The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 5, 1953 · Page 54
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 54

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1953
Page 54
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f I 6 Pcrtin-wED.,AUG.5,i953 HEDDA HOPPER Astaire, Charisse to Be Paired Arthur Freed is cooking up another picture for Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse, who are breaking records in "The Band Wagon." Cyd has .always been great, but the public didn't know it until she costarred with Fred, the master of the dance. Fi eed's got Betty Comden and Adolph Green writing an original musical for them with a motion picture Hollywood-background. The movie will be named for a song. Why Cyd Charisse not "You Ought to Be in Pictures"? Maybe this will get me 250 bucks from Metro. Pier Angeli wrote John Ericson from England that she'll be either maid or matron of honor at his wedding Sept. S to that cute little Millie Coury, night club singer from Chicago. John and Pier costarred in "Teresa"; then Metro let his option lapse, so he went to Broadway to star in "Stalag 17." Producers saw him when the play opened here, and Metro grabbed him on a long term deal. Now he's costar-ring with Lir Taylor in "Rhapsody." ANOTHER WINNER Esther Williams just can't lose. She's discovered another champion right in her own home. Her children's nurse, Mrs. Jane Gable, won the western section bridge tournament. Esther gives her two weeks off to play in the national tournament in Detroit. Mich., but before taking off Jane's giving Esther some TODAY-CITY WIDE 7 THEATRES -CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES! There Never Was A Man ALAN LADD nil iv ip V IlnHll. Thorp Ncv-K Was: A Story Like "' 8 .7 mi f ' Th9 re Never Were Performances Like Those In GEORGE STEVENS co ir..,.c BRANOOtf DE WILDE v..t JACK PALANCE BEN JOHNSON CD6AR BUCHANAN meOUCED and 0tCTtt or GEORGC STLVEN s icti A. 9. GUTHftJf, JP. ADDITIONAL DIALOGUE JACK SHER BASED ON Tnt NOVtL Bt JACK ICMtCtft A MlttM9UNT HefTUWI niu color byTECHNICOLOR ...lUUAT PANORAMIC SCREEN cm. ORPH E U M PICWOOD HOLLYWOOD c aE CENTURY DRIVE-IN Centurv W. of Crenshaw AX. 36282 OR. 8-391 0 phn Tfw Farratr Takes A Wilt lfctHNlUJl.UK mm 3lLo03rtgeIegimeg Agai n lessons. Up to now the swimming star hasn't known one card from another, so I don't believe she'll Break any of Ely Culbertson's records. Those girls "gentlemen prefer" are back and cleaning up and I do mean Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe. Lippy Durocher won't like it; but Laraine Day's got to do an awful lot of traveling from East to West when she starts her "White Collar Girl" TV series at the Hal Roach studio. Both she and the Lip will be winging their way from New York to Hollywood on week ends. Danton Walker of the New York Daily News is here en route to Alaska. ALASKA! I didn't know there were any-night clubs up there. But if there are, Danton will find them. Jill Jackson, the blond bombshell from New Orleans, is in our midst again recording star interviews to play back home. She and Mitch Leisen caught Connie Moore's opening at Ciro's. A family of chimpanzees stole Connie's spotlight. FOR THE RECORD The inside on the Rita Hay-worth-Dick Haymes romance. Dick, born in Argentina, has been unable to leave the country because he owes hack taxes. He has been quietly W A finest comedy drama out EXCLUSIVELY AT Of ffofywCOtf tltS yW STANLEY-WARNER v ' DEUEDIV II II I C ittmni WILLIAM HOLOEN DEVEKLI nlLL DON TAYLOR 'OTTO PREMINGER "n wrt.wC.M.