The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1936
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Attend Blytheville's Park Celebration and Rodeo, July 3, 4 and 5 BLYTHE V1LLE COUKIEK NEWS VOI,. XXXII!--NO. !):; 'ilyilicvlllt Courier Ulnbevilli Hernia Hlvtbrvlllc NOHT1IBABT AliKANSAH ANU BOOTHKASV M183OUK1 H1;YT1IKVIIXK, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY. JULY ;!, 19HU SINGLK COPIES FIVE CENT8 HERE TOMORROW WHEEL Will iopart in November K'cdion Says Hazier Hunl ; _ ft flic M-ries nr mmiinrlisan sler- ><"• ur-JIVn liv I-'ravicr Hum, crl au(!ir-.iii>u-s>>-.i|>CT eom-spnud- r »l. (M> (In. 1,-riMl <;f vnliiK- sclili- ""•"l. in II,., i,iilrslri:il tvisl. Mr. I'm' will wrile Mil-re iron- serins !<••!• Mi; A S'rniec ami the C'nurier Neivi afler :in iii, vn ,.;i : ,| survey <•<• (lie. "Alix-ricrm Kiilir," Ihc farm t'M, :iml (lie UTS I. •'nit Against Movie Star Is Dismissed CHICAGO, Jill. 3 (UP)-Carol Pi ink's $100,000 nUennlion of uf- fecttons suit against Helen Hayes screen mul stage star, w;is (ILs missed todfly, 11 came in the third act of i courtroom drama which often convulsed listeners over the |)lc ImcMjiic' language and linbits of diaries Mat-Arthur, playwright, uu thor anil movie producer, who mnnicd Miss .Hayes two ycais ulier Mi.-.s Trink divorced him. Stricken Morgan's Relu n Homo )>v i u V/,[I:K (t>r.."rich[. insfj. ,\|.;A Servirr, Inc.) I'C:" two hours at luncheon in on pvcli-sivn Newark, N. J., elub 1 inllrnd wllli whnt used lo be called "Hie rp-jcr mist," Arrr.'ul Ilie table were a banter. !«•(> bi/ L-.ishKs.-; men, and n If'itiea! rorre.SKtident. All were for liiH'on, except my host, who tryir.T his best to be neutral. The banker said: "Of course I rm a Renihliran. bill Republican rlale nolilies iiere in New Jer.sev h so Iwislert nnd croaked and I led in with certain equally "crook- j <rl r^inor/alic elements thai you'l 1-5 very passionate about anylhint;. "Naturally. I don't care for the way federal mow has been lt"o,ui about, imr for the powerful machine that Jim Farley has Unit ll|> on taxpayers' .mpiiey., ~ "r-lhinh-lifmtfcm is a Road srfirnd man nnd would slop a tot of (his extravagance. When it comes to Ihc national election. I world ray that it will be mighty close in New Jersey \villi the o:lds u lit- lle in favor of landon." The business men said practically The s.imc thing, although one of them w;is bitter and outspoken against Roosevelt personally. My hr;M, the political correspondent, analjveit the local sil»- Praclically Enl.irc Shir Receives Badly Ncedcc Drenching MKMP1IIS. July 3 (up) _ Warm ninshine returned to Ark ansii.'i and parts of the mid-smith lodny afler heavy and general rains had broken an extended drouth and added millions oi i dollars to the value of growing crops. A United Press survey showed that Ihe rainfall ranged from one inch to nearly ten inches, fitutt ?art. Ark., reported the heaviest Precipitation. A total of 9.-1D inch e-s had fallen there up to 7 a. m Two days ago rice growers didn't have enough water lo irrigate their fields. Memphis had n lotal of 4.51 inches while Helena had 430- Little Hock, 2.82; Blylhevillc, 5.3H; Jonesboro. 2.74; Newport; 3.12- Batosville, 2.52;, Wynne, 5.4-!- Ei Dorado. 