The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1931
Page 2
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.BLYTHEVJLIE. (ARK.) COURIER_NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY 2-i, IDlil.. WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The Temptation of Jesus Society Calendar ' . Monday The .Lake Strett Woman's Mis : sionary. society will meet wllh Mlis Ellen- Brp'Tfi).' ' : V • • The Women's Council of the First Christian church will have an alt day-meellng wilh Mrs.'L. L. Word. This Altar.,society of the Church of I'h'e Immaculate Conception will meet at Ihe reclory. . .Circles: of .. Ihe - ; F5rsi Baplist church woman's misslontiry society will meet ai" thcie homes: l, Mrs. Tom, W. Jackson, 2.. Mrs. Ivy Crawford wilh Mrs. Mike Buchanan also 8s liostcss, 3, Mrs. R. G. Cash, 4; 'Mrs.' Theodore Logan, 5, Mrs. J. C. Smith. the : Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will have'an'-all'day meeting at the church. '' The Woman's Missionary society of the'Church of the Nazarcnc will meet at the home of Mrs. H. 'H. Lewis', 515 Walnut slrocl. Tuesday Mrs! Harry Khby is liaving the Tuesday club. s ' . Circle of .the Wqinan's Mlsslon- ary'spcicty Is'having an all day meeting' at the 'home of Mrs. P. E. Ceoley. '...... V." Wednesday Mrs. Joe Van Ahnc-n Is having the Matinee 'Bridge club. ... ' Thursday Mrs. .H; A." Smith is entertaining 'the MId-Weck Bridge club. Saturday There will be a story hour at the Lib'ranr at'10:30 o'clock. er • 3it«Urtr. . The mei>~'of fte First Presbyte- riarV jcliiijcji , ^organlz ed : a . : monlfc • A$V uito^,a- : >ren''s. \tlub, . Ind ilio-ilrst dlrjnjr'im|6'fulg"iast. '.'.erring in'the '' •• Fine Feathers A Yankcj trick down south right now is to "Stick .|a. feather i your hat 1 '—for the sake of chic and color. Left: -Jii a brow suede beret, worn with a fur coat and a polka, dotted; scarl,' Mr John Hay Whitney (formerly Mary Elizabeth AllemuB). wears jaunty leather sticking through the lefl side and down. the • bac! Right: In her tweed hat of grey anil blue, that matches .the'time o her Ivcecd coat, Mrs. Dcdge Sloane wears a small blue leathcrUt tl rear side • • • : , Bits of News Mostly Personal' *Tric.j35 pr'iarvt.pard-.-an fciter- estliig, prog ram. with' ^al B. Harrl-. son, presiijent, 1 . ns toasCrriasXer. Dixie Crawford spoke cn : VJesus Conception ;bf the' Kingdom -of Goj "'. aiid -"Jesus' --'Program ''of- Building (he. Kingdom" was discussed by Marion- "; Gray.-. '-, These • lal'la -were summarized in 'an address by tlie pasior, the Rev. Marsh M. Cal!away. .(•(, ,., ' . ..; .' -. R. F. Kifshnei' was -'in' .charge of 'Ihe enttrbjiinrnent wh'lcli : toildwed the dinner. For/ :-iiext_ month's, meeting T. J, Mahan .'will rhake arrangements. BY EDWARD C. WOLFE Mcmlwr «f the Championship Auction Team An opening bid of two indicates; a hand extremely paver fill In hoii- or strength (about five honor tricks distributed in three suits). The ou- Icct of such a two bid Is to find out without risking a pass whether partner has favorable trump support or'-another suit bid. All suit twp.blds art, forcing bids requiring partner to' keep' Hie bidding open unconditionally. She minimum .denial tjelng two no trump. , , B.-Y.-P.-rt). BMIJ..—•" -The Intermediate B. Y, P. of the Second Baptist church eleci- ed these officers in a meeting Iss. evening at the home of Miss Rcba Hollis: Miss Reba Hollis, president; Miss Mary Loftis. vice president; Jack Fincher, corresponding secre- lary; Miss Susie Richards, reeord- irjs secretary; Cecil Ellis, treasurer;-Miss Ruby Lewis,;Bible -leader; Misses Lncile Nierstheinier-and Ella Ray Baker, group captains: :J. T. Ellis, chorister; Miss Stella Byers, pianist. Barnes were enjoyed in the social hour. .