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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 2
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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 2

The Morning Newsi
Wilmington, Delaware
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TWO F. Fox TOONER V1LLE FOLKS masses at 6 30. 8 30 and 10 o'clock, and solemn high mass at 11, followed bv solemn benediction. BRITISH CONSIDER Aunt Eppie Hogg went down at just the right place Mary Challenger was piano accompanist. The annual inapertion of Battery of the Delaware National Guard, Captain David B.

Harrington, com-mander. will take place in the Van Dyke Armory on Wednesday night. Major Harry B. VacSciver, general of the regiment, will be ac-companiH) by the regimental olliwrs. Colonel George J.

Schutz and staff. The Faithful Workers' Girl Ke- for Sam Wortle to pull that line AROUSES INTEREST PARIS ARMS FEELER Pre-Sanctifled and the procession from tne repository will be held at 8 a. m. The s'jations of the cross will be given at 3 o'clock and the stations of the cross and veneration of file relic of the true cross be at 7.30 p. m.

The blessing of the new fire, the paschal candle and Easter and baptismal water will be given at 7 a. Holy Saturday with high mass at 8 o'clock. Services on Easter Sunday will be Seeks Divorce At Keno RENO, March 26. A divorce suit was filed today by Lilley Pickard against John C. Pickard, of 1303 Van Buren street, Wilmington.

charging cruelty. They were married in New York City, June 7. 3924. Property matters were settled by agreement out of court. New Castle Folk to Voice Opinion on Ousting of School Zrt Head Seek' More Light on French Note Asking Alliance to Repel Attacks on Border London, However, Would Not Aid in Defending France's Eastern Allies pofponed its meeting which was scheduled for tomorrow The Arafapha Garden Club will meet at the Amstel House on Tuesday night, April 3.

at 8 o'clock, with Mim Mary Shaw presiding. The meeting of the Business Girls' liiih Music Club Gives Second Act of Opera at Adult Education Festival Club, scheduled to be held at the home of Miss Elizabeth Jones torn or- row night will be from 7 until 8 oclock in order that the members California's Finest! Spf! to The Morning fws NEW CASTLE, March 26 Much interest is being taken in the public meeting to be held in the Opera House tomorrow at 8 o'clock at which may attend another meeting at o'clock. Following the second meet Tree ripened fruit from the sun bathed orchards of California packed In rich syrup. A healthful dessert or breakfast dish. 16c ASCO Delicious ing the members will adjourn to the citizens will voice their opinions on of Miss Jones for a social hour.

Miss Jones will be assisted ny By ALBERT W. WILSON (Associated Press Foreign Staff) LONDON, March 2S AP) How Jar Great Britain Is wCing to go la coercing nations to live up to a disarmament treaty was considered tonight by cabinet leaders. This issue, raised by France In an arms not last week, opens a new and possibly a deciding; chapter in months-long disarmament negotiations. The British government was said Peaches W. Norman Banks.

Holy Week services began in the First Presbyterian Church tonight and will be continued throughout the week. The Rev. Donald McLeod. of Lower Brarwlywine Church, Wilmington, was the speaker. The arge to view the subject wish an open mind, but requires further com munications from France before tak speaker tomorrow night will be the Rev.

A. Moore, of Wilmington. The usual three-hour Good Friday service at Immanuel Episcopal Church will be omitted this year and instead i there will be an evening service con- ing any definite stand. The attitude of the United States and the extent to which nations 25c ASCQ Stuffed Olives 2 1 Red Cherries 2 10c 3- 1 5c: 2 29c Pabst-etl Cheese Spread Pk 15c would disarm if Britain obligated ducted by the Rev. Joseph H.

Earp. the action of the Board of Education in ousting Henry E. Snavely as superintendent of the New Castle Special School District. John R. Lambson will preside and speakers will Include some of the most prominent residents of New Castle and vicinity.

It is rumored that students at the William Penn School and supporters of Mr. Snavely will form a street parade and hold a demonstration prior to the opening of the meeting. Circulars announcing the meeting have been distributed and invitations sent members of tie board to stand the meeting. Miller Franklin and Company, accountants, of Wilmington, have begun the annual audit of the books of City Clerk G. Allen Smith and the late City Treasurer John B.

