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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 21
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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 21

The Morning Newsi
Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:

TWENTY-ONE Want a Place In The Country Look These Columns Over Or Place An Ad WILMINGTON MORNING NEWS. WILMINGTON. DELAWARE, FRIDAY. JUNE 2. 1933 MERCHANDISE WILMINGTON MORNING NEWS Free Tickets To See FIELD INCLUDES GOODWIN, GUNN, OTHER LEADERS FAVORITES WIN IN FRENCH NET PLAY Obey That Impulse! Paint Up Plant Up Remodel at todava cargain prices! Spend what you can afford, the cost Is eo less tban any time in the last IS years. You save Your property increases In value Tour neighbor gets work. Do not hesitate to call on the Firms listed below to give you expert service. Dorothy Jordan AND Eddie Quillan 'STRICTLY PERSONAL' I Am a Lonely Girl And I want love I have a right to have the love I desire. NOW SHOWING ARCADIA Find the answers to the questions below In the CLASSIFIED PAGE of today's MORNING NEWS. Mail or bring your answers to WILMINGTON MORNING NEWS, care of Classified Advertising Manager. Winners names will be published each morning on the CLASSIFIED PAGE. 1 How many cars In Kelts ad today? 3 Where can you get a comfortably furnished 3 Where can you get Auto Loans? 4 What is Raymond Stout's address? 6 Where can you get cash for ured care? MORNING WANT ADS BRING QUICK RESULTS DIAL 6595 Answers Must be Received by Saturday neon Wanted To Buy 66 WANTED -One Kohler electric plant. Write full particulars. Address W-100. Morning News. ROOMS AM) HUAHl) Rooms Without Board 68 ROOMS With every convenience; real i homey atmospheie; reasonable rales. I Stop at the stgn. J01 Washington street, HEAL ESTATE FOR REST Apartments 74 APARTMENTS. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. FELDMAN CONST. CO. PHONE 3-2223 APARTMENT 10 W. Eighth 8t 4 or rooms; all conveniences; garage. Fhone 2-3334. CENTRAL LOCATION Modern apts, and rooms, fine cond rents reduced; immediate possession Ph 8S10; or, 3-2426 RODNEY COURT Pre.Hige plus pronounced value. O'TooSe duPont BIdg. 1401 rooms, bath! Furnifhed or unfurnished. Reduced rental. Toolei-duPont BIdg. WEST 12:8 Apartment. 4 rooms, all conveniences. Apply Keefe. 7th and Shipley streets. 14TH AND RODNTY STS New apartments. $32 S3 a month. duPont 31ST 333 1st flr. Jr. bath, porch. h.w i.h, beautiful yard; excellent condition; rent reduced. Phor.e 6383. Furnished Apartmcn's 74 A DENBIGH HALL Don't overlp-k the advantages of an apartment in this distinctive apartment building. Toole duPont BIdg. Madison StTfurn effl" ctency housekeeping and bachelor; electric, refrigerator; private Phone FURNISHED APT3. Conven ent and cesira-ble locations. sla.OO a week. Toole duPont Bidg. JEFFERSON Bf7, UOJComfortably fur-nlshed bachelor 2 rooms, bath, ftrrt Boor, strictly private screened. Call 2-5394 RODN'EY" COURT Lew rentals cTnnot Inr. indefinitely. Take advantage of present apartment opportunities. O'Tooie du-Pon BMg. WEST furtnThed ant. 3 rooms, boili. $25 month. Apply Keeie. 7t.h and Shipley slreeu. Houses For Rent TJ K'TH AND FCOTT 5IS rooms. baCl, ga-raee, hardwood floors, bet-water heat. Reduced rental. O'Tooie duPont B'dg. 22ND AND HARRISON ET8 4 "bedrooms! bath. Verv Reatoiiably priced. O'Tooie duPont Bllg. Offices and Dfsk Room 78 DESK SPACE Splendid office. t'A Iicil.tier: rent. fine private office: good location. l-3r9t. Suburban Country ror Rent 80 BELLEFONTE 2 or 1 reom. ea or unfurnished; all Bea- sonah. Martor. Ave COL-NTRY KESrDENCETlr7rnulTrirrom oa rnactdam roa-1, rooms. baihs, lighting, fine shade trees, -large porches. Phona 4381 or 2-0511- RICHARDSON PARK i 101 Maryland Ave L'p-io-date apartmenti. 