The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1934
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Served by the United BEYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSI'AVEK OP fiOUTHEA 81' AHKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME VOL. XXXI—NO. 32 •lythevllle Dally News niythevllle Courier wlsslppl Valley Lender Blythevllte Herald HLYTUKVILUC, AHKAXSAS. TIJKSIUY, Al'UlL 2-1, 1!)3-1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS DILL.1GER REPORTED SPEEDING EAST HELP OF U.S. IN What Two Yrars of Flight Did to Samm-l Instill! sy. The minister, it was understood, fiiittnly sought, an explanation of; Washington's inactivity. white DSngham replied he had not received instructions. Minislcr at London Calls; on Ambassador Bing- liam for Explanation. LONDON. April 2-t. (UP)-The Chinese minister to London sought, the cooperation of the United Slates today in resisting Japan's declaration of leadership in the Jar east,. China's impatience over the ap- paient pa.yilvcness of the "••••"• powers In the face of Japan's bid for Asiatic predominance was reflected in the minister's visit late today to Ambassador Robert VV. AtheVto'n' comicl'tor""? 1 the embas- was not well with great iuterests-Sauuiel Insull just before Hie era; ,'lr Dies in ^ Hospiliil. I'l'iHMiil MTVk'i's will I*' lii'ld 10- .iinw uMiTixiim in Mcimil 7,lon ••:i-li.-v. ni'iif RU-i-U-. Mi,., fur J. I • ! niiKiit.'!!', 'lO-viMi-old IViulscdt univ inud uvi'iM-n 1 . who tlli'd nl -' iii.|:ii-li~i ITI'l-lvi'd when :i dyun- ii'iio c'ljir'.'i 1 cxnloded piriiiaturely, '"'"' viv.t-rdiiy iifleiT.omi. l.onr.uc-e and u CTI'\V of men I'-IMT Muslim; O'.it 11 rhihl-of-way '";• a rnii'ilv roinl near Friend-, 'hi- .<choDl!io"SL'. sl\ miles noilh- '.VI-M. of .S'ei'le, when Ihe accident Tin 1 rond overseer hat Darrow Mentioned as Defender of Insull WASHINGTON. April L!l. IUI') —A iHKslblllly thill Clnrt'iin> U;ir- . row. one of the uulliw'.s fnromm 1 . erlintnul lawyers, might lie "dnifi- N -nl" In di'ft'ml Samuel Insull whrn I? <1 I' lh,. linti-i- llnallv ri'iichrs this : cininln' from his Gnrlini htile- iiwuv. vras disclosed Itxl'.iy. Darniw, fellow Chlca^oan of the onci' inlshly inid-wi'Mmi muuiex miinniite, asserted Unit us yi'l lu> hud not been approachi'd to lend M> .wyvliTS to liiMill. More mention, however, tluit there were reports he wuuld be nski'il to be- cnme chli-f cumiM'l. hruuiilil u Clcniii lo hLs eyes. "I have not iH't'n ticked." D.u- inw remarked nixin leaving the WMIc Ilonso where he had been nilled to discuss with President i Ittso'-evclt thn work of the notional review board. Candidate inn harassed by tile knowledge Hint nil I'" 1 "*' 1 ' 1 :jli sllcks "' dvimmllc under •rash or his utilily empire. In U,r SB.- i^J"^ ,...!'^ "'"''I. *™ 1?..5° SILVER HOLDERS ond. as he found temporary haven in Greece. In the third, :is he returns ID America lo face irlnl. liy United Press A far eastern crisis of major imjxirtance. appeared developing icriny from Implications of Japan's "hands off China" declarations, now enlarged in their scope. The United States government was undetMood to he considering rtpre.scmotions to Japan, seeking definition of its ambitions and reminding Japan of treaty obligations. Great Britain awai.'d a reply l.'om representations it made to Tokyo, understood to be In the form of a verbal message and memorandum. At Tokyo reports were that the cabinet had oHicially approved the declarations of policy made first ai Tokyo, tVien at other world cen- ; Science to Get Model's Body 10,000 Pound Granite Mrs. Bessie Stair of Little Monument Will Honor Confederate Veterans A large boulder of Missouri granite, weighing lO.QOfl pounds, v;as