The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1934
Page 2
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MOB TWO (AMD OOUBIZK NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 1934 Dell P. T. A. Gives Banquet in Honor Of School Teams Cooler High Scb*«l Will Graduate ZZ >mv* been visiting l»r ptrente, Of, tad. Mrs. B. H. Ray, at Earle Mrs. L«« David enrtrUlned with I' a stag party Friday ivenlnr in , honor of her ,hu*teo4'» birthday,; Social Calendar - WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS - -Church of Christ Bible study " nweltw with Mrs. E. D. Baker, ' 3:3 ° P-" 1 ' ' «,' A' - Mrs. H»rry Klrby Iwvliij Wtd- ' iiesday Bridge club. Blytlicvlllc Democratic Women s club meeting at Hotel Noble «t 10 A. M. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Yarbro Woman's Missionary society meeting wllh Mrs. G. J. Walker. Mrs. Charles L. Wyllc hostess to ' Thursday Bridge dub. Thursday Contract club meeting • with Mrs.' R. L. Bradley. Pilgrim Guild meeting ut the school, 2 pm. Bits of Neua Mostly Personal The concilium of Mrs. Virginia Keck, who lins been wrloiisly ill for wveral weeks. Is imclmngml. The condllion ot Mis. C. D.But- Steele Amateur Artists To Build Open Air Thealerj STEELE. Mo.—At, a moeliir* Sitturtlny nlijlil. the Slcclc Tma- Icur Artists pluimttl to build »» opti)-Hlr tlicntcr III which to lire- sent performances (liirlUB hoi Osceola Society — Personal COOTER. Mo.—At, the clObe ot this term of school, which ends 1 IMay 11, the local high school will, DELI/.—The Dell P.-T. A. was'graduate '22. \ liosless at a banquet Friday in i The graJualion program is in- lionor of the tslrLV and toys' has- jcnmplcte. The names of Uie ttu- r.clbiiU tcaini, which veccnlly won'dents follow. Hi m and second places, respect-1 Lois Oestring, Holly M. Brown, | Ively. In the Mississippi county i Johnson Barber, {Jennings Allavd.j Junior high school division. Claud DeCourley. Fred Simmons, 1 Following a. delicious dinner the M«ry Asher, Loniuc Rushing, Cal-1 Knowing program WHS given, with i lie Mac Duke, Katty neddiclt, Mu- T. J. Flaeg and Mlss Mavis Wills- Mr, and Mrs. Karl Qulnn »rc an- ] k ', ;1 ' s .'oas"n»5ler and tosalmls- nounclug the nwiTlHKe o! lliclr , ?• rt .ug>,£, Florlne, lo Mr. Juck W,l- „ % ° «'<£' l ', ' ««••' *"" 111 »t k M«mphl* 1K»- ,*eath«r. nHiW The left let New members Initialed at. lliu Sunday lIKtl**. *HB «v » | T....- Mnnln I\^l.-_l.U- l-_t eon of El«ctu, Texas. Tilt ceremony was March ,IWlfe, and To bpring, Owens, Dorotliy Rogers, Mildred Ciibtman. Uollic Lacer, Lynn I COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Specials for Wednesday - Thursday Micliic, KobeUH White, Young, He IP n UllCB ' Mis;i EUa Ncal - WagstiT. Blanche Ash, Jnmcb Ter- ] | • n; [iy, Susie Terry. Democratic W«mcn To Hear B. N. WiUoa ..„ ....... B. N. Wilson, county n<miuns-|okl*hoiiu, Fort Snillli (rotor of the rural reliabillltlton social wtlfurc work, will address members ot the Blylhevllle Democratic Women's club Wednesday morning. 10 o'clock, at, the Hotel Noulc. TULs is, the second of n series of proerams b:lng given uy tilts Is being ampuUted below the knei today. Mrs, J. E. Whltworlli, who has been Hi'toiuly 111. I* better today. Mrs. Oliver Copped**, who Is seriously 111, h» been removed to ihc Blylhevllle ho»pil»l. