The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1938
Page 5
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SATURDAY, BLYTHEVILLH '(AUKJ COUiUMlt NEWS make \\ brief appeimnu'e the spines push iml. ACETVJ.KNb frACE'FIVl CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Doily rale per lino for consccu- live insertions: One time jier line )0i> Two limes per line per duy ...08o 1'lirce limes i>cr line jicr (Iny . .OGc Six limes iicr line per day 05c Month rale, per line OOc Cards of Tliank-s 50c & 15u Mininniin charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes ami slopped before expiration will |jc clmrgcri for Hie nuui- bt-r of limes the add appeared, and adjustment of bill made. All Classifier) Advertising ropy /iuinnilled by persons residing onl- \ fide of Hi ceily must be accompanied by cash, nates may lie easily computed, from al»ve table. Advertising ordered for irrcgulnr insertions lake.s tlie one lime rate. No iTOiKiusibillty will IK taken for more Hum one Incorrect insertion .of i\ny classified ixl. Business Directory Hum- CURVE IN CAFE Court Komi ;it Good IVicrs FKKSH R1VHU Cat Fish KXI'KKT AUTO RHI'AIKS Oarage operated by Floyd Ilargett Cigarettes 2 fnr 2f>c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, JVIo. I'hones 5-F-i & 873 ROOM LOTS WALLl'APKR iiloodlfcstoii | horns, etc.$1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson UlniliKR CO. Real Estate Ueds. Rocks, -100—$6.00. Heavy us i sorted—15.00. Prepaid live delivery. i Com nil I Mo. llnlehcry, Jefferson Oily, 'Top quality nloodtested, purebred ried.'i, Burred Rocks, While Hocks. UCKNSEI) U'HAL ESTATK HROKKHS We list farm and city Property. If j-oii would be n buyer or a seller, see T 10 1{ It Y ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 213 W. Walnut I'lionc tilV lA'a. <yi>l--WII- bur Dule Hoit/man, 7-ycnr-old Brimdnc|>hriv ol the late ne'njnmin Franklin Stcncc, legendary strong 111:111 of central Pcimsylvniilu, cun SU'IUR a 22-ixmnd sledge luumnrf and throw ills rj-ycnr-olcl brother In wrcKtllng bonls, The young EI.ECT'ttlO Leghorns. 100—$(i.30. Heavy Mixed,! "Sampson" tips the'sculcs at 110 $5.15. Prepaid live delivery. Columbia lialchcry, Columbia, Teiw. ~WE BUV^POULTRY" IllSliesl Slarkfl 1'rires raid. J. W. MOORK ;«l K. Main HI. For Sale PLUMBING Hxliires. pipe, IHUngs. nil bulli- romn accessories, valves, electric u-nter Kyslcins for farmers, water Eoflcners. or any oilier ileni con- ncctcd with plumbing or hcalini;. "Pete" The Plumber Wrolhighoiisu litcctiic Slnve; <?K> wish. Good comlitlon. Wfllc Hox •1!»7", •"„ Courier News. 30-ck-* Batteries BATTF.nv SERVICE J. Bcii Ciune Pliojic 8 ct Tom Jack-sou's Used Furniture \vii nuy R SETJ, USED FURNITURE UUY NOW - - - 1'AY NKXT FALL HUBBARD 2nd Hand Furniture Ne.vt ii) Guff Hole! Seed COW • PEA?il CANlTsiEGr) SEED CORiV, SOYJIKANS Wholes-tie fc Hciai! W. 0. REEVES So. n, H. si. BlylhevilH-, Ark. .