placed on the parX adjoining the court house today as p. memorial to iritsissipoi county Rock Succeeds Mrs. Virginia Stannarcl. Mrs. P»ssi= FWir of Little Rocl: lodr.y rcntneed Mrs. Virginia Stannard, resini'd. os rase work sup- f enisor of Hie PEHA for Afissis- ipp! county. Mrs. Stanuard ob- Confetlerate veterans. The Elliott I tained her release to te cmployrd ters. The significant Geneva declaration, made ni the home of the League of Nations by the Japah- rse cousu! general. Included the American Philippines, the Dutch i;ast Indies and British India, in addition to China, ns among those with whom Japan intended to "collaborate" in maintaining far [•astern peace. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 24 (UP) — Liquidation actuated by first no- lice clay in May tomorrow anrt weakness in grains and silver pushed cotton futures down on the local exchange today. Losses rang. ed from 21 to 29 points at the close. open high low close 1148 IMS lin 1119 1154 11G1 1130 1133 1169 1174 1143 1141 1179 1119 1153 1158 1184 1184 1160 1163 Fletcher chapter of the United Daughters oT the Confederacy, which presented the boulder to the city, will place a similar boulder on .Lh*/ court- house lawn at Os- ceqla Thursday. Both will be marked later • with appropriate bronze tablets, which will bear fitting inscriptions. The park is to be landscaped by J. Louis -Cherry and It is planned lo convert the ground in,to an attractive spot with the boulder in the center. The boulders were obtained by the- U. D. C., from near F\>rl r.avifodn. Mo. Boulders such as thise have a selling value of approximately $600 each, according to John C. McHaney, who negotiated for them. Mas- July 0,t" nee Jan March Bishop Cannon .Rests Defense in Fraud Trial WASHINGTON, April 24. (UP) . - The defense rested today in the I a similar capacity in counlv, Florida. While Mrs. Stannard's resignation came suddenlv her vork her 1 htid'-b'en regarded as,highly sat- fcfaetrrv and hor drsire to be transferred to tho more initxirt- ant post in Florida was the only jieason for the chansc, Palmer! Patterson, supervisor for the extern section of Arkansas, state:!. Mrs. Stannard. who came here from Little Rock less than a month a"0 to succeed Mrs. Harmon Si-ford, left at roon (od n .v. Mrs. Flair, appointed to thn po- Fllion here bv M*~s, Grrtnule B. Gates, assistant Mate administrator In charge of soclnl welfare, arrived Ehnrtly fifter noon. Mrs. Stair had h"-n district sr.jiervl.~or in the l,iub P.O'jk city office for fame time ti-fnrp her anpointment tn the i:o.s; here. Mr. Patterson, who sponi today In the city efTectin'r the change, said he planned to leave for jonesboro tonight. trial of Bishop James Cannon jr. I Father of Mrs. Warren and his ex-secretary after more jv. ._ ^, Uies at Home in Gates 1199 1199 1175 I171b Spots closed steady at 1134. off than two weeks ot testimony designed to prove they were not guilty of conspiring to violate the corrup; practices act. J. B. Lee. 14, father of Mrs. (mi of i h<' roadwnv. Hard- Iv liiiil he .vet the fuse mid started iivav from the crce before the cvnVvion fume. An eye witness •"ill! Muii I/iu^nerc was hurled - r >0 tn-i in tlir nlv bv the MionX, whtcli n r tin , 1 n II iplll Hie tree trunk for some 10 UU'llCr.S ot IVlctal KcVeiUeCi f^et ot>ovr uroinui and left a gap- Inf hole where Iho tree had stood. KnrTnrln« from a rrnshcd chest •>IM| brokni btinos, the vonil foru- 111,111 wns rirhcd lo !hc hospital hr--e liut siicciuntKd at se.vcn o'clock, alxiul two hours after the He never regained TIT- ilrceafrd is survived by his wido'.v. Fevernl children, and two brn'.li»rs. nrursl and Wlllard Loni;- anre. The OC"nian Undertaking coiu- pinv h In charge of funeral nr- ;is Backers of Drive for Legislation. WASHINGTON. Ahf. 24 'UP)— \ tiiiprp-ts assor-iftt"*! vHth the drive for sliver k-nLslnllon were revealed iti two lustrine". 