. low I mn am tm itareo. 4-lixl. JSMPG I t IUV TC Ml J VIA 1)14 aft C St 3 Ml CtlW 215 JW 6800! VFRCEDES '60 1MB. bt oer AMUU JlVl T,. T14 itt t,ial ,n, 1 - L nw paint 1 MEAD. A C. tun root o-a'-r t'v . vary good com) moo. 73' iwoaavt BMrV '72 - Bavaria. 4-tpd. a C treo. ac cond W4-745 fm BVW 'l-xm sood condition iOVPO Plut. St 1081 BVW yxn Til . iwnrrjof am fm M,chiint kc cond. 1X700 )7 J4 BMW '76 3003 immac ll 000 ml Sonrcwt am tm iter-o tapa UIS0 Davt 371417. ivm i. n(h6-:5 BW '763003 ISOOO 6S6 6at CAPRI '7J ftiH 4-sod MVS E C OJXl Snarp' 66S4V3 CAPUl '74V6. 4 ud AV FV radio, lunrool. radai tlrt ioort AhMII AB.000 m ln Lia nw Only JS Concord VW Subaru GL0() CAPRI '77 -3 dr. nAichoh a ltrao. tc cond. mull tJSOO 47SV6M CAPR Mil TV 4 tpd 6 cvl. I m. Moonroof AM FM anov wneit Black S699S PORTERCHEVY r I 000 ltro CELICA ' '7t tK CP, a.r 16300 6W-0O33. COLT 73a pd. new I J N.J . VVV DAT SUN 7MZ a-ipd. 6 C conrol rvblt. C6II Tad. 323-6639 Mtll S. MERCEDES 70-3WS wood daifi 4 DR. auto, a c. etc Sacnt SJ600 45302 MOB '71 Chroma wirt whu. exc cond, must 47B-3l13 MG MIDGET '74 Convertible Good cond SII00 161 607 1 MG 76-conv. ac cond. to m, SiSOO lirm terioul calU 6S 1666 aft OPEL MANTA '743 DR. 4 tpd ac cond Sharo $1960 6SS 44S4 OPEL '6 Sport CD 4 od. cond oood mtar, vary clean. 61 OOOonB mi, 447i bit Offer 6S6 1470 OPEL '7-Manta 4 iixl. i good 1'W 1 N i 374-1137. OPEL '74 Mania. 40 000 mi . new firel new frani great gat As inglJOOO 73' 73i ll for Mine OPEL '76 Deluxe, radian, am fm -3500 Call TV. -M)!. PEUGEOT '7J-J04 Dteeel Sedan AM FM, good cond. 31M6 2i PORSCHE '6-yllE Beif offer nt 203! aft 5pm PORSCHE '71911 TARGA ISM) 274-6137 dir PORSCHE '72-914, exc cond . mpg SUTi beit 9v list PORSCHE '72-914. iM FM, rt4 gal. t May SUM 476-9637 PORSCHE 71 14. exc cond. orig. own. 43 COO ml. 64400 475- 47J1 DATSUN '72 Auto good cond nM like new J.'OO 652 3310 all 4pm DATSUN '7J 1200 So Coe, exc gas ml, L cond . lo mi 119S0 or bit Oftr 36 9099 RENAULT Gordinl '75 Conv, 5 IPd 29 mpg am fmcau 731-741 SMITH WV 4304 Kirk wood HwV SPITFIRE '7J,HX Triumph. Atk o HSO0 798S1 aft 9om 427 Imported & Sports Can SUBAftU '77-4 door ?C Cond Be.tOr'fr 98 J4'7bi-T 10 30 ii. 4 TOYOTA Corolla 71 Am fm rati'O fine cond $'000 btt o?r Hi $21 TOYOTA Wgn '77-Auto, am fm. a c Dgaigr .j9j 796 647 TOYOTA '67-Corona auto. PS P6. rh, mult e tp a p wire 764-040- 1 TOYOTA 67-CorOra. 4-dr, 4-Cvl. auto low mil 30V PG I kg nw UM 0ett0ffr7M0406 TOYOTA 7VCoroiia vin. ac,( amjm iter CaM 47. -832 i TOYOTA 73 - Coroi a 1600 Delu auto, a c. nw rad. tire. ec cond rr-g gat. 30mpg, $'8i0. 