The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1944
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTJIKVILLE COURIER NKWS 20 Chkks Win The Varsify 'B' Coach Ami Green Announces List At Grid Dinner Here '.' Twenty varsity letters, two reserve/ arid'one managerial letter have been awarded members of Hie Blytheville High School Chtcka- saws for service during the 1944 football season, Coach Arvll Green has announced. Those who have been nominated for the varsity "B" include: Gerald Blomeycr and Jerome Gray, centers; James Stafford, Joe Nell Ratcllff, Billy Koonce, Charles Roy Lute, guards; John Bruce Wilson, Eugene Kcmpcr, B, P. Stone, Frank Ashby, tackles; J. L. Jolinson, Joe Ferguson, Tommy Sylvester, ends; David Sylvester, Stan Hood, Frank Nicholson, Harvey Pogue, Dan Cald- lyell, . Chester and Billy Delong, backs, •Serving their second seasons as regulars, Stafford and Ralcllff have ' been outstanding lines men. Both opened, the campaign at the sentinel posts and were first choices as guard starters. Jimmy received a severe back injury In the Pine Bluff game and was unable to finish the season. Ratcliff then was appointed to lake over as leader. Joe Nell is the son of Mr. nnd Mrs. E, E. Ratcllff. Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. w. Stafford, Jimmy Is the third member of hts family to play with the Chicks, Leon arid 1.. B. also linesmen, played under coach Joe Dlldy. Both arc In Uic service. Owen Harrison, halfback, nnd Ben Lancashire, ends, did not sec enough action to warrant-a varsity letter and were given reserve letters. Dick Shanks, manager, was awarded a letter. 23 against the .The tribal chieftain also revealed that Jimmy Stafford and Joe Nell Ratcllff were selected as honorary captains for the 1044 season prior DOPE BUCKET •1 J. P. CITV IS LOSER "Hickory Nul Hcnd" Is gone! ... ---- j ....v ..~..~ .., „.,.,,_; no uve reurne Death rode in the cockpit with from China where he served with Capt. Calvin Moody Saturday the Flying Tigers under Gen afternoon at the Abilene (Tex.) Chenault, While chasing the Japs' Army Air Field and the hero of trying lo get them to come out a, i 01 nx-MM.KT ,rn+ * •..,!,,„ ., __ .ill... CL.i.d 1.1 __i . _ . . yet trying months Japanese In China didn't come back. The entire city and district _ . his plane wns forced down 'V Jiiotor IrouMe behind the enemy lines. H took him .several weeks but he (ought Ills way hack to his ---^ »• • •« .i..,i... v V "n»- *i-^ KJU&III- jji!) «iiy ijilCK I'J /lib likely were shocked Just as I when own outfit to fly again, the ordeal the news of the accident came which he carried locked in his over the wire. Just as I react when memory. end Hood., No action was lakcn ,on selection of a captain for 1945. Coaches Select Four Seminoles Northeast Arkansas Conference Honors Are Announced .'OSCEOLA, Dee. .18—Four members of the Osceola Scininoles were included in the Arkansas Conference first nnrt .second^all- star teams as selected by the coaches, f Gene Butler .sterling guard and a mainstay In the thin Semlnole forward wall, earned a place on the first eleven choices dominated by the'Champion Marked Tree Indians who contributed live. Denver ' \yilson, ., hard :running all such sari news conies, I want to imagine I have Jusl waked up and 11 Is a dream. Stark reality will not come until later. With Ihc telephone still'In my hand, frozen from Ihe word which Louie Isnnc first relayed, I couldn't, relrnin from recoiling this lltie Irbhi the Bible. "The Lord works In mysterious ways H( s wonders to perform." Its meaning is fin- lic- 5 - oml inc. Seated In Ihc chair next lo Ihc phone my mind ran riot. I readily recalled at leait two dozen Interesting, Intimate experiences with Calvin. great days under Coach Carney Lnsllc, who tagijed the nickname, "Hickory Nut Head," which was doomed to follow him through his prep rtnys, (o Union University, and Into far away China end India, flashed back ns If they were only ye.ster'day. I could see him as a small, wiry youngster, his nose skinned, lighting, scrapping for a place on Hint, football learn. He was a fighter, every inch and pound of him. Odds nijnliisl him had no effect, other Hum lo fire him to greater heights. By nil physical rights he should not have - - played on the first string with the . ?Sf Cl>ic l">. He did not have the imlnr- uipmcnt of some \vlio opposed no to that dogged, incioinlL- — spirit that would not ue checked; would not he suudncd. CARRIES HIM THROUGH It was tlmi spirit that carried him through many lough .spots and enabled him to ride out of storm strife. Allcr graduation here In 1938, Calvin east his football lot nt