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. ure expected lo return tlie ust of the week from points In eastern nd Little " BS •lly contest; familiur say- f each Biiest, Mlss VirBmlu ,'; toast to the coach; I'u- l)y Mr. dill; speech by c«i»- vVte>n"ic?tTnmedf»iciy for' Mem"-' '"' n °L 1J ' C &tr *' basketball' team, phis where they will make their, Mis5 Pttullnc Mo011 ^: »Pe«:» >»' home. .jetlna were: June Hoalo, Doi'-lihe bride's home In Osceola with othy Ycayer, I'ally Jordan, M*sse the Rev. 0. E. Welch, pastor of Steelc and Aubrey lligclou. Appll- tlio Fint Baptist church of Mcm- cilloas were received from Biirel phis, ofilclallng. Mr. and Mrs. Lewry, Dorothy Smith, nnd Mrs. Margaret Baird. Practice for tlie forthcoming play, "He's My 1'iil," bcgim Mon- iky, Aittil 16. The Bin il'Hc ol i the captain ol the Iwys' baskct- "on~ly members of the Immecli-' ta " ^Ii 1K ', PB ', C ™, wfor<1: pl '° pl1 __, ... .- ate family and a fc*' Intiinalc cc> UJ "'' l - J ' tiaKB ' picscnUllon for "llr's My 1'al" Is'friends were present ill. the cere-1 Tlie BUeats incliidcrt members ol May 1. at Ihe Ktecle high school nony. Tlie bride wore a tallleiu-'""' B irls ' tenm: Pauline Mooney Rock whero they have betn visiting forlwo *Mk», Harold Sternbtrg luu from Memphis where he spent P«"on, rorwerly of auditorium. Those present ul the meeting *«re Huluii Everett, Mrs. 1'aiilltie the weekend. group which topics. deal wllh timely in I tic city yekterday. iMrs. Frame, Evelyn -tuiiice Uemlngcr, ;er, Mnr- Kliourie, linird. Basse Steelc. T» Elect. Odlccrs of the Student Council ol the city high school »lll be elected Thursday. Nominees for tho oflt'tc of president, selected from the junior class, arc Die* Tipton, Hal Moore and William F»ugl«. The vice president will be selected from tlK sophomore class and the other officers will be pitted from all students. « ' • • Methodist W. M.iS. Has Tragnm. Ne«l O«wll and. Mn. J. W. ]r,. are In Mtmphli today. ' ' Mi*. H. A. Smllh «P«nt yesterday In Memphis. JHinee Terrj'. Whit Chxxlmun nnd Clifford Cavllt attended a Vlllaid batter)' banquet at the lotel Ptabody. Memphis, last cvc- ilng. The Rov. snd Mrs. W. J. Lo- Roy' have as Ihclr gueste their daughter. Mrs. H. H. Nance, and wo children, and Mrs. Oranvlllo Smith, of D.tulptian, Mo. Miws Minnie Matthews and The M members of ttw Woman's Missionary isocicty of thu Flret Methoditt. church who attended, tlio meeting »V- Ihu churcli Monday afternoon heard a program on Sutern women. Mrs. A. C. Haley . led. the devotional-and- the lessor was given by Mrs. A. B. Fairflcld who reviewed a .pwtioir of • "Eiitt- ern Women, ; ~'ftcl»y r arid ' Tompr-: 1 row" In whlcti : Uie:tc<>:kup • of the religlonVUwre : iV'Uifc • '•*''.".»••:-, i ' o! beige »nd brown necked twecrt 'I'aptaln). Sybil Hamaker. Robin vlth brown accessories. Her flow- ! oil1 ' Uais >' Thornton, Hazel Thorn- ers were gardenias. She was at- |lon,KWrence Dcnsmore, Virginia tended by Mlss Lillian B.. Aycrs Mooney, Marie Igleheart, Wilma -iiii , _ as bride's maid, Miss Ayers wcur- • iBlelieart, Mavis Whistle, and Eva Mrs j w Ing an ensemble of blue silk wllh Knthryji Gill; menibci-s of the' Manila Society — Personal STKA WRBRRIKS, Louisiana PL JOc VEAL ROAST, Or Chops. Pound lOc PEACHES, Uosedale. No. 2% Can 15c BACON, Sliced. Swift or Krey. Lb. 15c Mr. and Mrs. Galnes Hcrron of Mississippi stopped here on business on their way to Bells, Term. Mrs. G. O. Stuart Is visiting her mother near Huntlngton, Tcnn. Martha Blythe spent the week end with her parents, Jtev. and PEARS, Bartlett. Miss Calif. 