Man-love. It is probable that a succe.ssor to fi'J the unexpired term of Mr. Man-love will be appointed at the meeting of City Council on Tuesday night, April 3. There will be no munic to take military and eco lb 10c 3 for 1 Oc 19c Delicious Jelly Eggs Fruit and Nut Eggs Cocoanut Easter Eggs Egg Dyes CMcwOhlek or Magic Wand 2 pkgs 1 5c TRIDUUM STARTS TODAY AT ST. ANN'S CHURCH Commemoration of the 19th century of the institution of the Blessed Sacrament and the Catholic priesthood will be observed with a Tnduum, or special three days' devotions and prayers, at St.

Ann's Catholic Church, Gilpin avenue and Union street, today, tomorrow and Thursday, with special exercises at 7-30 oclock each night. The Rev. John P. Gallagher, S. director of the Jesuit Mission Bnd, 15c Butter Kernel or OSCO Sugar Corn 2 25 Fir tempting varieties sttracMvPly priced.

nomic measure against a violator of a treaty were viewed as deciding factors. The question of miltary and economic sanctions heretofore had only been raised as a possible retaliation against an aggressor in tfce event of a breach, of peace. Hat Frowned on Measures Britain has frowned, on such undertakings because of probable difficulties in determining an aggressor. he is obligated to a limited extent under trie Locarno treaty to guarantee the Franco-German and the Belgian-German frontiers in this manner. The French not was interpreted in some quarters as meaning that France wants Great Britain to guarantee the frontiers of France's eastern allies also.

If this interpretation is true, it was Bald here, the British reply to the French will be an unequivocal 4t.o.- But if France wants sanctions aurainst a violator of a disarmament ipal election until AprU of next year, at which time the term of Mr. Man-love would have expired. The New Castle Music Club, the OBITUARY NOTES 83 years old, who died Sunday at his home, 3003 West Sixth street, will be held from the home tomorrow afternoon at 2 30 o'ciock. Interment will be in Mt. Salem Cemetery.

13c Underwood's Sardines Rev. William Gibson, president, made Wesson Oil pintcn 23c quart can if Benjamin, of this city; Berardo, of Mr. Heller is survived by his wife, I Mrs. Josephine Heller and the fol- 1 lowing children: Harry. Fred, Mrs.

I He large can its first public appearance of the season tonight at Mitchell Hall. University of Delaware, and participated in the annual Spring Festival of the Adult Education Department of the State Board of Education. The club under the direction of In the afternoons at 3 o'clock, Tnduum will be held for the children of the pansh. On Holy Thursday at 8 a. m.

high mass and the procession to the repository will be held; Holy communion at 6 and 7 a. and sermon and the veneration of the relic of the true cross at 7.30 a. m. On Good Friday, high mass of the Riverside, N. Bert of this city, and Bernardo, of Stanton, and several grandchildren.

She was born in Italy but had lived in this country for 20 years. She was a member of St. Anthony's Church. Mrs. Es'eUe Hillersohn Frankel.

pre- I Sadie Monigle Charles Albert O. 3nd Herbert all of this city, and Mrs. Blanche Eastburn, of Marshall-ton. Thirty-eight grandchildren and 19 great-grandctiildren. Mr.

Heller was a janitor in the old scnool replaced by the Williams School, for 11 years and was trans azreement. the British view is that COFFEE Choose the blend that sattifies your taste Victor 4SC0 Acme 21c 23c -27c An Uent Rich, full tvmr r.i ConUins certified Brau'ian blend harniin aroma. Arabian. Mocha. Java James W.

Rotiiee The funeral of James W. Rouzee, 57, who died Saturday, will take place sen ted a part of the second act of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera. H. M. S.

Pinafore, which it will present on AprU 12. In the croup were Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers Holcomb, the Rev.

Wililam MRS. ANNA MILLER TO BE BURIED TODAY Funeral services for Mrs. Anna Miller, 50 years old, of 703 North Broom street, who died suddenly yesterday morning in the Pennsylvania Hospital, at Philadeliiia, from heart trouble, will be held from her late home this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will be in the Adas Kodesch section of Lombary Cemetery. Friends have been requested to omit flowers.