478-1 WJ. I TRANSPORTATION YES, KIRKWOOD DODGE IS HAVING THEIR f tCST SABLE EVEOSS WITH SPECIAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FROM CHRYSLER CORP., WE WILL OFFER ... 19 BSBSiS AT THE FOLLOWING UNHEARD OF BARGAINS: QUE DAY ONLY! TOMORROW AUGUST 5 1 0A5Pli (6 DODGE MAGNUMS AND (7) DODGE ST. REGIS' trj -J ry 0 0 i FACTORY INVOICE! (13) DODGE DIPLOMATS UliDER FACTORY INVOICE! (52) DODGE ASPENS $E00 UNDER FACTORY INVOICE! (78) DODGE TRUCKS 00 WW UHDER FACTORY INVOICE! Pickups, Vans, Sportsman Vans, Luxury Conversion Vans, Ramchargers and 4-Wheel Drives! j YES, WE WILL BE OPEN, ONLY AT. Prtct kvhewn ar Daltvaradl Ma txtrMl Dac. Faat 4 Tan nt Incl. YES, WE WILL SHOW YOU THE INVOICE! YES, Your trades are welcome! TOYOTA )4CorOlla Dl IS00. c. ex cona SHOO. 7M-17; tit TOYOTA '74 Corona. Marx II. dr iia wran. i cvi. auto. pa. ob am fm ,!r . (o mi Exc cond !'00 453 447 TOYOTA 7745 MPG U150 CALL J7t 5014 TOYOTA 78 Corolla. H 000 mllat Excellent condition SWS DMS CADILLAC Delaware Motor Sales ParmAvaJ. DuPont 453100 TOYOTA 78 Corona LiftbacK with 4-CYL an gina. automatic trans . air condi tlomrtg. buckat uata. ttaceo rado 1 mora a 4750 UNION PARK USEDCARS Penna Avt & Union St 658-7245 TOYOTA '71 Corona. Ilflbacx. nan. 17,000 ml. AM FM Ittrao. 5 sod. w air. 5M477 TOYOTA 7-CorolH 4 Uxd. 4 Cyl VANS CHEVY n-4U3 TOYOTA 7CorolH S tpd AM FM ttarao. Laava nam & num. bar Del 4 x g m.. 571 KU. TRIUMPH M TRIM. ac. cond 12500 OMtoftw, 73l-5a24. TRIUMPH '75 Spit conv. nd bodvwork HMO. JNJ. J74-I137 TRi '75 Isoo ml on rablt. ang . roll bar, axe cond Prof main. 9W-7SO0. 2 S4J0aft 5 TR '73 Low ml Starao. rtd! loma work Bt offaf ova SI 300 Ph 475-7M7bFt 2om TR7 7000 ml, many option, 33mog. sunroof, lufl. rack. S60O0. ) l 742-7627, VOLVO 'a-Good cond S500 Calla5a-051 THE 1WETV ' AIWT1INC YOU SAYCiOtS waaLxw.isanaiaxxXTxxwPxsxxSxwxixajry I! H HURRY, p H 1 DAY ONLY! I J i.l J li iHBJiif .wvjl I aH.nal ll ITi ailHiii 427 Imported 1 Sportj Cn 27 Imported I Sports Crt VW '71 Sobk, 30 moo. rag east VOLVO '70-PI900 Call 21S-4M- Ec cond H4J0 23-72M, 1584 batwean 7 9 o m r, -r ; z Z r VW '72 Souaraback. rwfli ang VOLVO '70-144S. am fm. Mich work bast offer. 73MIJ1 alt 6 475 mm" KWW B0 V '72-411 Stn Won. Auto. Sr. - J mog Runt good J1544 W4-4062. VOLVO '71 won. 4 tod. air, S1000 , , , JNJ 274J1I27 VW 7J Bu ' ""d1 0r' owfw Naw oa.nt. intpecfion VOLVO '71-144S. 4 dr. Sad . 4 Cyl . ,,300 ott off. 7r,237l. auto.RiH Excl cond I55 M 4. M 475-1712 VW '73 But. low mil. new pi good VOLVO '73-144EO, koad. 4-tod. WP0- re- 3J0 !" ovardr. 25MPG, am fm, a c. os, 'X rad.ais burg w.or.g. laath intr. VW '73-Supe Baetlt. good cond. exc COnd, must tell. 13495 bet! S7000 994 404 oftar 731-0505- vw '7isot)w Betnl. thero cond. VW BUG 64 ang new brakes. am fm. 1 owner. S2O50, 6A4-t3J7 t.rn, baft., tag d til 7 M. 1575. home, 6M 7143 office -i! VW '76-SILVER BUG VW Bug '65 run good. S200 40.000 mi 27 MPG reg gal Cfll J N J..274-127 cond. New tires. 