2% can 14c Lepanto High Exercises Will Be Held Tomorrow bluu accessories, and carrying an arm bouquet of red roses. The groom was attended by Mr. Wade Qulnn as best man. The bride Is a recent gradiui'.c of the Osceola high school and boys' team: R. B. Cruwford (cay- laiiu. Dallius Brownlec, Thomas J. O. HornbcTgcr ot Jontsboro was here on business Monday. Mr. and Mre. Mike 'Tliieine Delbndse. Fred Botcn, Laqumws • spcnt the week cnd wuh MS par . Baushman, T. J. Flags, Roy Lai«,| cnU at Marlanna . Foy Evans, John Hush Morgan,, Ml . alld Mrs c E . si . a ui are • — Wallace, Wilson Dclbridee. in Haytj on business. ' is employed us an electrical cn-: Elta Nc "l gineer wllli the government fleet i The laili(15 o( tllc f> -" T ' A ' werc engaged in work on the Missis- assisted in serving by Louise slppl river. He is the son of J*. Brownlee. Rose Stacy, Jean Stacy, and Audi'a Ureene, members ol tllc Oirts' Scout troop of Ucll. Hurti viglted in Osceolii • last evening. Mr. and Mrs ,Ocoi-gc D, Cole, o( Indianapolis, Ind., are attending to business- hero. AccompaK- kd by Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Terry and Mrs. Quthrio King, they'mo- lored to Carutherivllle for the day. - ' Mr. and Mrs; have as their guest Mr. Ferguson's brother, .. cult ' Jyrgwton, of Tiptort.-'UoV : ...' . '• •; : '•: "''.' '•' ' R«:inc« W< Clttli HAS C *""*" ««^» * . p ,l 7-l>, • f t. .'-... - ,.•; ,y-:" . Phasee of U(« r*o«U. : . si»U;: coc-, ventlon of ;BuiU««sriii^-;Pi i o!«- sional Woraen's -^(ibs v'at; -para,- gould werc .di»cj»ui»d :,by'^.ttti '•!> evening at. .- f -. Mrs. J. Q'..T&inMs; president, was In charge ' of ; . the meeting. *\ .:•;•»•. :»;; •-,a':r <'•' Le*cw -Biu'-riiiijtti:.; "•'•:.••[•'••'••':•{ uni»y .. . . m*IA'. Boblnsori grient S«t- ' h*r daughter, i MU» Ch»rjine ..yjhp , at- : ....._ Mrs.'.-'D oi 'Osoeolii. The Street picnl cutst -«ViriUi« •, at . The 40 prespnV. ej»>J4''e<i ,',» ;sup-: per on the bfinks^crf'.Ulc river '' Hospital Notes Admitted W^lw'j BlytiievUli' lioapilol: Charles x eoweil, Hayli. Mo.; Mrs. J..p.-HoVtier,:Manila; Mrs:-'A . M..D3fcal«y, Briiggodocio, Mo! Beirti to Mr. arid Mrs! A. M. Debakcy a girl, 6 3-< pounds. Dismissed Mis* Grace McFtorliTtti. city;'Her bert Harrell. rtaytl, Mo." . and Mrs. M. L. Wilson of Elcc- tra, Tex. ' * * Mrs. Wilson was the honorec at H number of delightful ]>rc- miptial parties licrc 'ist week end. MLw Lillian B. Ayers cutertuined with a nibcellniieous shower, a [wpular member of the younger an< l *•• *"• Mender; and the mein- .ooclety set here. Mr. Wilson is utl ' s of lllc faculty: Mr. and Mrs. 1 H graduate of the University ol Kobtc c;1 "- Mlss olivc Brudbcrry, LKPANTO. Ark.-Flnal cxerclseB Texas school of cnelneerbur and MlES Wnrrenc Brownlee, and Miss! for the Senior ami Junior classes '- > • • - - r»~ >•—! •«-..!.--. ot tlio Lepanlo high school will be held at Ihe American Lesion Community Hut Wednesday evening. Rev. Brewer, pastor ot the Church ot CDrisl ol Memphis, will deliver the graduating address. Prol. J. L. Haw, superintendent, Announced Umt HHMoriv Catsticly was valedictorian and Mildred Stolls jalututorlnn of tlie Senior class. Mildred Siotls will also be iven a medal by the American Legion Auxiliary (or the highest vemgc In the Senior' class. Wll- on Mnyfi will receive a medal rotn the WiUle Lamb post for tlie Ighost average In the Junior lilgii graduatirm-. class. .The Senior class Include*: HUi- dora C«Asady, Mildred Stotts, Eva Mae Hdll, Dana Rice, Alva Hoi- nun,. J. E. Murphy, Jack Dunn, tvan Bobereon and James Pick- Mrs. Edgar Hutton and