The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1934
Page 4
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BLYTmtyiLLE, (ARK.): COUB1KB tittVft Sfcte ..Arkifciii BWlav.Infci Jttw YoHs, .qttc«o, St. toutt, DiBte, Ka?iW City, Memphis. Published Every Alttrnoon Ejccpt Sunday., Entered us second ctais matter at the post B:y.thevillv, Arkansas, under act of Congress, Oc•P tpber 9, 1911. 2*rve)l of me Uiilteb Press DU^MJV^Vi* f 1 iVJ>^ Jl^'VbO' , By 'carrier W IS* Cltj ol BJy«i.wUS, 15c per week or »6.bO per ycur In advance. By mail within a radius ot 50 miles, »3.00 per yciF H60 for «tx months, S5c for D.ree months; by-.rtill in postal zones two to six, Inclusive, fc.&O per year, In zones seven aiir 1 eight, $10.00 per year, piyarjle In *dvan«. Ifie Scrip Pl'dn Work The stvipt pl.iln by which the Bly- Uieviilij H'elicf Committee hdpos td jirb- i-idc jiial'criul fl)r \vork J-olitf projects in Blylheviiie iiiii) to relieve distress among fariiilies Kb lotigcr eligible for federal assistance is not going to produce the desii-cd results unless it receives more general support from l!vu commlinil}' in gbiieikl. . In a wave of enthusiasm last \reek A Jarfee Simblihi of tlie scrijit was 'pijr- chasud and placed in circulation. To date ?4,(5Ul) wbHh has bee'n issued, none of whidi luis l)ccn redeemed. That i's riot ils iiiuch as sliotdil bt; in tVircuhition, hft it is a substautiiil hii'muiil aikl .sufTictcnt id pnxltice a good i'evciiuc if kept moving. Right there is where tlie tvbttlile seeuis I'o lie. The script already in circulation is not being.-used as freely as it shoukj be. the key to the succws of the pliiu is the,Vapidity with wllich the script changes haiuls. The most elective help anyone can give to tliis prbgrani is to get rid of every dollar's \Vortli df script that comes into his hands as (juickly iis possible. Uemember that 'thei script makes no money for the re; lief^ prbgrahi' wliije resfjh^ iii y'biir • pocket; yotir cash drawer, Or your safe. Spend it in preference to money at ei-ery opportunity. Keep it moving and It ^ill accomplish, Avlutt it .was desigiied to do, 'Ari'ti if you.coiild lise more than 'c'oriieS to you: i&.-..thb ordii.iary iim of ._Kirsiricss; "hlaji^r^o'irne ;bt \vour dol- Jars t'oi- script at tli? Farmers liaiik and ;';Trust corhpaiijv;arid .start "more of it ' ; ' ' „ >i An Outlaw, Yet Hero io Sortie! WlitU is there about human aiiywsiy; that ( gives .them a's admiration for all outlaws? This irmii John Dillinger is a desper- '4)6, i killer, a robber, and a gbneriil, all-tirourid rat. Yet somehow he has tabfelit the imagination of a good part of his fcllow-countrymeu. • i'lic Jjcople. of his home town have ifttiiall.v circulated a petition calling on the governor of Indiana to (,'ivc him Hijiiicsty; iiiuiiit'stionably, there are a lot iw>ire i>eople who ho)» to sec him fohtimic to foil the law and escape punishment. Why should this be? Why should OUT OUR WAY liiu j)(,'(J|jle of (lie United Sf.'itcs, in Hit- cveillfbl yciv of 593'1, sol to tvork to biilid ilp .a romantic Robin Hood legend about ii iow-brou'cd criminal whose sole distinction seems to 1)0 lli.-it lie i.s Die most vicious UHIB uiiliansjod? • % • 1'ftrlly, |K'rlm|is, it coiiR'n UK ;i !'