the University of Mississippi, They look oiie look at him nnd said "too small," He enrolled at Union University, Jackson, Tennessee,'and made Ole Miss conches rat those words that same season. H. literally plnyed hnvoc with th Rebels in that game nud mndc th, same fellows who turned him clowi son to jhe number of hunters . during, the first week in Novcmbc main .ovcr-iiopnlnlcd. With less tenacity and fighting pirit lie might not huve returned could be together this Christmas. The other three boys also arc in. Ihe service, Chief 1'elty Officer Rulclgh, a veteran of 18 years; T- Sertst. Garland, who Is slatloncd nt Hoswcll, N. M., and Allen Jr., Ihc youngest, with Ihc Marines somewhere In the Pacific. Blythevlllc Hisli School could da well to erect some sort of monument to his memory. He repre.sent- :d the highest type of young fighting inimhood. He stood tor everything tlint was good and clean. Yos, Calvin is gone tram this :arlh. Hut Ihe plc.n.sant memories we have of hlrn will never die. I ihall always .sec him In Ihe .shining, spotless uniform and while sec him on the MONDAY, DKCKMBEH 18, 19<M tleld every lime Ihc Chic into battle, lie will be at, guard where he used to be. ; ; May the spirit, or "Hickory Nut cnd" ever continue to iirevnil. ' Ilcnd Calvin .should have received an Ace rating. Officially he bagged three Jap Zeros. Actually he downed two more, which now arc listed as "probables." He had n whole Hock of air decorations, Including the Air Medal with Clusters. "Hick'' wns protid of his service with the Tigers. He had nothing but praise for (hat handful of courageous youngsters who did 11 great job without much glory, save satlslacllon ot ft great Job well done with so little. Modestly, he had Illtle regard for his own achievements. Bui more proud, I think, was he over his purchase of War Bonds. Each month he hud <m allotment taken from his salary for the purchase of shares In these United States. He lold me some of Ihe plans he had made after, maturity. His story would have convinced any American that no sacrifice Is loo great, iMAKKS UNUSUAL RKQIIKST Ho was glad to yet back lo the United Stales nftcr those 23 months, Ico. Nfakc no mistake there.'He laughingly remarked the first thing he asked tor when he landed In Florida after the seven- day air return trip was while bread. "I iitc nearly a whole loaf. Tasted as good as cake," he .said. 1 saw him back In May when he was here for a couple of [lays. He Imd flown a boy to Little Rock to be tit the bcdiide of his dying father and ciime on up here. I uskcd him about his work at Abilene, where he was combat pilot Instructor. , "Pretty dull. Bnmc old routine, day nftcr day. But It has been fan working with the kids (ho wns only 28). There nre some future greats out there. They want to fly. They are wearing out their pants Itching for a chance at the Japs or Germans, I tell 'cm to take it I easy. They'll gel Iheir chance, and Leaders Fight To Keep KTHS At Hot Springs HOT SPUINGS, Ark., Dec. 18. (UP)— The llslit by Hot Springs city officials nnd civic organizations lo prevent removal of radio station KTHS to Memphis is continuing. And Mayor Leo f. Mcljuiglilin predicts that the city council will join Yaqui Joe and Big Jim Parker To Vie Belkas-Canny Mat Team THE t'AKl) All-Star T:is Match Stuff .Scrsl. Chris Belkas (191) anil "Wild Bill" Canny (215) versus Vaeiul Joe (190) anil , "IHK Jim' Turker (225) Preliminaries Canny versus I'arker lli'lkas versus Yaqui Joe A well bulnnccd wrestling mcnue, rjjie thai promises to fill all types of ring desires, Is on lap for Ihe fans' consumption tonight at the American Legion arena, starting at 8:T , Promoter Mike Meroney, Jumbling his cast of characters, has come up with a combination which he has never used before here, but one which lias all the earmarks of developing Into a double-barrelled, action packed cnrd rating second to jionc. lielkas Is Bark Personnel of this all-star program which calls for nn all-slar lag match _ ...„,„,„ aml two sin B'i> fall preliminaries lo'prevent removal of rndio'station ! a . ro Slaff.Scrgt. Qhris Belkas, wrest- a slugging bee is probable, since for busllng. some. AEaUlsl Belhils ' tllc | one who Is just .is clever, fast and tronger. Then, too, he will give .....