2.42; Pine Bluff, 0:M; Clarendon, G.32; and Wilson, 5.40'. Camthersville. Mo., just 30 miles above Ulylheville had 1.50 inches for the 24-hour period ending at 7 a. in. The heavy downpours threatened lo flood lowlands in the Arkansas im] White river bottoms. Rain clouds centered over southeastern states today, -breaking a long drouth (here. Birmingham, OLD ICE PETITIONS HLEfl Proposed Act Would Ap- llnou,!i d, Lrmitnu, stcue ot (Hen filhei s illn ess, the sons of J. p. M oly aii appeared worried after urccling (he CS-yi-nr-old linaneler hi His private ear on arriial at Mill Neck, L 1 neur the family estate. ,re,,, Manrhe.,,er, Mass., where he was stricken. U.mble to ,,.,e his legs, Morgan .bareheaded, at left), is slKmn being carried from the Imin by attendants. Neuritis caused his Incapacltatlon propriuic All of Sales Tax 'roccecls Writer Shoots Self In League Assembly Hall C1KNEVA. July :i (UP)— Sliou'- IHH "It Is the lust blow; this Is the death of the League of Na- ' Huns," Stefan MIX, Czecho-l Klovakia Journalist nnd photo- ! gnipher, shot himself In the assembly hall today while delegates were burying the Ilnltan-Rlliloplan ' H'lTLIi HOCK. Ark.—Initiative petitions lor n proposed net lo re-ennc.1 Hie sales tax law, remove food nnd drugs exemptions and to appropriate all proceeds from the lux lo pay old n«e pensions up Ic $.10 per monlh were llled nl the (ii'oi'clnry of stale's oil Ice Scsterday by A. U Hotenberry, little Hock lawyer and former I'l InsU coimly representative. Mr. Rotenberry said Ihe petitions contained 11.803 .signatures (blained In 49 cciintles. This «us approximately 100 more Hum Ihe minimum required to siibmll the meniiiire. to a vole of the people at Ihe general election next November 's. 'Ihe measure provides Hint nil sales tax. receipts, except three per cent for cost ot collection, should bo i-ied, to |::iy pensions to. the blind nnd ngcd. 11 would allot {SCO.cco a year frpin- the Mli[iior gnllonngc lax and ii third • of the money derived fi-cm 'horse and dog racing to the pension fund. It would reduce the minimum KouiKl In Ijiix's pocket were let- lers to Kiim IMward VI11, Uilllsh Forulgn Secretary Anthony Eden. HID Manchester (KiiKlniul) Guard- Inn and Joseph A. C. Aventil, league secrelary-neneml. lie shoulcd Avonel's nnme ns he was carried to u liosgiltal, a .severe Governor Fttlrcll Finds No Fair Weather Is Promised for Fourth of July Festivities ,i wimiu reuuce me uniimnim ,H , • age lo.M, Instead of OS provided ' ± llliHin , e '' K 'i'""'™ i". , l ° "' C " Ilie san ™ s t " ro:lte » lll E '" " ' ° In o., nsea of OS provided llliHin , i™ . , :l » ll E fen U.e present old age pension „" J, ' ° \ > » " tlnwjh Ihe. elomls frcnuently ddr- . opening of Aunehlla county's ceil- Ing Ihe early afternoon. alien as follows: "The shadow of the unfortunate Lindbergh baby ir, east over this whole political mess in iN T c;v Jersey. It is equalled in importnnce only by the shadows of tens of thousands of WPA workers leaning on their shovels | s I'd say tha'i one jYnt. about ( auniter-bdnnccs the other. cr 1 ,]! casr. Out of Ihc mess d Hie Wendcl kidnaping— NL*W Jersey T.VJIS very hap Ala., reported .36 of an inc?i up Three Escnpc With Miiior I n j u r i c s in Accidenl Yesterday Afternoon Occupants of two cars were bruised considerably and the cars lo 7 a_ m, Athinta, .20; Charles- 1 daecnmyhwav 0. eollls- v" "" N: ' sllville ':i'>ii about a mile north of Blvtlic- j, v|[le vcstm| afternoon ren,, lenn.. for Arkansas nnd Missouri. at STEELE, Mo., July 3. -Mrs. W. """" '"-•• "-•"--• » i. ••••>• D. riiulgens, 50, died at her home liy to dump into the lap of New here yesterday. She had been in ..'ir'n- 1.1, T- ,i . I 1 ' 00 ' health for two year; IIctTman lost, Ihe Lindbergh • - •• mystery is still only partlv solved -nnd the WPA'ers are still leaning on then- shovels. "As far as the national election is t-eiiecrned. New Jersey is slill nnybcdy's state — wilh Roosevelt having the edge here at the end [•f June.'' Slal- in a Crainl Muil 1!)32 Roosevelt cnrricd liO.883 votes. Republican, Nrw Jrisey by nithou'di Harbour, . won o\er the Democratic nominee for Ihe U. S. senate by 10.:!2:i voles. In '34 Ihe former I>mocratin governor. Harry Mccre. was elected senator, and Hnrold Ci. HolTman was elected Republican governor, and the fnn- Insy that is New Jersey politics and justice went into its dance. Joining forces with some of Frank Hague's Democratic cliruic lhal controls Newark. Governor Hoffman faces Ihe last year of his three-year term with the knowledge that Ihlngs have never Uen in such a magnificent muddle in his state as they arc at (his moment. Golf called the banker and the Vusiness men away from the luncheon (able, and my host, in Inn. was forced lo leave the club Icr half an hour. I wandered out. to the descried hnll to put in a loiv> distance telc- i.houe call at the ottice desk. II was Inward mid-afternoon, nnd three or four of the club stall were lounging about, chatting nmons: themselves. I broke in. nnd soon we were discussing politics. A waller or two jellied PS. nnd one of the elevator boys diiflcd over. No banker or prominent business man was in sight. The "Common relics'" Shut There was a good deal of stalling at, first, and then one of them blurted out: "What's the use of kidding? I'm for Roosevelt. Who else could 1 be for? If it, hadn't been for Roosevelt, (Continued on page Ihree) A native of New Madrid county, c moved here when she w; | _ married 39 years ago. She was „ Baptist; escapes Highway (jl, were bruised but not seriously hurl, and Ed LaFerncy, , driver of the other car was slight- chine when the steering wheel became jammed when a defective part broke, causing his machine to swerve across the highway and strike Mrs. Pisk's car, which was heavily damaged. church and was well known in '•''is community. Funeral services were lo be held nl 2 o'clock- afternoon at. lie Baptist church with the Rev. D. K. Foster of Carutliersvillc of- or injuries when ficiating. aMistcii by the Rev. J. engine struck his Engi me B. J. Allen, Sinclair oil whole- No Paper Saturday 'In cbsrrvaiioe' of the. Fourth' cr July holiday and to ueiiult c:n.f'cycs lo ['arlieipate in the IValli'cr 1'nrk rind iMississijnil' ('cunly Fairgrounds opcniiii; i:el- llir.itiotl tlic Courier News will publish no paper ! un Salunlav, July -t. ' ' I Congressman's Train Today As It Nears Seattle SEATTLE, Wash., July 3 <(JI>) — Rep. Marlon A. Zlonchcck nnd his- bride arrived nt Union station today lo be greeted by a crowd 'of 1,000 persons, on hand to wlt- n r\ pelMHIS, on naiKi to wlt- Uocloi'S Unable lo Per-1 lless the eccentric congressman's r r , i i o homecoming. lorm Lonlcmplatecl bcv erancc Operation MEDFORD, Mass., July 3 (UP) —The second Siamese twin died Lawrence Memorial hospital today after surgeons forced I" abandon plans for a severance operation lo free her from sifter, who succumbed 37 earlier. her Looking as "fed up" ns he .said he was, Zlonchcck mnde n brief extemiwnincous speech. He said "I mn lired of nil this publicity and guff." The congressman, hut recently escaped from n Maryland hospital where he was held tion. was joined for observa- The twins, baptized Mary and . was joined nt Ellensburg, hours' Wn -sli- by Mrs. Ztonchcck, wlio accompanied him on the last lap Carina by an aunl Immediately nftcr Ihey were born to Mrs. Diego Fiorcnno. young wife of an Ev- n r 1_ IJ- * . H °™IM>. young wife of an Ev- uemOllShCS Ills AutO licit store clerk, Wednesday at p. in., were