The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1946
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1946 BLYtttrtVlLLE (AUK.) COURIKR NRWS BroadAnti-Sirike Bills Considered Senator* Get Measure . To Ban Walkouts by .' Government Employes. BV JOHN I,. CUTTKR United Press staff t'orresixiiidrnt WASHINGTON, May 11. (UP)-- Tlie senate dlivc for anti-strike legislation was broadened today to Include an outright ban t\i>ainst walkouts by government employes. Tlie ban, aimed prieipally at the new United Public Workers Union (ClO), was approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee while the full senate debated general ] The upproprlnliojis committee I Army May Test Rocket Five Times as the Mammoth V-2 WHITE SANDS PROVING iny 0 [f n lol of land from BW/JMB. C1HOUND, New Mexico, May 17. And certain rides claim they inv (NEA>— KeaideiHs of New NfeiJico J-jsIng valuable louiLsl tViulis be- and neighboring states are getting cause people nve nfruid lo navel worried about ttlelr back yards I*' ( through there and some of ing used as a laboratory for pushbutton warfare. First their landscare was an artillery range und air bombing target site. Next, a large area was turned into blue glass with the first alomlc bomb. Now they're seeing terrifying German V'2s and giant American rockets zoom all over the horlxon. There Is an awful lot of open spade around here and not. many persons lo till it up. But the few tl,i,v members said they planned to wi-lte such a prohibition into cnc h , dtpartnfenu.1 appropriation 1,1,1 ,*_ -iTe amendment to.bia " ,,k that v ' " .ma t fiv i. 'o s o*ei ai e- inchule %,ecu. energy nnit a trip lo the moim in spnce ship. It so happens thai few of rumors exaggerate what the Army officials tliemselvt-s are discussing. The whole mine lias kicked ill) n minor ruckus between cattlemen and the mining Interests. Certain Ization of government employes Jl 1 "that asserts Ihe right to strike against the government." It was written inlb the anti-Communist clause included in all appropriation bills. ( . The provision drafted by Sens. Richard B. Russell, D., Ga., nnd Joseph H. Ball, R.. Minn., was expected to precipitate a bitter fighl lii the senate. Pro-labor sens. James E. Murray, D., Mont., nnd Clnudc Pepper, !>.. Pla., challenged tlJe melhod ot using an appropriation bill to strike at the hew union of federal workers. „ . tk Neither Inslsled that government 1 Bljrtheville Hospital workers should have the right to | Admitted ... _. the key highways have to be closed during iho V-2 tests which will continue all summer. Local politicians are telling Ihe residents thill they have ihe words of Senators Carl A. Hatch ami Dennis Chavez a»<l Secretary ol Agriculture Clinton Anderson, till from New Mexico, lhat if so much as one civilian should be Injured or killed by any of these tests, the Army would be moved out of the state, lock slock and barrel within 24 hours. This possibility Isn't, worrying Wliite Bunds Army officers, how ever. They arp positive that no V-2 will ever get uway from them far enough to hit a city or anyone who is not In the restricted area. *• By the end of the summer ihe Army hopes to lip'able to fire v-2.> without [lie del)) of Qrriium scientists an<i technicians. At the recent first \"2 test firing In America, Germans did practically all of the work. Army officials-are worried that the later tests—25 arc scheduled—won't In; as successful as the first public demonstration. The V-Ss are assembled from prac- ticalty nil periimn-nindi 1 part.s. The best of the Paris are being used SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON A Friend Who Learned to Believe Scripture: Jolin ll:1-s, i(j; ;j|),j|.;ji) mine owners claim, the cattlemen In. the first to.sts. .Sonic of tile .re- are encouraging the lest* to hinder | innliilng parts mlKht 1) further prospecting. The cattlemen are complaining because -Only one or lwo small clos- I American-made . faulty, parts are At The