Mrs. Miller had been ill for some time, and about two weeks ago was removed to the hospital in which she died. Her condition was reported improving 8 few days ago, and her death came as a 6hock. Mrs. Miller was the wife of Nathan Miller, of the Miller Brothers' Company, at Ninth and King streets.

The this will open an entirely different question, and will be given consideration. Because of the vagueness of the French demand lor certain guaran ferred to Bayard School, where he was a janitor for two years, until his illness forced retirement. Tr- Vt -c Nl( C. Otlll- tees, the British government leaders Gold Dust sought to learn just what sort 01 Dromises France had in mind to as len. Mrs.

Mary Sheridan. Miss Betty Wiiheim, Miss B. Marjorie Lynam. Miss May Roberts, Miss Elizabeth sure the execution of a disarmament Oakite 2 19c nact. Roberts, Miss C.

Louise Jackson, Miss Maxine Touhey, Mrs. Touhey, Miss 15c large 17c pkg from the home of Mrs. Charles vard, 1706 Scott street, at 9 o'clock this morning. Interment will be in Savage, Md. Mr.

Piercy Fretiyman's Ritea Funeral services for Mrs. Piercy Prettyman 75 years old, who committed suicide Sunday at her home, 511 Taylor street, by inhaling gas. will be held today. Services and interment will be private. Deputy Coroner Hearn said yesterday an inquest will not be necessary.

Mrs. Marcus A. Brownson Mrs. Marcus A. Brownson, who British quarters announced they James Wilson Suffering a heart attack a few minutes after having dinner last night, James Wilson, 58.

died two hours later at his home. 108 West Eighteenth street. Mr. Wilson had apparently been in health and had chatted with his family as usual at the dinner table. He was employed as inspector at the Belmont Iron Company for the past 11 years and before that was employed for 23 years by the American had no confidence that by assuming such obligations an arms agreement 3 ca'es 10c Fairy Toilet Soap could be attained.

Peggy Brown. Miss Ella Brown, Mrs. Loom is O. Wise, Mrs. Wilbert Meredith, Miss Harnett ChaUenger.

Miss Elizabeth McCue, Mrs. Albert Wheat-ley, Mary Peden, William De-akyne, William Challenger. Major N. Travers. Howard Miller.

William Thev stated that Germany, like store will be closed today, in addition to her husband, Mrs. Miller is survived by four children. Howard Richard, Rosalie and Seymour. George B. Rash Miss Bridge Company at Edgemoor.

He was I Harrington and Albert Clayton Tomato Juice -3' Four cans for the price of the three. born in England and came to this city died Friday at beT Winter home in 0RDER Southern Pines, N. C. will be buried from the Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, this afternoon. Interment will be in West Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Phillips Delicious Soups 4 25c Phillips Delicious Spaghetti 3 cans 20c Funeral services for George b. Rash. 72 years old, retired railroad employe, who died yesterday at his home, 4 West Twenty-third street, will be held from the Haines Funeral Home, Twenty-fourth and Market streets, Thursday afternoon at 2.30 1 o'clock. The Rev. Earl M.

Shockiey. pastor of Brandywine M. E. Church. 1 Mrs.

Brownson was the wife of Dr. about 40 years ago. Surviving are his wife. Mrs. Alice Hall Wilson and eight children, Mrs.

John Cairns, Mrs. Ernest Peoples. Miss Eleanor Wilson, Miss Susane Wilson and James Wilson, Jr ail of this city, Mrs. Memtt Pryor and Laurence Wilson, of St. Louis.

Mo and Mrs Milvn Evans, of San Diego, and five i grandchildren. Funeral services will be held from the home Thursday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. Interment will be in Lombardy cemetery. Marcus A. Brownson.

one time as 'Water (H 25c Picknick Sweet Mixed Pickles Jar 21c Gulden's Prepared Mustard 1 lc sistant pastor of Central Presby terian Church. Besides her husband, Mrs. Brownson is survived by a sister. Miss Heien Strain, of New York, and a sister-in-law, Mrs. Robert France, is far from being in accord with a recently-announced British disarmament plan.