-IJliOiMs 555 .t 509 Piano Tuning [ I Pianos limed and rcpairecl bail V Cicorgo Ford at Wade Furniture Prcllj' residence, ICO fool lol on KciiUicky. S2CSO.OO. $500 cash, S22.50 iiioiillily. Tlionias Land Co. 28-CR-2 Properl.v owned by H. O. L. O. Easy monthly paymenls, 5% interest. • 721 Jameson—5 room cottnpe 100 foot lol, shade nnd fruit Irees S13CO, $150 cash, $12.50 monthly 213 W. Kentucky, 5 room cot- age. $1050. $150 cash ami $15.00 monthly. I.cachvillo. Ark.. 5 room cottage, will! two lots, !lig!iiv.iy 13, beautiful place. $2100. $200 cash nnd $20 monthly. lift E. Ash. $2250. $250 cash anc $22.50 monthly, HIC W. Ash. 8 room reslcteice lots $2100. $300 cash and $27.00 monthly. 210 W. Clierry, B rooin residence fine condition, $3500. $350 cash and $35 monthly. 701 W. Ash. Large corner lot Light faxes, D room residence, 2 taths. $4200. $350 ciish and $42.00 monthly. Tlionias land Co. Co. Phone J55. Harchvurc I'Scrt I.nmi Mmvcrs S2.SI) nji Uscit Oil Slove.s Sa.50 »|l tiscil Oil Cook stoves ?2.50 lip Used Kicyclcs S.1.50 up All in Fair Condilitin SHOUSE-HENRY H..\«1)WARK CO. 10B bngan $1501 208 Dugau $1251 301 Dugan $1251 310 Dtigan $i25' 314 Dugan • $125 All modern cottages, lo be sol' on small cash payments and $12.5 a montli. 2237 Carolyn, 5 room stucco $1250. $300 cash and $12.50 month ny. 100 E. Sycamore—2 residence's $1500. $300 ciisli, $10.00 monthly 2315 Highway 18, stucco bunga low, liarclwoDd HDOI-, S!250. 450 cash and $13.50 monthly. . The mortgage company has in strutted us to sell this properly You could not. buy the material in any of these for what we are asking for the property. Tlionias Larid Co. 28-CK-2 Coal & j cc Ny Oul Is ISIaclt lint I Trral Yuu White ICE l.OOAI, HAUUMG John Buchanan /•.. lilylhcvillr, Ark. rimnc 107 Repairing LAWN MOWERS Sluu-pcncil & Kepaircd BIy. Machine Shop I'honn 808 Halclicry Baby Cliiclis I'UBLJC II ATCII i?.'O. Marilyn llnlehcry. IJlyllwvillc, Ark., H.W. Cl Norlli. Phone 7-12. Shoe He])ainng Quality Shoe Shop M-:iV .SAJIl'I.K SHOKS' Evrrytliln" For Your Shnos rtinnc 12n I'Yee Delivery ¥ ) • Anlo Paris USED AUTO PARTS Tor Fonl-ChcvrolcU'lyinotilli City Auto Parts Co. lo fius Slalimi Call 811 d To Buy S25CO \Vorlli of USKI) FUKN All MalirK ?lailios Hefiaiicil WADE FUfiNiTURB CO. 112 ^V. Main Vtsone 155 Lluul For Rent i Bn ACii'ES. Will give liberal rent contract, for 3 years to right Party, tjclta rhoiie 803. Implements. Inc., 20-ck-tf Wanted To Kent 'innlshcd house. Call P. \V. Swcct- ;uau, 535. '27-ck-4 Personal Kirliy'a Tasteless CHILL TONIC ;<iiitalr>s More Qolnlnr -Blore Iron The Recoian'Mcii Tr*fttiTi0nt let . aAKIAF, CRll.I.S ahrl FEVEK SWAMl 1 FEVER —AGtlE FEVEK At All Klrtiy Drai fltorei pounds itiul stnnrts 53 Indies. In (he early lilslory of life, vu'M linil no sptiici. Tlie S|)hi!