Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa on March 17, 1921 · Page 5
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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa · Page 5

Iowa City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1921
Page 5
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PAGE FOtTR IOWA CITY THUBSDAY, MARCH 17,-1921 IOWA CITY PRESS- CITIZEN An Independent Newspaper Press Established 1841 Citizen Established 1S91 Consolidated Nov. 1 1920 Published Evenings Except Sunday By i'ress Citizen Co. S. U. CARKELL, Editor and Manager Entered as Second Class Mail Matter at the Postoffice in Iowa City. SUBSCRIPTION- Is ATES By Carrier, in Iowa City and Suburbs Per week J ,13 In advance, one jear ... 7 0 0 By Mail In advance, one year .... 4.00 In advance, six months .. 2.00 In advance, three months 1.00 P U B L I C A T I O N "OFFICE 213-220 East College Street Business Offlcs Phone 1300 City Editor Phone 1366 low, life's darkest moment came m the last chapter when Uncas, ! pursuing Magua who bad captured , Cora, falls from a cli* and lands ! at the feet of his arch enemy who buries a tomahawk in his back. j But happily the vile murderer's | joy is short-lived. Just as he is about to leap to tatety, the riile I of Hawk-Eye, the scout, rings out i and Magua lalls into the caujon. Those weie the dajs, old-timer, i jaml let us lay a \ueath of friendly remembiance on the tomb of James j Fenimore Cooper, the author, the j 70th auimersary of whose d e a t h 1 i is observed this ear. St. Patrick's Day Dream of Tomorrow Panels post, which, opponents: said, could not succeed, lust y e a r , can led two and one-Quarter bil lion packages, on the government made 10 million dollars' pro tit. FOREIGN REPRESENTATIVES LaCOSTE MAXWELL New York and Chicago President Haiding thinks people . ··-\\ant too much 01 the govern-, mem." And most of us think (at income tax tinie) that tlie govern-1 mem wair.s too much of [lie people: The Associated Press i? exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches creditfd to it. or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local neus published herein. All right? Of republieat-lOD of spec!?! dispatches herein are also reserved. Queen Mazy of Rumania is coniine: to Ame- ioa to "see the cov\ - bo\s and Indian;.." Bo\. page BUI Hart and dig up a redskin some place! I Bill Hohenzollem has acquitted hmibeli ot war cumes in his book, i U tha" thp \\a;. they intended to * "T:v The K.iuer tor Murder?" i A stat^tician lias figured it thai Auieika's tobacco bill sp::n§-.'.nd-su:ii!iie:-hat the world ot women! out There are husbands who belifve a dcllar in the pockei is worth two on the "s\ lie's head. WHO'S WHO AT H O M E ? A woman's club in Washington, D. C-, has launched a Keep-Youi Maiden-Name movement. The purpose thereot is to ciea'e a public sentiment in favor oi permaung niari.ed women, to retain the names they weie born with, rather than take the names ilieir husbands gue tnem. Thus, when Mary Jones marries John Smith she will be known as Mrs Mary Jones and not as Mi t John Smith. The Keep - Y o u r - Maiden - Xame , '°WA PRESS C O M M E N T . . , ' Gl.ddeu Graphic: More and movement is in toner, o. me new more i m ] u? n-iafestablishments are equality. The custom vhereb declaring for the open shop. That Ma-v Jones becomes Mrs. John, is , anoi . her principal that is right ' a n d v.i'1 eventually be permanent- Smith is regaided as a survval of jy established. the benjglued tirae when -wives ^ere held as chattel, whereas now "EVACUATION DAY" BY DR. WILLIAM E. BARTON Saint Patrick was glory enough for one day; but there is another reason why this day-is celebrated, at least in Boston. There they call it "Evacurjion Day." To be HerjDaughter and His Son | '·, A Great Afarrfaf Lift Story by . 