<-'action from our years of rHi'ulinjj about CliicagOGsc Kiinjjsiers. Those lads, the racketeers ami hi-jackcrs itiitl muscle inwj, iVere ;i)w;iys ion btisiriMS-liki; and cautious to lake on a romantic tjlam- oiir. They did not so much iitflU with tlici police as connive with them. Tliey used hired killers to g;iin their ends. Wllwi they killed I heir man, they killed by treachery, shooting I'roin be- liiricl; tlie jfrcal Aineriaiii i/islilntioii of "the ride" is the very acme of cowardly, sat'ety-lirsl (.•uniiing. Dilliiiprer is more like a throwback to Uic ijiul men of (lie old wesl. He has traded shots with his victims in tlie ol'd-time style, anil risked Uis neck aplenty in his forays. * v * As a result, lie has lieeii built up into an impossible character; ;i soil of combination of .lessu .lanws, Hilly the Kiel ii)),) jioljiii IJood, for whom law-abiding citi/.ens arc willing lo sign peUUo'iis dskiti^ elements'. All this, perliaps, is human and natural. Hut it i.s iievcrtbfle.s.-; a queer ;uid foolish mistake, For when fill has been said and done, Dilliiiger is a menace to 'public safely, i\ Itomiddui freak who deserves neither admiration nor sympathy. The silly sentimentality thai tries to make a hero out of him is as brainless a display as we Americans have . made, in many :\ month. Dillinger needs lo be shot on sitfht by the lirst cop wlio si»ts him. —Brute CnUon. .TUESDAY,. APRIL, ->4, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Qtfcrtaxing the Highway ilie report of a recent middleweslern irnfi'k accident told how a touring car carrying live people "crashed into a. truck loa'ttcd with 19 tons of steel" ;ib- a rural cross-roads. .-While it .happens that in this pai> ticulcir case tlia truck driver was not at fault, the item leads one lo wonder 'what 'nil- earth a -truck wilb such an enormous cargo was doing on a public highway iii the lirst place. A ID-ton load is a pretty tfootl-sixcd morsel lo inject into the daily slream of automobile traffic. It takes up more space than a Cross-country motor vehicle ought lo have—this truck, by the way, was traveling from Cleveland to Detroit—it moves with deadly momentum, and it puts an abnormal strain on a highway built and maintained with public funds. It is foolish, of, to talk of taking all freight Iraft'ic away from the trucks and giving it back lo the railroads. Evil \\ load of such bulk would certainly seem to be a load for the freight train, not for (ho motor truck. '^1 always .say what js going: to happen is going to happen.' National Child Health Day Will Be Observed May First This is tin; lirsl o( ilirci; arli-. lions disejiscs with which Ics by Dr. Morris FbihWn. wril- jl.otiy of the child is not eriuipi tcu -In cuinii'Cliun with tiir na-!al birlh. liuml (ilisiTv.uicc ot Child llrallh j 'mis is tile tenlh uunivciiiiry' ot Day, May I. ... Cliild Health Day. In 1028. Iw.v- * * ..*•:•-.- ever, the Congress of Die Uniti-c UV Ull. MOltltIS FISIIUKIN 'Slates passed un act which made Ktlitor, Journal of (lie Ami-rkan 111 olficlal. Mt'ilical A^si]i'l:ttion, anil m' ily- i'ciu, the llriillli Miigii'/inr Muy I has ucen selected as (Jliild llenlth Day. so that, everyone in- The act Sicilies the Unil Ml States flay shall be pro:mii"nt ly displayed on May I as a reminder or the health prolrclioi u in care 'of the ichil(!