- . . . • ''• ' i *' * * ' \ \ ^pn Born, .Mr. and Mrs. Terry Prevosl announces the blrlh of a son Monday night. The baby has been named Robert Terry. Before. her marriage several years ago Mrs. Prevost was Miss Pauline Hearn. 7-6 H-0-10 D—7.6-5 C—Q-S- 4-3 NORTH—' -S-10.. „ . H-S.K-9-7 D-A-K-10-9 C-J-K-9-7 EAST S-K-Q- 9.8 H-J-8 D-fl.J.8 C—MO- 8-5 ' S—5-4-3-2- \\ff-~ H—6-5-4-3-2 \p' D-4-3-2: ..' Thr Ridding Firsl round—North two <lia mends < forcing), South two n trump (still forcing). Second round—North three club (still forcing), South three dia mends (still forcing). Third round --NorHi three hear (still forcing). South Jour hearts. There is very- little preference i to North's proper original Iwo blc For thai reason, assume that ti dealer has opened with two dii .onds In order to-:illustrate, .the irrccl response-under the forcing slcin;:ei>.st tit)d west continue- to Note first that!'North, the dealer as nl least ftve'.-iilgh card tricks ,iti lhat thcso five tricks arc dls- Ibulert In at, least three suits.'This linlmum requirement of five-high aril tricks' should seldom be. shad- d. If, .however, the distribution •ere 6-0-1-0; 5-5-3-0 or Bimilar reak distributions, the high . card cquircmcnl ma'y bis 'slightly dlmln- sherl. .' Since North's original two dla- nond b!d is.a. forcing bid, .Spiith. nust respond with" a bid "of two Miss Grace Lowcry has at- her ucfil Louis Johnson, of Norfolk, who will be hew until Mon ay. Mrs. E. M. Ferguson, of Memphis, was the guest ot her daugh- cr, Mrs. Jlmmie Boyd, Thursday Richard Be»ll, who has been ser- ously ill at the Blythevllle hos ,ital, U slowy Improving. •Miss Ketha Crest, of Steele, is he guest of Miss Grace Lowers or the wwlc-cnd. Juanlla Honeycutt, who has beei H for two months, has now re covered. Misses Era Wright and Grac Lower)', accompanied by Loul Johnson of Norfolk, Va., and Eai Lowery, were the guesls of friend at Steele Thursday evening. Ellis Tankersly and his parents have gone to Osceola where, the are lo make their home. Mr.'and Mrs. R. H..Bennett wl motor to Memphis this of tempo to be:the guests of Mrs. Bennett parents, Mr.- and Mrs. W. Kllnke, fqr the week-end, : Miss Hallie Wilcoxson will spcu the week-end in Memphis,. '-, Mrs.-L. H. Welch was a vlsi'.c In Memphis yesterday. . Mrs. John H. Long and Mrs. EI!'.' Wilson attended to business In 0. ccola Friday. Mi-s. Auslln Ellis, of Steel shopped here, today. George R. Crockett has return? Irom a business trip lo points Missouri. Miss Belle Whltsilt spent Frtfa in Paragould wilh her molher. Mrs. Harry Taylor and Sam Hill, win spend tomorrow Lake Oily with their mother. Mr.^.and Mrs.; Everett B. .Gee kn viiitors in Nfe'mphls Thursday. >Irs. W. B. Tanner and Mrs. Farnsworth Black are spending to- FIRST KAI'TIST CIIUKCJI t'ariicr Walnut and Elthlh Streets Alfred S. Harwell, I'aLlor Sunday school 9:45 n. m. U. W. Mulllns .superhuendent. Preaching at 11 a. in. and 7:30 in. The Rev. A. S. Smith will jcak at eleven o'clock. Tlie paslor speak ot night on "The Great ivlde." B. Y. P. U.'s Sunday 0:15. lion for all ages. Men's tinquet Tuesday'evening t 7 o'clock. Sunday school otlkevs ami teach- The International I'nlform Sunday School Lesson for Jan. 25. Jesus Tempted. Luke 4:1-13. BV WM. K. Gil.ROY, 1). D. Kditor of The CongrcgitlonalLsl IJ Jesus were In all points tcmpt- .cd like as we are, OB a later New j Testament writer asserts, the temp- A latlons of his life were not confined to one period. The fact Is that much of the keenest temptation would seem to have come near ih end of hts career when he was ap- rs mccl Wednesday evening at 'clock. Bible study nt 7M5. Choir meets Thursday evening al :30. Our cclleclions are gelling bel- er each Sunday; 5233 last Sunday. et's roach our 300 tomorrow. weekly quota of {•'1RST METHODIST CHURCH r. Q. Ilorie, I'nstor . Worship and sermon 11 a. m.nnd :30 |). in. Morning service broad- asl over KLCN. Sunday school 9:43 a. m. Junior. Hy and Senior League. G:30 p. in. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30' p. m.'Subject: "Methodism .Chrls- .ianizlng America." Additional chair* will be placed In the prayer room. The largest crowd of the vear present last Wednesday. . Choir rehearsal Wednesday 8:15 >. m. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH K. K. L.lUmrr, Minister Church school, 9:45 A. M. Communion and sermon, 11 A. M. Sermon subject: "The One Thing Necessary". Christian Endeavor societies, 6:30 P. M. Church, 7:30 P. M. Sermon subject: "The Supreme Truth of the Christian Faith". Mid-week church services, Thurs- parently tempted to turn from way of the.cross. Tile three temptations that are recorded nt the beginning of the ministry of Jesus, commonly called "the temptation of Jesus," seem to be recorded because of their symbolic meaning. Whatever may have been the temptation from without, the reality of each temptation tt-as evidently found in tha r inward prompting that came to Jesus to turn from the way of holl ness and suprem'e devotion to ttv ministry of salvation to some mor worldly career and achievement. Proved His Humanity The temptations that assailed th Master were probably all like th temptation.!, that assail even saints and prophets in their periods strain or discouragEment. Is good ness as real as it seems? the temp er asks. Is the way of sacrlfic really worth while? Would not on achieve more by disregarding th goal tliat Is afar off. and the idea that is so high, and by following the course that is more expedient and that seems to ofler such Immediate results? Every nran knows how such temptations at times assail even the noblest and the truest of men, and the temptations of the Master mark the reality and completeness of his humanity. The first temptation lies in the realm of the consciousness of Jesus day evening, 7:3'1 o'clock with ser- of his relationship to God and his no Irjimp as he does not have minimum trump -support tQ-x-x or x-x-x) mid has no tnkeont; In any oilier suit which is biddable. In order to give partner one raise in lis suit, Soulli must also have two supporting tricks; one of these must be in the trump suit as noted above, and ihc other trick must be an honor trick. Holding no adequate trump support, but having a five card suit headed by al leas; a .king and an added half trick on' the side; the responding hand should show that suit; but regardless of strength in excess of the amount required lo lake out II is rarely necessary lo jump the bid. as the original bidder musl now keep Ihe bidding open iiulll a game contract, has bin reached. Tomrorbw I shall assume Ihe opening bid in the above hand lo have been two hearts. day In Memphis., Johnnie Pepp, of St. Louis, is visiting here.enroute to Memphis. Byron Rhodes Morse and Jiinnii: LofUn.are visiting In Memphis today. W. A. McCaughan Is a business visitor in Memphis. * Byron Morse is much improved after several days illnets. : . Joe Tax, of. Memphis, was a visitor in the city yesterday in the interest of. the .bill now pending; in legislature - lor appropriations "for crippled .children In Arkansas."