The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1930
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1930 Poultry at CountyTair Yesterday Judging -of U:e Mississippi cou'n- ly fair poultry show was completed yesterday with sweepstakes hon- crs going to Mrs. W. W. Pepper, Huffman; C. 1). Pullln^ Rl. 2; Mrs. E. B.. Lloyd, Rt. 1; Treva Jones, Ri.. i,- and Spenwr Driver, Osceola. , .• i. The results follow: Sweepstakes Best old pen. in show—White Lansdians, Mrs. W. W. Pepper, Huffman. ' - Uesl younj pen In show—White Recks, C. D. Fullln, Rt. 2, Box 272. Best hen In show—White Rock, Mrs. E. B. Lloyd, Rt. 1 city. Best pullet In show—While Rock, Treva Jones, Rt. 1 city. Bcsl cock In show—Black : Minorca, Spencer Driver; Osceoia. • : -"H Best cockerel in show—Wliite Reck, C. D. Pullin, fit. 2, box 272.-: IHack Minorca: f • Ycuns pen—1, Spencer Driver, Oscccln; 2, Mrs. J. L. Howton,'Rt 2; Old pen—1, Spencer Driver, Os-, ccoli. Hen—1, Spjncer Driver, Osceola; 2, Spencer. Driver. .Pullet—1, Spencer Driver, Osce- cla; 2, Spencer Driver, Osceo!a. Cock—1, Spencer Driver, Osceoln. BarVcd Hocks, Lights. Young pen—1, Mrs. Eugene Dlck- crrcn, Rl. 1; Mrs. R. C.. Bruce. Old pen—M. S. Avery, Rt 3. ' Pullet—1, Mrs. J C. Chapin, Manila; 2, Mrs. Eugene Dickerson, R.I. Hen—1, Mrs. Eugene Uickerson, Rente 1. • . Ccckerel—1, Mrs.. Eugene Dick-. er-on, lit. 1; 2. Mrs. Eugene pick-' eison;.3, Mrs. J. C.- Cbapln, Mahila.- ; Barred Rocks, Dark Young pen—1, Mrs. 'O. S. ; Battle, Osccola. Cockerel 1. Mrs. G. S. Battle, Os- c?3la; 2, Mrs. G. S. Battle. • Pullet—1, J. E. Hardin, Rt. 2; 2, Mrs. G. S. Battle, Osceola. Hen—1, Mrs. G. S, Battle, Osceola. Buff Orpingfons Young hen—Mrs. J. E. Phillips, Rt. 2; 2, Mrs. W. E. Potter, Dell. Cookerel- -1, w. S. Fulton, 2020 W. Vine; 2, Mrs. L. Wheeler, R. 1. Hen—1, Mrs. TJ. Wheeler, Rt. I; 2, Mrs. L. Wheeler. • Rhode Island Reds Young pen—1, Mrs. Mary Evans, IU. 2. .... •.....-,-.; Old pen—1, C. i>; Fendjci;, 512 N. First. "• '•' '"'" Cockerel—1. Dick Saliba; 2, Msry Aileena McAfe?, Rt. 2. Pul!2t- -1, Mary AUeene McAfee, Route 2. Wliite Lailgshan Old p;n—1, Mrs. W. W. Pepper. Huffman. Young pen—1. Mrs, W. W. Pep- yer, Huffman;-2, Ethel Brock, nt.-l. Cockerel 1. Mr*. W. W. Pepper, Huffmim; 2. Mrs. S. L. Webster. Cock^l. Mrs. W. W, Pepper, Huffman. Pullet—1, Mrs. .w.- W. Pepper, Huffman; 2. Mrs. S. L. Webster. Silver Spangled Hamburgs Youiig pen-.I, John Koney. Game Young trio—1, Punk Will's, R. 1. Did trio—1, Punk Willis, Rt. 1. Best pair bantams—1, P. Q. Korie; 2, Dr. O. B. Phillips; 3, Reeco Wcoton. TURKEYS Bourbon Reds Tom—1, E. B. Lloyd, Rt. 1; 2, Mrs. J. E. Ncal. Rt. 2. Hen—1, Mrs. J. E. Neal, Rt. 2; 2, E. B. Lloyd, Rt. 1. Bronze Turkey Toms—1, Mrs. Eugene Dickerson. Rt. 1; 2, Spencer Driver, Osceola. ' Pigeons Best pair in show—1, George Buchanan, RL 1. Best pair o! rabbits In show--!, Guy Colfier. city. Best puir of white Pekin ducks— 1, H. F. Spicer; 2, Johnnie Walker. Best pair of Mallard ducks—1, J. G. Gracy, Rt. 2. Hert goose In shm— 1, Mrs. Wal- Ur Worslcy, Ht. 2; 2, E. Hoist on. Best grinder in shew—1, Mrs W.tlter. Worsley. Rt. 2; 2, E. Hols- l:n, city. Best, brotni cggs--l, ,\frs. R. H icod, lit. 1; 3, Mrs. R-. L. Marshall. Best wlilte eggs 1 -;!, Mrs. L. Wheeler, Rt-.