Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on September 20, 1960 · Page 62
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 62

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1960
Page 62
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SEES' H0PW6 THAT BRENDA STARR ,' 1 WANT SOME P£RRJM=I '. FOR MV DAUGHTER--. I „ WHICH DO "YOU PREFEPJ-- MlDNJGHT MADNESS _ "LGVERS'PREAM? It-" - SHtS GOING TO HER L/tf BLORDIE Yes, bui fh* bn'mjfont explosion occomponymg such magic mFghf sfar//e your sleeping parent. No, Barnaby t your Fairy Godfather will make do wiih currant /am— John.' Somebody downstairs— there any chutney Cant you lust wave your wand? TELL ME WHY Did Original* 1 '' "NATIONAL CAT uL ; £Ek"TOOr V' *•— * NATIONAL CAT PUT IT N MS. THEM TO DEMAND EQUAL TIME i Win a valuable prlr.c. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The Britannica Junior. 15- volurnc encyclopedia for school and home, will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: STEVE OL1VAS, 12, San Jose, Calif. RIP Kimm BARNABY THE GIRLS CITIZEN COMICS PAGE 27 SEPTEMBER 21, I960 MMM—THIS SOUP IS DELICIOUS, SLUGGO A FRIEND OF MINE MADE IT -f/tS<//2 &U-S~MA4 ft-L&St. HE'S ONE OF THE FINEST COOKS IN THE WORLD i I SIMPLY MUST HAVE THE RECIPE "Just once I'd like to read an article on how to Hie longer without being told to give up all the things that make me ivtmt to. FOIST YOU MOOCH A HAM BONE-—DEN YOU T'ROW IN A ONION — . DEN YOU — I'LL ASK HIM NANCtfS PERHAPS NOT,.. BUT I ffl THINK HE'S STUBBORN " SHE,..SHE LOOKED AS THOUGH SHE WERE PEAO.. BUT RIGHT NO.V IM CALLIM6 THAT HUSBAND OF TOURS.' HE SHOULD BE HERE WITH YOU AT THIS TIME: THERE'S NO HOPE, I PONT KNOW YOUR CHILD IS . ALIVE.' DR. DOING THAT'S BECAUSE SHE WAS UNABLE TO 6ET AIR.' DR. //ORGAN IS MAKING AN "* OPENING INTO THE WINDPIPE. ..HOPING THAT WILL HELP.' TRACHEOTOWK' REX MORGAN SARSE, VOU'tL, HAVE TO YVATCM VOCABUI.AKV-' VOL) HAVE THE WHOLE CAMP T7 WHAT'S WHAT'S THE ATOMIC AGE, THAT'S WHAT'S WJ5C»J6 BEETLE BAILEY THIS 15 NO Lif ONE5JJCW RS JVHB?E DO I F/NPTHJ5 WONDERFUL LIFE? DO OR .60UWD. LAREDO AS FAE A5 FiOW KE2E T? WHE2E COLONEL 5. B.CASY3K WHY, UNCLE HAPPY, ROT STtVIE S. CANYON'S BIN A ALLOVS'- ANCE... 15 STATIONED iM JAPAN WHAT IN THE WCBLP I DID WITH THAT CASH .. I PUT IT IN THE BANK-TO ItfE WHEN I LEAVEFOHCOLLE6E. 1 PJTSE" Y£W ACS A All primitive peoples had a | form of magic. The reason is i simply that they needed it! | Magic was the attempt hyi man to control the forces of| nature. And this was a very | practical matter. i Rain was necessary fori crops; fish had to be caught i in the nets; a house had to stand properly; misfortune j had to be warded off; and men needed skill in war. All of these were practical matters and magic arose as ai means of helping man control j jjj AND LOIS the natural forces on which j these matters depended, | Of course, in order for | magic to exist, there had to be a belief in a mysterious supernatural power that existed in all things. And the practice of magic always depended on certain elements. The first of these was the spell. This meant uttering certain words ! according to a formula. | The second element was the j rite. This meant going i through a set of actions to convey the spell to the object which the magician wanted to influence. The third element was the condition of the magician. Among all primitive peoples, the magician had to prepare himself very carefully for his performance. When primitive man believed in magic, this didn't mean that he depended