[•.' Mrs. Emma..Burns, 75, \vas ire- ported Improving today alter Buffering • a-'slight-stroke of paralysis yesterday morning. '. Mrs. F. E. Burnett is in Paragould today where she is meeting Iwr son, Russell Burnell, Instructor of music at the University of Arkansas, Fayettcville, who will return wllh her tonight. for a visit. Walter Green relumed yesterday from a visit In Sharon, Te'nn..-"' L. M. Polls, 6T. Caruthefsvfllc, spent.-last, as- thc.gijest, -« i. t"_ _!_'*--- X*ij.*'T >f Tlnr-tlA**'A mon by the pastor. All are cordially invited to these services. PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH 11. J. Kleindienst, _ Pastor Sunday school and Bible 0:15 A. NT. Church, 10 A. M. Sermon subject: "Why Jesus Refused To Recognize His Rslatlves". Services, to which 'all are cordially Invited, are held at the St. Stephen Episcopal church. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 110 Cherry Street A. T. McAnally, Pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m. C. E, Cobb, superintendent. Evangelist J. S. Wal.lace of Jories- boro. mil preach al both morning ar.d criming services, 11 a. m. and 7. p. m. The N. Y. P. S. will meet, at llic church al G p. m. We want all tlie young people present. Kenneth iMcAnally, president. Prayer meeting and Bible Studs each Wednesday evening at lln church at 1:30. The Bible lessot will continue with St. Matthew' UCv-pcl. the 4th chapter. The pasto will have charge of the services Bring your Bible. call to the Messialiship. Already it would seem that the consciousness of his high nature and his. high destiny was developing, and the temptation came to test this high mission and calling in a miraculous class, i way. | Ti may have been the voice from without or the voice from within ut it said, "If thou art, the Son of oit command 'that this stone be ade bread." It was a temptation i test a spiritual mission by a ma erial circumstance of magic. Jesu ejected it decisively. His mission •as a spiritual mission, and th cst of his divinity was his capac ty for ministry to the world needs o he said,-"Man shall not live-b iread alone, but by every word tha irocecdeth"' out 'of Ihs "mouth God." • Tempted to t'se His Fowtr The second temptation nppeale o the sense ot power and autho ty. From the mount - Jesus survey To Have Special Program Sunday. \The adult department of the Sunday school in the First Baptist church will have a special program Sunday morning as an incentive tor increased attendance. In a'quartet there will be Mrs. Paul L. Tipton, Miss I.-ois Hill, R. G. Hunt and T. H. Haynes. ;The aim is 100 for the entire department and the Corcas class, which lacked five of having its quota last Sunday, is planning pass the quota tomorrow. Lone Oak School Faculty Host lo Rural TeaclicL-s to Have All Day Sletling. The Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbylerian church will~have an -all day meeting at the churc'.i Monday for a Bible and mission study. The program is lo begin at H. o'clock and close at 3 P. M. _•'".-. »' • * lyoinan's Club Meets. Tlie Woman's club had a business meeting Friday afternoon the club house with'Miss Cora Lee Coleman, president, presiding. Mrs. 'George Lang was elected secretary to fill the vacancy mad 0 by Mrs. James H..Brooks' moving to-Las Vegas, Nevada. It was vot ed to send Mrs. Brooks a gill ii sipprcciation for her numerous ac tiyities in this organization. Plans were formulated for mcetine of the entire club on Ih second Tuesday^ in February'. Uv: usual meeting time c' the lilerar department, so lhat .he membei may review 1 the gr.