-l; 2, Mrs, J. A. Pnyno. Winners In tV.e silver laced nnd •Iilte Wyand&tt, white rock, white Leghorn and Jersey black giant lasses were listed yesterday. ' Soy Bean Show Draws Interest A .new feature of this year's pjutty lair, but one which proni- ses'to grow hi importance, is a pedal soybean 'show, housed In a eclh hi the community cxhibils ' Prizes of 118.50 brought out an jelcnslve ahow'Uig of beans ol :ilie sadtag vDrlelies.. Additional infer- st «^s given Uie booth by exhlb- s of various commercial prod(icls : i^; ffaybeani, - arranged ty Coilnly m/,..E,-wfe. j 'Ixikwing'»re the prize winners; Beit display soybean sheaves—P. K..' Rogers,'Rl. 2. • Best sheaf Laredos—1, E. S. \vil- y, Etowah; 2, Arnold Ford, Burette. Best, sheaf Mmnmotli Browns—1, 1. L. Maxwell, Rt. 3; E. S. \vil- y, Etowah. Best'Mung bean sheaves—R L toxwell, Rt. 3. Best peck soybeans—1, H.' C. ew, Leachville;_2; W. A. Spenoci achvllle. Best sifieaf Sudan grass—1, Andy Harshman, Tomato; 2, Joe Epijcr- «»,'Rt. 2. ', - ' ' - TWO MINDS WITH- r "How happy Mrs. Smith looks." "No doubt she's thinking of tha liver fox fur she just got." "And how sad her husband ooks." "No doubt he's Uiinking or the ime thing!"—Lnstige Sachse, l/!ip- ig. T\0 they harass you by day and keep you awake at night? Don't neglect them. They'll niin your charm and beauty, alienate your friends, interfere ^I'ith your business ar.d social success. When you're nervous, take Dr. Miles' Nervine. It's the prescription of a successful Nerve Specialist put up in convenient form especially for people in your condition. Dr. Miles' Nervine is now made in two forms—Liquid and Effervescent Tablet. Both arc the same thcrapeutically. Full Size Bottle $1.00 DR.MtLES' NERVINE Sir Walter Scott Goblet.; Seen at Glamis Castle CLAMIS CASTLE, Scclhml (UP —A missive sllror-gUdcd goblet from which Sir Waller Scoll cncc drank his dcoclt-andoruks, has bjaii nn object, of interest in (lie caslle for years. . The cup Is emblematic of the family name of Bowts-Lyon of tho Earls of siratlmiorc, and In former days had to be emptied lo the Earl's health. •.^.'^ : 1 JUST CAN'T SI.EK1' FIRST TRAMP: Bill, you ain't yerself, mate. Ye'rc r?slless. I SECOND TRAMP: I know, Ted, '.. It's insomnia.. I keen-, wakin' up every few days.