1DAH McGLONE GIBSON ·A STRANGE C O I N C I D E N C E 'Five thousand dollars!" I ex- J profiteering. Young Slmington It in amazement when Mamie! paying a great dual of attention , ., , - . . ... v~-- ··"· tho astounding price Grace ' to Grace, by the way. One even- and there are few American cities had paid fw an erni , n * £ oat ,, FlTe £ u ; r {£ y way une * ven "' :i«l dollars? .Why, that is Ken's whole salary for a I can hardly believe it." where the patron samt of Irelan is less hkely to be forgotten; but "Evacuation Day" is ihe legal title year . of the day. "Well, I saw her buy it," said On March 17, 1776, Lord. Howe Mamie. "She had the entire per confessed himself defeated in his .sonnel of the store about her, tell- effort to hold Boston against the ing'her how beautiful she was and assaults and strategy of George feeding her vanity in every way. Washington, and tookjto his ship?. The coat is an elaborate affair, On that day Washington mounted made of the finest and whitest of his horse in front ot his head- skins. There Isn't one little black came back on the stage to meet Miss Ames, our stiar. I happened to be there, and Miss Ames introduced me to Simiugton. The next night he came back alone and invited me to go out to supper with him," continued Mamie. "DM you go?" I asked curiously. "Sure I did," said Mamie. "Don't you know that being seen quarters iu Cambridge, and rode tail to mar its purity. Grace real- j ln ... the *»arte»t cafe m the city through Roxburr over Boston Neck ly did look exquisitely lovely { n with a man like Harry Slmington into the city. if, and especially when she threw , msed me i n .. the estimation of the He had fought a second Bunker it back and revealed its silver and manager of the show about eighty Hill; for he accomplished on Dor- rose brocaded lining with touches ? er . cen ^ ? .,? an afford to ,., e bo ''. ed Chester Heights wlu-.t had been at- of point lace down the front." | t o d?{ ! th Wlt " a man llk ® hli n tempted without success on Bun- "Why. Mamie.yit is a wrap for ; °nce m a while for the sake of ker Hill. From that elevation up- a queen!" / I t h a t But ifc does make me angry on the opposite side of the city "Yes, a queen or a movie act-! w . he .n f man o ' h » ^P 6 has two his cannon commairded the Neck ress," said Mamie * cynically. "No \ Distinct ways of treating women, of Boston and the ships in the one else could afford to wear it." : The first he uses for the : women and Howe had to with- In my astonishment over the ] «» at he considers his own station ! in society, and the second for all V.'eeber pLice, and I What with marbles, kite?, tops. -- _______ ^ and new baseball, boyhood i n d u s - j this summer nccoiding to oifiw.-'*? ; Inisiness in lovra City for some try certainly has picked tip. j -- j time, his recently moved to this t Clinton.--S. J. Carpenter, a boy-i (.cm-runny, ta'i'ng r.p Ks residence Stepping backward: lynching in hoed resident ot Clinton and a son" Kentucky, race rioting in Ohio. I or J. E. Carpenter, one OL t u t orig- and tarring in Kansas: i inai owners of tne Cuitis ccLiivin\ ' plant died at his home iu New more than the traffic | York Suadaj. according i rats- scge to friends. Chargin. bear never pays railroad dividends. Burlington H a w k f y e : The action of Roman Catholic in ihey are supposed to be parineis, declaring war asiinst unclean films will work io" Mr Rc-beits. «. L. D. Yc kr r- .chased a span of mules l;-.«i: v. vek. S'-ncl.-"-. rirrch 20. will mark 'he cljs.nsr of tr? ch-irch year for the SVron and Windham Evan- Sioux Cit--W. Sweariagen. ST'sje'.'crl c'ruiclic-s. The pastor will ye-~is old v. as found a-^r-d in tX i % i-e?eh tae word both morning: and .."..allow watets of Perry Creek by! -im.ig - t Shaicn and at Wird- police. lie a.s.ipptareu alti: s e - | h a m at » r m A lepcit ol the curing a Quant-ty ot mcoiu-l.inr j jc^'-'s w o . k w' 1 ! be given. The and .t is beh6- ed that he tell into · ^tor v ul ' -- -, io.- t»e srat ot the creek and aiowned v.ine in | Annual Confcrerce on Wednesday toiicated. I rru.r.