1 ; to own' lilocks i'f Ihe melal In a partial list ot -llvr hnhler.i sent to the srnate today bv Secretary of Treasury HI-ITV Mnrg-nthnii. .Tr. The i^i showed lhat the Cnn- U. S..Secret Service Warns Ohio Patrolmen (o WatcK for Outlaws. Democrats of the Topeka. Kan., congrenalonal illslrlin. are inn tins their liillli In a woiniin vni dldme, Mm. Cunreln Ner-ic Clark, aluivo. on tier ability overcome the normal Repiibllcn Fred Warren. Cannon was the final witness.Jin Gates. Tenn.. Insi He attempted to explain liow thc'lowln? n month's -Smlth cam- while the Closing Stock P^cesl 1 ^ 0 ^^^ A N 2 E 00-poiiU R brcak Pr |n silver"^! The Methodist Episcopal cliurcl, di-rt at l;!s home | nl?ht fol- ' Mrs. Warren had spent 1110^; of tnji ]:a?l several weeks at his brtlsid. 1 and Mr. Warren and dnughlrr. Alarjoiie. Mrs. I. R. Jolin-on. Mrs. L. L. McDearman of Luxcra. nmi 42 1-2 52 3 126 41 1-2 22 7-8 39 1-8 .sharply. A rally near the close. | however, brought back almost all i/ the-decline. A. T. and T 122 Anaconda Copper 16 1-2 Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester Middlewest Utilities Montgomery Wtrd New Vork Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds St. Louts-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Steel U. S. Smelting Approaching Blindness for Suicide tor of the Dank of Gates and plantation owner. Besides Mrs. Warren he is siir- The body of (he world's mosl famous model o( inwlcrii times will go to science (or researcU purposes, by (he will of Dolnn-s nhown above, a figure of glamour In the realm of art fur man) years. Dying In London, after » spectacular c»rcer In Knro[ie she saya abc b^tje.1 to nil] othel Guffurera dy ber unusual action Search in Vain for Kensett Bank Mone J. B. Richardson, serving a flvi year term in the Arkansas pen itentlary for robbery, uas brou^h vivecl by his wife, and four FO.-.S. here .Monday in the hope tha C" 11 - of Dywsburg. and Juhu, .he mijhi be able to lead ofliccr Alvin and Walter, of Gates. ito part of $1,800 taken in th • - --- • i , K ™, s - u br>nk I0bbcr >' ln J ebrr " ar: Funeral services for C L. Drake, D , ., , . „.„ ' rhe convict, sentenced for well known Osceola grocer who ' PocketOOOKS Are Still cnmc OSCEOI.A, ARK.. Apr. 24 (UP)- tcok his own life here yesterday, were conducted from the family 41 1-21 residence at 2:30 P. M. today. The Rev. R. C. Moorhead, pastor ol the First Mothodist church, oftic- 31 1-S 34 1-" 5 1-8 lated. Interment was made in Thin Says La Follette CHATTANOOGA. Tenn.. Apr. 21 (UPi— Former Governor Phillip La Follelte ol Wisconsin Violet cemetery. Active pallbearers' the opinion today Ihat democratic /Senate Lei ers Meet to Map Legis^ lalive Program. WASHINGTON, April 24. (UP) —More than a score of Demo- ratlc - senators comprising the teorini; and policy committees. ; Ca" cnm'wnv, who=e Ixiaril vote of Rep. W. P. Ijiitnlicrtsoi chalrnian. Carl • Conwav, was one[ of tlin hosts lnsL hkht at a dinner to silver bloc legislators, held 20fi nac ounces. Robert M. Harrlfs, ot the New York brokerage house of Harris? ajul Vo'e, and « member of the •Committee for the ' Nation.' n'bo »-ns p lii't. His firm was shown lo hold long commitnienlii ns of Mav ], W33. The dinrier was ylven at ' a downtown hotel and members rif [both houses and senate were pres- Unload Gravel for Unfinished CWA Roads Mlfsisslpnl county (arm convicts unloading gravel at Luxom More Than 8,400 Work ers Out in Cleveland La bor Trouble. CO1.UM11US. O., April 24. (UP) Reports