The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1939
Page 5
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 1939 .) COURIER NKWS PAGE FIVB Notice Fishing License FOB VODK CONVENIENCE. WE A K K I'HKPARKD TO ISSDK LICENSE AT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally r a t c p er u ne f or consecutive Insertions: One lime per line 10c l^vo times per line per day 08c Mirce times per Unc per day...06c *ix tliaos per lUie per day....05oj Month rate per line a)cl Cards of Thanks 50c & 7Sc Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before exniia- _ Von will be charged for the num- icr of limes tin: iitld appeared and TODAY""f'ltf vteo,. <„ adjustment of hill made. -U -in" ™ Jm ,, ^ ,„ r" All Classified Advertising copy Ton ? Tn e s ^ 'I'"' 1 ° S ''^i Uy computed from above table. --ll. _fl_ Advertising ordered for Irregular Arouse Sluggish l.lver, woi-'k off MISS THEM YOUR FISHING ouii STORK SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'hone S5 Wanted W <i nt c d — Furnished npartmcuT with two bedrooms, Cull 898. _ Exrjcrleuccil lady bookkeeper nml Eteiioirinuher. Answer in own Imnrtwi-llinif. WrllC liox "XX". t/o . Courier News. . . 21-])k-28 J.-A t, I* Ol 1 IXCnl ACTIVE IJVER PILLS 25c nl all Klrby Stores 3 room auartmc-nt and "tall,. 1!24 I [('It) \Vftntod Laiignn. Mrs. Weil. 25-ck-30 " "'**••" Furnished lv,^rcom anaTuWT "" ,T" a " lo cook mul <l0 Private entrance Wa c a i , ?"» ri>l llo " scwo1 *- Kitchen .... Lights furnished 1221 Hoi v 2-ink """ ' y T'""" 1 ""'°W>^- G°°d . .' quarters. $5 per week. Mrs. W. A, 4 rcom unfurnished ' apartment" downstairs, private bath. 1123 w. As ^j 24 ck 29 Residence at 111 E. Davis, Electric water heater, electric stove and Coleman oil heater furnished. Phone J. E. Hasson, 427, 22-ck-ti 3 room furnished apartment, electric Stove and refrigerator Call 433-W. 22-ck-2fl Whistle, Rosclaiid, Ark, 22-pk-29 Ice Cool, south bedroom. Gnrage, Reasonable. Mrs. Simmons 818 Wal»»l- • 2i-ck-tr 2 lovely furnished rooms adjoining balh. Garage. Men only. 013 Walnut. Phone 859-W. ICE-iCE Phone 10? JOHN BOCHANAg ICE COM) WATKRMET.ONS Dairy 21-clc-J8 Satisfactory quality and service in 3 room furnished apartment. COS „ y l )rotluc ts. Cattle free of No. 5th. MIS. Elma Crowder «a"Bs Disease, in best of physical IBcktf ™"", Ul0 "- Cal1 Mrs. Grace I,;wery, Salsell's Grade A Haw —^ — . "ui-Lj, iui ^iiisfns urade A Raw Comfortiible bedroom. Phone 217-J. Milk, Cream, Country Butter But- fi2Fi \V TVTnin 1O«|. ir f/^riYilll. n ..i^ n _._ , ,.. ' . W. Main. "iBcli-tf extra or holiday orders. . 280. 8-ck-t. i Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping, porch. Mrs. Emma No- • len. 310 W. Walnut. 22-ck-U For Sale Welding EXPERT F,T,F,('/rRVC -AND .ACETYI.KNE , 8 Ft. floor show case Sis- a it j ccunLcr $6; 3 ft. counter «S <VI1 -1 nearly ns pood as new. E. K. Deat- '••te, Ole.. Hickory Inn. 24pk28 WELDING Draff line and heavy wi specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. welding a Lumber. "$IB.OO per (hoHsand feet at. mill. Adjoining Clear lake Farm. D. R. Garner, Armorel. 