--ali<l, : that should, be given to chiidrci who are -not,' .should be -and as a reminder of the v'iitb nsay ijivc .special cousldijnitlon lo Itliat we ov.s lo them as tile eili- sfciyio of the problems invoked in Iztns of Hit future. allorilini; every youngstri; the op-! , . r.oriiinity to develop into a heal- I M:.\T: Good lu-allli fur qooil ihy u ml capable cilizeit. ; ' , . JHil/pnsliip. Wheii the White Housj; Conlcr-i ' ; lice on Child Health anil Prolec- | Ion was called by fonijer'- Prcsi- I lent Hoover, il drew up fa.charter j J Hie rights uljlhe child, i Those -lights include the Consider- dionS that n fleet the child ironi he time of its", conception' until it caches adu^t. ago.-.. i. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO l-'mrn (he B)« it trie BlytbeviiM »»IIy Courier CURIOUS Womb Tgl •Ihinsilay, f\,iii zs, 19UI. I.idle Hock.—'l he state commii- .i-e- today announced election ol V G. Litlle of Blyll'.eville and A. n-tls of J'arasotiM as delegates i-om '.he First Arkansas district o the DOmocrutic national cuji- eiition nl New \'ork. Tin- Maple Grove cemetery as- aialion mi'i Tim-day afternoon it ihe pourlhoiise. The following Ulcers were installed: Mrs. Julia jroiviic. president; Mrs. J. G. Smibury, vicc-presiilcnl; Mrs. Bln- iieyir. KCiTCtary; Mrs. U. A. l reasurc.r; Mrs. W. M. Crowe, press rone.spondenl; Mrs. H. Ij. King, i.u-]iamemarian. Mrs. E. J. Hcalon. Hie i-elirhuj iiesldent, was presented will) a M-auUtnl sllvcv tray with handle is a gift from the organization. CHURCH EXCUSES Hy litre. VV. Mothei' r.nd Jo<- have iiliofii <]iiit (lie argument on bii[itb-ni. Slio says in the fov»r or live ytavs she l:as been visiting us thai Joe lias not ]n:ulc so mui'h as one statement Hint conlfl l>e coti'iict- ei-ccl a rer-.son ior the use of so uuch '.vater iti baptizin and ai hot u-calliur may be here .aiy mouth now -slie thiufcs it bust not to exert hci-scir in a ust-lebs trgumeiH but if Jic does not tic- Gin to see her way by the time cool u'Cnther sets in ishc \vili make one or two more efforts lo jnov* (o him that her eliurch's nicthoti of b-ivlistn and also all Jhin^s tauyht by the cluuch is rig PHYSICAL DECLINE 6ELGINS IN THE HU.VvAN 6ooy Ar A&CXJT AGE OF A BLOW OH AN EEL'S 7/H/t. \VIIL KILL IT MORE QutCKlV THAN A BLOW ON ITS l the ostrich is a iiatiic of a warm climate, it can.'.': theU's.s, withbU.nd rigorous winters. A thick layer of liil,;, jrtgituiUy served as u protection from the hot sun, hai i foiKid lo .serve as a protection from cold as well. ; ' NTAT: V.'lial is the longest English wuril? i "• know that oue cati't think of ev-. .Mother says I should have found cnthim; and as 1 was very young | was a lot ot Ihinus I did iioi .nit all about his church beliefs j i i:d notions before the fatal words '^ ere spohen. 1 ieet like as. iiv.iny • iCopyrigl'.U'd.i times as she has had similar j words ;:aid (o her she should | i{r:ul Courier News Want Ads. Jobless Get <ianlcn 1'i KACLNE. Ws. lU!') — ! ipaces me bchit: altalled, ! : Hindicds of unemployed ni'',- viill raise vegetables for IhfC ilics during Ihe sumniL'r. La; ,1:1 ! 