The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 19, 1947
Page 7
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_SATUR|)AY, APRIL 19, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIKU NKWS CLASSIFIED < fERTISING INF< Mrtlonii; MJmlmuta Obi |!«taf, I" u til tiuiea tie, It tliuts per ;Wouili per [Count fivo 'Ad order eilj •tbjjjied tefoi ^*U for the i^wtared and -^ ^•'AU ClaSSifi i^Hlttccl by jierj i^BUy must bej ^u*y l)a easi] Uble. -Advertlblm tldiis takes xuoio than .... eta sained »d. . ,. bo* flOc to tb« Hue. . jlx tin;*i And will be cbirtf- tLe ad *v. ..11 made. Ulug copy »ut- g outside of tbe J by cattX K*tea from tho abovft order far irrflguHr Inier- 16 otic time r*te. ability will b« t*k«o for lucuricct Insertion of i Sale Pertili/er '^Uachment for horse-drawVt planters, John : Deere, Avi| rv „,. i^er, -tional IIi*rvcslcr efju nionl. Prccf riccman, Uly- thuville, I'lifwc 2!)2M. •l-lS-ck-22 BAHY CHICI4R 111-,. HOIUI-llllll)! JOlll ,,„„., nw ,,, TraJ(( or ni-ll il ill K»«I>\S| 101 , 401 K. Wai KS'J. v ' -•-- For Soft C J!IS Uralinm rnlKt? CAr ( Fur ili-uiou- ilrnliuii mil 47!l ur Mil. 4|n-|.k-21 Jspil lulili; tup i-l.'clrlc r.iiiiio. nuc^ CiiiulLlkipi. DIOIIO ^'iCO. 4ll7'|.k-?l iVarni MornCnK hoi water Uouti3r lank an.] |ilji t .|. frlO. I'liono 2500. I9:)7 HiiilMii. I'll. !HII nttor f.::lO. si)» N. ll.lwy. •!] lrt-|iV-2- POWER LAWN MOWKRS. See the last word in a power lawn mower—(he Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions. Hlytheville Machine Shopv •l-l'.'.-ck-U' Fresh rivW "cutfish. Phone .'1570. Hob Cunningham, 927 Lilly. 4-l«-pk-2r> lij Dipplx.f '2 Km iraelur. 2 f.jn-i'.l UN],. si.hv lanl.M niul luaj l.iix "JOO v -'0 lir.-s has r.ili Mlii-,.). 40 iui»d..l Carl.-r Iraili'r. ;»fi', 10,000 X 20 lir.-K. llcavj. [,xl» .iri,l luiiillilit Bi'nr Vnriiiiin brakes. IMldni. US*. K1.M1IM.ITS slock furpilhir,. of al'l* khijs.,.. :',U7II Ili-linar. WiirvliuiiN,. and Wli.<!,-ia!,. r.'lail. Sjimruo Xiirniluri' fal.-sn; (l...,,lf. ll.iw ic Vl-rniiii (f,K|.| ViTilun) Si. l.onis. II19.pi-"II Oaf.' IPII .Mnipi Kir,.fl in Manila. '2 .I.P.PI •l«'-k Ti|> lli-nltur, ilaail.i. Ark. r..| l,,m«,. 11 III. l.nDi. I,, u .,i,,,| ..„,, illlinn. $!7r,0 fur iiliirl: sill,., •liali- IPPissi'ssiiiil. 1110 DI.HB.IM, i>h..n. C ''a.pi,bl'e' 0 A,"!'y 'l"!"!""^"'" ''" liv T rI " n . ].-"]JJ..!l°<i. '."isn I"" _"*"... '" "*"* ,if. iiiiiciicr MiijilVii's. Tii'o'wnis cunii.ressors. i'linno l>e\i Scmt. 2250. FRYERS 51. Raised j n -er. Ahraliam's\ Poultry ; House, rear Abraham's iCafc, next to I American ' Legion Field on Si Hwy. 61 \-28-ck-tf 1 ; fl -l-ilia Iloi-r^ lmi?l(pr rnllivaliir M .1. KiiijliU-r. 71 R. PI. O. K. K.illisnn, al2(i-cli-lt itli 2 row- Jell IM..1IK- 3-7-ipk-1!l :,« sninBlp. -ivf. on N. (ibTdfisli hait:; ; .at Plant " : Whcn jMivii^D^ijs, ;islcr at tliis ! :^t<^re war the .Arkansas itening fontest •SI 000.0(1 in : '^asli'a^id 100 :other valuable .. •A. I.. \Vl.islli-. ll..sclanil.