on it entirely to accomplish what he wanted and needed. He used his skill and knowledge to do as much as he could. But he felt there was also an element of Juck or chance involved, and he used magic to try to control these. Why did primitive people continue to believe in magic? Of course, we know that magic cannot control the forces of nature. The magicians were usually very skilled men and this skill— as in medicine—helped them do their magic. They also picked the right moments for their rnagic. The people wanted to believe in the magician, so if he had one success it meant more than many failures. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Elmer: My girl is a decided blonde. Doris: Yes, I was with her when she decided. Bob: Do you feel better after going to the dentist? Jim: I sure do. He wasn't in. c A L L F E A T Can you change the first word "Call" to the last word j "Feat" in four moves? Change one letter in the word with! each move. See tomorrow's; paper for the answer. Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awarded for the letters selected each week. Tucson's Oldest Factory Authorized SERVICE MA 4-6622 • Washers • Dryers • Disposers • Dishwashers • Radio • TV • Phono STEVE CANYON j For current book reviews ' at their best see the **On The Town" Saturday. section every PQGO ;•/ BRLWBEE JI VVITFlN 5V RAX/ < V SHE MAKES AS MUCH SENSE As ( A',CST OF ON 7V. J V THEM/ FLXBLG iVCNERAN A PU.M/ SHOVIIUGAMZIUG SPEED, THE CHAlLEtfGEZ LEAPS AT THE CH4WP/OA/ WITH A PMISHIU6 WMPMILL ATTACK,., HECAUSKT N AMP! so/we &EtJ TAKES THE INITIATIVEA6AltJ,,,OULY TO^f 1 &EE THESHDESTRUCTItLE UK. FlVEW-FIVE SHi?US OFF A HAKO RIGHTTO TUB JVW,,, BIG BEN BOLT ' I 6IVE "OL 1 SNIFFER" A TWO-WEEKS VACATION, SNUFFV . SHORE TICKLED WHEN "ITS BACK WHflR'S VORE BLOODHOUND, SHERIFF TA1T ? I AIN'T SEEN HIM AROUND SNUFFY SMITH / IT'S OUR BUSINESS TO BE SUSPICIOUS, CONRAD. THE DEATH OF STARK AND TUTTLE CONVINCES ^AE THAT ENEMY AGENTS HERE ARE AFTER SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE POLARIS PROJECT. COULD BE THE«I5SIL£, OR THE SUBMARINE ITJILF. WHO KNOWS.' MEANWHIIE, I'M TO Mtrr TURK 1OTIRCOVER INVESTIGATORS I'VE SENT FOR. TOMORROW, T WANT TO GO TO THE CftPE AND VOOK OV£R THE SECURITY SETUP THERE. FURTHERMORE, IF JTARKANDTUTUE WfW MURDCREP, AS I SUSPECT, IT'S PROOF THE A6ENTS WU STOP AT NOTHING TO ACHIEVE THEIR GOAL. I'M AFRAID YOU'RE RIGHT, SIR. I THIHK A POLARIS 15 SCHEDULE? FOR TOMORROW BUZ SAWYER PAPPY KIV TO OUR W/NC- CEUAR,TOHAVEA DOOPLV-CATE MADE TWODAVS ??-HE LIKEV/I5E TOOKOUP.ONLV DOLLAR,TO BUV A CAN o'CONCEN- TRATED TURNIP FAT// NONSENSE!. 1 CIVILIZED PEOPLE DOf J'T BELIEVE IN n DEMONS/.' CAtfTBEAKMW IN THEKE! -THERE V/OEUNrOU5,MRS. DEGRADINGHAM UNEARTHLY 'DEMON HAS TAKE/I FORM WITHIN THE VASE// MUST CLING JOTHAT THOUGHT, OK I'LL LOSE Ml SMITH!-) Then vou aive the isdv one of the" bills. Then to the next house. You don't get'a chance to make 50 All you have to do \~> go to each house and ring the <~; Tnafcs easy, Nubbin. When do I get so cents? GASOLINE ALLEY MALIA.WILL VOL) USE ANY Or HEF? *ioo,oco FOC? HEP EDUCATION? WJLLYOU CO BACK TO NOUf? JOB AT THE GIFT SMOP? HAT COP AND THE KIDS ARE STILL HANGING AROUND. WHAT EVER GOT US IN THIS MESS? • ,O5T CHAMP IN A TIDAL WAVE. I GRAPPLE. TnE RICH OLD GALOOT LEFT THE KID ALL HIS LOOT. TH.cViNO VOlj TRIED TO TA.<E THE KID'S CAPITAL. — KC1TS LfL PINEAPPLE PPE PARES TO LEAVE THE HOSPITAL. DICK TRACY TO *HOW MM CANP»ft*.Tf VMATS MK >-», -THAT?

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