2,8011 plots were worked. i' : 'l jJcforc birth' bray,; fluid is cm ittcd -lo proper. i:onsiiUTation for Is mother. Siich. conslilerallon neiiiLsllinCiltc inptlicr sli'oulcl have .'no«ah -nicdieal atlumiin before the cliild is born, dining its process of liinii and IUUT blvlli lo ljle her to retain her jwn health and, HI .the "same liaie. to give io Ihe child the hourishmcju. required (or proper development. « ' - Today it is no lon_ wed suitable for mothers to by their doctors just at the moment ol childbirth alone. The doctor watcher the diet of the mother, her exercise, and her j defeat rist tuning the entire period previous lo childbirth. lit; sc'cs to it TRe Editor's Letter Box ni:ni!i jn-:ni: TODAY r.Ull.rriP, ;i rinndsnrac r-onlli ri-rns«-i! of a nilirjcr be <li(l nt'1 '•< ....... il. rsi-niic", from E\uv \ I" tlrn.lnn tvlIM IlTr> rhtcvr«. l/.iVU iiuil I.O'I-nr-i Iii l(iiv.ttn. liniti-r Ilir tiniiic «( ".Iij.inllo." JIP n,! i'^ null Elc: u|i«n n KJIII- :N r.S'rr.J.i.F. vir.i.n rit-Ti .mi i--ii-:i.i) ...... I ln,. Tliry tn cm unit r;. Inn I'ffl,! hrrnli^ , iriMiii; r'NIi-tfr rirvn.r. :,[['r K!J,> l,!<ri»nles i-u- .I:C luvins. VroliU From \Var (To IhC EdUoYO '-. A recent article published in Fortune ma^axiiit.'. which . is a very ccaservativc publication, Iclis atom il'.e doings of Ihc war ma- li-iiiil makers, those who m;tnutac- lund tt-.i- means to destroy ten million people in the world war. II shows that Ihes'j war makers Mippti:! ;i pwi'i-fiil lobby in every Knvcrnincnt in the world—that they icco^nue no falherlimd. Thai, they jet gou'i-innciH against government. Thru their business is 10 Mir up war. prolong war when 11 Marts, and to disrupt peace peace ii declared. They . nnil l'iililin,\ f:,llu >c:lr,-h;,,u 1,,, liK •. liK lltl.I.I.Vf.S. .Vr,v Y. v,-as llironch with caring for any- ono. She wonlil gu-e nolliing anil Irikc all slio could «ct. In time, perhaps. :di« . would learn lo love material ttihus Miat Held no warm, treacherous, V.-iangins lieans. PaUiio. wrft!;jg. sernnd letter, tail ?;:irt thai be was fr<je, tliat lie loved l:er aail ,~iail always loved her, dial !:c wnnhl love her. She liarl sinilcii bitterly as siic read llio words, unable lo forget the rebuff lie had given with tlie ucws that lie was was tlnousii, ttie uccirtcii. Sue She thai she cafe foods which help the body of the child to develop sound bones and tcelh. He makes certain lhai the pioc- css of childbirth is conducted under sanitary and clean conditions which avoid infection. -He Uoc., everything possible to shield the ir.o'.hei from pain and 10 conserve il'.e tissues or her body. Bv Williams VJHV.CURLV, I'VE GOT A WHOLE 'RAFT OF REM. CL^SV WRITING PAPER AND SOU'RE VJELCOME TO ALL YOU WANT OF IT. THAT'S SCOPPY, WRITING A. LETTER ON WRAPPING PAPER. VJES, VUH KNOW, VORE. PITCHER TAKEM VMTH A HOMELY FELLER MAKES VUH BETTER LOOKIM'/j VWGLL, VJRAPP1M' PAPER. MAKES MY KIMDER WRlTIN 1 ^-ooKl^4'-H^MOsoMey ALMOST. , III,, nski 1 ..... i I'lrM l,^i-.< ui Jin- IT of tMs." !lfo ito Las very littlij" very little except irf ); and hardship and i arp all children, ynn hnnw.J-^ dren until tbo end of oi:r!(2 \Ve write, hi 'our .various wav. 1 ' letlcrs to Raiii.v Cla;]?. and* we don't receive the Gilts ', for life becomes drab. \Vc great runny places anil do <i many tbinss trying to tors'! life is bitter if swallowed stl PaWilo is tryius to do tlia h;in;;s to vain. never a;;ain hold out her H e lioiidl tliai you Yrili-( I'.