Hint John Dillhiuer ind rei: henchmen were sighted ai near Mtuicte, Hid., headed , w»r<l Oliin. were received today .' ' the state highway' patrol. Mtincle iwllcc reixirled the car, ; cllcvnl (o contain the gansstcrs, as a maroon colored Ford sedan. '•'. he muchine wns speeding east- ; ard. ; The reports were hroartoasl ns uy authority of United States t'crot scrvliV." All Ohio highway patrolmen ere warned shortly before 11 a. i. today to V» on the lookout for 1lllln(ier mid three of his osso- iaies after Chicago police report- d that their car had been seen .ear Fort Wayne. Nam*» A|(»nt'a Slayer • : WASHTNOTON, April 24. (UP) ; —.f. Etlgnr Hoover, chief of the dl- : Ision of investigation of the .de- ': i-.irtinent of Justice, today n&nicd \ George Nelson as the Dillintfer ; uster who yesterday shot and ; killed Justice Asent >W. Caner • nnnin In northern Wisconsin. Hoover said that Nelson has a : long criminal record ond ts want- ' od bv Illinois Biithoritles, having efcupcd from tho Illinois state ' •miltentlarj' In 1932. He snld he whs uncertain as to v.-hether Nelson had been asso- elated with the Roger Touhy gang ol Chicago. • '' ' : . -' Crim* BHI» CLEVELAND, O., April 24 (UP) —Strike ot. Fisher Body corpora- lion workers had spread to include more than 8,400 men find women (oday. bringing a virtual , ict wli hMaJority Leader Joseph and Varbro for use on Incotn- hfllL to operations In the plant of '. Robinson (Dem.. Ark.i today p'et^i CWA road projects, ml manned the legislative pro-] The nrnivl. purchased under the CWA nrocrom, will lie used the Number Nine road, the At the conclusion of the con-: Gosnell road and the New Salem •"am for s;)eedinq adjourmnent old f the iirewnt scsflon of ronsress. on Cleveland's largest, employer of Industrial labor. While harassed negotiators strove for a settlement brfore tlic au- tomoblle labor board In Detroit, — Tliir house ^Judiciary committee 'voted today to rejwrt favorably Iw obllls of tho government's 12-- polnt a'litl-crline prograni, .aimed at such outlawfi as John Dillln- . 'ger. Chairman ' Siimners . said the committee would meet tomorrow lo discuss the bills. The 12-polnt program includes bills giving federal agents authority- In casrs oT .criminals crossing stale lines, engaging In racketeering. Inlerferlng In interstate or foreign . commerce, transporting stolen property across state lines. ov crwslng state Hues lo avoid prosecution or having to give tes- iltnony. i.i«n.iiiaiui> "i "ic V.U.L- - __ ....... - ............. .. .,-., „..„... nobi'n5on~nnnounce(I ^h'at'road.' the" latter" nWr 'LuxoraT'lf hcnv - v l> lck etlng continued at the Democratic senators would meet wrsons interested arrange to have next Monday nlsiht lo prepare for the gravel transported from the bit; plant here. The walkout became virtually he'coiurove-slal debate over the cars and spread. Otherwise It may complete when most of the night ccinrncal o act o tariir bill and perhaps other legislative prn- gr In cither roads. Aixiut 8n cars are to be imlond- xisals. <"1 at Luxora and 3D at Yarhro. Robinson mentioned as parls of 5 *™" 1 carloads have been un- ie l^is'ative pro-rum yet to be I™'""' "t J nl »er and Bassctt for nrtcd imon the airmail bill. iu>w| slni " ar P'irposes. jefore tiie sc.ialc, stock exchange! °"^ m < or "«: travel were put reenlallon. conmnlc and munici-i" 1 ™ 11 ? 1 ' " llrtt ' r lllp CWA program, unl tankruiitcy bills, communlca- R1llc<1 "1° ™ (1 °< '• 1 « % CWA author- HM^C hm TtcMiMmpnt^ tn ihf TT-i'ty has been obtained to allow -• ., : HOIK bill. m,.nidraents to c a ( (jrniij)s ^ ^ s ,, r:nc]ng wiUl cause<l bv walkout of 275 gasoline} *ll-l, 111,11 }'^. „,... . -, _ . .. ..,_. .. ._ mil., n'nanll shift failed to show up and only few attempted to enter the plant. Fare Gasoline Shortafe CLF.VELAND. O., April 24 (UP) —Cleveland motorists • faced the Kennett Lawyer Enters Race for Congress Seat JFFFETifiON CITY, Mo.