-Cl MI21 FMoaadNncMb BIU.Y WILDER Cut. DAILY 3 pm . SAT.-SUH. 1 .00 p UCUN Like m. There Never. Was A Story Like JEAN ARTHUR AIR-COOIED FOR YOUR COMFORT ORPHEUM Bdwoy.ol9th-MI.6272 Open 10:30 Lole Shows plus "Shoot Finf PICWOOD Pico and Weilwood Phone AR. 7-264? plui "Dangerous Crossing" BIG V1SICN SCREEN EL MONTE DRIVE-IN Lwr.AzusaRd.-EllisLane AT. 2-8638 FO. 88422 pliA'AlfobWithASIiango GAGE DRIVE-IN Cogs East of Eastern UN. 1-2328 plK'AHiVWilsstStruijii making a deal with our government to settle up, and expects this to be taken cafre of soon. Then he and Rita take off for an indefinite European vacation. He has asked Nora for a Nevada divorce so he can marry Rita, but that all depends on how much money Nora gets in her settlement. Sara Berner, Jack Benny's telephone operator, signed with Walter Lantz to do the voice of his new penguin character. Chilly Willy. Shell get star billing above the penguin. Sara was the original Andy Dandy, and five of her comics got Academy Awards. It took a benefit at the Boy Scouts Jamboree to get Jerry Colonna back in pictures. Bill Meikeljohn. Paramount talent boss, saw Jerry and wants him for a straight role in a picture now being planned. Colonna, playing in Montreal, Can., also has a recording contract and flies into Hollywood next week to make a pilot film for Key Productions, the group that makes Red Skelton's TV shows. LET'S BE HONEST Gary Cooper made a mistake "with his "Return to Paradise." He's passed the beauty age. Paradise is for the young and firm-skinned. Which reminds me of the line: "Youth, it's wonderful! Too bad it's wasted on the young." It didn't surprise me that John Ford's "The Quiet Man" broke theater records in Mexico City. George Raft,, scheduled to resume his night clu,b dancing at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, bowed out; so Marge and Cower Champion take over on Aug. 27. Discount that gab that Howard Duff and Gussie Moran are romancing. Their love interest is their tennis score. Turn to Page 5, Part III FOR INDEPENDENT THEATRE GUIDE Paramount Pictolt M lBHH "I urg you lo St Ill'-if M rVWr oscai wiiors The IMPORTANCE of BEING EARNEST Color by TECHNICOLOR it. 'VAN HEFL-IN HOLLYWOOD Hollywood at Highland Cont. 12:30 HO. 39371 plus -Tonisht We Sing" TECHNICOLOR VAN NUYS DRIVE-IN Roscob bet. Sepulveda & Van Nuyi- ST. 5-34(50 elas "Athlt WM StteJr- 'COMEDY OF OFFERED AT BY KATHERINE VOX BLOX Shakespeare's gay harlequin ade, "Comedy of Errors," was admirably suited to the talents of. the bright, spirited young cast at Pasadena Playhouse. It was offered as the second number of the Midsummer Drama Festival. Jack Pierce, direct ing, handled his cast with that alertness to detail which is his forte. Settings by Marwyn Har-bert were especially notable. Comedy of Errors" is a live ly piece concentrating on intricate plotting rather than any genuine distinction in. characterization. It was regarded in Shakespeare's time as one of his first experimental comedies. The story which Aeieon, merchant