-'"~. a r j br gor? t n e remaji- __ · der of 'lif ^ ':. Th; Waukon--Frank Doubcnbergei j meets ar Li.-i-oj. Iowa, is MCiUity yc.ns equallj in ilie propeity. political and social ngutb of their liusbands. Why, ask the p:oponen,s of the new older, should a woman be v\pected to Uke her husband's name? They argue that to require a woman to do so is quite i.s unfair, not to say as urseemlj, ;-- u would lie to at-. John S 21111 more is a i t r a c ' i anentlon. The Catholic church has alwavs stood for morality, for than o i d n ; . i \ ago and from that day uii J. he ar- 1 4 1 rived in Postvilie yes'er not been heard tioni bv members !.». | / ! L. t c'can and ^vholesome amusements, of his lamily and they had given i in few instances has it in- him up as dead. He came to I augnrated campaigns such as this and m this campaign it deserves in Minnesota. t'ip suppoir of all decent citizens , . eg.iidless of creed. a b: other and is running a raacl New Hampton--Tnls year Cliick- i asaw county is to eclirse lAst Cvdar Rapids Republican: The year's record in road wc-ilr. Plan? | £ "I v,as ar IS r-orrir'7. 1 "How f-s f l.eJ Jones. Envy ^ - f d for ^needing ' ?"lt' Smith. x were ycu going?" "Fo.i- miles an the officer s;.id.'' leplicd Miller: quail i - i o been le.ise or five :· ca:s Iowa will not regiet it. Nor should ' Mined "I gjven another kre already made tor grading, .. ,, ,, ,, . ine people of in g. anf j g rave i ln g sixteen rnJIes as ---isii some a'~~ e~r wou'rl Driest me to become Mr. X.-.:; Jones v. IIT. the hunter rocrrer it. We nred the compared with thirteen and one If I mirnes the j o u n ^ lady oi mat The ..ugumvn: ; e d i f l K u l t to an- Kowever, t h e ^ e die those '·'ho may iep!y thai having pioin- Jsed to honcr. :.s well as love and cbej. her husband, the least a « omj.n can do to honor the tellow is to adorn heiself v. uh his nime. And othe.-s may v h i c h name the children will take If mothe" keep' her name and f his. Will t'.ie gnls take mamr's maiden name, Jones, while the boys glow up to be Smith's, like like liuil tor o'her purposes than to boil in pots or to grill over rhe lire. Tl.e quail is one of the help- »M-- on the larms and in the gardens. Council B cabinet officer has so much room tor ''improvement in his department as Will H n j s . Hajs. you know. HV/W has charge ct the mail service lr t h i s couni.y. He 1= the successor to Burlesoa. j ha'f miles last yerr. Twenty-icur p ri=nifnt in t h e miles ol road tiling will be laid. old cou'd get a -rs tl ar thi" ; tan of ml*:e V.TS so 1 '!- 4^ . s an Vcur. I m:?" t be able to i Dubuque--In one oi the most sell it."--Cincinnati Enquirer. hectic school elections ever held in the history of the city, Anna Law- Cock's Guirfe Bluffs Nonpareil: Xo lher - member ot tha state bo - lrd ol 7he ? e t f v ^ ' s *TM. "f : .^ d *° *f* \ Roer i, n R ,n m ,,«h mTM education was tied'with Mis. K. II. his t e n o r s Lo-k of 4n!l res;ila- » Gratiot for a one j ear term. A tions. The p-rc-nr took a bulk cam ass will be made. , volrme -l^wn from the shelf. I '-But ilns." p-oTPsred the young- Fort Dodge--Police have m tlie'ter. "i" a cook book." city jail George Patterson, arrest- "Cort.Mn.iy." the e::-warnor reed at Rockwell city .suspected of P'icd. "I was a Straw, baled--$11 V\'ocQ, sawed--¥li.50 V\'ood, cord--$10-00 POULTRY Quotations by W. J- T? Sp:ings^21c Hens--2lc Roosters--lie Ducks---Oc Geese--l(Jc R E T A I L P R i C E S Rhubarb, per lb.--?,"c Tomatoes, per lb.--o5c Cucumbeis. each--35c Pineapples, each L'JC*.:shes. per bunch--15c per. Green Onions, per bunch 14c. Peas, per lb.--25c Celei}. per bunch--15 to iSc Grape tru't, each--iu to !5c F.ettucp., per lb.~23c Le*;uce, loose leat, per lb.--50c \p ' ·= eat,:- ' T,-' lb -- TOc Potatoes, per bu--?1 20 Potatoes, sweet, per lb.--8c x Cabbage, per lb.--5c Cauhl icwer--25 to o5c Carrotts--2 bunches for 25s neets, per lb.--6c Strawberries, per qt.--95c String beans, per ib.--33c Count!y btttte:--50. Cre^ne-y butter--56c. T--O-P-". frpcli n 9f* " i^^s, iresu--_oc Parsnips, per lb.