Hospitals I strike. Bill Pepper said "The rights of -the individual must be protected." , The American Federation of Labor executive council meanwhile adopted a resolution askitig Congress to reject all anti-strike legislation "drafted In the spirit of vengeance." It supported a proposal to delay legislative action pending a congressional study of causes of labor disputes. The proposal to fire striking government workers won support fiom Sen. Kenneth S. Wherry. H.. Neb., vdio said the government should not pay any person "who believes In an ideology directly contradictors to the constitution." He said the amendment was intended "to protect the government against any such organization a.? was formed at Atlantic City." The United Public Workers Union was organized recently at Atlantic City. In floor debate over a general labor bill, Pepper attacked an amendment sponsored by Son. Harry P. ByrdV-D.v Va-~ to outlaw -the -''welfare fund" assessment demands nf John L. Lewis in the current soft coal dispute. School Merger Plan Launched H By Educators LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. May 17. f UP t—Complete reorganization of Arkansas school districts wr.s the main thelne of a campaign launched here today by the Arkansas Education Association. The association started out to secure at least 17.000 signatures requesting ail initiated act be placed on the November election ballot t:i revamp the state's school district plan. The proposed measure would cut the number of districts from 2.235 to 371, dissolving all districts with less than 350 pupils. The AEA asserted that the new program would put every Arkansas child' in an accredited high school. If .passed, the act would go into eflecV July 1. 1!)47. AEA officials here said they expected to have tli,; ' needed, signatures by June 1. U D. Chamblin. city. Renee Hays. city. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Johns city, a daughter, last night. Dismissed: Dr. C. C. Stevens, city. R. J. Hodge, city. George Ingrain, city. Joyce Ingrain, city. Mrs. Roy French, city. Memphis Baptist Admitted: 'Mrs^ Mark Stewart, city. Mildred Adams, Bassett. Johnnie Westbrook Caruthersville Mo. Memphis SI. Joseph Hospital Admitted: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Keni- berlin, Joiner, a soli. WalU Hospital Admitted: Charles Fleeman, Manila. Veto Harris, Holland, Mo. Ellis Swain, Yarbro. ^, Bonnie Skellon, city. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Turner, city, a son' tills morning:. Disni.lssed: " 'A. "J. Andrews, city. Aline Hansard, city. E. E. Billings, city. Mrs. W. M. McFarlnncl, senath, Mo. ; Mrs. Tain Hill, Leachvllle. Negro Pupils to See Memphis Cotton Carnival Approximately 100 pupils of the Harrison Negro School were attending the Cotton Carnival in Memphis today: This trip, sponsored by Bessie p. Ivy rtnd tin; fifth grade classes as a [*tograpl\y ' pi-ojeel will mark the lolli Annual visit. During the war when the Cotton Carliivn] was .suspended, the class- made the annual 'visit to- tile Zoo instead. ^ A special fralure this year will I be to see W. C. Itunilyi famoV.s eomiwser of the Memphis tllues, lead the coronation and gram! parade of the Jubilee for Ihe Negro division. My W1U.IAM K. fin.Hov, to. l>. "Doubting Thomas," alnon); Kilen disciples 01 fiiilh and ucllon n-i Peter, Jame.s, and John, posses i>n unenviable ilKtinctln Yel sucCt'i- sive yencmllonK or ChrlalliUis o*(> a (jreai debt of gnUlttide to him, for li-ller in Ihe lull or Ihe physical Iti'suneollon depends in largf part upon Ihe testimony of those disciples who saw Him' after Ills crucifixion. Thomas was the one disciple who was not content with hear-, sny evidence — 11U> account ol whal utlieis had hfar, Ar iieen. He wanted absolute proof oetoi* uo- lievlng (lint n mill crucified and buried could in Irulh nunJii «|>pe»r alive amoiiB: HIS flieiuls »tnl lol- towers. And Thomas got 'liie proof. Tin- Lord mildly rebuked him' for his iimeadlne.s.s to bi'liew. as