14200. 4SMS14 aft. VW Bug 'itGood cond. $675. Call 7pm VW 63 Bug. engine ecellent. VW 77 RABBIT S1S0 3QI mmt 33.000 mllet. excellenl condition. VW '67-4350. U1M 52Hii2 DMS CADILLAC Ztictvn ",C'- Delaware Motor Sales VW '6T-Cnoer But. rah. 4 sod Penn Ave I OuPont 456-3100 STANTON AUTO SALES VW '71 DIESEL, Rabbit, 4-sod. 2146 Mitch Rd tvt-OUB deluxe trim, roof rack, driving VW -0 xr.ii t (AO. 'R1- chrome bumP., ttereo, 10.000 VANS CHEVY "t-4123 m-TTlTr T in town. Aug. 3rd & 4th to tell. 'Ti ' Asking 17000. For more info cell V R . M.n. S500 475.116 652-3164. VW '70 Souerebeck, auto, eir vw '7fRabblt. 1 door, deluxe edi-cond. 742-067, or 471-6506. Deal- tk)n 4 1PMI, am FM cestette L Only 5 000 certified mllet. Like VW '71-Poo Too Cemoer, rebuilt new. Concord VW Suberu. GLt- englne. Sl50 21S-355-4W7. lO0 47t Auto Equip., Pirts t Access. A MOBILE BODY SHOP-Lowesl retei Your home or work. Call for estl TO 9115 . CHEVY VEGA EngineComplete or Partt 32 3369. 5 CHEV 350 Turbo Trant-100. Turbo. S' 25 762 '2rt. 5-7pm CRAGAR trick whit Imo old, 2 8x15 ", 2-6x14" 737 5223 eft 4 DAT SUN 240Z Eng Reblt, 6 mot guar, S47S. Bnnon Comp 366-7695 DATSUN '74. 710 eng & trans 2drt tor '76 Datum 32 3111) DODGE Van bumoert. Can 239 7668 FORD PINTO '71-Bott 302 Vt J2I 1039 FOREIGN a. domestic tnew I re bulltl car parts J. eccets. et discounts to Do it Yourtelfert. SMALL CAR WORLD 9964436 HARD TOP for late model Scout H. SI SO 996-6653 NOVA 69 lor parts. 321 6220 aft 5 pm REBUILT Auto. Transmission. S135 exchanged. Most Amer. cers. 90 day guar g.34-4061 anytime SELLING partt tor Hornet '71, 2 dr. 6 cvl. auto. 73-9224 SNOWPLOW 7' complete w lights A motor, like new. fctfO. can be seen IU3 Del. Ave.. Claymont, 301-28 7 2066. USED Auto parts, motors, trant. reart I tiret Also complete repair service. Daily i Set. lem- 60m 452-3127. USED Parts, foreign & American. Open daily. 322-76M 42f Auto Equip , Parts t Access. USED PARTS Mg. Triumph. Dettun, Fiat. Audi Toy. Capri. Porsche 215 LE 4 2572 USED windshields, uo to 1970 S25 Newer onet slightly higner Also uted auto parts 322-4597 VALVE Jobs, V-4 heedt 135 PR New spark pluot 69c . Rotittert 85c. AC Auto Lltehempion Brake Rotort Turned SS PERFORMANCE SHOP 366 9534 Open 9 9 7 day't week VW ENGINES Rebuilt. 12 monfti 13.000 mi. guar Lowest prices. 1 day service, free fowtngl installation. 609-935 3443 VW '67 Body. 2 meg whit. 165 Call 47V 7381 316 eng. 1 trant.. complete. cond 1350 361 7T25 Exc I FORD, Scout or Jeeo 10"i chrome whit.! 20. 