The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1930
Page 6
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====i==^=====^-=^ Action In Second Series Game tCTVICW l Confident. of Win Sat- ;urday Night ; Ex-Memphis 3oy Faces Old Mates. Confident of victors', the Blylhe- •:lle CluclULsaws will battle Mcm-!s Central at Hedges Field In -lairiphis Saturday' nlg.M. Despite "12 fact ilia 1 , they will b; playlni nir firsV night game anl will t? • :i!uig on a foreign ficl-J against ? team thao 1ms always proven . ouWesoaie for U;« Maroo:i uric' 'lite, the local grldders express ..;y' assurance that th?y .will (iko : •") Central Warriors In convincing ' . ;T-ie game 1 will prove Hit firs', real .''.I for the IIudso:imen tills year • id will bfler a basis upon which . v-jiiy "experts" will a'.t:inpl o •' :!is their performance ngulnst ih" - -iiibofo Hun-icon: here en Oct. the Cent ml aggrcgstion. '!.---•; exceedingly stubborn op|>:sl- ':,.Ooach Hudson will limit, his i ;"m<* to a few orthodox phys a 1 ? : ,-ca Clarence Gels and members -hii Golden Hurricane eleven will •|t3bly bi'ui the slanis at M-.-m- ;-.;:• tt> watch th» enc;mter Sat-<-'ay tright. ; 'I'ssnon N Wigglns. who was ku:ck- •j unconscious. by a blow on lea . j k during- a. light serlminaije. scs- ' n Tuesday was .back out for Octlce and; will be .ready to work • : fis Central ganu-. 'fhe b!g e:r.l ^-'p'ect »-Ul probably be n??il:J, Whatever happens Saturday night i ;> 1 Memphis faiis aie due to' see T! n:.real action with Pete Craig ".-slate fullback of the Chicks, in > Iray. Mempblans will probably iiember a youth, who sen-cd .ns J'erve 'quarterback for the Centra! tiym .last."year 'hi Bernard Me- \:s'e. The former Mcmplus lail. jyln? against his. old team mates. "1 direct, the Blythevllle eleven nl • quarter post. .-. BRUSHING UP STORTS PRIDAV, OCTOTiRRa, 1030 By Laufer St. .ot'is foam I'/ lo Do Better on Home Grounds Saturday. Mickey Co CL! n four'; Ls .s! hnine, the ho:nt> run stay of (he World Strlcs, is shewn above In the top picture as he crash- >a;r blew in the (list jnnin-j of the wcon-l gnini; ui Philadelphia. In Ihe s'cond picture Sim- lowa Caring into- rio:ne p!:i'.i- on n cl-js? relay from [he outfield. Simmons raced In on I-'CXX'K two base hit. The play also happtncd in tlw nrst inning. Pa. — riiio'.'ini! ; '.ft lor their home town, the H'.. I tills Cardinals with two games ; r-^'ke;! nr> against them in their • world's series v.'ith the Athletics 'i' ih!s dlv. were not us enr-rly civ tliiriaslic n-> thw n-ui-ared «ht-:i , -l"". p entered Philadelphia. j Hut. the Hed Birds of Gabhv I SU'?l wer-i a urim lot and refuse;! i f; b-_- discouraged by the turn of | cvonlB lhat has sen! them two dowi : in the serit-s already. It i-; almos'. ; '-i!'-in th'it Wild Bill lirirb.ill lefty of tin Cards, win bi. : eir. 10 the mound at St. Louis I Saturday in an effort to put '.h? • C'P.i'ds back In the uuining. ; fd:n sti certain. i The Cards have ccnlidence in i.tlallnliar. but it will take more than coiifi(ltn:i in their pitcher for tl-.e ' n-.