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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 41
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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 41

The Morning Newsi
Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:

FORTY-ONE WILMINGTON MORNING NEWS. WILMINGTON, DELAWARE. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11. 1942 WDM SPONSOR POWER OUTPUT MOVIES, STAGE AND MU GET-TOGETHERS GAINS IN SEAEORD Winner Second Year English Producers Theatre Guide Laurel and Hardy Get All Stuck Up Comedy Will Open In Newark Tonight Defied on Cussing Doors open i and "Kid-Glove Killer Delaware City Will Hold First Neighborhood Night After Yuletide Holidays Increase in Number of Home Meters Boosts Total Despite Commercial Decline at 6:15. PIKE "Talk of the Town. 1 Doors By FREDERICK C. OTHMAN TTOLLYWOOD. Dec. 10 (U.R) ACE "Men of Texas." Feature at 1:03, 3:07, 5:16, 7:25, 9:34. ARCADIA "Are Husbands Necessary?" Feature at 1:04, 3:18, 5:32, 7:46. 10. The cast of "My Sister Eileen" held final rehearsals yesterday for the presentation of the University Drama Group, to be staged at Laurel and Hardy went to work i on each other and Miss Nella Walk Crun'if in Thm fnminn Vt roj.wR.i! rrrv rwv in-Thn Special to The Morning News NEW YORK. Dec. 10 (U President Edward C. Raftery of United Artists Motion Picture Company today defied the English producers of the controversial film "In Which We Serve" and said it will be served up to the American public in an expurgated version despite English protests. Mitchell Newark, tonight and REST "Holiday Inn." Feature at tomorrow night. Proceeds from both' 7:13. 9:22. TX S. Treasury Department has i SEAFORD, Dec. 10 At a meeting initiate mnrram tn he of City Council this week the pro- open at 6:45. Ql'EEX "Jungle Siren." Feature at 12:10. 2:10, 4 05, 6:05. 8:05, 10. I A "Springtime In the Rockies." Feature at 11:40, 1:40. 1:40, 5:45. 7:50, 9:50. RITZ Marks the Spot" and West of the Law." Doors open at performances will go to the Newark throughout the country In the form du'-ion rePrt the Seaford Light Council for Civilian Defense of ccoimunity "get-togethers," called He said, however, in a caoie 10 me EDGE MOOR "Spy Ship" and "No Time for Comedy." Doors open at 6:45. LOEWS AI.DINE "White Cargo Feature at 11:25, 1:30, 3:40, 5:35, 7:45, 10. London producers that of the swear 6:45. Dr. Charles N. Lanier, business manager, reports much interest in the play by Newark movie patrons and citizens who have expressed the desire to witness a stage version of the Sherwood girls antics in Greenwich Village. Tiflcet are on Rale at and Power Company was given. The report disclosed that despite the almost total elimination of store window and outside display lighting the monthly income for current this November exceeded that of last November. The fizure for November last year was $7,612.79 while this, year it increased to $7,744.65. "Neighborhood Nights." Civic organizations and women's clubs are sponsoring this activity throughout the country and the Parent Teacher's Association has been designated to develop the theme in Delaware. Mrs. Anna Lester, president of the Commodore Macdonough School as NATIONAL On the Sunny Side Talk of the Town Cowd Dears open at onlv one had been cut out. STRAND "The Pied Piper." Fea-j Raftery also said that a reference ture at 6:05, 8. 9:40. to Italians "which United States WARNER "Now, Voyager." Fea- Government officials requested de-ture at 12:25. 