4 and 5 room bath, garage Caal 3-115 or J-r-lT Wanted To Kent 81 YOt'NG BUKlNEtia MAN Wants nice. room, board and garage; small car. w-1. Morning HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE Houses For Sale 4 i UNION SOUTH a rooms, bath, erj-t cSo-ed g.ars porrh. Price very reason-I able. Donaiioe. Phone 2-3710. AVCTtOSLEGAIS Ltal Notice 91 STATE DELAWARE. OFFICE OF SECRETARY OF STATE CERTIFICATE OF DISSOLUTION To All Whon These Presents May Come. Greeting: Whereas It appears to my by tiuiy authenticated record of the proceedings tor the voluntary di.isolution there- Cf. by tne conient of all the s-tockr-olders deposited in my office, the Old Sharea Invest ment Company, a corporation of this State, whose principal otfiee is situated at No. West Tenth rtreet. in tfce city of Wilmington, county of New CaptS. State of Delaware The Corporation Trust Company agent therein, and in charge thereof, upon whom ma- be served has elm-plied with the requirements of the Cor poration Law i of the ate of Delaware, as i contained in 19'-5. Section 1 to 2ini Section 187. Cha 65. of the Revised Statutes of 19 as amended, preliminary to the Is suing of CERTIFICATE OF DISSOLUTION Now. therefore. Cnarl Grant. and Be: etary of State, of the Stale of Delaware, do hereby certify the corporation did, on the day of June. A 1333. fl in the office a duly executed and attested consent, in writir.g. to the adisolation of said corporation. by aU the atockholdtra thereof which said consent and the record of the Auto Retinishins; TOPS RECOVER ED AND UPHOLSTERING Prices Reasonable Satisfaction Guaranteed GREENSTREETS. 43th and Market. 2-8512 Brick BRICK 18 BEST OBERLY BRICK COMPANY. S0 ORANGE ST DIAL 8254 Building Contractors PORCH ENCLOSURES Expert Work Estimates Given NUTTER As GREEN. INC. 1000 E. 12TH ST DIAL 3-265J Carpentry CARPENTER AND BUILDER. ALTERATIONS and REPAIRS. TCREENS RAYMOND DONOVAN PHONE 2-5991 Electrical DUPLEX RECEPTACLES INSTALLED AS LOW AS $103 MOORE BRQ3. PHONE 3-3293 USE electrical equipment to modernise your bou.cehoid duties. our varied display Delaware Power as Light. Sixth and Market. EXPERT MODERN ELECTRICAL WORK at moderate prices. R. Hamilton. la4 Eighth street. Dial 2-7512. Gas Heating MODERNIZE YOUR HEATING SVSTLM Heat your home with gas We will be glad to demonstrate hew in our showroom. DELAWARE POWER LIGHT. Sixth and Market. Gas Ranges RENOVIZE YOUR KITCHEN WITH A NEW GAS RANGE Many m-dels. moderate cost. See our display DELAWARE POVER At LIGHT Bixlh ar.d Market Srree's. Hot-Water Heating wate- HEATING 6YSTEM A Hotrcne will do the trick In-pert our mode at tne DELAWARE POWER at LIGHT CO. Sixth ard Market. Al'CriOS-LEGALS Lral Notices 91 d. art now on fila In 'my aaid oiftce, aa provided by IN TfcoTlMONY WHEREOF. 1 hivi hereunto et my hand and leal, at Dover, thia 1st day of June, in the year of o'jt Lord, one thou OFTIC1AL SEAL Sec-e'arv a 13oi Delaware 1T93 sand, nine hundred and thirty-three CHARLES H. GRAN TLA ND. Secretary of 8ate June 2- Al DELA ARE. OFFICE OF SECRETARY OF STATE. CERTJICATE OF DISSOLUTION To A i Whrm T.iese Prcsen-s Mr.y Come, Greeting: Whereas. It appear to my sat. si action, by duiy authenticated record of the pro-cHg-ns lor the voluntary dissolution theie-cl. by the cor. rent cf ell the stocliho.derj e.epoiiled my office, the Chase Harna forixs a corporation of th w.iose princ-pi I flea situated at N. lO Weat Tenth sTreet, in the city of Wilmington, county of New Castle. State of Deiawaie The Cor ppra tion Tmit Company being aent therein, and in charge thereof, upon whom process- miv be served, has complied with tne requirements of the Corporation Lull's the ate ol Delaware, as contained 1P15. Section 1 to Chapter 65. nf the Revised Statutes of 1915. as amended, preliminary to th cf this CERiiWCATE OF DISSOLUTION Now. therefore. 