— On'llle Zimmerman, lawyer of Kennett, • Monday became the lourth person to sock the Democratic nomination for congress from the new Tenth district. In Southeast Missouri, when he filed with the sec- rlriillurnl artluslnienl ..- ,.-. , ha'is the mire food and druq bill CWA 'JU'tcrlaLs and talwr to use cnn Provide powlWHiv nf helm placed on gas-' ry Qf stntc [or mc on , CC- oline rations today. Others plreadv In the race are Curtailment of supplUs was [ fonnci . R0 p res( . ntB t|ve James F. '. of DOTlohan, Stale Rep-- and II putes bill. revised Wamier labor dls-j' 1 "-' K TnvI> ' if the necessary labor. Second Note Demands $9,600 for Ohio Youth Caruthersviile Street Gets .New Surfacing CARUT11ERSV1LLE. Mo.—Work in the Kcnsctl rolitery. which thro members of the Richardson have already admitted. IJctwren S-IOO and S(:CO was found on two of the men who laU-r coaffFfeJ. J- 11. Richardson is the v- l 'f|>° r '' cd leader of the local gang. The FINDLAY. O.. Aprl> 24. (UP)— v:as lx-?un here Mondav resurfac- A second note demanding S9.600 \m the south part, of Ward avc- In ransom was received today at j nue. leading Into the city. A the home of Donald Schoonover, coatln? nf asphalt is bein? laid. 21. former hl"h scliool athlete, a ninkini; the street smooth and "linrt time after county authorl- even, vhore the concrete had bc- Mes exprefscd doubt that the rrmc bioken and full of chuck- youth's dlrajipearance was caused , to Searcv and carried Richardson 125 Chicago Wheat rapidly advancing dls, glaucoma. Members of the family and friends attribute his action to brooding over his approaching helpless condition. May July May July open high low close i 76 1-4 76 3-4 74 S-B 75 3-81 76 76 5-8 75 1-4 75 1-4 Chicago Corn New York Cotton NEW YORK. April 24 (UP) Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close The former governor and progressive parly leader, here {or NIC Tennessee Valley institute. bark to the penitentiary. He will not bo tried on Ihe Kcnscit robbery charges until his pn-sei.t t.r:ii J|Nc » j_ MI LCaChVllle t pi- ,» to ria y at iy kidnapers. Two short detours have been The bov's abandoned automobile: m!lrt " around the section that Is h(s home last '-cine repaired. About six blocks found near Sunday nUrhl. containing a note n ' c '> el1 ": resurfaced, and It will saving he was being kidnaped and ,|J k e about two weeks to complete scheduled to have week, but was delayed due Ib r.iln. The CWA Is fnnihhlnz the labor, with the materials being fur nfshed by the city. <4 7-8 45 1-4 44 1-2 44 7-8 July 47 3-8 47 3-8 40 7-8 47 l-8 1 Oct Dec Jan A spider is not an Insect; It belongs lo Ihe class Arachnlda.j March _ which also includes scorpions, Spots closed steady at 1135, off miles and ticks. ' 30. 1144 1156 1111 1181 1166 1196 1146 1160 1174 1185 1190 1199 1113 1116 1129 1132 1147 1150 1158 1160 1162 1163 1175 1179 which he wili address tonight, fald he was convinced that depression m l ;r ' EOn "Is a disease and the trouble Is we have teen klddlnj ourselves since, 1929 and rought on through the present time. He said "all the agencies of Information arc hl;hlv uilsleariin-; -and. there lias n;ver been so much LEACHVILLE, Ark. — A town ransom would be demanded later. I 111 " Job. Work was Roosevelt Nominates Tugwell .for New Post WASHINGTON, April 24. (X?P) —Prc-'lrtfnt lloosevclt today sent 'o the senate the nomination of Rexford Guy Tugwell to be undersecretary of agriculture, a new position created by the chief e.x- -cutlve. . ink wason drivers who threw In r(f ,,, llnllvo K ugene M. Mungcr of ,.