-d Birds to win ns they hnve only ^cored three runs in two games i which wuld not win minv .ball :v,infs. In fact (he Cards have had '•oinc fair hurling In both games j 'out no pitcher could svin without I1 lint. ; ficcrf; Earnshaiv proved his fast i oalt down the ^'rinie sp-it that Grove through his ttie day before, ycster- i cay and threw in n few curves ' .V/jiis; witli the iiieed.-r. Flint Hhi-m I tiail lough hick nnd ihe Macks : ciii!!l°d all their seven lilts c!f him PLENTIFUL IN1IGM :• I'oa.-Dwi',! Say! Tom Ueb," who.'co'ach«rtl-,o Notre :.'ain:'llaB last'year and .'.iimlled .ie leajn during "the illncsi of tht • ihld, Eagle, made, eonre Interesting Tt.naiks out on. the P-»cific coast 10 other night, via the radio. Lieti - ; 17 years of tutoring ; looked worse than the present, one. At the • ':ni:e tune, h,: voltes a preference for KDi-king wi:h youngsters, and practically his entire group is un- i tried sophcmoiu mute-rial. Robin. ton. Yanuskus nnd HIII-s are his j veterans. • ,OHl Amos Aloiuo Stugi* nlto has an admission. He declares h? has ' : scen better proipec-ts—nnd much LOOKS t.IKi: COSTE SYRACUSE. .N. Y. (UP)—? Holland fi. Marvin of Syrac-u-," k:ks H l:t like Dlcuilninle C:;.:? Tlie- resemblance was note:! wh-n th', Fien: 1 ! filer wis ei.-.:t;d by Mayor Marvin nt the lo;n Rlu-m nnrt neither allowed a hit. The Cardinal attack bogged down before the brillKuil pitching of Knrnshnn- and I'M fiirds could nev-. . <.']• get started even though Frankic Frisch i'.?aclie:t third once and sec' ond cnce. Your:;; George Wntklns ' in his scrie.-i debut accounted for ; the Birds only run with his homer in the secontl. l\ SETTER Cf^hlCE To STICK /£ RED against the Cardmais Siuurriay is ; ably worrying lease of anybody ! Mack can afford to do son me exp?r- D i Ml' 1 \\l »' T i poorer r.nes. too. He says he'll get but lVlld-\VCSteni i Gams ! alone KCinehw—h.Vs btni e?tiln-j Exoectcd to Get Along j^ IIOW ror 38 y " rsnt tllc Mlti: : Well Without. Loaders. I1Y CI.AIIIK 1IHKCKV NKA Ser\-Icc SinirLs Writer A ecarcity ol captains L-hosen Hi '.h? customary mannjr at the eni r.f the "regular season hardly will . tn.daiiser (!•? riiinlity nf football : thiui Wesley FCS'.M-. the cruck • - Indiana. Ohio and Iowa are the remaining members of the Big Ten . 1 —nut! that's Just abnu; Ihe extent ! of It. Indiana lost most of her 111!.-| fio:n liis-i- year; Ohio Slate lost, her j best bucks and S'jmc rf hei 1 .^ar : and retains li'.tle more : ; .now coaching at Loyola, LK An- ! "Javctl this fall in the Hipr Ten. A innn. \v!ici may be a fullback this .e!es," and here are n few of 11:? hasty survey before the season nc- ; full. losvn plnyr. only one name—: ;urdens he-.eased trail hL; manly ."-Hy begins indicates thai the wi;!l Pnrdt:e Oct. lg-- 0 her .-.t;S.-.IB!h . cheat: '• . ' ' ' j.tilcnt as u whole b .oven better or wenkncss means but HUlo to the! -Nbtre Dame, will go through It:: 2asU-rh_' schedule this year unde- I'eated,. Southern. . Calif omla will do likewise -in the west. When the two nieeb Dec. 6 /in the coast, Soutl-^rn Calilornia ; will hand the Saulh Bend lads 'a Lacing. ^ "Stanford will 'give .Minnesota a football lesson Oct." 11. "The big shots in the Big Ten this ; year are Purdue, Illinois nnd Northwestern. . i ..'..'.