\r,>l opsras to t given in Memphis. Eympalhy was expressed for the members who are ill or have other sorrows Ui their homes. * '» • Daughter Born. Mr. and Mrs. ". B. Hughes, of Senath, Mo., announce t v; ? birth of a daughter today 'at Hie Blylhnville hospital. The .baby, who weighed eight pounds, has been named Ma- cf the seven rural schools which make up group 3 of ihe Mississippi County Education association were guests of trie Lone Oak school faculty yesterday for an all day meeting. The program, prepared by Miss 'innie Virgil Turner, county su- ervlsor, was divW«l into Ihrec rcups. the primarv, Intermedllte achcrs hearing Miss Turner speak i "Your Art. Program" in the al- ernoon session. Included: Mrs. Lucille Drtggell, Lone Oak, "'ho disc.istc.-' An Observation Lesson in Primary \rlth-.netic"; Miss Willie A. Lruv- on. county superintendent, whas« .- .. . of his sister. Mr*?'!,. M. Burhitto, ar.d family, while attending a "district meeting ot an insurance company. Luxora Mission Society .'. Installs New Officers PREDICTS MET FLIGHT Jim Long Dreamed of Trip Will : Sooa be Possible Savant Dccl ares. LUXORA, Ark.—Tuesday afternoon the M. E. Missionary society met in Ihe home of Mrs. E. R. Bogan for the Installation of officers who will serve during the coining year. Tlie following officers were installed: president, Mrs. Sue llrown; secretary, Mrs. J. C. MMlock; treasurer, Mrs. T. B. Duduey. Mrs. H. W. Spann conducted th; lesson on "Slewardship." Those taking part on the program were Mcs- damcs C. Turner. R. Owen. C. Shoaf, E. R. Bogan and Rev. O. C. Hall. „_ „ , , ., NEW YORK. tUP)-A tr p lo Ihe mo °" and back ** to bc c "' SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH K. /. Ncwsoin, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 A. M. W. J Blaylcck. superintendent. Prearhing. 11. A. M., and 1:15 P M., by tho pastor. Morning sub Ject: "Facing the Unseen". Ever ing sbujcct: "The Sin of God Children". B Y. P. U.. fi:15 P. M. We are having the best Sunda school lhal we have ever had. W are expecting to break our re ord Sunday, come and help us g '° ovrr tlie top. Come to the church ; m that holds out a big welcome to you. Mrs. K. z. Newsom's Sunday school class will have charge of the opening exercises Sunday morning. Special music Sunday night. T«l: Luke 4:1-13. And Jesus, being full of tlie Holy- Ghosi, relurned from the Jordan, nd was led by the Spiril into the wilderness. Being- 40 days, being tempted of the devil. And in those days ii? id eat nothing: and when they were ended, lie afterward hungered.. And the devil said unlo him, If thou be tlie Sen of God, command' his stone that 'it be made bread. And Jesus answered unto him, saying, It is written, Thai man shall :ot Jive by bread alone, but by every word of God. And the devil,' taking him up, into an high mountain, shewed unw lim all the kingdoms of Ihe world-in a moment of time. And'Ihe devil said unlo him. All tins powsv I give thce, and tho lory of them: for that-is delivered unlo me; and to whomsoever-I vill give U. , ' If thou therefore will worship before me, ail shall bc thine. And Jesus answered and said unto him. Get Ihee behind inc. Siian: or it is written, Thou shall worship the Lord thy God, and lilm only shall thou serve. ' Arid he brought him' to Jerusalem, and set him on a pinnacla of the temple, and said unto him, if thou bc the Son of God, 'cast-thyself down.Irom hence: For it is-written. He shall give his angels charge over ihee, 'to.keep thee:. '. '. , And- ih their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash .thy'.loot against a stone. /[ 'And Jesus answering'said unto him, 11- is said, Thou-shalt not lenr the Lord thy God. l . .::. - .... .:<•.