5:01, 7:19, 9:40 leted in international interest" also has been eliminated. Rhodes Drug Store and also will be ar.d "Barking Guns." Doors open at sold at the box office each evenins. i nocn. er with billposters' paste brushes today, with results which can best be described as gooey in the good, old-fashioned way. Metro Goldwyn Mayer provided the shower baths later, plus replacements for the ruined clothes, plus a soothing word for Miss Walker, who announced, as smears of paste started flying her way: "It's your dress, but remember It's mv face." Stan Laurel and Babe Hardy, immaculate in freshly pressed pants, spats, wing collars and polka dot ties, were starring in "Air Raid Wardens." As such they were posting in front of the bank notices of a warden meeting. So Stan somehow managed to paste a bill on Babe's broad back. That made the Babe sore and he got for his impatience a swipe of the paste brush in the face. Miss Walker, playing the bank Oniclals of the power company The large cast offers an interest PARK "A Haunting We Will Go" sociation, and her committees are i The cable was dispatched to Fil- spotted her into a short but snappy: at random: Couldn't have been lipo del Guidice. of Two Cities Films, sequence in "Hi-Buddy." Jack's more surprised than when Spencer wb0 had ordewl the pre. pride and Joy registered so potently Tracy wa.ked "21." He was dm- mier cancelled becauee American planning to hold such a meeting In jprimarUy to the fact tmu tne num-January All organizations in the ber of meters had increased from community wiU: be called upon to xsm jt year to 1.112 for Novem-assist with the program. her, this vear. This was compared During the first World War these with 560 meters in 1937, when the meetings were called '-community company began business. It was nights;" but the thought back of I also pointed out that the K. W. H. Bob Hope NEW YORK, Dec. 10 (TV-Motion Picture Daily announced today that Bob Hope, comedian, had won top honors for the second successive year in its seventh annual radio poll of more than 600 radio editors and columnists of the United States the movement is the same, that of consumption had jumped from ing combination of familiar faces and newcomers to the Mitchell Hall stage. Among the featured players are Miss Dorothy Stow, Mrs. John Standen, G. Taggart Evans, W. D. Murray, E. Clair Mahanna, George T. Boli. Mrs. C. R. Kase, L. Parker Thomas, Charles R. Humphreys, Mrs. Jack Lacher, and Robert Rohm. Listed among the supporting cast are John H. Standen, Mrs. W. D. Murray, Robert Jennings, Mrs. Murray Mannos. Mrs. Robert Jennings, Samuel Rulon, Harold Bo-gardus, Charles Rogers. Mrs. E. Clair Mahanna. and Jack Lacher. that she was not only handed a new ing with Fay Wray and Bob Riskin; contract but a top roll in Dcanna in another corner L. B. Mayer and Durbin's next, "Three Smart Girls i Howard Strickling were playing Join Up." Her father said. "Why hosts to a stag group and the don't you say you have oomph? It's usually reserved Gary Cooper was more polite." "Call it what you doing a little table hopping; but like," said Jenniffer, "it still rates a I the piece de resistenee is Luise censors were going to delete parts of the picture. Del Guidice also cabled Raftery i that Two Cities Films would not leash a check for $360,000 which United Artists had posted as a mini-! mum guarantee for the film "until bringing the people together for an 400 in 1937, to 178.000 this year. To Redeem Certificate Council voted to notify holders of revenue certificates of the Seaford wife nnnrnarhpfi. hfie new contract." Rainer, done to the teeth in white orchids, showing up night-clubbing Light and Power Company that the a -clash of paste down her I an Canada. we are formally assured that the film will not be cut or altered." city was prepared to take up an nnrnie dress and bv now Laurel and I Hope was named champion of 1 fmnnA .1... The discussion over "Skin of Our practically every eve with the same Buumuiisi tiu.wu ul me hi ini-a in jjarcy were pasting eacn otner cnampions, ana aiso won nrst piace in January when the quarterly cer- methodically beneath their coats, in the comedian group. Fred Allen i Teeth," between acts was more in-j good looking escort; if Warners are' 1 1 1 FIWnQ Wfl RARQ teresting than the play. Said one successful in getting Ingrid Berg-- un 'u DHno are due was second to him as champion cf Mrs. George