1. Char' a Granuand, Secretary of State of the State of Delaware do hereby certify that the said corporation d-d. on the first day of June, A 1933 fl. In the a duly execute and attested consent, in writing, to the- dissolution of said corporation, executed by al) the stockholders thereof, which said consent and the records of the proceedings aforesaid, are now on file in my aaid office as provided bv law. IS TFST1MONY WHEREOF. 1 Dave hereunto SPi my nsnd and OFFICIAL SEAL Office, 1855 Delaware 19-1 official seal, at Dover. this 1st day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thou- sand, nine hundred and thirty-three CHARLES GRANTLASD. June Secretary of State. ONCE YOU TRY reading the Classified Ad you w-iil realize the steady return in profit and satisfaction m-faleh they pay on ail time rpent with them. By J. P. McEVOY CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 1NKORMA riON Count flv avaraga woroa to a lLaa: tm-ttaia, numeraia and abbreviation eacb couc aa word and compound voroa aa twe war da. Minimus Unaa accepted. 1. charge. 50c LINh RATK3 PER DAI 811 Conaecutiva Days Casta Three Consecutive Dj I Canu One Pa 7 10 Ctnti Otoar rate given to iarj-daj advai fcaera- Ada ordered for Ibree or ala 4aya ono topped before that time. U1 cbargeo oo: for the octuai number ol timea the ad appeared, che-glng at the rale earned Mo till lorblda or -tla." Dlap'jy liaea eot eold The WUmington Morning Kewe win bo responsible, lor teore. than one Incorrect InaerUoa or any edvertint-nent ordered (or more than one The inadvertent omtaaioa or incorrect publication of adverlULnf will be rectifleo only by cancellation of the charge made (or service rendered. Ke numoeri are assigned classified ad vertUers 'or their protection and Identifies tion Rephee will not be delivered without presentation ol identification card or ac voucher. Ail ada are edited, accepted and arranged according to Wilmington Morning Newt atandarca of classification. Ondealrabie copy will be rejected ruoama HOtTRS ciaaxlSed ada. to ba published tho following ay muat be received oy 11 o'clock p. a. before day eft publication. TELEPHONIC TOUR WAHT ADV. Ada are accepted over tii te.epoone at the CHARGE RATES given above, aa a to advartiaera. but the CASri BATES anil ba accepted aa PULL PAYMENT if paid at the buaineu office, or belore the siztb day following the first insertion of -aeh otherwise the CHARGE RATE will be collected No reapcnalblMy tor errora In telephone ada will be assumed and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. PHONE TOUR CLASSIFIED AO. PHONE 6595 ASK POR WAN! AD TAKER. AtX KITED ADS are strictly confidential and no information will bo gives. Pleat: do not ask for It. KEYED AD REPLIES -MUST BE CALLED for and will be forwarded out of town where laae 5 ANNOUNCEMENTS Be tion and Social Events I SP1TUXLISTMEETING 0 10 Pine etreetT today. 1 to 7. Meeting 1 10. Medium. Mrs. Vanorrdell. A UTOMOTl VE Automobile For Sale 11 CHEVROLET 1931 sport coupe. maroon paint, mechanically 12 Oldsmobile coach, good rubber, runs and loots lite new. 1632 Plymouth 4-dor sedan Will guarantee this car for 33 days. Cars to sold Friday and Saturday for balance duo finance- company. down payment, balance weekly. 2127 Market St. Open eveninga and Sundays. GRAHAM PAIGE1930 sedan, fully equipped, with a radio. $2Zi. Ford coupe, tli. '2t Whippet sedan. 