children GROUND BEEF, Or Hamburger, Ib 7 SPINACH, Fresh Garden. Lb. 2y a t SAUSAGE, Pure Pork. Lb. IGc CORN FLAKES, Miller's. 2 for I5t NECK BONES, Strictly Fresh. Lb. 5c CARROTS, Bunch SALAD DRESSING, r™ 19c PORK STEAKS, Real Lean. Lb. WeVe Chilling Food Miff Town Items J. B, Cunningham is still con| lined to his bed.. His condition Bee Mnry Margarcl McElvnln and i lcm .,j,, s crilicnl Mary Crouch were hostesses at a j Ml ' nd K '. Henry Cunning- kitchen, shower, and the bride-! ham alld chlldrcn . Mr5 » Noi . a n f,. to-be shared honors with Mrs. B. J. McGehee, who was belorc her recent marriage, Miss Virginia Burton of Osceola, ut a bridge party given by Mlss Bonnie Jean Driver. Miss Ay- 'dine, Mr. and Mrs. 'Grady Oris- 'som and baby left for the hills 01' Arkansas last Wednesday to make their home. Robert Eason received word that his sister and her family, Mr. and '., Ark., had left "It : tt'^ ever permissible to snub people?" Never. You may " not core for ., I ~O,: cr 0»i>rte atlcndea : to busl be* in UemphUi Sunday. l \ '-.-apd/.'Mre: Bili 'Grace and ttr;. Belly." retxirned jester. d»y; Troni 81. Louis t where tliey vis iUid • retailves, h»»i«g gone there espccUUy to ste Uie twin Aivgb. tH» tart to « uiect of Mr. ar»rt JMr. Grace has a twin brother. uwter/Pastor Holds Reynral in Mississippi jo.-Rev. CeciV Mea-' ,„.„. „, „„. .... w . w .„ u -l»»tor of Cooler . Baptist "cut" . is 'practically unknown in ohurch.-bepn a two weeks rert- jptlllio society. It is insulting to y»l it.lhe First Baptist church in its victim and people who do Kipiey, Miss., Monday, April 23. Isuch things should think many •.«*»•-Meadows is a graduate of.times before doing so. No m»t- Artontas A. <5c M. college at'ter what lies tihlnd the wish not •KHiejtooro and also.a graduate ot lu speak to some one you know the Simmons University at Abi- it Is very rude and "conmioir not lene,. Texas. someone" or you may become angry wltirthem but all authorities un etiquette acre«. that the person who, snubs another is not a lady or a gentleman In the truest sense, of the word. Happily tlie ing into »n evening's entertainment at coriracl bridge, with Mrs. Joe Cullom jr. of Wilson winning high score prize and Mrs. Mclvin Speck cutting consolation favor. Twenty guests enjoyed BH informal evening's entertainment at the home of Mlss McElvain, presenting Uie honoree wllh n miscellaneous assortment of kitchen utensils, and twenty guests also attended Mlss Driver's bridge par- where Miss Lillian B. Ayers won high score prize anil Mrs Joe Cullom jr. cut consolation favor. Each ol tin Piesented a gift. y^OME orvd i*e at do irl In tha >w Supcrfvx OH-Burnlng ftefrig- • roror, ft*iiQned for rural home* mak«fi, we are {Killing food and making big fe« cubvi —32 at a tTriB —by ft* burning of a SUGAR, Best Granulated. IQLbs. 48c FLOUR, No Risk. 20-Lb. Sack 8Dc SALT MEAT, Best Boiling. Lb. 7V 2 « MILK, Cottage or Van Camp 6 Sm. or 3 Lge. 17e CABBAGE, Nice and Green. Lb. 2c LARD, Best Compound. Lb. 7y 2 c BELL PEPPERS, Pound 12c The United States purchased Florida from Spain hi 1810. Mrs. Flora Crews ' and .John Armstrong were imirried Thm-s- iuy ntglil liy Mr. Denton. Mre. Armstrong is the eldest daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. Eel Hcnsley. Mrs. Beatrice Ellis and children and MIS.S Tressic Jones of Samford spent Sunday afternoon with Mlss Florence Cunningham. "Stomach Pains So Bad I Could Hardly Work" Siiy.s C. 5. Cross: "Alter lak'mK Dr. Emtl's Aclla Tablets the paiiib are eoiic and I eat uuyLliitig." Try Adla tieatiiietit on our money buck guarantee. Kirby Bros. Drug Co —Adv. Ml GRADI A Raw Milk Fhone 74 Craig's Dairy II em orrh old s iriics) cured without tlic Itnifc. Other recta] dLsrascs treated. Van cosed Teliu treated non-sur-kaUv, UKS- MES & MES SU W. Main Phone OS. 5up*rf«x v>*i no *!