L. Millikan, and Mrs. C. R. Kase, assistant, have of our Hollywood friends, "if the i man for "Saratoga Trunk'' they will under their arms, and behind the TO NAVY DEPOT PROBE movies put on a play like that we try to get Gary Cooper for the male i would never live it down." The lit- lead, reuniting the stars of "For been aided by Mrs. G. Taggart Evans, production manager and her com- ears. Then Haray pusnea jaurci. Laurel pushed Hardy back and the Babe, who's been taking it for more than two decades, landed on the HARRISBURG. Dec. 10 (INS) Council also voted to rebate taxes amounting to $406.10 to the Delaware Home Builders as part payment on money expended by the company for 6treet improvements in the development. Last vear the amount U. S. Government officials today erati are unanimous in proclaiming Whom The Bell Tolls." that the Fredric March-Tallulah mince cnajrmeii wno Hie as Scenery, L. Parker Thomas; Properties. Mrs. Raymond Justin; Mrs. C. R. Humphreys: lighting, Jack Lacher; sound effects, Vir- sidewalk with his head submerged I in the paste bucket. He emerged with goo dripping from his mouth, champions, and Jack Benny was second as comedian. Dinah Shore was voted the year's outstanding new star, succeading Red Skelton who placed third this year. Zero Mostel was second. Herb Shriner was voted mast promising star of tomorrow, a new classification. Other top honors were won by Fibber McGee and Molly, Bing Crosby, Fanny Brice, Madeleine Carroll and Raymond Gram Swing. rebated was $195.94, exchange of ideas. The knitting class for wives of service men will meet at the U. S. O. Center Friday afternoon. Mrs. William Burroughs and Mrs. Prank W. Schroeder are in charge of instructions. Nearly 30 members are enrolled. The Girl Scouts of Delaware City met this afternoon in the school with Mrs. Claude Jordan in charge. The surgical dressings class will meet tomorrow night in the fire hall. The annual Christmas party and treat sponsored by the Parent Teacher's Association of Commodore Macdonough School will be held next Wednesday night. Miss Stevenson, program chairman, has arranged entertainment in which every pupil will participate. The president, Mrs. Anna Lester, will assist. The Scout Troop of St. Georges will meet in the Sunday school room of the Methodist Church Saturday night. The Rev. Ralph E. Proud, scoutmaster, will be in charge of the meeting. i were cleared by a federal grand Jurv- GRANGE SPEAKER FLAYS I0' Re charge they sought to ntinr-. MOri "hamper investigation of alleged BUREAUCRACY RED TAPE! fraud in the civilian constructioa of the $40,000,000 naval supply depot- ATLANTTC CITY. N. Dec. 10 echanicsburg to shield (INS) Declaring it is easier to get! transportation for beer than mk, "l1- Tini i MTt Watson, concemned The December meeting of the Sea- ms nose, his eyes and his ears. He ford Parent-Teacher Association splashed puddles of paste for a mo-wil! be held in the school auditor- ment with his hands. Then he Bankneaa snow oners a proiouna message. But not money Woolley who took me to the show. think it's awful." said the ultra frank Mr. Woolley. However, we agreed that Tullulah Bankhead is a very bright spot. Douglas Fairbanks, Hal Wallis and Lillian Hellman were all in a huddle talking over the show ginia Gardner; make up. Mrs George T. Boli; publicity, Mrs. Francis H. Squire. lum Monday evening according to started chasing Stan, and we dont mind admitting in our own lowbrow way that this is the kind of movie for us. an announcement by Mrs. Carroll F. Beard, president. Included on the program is an address by Edward N. Conaway, a E. Kitty Carlisle Cast As Prima Donna and all said that it would never be master of the National Grange, to- oman ht bought for the movies. day addressed the New Jersey I S. Commissioner Sidnev "hiahlv-Dublicized accusation im. front and it' is a pleasure to say All morning the experts under Grange convention. former teacher at the school, who Director Edward