lie i*- bukeil Oie two dbwiples on 'the wniit to Kininnus for' llleli- dlill- ni'Ss In not bellei; mideisUliillll)', the scrlptiircit: biU lt : WAS Ihf lack or bplrltual llftlBhl, nut the spirit of inquiry, of which Jesus lomplailicd. "Blessed," He siikl. '"nv« Ihcy wlVo have not seeii. yet have believed. " That Is, blessed are they for whom the dec'iK'sl evidence') ure splrllihil in the sinno sinisu I'aul I'oiiVmendeil chrlstlalu who, not havlhfj sei'n elitist, loved Him none the less. In resixjnsc lo wlial He was. The weakness of Tliomhs seems to have laiii hot in his inn.uhlnu Dlhul and 111 his lii«ttiincy to b^- lieve except upon clear evidence, but in his ratliur gloomy pesslui- Uitt. \Vllen Jesus wished to' g"'> Into Judeii (John li:' >l-16V>iuiit the disciples sought to disunite Him becausb «f Ihe dangeV UlRl'O, whei'euiJOn Jesus ^i^oke of lh^ detith of La^.aruA and'of'His o\vn prospective death, It whs Thomm who said, ' "Let us also go,, thui *e ii'ihy die with him." < doilbt has born Ihc uulcway Dill It was thi> fullh (hill ..lint He hud plenty ol CUUIMKC una devotion Ui his Mas In, ulinl h c . lacked was inmiiinalloii ulul hopi- Hi 1 wasn't an I'siicctani, soul. » The Kfi-at ihhi R about Tlu.nms was that 1 1( . trulv wan led lo IH>- licio. rvMl I! lie did not find bc- nof easy unless llui eVltteniv wus JitrotiK. The trouble with tm)'.' fkcpllcs Is thin they don't lU'luallt- want, to brllvvv. They are m>i humble seokevn, and Inltli is the possusslon or tin. hunUilc and ol tlie pure In heart and mind. Honest doubt has un ImiJOrlmit iwrt Ui play, both In ihr ex. lii'noe of the tndlvlitiiiu bi'licvrr and In the propvcss of rellKlo'i, Among Ktnceri' and eurnest seck- My Lord anil jny cuxl," not has Irs. Clafk Sells Home P'tre, she Is storing her siiop stock '"« *'***• h« protwrty,.tB B«»tar n MinkwMw Al C^i.»l. I cl( - t'aiutliersvlUc, Mo,, where 6ho' Coun 'y near Cotter,•• »djac««t \it n Highway 61, South \> ieMvl} |)rl0l . lo C0lnu ^ to rfyihie. j"** «"• M^ttw'N'iri shwia DM: Mrs. James 1). Clalk has aiinouii-1 vllle i\ munlx'r ol years ago 1 . ;l ~-.;~ A.w^f*^ 1 &£Z£25~7*~j, '• M... ... I'd llini sh,. sold her country i The stock Is being stored o 1 ,, her i henicnlul 10 «m'» Of ln»d nt I)o«- ] properly there where she u«U ' ivmxl lo Mr. aim Mrs. Hrnest Held, three lormer soy bean liouke, to' uho plan lo mou- ( ,s fonni'r owner can nlve of Wilson, anon as Iho possession. Thl-y have Oeen oix-ratlnR u>r ' Wllsun Tavern. The imiperlv Hi- , rludes a seven^ivom n'inse Twen- ' ly pecan trees are uiowlnii on Hi I place. ] t (Wilted oil HlRhway 01 Soiilh, || ' has been Ihe silo of Mrs. Clark's 1 amp I'ost Antliiik' Shop whlfn she plans lo iuov ( . to ahtithcr locallnh In lllylhi'vllle. she wild she would continue lo make lier home here. Mrs. Cllnrk u-ct'iilly renuuleled Ilk- house, which Included eiilanie- lucnt and luldlilon of. a si'coiui hiilh, nluiiB with ui'iieral retU'corn- tlllK, ' Nnlll it new location Is acinilnit prcvloi'.ii dotlljl, (hat nas clealcd for Thomas « hlijh place amoiijt lhoR(> who have tesllflod to Iho Kl'MtlTtH'llOh., convett thorn ,,,.„ ,.,.„,. Mls ' 01 " lk a res! 1 , , '^ 1 '" iinDS'to KO ludn "' Ky " ' cr « vl ' llt lw ' to ' »l lL ' M1 ' hl K « Professor Is Speaker for Shawnee Seniors Charles S. Brown, professor ai history at Memphis Slate College, will deliver the commencement address at Shawnee High School of i Joiner exercises tonight .at -the.' school audilorium. 1 he baccalaurealp sermon Is lo be given in the auditorium Sunday night by the. Rn\ W. K. Speed o't Lake City. SATURDAY BAKERY ^SPECIALS 7 inch '— 2 layer Fresh Lemon Cake ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY Don't Soy Bread Say HART'S Bread HALT'S BAKERY Kmplnying Hlylhevllle fabpl* Pre-schoo/ Meeting The Central pre-school meeting *ill be held Tue.iday at the courthouse, 1:30 o'clock. All mothers who have children starting- lo school at Central next year are asked to see that they are at the courthouse. inie Nell • McDonald, L. H. Autvy Jr. Leo Toiulin, Clayton Etibanks Jr..' Burl McNair, Geraldine Pierce. Nola Duncan, Pa ye Williams. Nenna chnfin and Gladys King. The presentation is under direction of Mrs. L. H. Autry and Mrs. Sclnm Morgan, assisted by AlcVerrion Pierce. Admission fees will be used for the annual which the junior class sponsors. Texan to Preach LUXODA, Ark.. May n.