--H'c harbor; draw. estoundin.s: news of Grace's extra- It was the first great victory for vagance, I forgot for a moment the Continental forces; "and it sent what Mamie had said about Grace ;i thrill of hope through all the losing a thousand dollars in a thirteen colonies. It gave the col- gambling establishment. Then, iu onial traops new confidence in the a flush, it came to me that Grace had lost this money just about the , time of the date tho forged check mgton a mmu. appeared among Mr. Halsey's vouchers. On second thought, it others. "In the eyes of most men, there are his mother, hie sister, his sweetheart or his wife,' and the other woman. I Belong to the woman' class in Mr. Sim- But before I get through with . t l u i t young mai i l malce him understand that and the colonels seemed to pie that this could Judy O'Grady be morel v a coincidence, but the £dy are just alike under the skin thought llnwred in my mini and Thit is. if he isn t too engrossed ' Mpmie: "Do you' really Grace Oimeron to pay a lit- know that Grace lest a thousand «e attention to me on the side 1 I hadn't could see from what he said that place in evening that he had marked out dol'ars in one evening? heard that there was a this town -where women of re-Duration could p'ay games chmce for such amounts." "Oh. yes." answered 3 was recently opened es P club, and only the richest members of society go there. Of course there are a number of lianc"r£-on ard men of dubious W. E. BARTON icnutition. These men introduce an actress or two occasion"lly, but it is supposed to h p very ul'.w. To be. seen at The Villa o«ce or good' a verv DUSV winter for himself. O r His plans included the subjuga- 1 i tion of the reigning qur-en of so- jt cicty. Mis. Kenneth Hrlsey, and ostensibly t h e ' l i f t ' e girl who hn.s jimmed in" to fame by sinking sn.d IrHIe songs in the most popular show in town--your humble servant. "I don't know just how he will come out with Grace Cameron Halsey. but 1 Jo know that when h" gets tbrou"h with Mamie O'Riioy he will probably have J J UlT. £ttll ctL i lit: V 1 1 U L t.'"^c v^i - - , , , _c -ff twice a week and wag-iin- small Irorned about womoi from me, it leadership of their commander, or Tl'.cy rreat need of that cm- bles gives one a a-ge s"ms%t the different certain cache* paraphrase Kipling." Tell we Vi-'at he s"id about fLlcnce as the war wore on. There v, t e days in store, and the r.monsj th-; ^iiC ci ^ . ^ r i L t i i u i (i 1^11.IL- , _ , _ younger set, whose la- Grace losing the money, I broke rs mode money rapidly durln? ln and hungry troops fighting find since the w^r. Grrce _is the Tomorrow--A Loss at Cards. t'cr the independence oi the colo- n.cs had need of all that could gi\ e them heart. There are those people Vrho su*- '. pect that the city lathers of Eos! ton, in making March 17 a le^a! holiJay, were not wholly oblivious j to the lacr that a laigo number of -voters in that city had other i reasons for the celebration of the day. and cared v e - y lr*!e ("^ \ ''"' da Lord Howe moved out and George Waslu-^.:or. uicn-d in. bo that as it ma, March 17 is a day not ofily for the wearing of the green, but for the remembering 01 the- I uff and blue. In Eoston, it is Evacuation Day. LOCAL HOG M A R K E T Quot ns by O. L. "acey, buyer Phone 616 Prime 150 to 220--S9.25 Over 220--5S 75 Packers, good quality--?7.50 cook. Cherokee Democrat: If the rail- the murder of Berhold Halpip, road men think they can hold their who was, shot when he refused to wages up to the high notch while heed the demands ot two robbers son."