• And when the devil had ended all the lemptation, he departed from him for a season. together dissimilar from the first. | of all lives impresses us with its ed in actuality or in imaginalio ., _ . ' kiiifidoms of the world, and It was a lemptation to test his spe- • • • cial place in God's favor by n risk lhat he had no right to assume. There came to him the impulse to throw himself down from the pinnacle of the temple in e!iedie.nce to ilia voice that, said, "God-will lake care of you; no harm can come to .he ;here came the voice assuring him lhat if he chose he could attain to world supremacy. It was the temptation that assails the strong man to use his strength for his own plans of wealth and power and sclf-uggrandizenient. Tlie spirit that makes a man a ' in other ways, him a material prophet, directed may easily make force in the world, and the spirit that makes a man a savior of men. displayed in the realm of selfish- ess, may make a man equally dominant, and even tyrannous, over his fellows. Jesus attained to the supreme distinction of being world's supreme evidently In you. But common sc-nse and sound spiritual faith alike repudiated the wisdom cl any such course. It is in taking care of ours;!vcs that Gcd's care is manifested. To assume needless risks in Ihe hope lhat as favorites of the Almighty he will protect us is not to show ~lhe our faith but to; show ouv folly. Had Clear Vision Thus it, was t:iat every temptation t!e power'To become a great world Jesus met and conquered. He never lipure and it was the temptation made a show or a parade of his re- Enounce the high splritua, call- ^Je^r iised ^religion spiritual teacher, » felt within him ... immcdiale material ca. assailed him as he looked it over the kingdoms of the world. The Ihird temptation was not al- overcoming of temptation meant the complete cleaving of his life to goodness and truth.-Tl\e greatest simplicity and its directness. Th?re . wns no subterfuge, no sophislica- .ion. The -Masler saw wllh clear vision and he acted wilh decision. . Clear vision and decisiveness in. will arc the things that givc.mtii victory in temptation. Oftentimes \vc are overwhelmed with evil b2- cause we allow our minds ,to bo confused and Uie issues ci eon- science to become blurred and .ob-- scurred. We listen to the philcso-• phy of wrong when th? v^ay of right, if we would only seek'it, is fairly well defined. From the temptation of Jesus wo may learn much concerning the na- lure of temptation, and we can also apprehend that power that enables . nan to. overcome. The temptation ; of Jesus, as we have said, marks the fullness and completeness of his humanity, and it is this human-' 1 ity that brings his life mar to ours. "In that, he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succor them that arc l:iiipted." LUHH BELIEF achcrs ar.d the principals with all! !' rcl >' "OMiblc in 15 or 20 years, in the opinion of Professor Rotcrt nault Pelterie, French scientist who is here to gain financial backing for his c\-perlnients and to address the American Interplanetary society. "I think -.that I am qualified to make the voyage myself," the pro- ftjvsor said,-"but first the rocket '•will bc rent-without a human nav- ubjccl "A Teaching Phi'.oso- ahy"; Miss Tivncr. who spoke 0:1 'Teaching Ai-ithmelic in Primary | igator.' 