-ilililn. linr. frrl- r ,-tinii»l lirv-.iU liit ri»K:ipc- r,1 1,'iirfr, fir ,l,N-.s mil ^n In MHIIIIS M>VI'S. ^\l,,, l,r- rd l':il,llli, HN :i ,-hllil. ,-(,iu,-« liiiu. onrmgtt to nndcrstaiitl I s| The bell on tlie 1'iold .r.ijo posi i °nly lie and his God wil. oa<; l;,tc Aa^ntt aitcviioon ' linow how- mnrh he hopctl tl Slie said notliinp. Slio tlio cdse of a hamlkercliicf . I'^s'iicli n:unillo:i makers Iicljx;d Hitler lo [xnvrr. tlii-n so'ti scared l-'rance more ivar m.ilciial. • llaibi-d -,viu- iiiadi- ill Grnnany j alter the slaitrd v.ns solil to Friiiiti'. mid b.i!-r il:c- C;cvmaii -•'•"cis lumt: their i;uts oa ^ l,;l]lI)ill^^s, Ii:ir[». "_ CliAPTKH XLVH nil.UNUS, who Imtl wiitten rah*•* lilo .Sir Aubrey wished lo FCC lihu i:ci.-'nK:Hy ami asketl the r.ivnr ff I'aMicn'^ nddrrss in ease as Ihc Elm was lyins oil tlio cnrlh in long, lliick, gfililen slroais. A sli.ilj.'iy litllo boy oi>cncri tho salo Iliad years before n'lien rclmi lo iN'orris iXriyc.- wlin said lu\ had] the Moiiier Superior tor cali: biifiiicss ividi Jlii-o Fielil. • ,xaches wliicli were hciaq \ "She i.s in the sanlcn. I lliiiili,"! for Kaliier Icnaliu.i who w,-J [lie hoy jraifl. "in the garden] IDS to visit Ule convent, hcyond the house. You may p;o j • • • llicrc if you lite to starch for her. I A-JOYES «aw Hint I'oimd en, tho dnor if you do not j IN Ehto! . ^ l]M fiii.1 lier there, hlie is somowhcre ! lowered, nrnuuu. blic never j^ocs anywhere 1 else. S!i<! is saiJ—ah, snd!" I ,,„ J '*My dear." Fio pairl F.UI K.yes pave the shabby little tor ] ''?" " c m ' S youns! " y ",« ?,-- -!,.-':.'-"_™ i z^:^^ -ri" wrong side and that: trie £,'nvlc» that looked over Utc Mimilioiis stroycd in 6ei by ll:r i-t;ei:iy have !x.-eii. ills v.fie 1:01 d'J- inany anil France "lii'ii Ibi-v could Tlu-n. after the c!i::d is born, the doctor advLn-s i!." mother. II land in .uiy way possible, to nurse the ! \vh:ic baby herself. Id- ( | V ,-., OILS be- !ro:n j cause he knows that mother's milk! .lap. i- liie best lco<l UK- Ij.i'uics. j Hy t\er miU; the mo'.hia' sivrs lo jllio ciiiid not only tin- cssctilial United !=[a;i- of iiiitritK.i:. i, ul:.o in- ', «::i;cst pro'lls viMb.'e proicclion l::,:r. ht-r taly against many o! liip inlcc- England plitd it. l,i! r.l:o-.i!il rliau^ il at any time. '• s"- Tfiorc sl.c was. s-.vaycil tiy i i l:c:i:l»tl in-.vartl Ciilia where lie | lv; 'l!. a Innil on it. lic-r eyes liscd clevcrcst of mortals will llii|f.! 15 siile is the onlv « to .sen Sir A«brcy. also on ! on Lhc llashinrly while sail rt a = ', ; , Q ; ' ^ i: v-..y Ihoro. £>«« '»»«. »>••* t«r»cd W ^oyc ; | „,,„/ „ u , Mgi| ^ wh f. i ...i.i i._ i..., t,. i-,,i., niii f [Kitsen tier. i _-i.._ • . . _ ! .-It v.vmM )>o li '.:••- lh»i;:;>ii ;t he rone in ? tvnin on . Yes, IL ^O'.ild tiii.^. v,(j;i!rl t-a r 1 -i :t lfi'1 in llic "Yes?" she fcit ANNOUNCEMENTS" The Courier N'c,\s ii?.-, been »»-! lo aniiour.'r tt.j foliou-lns;! •'•'•> • candidates for p-,h;:c olflcc. sno-i 1 ••• to the De:.-.ocratic primary ^" | MM •"_ ' : "' ColUliy ,l:i,|n c U- Ji.\l>;'(i.SON' ir .' HA;:HAM I'nr Mrmljcr r,r r'ungrcs? CLINTON L (;,U,UWELI, I'or Klifriff anil ( nllcctnr CLAHENCB 11. V.'IUSON for Itc-clcclioji for ,S-.-jond Te I'nr Comity 1t',>.surcr JOE S. 1«L!.A!IHNTY i f.ict'ii:•:,<. HI;:;-. iSm:r>n. Sir An Jfcn:. .\ntin TnHlH'll. '.1C.. :'•'• t :'v r.j .-; \vo;artn who no - •:• !;•: -.