EMPLOYERS WERE SCAN PENDING U. S. MEASURES Members of the Manufacturers' Section of the Chamber of Commerce yesterday discussed- the application to them of several ciils before Congress. The meeting was held in the Chamber of Commerce offices, with directors of the Chamber attending. Howard L.

Seaman, chairman, The bills are the Wamer-Conncry bill, which proposes to equalize the bargaining power of employers and employes, to encourage the amicable settlement of disputes between employers and employes, and to create a National Labor Board; the Wagner-Lewis bill, which proposed an annual Federal excise or -payroll" tax of 5 per cent on the payroll of every employer subject to the tax-for "unemployment insurance, and the Connery bill, which proposed among other things a 30-hour week. DEATHS Crisco3? 57c; 239 One Never-Stick Pie Pan wuh either Purchase. Strain of this city. By Telephone 3-2123 Standard Size lA Package VDW Trial Size $1.00 Crazy Water Crystals Store 12 W. 7th St.

Dr. Brownson's first wife was Miss Julia Bush, daughter of the late George W. Bush, of this city. 8c XXXX or Brown Sugar 2 pkgs 13c Frazer Named Patent Assistant WASHINGTON, March 26 (AP President Roosevelt today nominated Leslie Frazer. of Salt Lake City, to be assistant commissioner of patents.

Nephi Heller Funeral services for Nephi Heller. OSCO Tomato Soup can Sc White Rock Water Pt bot 17c do bots $1.89 will ociate, with interment urni-bardy cemetery. Mr. Rash is survived by his wife, Mrs. Emma Rash; two daughters, Mrs.

Mary Parker and Mrs. Lela D. Wallace, and two grandchildren, all of this city: two sisters. Mrs. Joseph Bare us.

of Smyrna and Mrs. Hattie Kelly of Lancaster. and two brothers. William and Addison Rash, of this city. He was a member of Mechanics Lodge, I.

O. O. and of Washington Camp P. O. S.

of A. He was an active member of the Brandywine M. E. Church and was leader of the Sunday Morning Class. Mr.

Rash was retired by the Pennsylvania Railroad seven years ago, having been employed for 38 years. He was an inspector when retired, and was a member of the Relief Association. Octagon Products Buy Save for Premiums Iwi 1 1 1 mimju i Mini iiii.iUL.ij.'Mm jj.jaw hi i wi mn Toilet Soap 2 cakes 9C Soap Chips 2 big pkgs 23c 3 1 4c Laundry Soap 3 cakes 13c Soap Powder 2 P's5 9c Octagon Super Suds Palmolive Toilet Soap Will this lovely ever marry? BURNS la thicity. on March 3. 154.

MEATS lour Approval John husband of Hannah Scanner. Relation and f-iends are Invited to attend the funeral from his lata residence, 32a avenue, on Monday mornm. John J. Burns Fancy Soft Meated Stewing 1 ft clock. Requiem Mas at Funeral services for John J.

Burns, who died yesterday morning at his home, 328 Ninth avenue, will be held Chickens 23c Fine, large chickens, 4 to 5 lbs. each. Scientifically fed. from his late home tomorrow morn inz with requiem mass in St. Eliza beth's Catholic Church at 9.30 o'ciock Interment wiil be in Cathedral ceme.

Genuine LAMB Milk-fed VEAL terv. Mr. Burns is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hannah Scannell Burns St Elizabeth Church at 30 clock. Interment at Cathedral C-mfterT.

DAVIS On Marcn 14. 193 Idarene Christiana Davis. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral s'rvires at the Funeral Home. SIS Washington on Tuesday atternoon. March 27.

at 1 30 o'clock. Interment at Ml Hpe cemetery. Village Oreen. Pa. frvvvv In this city, on March 25.

1334. Margaret wile of the late John T. Teener. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral from her lat residence. 9 West Twenty-second street, cn Wednesdav morning.

March 28. at 9 clock Solemn Requiem at Sacred Heart. Church at 9 30 o'clock. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. EEHL, On March 2.

1934. Elizabeth Xisen-minger. beloved wife of John Hfhi. Jo her 54th year. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services at her late residence.

313 Grandvtew avenue. Gordon Heights, on Thursday afternoon. March 29. at clock. Interment at Riven lew Cemetery.

MILLER In Philadelphia. on March and several children. Mrs. Mary E. K.