of Syracuse, relates in the beginning initiates the reason for the mistaken iden tity situations. These make up the warp and woof of the ay piece. He and his wife Emilia were the parents of identical twins, and he had purchased two twin slave hoys as his sons' attendants. During a shipwreck 'Don Jose' Opens at Padua 'Today Krincina hishlishts of Mex ico's masquerade carnivals, "Don Jose," Mexican Players' new comedy, will open this afternoon at the Padua Hills Theater. Rousing nsdvanrrire naval mokes on equally rousing STARRING ERROL RYNN DCATDtnir PAMDDCI I YVONNE FURNEAUX ROGLK LIVLbtY ANTHONY STEEL 1 1 ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON'S I I MASTERWORK OF ADVENTURE jW MEADOW AooiT.oALOitOGUlBY HAROLD MEOFORD oi.tcuo WILLIAM KEIGHLEY Vermont LpRIVE-IN ME. 4-3896 Vermont ot IBnd Plus "VICE SQUAD" W ' Hu on -" eds of new I - FMTFDT AIMING fOOK"U' ,j i.,. wn aMOMBIM 11 I INFORMATIVE 0. ' 'flHOmif U I SPEND A FEW PENNIES TO rifflS r ifft j SAVE A THOUSAND DOUARS ljfflaw' thkough Auousr i 12, 15c 6, f ERRORS' PLAYHOUSE the' family was" separated, and later the father arrives m Ephe-sus, a broken old man, search ing for his flock. It was quite a feat that the Playhouse accomplished in discovering two young actors with a strong resemblance as the twin sons of Aegeon and also two nearly identical boys as the twin Dromios. Antipholus of Syracuse was enacted by Kerwin Mathews, with fine romantic flair and distinction. James Creson brought ardor and a certain exciting exuber ance to his portrayol of Anti- Dholus of Enhesus. Dan Catalano brought the tA moM A mf n , eHERB BiiUlMaAnil Ft BrW" Lffl2" PLUS 2nd U. A. DOWNTOWN FEATURE wiinRNoniy ;4 B!G BREAK' starring JAMES UPTON and GABY DODGERS Olympic DRIVE-IN AR. 3-4448 Olympic ol Bundy Plus "VICE SQUAD" Victory DRIVE-IN ST. 7-4423 Victory Blvd. ot Coldwater Plus "VICE SQUAD" GlLMORE DRIVE-IN WE. 3-5939 Third ol Farrftj Phrs; HANNAH UE' 3-D humor of a Renaissance clown to his enactment of Dromio of Eohesus. and James Kiefner scored heavily with his hilari ous accounting of Dromio of Syracuse. Sharon Curtis was effective and revealed - herself as an actress of considerable emotional talent as Adriana. Sela Landon scored with her subtly shaded and emotionally underplayed portrayal of the Abbess. Her voice was beauti fully rrwiulated. Eloise Tavlor proved quite exquisite and most appealing as Luciana, sister of Adriana. Alfred Corday, im pressed with his delivery as &B,ann Charles Fierce ac complished wonders with his eccentric pantomime ana auaecr to the merriment as tne weira soothsayer. Patricia Kane was COMPTON DRIVE-IN AX. 3-5239 Roitcrani ot W. Atlantic Plus "VICE SQUAD" Whittier DRIVE-IN OX. 9-5297 Whillier Blvd. al ITasemeod Plus "VICE SQUAD" Edwards DRIVE-IN DO. 7-8179 lot Tunas at Pack Rd. Pls: "ALL I DESIRE" enrftiMivo r-nnrtesan and I danced with grace. Wilmer Clark had dignity as the Duke.ismaller roles to goou eucu. JH5th WEEK. PUHttlMlC SCRSH BEVERLY Bav. Hills. Op.6:45.CR-64141 v. Mirs, south av ""7""-... Cfmhlt-Robtrtaort. Famwr Taws w" Willfams, Dangerous When Wet, dr.; BRUIN Weitwood. Op. 6:30. BR -04093 I ..II. r.