-,- !irr. A'lil ^.ircia :i-:i:,i. ?--::!- in tli:< l!:» Fi;n '.-.?: ].*.'<* v.--::^ v.'.v. 1 ;,r, uM o:-.c •:'.'•> ^a-. knci-'.iin^ in ll-.e c')i:!(l no'. rc.-r;:t i!:^ "r:iy: :ui-l iii :;,il» i.£ 111" chil! |'' li'j;i t:ic fcu"lr:iv.n'ti, this'/ vvltli the gentle vt.irs and , Tni!:i 0,1 c--- ' I wrong side is uppermost a ma j .. Uo o!f without savin:; gooiW^ i Flam tlie door. Ami the WO:K| . 1 j loves will cry and talk about'j; . Tlien- K -;- of iii>! ti fors > kill J-» f': i l.j'l rea<! :i:"!jie:n. ive TH Cleric I'or Circuit Cr,u-t HUGH CUAI ADD1PON S-M- 1!. B. (SKKt,'l i K I'nr County FREfJ l-'or Ue-ESeetlOn for 2nd Tcim I'or AsstsMit Ii. L. fBILLV, CiAINES u. c. (IKE) HUDSON I'nr C'oii'-l.ihlr- nf JACK l Oeliatc Renaming of Public School Buildings U.I-.U.l.AM) iUi'1 - 'I'lv f|U.~s- 1.0:1 n| -.yl.i-rii,.,- c:,-v:-:;!i;d p;iillic fv't.i.r:;, -.x!;-.f.i, | ;r: , r s;:pposttily r.^.iniiii;!.?.--, i.a:a:-s .^h.iil be rc- ciirisu-in-d ;-. i-.gUUng tire attention ol school i:oaid members. Names Midi as Beehive. Hicks and Waiing have co:no under the spotlight. All red A. Benesch. board p:esiticm. ventured the i opinion at a board session dial lu- K.xr. c.'it.iin - ; -,nr,c y.:o;V.c think , Waims .vlico! was named after |li-.ii U,:n i; ,,iui h;s iv.nisylvr.n .1 :;-." Ca;l:fo cn;rr:::r'l. "Giiaiil j:\: ? ?:i fro:a ihr; p.iir: I have ;.:..v.i:i :!!:'! ll.c C". il t!:.,l ll o;;.-<:<!:" 11^ l.'f: !n (lie alir.2 lus a r.:;l> f-:-i:;t::il P^i"t °f hi:- wn^c^ HT.-l ^icpi-tfl ir-to Iho fiii.-f^riiic fa-M of ll:-j dry s'.rcet (coiin- t;:-;i il.p uta t!'! santiitr ll.vl rnlllc'l nil Im:;. I!-" rrrat lio!i;e U .'.'. ll--l hr--i IIT ' r l:a:i.-ienr? of u,r:r.- ,-i:i'c-:l: s'-ir waited for t::? *'i:aii:i^ s^ic la sva:'5 r. :jn:h[G l,?;ich V.-JL:,-!! s'.cv): lienoatli ;i ler.isiii:; ti:n.^r.,.-iia tree. TU: set;:-!! after she 11 MM::-! c.^iii i: ,.-. "I |-r:.,e:l IV.V.V !i» l.ccan. a:i'l !ii-.v !:-,- niffci. "i i;,vo him." i.'i'.iis—iV.n ?:il lie ri-krd to nirirry f ',1 :a.i.-i> ', - anrl fnr t:a n;lu-r rc.i' . ;ir. j .} s' nr *£ r i^ f ' I (l r ;-"jl of For^ivm*. And ' . v.ill Jir.-l youi'sclf rraviri: another. I ttoSnU il yw : :lrt me scml I'atiHto lo yo:i t an:l : what ho has Eiificrc-1 will i:nlj • lM?g!:v to ho;:p lint f jnn. ;t;iTi tnr^ive yourtoif.' "Jic—he v-'ii^ Iriil'Tin^ P. ] ff-r her," Kslcllo wh^pcre-l. voice broUc. "Ho wa % <i'tin~ nil lint li-i to keep another Khc • tame misery von Sirul W hi:, face !d«c Tlijit is the trat:i—I VP.O ! s -i' iT 15;cm toQiiiliDr and I 1 •a." the pirl j lito er.cugl] to innw tlio tr: I -!i!.-.-!il 113. i hi.^ i Ho licsril her l):«,il!i Midi 1 0-ic fn^j It i —" N'nycs went on. "And I5i:t I c-1y.s l:e tvUt never hriilfl on!i ;'' ili::i!;. \:: iiiri.;.-. t, yourself anilj'Hi'a i.i the wron; viowpoli -<--;n. iMMi-n. i:,,, j-.,,, ,., I:)ii; ,, us.,!,.- 1 ! "0« tliins so precious B3 thia . - - - - tu -.,. time wo are given hero." i ll'-cc. ricar. ?n nuicli lovnl Ho bowed and Eslolle ;n . . , ..... ..„ _______ ...... , „,..., . . , , . i li«:-.e-r IIK-IC: \Ve:v.ea toijr-ihicr band. "Stud Wra '- ' 5.!. ':-/th:.-i,UKmr.u.!,-,;.,in la,: I,,,-. )•„, ,.,-,. fa , ascd '.„ ! 5 ; :e sai ,,. t^.-i Mrr.rd llio Ufcr. S.,*'-^ ".,-,, |,,1. v.-, f ; .-, Ml . M&r : (u ^^^ / lj

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