—The Rev. W. C. Bryuiis of Port Worth, Texas, will preach at • the First Baptist church, Hi Liixorn, Sunday, at both morning and evening services. THE BEAUTY CMNIC Margaret. Deen Smith, Owner inrram BtJg. Phone 3271 Burdette Students To Present 3-Act Play Burdette High School students will present a three-act play tomorrow night, 8 o'clock, in (he school ammonium. Taking pnrt In Ihe play. "TJnrtv Lou," will be Dunne Easley. Jim- When Skin Torture Drives You Mad! I n hrtllc rtf Blnlnlcss. powerful. 'tiiiMnt,' Mi>oiiv'« KihcraUl Vjll. v t ry IliKl Hj-tilU-nUi^n shOUUI >'uu roniforttUR relief ami u sliort li-cuinif-Tilw rotivlnce you you IKIVC ul Uxsi foiuul iho tn ovovronie ITie inU-tisf- KiMiliiK civsf*. M»i»t»^s r:rti,'r«10 Oil sirul , is easy loss — - pr<iim>1f Ktnt'rul,! . - iisick — liuoil ill ujiglsia everywhere, Woods I>ru|f Sli>re - Clly l)rut Co. il-; lo use — Krcnsi-- — (?i:oiu>nnrnl — . Ask for Mo one's CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For a quick sale see me. I have buyers for homes. List your property with me. My commission is 5%. 1 have no sidelines. H. C. CAMPBELL Office 120 So. Second Ph*net «u M> -l» Your Time Is Valuable . . . Our Service Is QUICK! Call 2611 • for Road Service Anywhere • Tires Repaired—any Kind. • Batteries Charged—Quick or Slow • Washing and Greasing • All STANDARD PRODUCTS • Mechanical Repairs. MARR'S AUTO SERVICE YOU KNOW WHERE WALLPAPER Wallpnpur Now . .'. E. C. 15 ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Give your car that spring look. Lot us givo it our special wash and lubrication job. Every port of your car gets a lubricant especially designed for it. Our car wash is complete. Langsfon-Wroten Co, Sales U. S. Tiros OPEN 21 HOIJKS Walnut & Itroathvnj Service Mobil Gas WKKCKKU SERVICK Tclophonc ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Let us figure your total contract Includ ing labor. Service and Repair on wiring and accessories. Appliance Repair. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO 110 So. Sec. Phone 3371 HAYS IMPLEMENT CO. 200 R. Main. Blylheville, Ark., Phone 2MI SALES AND SERVICE OF J. S. CASE EQUIPMENT Just Received a shipment of CASE HAMMER FEED MILLS 8 Inch $105; 10 Inch $129.50 USED CARS WAr4tEt) W* will pay you lh« full OPA Celling plus your extra equipment. 'f you are C3r Lee Motor Sales, I he OlilsmoWIe Knst MM In SI. CMC Phoiw 519 for the season Hove Your Property Sprayed With D. D. T. Like the IA S. Government Uses tig iniect approaching. is Boyett Sprayihg Co. equipped to do just fhar. You can help rid yoUr community of pusky intects (by calling Phone 3602 BOYETT DDT SprayingCo Offices Temporarily Located 7 J J E, Vino S*. ; Goo. (Buddy) Boyett—Owners—Fred Ooyott Jr. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVAE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. '. • P/wtte 36460*42525 FURNITURE Of course, we ilon'l got, all w<! could sell, but oe.we.sict it. our - linllcy will be first come, first served Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 Kusl Muin . Phon* 2302 All nur Knigiloyeex are War: v>lrran!<. i For River-Wdih«d SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt for Fills LARKIN SERVICE STATION 219 East Main St. K. ,M. I.iuklu Union Holmes WASH T1IBUS RV T.ttST.tF/TTTRNRH TO SEND WE UP APAEIWNT w SKIPPED OIT FOE GUI re ft r END OF THI5 ' PESEiiTED PIER. NEVER SCEN HEBEfORE •OUBOW Ifyoys?*!**!!?! Whcr'd Thcv Git? BY FREi:) HARJIAN'.; WHIP AND IvXSe WERE BOW 5IOE5 Of . v ;t , Sv£R - tr\ Cow Al W e~V\r- 1 ~\E. SO OF US WILL 6E TlU WE

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