23-pk-9-23 FOR SALE—1937 truck, Frlgldalre Ford drink pick-tit) cooling Phone 19 or ncs. 1010 Male Help Wanted box, two Dayton computing scales, Hobart ' slicer. Allen addfixr machine, two glass show cases meat blnck, etc. This property foreclosed and can be sold at bargain Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH MINNOWS Karl Damcn, Cor. Railroad A Ky. Lost !»:« Hi-ill School riiitt. netnrn lo Courier News. Reward. £S-ck-:iO National Forest Tract Closed To Tourists . MENA, Ark., Aug. (UP)— A 1)00- acre i>lu In the Oimchlln Nnllonn! leaving (lie pine (op.s on fiiwiwl. in another experiment, the land was cleared completely. ^ A I'm- ou tills uoo-Acrc .scene of Kuvninm-ni forest ox peri in en Is won!;) not only wreck the carefully . It. was cluswl ( 0 tourists 1 ""wliiles lint would entail » heavy by !o.» of equipment. Joseph K (relief, .restoniir forester, B ml an olllcial proclumiitton hns O_,; , „, . . , hccn Issued nnd imbllshwl lo tti- " a "0 Ot Weight rcct atlenllon lo the fact Oindnlly. tii c 0 ,. ( | 01 . sn '_ vs (h( , plot Is closed lo Ihe (jrncrnl* public bcciuiso It consllliilcs 11 nre !wz- nrrt. J5ut (he trtilli cl the matter is, here Is (he center of activity for (he Southern I'lm-.s experiment .station, which carries on sclent •** • - *•" wj .iviv"in»i»V' IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR I WI)pl ' luit>nts in »'0oi)crari, nn<! tlie THE C1IICICASAWI3A DISTftfCT \ mys ot kce » l OF ^^IssLss!pJ'r COUNTY AR i' ; ' !DjH " 11 -'' f ''w KANSAS. W. If. Uiiimor, Plaintiff, vs. Maude . Lattmcr. Dctcndanl. Warnlnir Order The Defendant, Maude Lalimei- Is warned lo appear ID (he CJinn- cery Orint for Uie Chickasnwtia District, of Mississippi County Arkansas u-ilhln thirty dnys mir answer the complaint of the Piuln- (Hr. W. H. Utlmcr. Witness my hand as clerk of sau court and the seal thereof on this the 25th <lay of August, 1939 Seal HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Oecrge, w. Bariiam, atty pllf. J. Graham SuUbury, ntty. ad Litem 25-1-8-15 There are close to 200 prosperous Watkins salespeople in Arkansas Largest sales force Of ANY KIND in the stale. Usual earnings $25 to $35 a week. Routes established so anyone who really works can t" B iro nn excellent living. Watkins Products best known nnd easiest sold. We have an opening near Blythcville for Industrious man will] car who can furnish good references. Write at once to A L. Lev/is, c/o The J. R. AValkins Company Memphis, Tennessee. , Ironing. E>:ncrt washing and Ironing. Chean. Rouoh dry and finl.ih. B [juills sl.OO. One day service. Willie Green, behind City Ice riant. OOHS YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's;rrnii<! am! expensive (o rtrivc with Sfccriiij Gear aurt Trnut H'licrl!, nnf of ndpist- n)fnf. Kccpiiic (hem in K t,o[| order is so shuttle anil inexpensive you should never trust lo cliancts. ADJUST STEERING GEAR • . 95 joints — tiglitcning FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above iwlmlcs a oiuintctc iNSPECTION niul RLTOUf cm condition of Wheel Ah>nmcnl and factors artctllng lire PHILLIPS prices. Call Held viilc, Phone 882. Evrard Blythe- 2l-ck-28 SAFE. 38x48. W.eight 3500 pomiOs. TERMS. City, box «4. 