«lricify* ^ a| no ouditto <oiin«ctiani. Made, by Perfeclion5ToveComponytl»aderi in the oil-burning appliance fieid) II hoi b««n proving iti worth for S yean. Thou*and» or* no* 1 In IIM, p/ovkling defwndabta food itfrlgerolion, hialtK pro fe«iion ond b»Her meolt with iM* effor* and at Eow«r cent. R»Tt*rr.b«r, Superfex wotki any. whtre. til ui ihow you hs* itwiK W. G. PETTY 614 ?,IONROE STREprr MEMPHIS. TENN. Plioncs: onice 8-5517 Ues. 7-29M P. O. COX lli'2 SUPERFEX '*£&*, REFRIGERATOR SWEET POTATOES, Pound SPARE RIBS, Salted. Pound 5c ORANGES, 150 Sia'e. Florida. Doz. 33c \ FLOUR, M. Jane. 24 Ibs 89c; 12 Ibs 49c SPARE RIBS, Strictly Fresh. Lb. 10c |j KRAUT, Libby's. No. 2V 2 Can 12c ^ SOAP, r ' & "blL 0 ^ 1 wl " te 3 for 13c '; GREENS, Mustard, Turnip, Kale. Bch 3c ; PORK CHOPS, Lean Cuts. Lb. 15c l ORANGES, 200 Size. Florida. Do*.. 25c GREEN BEANS, Florida. Pound IQc |l SALT MACKEREL Large Size. Ea. 15c || EGG PLANT, Pound lOcjl LEMONS, Nice Size. Doi.en 21c '' \ Neiv Arrivals In Dance Frocks - Graduation Dresses Frocks for Sunday Nile and Evening Wear Featuring New Collars, New Necklines, New Capes. New Silhouette, \Ntw Hvflings, New Colors, New Prints. They Come In >iets G RABER'C nv.Sr STORES *^ skins liki! th(j.-(- in T'lffri-i- Ureue.- I'oiill ci' Es],ril, Mui- ., , ^ Airlak's mul Ci.nlons A a^^ „ ROl embroidered, En,;. l «m <1 c _Lels, j,, M( . w( . s( !1!|sU ,| s .,,,,1 /t.^i^jij lish Tulles. l' iist «l P''ii'l*- »vliite.s \l '"' N \' Yy^T-- •-•>' Orgy IK! ie& M^--"V" Beautiful embroidered piislcts iiii d whiles . . . Gorgeous Dozens ol' \ew Styles in Eaeli Price Runge $0.98 SC.98 $£.98 SI A 75 Fashion Calls for White Shoes o,nd Ctabers Have Met the Call VV'illi a large selection of '['-Straps, I'limps and Tic.-, in il-.t most popular styles. All sizea iitid widths, from A A. in this large stork nnd Hit values cannot, be dupliralnl at ll's Smart lo Be Tlirifly" It's Easy Here Where \ Prices Are Lower Every Express Brings Newest and Most Popular Styles In Sport Dresses I'Viiluriiij; whiles and soft |);isLul.s, iiiitny wild i-uli: iitllu sli'iiwl jackcls. 'J'licsc •:trs; Ihu (lrc'.s.=e.s Unit arc ciUisi"K » rea! .H-iisiitinn Jimunjr llic women who come Id Graters lor Bi-llcr V;iluus. $0.98 0 $.98 White '"Waffle" Clolli r Suit« «r Itliit-k Hutlons Aic the r.'igc just now and thu pi-aiiii-al yotuiK JKii'l or wiiii'i' w '" lnl >" l ' lcse 'for wear us well as for the unusual styling. Summery HATS Wide Mop Brims and Hmitllcr Turban Slyleb >. Straws, Stitched Crepes anil seasonal materials in whiles :lels. Vulues not to lis: (Iiip- ut 98c LINENS for Wear Now and fhru the Summer V - : f/ii. \ U> = , & f \ \ 1. %V "A / A' /,\',-.\, i»\. {-l. '<M vv>4 ' in: ii'- Lony Spoii Coals in llic 1'opulav Wliilc Waffle Cloth - - - Beauliful suits of iitipoilwl Helgian lyinen that wears IOIIK and launders beautifully. Some have .slriiied vests, and other i-port touches. A spm-ittl buy makes ixwiible ftliis unusuatly low price. Swagger Coal Style Linen Suits Koi- many and varied occasions. Thew. have plenty of snap and slyle mid are real values at $ 5 .98 $g

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