5S. 807 N. Clayton 8:. Prt residence. Ph. 3-390. Bicycles 15 we Buv and Sell I'SED BICYCEIS RAYMOND H. STOUT, og wrench St. Phone J-0382. Repairing of All Wheel Goods. Lawn Mowers Sharpened. Wanted Automotive 17 CASH PRICES paid for used cars, alj models. II financed we clear title, pay you difference. 2127 Market St. Open evenings. BUS1SESS SERVICE Business Services Offered 18 LAWN MOW'ERS SHARPENED, tl 00. the r.ght way. by experts. Harry So'o-mon. 102 N. Union street. Phone 2-1521 TENNIS RACKETS Rest rung, patched. Ar3 mour's gut used. Expert service. $2.00 up. Call for and deliver. G. M- Scott, SOI W. Eighth. Phone J-270I. Heating, Plumbing, Roofing; 22 HEATING ROOFING SHEET METAL OIL BURNERS COAL STOKERS ROOFING MATERIALS FOR SALE. J. E. WORKMAN, INC 131 UNION ST. PHONE $531 Moving, Tracking, Storage 25 ASK WALTERS To do jour moving: low ratea. Estlmatea cheerfully given. No 4 duPont Road. Elsmera. Phono a-2948. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted Female 32 PR ESSE HS Experienced on shirts and shorta. Apple Louis Miller, Ninth and Walnut streets. DIXIE DUGAN WHAT HAPPENED TO SRMSON SMITH, THE. INVENTOR OF THE. HAlR-CaOWlNO MACHINE, VJHO DISAPPEARED OUST WHEN DIXIE. AND PA DUC-AN HAD COUNTED ON HIM 6 Where can you get a woman for housework? 7 What does box M-87 advertise? What does box W-100 want to buy? 9 Who's phone number Is a-i5? 10 Who has roofing materials for aaie? THCRSDAY'S WINNERS MORNING NEWS CLASSIFIED CONTEST Clark. L'ndamere, Del. Paul Sno-t, 3j9 E. Twenlv-third street. Mild.ed Whitehead. 435 S. Jackson street. Harry Haas. New Cast'e. Del. He'ena E. Huff 111 W. Fourth street. Waiter Bowtn. 1112 King atreeu 10 NEW QUESTIONS DAILY! 8 NEW WINNERS DAILY TICKETS MAILED DAILY LIVESTOCK Dors, Cats), Other Peti 47 TROPICAL "rX8M Arid supplies. si. 75 pair. Red Moons. $1.25 pair. Swordtails. 50c pair. daily. Persian Itittens. Wilmington Pet Store. 844 Mrfdtson street MERCHANDISE Swap SI-A I YOUR SWAP AD listed here dav tor (1.08 Swap what you don want (or something you want Call 6505 and as ad taker will jroo write you? au I Fuel, Feed. Fertilizers 56 NEW MUSHROOM MANURE $1.50 ton. 15 bUafheii for $1 GO. Top soil. Oc buhei. or by ton. Tree uelivery. Call 3-7289. Household Goods 59 ELECTRIC WASHING MACHINES PAYMENTS, 10C A DAY. THOR THOR Parts and Repairing- All Maker. Wasiimj Machines. Sewlni Machines. Electric Cleaner. 'Wringer Rolls fcr All Mattes Washers. B. E. HARMAN. 620 W.Klnth St. WILL SACRIFICE suite to first buyer. Hurry for real bargain. 1318 N. duPont street. Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds 60 LADY a DIAMONDRING -About V-K-71-lue white, perfect oh platinum, dm-mondi; coat t35; aell $55. Address S-82. MormnBT News. 2 Seeds, Plants, Flowers 63 PIPPIN 9 Gray Ave TrteandTcaFS gardener, evergreens. hrubbry. sodding, hedge ana lawn cutting Call Landscape LANDSCAPE MASOKRY CONCRETE CONTRACTORS. Excellent Service Mode-are Rates. JOHNSON CO. INC Dial 2-6126 Office Supplies ALL MAKES REBUILT TYPEWRITERS of the better kind. Same guarantee as for brand-new machines. Service Typewriter Company. 813'- Shipley St. Dial Oil Burners ALL TYPES OF ROOFING MATERIALS GARWOOD OIL BURNERS REPAIR INSTALLATION 8ERVICE WORKMAN. INC 1316 UNION ST PHONE 8581 Painting Decorating SOREN JENSEN House Painting and Interior Decorating 3300 MADISON PHONE 2-6414 Paperhanging PAPERHANGINO SPECIAL Average 6 room house, or. single rooms. $3.50. Guaranteed work. WALLPAPER. DIAL 2-2284. SPECIAL FOR SPRING Rooms papered. $3 and up. Call Samuel Da Lapo, 224 Jefferson St Phone 2-4785. Plumbing MODERNIZE WITH MODERN PLUMBINO P. yCOTT. 