linked at the back of the head. Carina, weigh- of his train Irip from Washington. D. C. Mra. Zioncheck, missing since her Washington landlady swore out n warrant for her arrest, cnmc here secretly by airplane, was met by Mr. nnd Mrs. Wil- W. Cunningham of Steele. Interment wa slo be made at Mount Zion cemetery. Besides her husband Mrs. Hudgens is survived by four daughters. Mrs. John Hcndeison of Hayti. Mrs. P. P. McCnlchcn and Mrs. Carl Pecplcs botli of Steele and Mrs. Art Reverts of Rochelle. sale agent here, escaped with mill- '"» 7 pounds, died two hours aft- Ham Nadcau, her husband's bro- or injuries when a Frisco switch cr blrll >- Mary, astonishing phy-; Ihcr-ln-law and sLster, and mot- engine struck his car on a side. F '™" s - continued* to thrive and ored to Ellensburg, east of here track cicajng in the Frisco yards,' M| c twins were brought by ab- lo be with near Ihe Sinclair bulk plant. i blllallcc lo n hospital here. arrived home. nboul 8:30 o'clock this morning.! M; "- v ' wll o weighed 5 pounds, at, His car was almost demolished, j flrsl responded as would any in- Alten failed to see Ihe switch t: "" ° r her size lo treatment mi- | Will DJSCUSS Fair Trade lo be with Zlonchcck when engine "blind" he approached the crcssing. The engine, i <!«• (raveling at a slow speed, '•'- , r nnd shunted it off Ihe r:lusc lllc child what doctors rtcscribc!l incubator conditions." unable to oixmtc bc- Act at Meeting Tonight e B - •" "* .v,^ L i..iu;, .,.., i.,i ,uiu siiuiueu it on me '••-••'- *"^ '»., and avo sons, Earl Hndgcns track between a coal bin and the to s l>°clal Cl Cnmllll>rC(rilln nftit TT-...!._... I I .-^ „! .1. . - ... - . rl,n lr>nl. Carulhersvillc and Harbcrl tracks. Iludgens of Sleelc. She is also survived by ten grandchildren. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. July 3 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low elm" July 1239 1244 1237 1241 °ct- llf.g H74 1157 1107 U™ 1157 1177 1157 1170 Jfll < HIM 1157 1109 March 1161 H7G I1G1 1174 May HC4 1179 HC4 1177 Spots closed steady at 1253, unchanged. it for about 20 fl 'c took ••' 'it r\.-), LllUgglJJg It, lOr itOOllL -U i vur\ it \,\u || I()r UlC \VOrSC •tim.^ i^t ian nitri *. IUI111-^ feet before Ihe engineer stopped tlllrin B 'he night," explained Dr. 1 nsso clallon of Aransos. will dls- liis locomotive. l joh " i! - Vcrnaglia. who delivered I cltss tn e Roblnson-Patman federal his locomotive. |John H. Vernaglia, wlio delivered!*""" k '"' ' vuu '"-w>-* i>m The car was almost completely i l!le lwllls liU c Wednesday and fa!r lrndc Practice la wrecked but, Allen escaped witii " ho was »t the bedside when P^wl »y the fcdern minor bruises nnd a possible frnc- lk ' al1 ' came - I " ''" ' ' tured rib. !l1 ' Tr —'—'"'~ ~ . Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., July 3 (Ul'l—Hogs 2.500 Top 11.00 170-230 Ibs. 10.75-11.00 HO-1GO Ibs. 10.00-10.90 Bulk sows 8.75-9.25 Cnltlc 1,500 Steers Slaughter steers 5.00-9.00 Mixed yearlings and heifers 7.50 down Slaughter heifers 4.M-850 Beef cows 4.00-5.00 Cutters and low cullers 2.75-3.75 Closinfi Stock Prices A T. and T. IC3 Anaconda Copper 3:1 f>-8 Ectlilehem Sleel r>0 5-8 Chrysler 114 1-- Cilics Service -1 !>-S Coca Cola 0!) 1 -J American Tank -19 1-4 General Electric 3.13-1 Cicneial Motors G!