Sedgwick, the slap- so. The last few Laurel and Hardy i pugning the integrity" of govern- movies weren so hot and the A line UI 1J. xticic uc a uiuiauucu CUIliAiiauun OI vTii-tTtr club in Holly wood but hold every- government bureaucracy red tape Tht jury which recesScd un'il the thing-it will be on a sound stage at and "injustice to the farmer." HejRm week'of January, indicated it NEW YORK, Dec. If the boys in the publicity depart gents themselves were the first to admit it. This was because of bad scripts and the naive idea of the producers that all Laurel and Hardy had to do was stand in front of coiumma lor uover um. nuM un. mc wmci kwuio nave a i was prepared to return indictmr.ts Sherman BUlingsley will be on the full voice at the peace table after but was postponing action until coast, rieni aiier me iirst oi uie vear i is uuw aasuciaiea wun me uur-oni stick master, renearseo. wun dry Company. Mr. Conaway will discuss brushes until they'd got their timing the history of Delaware and recent i down to split-second accuracy. The observance of "Delaware Day." Mrs. chemists labored under handicaps P. C. Elliott, of the State Parent, i over the paste. Teachers group, will explain the 1 They said that ordinarily they "Neighborhood Night" as is applies whipped up egg whites for paste, to the month of January and she because it stuck tightly, photo-will also discuss the problems of i graphed excellently, and tasted good schools at war. when flavored slightly with vanilla. Mrs. James M. Adams and Paul i These are no days to use eggs for H. Weil, music instructors at the slapstick even if the studio could 1 in i i 2 to supervise the replica of his famed later "in order not to handicap the investigation which is continuing." Friedman attacked the jury's report as a "whitewash of eatery and also to play himself in HARRINGTON MARINE SUFFERS SHELL SHOCK the cameras to make the people laugh. Tour Proves Their Point Stan and Babe protested to no Remember the Twenty-five Neediest Families. Send your contribution to News-Journal Co. jr WARNER BROTHERS' WILMINGTON THEATRES ic ir the movie with Rita Hayworth, Janet Blair and Jinx Falkenburg Brad- shaw Crandall is painting Joan Fontaine for a future magazine cover Tne grapevine from the coast has it that with all the grief of getting Deanna Burbin's picture "Forever Yours" finished, it is a honey. Snapshots of New York collected m-uwi, Kwa gruup singing 01 nuv eggs, which it can v. ments rooting for a star means anything (and maybe you think it doesn't) Kitty Carlisle has half her battle won in her comeback after four years from the movies. Kitty goes to Universal for the prima donna role in "Cross Your Fingers," the movie which will send Alvino Rey and his orchestra to the coast. She's also signed for a picture with Hunt Stromberg. "Cross Your Fingers," which Howard Benedict will produce, is a dramatic musical about a. Broadway star who loses her man to a glamorous rival and who carries a great big (musical) torch. Kitty isn't carrying any torch in her private life, however. Her romance with Agent patriotic numbers and Christmas The bovs experimented with glue. BONDS WHILE YOU WAIT The Followinf Theatres Are Authorized Agents for the Sale of C. S. War Bonds! Ererj Day All Day! Special to The Morning News Harrington, Dec. 10 An official letter has been received from Washington by Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tee, parents of Private First Class Cornelius Tee with the U. S. Marines on Guadalcanal, that he has been shell shocked and moved to a hospital for treatment. The letter did not say where he was located. If there carols. Refreshments will conclude the program. Speaker at Assembly The high school assembly exercises of the Seaford Central School were held yesterday morning with E. Paul Burkholder, supervisor of Kent Dtxrrs Osefi 1 1 :45 A. This was too good. It stuck the bills to the wall; it also stuck the actors' eyelids together. The paste mixers