837 ORANGE ST. DIAL 7023 Koofing Materials ROOF PAPER Coating, paint metals, spouting, gutter, smokepipe. ejows. damper Dependable Supply. N. Cor 3rd aud French stre.ts. Phone 1-3011 duPOST PAINT ROOFING. SHEET METAL WORK HARDWARE. FAGAN BROS, 11th and Lninn streets. Tailoring FOGCLGREN Tai'orlng. cleaning. pressing, repairing New Suits ir order and West Dia! 1-4IKJ CLASSIFIED DlSl'LA BARBER SHOP REDUCED PRICES ALL BAIBCtTS. tie. SHAVES. IB. 4 rKE.VCH STBEET. KEYS 2 for 2 5c MAOt AHlLg rOV WAIT Ul.AW.UE SPECIALTY CO. Opro 41 KING ST Ph PAWN GHOP HARRIS' OLD ORIGINAL LOAN OFFICE ONLY at US MARKET ST. MONEY LOANED AT LOWEST BATES. PHONE Minquaclaie, Park ADmitted to Suburban Loop The weekly meeting cf the Suburban Baseball League was held at Hap McCall's Walnut Tree Inn. at Hare's Corner last, Two additional teams, and Hamilton Park, were admitted, rounding out a 6-club circuit. The achedule for the week-end follows: Tomorrow Boxwood at umpire, McMafcon Wfjt End at St. Gwjts; umpire. Peacock Mir.quadale at Hamilton Park; umpire, Haliahan. Sunday Elmhurst at Boxwood: umpire, Pennock-St. Georges at West End; Mc-Mahon. Park at Mmquadale; umpire, Hailahan. Giants Sipn Newman NEW YORK. June 1 (AP) The New York Giants of the National PoolbaH today, announced the signing of Harry Newman. University cf star and All-Arriercan quartprhack last year. Newman was graduated from Michigan in February. Southern Association Knoxviiie, 6: Memphis. 3. and J. H. STRIEBEL By GUS MAGER CHUNK CJr- HfHiJ-JUls AND IS IT 3IC5 IDEA r. -Hi i at Dupc' (Continued From Page Fifteen) J. Simpson Dean, former intercollegiate champion, whose return to competitive golf after eight years will be watched with Interest. W. B. Den-ham, J. C. Luke and Austin M. Porter. After the 18 holes of qualifying play tcday, match play for six six-teens over the same route will ba started tomorrow morning. Thequar-ter-finais will be played tomorrow afternoon and the semi-fina' and finals Sunday. The low qualifying score will win the Wilmington Country Club msda: and there are pr iss fcr the winner and runner-up of each sixteen. Entries and starting times lol-low. 1 :55 Charles St. C. Pie. Newark. C. H. lloi'kins. Newark. :00 Lloyd K. Iwis. Wilmington. Art Benton. Newark. 8 :05 Stephen K. Wilson, Newark. GiltM-rl Moore. Newark. Bt'b Bye, Wilmington. James T. Wil. 8:15 B. V. Shaw. Wilmington. W. Y. Van Rip-r. Wilmington. 8 .20 C. Keedy. ilmington. Haldeman C. Stout. Coneord. 8 T. it. Thompson. Kennett Square. C. M. Barton. llmlmston. 8.30 T. H. Somerville. Witmincton. Clepi Hoope, Wilmington. 8 .25 J. Wilaon Ward. Newark. Marklty Stevenson. St. Davida. 8:40 K. 7. Bogtwick. D. M. Reese. Wilmington. :45 C. Kaiser. Wilmington. W. Maon. Concord. 8 :50 C. A. Owen. Wiiminirton. C. c. Owene. Wilmington. 8:55 Hotisriiton, Newark. F. C. Houchton. Newark. :00 Anion B. Collins. Newark. U. Newark. 9:03 J. (J. Stewart. Wilmington. Chan. Kolsers. Merchantville, S.10 J. Bailv. Wilmington. Leslie P. Mahonv. Wilmington. 9:15 It- Fi. Kmp. Wilmington. C. C. JI-il. Wilminsrton. :20 F. H. Simonton, Wilmington. Charles E. Huber. Kenn-tt Square. :25 MaemiPan Hoopeii. Wilmington. li. T. Ellis. Wilniircton. 9:30 W. Baker. Jr, Wilmington. William Enslish. F.umson. 9:35 J. Itoyd. W. A. Sprakman. WiL 9 n. p. linpp. AVilmington. Albert MarKenxie. Washington. 9 :45 ilaleoltn Farquhar, Kennett Square. J. B. Swayne. Wilmington, Henrv Spnngnaven. K. W. Wilson. i 9:55 Donald K. Marshall. Koekspring. K. K. V. Capey. Wiimineton. 10:00 Sidney Wilmincton. Austin M. Porter. Wilmington, 10 H. Atkinson. Cedarhrook. M. G. Curtis. Philadelphia C. C. jn :10 Wm. S. Lewis. Springhaven. Harry L. Miller. Springhaven. 