*'* , * -. He Names Twomty •"The 'lineman that Notre Dame really will miss- this year Is pot Cannon, who was. an All-America guard last season, but Twomey. the tackle who played beside him! ."Last year's Notre D.ime eleven was a .better" aggregation than the Four Horsemen of the year 1924. ',;Thi best man, on the Notre Dame, team --last year was not Ca." ridei, Elder or Cannon. It was tlm tackle, Twomey. And nobody gave ... Ire The All-America, a quarterback so hini a tumble. : pickers needed they chose Carldeo. Carinon didn't wear a headguard, and that gel Win the;.All-AmerIca job. "If Howard Jones still wants to know who b'roke:up his plays nt Chlpago. here Is the answer: T\vo- meyl It was .Twomey who broke the- Ihie, smeared the opposition and gave Cannon a chance to tackle the gent with the ball." • Explains Sanndtrs' Run Lieb praised the blocking that enabled Russ run back a. klckoff.95 yards "through the oosn field to" score a touchdown agai'nsi Notre; Dune. • "Tiiat.nin didn't amount to anything," said Lieb. "He could have walked through there, the way his mates took out the opposition. You-or I couW have carried that d?!' uf (he conference teams, i Over n period of ninny years , I Bougan to: Meet Moore Memphis than in past years. H might fcem strange, however, j tl:nt only six schools In the loop ! there has been n headline' readiii-' j hnv; captains, nnd two of them | "Stagg Feurs Purdue." I m!"ht ! weren't chcsen un!ll the whlitl: ] nsk, who doesn't? J t)hw for practiic a few weeks ne^>. j V'ollo'vlng the custom of fcsliv? > banquets terminating the 192!) j Mispn. Michigan selected Dirky | Qirr.r.V,!, n quarterback: Northwest- ; crn-n?minated husky Hank Brudcr,; a hnlfback; Chicago "unmeet Erreli i Van Nice, rangy hallbnck. mid Wia- i ccnsin honored Mill Caiil-jnbcin, a ' flocky wingman. Recently Illinois Olaf Rr:bins->h. a fullback. '• und Win lirockmeyer. Mlnnci-ota 'ivaiter, was the choice of 1G Gopher velcrnns. A year n^o iherc , wer? eight Big Ten captains, cam- ' nirci.1 with six this fall. i lluriicdlv glnncing over the West- cin Conference field, one picks. Perdue, 1529 conference champions, f"cl Northwestern ns the hardiest championship r-iiuenders. in au- rthcr group—one that eaiily niisiu urset the modest plans of Nob'? K:zcr r-f Purdue or D;ek Hanley of Northwestern — nrr- Minnesota. Michigan, Wisconsin and—yet. cf r.our?e. lllir.ois nnd that invotitivr Dutchman. Bob Xnppke. Purduo 1'sl heavily by gradun- l.'--noy Dou»a'.i! BIythcville b.v.i- i.'.mwelnht, v.-ill :.:•»( the winter »Shl campaign with H'.le rjalnjt Pal Mo:r,-'. ;he Msmphl' vi.::ran. ::'.- Memphis M;nia'j-iil 3 ht' •liis two fi-i'..iers ?i!- well knav.-n CV£r the south ai^ h.ivc isnght s-v ;ral I In?.? l;-foi-j. Mr. :; -e v.-.i 5 on' cf i!:e nirt to R-VD D.m-nn a hit" i::; lc=ron v.hen lV-> L--M biv v/a^. Ir.irniiiB the pt.i-MLs'i:- ^ : \:n- -i ;: , 1: ..' 1:..- of years ;i",j. Kii--- i • - - : -^ I'ougan improved i-!>;i:- ! l-- ' -i-- Mcore. Tito tsui hr.idlin" •>(•<; car:I at M»:n-: " • , n nht nn:l nlthcu^h V. .