-nn.Mat Frrrir LILI. Ctf. I Wtym-Plnn. TOHIOHT WE SIHQ, dr. CARMEL S163 Sta. Men. 6:45. HO-72728 Broustit Back By Popular Demand ! Had Shoes, dr.; American In Parti, dr. EL REY 5517 Wit. OD. 6:00. WE-11101 CnhU.fto.hertut.n- Farmer Takes Wife: J. Craln-M. Rennle, Dangerous Crossing EMBASSY Wit'n-3rd.0p.6:45.DU-34312 All Seat 50c; LET'S DO IT AQAIN. Clr. FAIRFAX Beir.-F'lax. 09.6:45. WY-311S Williams. Dangerous When Wet, clr.: Newrton-Bungn-waaon. uwwi FIGUEROA Fig.-Sta.Bar.6:45. AD-0515 Burton-Niwten-Mason, DESERT RATS; SMtS 50C; Htast From SU.UUU rawmma FINE ARTS 8S5SWI1sh.Op.fl. CR-56464 Hrf aw wimur! on Panoram C Screen SEA AROUND US. Technicolor FLORENCE Florence-Compton. LA -76 77 William, uinnroui nncn n, ur.. Wayne-Pinza. TONIGHT WE SINO. clr, GOLDEN GATE 5W6Whit.6:13.AN-8186 MUland-Dahl, JAMAICA RUN. dr.; payne-steriing. VAnuunntu GORDON La Brea-Md.0p.6:45. WH-2944 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI. dr.; AHysontlohmon, Remains To Be Seen HIGHLAND 5604 N. Fig. 6:45. AL-9648 Newton-Burton-Mason. OESERT RATS; wayne-Ptnta. tqhicht we sihu. cii LA BREA 9th-LaBrea.0p.6:45. WA-S502 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI. dr.; KIlH OOUSlaS. THE JUBBLtn LIDO La Ciene-Piao.Op.6.45. BR-23G33 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI, dr.; Wyman. LET'S DO IT AGAIN, clr LOYOLA Man. A Sep. 00.6:00. 0R-S2444 ' Victor Maturs. GLORY BRIGADE: D. Dalley. KID FROM LEFT FIELD MESA- Cren.-Slauson. Op. 6:45, AX-16959 Kiddle Show 1 P.M. 10 Ctns. & Feat. LILI. dr.; PRESIDENT'S LAOY PARISIAN Vrt.'Sth. Op.6:45. OU-71013 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI, clr,: Wyman, LET'S DO IT AGAIN, dr. RITZ 5214 Wilshlre. Op. 6:00. WA-1221 Wide-View-Stereo Sound Tech. Sttwirt-Dru-Roiand-Duryea. THUNDER BAY STADIUM Plco-Rbtsn.0D.6S.CR-620S3 Williams. Daneerous When Wet. dr.: Wayne-PI ma. TONIGHT WE 3INC. clr. STARLAND 2624 N. Broadway. CA-S090 GAY I LAN POLLcHU; AH Seats 50c : QUINTO TI0 TOWER Comp. Ct. 12:30. NE-6-131S vriuiams, uangerous wnm wet. cir.; Virginia Mayo. SOUTH SEA WOMAN UPTOWN West'n-Olym. Op. 6, RE-41116 Victor Mature, GLORY BRIGADE; D. Dalley. KID FROM LEFT FIELD VILLAGE Wert wood. Oo. 6 :30. BR-04301 V. MavO. SOUTH SEA WOMAN : Grable-Robertaon, Farmer Takes Wile WESTLAKE Alv.-Wil, 12:15. DU-33920 Williams, Dangerous When Wet, dr.; All Seats 50C; DESERT RATS WILSHIRE 8440 WMshire Blv. WY-3154 Cooper, RETURN TO PARADISE, dr.; Dally 2: Sat., Sun., Hoi. 12:30 Noon DOWNTOWN IPS ANGEIES GLOBE Brdwy.Nr.Bth.Ct.10:45 RE-14111 2 DARING HITS! TWILIGHT WOMEN and THE SLASHER LOS ANGELES 615 S. Bdwy. 10:45-12:30 Victor Mature, GLORY BRIGADE: , D. Oailey. KIO FROM LEFT FIELD IONG BEACH CREST Atlantic near Carson. Open 6:00 Grable-Robertson, Farmer Takes Wife, J. Craln-M. Rennle. Dangerous Crossing PASADENA. SO. PASADENA, A1HAMBRA ACADEMY Open 12:00. RY-1-650S Grable-Robertson, Farmer Takes Wife; J. Crain-M. Rennte. Dangerous Crossing UPTOWN Open 6:45. SV-34330 2 M.G.M. Hall of Fame Thrillers! TRADER HORN and SEQUOIA STRAND Open 12:00. SY-3-8187 Barbara Stanwyck, ALL I DESIRE; Silvan Mangano-V. Cassman. ANNA STATE Open 6:45. SY-27139 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI, dr.; Erato Pima, TONIGHT WE SINO. dr. Rl ALTO Op. 6:45. PY-11259. SY-93161 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI, dr.; Eniio Plnta. TONIGHT WE SING, dr. EL REY Alhambra. Op. 6:45, AT-2-4941 Leslie Ceron-Mel Ferrer, LILI. dr.: Burton-Newton-Mason. OESERT RATS MONROVIA ELHott 8-2286 Chandler-Andrews, Sword in Desert; Lancater.Fontlne. UNAFRAID ALEX Ct. 12:00. CH-5-1525 craoie-Robert son, Farmer Takes wife Craln-Rennle. Dangerous Crossing CLENDALE Open 6:30. CH-52S15 Coddard-Robinson, VICE SQUAD; Newton-Burton-Mason, OESERT RATS GATEWAY S.Far.