> 1-8 International Harvester 83 ,"i-3 McKesson-Hobbins il 7-8 .Montgomery Ward -53 New York Central 3ii 1-4 Packard 103-4 Phillips Petroleum -113-8 Radio Corp II I-'2 St. I.ouis-San Francisco 'J Elmmcns Bed -9 1-2 Standard of N J S3 1-2 Texas Co 35 1-2 U S Smelting 81 U S Steel 59 3-8 Warner Bros Ul Zonilc f> 7-8 the Roblnso w recently . . -- ~, — — t ..jl congress and a state fair trade bill lo be Dr. Vernaglia said thai (he P ro "° sci1 at the next meeting ot It would provide Unit, all heads of families over GO who do not have an Income of $50 n month svor'.d be entitled'to'enough pension to bring the Income up to }GO per monlh. .. , ( Persons owning real estate wllli an assessed valuation of 52,600 or more and- personal property assessed al $500 or more would -not be eligible. If sufficient money the monlh, Ihe . money would be pro rated among the pensioners. 'Die act would provide Ural aid extended lo owners of real property wovld become a Hen nsnlnst. estate for the amounl exit would provide for double collection from the slate in cases where frtmd was practiced to ol:lain pensions. Pension funds would were hot available to pay "equalising pensions" up to tributed to counties on be dis- a population basis, provided that the allotment of sales lax moneys to each county could not be less cent o[ Ihc sales than 80 tax paid county. nnmmlly from that Establish Lines For Little River Floodway A survey party from the Memphis district ofllce, army engineers corps, Is now engaged In reestablishing lines for 'Ihe enlarged Big Lake-Liltle River iloodway, authorized by Ilie Wilson-Overtoil flood control bill, passed at the recent session of congress. Preliminary surveys for the iloodway were made Insl year when It apjxMired possible that the work might be authorized out of relief funds. Presumably the army engineers are now completing their surveys In order lo be „.,, „,,,.,.,,„.. ready for actual construction HJ,,., „,'„", whenever funds are made avall- ... — __ „.,„. rtLl al mccupn i oniirnc "iu.-ni.-vei nmos are inaue avail- o vs i^,,, unable to 0]>cratc be- " ° able &)sicm. child failed to respond „.,' , , , . Hei "' nctlvcly connected with treatments given afler 1 °- w - Llnthlcuin. secretary of ' lcrc ls "» certainly however, agrici'lUiral work In Arkansas a turn for Ihc worse' lhe Independent Retail Merchants ."i" tlle , w ;°f ™' 1)c started since 1913 and an authority on 5 night" explained Dr ' "Delation of Aransos. will ills- J'ear. night of way must be farm economics.' called for ellm- /crnaglia. who delivered'I cltss the Roblnson-Patman federal i 1 ™""™. by 1 ° c ? 1 Interests which illation of the tenant system With fair wenther predicted for tomorrow and with fanners, ufirt the public generally in n mood '"v celebrjillon. as the result 'of Die crop-saving 6.38 Inches ) of niln Wednesdny and Thursday, and park and fairgrounds iledi- ciillon promises to nltiacl a reo- cnl crowd of picasuie sockets.- l-'ormul dedicatory e\eiclses -fire scheduled for tomorrow morning. The .afternoon n-lll be devoted ; io eii'ertalinneiil, realm cd by the Texas Hangers Rodeo, stalling at ^ P. M, Tho big new swlmmlhg ".i i iiK.i.7 nu|l >c °l w'H lie open all day Opposition lo Nyberg elve^Us"''first. ^erfoTniancc' 1 (his 1 srounds. While ri smuil crowil us e.xjiected' lo witness thlb'af- ernoon's performance In the m)(d .nd mire from the comfoil .of huge grandsland a larger Ll'ITLE UOCK, July :( (UP)_ (. Oov. J. M. Puirell returned to his a otflce today after a thrce-dny ab- t.,, ,, 11BI - sl ,,, Klsl aim a larger scnce during which lie made five crowd was expected foi the second speeches In support of the pro eclebrallou at Camden. my visit through .southern had 'filtered Into the big Arkansas 1 did not nnd a per- „..,.., i. |»vi - ti.jii.vivj gllllluaLillKl Ul'U UUIClo son who was op]ioscd to Ihc ivcre moving In • a' constant, stream amendment," (lie governor snld. ' "It. is Ihe only amendment that lias been ..suggested lii'years tiiat Is sure of: adoption." ' Tho Nyberg amendment would require submlsslo'n to Die voters of. (he slate of any proposal for Increasing existing taxes or levy- Ing new ones. The governor, except for getting enough signatures on the petition to call the proposed amendment to n vote of the people, appeared to be lillle Interested In the approaching August primary. He denied Hint he had selected n limn from nmong the len gubernatorial candidates us a favorite. Workers in the headquarters of stale Senator Arthur Johnson of Slar City Insisted that their candidate would be the one to get the governor's support. The governor said he would be nimble lo attend a fall-grounds and park opening celebration In Blythevllle Saturday as he hud originally planned. flT FfiJ- District R. A. Chief Discusses Farm Trouble in East Arkansas LITTLE DOCK, July 3 (UP) — T. Roy Reid, regional resettlement administrator, declared today (hat. Ihc root, of the trou- bclvrec " - .-.,-,.«.. u, ,,,,_ iiiittiiii nvoivui n through an active government pro' 0 " mkc Sma1 ' lnlul "'"' chances were" one hundred to one thc slnle legislature, at the chain- the Infant surviving and l;cr cf commerce office In the ~— Hint even If she had lived the c ' ]l * ''all tonight. The nicellng t • . p j, . changes were one thousand to wln start nt - 8 o'clock. Injuries rrOVC ratal yet lmve taken no action ii. the malter, and there seems to 6 ' be doubt that funds for construe- home owners out of desirable tion wor kwill be available this farm workers, year. C "H, nBn ,'n', ta '. , bci " ff " ormil1 ' ' Mr - M»lliicu,n will explain Ihe 11*' rtl Jtll'n "tllil'f Knl<»» A«T . . - - - . _ He added, dead." "she's belter off, working plan for (he federal fair } trade law, the purixxse of which ~ j Is lo prevent, unfair discrimination V T /•> u i '" favor °' quantity purchasers 1 Ol'K L'OltOll 'Ol merchandise. He will also oul- line Ihe slate law lo be proposed, NEW YORK. July 3 (UP) _ which Is planned to dovetail with ~c.tlon closed barely steady. 'he federal measure and control CG! I July Oct Dre, Jan March May open 1232 IIC1 1102 II62 1IGU 1112 high low close 1246 1232 1239 1178 11CO 1170 1180 11C2 1173 1179 11G2 1172 1183 1106 1179 1188 1170 1183 Spots closed quiet at 1249, off 2, Chicago Corn July Sep open 71 1-4 71 high 73 1-4 low ctcse 10 5-8 72 1-8 72 1-4 09 3-4 71 1-8 intra-stalc practices as the federal law' Is to control tiller-state practices. The meeting Is sponsored by the retail merchants of Blytlievllle and all merchants are expected to attend. Chicago Wheat open high low close July 101 3-4 107. 3-4 99 1-4 100 3-4 Sep 101 103 1-2 100 101 3-1 lo Rescued Mine Worker SIIAMOKIN, Pa., July 3 (UP) —Knoch Kiiklloskl Jr., 35. bootleg coal miner, burled 20 hours Wednesday and Thursday under Ihe tlcbris of a collnpsed mine shaft, died lust night of a broken I buck and Internal Injuries. I Physicians at Shamoktn state! hospital believed almost' to the minute he died that the heroic work of 24 miners who themselves risked denth lo dig him out had been successful. He had gained strength steadily from the time lie was brought out of the mine yesterday morning, gasping, "Give me air, give me air," until last The administrator, in charge of ft. A. work In Arkansas. Mississippi and Louisiana, declared recent stories about sharecropper conditions "had not given a fair picture of the situation or have Ihey given proper consideration lo the rcol of the trouble which is the rapid