•f ,i p;i!"msr'5l fi- ticn. not so much In numbers'but C ; ll(I cil y, t:i "-' ; D311 ~- ! the quality of her players. White, Yunevich. Van Bibber. SCerc. Btittncr, Risk. Pope and a dozen others are left. Vrwovor. and Conch Kizer, experienced as Jimmy Phelan's assistant for several should handle them wiwly. Hanley has every reason to 'be rptlinlstic but cxperienee has l, i- 1 turn out a vlcf ball to a touchdown. only 18 ounces. It weighs We wwe snooeirig on the job when . Saunders made his dash. The btll was kicked clear to tbe goal Une, iwt not a Nctre Dame man got Inside the 30-yard line. They w*re all work ins on the tn«*y of 'Let George do It.' "Sounders could have run into the next country without hindrance froni Notre Dame. I don't pay ball carriers much. The bays who do the blocking win the ball games." • Wherewith, gentle reader, con- dder youneM- instructed. nucncAL CXPERIEXCE ; "L'teaer*," mid the cheery phi Joeopber, ttmt . for every single thlnfjwj glre »w»y two come back to you." . . ;. . '"Itmfg my ccpCTience," agreed «Lwt March I gave S«w»!r«iy d*u«h(«r and Ehe anj lies busbtnd ctune Iwck in July."- Mthlbder. On The Omsulc Looking in By "DUKE" la'ught him (hit optlmiun doesn't pay s - particularly In the Big Ten,! Here are this writ-r's , ,,v , „, • Only thr« veterans of Northwest-i f-'=tball games (o b>-p1iv-f FI-I' crn s 1929 group are missing, cap-! S.iy and Saturday. Bruder appears to be ns capable as any halfback in the entire circuit. : Fri!?. Crisler and Tad Wieman > starting fresh at Minnesota have plenty of letter men. includinff Captain Brockmeyer. In addition there bs the usual Minnerota conch's hcrilnge of str-nc reserve a -irl sophoiiiorc mnterinl. Opening in hir stride cf iiir l-a P 1929 season, Michigan ea.-ily m j^,' sweep all beferc her. Cosch Kipke : has big linemen nnd fleet bi-ks i headed by tricky litil: Slmrall";'ie : quarterback. And ThisllewnUe— or oloomv '• Glenn—may have his Badgers up there at the end of ihe camoaisn ; Gloomy Olcnn has btr.n wi'hr-%' \vinner since 192S. the yeai before he left Northwestern. He h;,"-, n licculiar habit of popping ;; ;) v;i, a champion ovary three or io--r jyears. Illinoi!, moy do wondcrs-or »-- Blythevllle to Memphis c-i- ti-al. Oscc-ola to Forrest f.nv. Ne«'pc.-L to b?at. Pare^c-.ilJ. Fordyce to boat Warren. Cainden to b;5t Arkadcl^'iiia Br.cknell to teal Albright Alabama to beat Mlsslsr.ipp:. Cornell to- beat Nln;.ir,i. Dartmouth to beat Eairr. Jflnnc-SDta to cnt V,in.-;.\-!-iit Virgin!;! lo b?it-Dnkf. Vlctida to beat N. Csrcliin S:-.i~ Cieorgla to Mercer. Oa. Tech to bEal Szn'.h C;U-;!:IM Harvard to b^at Vermcnl Nebraska to t?3t A?.--., Norlhwe'sicrn to b;3t Tcliue. Prlnce'on lo beat Amhr.-5t. Pnidu; to beat Baybr. Tennessea to beat Centre. Ttxa; to beat Centenary. Arkansis to beat Tuhs. Army to b?at Kiirnnn. .Nav>- lo b'.H Wm. & Mary. Yale 1c bsat Maryland. ETHYL GASOLINE CORPORATION B i^W JC ''*^"** v *-'-'"*^ ' ^^^^ V.V.V.V.V.V .-..., Tt---,7^* V '' '''•* ^Auct— US E irs THE TEXAS COMPANY, Texaco'P^roleum Products TEXACO A ETHYL - ™'?"ff' tt . a - 1 " natfoaat/u famous •• DRY" GAS OHIO. TIIF.TEXAS 'IIIMrAXV nationally famous ANTI-KNOCK COMPOUND RY . TEXACO-ETH Yl THE 'DRY ANTI-KNOCK GASOLINE dtys tnd night* ccmpllsh nothing. Znppke art-r,- Bul ^ nrl ias P™--'^'"! th: hn- thato,ly .wollfin, ^ tat; ^Mn^L^'"^ '""" '?" **" MAIN SERVICE STATION ZSS. /»». **>•*•* . _. The* Main and Fifth—Phone 711 Car-Washingand Greasing Road Service

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