— to be evenly matched and limy finish out the 90 minutes without determining n winner. There is little choice between Parker and Canny. "Wild liill" Is faster and iwsslbly more aggressive, but Parker is rough and tough and packs power with his added weight that takes a toll over a long match. A bit of rivalry and revenge lends to add fuel to this bailie of Ihc big boys. Two weeks ago Parker and Lawson pinned back Ihe ears of Canny and Red Roberts and in straight falls which brought crimson How to the checks of the vil- ouiweigncu mm awmi ™ pounds, lalus. Now Bill wants a chance to' constantly in hot water with clever at least redeem himself for that handling of his feet. Then, too, his humiliating defeat. That means that drop toe holds proved finite bottier- Tho individual go between Yiiqu! „ -.., ™,, ,,^ w ,i, Blvu Joe and Sergt. lielkas is the result away a few pounds In weight and of repented requests from the fans, several years. Hut his superior ring The Indian earned his right lo this experience may be enough to olfsct malcli several weeks ago when he this disadvantage In age and battled heavier Lawson through strength. Ihree long, gruelling falls. While the At any rate, Ihe match and show loser, Yuqiil Joe nil but beat the promises to be thrilling, fast moving ex-gob, forcing Buck to resort to "'fair. slult to return the victor. Has Powerful 1'cct The customers tire especially Interested to learn If Belkas can tope with Yaqui Joe's powerful legs and feet. They arc Joe's biggest assets, though he can highly skilled and very clever, to say nothing of his speed afoot. JIc kept Lawson, who him about 25 pounds, Mug instructor at the Blytheville Army Air Field, and "Wild Bill" Canny, top ranking mat meanie and viivio viiitb mi; tuy vuitncu will JOlll , ' " in the fight to keep the station in Io " g " ic tlc!l ™' who nre lisle " 11..i f E-.._ nnu lo^m- n>w1 V<\rti,l T*,n Hot Springs. The Kiidio Hroiidcnstlni; Company, owners of the station, have filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission lo move Ihc station lo Memphis anil Its main transmitter to Marlon. It Is believed Hint the Yule log Is varlnnl of the bontlre characteristic of the sun festivals, by which ancient people marked the four stages in the earth's progress around the sun. team; and Yaqui Joe, full blooded Indian star, and "Big Jim" Pnrkcr, the burliiy 225-jiound giant sockcr, In the opposite corner for the feature tag match. The matchmaker has paired the smaller ginnts and the bigger brutes for (he curtain raisers. Mcroncy's matching for the main attraction gives each team a small, clever, high skilled workman and a heavier, fist slinging, battering ram which should develop into a round robin affair of the first order. From every angle the two units . how '" Calvin had made' big for ----- ~ •"• ...*.*. ...... *.„,,.. ^uiviu nun inline oig pjans Jor s.cck hlrn out and mnkc offers to Christmas. Evidently he had turn- return. He had the last laugh. cd down a previous leave to be at home for this'one, the first with his family since 1040. He had wrlt- -- - — .--- len his mother that he hoped' 'he the Slone and Baxter areas re- ,odi e r boys nnd his two sisters could arrange it so as they all WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Dec. 18, 8:15 p. m. Lowest Admission of any Wrestling Arena in America. Adulls, 3Cc, Tax 8c—Total, 45c. Iteserved Seats, IZc, Tax 3c—To- UI, 15c. Children's Seats IZc, Tn 3c, Total, I5c. Mcscrvi-d Seals On Sale at the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on TEAM MATCH Belkas & Canny - vs. Parker & Yaqui Joe 2 30-Minute Preliminaries SGT. CHRIS BELKAS BILL CANNY YAQui JOE Jl)d PARKER .1 .;,- ••.'.•••i-..&s.'arfi- i;, i;..'|'>iji'" - Gammill. Marked Tree, nnd Banner, Parkin, "ends; Purycar, Marked Tree, and Blake, Parkin, tackles; Ward, Marked Tree, and Butler, Osceola, guards; Stand), Parkin,, Marked Tree, quarterback; Marcus, Marianna, left halfback; Henclrix, Marked Tree fullback; Wood, Parkin; Wntts, Hughes; Burns, Hughes; and Treadway, Marianna, tied for rieht halfback. : Second Team Wilson, Osceola; Kramer, Oseeo- la; Evans, Marianna; Ruston, Parkin; Collins, Augusta; Walker, Marked Tree; Cross, Osccola- Kelly, Hughes; Grafton, HugfTes; Scene, Hughes; and Karr, Earlc. Papooses Elect Dick Greenweli Captain For '44 Dickie Greenweli, star left halfback, was signally honored by his Junior High Papoose mates with the 1944 captaincy, Coach Sylvester •(Pop) Mosley has announced. One of the main reasons why the local Juniors enjoyed their most successful season, Dickie was officially named the captain for the season just written into the record books by the Papooses Just before .the Annual Chlckasaw club {cot- ball banquet Friday night. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Orecn- well, the carrot-topped youth is hailed by seasoned critics as one of the finest prospects ever turned out by Junior High school here. He was a star with the very as he led the Paps to a 19-6 victory over the Osceola Scminolc reserves He teamed with Billy Wayne Me- Farland as the I9« touchdown twins, reminiscent of the Junior prowess of Mayfieid (Sonny) Lloyd and Norman (Monk) Mosley who ™, c <™c two of the greatest backs In Blytheville High School gridiron history. SELECT HIS GIFT AT MEAD'S CALIFORNIA CLASSICS Below: These unusual Culifoniw classics, in bold designs, represent only a small group of our impressive selections, (1) Design inspired by nuggets of gold . . . $2.50. (2) Another California original ... A wagon wheel motif on a neatly tie- ing twill at $2.50 Deer May' Be Trapped for New Refuge Areas LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 18. (UP) — Extcullve Secretary T. A. McMnls of the Arkansas Fich and Game Commission says the commission is considering a trapping program in Stone and Baxter County refuges to reduce size of deer herds and redistribute the catch in new refuge areas. 1 v . McAmL'i iwinls out that although • the number of deer killed during ;m> second week of the annual hunting «eu«m \\as as large in comvrari- LEISURE SHIRT ,cil: The year's outstanding .style idea . . . California originated leisvirc shirt with the coin for! able low slope collar. Needled of a fine spun rayon. Conies in solid tones of tan, maize, blue and while. Priced at only $6.50 (E&S'S MAIN STRtfT From where I sit... Ay Joe Marsh Morale is a Lot of little things You hear a lot of talk about morale these days ... but have you found many people who knew exactly what "morale" was? Well, I was thumbing through my scrap lx>ok the other day, and I came on this verse I'd like to pass on to yovi... It's tho lift you get from a friendly tsuille... A brand new hat In a j.iunfy style ... A letter from home Hint tticpost- uian brings... Morale ii a lot ol mile tilings. Isn't it so? Morale is just a lot of . little things. A (lower in your [ button hole,' a word of greeting, an occasional refreshing glass of boor with friends. I'Yom where I sit, if we lake care to preserve these little friendly things that boost morale, we'll he doing a lot to help our country in its time of crisis. And we'll l»ost morale among our soldiers at the front, loo. Bo- cause It's these "important littla things" that they look forward to returning to. © 1944, BREWING INDUSTRY FOUNDATION • ARKANSAS COMMITTEE 1HUGH WHAXTON, State Director,402 PYRAMID BLWL,LmiE ROCK COLD WEATHER SERVICE —\Vc insJall AUTO GLASS, new FLOOR MATS and SEAT COVERS, and REPAIR and REPLACE WORN TOPS! F. B. JOYNER Corner Second & Ash Sis. SERVICE STATION Phone 26H R**<J Conner ntwi wuil tit DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" | ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE I " TYPEWRITERS 11B N. 2nd STREET ' PHONE 33621 (Every Transaction Mast Be Satisfactory) LABORERS WANTED URGENTLY NEEDED NOW TO HELP BUILD NAVAL ORDNANCE i PLANT I AT ^ CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Hoglin, Missouri Valley and Sollitt (Prime Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at $1.20 per day. Excellent working conditions.. Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS R rti uc mm e«g»f ed bi u Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Monday Night ONE SHOW ONLY 'Man From Frisco' with Michael O'Shea & Anne Shirley rur.imount News Short Tuesday PAL NITE 'Rookies In Burma' with Wally Brown A- Allen Carney Selected Shorts New Theater Manila's Finest What have you done today that some mother's son should die for i'ou tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— n our lobby. No waiting. We are issuing agents. Last Time Today "WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER" with Irene Dunn & noddy McDowell Fox- News & Short Tuesday "STRANGE AFFAIR" Allyn Joslyn and Evelyn Keys Serial & Short CHICKASAW West M»ln Ne»r Zlst Bt Sit. fUrtt 12:45; Baa. itarte l:Si Night sham 5:45 Except Monday, opens «:45 Conttauons showi S*t md SIB. Last Time Today 'THE MINSTREL MAN" with Bonnie Fields & Koscoe Karns Universal News Comedy Tuesday BUDDY NITE 2 Tickets For Ihc i'rice of g "THE GREAT IMPERSONATION" n'illi Italpli Ucllamy i- Evelyn Ankers Also Musical Short RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Bor Office Opens 7:15—Show SUrti at 7:30. SATURDAYS * 8UNDAX8 B«i Office Optas 1'.' Bhow 8UrU 1:1! Mi •*«, «• B*i »rttj. Men «nder n MX! rakr 18 most hare wfft re- ltu« form signed by parcnta which ran be obtained ni Employment Oftk*. Last Time Today "GOING MY WAY'^ nilli Bing Ciosby ;md Hisc Steven ItKO NKWS anil COMEDY' Tuesday & WeGneuday Tuesday Niglil Is Opportunity Night "LEOPARD MAN" with Dennis O'Kecfc, Marifo KKO NEWS AND COMEDY

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