eventually compromised on a mixture of flour and water and by high noon all was ready. Director Sedgwick placed Miss Walker a wall, and with dribbling paste brush and deadly aim, gave hr a preliminary smear. And in less time than it takes to tell, the participants achieved the vaguely sour smell of a freshly avail. Then they made a personal appearance tour, which broke records wherever they went. This reopened the eyes of the movie makers and it looks now as though Laurel and Hardy are on the verge of becoming big time comics again. As soon as this picture is finished they make another at 20th Century Fox, then return to Metro. They're about to be featured in a comic strip, they've been signed to a 15-month radio contract, and if that still isn't enough, they've established a turtle plant in Mexico. From this, they said, will come turtle steaks, turtle soup, buttons, and combs for ladies' hair. Then they headed far their baths. They needed 'em. are any new developments in the i case, the family will be notified, the i County Schools, as guest speaker. Mr. Burkholder, who is one of the NATIONAL today Dosri 0r at 12 M. Dill; "ON THE SUNNY SIDE" Also "NORTH OF THE ROCKIES" Arthur Lyons is coming along nicely. Jack Holt got a shock the other t1 voh CT originators of the Dec. 7 observance official news from Washington SfJZ? state historical standpoint. Mbs wmch might indicate that he is im Helen Cantrell, school senior, was student chairman of the program. papered dining room and the ap day when his daughter Jennifer telephoned and said: "Aren't you proud of me? I got sex appeal!" Jennifer has been making horse operas at Universal, clad to the chin in buckskin, when suddenly they Miss Ida Rawlins, grade teacher pearance of mobile portions ol Thousand Island pudding. So all is well on the slapstick proving. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Dean visited the former's brother, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dean at Fede-ralsburg yesterday. Tint in the school, is ill at her home near here, and her place is being taken Bulevar4 by Mrs. Robert Gillis. OPEN P- M. Feat. Countess Enacts Real-Life Role NEWARK ARMY OFFICER DIES IN WASHINGTON IIMIIMIIillllHIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIM RODDY Mcdowell MONTY WOOLEY Rosalind Russell Rosalind Jimmie Russell Stewart NO TIME A FOR J3 "THE PIED PIPER" DOORS OPEN 10:30 A. M. Special to The Morning News NEWARK, Dec. 10 Lieut. Frank Robert Thoroughgood, 32, of Newark died yesterday in Walter Reed Hospital in Washington of a heart ailment which developed while he was attending the Officers Training School at Fort Monroe, Va. Born in Easton, he later came to Newark where his late father was professor of civil engineering at the University of Delaware. He was a graduate of Newark High School and also the university. He was elected to Phi Kappa Phi honor society and was secretary of Kappa Alpha Fraternity. He was sergeant of the R. O. T. C. in his senior year. Surviving are his mother, Mrs. Laura M. Thoroughgood, and a sister, Jeannette. Funeral arrange-: ments have not been completed. I MoOESKTWAHTn ST tOMEDYjP HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 10 (INS) Countass Yvonne Heyndreckx, wife of the Belgian ambassador, could reflect today that her film debut was perhaps the most unexpected, and most fitting, on record. She visited the set of "Mission to Moscow" with Ambassador Joseph E. Davies, who wrote the beet-seller, as an historic reception which she attended in real life was being PARK I sST i UUREL-HARDY i 9ndjur mod OANTI THI MAGICIAN Wl i 4" tn fill JENSEN'S 1208-10 MARKET ST. PLATTERS 45c up DELAVENU California Wines ROYAL GEM N. Y. Pleasant Valley Wines Fine Liquors Domestic and imported whiskies, riiis, brandies, rams, cordials, champagnes, tn keen and ale. Open 'til Midnight Fri. Sat. I Mil II IW Ik. "VUW VUIII'I THREE MEN INJURED WHEN 2 TRUCKS CRASH upon the situation and persuaded the countess to play herself before the cameras. 