10 :15 Jone. Conrord. C. H. Cordie. Wilmington. John Sexton. Newark. H. G. T.awson. Newark. 10:15 Colin M. fcLachlan. duPont. A. M. WoodaU. duPont. 10:30 Howell Van Gerhig. P.umson. Donald Tl. Welles. Wilmington. 10 Harry f. Green. Concord. Dodd Shuster. Concord. 10:40 F. M. Donohue. Wilmington C. C. H. C. Iron. X. T. 10:45 K. G. Klliott. Wilmington. Fred Nichols. Berkshire. 10:50 Lewis A. P.ipley. Atlantic City. R. J. Peoples. Newark. 10 :55 F. ank W. Bradway. Wilmington. E. E. Hand. Wilmington. 11 Rn Re-uselink. Mfrehantville. Roy Rodgers. Merchantville. 11 05 P. D. Guest, Kennett Square. Fred Thornett. Kennett Square. 11 :10 C. W. Haiel. Wilmington. R. C. Bye. Wilmington. 11:15 J. R. Sinkler. WUmington. C. S. Lee, Wilmington. 11:50 R. L. Bowlin. Aberdeen. IS. O. Wnodbridge. Wilmington. 11:25 I jhn Alexander. Virginia. A. L. Lauritsen. Wilmington. 11 :30 Harold Cuthbert. Ashbourne. Thomas Goodwin. New York. 11 :35 C. A. Powell. Kennett Square. C. L. Powell. Kennett Square. 11 :40 Harlan B. Trice. duPont. T. C. Rvan. Wilmington. 11 Elbert P. Griffeenberg. Concord. i Jamea L. McAbe. Kennett Square. 11 :80 K. Huber. Concord. Charles E. Hallenborg, Merion. 11 :53 O. T. Satiter. Concord. E. C. Post. Newark. 12 :00 W. Morris Pierson, V. ilmington. E. Norris Wright. Wilmington. 12:05 H. D. McDowell. Springhaven. Chas. R. Todd. Stringhaven. 12:10 J. W. Hoopes. Wilmington. J-. Homer Krats. Kennett Square. 12:15 Charles C. Calvin. Thila. C. C. J. E. Smith. Wilmington. 12 :20 Fred Thompson. Concord. C. E. Whitfock. Wilmington. 12:25 Emo-et Pollard. St. Aiban's. G. Barker. 12:80 John F. Armstrong. Newark. George Dutton. Newark. 12:35 H. E. Stsrhuck, Springhaven. Donald McThail. Baltimore. 12:40 C. Lawrence, Springhaven. Albert Crowlev. St. Davids. 12:45 F. Adams. I.u Lu. J. S. Groves. Wilmington. 12:50 Norman C. Herman. Penna Golf Club. C. P. Swavne. Coateaville. 12:55 B. F. Strebb. duPont. C. Tosh. duPont. 1 oo f. R. jToimes. Wilmington. G. G. Storm. Manor Club. 1 0 P. H. duPont. W. S. Wroten. duPont. 1 :10 P. Strebb. duPont. G. M. Reed. Wilmington. 1:15 nanscher. Philadelphia. P. Donighy. Wilmington. 1:20 Ttomns B. Semans. Jr. Merlon. Clprercc Dickev. mcord. 1:25 ttenirr.nre C. C. A. McPhail, Baltimore C. C. 1 :30 W. Hobson. Wilminrton. W. H. Ward. Fprinchai n. 1 :35 Dr. T. 'v. Jones, rhila. C. C. J. H. Maston Wilrpintrton. 1:40 Edwin Grqwe1! duont. T. O. Mvers. duPont. 1 '45 A Jone. duPont. W. C. R-hhi. Wilmington. .1 duPont. G. Limberser. duPont. 1 :55 Thomc A. Gamble duPont. John Wilkinson. duPont. 2 .00 D. C. Corfcran. Huntinrton Valley Talhot T. Speer. 2:05 W. W. iorkran. MarvWnd. W. D. Waxtf-r. Marvland. 2:10 C. Tome. W'mlmifon. J. Porer. Wilmington. M. Mask. Kennett S-'ua'-e. A. c. wittier. Kennett Square. crd Crr.s. duPont. J. C. nt-e. Wilminrton. J. H. Pvle 2:30 W. D-nham. Wilmington. T-r Trin H'emeng irt cVtster. WH-og. Jr Wilm'-iTton, William "nine-, Chester. 2:40 r. H. Ne- os Chart M. Nelson. Baltimore C. C. 2:45 T. Gawthr West Cbefier. S. rew" Wll-iprton 2 SO Tl-n Mi'd Sn-lnrtivm. y. Mop ven. 2 -S5 "-jl ir-on. F. R-bin'. Thomas. Wilmington c. c. ln'T-rn 5rd ''a. 3 :05 Dr. Jo-pb Dextr. terion. S. A. Souder Jr. MHin. 3 10 D-inall P. Ross Jimes Ingram. phMadelnhia. 3:15 H. F'js'--. C. WKli-m Porter, Wilmington C. C. 3:20 F. P.ckus. Wilmington. New con f. Pk-' Rumsop. 3:25 Dr. Julian Adair. John Pierson. Wilmington. 3 :30 William TcTntire. Sorinehaven. Warren A. Snringhaven. 3:35 Fdward M. f-ane. Rumsop. Kenneth Mrion. 3:49 'a-k Sfakmsit Wilmington. Austin Porter. Wilmington. 3:45 w. ritrriemi, Wilminrton. Willis Browning, tt Imininn. 3 :50 Normar' camTn? Wst Chejiter Frank Graven. Plardome. 3:55 lovd R. Concord. Guv p. Ford. Wilmineton. 