5-ck-9-5 Cypress Gum Oax, Ash UmDer on 400 ncrcs oT woodland, 8 miles southeast Blythcville. D R Garner, Armorel. 3-pk-9-3 Tourist Record At Yellowstone Probable YELLO WSTONE NATIONAL PARK Wyo. IUP) - 'AS vislurs Hocked lo Yellowstone National Park In ever increasing numbers, officials predict "that the season'.-, 1; I a] will surpass the 500,000 mark fcr the (tat time despite competition from tivo world's fairs. Superintendent Edmund B. Hog. era reuorlcd Hint 27G.385 pcrs:ns ha dvlcwcd the park's scenic wonders up to July 31, n 10.C psr cent increase over the 249,7.1d visitors for a like period in 1938. "Last, year we fell just n littlj short C f the half-million mark," nosers said. "With (lie percentage cf increase over that figure—despite the San Francisco and New Vork fairs—we should set, an all- lime rccrrd." Rail travel is .the, only figure that lias dropped when compared with 1038 and SD37 travel figures, tlie superintendent reprrlwl. For the first seven months, D.04B persons visited the scenic park hy rail, while in the t<vo 'previous seasons there were 9,535 and 0,994 respectively. "Tills coiulitim should not be cncugh to prevent establishment of a new record," Rogers said. "If unto travel, which brings by far the majority cf our visitors, h.-Hs to its present trend, the rail decrease should make no difference." Indians Slrown Arrowhead Art NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. <UP)— Tuscaroia Reservation Indians arc reviving Ihe art of making arrowheads—thanks to instruction provided by a paleface. The (codicils Frank Jenkins, whose liobbv is collecting arrowheads. KINGDOM OF HELLAS wist UtKl eeping lb ( . i m 'it|,'s free from disease son erosion, Recently, n test was made on growing limber within ih e experiment station's nren. Part of Ihu lest cut included a provision frr 1'IIONK 205 KOKYOUU POULTRY Nice, fill hp ns nm | r lycls ^. other poultry at all Uraes. fit: nniiss AND ni'.i.iVKii FUKEI STICKLER-G GODWIN CO. 40fi E. Mil In On Various Planets I'lllUnEUMUA (UP) _ It y:n would like to k-noiv, your wclslu would be on Ihe various IMaiiels of Die solar system, just J. L. GUARD Optometrist tilsl 111 )!l)llicvlllc. Classes |.-|(( C j Car ret Uy institute. Tllo been Franklin machines have constructed to variance tn the weight of mill the here 'person on Ihc earth other iilnncls. l-'ui- Imlaiirp, a proton elshlng 103 ii.-iruds woull , otiviu 010 pomids on Uic sun and only .8 ounces nn the asteroid Bros Weights for ihe same person elsewhere \KliM lie: Moon, 17 miwls- Wars, 10, mid Jupller, 203 "Don't Go Near Tracks"; , Betty Does, Sto'pj Train OIIAND 11AV, N. 1) (Up)-Mis Jensen's 3-ycui-olcl duughu-r Kelly nad been warned repeatedly not, to go near Iho lathvay h af ^ Bo slrnlKht to ihu rnllrond 'HnuM went Uclty, nnd'slood In the middle ot Ihem uniii she .siopped a slow freight. Iho engineer and the trainman Bolcff and walked up to her, "Get oil the lincki, and don't eyer stand on them ngsln 01 something