--Home faector. DP.O else is obliged to submit here. Io a reduction, they are gcmg to ·ret badly fooled. The nature of the animal known as man would not peimit ic. -- But the gnls ma\ not mania's name if it happens to be of ^x'^of Capital: The right rail toad is an ideal Earling--\Vhile dra ing a teajn to town John Frank was thrown out of the wa-jon when The team became frisrhtened and ran awa L I B E R T Y BON13S ?50 : 's 545.15 A ".57 43 G6 4" «7 4376 44.S2* 44.02 -rvVs--! s .'s 4"f'0 *Ex coupon due Mar. 15th. 2nd--4's Jst--i 1 4 's 2nd--Pi's 3rd--4^ 's 4th--IH's 5100 ?9o.;;o 87.32 87.H4 87.52 83.64* SS.04 88.00 Don't fornet the W. M. B. home cccks-' food r ~ l s at' Har'J- v%'are Store Saturday, 11 o'clock. nc'tnowle-clged lender of this s°t si^ce P^O retuir°d. and under her fricn the crowd has been wilder 'i'"n e-ipr b^^'ore. The whole town is agog with sossin which has T,rn- n^'iily ler^i^d the scand^i st i i o e. Jerry told me yesterday t h a t he wou'c'n't be surprised if the police raided the club." "Has .Teriy bp^n there?" "Yes. lie told me I h i t he had been there once or twice, but that i; was too fast and furious for "Did Jerry tell you that IIP had seen Grace lose the money?" "Xo. Jerry wasn't thrre that even'"" 1 , for I asked him about it. Harry Siruington, a young chrr whose acquaintance I have :u-de since you have been ill, iold me. He Ins recently come is c u t t i n g quite a swath. LISTEN, WORLD! By Elsie Eobinson I saw 'cm advertised the other div. "PRESERVED GRASS- j HOPPERS," the sign said. I don't know whether they were intended for a Chinese fruit salad or fish bait, and it doesn't matter. The , name is ell I wnnt--for at last I know what to call those-, old lads Jie jungle grasses of 11: 3-'i8 His father made several millions BETTY AND HER BEAU -A H-BOS 5T3» I THERE'S SOME GYPSIES J; IM TOWN .BETTY. LETS ajj ' ' 'H m DO MDU BELIEVE 3 B. IN FORTUNE TELLERS! WALDO? Liberty bonds of the 2nd 4's were , Mica ;, valued most in the elec . 13 cer.ts higher per ?100, and tne { l i p n l ^ t .., cirv ssl ?T , P fn c i e nt non- A telephone pole stooped the hor 2nd 4 J i ' s were G t cents higher per conductor of'electricity. . Toodle-* .or Titldledewinks, or site for native flowers and plants Jaz/;bo. or something like that. of a!1 sort - as usually represents · ,,--,, . , . . ^ ^ , . virgin soil which has not lost anv \\ill they then insist on taking of its original fer[lhty . ' ; papa's pret'ier name? | ] Perry Chief: Mr. MeClenahan' es. Frank was ur.hmt. SHAROPJ CEWTER" nray get out of the investigation'. Plainly, the need for peace in families argues in favor of the W i7h no" changes against maintenance of the old custom of i he labeling wives with the name? of | their husbands, even if the re-' quirments of the new equality eem to argue otheiwise What do you think about a. and Mrs. Reader? ut A good attendance wa, -t .nerial 6 ' ! feature of the Boone «*~I ! rlct meeting Monday. About 20 ?100 today. All other i-,iues w e i e , j], ere are j n xew" York, it is as of j e s t e i d a y auo+ations. 'said, women who make a living A new classilication for hogs | paw ning things for others. was elective today. J By showing a green cross, physi- Prime 150 to 220 were ?9.25, over clans on emergency calls get traf- 220, $8.75 and packers ot good fj c r j s ht of way in Louisville, Ky. quality $7.50 The demand ras weak, taintios o! Lett labor body blow. been bu Mr. THE LAST M O H I C A N . x One of his boyhood days that a fellow remembers best was that memorable one on which he leaped j from cliff to cliff with Uncas the ] Mason City Globe-Gazette: time foi his little business Io hit the pace. Everybody go to v something' It is same i was re-elected a number of items of business transacted were two of special interest. The lii-st. a continuous school year, instead oi three terms viith from three to four ! weeks intervening between them, ' t h i s -nill give us school beginning 1 about Sept. 1 and closing Mav t, I with a week's vacation at the Holi- i days. The other item was the , I mitter of the hot lunch which is i i being a feature in many schools, i was proposed and voted upon Clinton--Clinton was designut- favorably, leaving the matter in Rav Marnef who has I M I L L A N D CHOP FEED Quotations by Katzenmeyer Milling Co.: Oats, per bu. 50c Oil meal, per 100 ib?.