4 J. S. Dean, Wilmington. Cochet, Crawford, Perry, Lee, Satoh and Bernard Reach Quarter-Finals AtfTETJEL, France, June 1 (AP) With Henri Cochet, French Davia cup ace leading the way in the defense cf his singles title, the field in the French haro, -curt tennis championships today narrowed to ght players irr eaih of the men and women's divisions of play. Ccchet won his way into the quarter-finals with an easy straight set victory over E.kichi Itoh, Japanese Davis cup player. The sccre was 6-1, 6-2, 6-4. He will play Roderich cf Czechoslovakia, in the quarter-finals. The French star was joined in the final eight by Jack Crawford, Australian Fred Perry and H. G. N. Les. cf England, Jiro Satoh, of Japan, and his fellow country man, Marcel Bernard, of whom wen tcday. Christian Bcussus, of France, and Menzell won their piaces in the quarter-final bracket yesterday. The quarter-fina's in the women's play was completed with victories by Betty Nuthall, fifth ranking English player. Mile. J. Goldschmict. of France, ar.d Margaret Scriven. of England. The two American players, Helen jacc and Mrs. Dorothy Andrus seeking the title vacated by Mrs. Helen Wills Moody, together with Mine. Rene Mathieu. cf France, and Mr- Eileen Bennett WhittirLgitall, of England, previously had won their way into the final eight. Miss cne of the favorites, easily eliminated the ss champion. Mile. Lolett? Fayc, 6-2 6-2. Ker quarter-final opponent will be Mrs. Burke. West End Battles Hillcrest to Tie In a nifty hurling duel between McCrea and" West End battled to a 1-1 tie with Hillcrest on the latters field last evening. West End scored In the opening inning and held the lead until the home club knotted the count in the fourth. From that point on Jelonek and McCrea hurled scoreless ball until darkness stepped the clash at the end cf the seventh. WEST END HILLCREST ab ei ab a CM simer.3b 4 0 3 2 2 R.Wlrst.rf 2 8 4 0 6 Jarea.2B 4 0 1 3 4 Korri.2b. 3 0 0 3 0 3 10 2 5 3 0 3 8 1. Haiey.e 1 4 -Riley 3 0 8 11) Davis 3 0 2 10C 2 10 3 3 Jelonek.p... 3 0 0 0 3 3 010 Dauis.rf 2 0 0 0 0 Davis.c 10 15 1 SHaley.lf.. 3 0 0 0 0 D.Wirt.3b... 3 0 10 1 3 0 0 0 0 McCrta.p 3 0 10 3 2 0 0 0 iaH.Daj 1 0 1 0 TOTala 28 1 7 21 Totals 1 I 21 aBatted for McCrea in seventh. SCORE BY INNINGS West Knd 1 0 0 0 0 01 0 I 0-0 01 Errors: West End, Jones. Earned runs: Hillcrest, Wen End. 1. Two-baaa -hits: G. Davis, struck out: By McCrea, Jelonek, 4. Double plays: Jelonek to to Davit; Jelonek. Drennan to Davia; Drennan to Jonea to Davis. Lett on bases: West End. Hillcrest. 7. Hit by pitched ball: Noma. H. Davis. Base on balls: OH McCrea, Jelonek, 3. Umpire: Rabbins. Vines, Wood and Lott Win at Dixie Nets MEMPHIS, June 1 (AP) Ellsworlh Vines, Cliff Sutter, Lsorge Lott, an i Sidney Wood won their way to the sami-finaLs of the Dixie invitation tennis tournament today. Sutter, the New Orleans star, performed liita- a champion in turning back Berkeley Bell, of New York, 6- 2, 6-2, 6-4. Bryant Grant, of Atlanta, fought gamely against-Lott in a contest he had cencedsd before it began. The Chicago who will play Sutter tomcrrow, beat the Georgian 6-4, 7- 5, 6-2. Vines, the national singles champion and tournament favorite, reached the rials by trouncing Rsbert Lefty Bryan, cf Chattanooga, late today. 6-3, 7-5. 0-S, 6-0. Sidney Wocd, the New Yorker, who meets Vines tomorrow, came to the semi-finals by the d-fault of Ad-riano Zappa, captain -f the Argentine team. Baltimore Stars Local Hornets Tomorrow Pen Taylor's Baltimore Stars will be tha attracticn at Pennsy Field tomorrow afternoon opposed to Culie Marceirs Wilmington Hornets. The gam; is scheduled fcr 3.15 o'clock. Three nsw tlayers, Clyde Spearman. Lefty Allen and Pat Duncan will In the Hornets' lineup. On Mcnday, the Hornets will act as host to the Atlantic Stars, led by John H. Liodv. Lcuvil 3. Indisrapoiis, Toledo, 4 (Only two games scheduled B. F. Richards. Newark, H. Peavsens. Arunomlrk. 