>At)e. ./: - J :fH-nk-2 1 loin' wh:it rrnip.'« n:il urally I'itpa F. ••II-IIUK runs anil ii|>ln>Ul°i-i v |..-rf.-i' O.als I'.iii.l nn.l \V.ill|..- Sl'pr.-. II10 ck-r.IlD |M;II ..mi.* For Rent Uedroom. N. 9tL St. 1'lp. ~2:aH l-'uraisln'il aiiarljiu'lit.s. 112T. \\'.-st SVCL Nice iH-ilrinjin, olose in. 1110 ^VallnJ^. riiiini !mu?,. panly (urni»lii>il. Cli»rlf> llri B lil. roriivr II III lin.l Willow 4tl7-|.k--2 cilrotiins. UlyllievLIEe Holel, 1OO K Sluiii. 1'lioiia 952. Mrj. C'limiiiiiis. frrrc.l. 1U|7 \Vnliuit. Help Wanted SerrJces Whether you pull in to Phillips' to K°t air in your tires, water for your radiator—or complete overhauling, you will find our service prompt and expert, with satisfaction and good value guaranteed. Now (hat 'summer heat is in the offing . . . ready your :ar wilh our excellent facilities and workmanship. . '. :-••%: W '•'•T.fVj?" TRUCKS .Must bi> llmr.piicljK- rapaljle of as- sinniilB full i-linr|{,. '..f n-,.|| orjianini'il fa] re[iiprls niul siillinij [n 7lf. u rr>n- -i.i, amiiniil of .Irhlil u-i,rk. I'r.'f- t'r limn !>*.-(«' i'. 1 11 :if> flint .If., ^t'l'lv i" own li.-iii.hvritijiir. staling IICR ami ox-'. In Hox 2:',0, % Courii r PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythevillc, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 MONKY 1X> LOAN Do you need • loan to repair or remodt'17 No down payment, no mortgnge, no red tupe. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask fo.' details. Max LogKii, Itfaltor, phone 2034. Lynch llldg., ItlytheTilte. 9-23-ck-tt See tis for an estimate h fore you hav« your (raclor ovcrhaiijt'd. We spceiiilize In st oa in cleaning :nu( painting. IClertrlc and ncvt- vlcne welding. Knssell IMiillips Triiolor Co. Hiwuy 01 South. I'hnne 2171. v-1-ck-tf us sharpen and rritaii your lawn mower, regard- loss of kind or sine. ( yours ready now, and avoid (In! rush. We pick up and deliver. lilylheviUe Machine Shop, 2H S. 2nd St., nhonc 2828. 4-;i-ck-tf louse moving, foiiiKltition re- palrs. Kxpcriciured. Have nil C(|til»inenl. Cull .|<)a or see l''i-ank Crockett, :i()0 H. Kith. -l-S-nk-fl-S !S A SPECIAUSn Webster soys: "A person devoted to some one tine of study, occupation or profession" (J. Do we employ specialists? A. YES, for example, ^y, C. Morris and C. K. Meadows arc specialists in Automobile Slcerinff SyslemH, NV'heel Alignment and Frame For Hire Male He/o Wonted Il.iin.i.. lias rmiBi-. lirarllfiftlf Ml,, lv _ K, ,-V ....... i-rlifie.l flofk". f'lsl frnvlior «nd <i»il lay.TS. Custom liali-liinj, or.l .uv Hlnln.'k Hat.-llt'ry, wliippn ipi»rl.lne Mactiine Slpop. sl *2 ck-lf 1 101! llv.ifk «,,<•"»'• l ''-" 2 l \r:\ 2- ,l,...r in uriful riiiiJiliiin. Can III s ,.,.,, nl I'aul Hvriini [.lace cm Ki.ulli lin "r iili.Mi,. 21-19. I.I'" U linn. $f.n p.'r wc-ek \vlpiln Irainin!: I'rcfoi- i\ l.mrric-,1 innn lirlw , 21 ailil nr, yrars old. Jli K li Kr).n.,l c-.lnra- livin^. in or nc-nr rilliyr ot [Pp.- fnl- nii-ilii: I.lnrra, lll> llpcvill... l.nvora. O.