--§225 Flour Middlings, oer 100-- H-60 Lone Tree cast only 27 votes for school directors, Cashier H. C. Buell, of the Lone Tree Savings bank, and James Ramer being named to serve three yrars, Mr. Buoll succeeding Mrs. H. U. Baker, ard Mr. Ramer, as his own successor. There was no opposition. W. M. B.'s of Christian Churcn will conduct a home cooked fo'fi sale, consisting of bread, pies, cake, doughnuts, nut bread, baked IOWA BRIEFS i . . ., ,, , . . TY Bunion -- unnrcn was aesignut- \ faiorablv leaving the last of the Mohicans until Uncas ed the national headquartere o^he | IneSs of the board. perished at the hands of -the mis- Mississippi River Scenic Highway' ~ . . . i association at the national conven- Swift Tankage, per 100--?3.20 ' bsans and salads, Saturday, March Oatmeal feed, per 100 IDS.--$1.40 19| at 11 o'clock, at Thomas' Flour, per sack--?2.35 CITY MARKET, P -IONE BLACK 1269 Hay baled--516 Hardware Store. 3-i8 Cafeteria Luncheon and Bazaar Friday, Unitarian Church. 3-17 SO HAVE OUR. f- FOTrruNJESTOLD! YOU VJ1LL MARRY A TALL LIGHT HAIRED -t MAN L .. YOU CANT El! EVE ATHINGSHHSAVS I I ^, never changing with the seasons, just flitting gayly along, as coy at ninety as they were at nine. "Preserved grasshoppers" --that's them. Haven't you seen 'em Friends? The kind of a sly old Thomas Cat that nudges you in the ribs at the n^ovics, and winks at you from the cigar stand? Generally they go twittering around in short-wasted checked suits, cloth topped shoes and an air of being dry-cleaned- but-still-susceptible. And their kimj of love bears about as much relation to the real article as stale chipped beef does to fresh tenderloin. Nice old men I like. Wicked old men I'm apt to- adore. But PRESERVED GRASSHOPPERS I simply "abominate. And the next time one of 'em interferes with my traffic I'm going to give him the address of that store and tell him to go up and sell himself for fish bait. Home made bread, pies, cakes, doughnuts, nut bread on sale at Thomas' Hardware Store, Saturday at 11 o'clock. 3-18 erable redskin, Magua. ' (C .,, , - . . , T , i tiou at St. Louis, according to a Boys today do not know Lncas i message from j. v . V antbul of · as intimately as their fathers did.! Clinton who was eelcted national Thousands are not acquainted with { secretary. , him at all, because they go to \ -r. , T · ^T ,, . . , J Des Momes--Tom Gavin, patrol- movtes for their thrills rather than | man 1 was dropped trom the to books. So, not knowing Uncas, they do not know the unalloyed Joy their fathers felt in the fraternal -company of this red man whom James Fenimore Cooper enobled. For genuine 'comradeship with the last of the Mohicans it was necessary to retire to some far-off nook in the house where one could not be interrupted by ma who invariably wanted one to go to the grocery or chop wood or some"thing at the most exciting part oil the story. ' One could keep on reading without stopping (o eat, or slo.ep, or even to play ball or marbles. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS And So She Was! BY BLOSSER roll on the charge thaf he knew of j ' the connection of Kugene Weeks! and Orrin Cross with the Fosdlck | murder and failed to report it. Des Moines--The bodies of Alon- 7.0 Baldwin, H. C. McHenry, .Marvin Dunn, John Burke, Clyde Me- Murray and others, soldiers who died and were buried in France i will be brought home to this city for reburial, according to W. D. Baldwin, president ot the Soldier's Father's league. Clinton--Labor party candidates _ John Chatterson and W. J. Martin, p were defeated at Monday's election by E. J. Curtis and C. C. McMahon. Clinton--The bigijpst thing ever And in 'those days when there " mlpr!akcn · , , , I is (he t r i p was nothing else to worry a tel- park to bc givca 200 a. boy scout council through Yellowstone 8COUta T-A-ST-E couofc lSiT Vout? MoTUBR AT /Mo, BOY /4VNPUUV BUT sur HA9N-T P.R-E-T-T-Y SV»OULO A CWA\C 1NFVSPAPF.R

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