increase in those who have become part of Ihe tenant system." WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight. Saturday fair, warmer In northeast portion. Memphis nnd vicinity — Cloudy night. But — about sunset lie began showing signs of Increasing pain. HLs family was called a short lime before he died. night and Saturday. Somewhat warmer Saturday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 17, minimum 69, cloudy, with 4.68 Inches of rain, lal rainfall since Wednesday aft 6.38 Inches. verfcrmnnce ut 8 •o'clock tonight Ing lhe early afternoon. At 2 o'clock only a few people capacity grandstand 3 SOO others toward (he. entrances, most" of them parkliig llielr'cars some distance away nn'd Making the dry .cinder fouljsiilhs lo Hie, nraud stand. • \ ' Dance Moved To Armory The dance, slated for tonight In .the huge -exhibition-'hall at the fairgrounds', has been transferred to the National' Ciuard Armory on South Second slreol, 11 was announced (his afternoon by Fred S. Sallba, in charge of the nlfulr. The dance was' transferred to the Armory because of the difficulty In parking cars and reaching the exhibition hall without hici'i-rhu the chance of having to walk through ' muddy stretches, not easily avoided in the darkness. Johnny Maltland and his 14-plcce , orchestra, of Pittsburgh, will play for the big dance. . ; The celebration : will continue through Sunday, with a final performance of the rodeo scheduled for 2 o'clock that' afternoon. Tlie formal dedication exercises II be held tomorroiv tnornliig, beginning ' nj,,. in o'clock. Floyd Sharp, stale WPA administrator, will parlklpalc In Ihe exeicises as well as'numerous other state and district WPA officials. It was announced today that Gov. J. M. Futrell would be unable to make the trip here from Little Rock for the dedication as had been anticipated. Will 1'resent Park Mr. Sharp will formally present Ihc park niui fairgrounds lo the city on behalf of -the Works Progress Administration and Mayor Cecil Shane will respond in acceptance. Jesse Taylor will preside at the ceremony. Tomorrow morning's dedication ceremony, which will be held at the grandstand, will be followed by presentation to the park by Dud Cason post, American Legioil, of a flag. A brief ceremony at the /Ing pole, near the swimming pool, will precede the raising of the flag. : : There will be a number of dlstliigulshcd guests, inchiding Rep. W. J. Driver and various state and WPA otficlals. • Congratulations to the peop'le of Blythevllle and Mississippi county on completion of Ihe park and fairgrounds were expressed in a telegram received by Mayor Shane today from D. D. Pinion, mayor of Caruthersville. '"Ihe citizens of Carutliersville Join me in sending congratulations and best wishes on (lie opening of your fine new city park and recreational center," the Carutliersvtlle mayor wired. Issues Bank Call WASHINGTON, July 3 (UWV- .— — -— ., j, Tlie comptroller ofi the currency probably occasional showers to- today Issued a call for the condition of national banks as of the close of business on June 30. Utah Felons:Idle SALT LAKE CITY (UP)—Nine- v.wuuj, ivil-ll -l,w LlLlllla Ul IUIIL, OAU1 LjfUVEf l/l 1 X \Ul) Nln6- nccording to Samuel P. Norrls, ty percent of the prisoners at the official weather observer. The to- Utah State Penitentiary are with out work during their Imprlson- —•••••••• IT*.iiiii.>uuj- n«v- i/«i. »uiiv uuiiug viLcir imprison~ cnioon unlll 7 ft. m. today, wn-s menl and do nothtng toward their support, a survey shows.

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