1 Grade?": Miss Dellal Mike. Eto-1 He explained that the piloUcss wah. who discussed "Standards In I rockelt would ^circumnavigate the Midway Notes Waller Denton of I.uxora Mrs. E. M. McDonald Sat- Mrs. visited urday. Mr. S. D. Carpenter ot O-ccola visited the. Burdettc school Wednesday of last week. Miss Winnie V. Turner o! Blytheville visited the Bnrdcltc school CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH Sen ices arc 'h;Ul al Ihe Hotel Noble, Room 104. with Sunday chool at 9:45 a. m. and church, 1 a. m. "Truth" is the subject of the .esson-Sermon to bc read in the crvice. The Golc'-?n' Text is. "O Lord, hou arc my God; 1 nil] exalt thcc. will praise thy name: for thou nsl done wonderful tilings: they ;ounscls of old are faithfulness ind truth" (Isaiah 25:1>. Among the citations from Arithir.ctic," which was aUo taken up by Mrs. Mary Mitchell. Skidway. Schools included In tills group are: Lost Cane, Perry, Skidway. Box Elder. Promise Land, Lone Oak, Boynton, 'Eiowaii and Hatcher. Hospital Notes Patients admitted: Mi>. Ben Hughes. Braggadocio. Mo., and J W. Diewry. Deering. Mo. ry.Elizabeth,. Courier News V7ar.'. Ads. Lives 78 Yrars in Apartment PARIS. <UP)—To live to b= 1CK years old is getting to ho a common thing, but M. Joseph liintz lies lived 100 years, cf which "i the same Pari: Lenlz arrived In noon and return again, carrying I Wednesday. Mrs. E. M. McDonald n Hix- ora visilor Wednesday. Mr. A. J. Hill and L. H. C.mna- day were in Lnxora Thursday. Charlie Young of Damaciu and nslruments to record height, "de-i R °5° Hiulspcth of Luxora were ;rce of heat ar.d pressure, air 1sucsts of A. J. Hill. Friday, ake motion pictures of the frigid Mr - E - M McDonald was a busi- >r unknown side of the moon H "rss visitor al Blyihr-vnle. Thurs- vould take aboul 49 hours to reach the moon, he said, and as long to return. The venture would cost several millions ol dollars, he said. Services Held Thursday for James B. Pinkerton day. O. Randolph. L. H. Cansiadaj and son. Frank Lind. \Giis Me Goughan and Mr. and Mrs. A. J Hill were Blythevllle visitors Sat wday. Dan Moody was n visitor a Luxora, Friday. Rev. Chambers and family wer visitors in Blythevillc. Frid.iy. Mrs. Virgic Randolph visitor! Mrs A. J. Hill Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hill molorci were spent in aparlinont. M. Paris when Prince Napoleon was president cf France, and installed r-imselt in his apartment when the ptesident mada Napoleon III. himself Emperor Funeral services were held Thursday for James B. Plnk'trtoii.i 22, ol llic Gosncll community, who | to Blvlhcville Friday died at his home early Wednesday. M rs. L. A. Maxwell visited Death followed a long Illness. - rimms Thursday. , Tlie deceased was well known ii Mrs Bible is the liy ways, O laths. Ijead :each me: for thmi an the God ol my salvation: on llifM 1 do I wait al! the day" iP.=alm 25:4. S). following: "Show in: Lord; tench me thy uu; in thy truth, and ! been spent for iocxl. and a large i quantity of used clothing has been •distributed, but the need for clothing is greal and new material will have to IK purchased to supply future needs. Red Cvoss Committee Reorganized lo Carry Increased Burden.' ' LUXORA, Ark.—Yesterday the citizens of the town held a mass meeting for Ihe purpose of reorganization and enlargement ot Rod Cross committees, the work hns assumed such proportions thai the present group of enlisted The Lesson-Sermon will also In- committees: t elude passages from ihe Christian I Tcaford. \\m. Science tcxtb^ck, "Science and Health with Ke> In if." Scriptures." by Mary Baker Eddy, due of wliich workers arc unable lo meet the'demands. The lollowing workers were appointed lo serve on the various Jury Finds Former Secretary lo Clara Bow Guilty of Grand Theft. toward Judge Doran who look th- report case from bailiff. _ "We find the defendant. 'Daisy • Devoc. guilty of count number 7 ; in the indictment." the jndse ren:J. ' A photographer boomed a n: >jf~- type bulb flashlight near Ml?s Do- .; voc and it seemed lo be the spnrk • that touched; oiT her nerves, strain- : cd from ten days in the courtroom. | She started to sob convulsively arj; ; tlircw herself into the arms of her , sister, Mrs. Grace Black, who went inside the rail from th; section reserved for spectators. ; Clara Bow was recovering from a severe cold at her home in Beverly Hil!s when the verdict was read. "I'm terribly sorry it.nU h.