-Brand.6:45. CH-51631 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI, dr.; Crayson-MacRae, OESERT SONG, clr. RED LANDS Op. 6:45. Ph. 4331 Williams, Oangerous When Wet, dr.; Wayne-PI m. TONIGHT WE SING, ctr. Cijeatcrs Spoken Drama GREEK 'THEATRE enFFiTH PARK- Pfi0D"0T10H DIRECT FROM JAPAN OPENS TONIGHT (8 performances) AUG. 5, 6r 7, 8 AUG. 12, 13, 14, 15 ii -. .. I, . I, .. f EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION? HAROLD LANG In yA uOf Hew rorfc Critics' Crc(t Jwerrf Tear's SEATS AVAILABLE ALL PERFORMANCES MEIK THUTRE BOX OFFICE (10 A.M. la 9 P.M. ) ai SO. LOWPBictiSl. 1.50. 2-2.50-3-3.50 Ulisuis Btsimtn MAIL ORDERS NOW! SYMPHONIES UNDER THE STARS and SATURDAY "POPS" : TOMORROW of 8:30 ERIC LEINSDORF . CAROL BRICE CONDUCTOR CONTRALTO SATURDAY at 8:30 & CC C DODTCD'C unci W "-'W mujiv. Sttr Soloisti indChoru. vuau toi urn MJO. JJO iiiiavie 12.tC l.SO cihimi apmiuioh sot T t.vt how on au Mm tax onto, moi n. nwmuko, t. cm. muc co.. ht t. mti a u mutiml itt ffc. ao. miii aAckCIVIC LIGHT OPERA (mitUASHrHlir'' Ancrico's Greatest Singing Aclor ALFRED DRAKE uwiiomos , . croup Mui!e from ALEXANDER BO6O0IN DORETTA MORROW j C1EHN BUKRIS -HENRY CWIH THEATRE MART V THE NATIONAL HIT! lif fl AC MIUAC 7(h WFPK BY THOMAS HEGGEN AND JOSHUA LOGAN "AIR COOIED" MEXICAN PLAYERS PADUA KILLS Wad., Thurt., Fri Sat. - 8:30; WbcJ., Sol. - 2:30 NfJW: "DOH JOSE" Dining Room Opn Every Day Except Monday with tamaira RMervation adviiabta Tlckeh Mutual Agenclet Jfliiinii, Ph. Lycoming 3-1263 3 MiH H. ot CUrmnant CamiVal Irving Carroll as a goldsmith and Michael McKee handled TKHfflCOlOR MUm-UCIEKH I Pt.HW.fTO WOW fl APOLLO Hwd.-Wst'n.0p.6rf5 H 0-74522 Brnught Back By Popular Demand I HEP 8HUM. C"--: Russell-Monroe, GENTLEMEN PREFER BL0NDE5. color on TTiup-ovr.c.. - HOLLYWOOD CT.12 :30-5am H 0-3937? Hiftin. SHANE, dr.: h Wayne-Pinta.TONIOHT WE SINO.clr. IRIS-650SHv.d. Bt. Ct. 12. HOflM Victor Mature. GLORY BRIGADE: pal ley, mu t-num w ii.- VOGUE 6675 Hwd.Bhrd.Ct.12. H 0-72555 THUNDER BAY. clr. OCEAN PARK, SANTA MONICA. VENICE. CUIVER CITY. WEST l.A. DOME Cont. T230 EX-6-3273 nnrlrinnl.RnhlftMn. VICE SOUAD: Crawlord-Derek. LAST POSSE, dr. CRITERION Cont. 12:30. EX-5-82S2 3D, Carey-Dru-lreland, HANNAH LEE, FOX Venice, 620 Lincoln. EX-6-421 5 tviiiu' nar From ?a.DDD patnoms: Afl Seats 50c; McCrea. SHOOT FIRST . BUNDY Pico at Cen. Op. 6:45. EX-64414 Robt. Mltchum, BLOOD ON MOON; All seata 50c: two plau wmi WILSHIRE 1314 Wilsh. Blvd. EX -5-699 5 Simmons-Granger, YOUNG BESS, dr.; WcDD-5tanwycK-wacnar. ihawiu CULVER Wash..0uq.0p.6:45. VE-S3124 V. Mayo, SOUTH SEA WOMAN; Goddard-Roblnson, VICE SQUAD HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA Cont. 1240. JE-5111 L. Caron, STORY OF 3 LOVES, dr.; Grable-Robertgon. Farmer Takes Wile PARK Pacific Blvd. Op. 12:00. JE-3442 TWO GREAT ADVENTURE STORIES: UNKNOWN ISLAND; Two Lost Worlds ALCAZAR 4426 E. Gage. 6:45, LA-3306 Milland-Dahl, JAMAICA RUN, Clr. Payne-Sterling, vanquished, cir. TOWNE 6S1S