9-6SJ. 69 1 '70 Volvo 142 for pern or whole Bob. 328 3314 bet 98J 431 Tirw ALMOST Brand New Two Top line Steel Belted Redlel tlret. LR76 15 on balanced whit S100 731-5708 TIRES (11) IJ", 14", 15" whee's, 14 to 125 908-6653 on 2 F60xl4 Power Cat belted tires. 145pr 798-5369 43t Repairv-Towiiri Abandoned & All Junk Cars Bought CASH PAID & FREE TOWING 323 2326 or 321-1091 451 Repairs-Towini ABANDONED I lunk cars bought Cath pd, free towing 652 312' Abandoned & Junk Cars Bought. AMERICAN 1 FOREIGN 332-459;. ANYTIME TRANSPORTATION 1K1 '74 0LDSM0BIU Cut 1 a Supreme. 2 door rad'0 & haTe?r, autcw-natit :Ww?r steering pove Drake, air condition VJUA 1680 'T7 FORS Gorndo 4 (toot- laMlnn ttad t VemrUja- txWi0tK. fnO t)xing 3839 nCKKJUH Ocrlif-arf 4 (fMd rad-o htMrtr aseo '74 PINTO 2 4 tpaMd rodeo 1 hatjrltjji 1193 '73 FOOT tndo t KKit tjtantiorej 1680 'TiMOeSCT xto 1 Km 3180 '78jtt? (riN 6 (Vn 3 IPMI. aJrftOf, 5360 12 tNTULIATIONAL Traveiaa. -water 2 door, radio & 1480 '74 CHEVROLET Van r its C(jtmprkg 4Kjvtpritl (UomxIh, BcFrtho 4 hdj-a- oulct-marK 3S9S '77 DODGE Aiptten VaLnn Woo Sodio 1 IrantiWiUror 3693 7SC4HLAUJN 1980 '75 PACE1 3 cW rodio & tmmm otamctttc, pvmm tftMing M980 '75 CHIVBOin vonie Cano Sao.o A heater Jutomatic. por ttaenno Owk brakes 9377 2880 AOadoned. Junk Cart, or Truck TOWEDFREE! 6J3-fc02 A High Prtca Paid American A Foragn. We tew 7davt 372 76 M BRElTENBACH Tow!n Wt buy Autwrtobiles WmM lunk cars can m-t m. CASH paid tor lunk cars 1 we win NEED CASH pickup free. 656-4387. evet. 79. For Your Clean Dependable 1171 M6.M AUTO PARn. LATE MODEL USEDCAR OR PICKUP? DOMINO S TOP DOCLAR PAID H,Khest Price Pd. cpfe0ll TLt CA85' Full me car 654 3284. 656-6330 FUTURE FORD I WILL PAY TOP S$ 4O01 Klrkwood Hwy 999 0261 FOR )UNK CARS SMALL CARS ART PLOENER AUTO PARTS JIVinLl. VAH3 "- ytss Any Cond. Top $Pd. NEW CASTLE Area Abandon BIB Foreign Car. 652-3431 Junk Cert ft Trucks. Free Tow- ' ing. Too doner od. Used Auto E need used Imoorf Cert, we'll Pertv 24-Hr Towing. 429-9142. 654- P " dollar ROYAL IM 2IQ5 PORTS. 3801 Lancaster Ave, 995- UNWANTED ABANDONED Junk Cars bought Cath Paid. Free doliar for clean laie Towing 762-1797. 7am-6pm model uted Imporrt. Call Jim, 459-8900 3 AutomobikH Wnt(d , , . . .. 445 Au1WT)vbilFirftciri ALDERMAN DATSUN bcpcredit hotline. iVa oav too dVotiar for ora-ownad (Wft.'V27a wort A aconomy carv Bring titi. 7 " r eilMakavouhomt a52 3068 Call ahead tor Quick, frat Credit Approval! Ak for Butlrtaw Mar. WE BUY VW'i! RRANOYWINE Anv condition! Runnlntj or not? CHRYSLbR-PL vMOIITM JACONO'S SUNOCO W4-9731 mJ KtRKWOOO HWY V

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