„,_ l_, ...HI, o nrtn .t^ll'l.m m_ t..v h* - • ^ • heir lot with 2.00(1 striking ne station employes who walked out a week ago. Only tl~ independent stations remained open and in these sup- illes were decreasing. Services at Bassett for Jack Shipley, War Veteran BASSETT. Ark.—Services were held at the Presbyterian church here for Jack Shipley. 30. World v,nr veteran, who died ot pneumonia alter having been in fall- In 1 ! health for several years Members of the Pentecostal faith of which he was a devout member .conducted the services. nnrtDr stokol) , „,;• Poplar BlufT. chairman of the tlcr County Democratic committee. The new Tenth district, composed' of most of the old Four- oenlh district, Includes RIpley. Rutler. Cape Glrardcau, Bollln^cr. Fiodriard. Scott, Mississippi. New Madrid. Pemlscot and Dunklln counties, " • .Glanders Epidemic Threatens Canada MONTREAL (UP)—Glanders, a disease whleh strikes down horses In the same manner as "galloping tuberculosis" hits human beings. Is threatening the lives of scores Mr. Shipley served In France O f valuable horses here. . with the I14th field artillery, 30th I disease has brought death propaganda as during lime." Engineer Killed When Sea Monster Sighted Near Florida Coast PAYTON'A iiEACH. Fla.. Apr. 24 • UP)—More than half a dozen persons l«re witness today lo the existence of n 30-foot sea monster In this vicinity. i n *1 The in test witnesses were Mrs. Leaves Kails; Lonl«-> Thompson rt this city, and ' R. M. WH'on of Nashville, Tenn., division, and saw service in the| U v execution to many horses In battles of Ihe Argonne and St. u u , rl1rtl ] districts of the c-rovince Mlhiel. Hiring the last few months. Now, He wss bom and reared In this » Is reported to be spreading to community. His lather at one cities. time was a large land owner but i Dominion and provincial sani- after his death the children lost tarv experts are busv carrrytng out the property. Mr. Shipley leaves:tests on horses throuiihout the his widow, Mrs. Mattle Mulllns.clty. The lives of many valuable Shipley, a step-son, five step-dan-' tlio-ou?hbreds and prize winning ghters. two brothers. Dick, of Cal-|?(ock depends on the outcome of ifonita. and Will .of Louisiana, nndithe tesls. a sister. Mrs. George Bennett of Flint Mich. Fined in Liquor Case Grand Pie. In what i;rrs.-ni band, of 22. pieces, has be:n or . gruilrcd by G"or-e Graves, of ALLKNTOWN. Pa.. Apr. 24 (UP)' u 'ho Jaw the ?iant creature "come Dcwey Long was fined $50 by •Jcnc.stcro. 'who 1'ri' a>*i or:.i:i:r •:) —Charles Remoley, 50. engineer on writhing out of Hie foam like a Municipal Judge C. A. Cimnlng- frcUht locomotive, was killed ''natc." It f ported about in tho ham yesterday on R charge of II- and the fireman Injured today ["can just off the pier. they., said. 'bands In a number o: is novv'ics of this section. Nova Scotia, was the home ot i This band will play at lh= Mem- Evangellne, heroine of Longfel- i phis Cotton Carnival and at the low's poem. opening of Ihe new theater here, near here. when his train left the rails and Previously the monster had been crashed into 15 empty gondolas p"" In the ocean inlet 12 miles FO'.ttll. legal possession of intoxlcatlnj WEATHER Arkansas— Partly cloudy tonight and \\VHnesdav. Cooler tonight. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and cooler tonight. Wednesday fair. The inasimuni temperature here yesterday was 82, minimum 41, , partly cloudy, according to Sam- One man was fined $10 for pub-lual F. Norris. official weather ob- llc dnmkenness. 1 server.

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