^crola. Wilson, lia^srtl or .Tmn,-r Au- l.v Ifltrr in your nu-n h.iTi.lxvrit- ini:. • Kcml n stini.sliol ol yours. If if lioasil.K-. H.ix 12:1 % Courier NVvvs. 4ll:>-ck-"2 The oi'cing-outan ts Uic only ani- mnl lhat kno\vs LhL 1 principle "f Lhc lever. It is csllmntcci Hint (here are more Ihnn two trillion Ions o[ accessible ccml left in ihe princii):il fields of tile United States. Wonted *o Rnn< rn'nnl fcir infonimlion Icnilint: Iw l:.! of 4-rn<iiil or lur^.'r. luiiis.-. lil usp :i or 4-rmim npurlnnTH. s.. cnll 2191 or wrllo I'. O. »(.x Mother-Daughter Team ALBANY, N. Y. (UP)—Nlnctocn- ycar-old Betty Holt and her mother are students in the same evening shorthand class at Albany Business College. They have tne snine ambition—to become an author's secretary. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any 8IM T. L. MABRY Local & Lonr Distance Moving Oompatent Help uid «Qlp»nn*, A*«- qnitely IT no red Contract HftnUiii •nd Uiic. S«rrtc»a. famu •arylcfl ft Btc*^* •«." I 1 hone 2801 Famous Neolitc heels by Goodyear Sto[i on il, friend ... if ynu vviuit rciil rcwciir comfort from Ibusu old sliur.s. Krin); thfin tu u^ ;iiuL save the iiricc of :i ii*-w ]i.dr at HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. JOHNS LIQUOR STORE All Your Favorite Brands 423 MISSOURI 8T. PH. 36>7 FARM LOANS tork. nali.mnUr RAY WORTHINGTON ^&sm^"\!;::^^"! Bln.ll iiivi-Mini-iil. Tin' nim.l.-t.v \Vill M'll nt inv.-n Tune in Pmdeotlal Sunday al 4 p.m. over WRKC Hcrvtnf This Section for Zl Yean 115 Bo. 3rd BljthevUle, Ark. II A- It S,,|,,,j;.><. Ill Hiflnn.m.1 Avi- • YKM.OWSTONE • SCHKNI.EY • AN'CIKNT AGE • 4 ItOSl-S • i. w. HAitrrn • OI.I) OKANDAI) « OLD 'I'AYI.OU • IKIN'TKR • 1'AIII. .IONKS • CA1A'1-:R'1"S Ynur ratronasc Apiircclnlcil ACROSS FROM KIT/ TIIKATF.ll • f :in,I Kny Jim; nnj Cariicl tUrnni>r>. :UL'.. , • Mil Ill-Ill VIM '•«!•• lor i-lilliln.|i~li'i^."~i>-i"^.7il^ \v..rl. ,U-.ilLil'il.. ill nil Itm.'s Mrs \\'.M. p.-.u :i:ut N',.rHi ]lii.:i.lw,TV. Wanf«tl to Buy nsli for wrecked or .i«ink automobiles. \Vade Ante RaK'ai;c, North Hiwuy fit 1'hone ,'!78r>. Z-21-\)k-4-2', Business Opportunity r.-l.. llrl.'k l.-l.- Dt.Pl'k:. .< CP| ll.i.-l. Inn n . i-l Ln-ir..-. m.'IC f .MAKI'.U op MAKICI1. Ku>ir]- op. . III/KM I.I 1... II. K T> 1'. n. P.-,. 'IVUA , .inly MM i.i .i,. i «m .1 rli.'n|.K- Up.- TYHA W \ Y C II.PX X. Tyia. Mill <). Why do we classify them specialists? A, Because they have y«ir« of experience in this particular lypc work . . . do no other Ifind . . . know their Iwsiness from A to //. Q.Ooit't specialists usually us'e K pecl:il tools and cijuipmeni? A. Certainly! Our spi-ciitl c(|iiipmen( for llii.s type work in the finest, most modern and most complete money will buy. Q. llow much does if cosf lo j,a-l n complclo Surety-Inspection of Hteering, wheels, etc.? A. We j-;lmll.v »{ivc tliiK service FUHB. Our men not only U'ive you a IhormiMli inspection, (hey will sivo you u detailed report of' (lie condition 1'iiund. (J. When is n j;<»'d linie to (,'<.