\s uvadu- illy took (lie place of leaves, due lo :he ncctssily for protection, and to Ilio mid cdiKlltloiis under which the plant was lo live. Hut, even now, tin; tender rudimentary leaves FOWLER DRUG CO YOUK PRKSCIUI'TION DKUGGIST Main & 1st 1'hunc Hi Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joo Isaacs' B(me "WE MAKE 'KM SKE" I'liorie 540 rVcekly Pinochle Games Played for 16 Years MIDDLE-TOWN. Conn. (UP) —' [•Yank Lehman, Fred Ecker, Oscar Anderson and Fred Siegcl believe .licy hold a record of some sort niter playing pinochle every Wcd- icsday nlghl for 10 years without in argument-. The Ecker-AndersDti combination won 7315 games and Lclinnin- Sicgel 7.2-15 games. They played 17 games each siUiiif.- No onn ever ncltl all four aces, kings, queens or jack's. The wives agreed lo do needlework while their husband 1 ; played cards. No record was kepi of (heir actompilshmeiits. OAK LUMBER Km- Sale—100,000 II. of fioud hill b:ik lumlicr dvlircrcil nt very low prices. Sec J. W. IS.irron Klyllievillc, Ark. I'hoiie Al8 WELDING AT llKST I'niC15S PKOMPT BEUVIOE Barksdale Mfg. Co. VAKI) Sand & Gravel I'lione 700 SCREEN WORK AT A SAVING KcMi.ihiiii; Jc No«- Kereens MADK FOU ALL PURVOSES Barksdale Mfg. Co. 1'hoiic. 19 ELECTRICAL Mxttires) & AnpIiunccK Kxpcrt WALPOLE'S "Tlit- Complete Kli'clrlciil Sloru" 110 So. 2ml 1'liono :tH Now located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU Calculators—KcpalriiiB—J'arts—ltllibohj Ii rflrtrt ol HcbulH Tjpcwrllers, Aarliiu; Mnchliifi Mil Calculators-—Hcpairliit'— I'arls— Kflilii'iis SEED We have nn hand for nilu or liiidi-. lor nlhi'i 1 iirodticls. lienns -Uuvito, I) el sin, Mainmolh Ilrown, Wilson mid Virginia lliimn. PVIIM—Wlil|» mid New Kra, l.CK]ic:liva —Korean. Col- Ion b-mj-i). i>. [,. n-A nnd Sloncvlllc -I-A. will sell for tush or li'udv wiiu you for olhcr klnd.'i of twmis or cottuii scfii. I.. R. Matthews Gin Co. Til, ll-l-XI, Varlmi, ,»riiiin»;ts I'ulhiii, CnUun Hml ,t (.'uul f HORIZONTAL i elected i $ \r president >•- of Argentina. It States of inscnsibiUtles, l4Pt'ruillilng to'wings. 1C Small para- y sro'ph. • ^ 17Lnsl tcstn-( * men!. IB Noah's i»at.* ifl Mover's truck 20 Auclion. 21 Form of "be" 22 Note in scale. •a Knisls. '^'1 Newly born. 25 Sesame. » 40 Tap of Ihe • foot (fcnclnB) *>. 42 Three. • ^Iloiix. 45 Profound. 47 Legal claim. *itel«^ i i5iiis courttry * " htis about i 2p,OTO miles »' • r ' tp s(ay.\ 18 Work of skill. N| 20 Without. 21 Form of "a." 22 Row of a , se'rles. 24 To rcrjulrc'. 25 To abound,' 28 Slender; , > 27 Drinks dog- fashion. / '; 29 Southern " i cohstelliitioh. 30 One tlijil ; rebates, /.'ft' i 33 Blemish. iiislrumejils. j Foretoken. pliiht.. CLUB Floor Show Every Night 'I'ncslliiy.' Aiir Simiby, Ainil 19 HOSIK OK Hum (iOOl) Hot I'll Hal limit'. Kin-lilt; (-•(iiilicil Slr-uks, Frk'il OhU'kni 15 Acts—2 Shows Nightly—15 Acts Music Ity G mi's r Mini's "All- Uciliu'sl" Itaiid Cover charge i!5c ]irr person For Iti'sm-aliriiLK Cull llol- liiiul 17—Illjiliway 01, llol- liinil, illo. ALLEY OOP - Won llic •— — vote, ogle. 28 Islands. 31 PcrUilnl lo nlr. 32Trirt, • 33 Mystlf. ,.