«l to happen." she said, "and for Daisy's sake 1 hope Ihe court, will be lenient." relief, B. A. S. J. Smilh. v.Jk"'Mrs.' Dava Richards, investl- cation. H. J. Oillespie, W. H. Lucas. Waiter Wood. R. T. Ballon-, reads: "Truth, indciicndcnt of doc-jW. C. Howard, trinrs nnd lime honored systems.I Mrs. H. C. Langston was ap- knocks al the portal of humanity. | p=m icd chairman of the clathlns Contentment with tlie past and the i committee and Miss Mabel COD'S cold ccnvrntloiiallty o[ materialism w!)5 appointed secretary. The fol- are ciumbhnc. away. Isnurancc of ; OTUlg i a dics were appointed la God is no longer the ,s[cpiring-stonc! ECrvD ou tiie investigation com'nit- The only guarantee of ' is a right apprehension to faith. obedicno of Him whrm lo know nrighl Life eternal" (Preface vii:l3>. tee- Me=domcs Akin Wunderiicli. S. J. Smllh. E. R. liogan. B. O. is Wilkins O. Houton. W. Howard. John Covchran. Chns. Corchran. I Win. Wood, Walter Dcnlon. Chas. j 6coll The purchasing committee, Its composed of Mesdamcs R. J. Gil- Will Conduct Service!««>*• e™«* D » VC1 ' ail<t Thani " Presbyterian Endeavor the Gosntll community and wns a member of Company M of the Arkansas National Gunrd. • He Is survived by hts mother and four sisters, W. H. Woolrirldsc.. Wy!t> Smith and J. C. Jone.s were visitors in Blythevllle Monday. Read Courcr News Want Ads. The Senior-Intermediate Christia Presbyt . charge of the church service Sun- Riven day evening. 7:30 o'clock. John McDowell is lead:r ot the prjgram. Wm. Wood submitted the folio*. Inp senior-iinenncenaie unrus ---- . h ,,„. .an Endeavor societv of the First in? report of wor k done since DC. .resbyterlan church will to in;.^ "30: 290 am, les h«c »--« „ (cod. with prospects of COO families applynw for aid within the next two weeks; $1000.50 has LOS ANGELES. Jan. M 'UP)-Daisy Dcvoc. former secretary to Clara Bow was prisoner number H243I in lha Los Mwcles county jail tcday under conviction of grand theft on' one of 35 counts tlie film star filed against her. A Jury ot seven men and five women, all middle aged, returned a compromise verdict against Miss Devoe lain yesterday endini; 48 hours of argument. All members of' the jury joined in asking t'.wt leniency be shown by the court. Miss Devoe .wcpl hysterically when the verdict was read nx she realized she was faced by from one to ten years in San Qwnlin prison. She was in a state nf scmi- collapse when liken to Jail. The verdict came suddenly al a time when Judge William and others connected *'lh Ihe tria believed the jury hopelessly deadlocked. Mi«s Devce sat quietly near the counsel tabli when the news cnmc Iro:n the jury room a verdict \uis icached. She watched ihe 12 jurors file to their box, then turned LEGION PROMOTION OKDEHKI) PARIS. lUP)—M. Theodore Stees jrcmicr oi France, and' a termer • Gr.ernor oi Morocco, has c.rdorcd ' n special promotion In the Csgion of Honor for French colonists win ciuit the homeland and Uk; .up land in the overseas p=ss:sr'.ons. The first award will bc to thoss colonists who have aided In lr.= expansion or work of pacification al the peril of Iheir lives. Read Courier News Want MATERNITY HOSPITAL-Fcr unfortunate girls; secluded, puv.ue. rates reasonable. For Infora.ip.or, write Fatrmount. Hospital, Mil Eubt inih, Kansas City, Missouri. LIQUID OR TABLEiSi Cure Colds, Headaches. IVi 666 SALVE Cures Baby's Cold

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