•( one of these inspections? A. Any time. If. you are in dmiljl alioul the safely of your car we KiiKKesI that you drive in riKhl away. No Need to Take Chances-—Drive In Soon LOY EKH CHEVROLET CO. Wo Never Close . . . Safes Department Open Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE 578 CULVERT PIPE of Copper Steel Wo curry K In stork in 12", ir," 1»" iiiul M" sl/cs. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Itlyllii'villi-, Alk. If you lived on Uii^ moon, ymi'<l Bfo tin: ciuHi 41) llinrs brlijlilci' bun you tio\v .sec the intxjn. PRESCRIPTaOfS freak Slock Guaraniced Host 1'rlcea Kisby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man* 110YAI, SMITH, COKONA ««(! HKMI.N<STON I'OItlAlll.K 110 N. SECOND ST. P11ONB 3MJ (Every Trnnsnctlon MOST BE BATISPAOTOHY) E T Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone '1D1 nncl your order will be on ll'a way In record llrne. Our Floral Arrnnucmcnts tell n complclo story. ^FLOWER SHOP F.T.I). Rrrvlce We Deliver Anywliere rii. 491 Mrs. J. M. (Mar.) Williams, owner Olrnrnu Hld|. fommercial or lot on Division, 125 fee?. i facing Highway 61. |so 80 acre farm in New ftladrid County, 7 miles last of Portajjcvillc. Mo. food black cypress land. Jtvill produce (wo hales of .Tcotton per acre. 70 acres in cultivation. An ideal 'buy for investment. S117.50 per acre, SI5000 cash, balance terms if wanted. Su or call W. C. Cales. f. ', Walnut St., phone 28-1.1. Army Surplus Oflirt'lVslK. S" .X 8" card fil«». i-Arrilirp Iviirwrtlc-r, 2-1 Irrs.'-M '(I. JO''" IIS* . , , .... 1'honc 25115. *H''P>J-21 I We Guorontee RECAPPING with Hawkimon Treads jJLet Your Next Tires Be ! GENERALS |iCost More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO. Phone 2201 416 E. Mute Jaycees from Your BIIICK DEALER LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BU1CK , Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL \ IFWl BITCHES* DITCH BANK LEVELING ffiATE ROAD OR ANY EXCAV/^iON Sfre& Estimates '•' '' ' .. - S.JI COHEN Contractor i T. f. SEAYi COM Radios and Heaters ' Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Piiint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMEN1 SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phor ATTENTION F We have received our shipm and Super-Crost Hybrids for J Arrange now to call for the cor suggest you purchase a sufficienf corn as the supply is limited. SEE US AT ONCE. Blyfheyme Soybean Corp, 1800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 BY MERRHL BLOSSBT. YEAH, AMD COULD BE TIIERE APt ADVANTAGES TO DATIN& A DO*.'nAV.' MO TAG-TIMING- MO PRESeMrS — NO CHECK.' LARD CANT HAVE HIS DUMWV— TWE REAL GALS Y, Bur TriEV MftH? A SAYS / CAK/T 100 SlttS TAUC ABOUT ANYTHflska BUT YOURSELVES? FRECKLES AND HIS FRTRNDH THAT OF PIASTER SURE LOOkS LIKE A RrAL MUWI- OF DKFAMDUSF.'

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