„. , , , a4 Afternoon, f f>1 Hc l )lcti «<' 3!i Niimc. .-Wfei, " T'? SOTaxl. > "''"™?*i' "tfl'nk 3V Piitd publicity ' VERTICAL ;iil Dcfnull. 1 Lyrc-llkc •1 Electric unit. j e Mountain pass BKiuls of 37Amphilhe;iler dress coals. center. «Leers. , 3f) Bill of fare. 7 Hither. ' 30 Back. . GO His opponent' 8Ncl wcleht of '10 High ii container. DKinti. ion nhi. Jl He-Is HIP flvsl — ,,.. ; lender in '^ seven years. 13 Byc mountain?) 41 Energy. , 43 Road. •HShnlty fish. •15 To pdrish. 46 Cliuiii. / 48 Sun god. 40 Pound. IGDE55.lHERE'5 Di.SL'nveriTs IJOOTS AND HER BUDDIES JUMSLE/IMR05SIBLE TO SEE WHERE H WE'LL T. IIA-MLIN D.incc Ijiill anil occr parlor on High\vny 01. Doing good business. E. 13. Chitwood. I2-]>k-5-12 C room while stucco House. 512 No. 1st. .Call Quality Ohoe Shop, 120, II. B. Campbell. , S-ck-U Hay—Soylj cans—O a ts Seed Com—Milch Cows And Trader Work. See W. I,. Talc, Armorcl, Ark. For Rent ?, KOOMS. Rc,\son- able. Call 97-J. 25-pk-l To couple—3 room furnislied house 508 No. 5(h. \V. M. Hartley. 30-|ik-5 Coinforliibic bcdrom. 1017 Walnut. Call 102. 2-ck-U Cmiifort.-iljlc' fronl bedroom. 515.W. Walnut, call 351. 28-ck-lf. Furnished bedroom. 408 So. Second, plionc 281 28-pk-3. 3 room furnished apartment. 108 W. Kentucky,. plione 683. 28-i)k-5. a imritrnislirxi rooms. Reasonable. 001 Walnut. Mrs. Ii. 13. Wilson. 28-pk-5 On Serniul 'rhoiiKht. BY-EDGAR MAKTIN WASH TUBBS Dcclnrnlinn At THIS HOUR OF > THE MOPNIMG, WHO THE BIAZES CARES? I THRKE KOOM unrnrnlslieri apartment «-i(li balli. Newly decorated. Thomas Land Company, plioiie 527. " 25-ck-2 3 room unfurnished apartment. 700 W. Walnut. Miss Elisn Moore. 21-ck-tf. t.'tcfly furnished bedroom. ImiBr- siiring mattress. Miss Jlall. phone 2EO. 18-ck-U Apartment and office in Ingram HuiWing. Inquire Parkluirst Co. 4-ck-tf 2 or 3 furnished; rooms. 2 upstairs. Oil Hearn. 3-pk-5-2 Modern 3 room apartment. Newly decorated. Unfurnished. Corner Main & 2nd. F. Simon, phone 764. 2-ck-5-2 Room and Board I'M A M&N, 'AT'S WOT I AW! I'M AW AMERICAN CVTIZEVJ. I GOT PRIVJQPI.ES GEORGE WASHIWGTON FOUGHT TO NNkKE TWS • '-- 4 A I.AMD OF , ; . L1BERTX. BY ROY CRANK INCTOMTUBBS is 6UWU\ KEEP UP TH' F16HT. YOU HEAR THAT! I'MNOTGUMNABE V— T^ RULED BV RACKETEERS!) ^t / T WA<>THAT TU8BS AWWE. HE SAY5. & ABOUT RlkjGIKJG UBEETV BELLS AMD FOP. YOU TO GO FRKCKLES AND HTS FRIFINDS A fjurc-l-'irc Ktmctlv HE'S UPSTAIRS IM HIS S TAKE ROOM/ i XMY-LONK3 THINK HE'S ( WHITE HAVING- ) BEARD UP THERE AND (3IVE HIM TME BENEFIT OF MY \WiSDONAj BY MERRILL BLOSSEIi GIRL TROUBLE/ R6om and bosrd. SOlr West Ash. phone 151. i2-ck-5-12 CANT SAVVY GIRLS. I GUESS] <*? MY BOY, A 1 WaMAM IS LIKE A VIOUM I STRING .' SHE RESPONDS TO ANYOME WMO KEEPS HER IN TUNE/ ^1 Bur \r YOU STRAIM HER TOO FAR, SHE WILL SNAP! t \ SHE MAKES THE SWEETEST FOR. THE OM6 WHO MAKES HER TREMBLE/- y- DbMT WORRV.' A LITTLE SULPHUR AND MOLASSES, AMD . YOU'LL BE OKAY/

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