4:03 ft. iye. tt. M. Johnr. Wilmine-ton. William G. Harris, West 4 John T. Collins, Springhaven. Will tjunn. Springhaven. 4 a lor Clartine. George A. tlliott, Wilmineton. Howard A. Turner. Newark. H. WilniinErton. 4 :30 H. MeOllnn. Wilminston. J. A. Cann. Wilmington. 4 :35 John Fan roft. Wilmineton. I. B. Vemilr. Sprinchaven. 4:40 I'obf-rt FerrUlay. Wilmineton. Allan J. Henry. Wilmington. T(. K. Latter, Wilminelon. C. D. t'rickett. WUmington. 4 :50 i if orjse F. t-'andi-. C-n-)rti. John Hull. (Toncorfl. 4:5 r-'OTarn: WilrninKton. B. N. Brown. Wilmlnaton. 59 K. Be-1. IVilmlneton. E. Rirhar iMn Wilmington. 5-05 A. Hieitins. Wilmineton. H. Jsbuo. Wiimfngtr.n. 5 10 Frank CclHn. Concord Coun try Club. Pamuel K. Philip AronininH. 5:15 Mtwley Qtiier. Headine Phil Corj-on. Plymoulh. :0 r. r. Taliafero, Wilminrton. E. Cm. Pternn. Kennett Square. 5:25 Dr. P. K. Muwelmfn, Newark. Dr. A. G. Strikel, Newark. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted Female 32 ATTENTION YOU DON! FIND THE P08ITW YOU WISH 'JST ED HERE TODAY PLACE A SmjAnOK WANTEB AD A THREE-LINE AD FOB THREE DAYS WILL COST ONLY SEVEN-' TY-TWO CENTS DON'T LOSt ANOTHER DAY COOK White, wanted, for club; best of ref- erenre. Address F-34. Morning News. WOMEN 1.25 a day straight" salary. No experience necessary. Local women only. Call alter 1.30 p. 31S Odd Fellows BIdg. Help Wanted Male 13 ATTENTION MEN IF YOU DON'T FIND THE POSITION YOU WANT LISTED HERE TODAY PLACE A SITUATION WASTED AD A THREE-LINE AD FOR THREE DAYS WILL COST ONLY SEVENTY-TWO CENTS DON'T LOSE AN-OTHER DAY GOOD PRESS ER -On men work steady work. Apply Schafer s. 130 W. Fourth SALESMAN Calling on trade doing credit business to take on fast selling published collection system side- line: good commission. Write g.ving all details. Address M-86. Morning News. WANTED Bay Majoroli co. operator with $300 capital to develop and operate completely equipped service station. Address M-87, Morning News. Situations Wanted Female 36 WOMAN Or girl desires housework by day or week: best reference. 1233 Wal-; nut street. Situations Wanted Male 37 DRIVER Experienced, wants Job on truck or machine: handy, abla to eare for same. W-S9. Morning News. FINANCIAL Money to Loan, Mortgages 40 AUTO LOAN'S CASH ADVANCED ON YOUR AUTOMOBILE TO THOSE IN NEED OP FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENTS. GENERAL FINANCE SERVICE 3 east rrn ST PHONE J-n51 AUTO LOANS WE ONLY CHARGE 15 00 TO FINANCE OR REFINANCE YOUR AUTO LESS THAN HALF THE CHARGE OF ANYONE ELSE BANKERS' FINANCE CORP 408 Market St. Second Floor. LIVESTOCK Dogs, Cats, Other Pets 47 GOLDFISH BREEDERS FOR POOLS. Biack Mollies. 11.50 pair. Betta breeders. 50c. pair. Spawning grasses. Fresh dsphnia. Worrells Tropical Exchange. 1022 W. "Seventh street. Phone 2-4072. IT WWS SPP.ING-AVD 7 YOUNG MflN'S A7VCy osocodi ues ATTEMPT to (SNATCH HIS PeTmonk.e-j. 1HE INDlAH StATp Back For- The VI LLAC3E, MOfONING OLIVER. T5" TflERE AT-TftE CREEK in the m.eantTme. rf i. XOUTSHC HOW SMC. iwv f'-IVI FANCY IANV WOMAN INFLUENCE. -rd "IE STrVfiXX QWCT SUBURB TOR A I VfN-ri fe-EfK I) AOOUT HER A i-WSJG? JTl'VL JvUV i AfJ STv OLIVER'S ADVENTURES QUEER DOINGS WELL, tOQ. CRyiN' OUT LOUD HE'S HERE GOMES Fi yyn wwxt h' vp. wii JA I aMIaV CHCTPPEp A THaT STUMF) LU HATS THE hls master RJUHAT5 that; A PIECE OF 1 UV, 1 HE'S JiJ4n IV v- i )Ww

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