S. East'n Ave.. Bell Gardens TWO DARING EXPOSES! GIRL GANGS; FOLLOW THE LEADER INGUWOOD ACADEMY Fr. Pk. OR-71000. PL-15151 Coddard-Robimon, VICE SQUAD; Qralile-Robertson. Farmer Takes Wife FOX' 115 N. Market. Ct. 10:30. OR-S2323 V. Mayo, SOUTH SEA WOMAN: Barbara Stanwyck, ALL I DESIRE FIFTH AVENUE 5th-Manch. TW-9966 Milland-Dahl, JAMAICA RUN, dr.; Payne-Sterling VANQUISHED, clr. REDONDO. HERMOSA, MANHATTAN REO0N0O On.6:45.Smoklng. FR-2-5254 30, Lamas-Daht, SANGAREE, dr.; Ray Mining. Jamaica huh, err. STRAND Open 6:45. FRontler 28300 Williams. Daneerous When Wet. dr.: Wayne-Pinra, TONIGHT WE SING, dr. HERMOSA Open 6:45. FRontler 2-6245 Newton-Burton-Mason, utstrir haib; Kirk Douglas. THE JUGGLER LAMAR Manhattan Beach. FR-2S500 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI, dr.; Carson, SCANDAL AT SCOURIE, clr. POMONA, ONTARIO FOX Pomona. Open 6:30. LY-21353 Taylor-Gardner, RIDE VAQUERO, elr.j Kaision-wnan. h rinum tourney STATE Pomona. Cont. 2:00 LY-25544 Hudson-Decario, SEA devils, ctr.; African Thrills! Below the Sahara, dr. VILLAGE Claremont.Op. 6:30. LY.52612 Williams. Dangerous wnen wet, ctr.i Kirk Douglas. THE JUGGLER GRANADA Ontario, 6:45. Ph. 61-9192 3D, Ryan-Lundlgan-Flemlng, Inferno; Mature-Simmons, Affair With Stranger RIVERSIDE Cont. 2:00. Ph. 5252 Taylor-Gardner, RIDE VAQUERO, clr. j Ralston-Brian, A Perilous Journey GOLDEN STATE Com. 2:00. Phono 737 Williams, Dangerous When Wet, clr.t Grayson-MacRae: OESERT SONQ, ctr. ORANGE COUNTY WEST COAST Santa Ana. K 1-3-8317 Crable-Robertson, Farmer Takes Wife; J. Craln-M. Rennte, Dangerous Cronlnn FOX Anaheim. Phone 3602 T. Curt Is-J. Leigh, HOUDINI, clr.t Crayson-MacKae. uesebt suhc, cir. FOX Fullerton. LA-521S1 V. Mayo, SOUTH SEA WOMAN; Allyson-Johnson. Remains To Be Seen STUDIO CITY Open 6:45. SU-2-2377 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI. dr.; Kirk Douglaa. THE JUGGLER EL PORTAL No. Hwd. Op.12. ST-729S3 L. Caron, STORY OF 3 LOVES, dr.: C. Grant-Deborah Kerr. DREAM WIFE VALLEY N.Hollywd. 0p.6:45. SU -22272 Webb-Stanwyck-Wagner. TITANIC; Wldmark. Pickup on South Street LA REIN A Op.12 115. Mat. Oty. ST-41141 C. Grant-D. Kerr. DREAM WIFE: J. Crain-M. Rennle. Dangerous Crossing VAN NUYS Open 6:45. STate 5-2731 Leslie Caron-Mel Ferrer, LILI, dr.; Silvano Mangano-Cassman, ANNA RIVOLI Van Nuys. Op. 6:45. ST-5-3919 Widmark. Pickup on South Street; Grayson-Mac Rae, DESERT SONG, clr. unlimited free parking PHONE: HQ.3I2ttj OPENS WED. AUG. 19 I (6 performances) AUG. 19-21-22 and AUC2S-2S-29 Howid DEetl Hi- 3rimm$ EnsUsh Virion tijft tltiFlfy with the Mefropolifan Opera Stars HADIHE CONNER BRIAN SULLIVAN FRANK GUARRERA 'he Now York Production 9PENSMON.AUC.31 - 2WEEKSONLY - U(CI,SUN. co-sticrint CAROL' BRUCE Huile A Ljiks by fteditfi 4 Hut Boot by latin ffHirt Sit Mei.col CALIF. MUSIC CO. 737 S. Ml ST. i4 All MUTUAL AGENCIES - PEMBROKE DAVENPORT tfc MBit World Premiere 8iSs -,rt": Ruto' " r n - u wttes Onoi . ransnorv X Jk : WO. t:U0.l.3J0 0:Mt. JHTS. Ut ,f l.4p . rHit.ici oar; . it-1 j W-aUKBHCCO. t . ', u muiuii icaars 5 -PHIUP COOUDGE 1 ClintonVbmontN0.2ll2l rELSA UNCHESTER- YALE PUPPETEERS 'Z", LOTTE GOSLAR 1.7.16 ULA CiLHZCA CR. 6-1005 4 9 Mieiy exc. Mar k 1 2 Showi Sat. 1 I 8:Q0 &. 0:15 P. 1 4 PtiriMcun cum

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