1 iCS-IpV STEVENS 1 Table D'Bote DINNERS ALSO A' LA CARTE STEAKS CHOPS SPAGHETTI shebTrv Three men were Injured last night when the truck in which they were riding collided with another truck: 'at Eleventh and Spruce Streets, They were taken to the Wilmington Beer Wines Liquors Banquet and Meeting Rooms I I 701 King St. 422 General Hospital. I Anthony Sniadowski, 52, of 828; Church Street, operator of one of the trucks, received a possible frac- ture of the left shoulder and a i lacerated knee. Albert Kozlowski, 28, Del. Ave. ol 802 Elm Street, a passenger; suf- fered a lacerated nose and bruised forehead. Clarence Young, 54, of 723 Jimmie LAMBROS' MARINE ROOM 4TB PRICE, TRAINEE. PA. FsMow "arkrt WMlct Direct ts DHf-l Mill Nsrtli si Marcus Hnk PHONE CHESTER S-t93 lack (Quickie) x. r-, aft Ana's carrying a em Church street, anotner passenger, received a sprained right shoulder ar.d lacerations. Oscar Lyons, 34. of Richardson Park, operator of one of the trucks escaped injury. Damage to Sniadow-! ski truck was estimated at $175 and to Lyons' truck, $25. new torcn. l3r i ln AUK -TrVrF5r Co-Feature 2 MANNING hefun M.nhs bint fe5 "KID GLOVE" KILLER" lkA i3oEMoAiisSiCi' I TOMORROW mj iinu Crlf n.TEVENS Irene MANNING JIJll 171 Us Ralph Bellamy Brod Crawford SHIP" "PRIDE OF THE YANKEES" in "MEN OF TEXAS" Marsh. HUNT Richard CARLSON "JJJ irpliDD i UIDTUII ere. Adults 5.x; Children l.e 'TBI AFFAInS Ol MAnlnA Will net be shown for Irss until IMS. Sat. Van Hrllin Orllia Parkrr in "THE GRAND CENTRAL MIRDER" assaBMss Ranee Bustrrs in "ARIZONA STAGE COACH mm mm4 Pk 2d week fPtV I 'tm f-t1 tomorrow "jTijSr 4(1 tr CROSBY ASTAIEZ WnK ffJff Added Sat. Matinee Onlr Buck Jone "Gunman frem Bedie" i I L-itr I ft MPS GRIFFIN and his ALL GIRL ANNJHER1DAN DENNIS M0R6AN acetylene torch in a 'plane plant! She's working on the bomber-line and has the boy doing tailtpinf. REVUE (FIGHTING IN PHILIPPiNESi CONTINUING, JAPS SAY; Cameras and Equipment buy them now! Take Featuring PAT BERNARD June ALDAN na 4 Bcr.a4ettt Sinter Seats with )ACK CARSON CEORCE TOBIAS our word for it, there is a serious shortage and if you LITTLE Miss MARLEY Tony CILLARD Orch. wait you may be disap Last Times Ann Corio Buster Crabbe Tody in "jUNCLE SIREN" LONDON, Dec. 10 (INSV The Ger-; man radio today reported a Japa-j nese naval headquarters announce-! ment that heavy fighting still is go- ing on in the Philippines. "Fresh Japanese troops have been landed in an effort to overcome the Americans," Berlin said. I Remember the Twenty-five Need- iest Families. Send your contribution BUYTM HERE pointed. Maka Reservations for Your Xmas Parties NOW. Special Rates and Prices. liniiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiimHuiM DOORS OPEN 6:45 P. M. 8are your tires and fas take Philadelphia Bus dirert t. door. We cater ta wedding's, banquets and smalt parties. to News-Journal Co. I KODAKS EXPOSURE METERS MINIATURE DARK ROOM EQUIPMENT ENLARCERS 4f JKi-cs WAR BOKDS and STAMPS FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! AVENGE DEC. 7th "BUY BONDS OF VENGEANCE" LAST TIMES TODAY Ray MILLAND Betty FIELD "ARE HUSBANDS NECESSARY?" pea fXf rf PARRISH 2ND FEATURE Rebobotb Beach, DeL Direct Service NO MAN EVER FOUND A CURE FOR THE LURE Of TONDELAYC! VJEScf ft TO BUCK JONES 'm M'COY ti2 LAO LflmURR P1DGE0 S(l I II 1 1 1 1 1 I Ml I Ull 1 1 II 1 1 1 17J1ITE CARGO Cooperating wltk ih Office Oefeat Trontporrofioe It CoortJiaatiag Its Scrvlc with tht GREYHOUND AND RED STAR A. We Specialise in FINE CRAIN FINISHING OF MINIATURE NECATIVES IS TilH Antr M. FRANK MORGAN RICHARD CARLSON REGINALD OWEN piu. Iw TODAY RONALO JEAN CARY COLmfln ARTHUR GRflm 4L any of the ebova cempeniet hoa oa Service th tor information ea Service on the SHEKRY O'NEILL MILTON H.HILL, Inc. RICHARD THORPS Ky im i ay Shore. SHIPLEY STREET Phone 4-2401 jt tit -sr I I llit "5TRA(GE CASE Of OK. Rt"

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