tcrrl- hc*. B '" llnPI>C " t0 you '" thcy lold IVr uu niisuci Deity KM Wnnnl" nnd held 'her ground, (he)- had lo pick hei up nnd carry noi off the tracks. Head Courier News want aU*. WANTKI) STOVE WOOD IN 'TitAIIK von A GOOD WORK MULE or jlii)"(liln K of vuhie SKK A. K. DIKTKICH l'hun ( . M2 ur 700 HOLD EVEUYTJDNG - By Clyde Lewis Wert Optometrist "HK MAKES 'Kftl SKK" OUT .Tnc Isaacs' Store Thone 510 HEMORRHOIDS Ciin-il Witlioiit .Surgery, and (Juanitilecd A very snie nnd harmless method; without confinement to hijrt, loss of lime from work, nnd with very lit(| c discomfort. , >AII types of piles, fissures, fistulas, etc,, IrctUcil by- our ofHco " BUS. NIES & NIES Jllltliovllla, Aik. Nnw Located nt 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON UWVAKDS, Proprietor All Mak« of Uftullf Typcwrltm. Ailillnjj MiwIHmiB 1 and Culcul!\lors—Kfpalriuc-i'urts—iiliilioiis BYl-'RKD' HARMAfV IIORIZONTAL 1 Pictured is map of kingdom of 7 Its capital, 12 Authentic. 13 Force. 16 Part of iris. S Answer to Previous Fuxzle 15 TO recede fl 20 Mount L SJM 17 To question. 18 Clay house. 19 The tip. 20 Poem. 21 Unopened flower, 22 Buddhist festival. 44Shells. 2.|Kcad. 47 Eighth 26 Solar disc. ounces. 27 Edge ot a cup. 50 Babylonian 29 Warbled. g oo > 32 Specious 51 TO mock, display. 52 Coal'box. 35 Pertaining 53 DycslufT. 'to a wall. 57Encountered. 35 Kind of clam. 58 It occupies 37 To peep. the southern 38 Dye. peninsula of 40 Beverage. the 41 Three. 50 General 42 Iload (abbr.) is its premier. 14 Queer. VERTICAL 1 Grain. 2 To con. 3 Comfort. •5 Animal. 5 Fortification shoulder. 6 Numeral. 7 Small area .„„„„.„ 9 To make level 5-1 Bone. 10 God of 55 t am wisdom. (contraction). H South Africa. 56 New England mythical liorne of tho gods, is in this lar.d. 21 Dock post. 23 Miser. 25 Violates a confidence. 26 Ocean. 28 Garden vegetable. 30 Your and my 31 Arid. 33 Likely 34 Born. 30 To attend. 41 Elephant snout. 43 Theatrical play. 45 Bean. 46 Indigo shrub. 48 Culmination. •10 Boundary. ilh & Walnut Thorit BIO RED RYDER -^&, HEAD J^? H1SH R'ME TRAIL---THEY S\JEELNOT T>A.RE FOLIOW US TflERg ' BEAMER--- YOU AMD au C5UAR.O YArjui vgw f-SUP THROUGH THE 0AMDIT - WARM CAPTAiM ^\e^^ The Man Who Defied the. GO, ODB AMD EVEN ( LEWF IT TA\£ HP I Fu ' T *" " ~ AS OUR GREAT V ri L T2UNI'PM -/A1EAWWHILE: UET^-r^r> -r^^. « .~~. - / -1 . 7^^ ^^^ i~^A IM TWC /-AkiD^in IM THE CAMP Of THE GREEKS Ji«* 1-IKE A HECTOR,TO BATTLE W!TH EVEN L'WTO THE VECZY nprl/'i /-icr -rLjrr.j-> HOOTS AND HRR BUDDIES RY KDGAR MARTIN CF>\x VT \XOO4 Trmiliic Keeps Following Them 15 Y ROY CHAIN K WELL, IT'S WONE Of OUR AN' GET5\EXACTLV. BEST THINS IS TO STW IN OUR ROOM A, FEH.^ OHLV M4XK THINGS v;owt BUTTIN' INTO DOMESTIC INTO TKOUSLE, BESIDES FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS . RY'MERRIU,:.H1,OSSKH L'- BUY CARBURETOR BACK FOR. SON, ON OtO JILOPPY ANJO SOLO IT To SOY WHO W&c LARD,\OU OUSHTA A JUST CA'sTfe ,. YOU --• TH6Y ' rr itv . FROM wurrr, AND rr SAID _ - nutsky f-lOME. EXAMINED I HOWU. WE eer' HOWE? HEARTED PEOPJ.E FftECK,' , FRECK/

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