Bogan Shouder roast) 15C Breast lb 10c Breast 10c Keck 17c Rack chops (to stew) lb 22c 1 Rack Chops 10 25c Shoulder Lamb lb 20c Neck Veal pot pie) lb 15c ONE glance at ter lovely face and men clamor to meet her. But soon her charm fades. The appalling discovery comes that she's not as exquisite as she looks. That she's careless about "B.O." (body odor). And, promptly, romance dies.

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who Qualify Corn-fed Beef died Sunday at her home. 1421 Jackson street, will be buried from her late home this morning at 10 o'clock with requiem mass at Sacred Heart Interment will be in Cathedral cmetery. Mrs. Bogan was the wife of the late P. Charles Bogan and is survived by her brother, Charles F.

Fancy Chuck Roast 17c lb 20c lb 10c Boneless Pot Roast Lean Plate Soup Beef iS. 1934. Anna, wile ol aiuu Miner, aged SO vears Relatives and friends are invited to the funeral services at her late resldenre. "03 North Broom street, on Tuesriav afternoon. Manh 37.

i at 3 o'clock Interment at Adas Kooewh section of Lombardy Cemetery. Kindly omit flowers MATTHEWS In New York City. Y-. on Swift's Brookfield Spread 2 P8 15c Zmgg imported Gruyere Cheese portion of 6 31c American, Pimento Sandwich Cheese store aliced lb 15c iaa ill aaaaj ft 1 i I 7 Kelly. Mrs.

Margaret E. Feeney The funeral of Mrs. Margaret E. Feeney. president of John T.

Feeney. furniture company, of this city, who died Sunday night in the Delaware Hospital, will be held from her late home. 809 West Twenty-second street, tomorrow morning at 9 o'ciock. Solemn requiem mass will be said in Sacred Heart Catholic Church at 9 30 oclock, followed by interment in Cathedral cemetery. Mrs.

Feeney became ill last Thursday and was removed to the hospital where she underwent an operation. Mrs. Feeney was the wife of the Cleaned Fresh Sea Bass 17c lb (heads on) Fresh Opened Select Oysters dos I9e Fresh Fillets Genuine Haddock lb 17c Finest PRODUCE Reasonable Prices March 2x 1P4 Hurley u. nusoana ot Irene tNrei Willis Matthews Relatives, friends and Veterans of Fore gn Wars. American Leclon Post.

Eureka Lodse No 23. A and A. M. and Eden Lode No. 34 1.

are invited to attend the luneral services at late residenre of his mother. Mrs Jenny Deakyre. 2500 Market St en Wednesday. Marcl at 3 30 o'clock. Interment at h-verview cemetery.

Friends may call on Tuesday evening Funeral services in charce of fureka Lodie No. 23. A. F. and A M.

MARRAN Iu this city, on March 23. 1934. Winifred A wife of the iate James J. Marran. Relatives, friends and Branch 371, L.

A are invited to attend the funeral from her lat residence. 113 West ghtb street, oa Tuesday morning. Va-ch 27. at o'clock. Solemn requiem mass at Sacred Heart Church, at 5 oeiock.

Int-rmect at Cathedral cemetery. WILSON Suddenly, in this city, on March 2. 1934. James, husband of Hall Wilson, aked sa years. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral srrvices at his late residence.

108 W. Eighteenth street, on Thursday afternoon. March 29. at 2 30 clock. Interment at Lox.bsrdy Cemetery late John T.

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Mrs. Mary Michini Solemn requiem mass will be said in St. Anthony's Catholic Church to- morrow morning at 10.30 o'clock for EclriLFrniIy Asparagus Where Quality Counts and our Money Goes Furthest LIFEBUOYS 1.0" Mrs. Mary Michini. 72 years old.

who died Sunday at the home of ter son. Benjamin Michini, 1819 Lincoln street. Mrs. M-chini was the wife of the iate Piquale Mxhini and is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Grace Cam-Pana.

of Brack-Ex. and four sons; GEORGE M. FISHER, Inc. JAMES F. HEARN Fl'NERAL DIRECTOR 100 E.

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