—P.i«!ii2 Show. Read Courier News Want Ads. ; BAKING POWDER It's double Use K C (or fine texture and large volume in your bakings. MIILIONSOF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT MMere's what yon yet in MAGNOLIA ETHYL G A S O,L I N E These 9 advantages tell tchif thousands of motorists prefer MACiXOLIA ETHYL •fEASIER STARTING 2QUICKER GETAWAY 3 MORE MILES PER GALLON 4LESS CARBON 5LESS OVERHEATING 6LESS MOTOR TROUBLE 7NO MOTOR KNOCKS Check over, point-for ]ioi;it, llic advantages you get in Magnolia Elliyl Gasoline. Weigh tlic inconvenience and niolor • trouble that might develop from the use of inferior gasolines in comparison with thcpoivcr,smoothness ami knock- less jxrforniancc thai is everlastingly yours as long as Magnolia Elliyl is iu your gasoliuc tank. No wonder Sonlh- Kcstcrn motorists have taken wholeheartedly to Magnolia Ethyl. Have your tank filled today at (lie first Magnolia Sign. ME-98 ^MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS ^'THROUGHOUT THE SOU;THWEST. . BELOTE * 4 Grocery and Meat MARKET Phone 177 We Deliver 122 W. Main CELERY Jumtxi Siw Euch lOc BELL PEPPERS,,. 'nunils For 15c Nice Lnrjte Ik-ads 8c I-'ri-sh. •Counlrv 28c GREEN FIELD PEAS, 2 Us. 1'or 15c TOKAY GRAPES I'oiiiid 7ic POTATOES N ^ir,S,,. $1.35 BLYTHEV1LLE s *,^ . 1Q C White Water24-lbs. 80c Rose 48-lbs.l.60 MEAL CREAM >; 2 ,,-, 65c PXGEFIVI Jl New C'roi) 25 Pound Hox- $2.75 • SUNSHINE 'if" 25 c SAUER KRAUT jflfafg 22 c TENNESSEE SORGHiJL,,.$ 1.00 Flour $1.05 COFFEE Old 3 Pounds $1.05 BANANAS Pountl Sc SOAP 32c TOMATOES K No. 2 Can 25c BUTTER "™*»'» 41c EVERGO€D HAM Half 27c Whole 2Gc DELCO NUT SflA^j^AMB^m^BJI STEW MEAT HSHHfiBlHmiSHHii^B DRESSED HEN 1'ounfl 1'onnd 16c Tic Pound 30c SALT MEAT VoMn « ? wnA "Live lletter For Less" Specials for Saturday COFFEE SPINACH PINEAPPLE Berkley Blend. Autotrat of the Hreakfast Table. 3 Lb..Limit, ' GrilTan, No. 2 Cun 2 Cans 29c Libby, Sliced or Crushed. No. ZYi Can 25c SALT "TSW* - 3 for lOc SARDINES, American 6 f^or ?5c SUGAR, 10-lb. Limit 49c SOAP, Palmolive, 3 for 22c WESSON OIL, Pints, each 25c RICE Full Head, Fancy B !-u e Rose ' ' pound 5c APRICOTS F. & P.. 8 Oz. Can 3for25c COFFEE, Peaberry 6 Jbs. $1.00 CORN, s> "1& m ::i::: Each.lOc PORK LIVER, pound ~"*10c SPARE BIBS pound"" BEEF BOAST, pound"" SALT MEAT, For Boiling lb. 12c PURE HOG LARD, pound 15c APPLES, Jonathan, 41bs. 25c CELERY, C S? stalk 9c Grapes Concord, Basket each 25c Grapefruit "^ each 9c CABBAGE Nice, Firm • Head . Ib. BANANAS, GoWcn Yellow Fruit pound 5c ONIONS, Red, Nice Size pound 2J BAKING POWDER Calumet ' 1-Lb. Can 25c In Our Vegetable Department Avocadas, Arliclipckes, Celery Cabbage, Cauliflower, Egg Plant, Cut-rolls, Parsley, Beets, Lelluce. Pole Beans, Stringless Beans, Peaches, Sickel Pears, Tomatoes, Corn, Bell Peppers, Kacldishes, Cooking Apples, Eating Apples, Spinaeh, r l\irnips with tops, Mustard Greens, Rhubarb and Coeoamils.

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