The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1952
Page 7
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WKDNSSDAT, DEC. 81; 195* Ut/n'HBVn.LB TAHXJ COURIER Scientists Are Trying To Fashion Practical Weapon from H-Bomb Nole: What blew op wl an unprecedented bany at Enlwcfok Proving Grounds a few weeks aso? Was It a hydrogen bombr Wh»i effect will it have on military planning, strategy and tactics? These and oilier questions are explored below, in the second of four article! on atomic energy.) By ELTON C. FAT AP Military Affairs Reporter WASHINGTON tft—Nuclear scl- |fi(tl5ls and ordnance designers wesumably are trying now to fashion an actual and practical weapon out of a hydrogen explosive device. • What blew up wllh an unprecedented bang at Enhvetok -Proving Grounds a few weeks ago may have been the world's /irst big blast from the fusion process of atomic science. But there are reasons to believe it wasn't any transportable a/id handily packaged gadget that could be loaded into and dropped through en airplane bomb bay. ' There Is. In Ihc lexicon of atomic weaponeers, a distinct difference between a device (the loot of experimenters) and a bomb (the finished product for use by an armed force.) . The -interval between the first experimental burst from a gadget mo unfed on top of a steel tower and production of an ordnance- perfected bomb may be substantially longer this time than in the inslance of the original atomic bomb. First from Tower Top On July 16. 1945. the scientists and military men of the lhen-see:rel Manhattan Project produced the first atomic explosion from the top jJfvR tower at Alamogordo. N. M. T»i less than a month—on' Aug. flan atomic bomb was dropped from a specially fitted bomb bay of-a B29 Superfortress, exploding above y the Japanese city of Hiroshima • That was the world's first look at the atomic bomb. But the atomic era had dawned nearly ihree years earlier, in December, 19-12, ten years ngo, this jnonlh. when scientists engineered the first successful atomic chain reaction. As Intricate as that old Model T bomb and its trigger «'ns, it didn't require the space, weight or still more complex mechanisms needed Jar hydrogen explosion. Among other things, a hydrogen explosive device must contain a really deepfreeze refrigerator to maintain control of the process until the instant of burst. The weight and bulk-of the assembled test gadget must he considered imposing. There is the possibility that the weaponeers may decide it is hot necessary to bring the H-bomb down to ordinary bomb bay size. They might just build one Into a heavy bomber, equip the plane with remote controls"'for guidance from a "mother" plane and use the plane-bomb combination as a form of guided missile. The expense of the plane would be frac- ^tional to the expense of the bomb. ^ The government has never stated officially the cost of standard atomic bombs. The original yardstick of two billion dollars for the first atomic bomb figured in the cost of development, building the big plants to process uranium ore and other factors. Hydrogen bomb costs would be much greater, at any rate, than the cost of A-bombs Speculation that, a hydrogen bomb could be "a thousand times" more powerful than an A-bomb has produced argument about the need for such supersize explosions. Because thinking presently Is oriented to the possibility of war with Russia, the bombs are measured by some in relation to the size of targets in Russia and in the United States. One school of thought' holds that In an H-bomb war, Russia would have the advantage because there are many more and bigger cities In the United states than"tn Russia. The coldly practical exponent of strategic warfare doesn't buy this Idea. Ite doesn't think cities as such, are logical targets. He wants (and Ihfs Is the basis lor th» theory of retaliatory bombing of Russia if she starts war) to hit and destroy the enemy's warwaglng sources. He contends those sources are airfields from which long-range bombing attacks could be launched against the United states; manufacturing complexes dispersed over perhaps a hundred square miles of countryside; Urge snd widely dispersed parking areas for bombers or fighters or tnnka. These are targets too big even for the atomic bomb. It would take several 'atomic bombs to destroy factories scattered over a hundred- square mile area. A single H-bomb could do the same Job. How many atomic bombs do the United States and Russia now have? The official secrecy about the total of U. S. bombs is as deep as that of the Kremlin about Soviet weapons. It could be five hundred or a thousand or several thousand. Back when the first bombs were being made, Dr. J. R, Oppenheimcr, one of the pioneers of A-bomb development,-estimated that by intensive effort the U. S. could accumulate 1,000 bombs in two years. While the effort between then and September, 1940, may have been less than Intensive it obviously stepped up sharply after the United States discovered (hat Russia had beaten »11 guesses and produced an atomic explosion several years In advance of the estimated "time. Along with speculation on the number ot bombs has come musing over the places where they - are stored. For two or three years after the end of World War II, In the days of apparent peace, It was probable that few if any atomic bombs were kept In completely assembled condition, ready for im- media.te use. The ' talk how Is that perhaps some bombs are kept, carefully guarded In American hsnds only, by Air Force and naval units overseas, nearer to the places where j they might be needed on instant notice. The' atomic bomb is looming larger in discussions for the defense of Western Europe, not onl\ for retaliatory, strategic attack against Russian targets If Soviet forces strike against the West, but to help stop an advance of Red ground troops. However, some American military leaders point out that provisions ot the stringent Atomic Energy Act handicap this planning, that it is .Impossible even to give trustworthy officials of North Atlantic Treaty nations an indication of the help they might expect from U. S. atomic bombs. Gen. Omar Bradley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has raised questions about amending the law to permit indicating to certain NATO military leaders the number of bombs which might be used direct ly in , support 'of their ground forces. While primary attention is going to nuclear explosives, the Atomic Energy Commission and the-Pentagon also are pioneering in the harnessing of atomic energy ^s a power-producing source. ' The Navy has two submarine hulls under construction which will be equipped with nuclear engines. The Air Force is working at the longer range and more difficult project of trying to adapt atomic power to plane propulsion. Spellman Ends Tour of Korea TOKYO <iFi — Francis Cardinal Spellman returned to Japan tonight from a nine-day tour of Korea and his second successive Christmas at the front with U. N. soldiers. The Roman Catholic prelate will celebrate New Year's fmass at the Yokohama Chapel Center. He tK scheduled to leav« Saturday for the United States by way of Rome. Announcement NOW OPEN LAMBERT'S Grocery & Market North Highway 61 —Rudolph Lambert— formerly Wheeler's Groc. & Mkt. SHOP LAMBERT'S FOR TERRIFIC SAVINGS! Now! At Show Tractor Company NEW TRACTOR Golden Jubilee MODEL ADVANCED Hydraulic Sysfemin any Tractor! EXTKAPOWEkwi Overhead Va/ve Engine/ See What Tlie New Ford Tractor Means to You in More Work Done Faster and Easier— At Less Cost! Attach mounted Implements fast! Mojt Dearborn Implements can be attached to the new Ford Tractor in SO icconds or less.'No wrenches, no lifting, no tugging! Time saved in attaching and detaching can amount to several days—yes, over a week per yc«.-l Control implements like never before! Touch the hydraulic control lever and you get split-second response. Lift, lower or adjust implements whenever tractor engine is running. Turn the Hy-Trol knob when you want even faster hydraulic action. Step up performance of power take-off driven machines . . with new LIVE POtyER TAKE-OFF* Stop end start tractor while PTO opera tion stays under full power, Less slow down, less clogging, less gear shifting Increases safety, too. •Sold trpm Yes, it'i on display right now, waiting to ihow you what i really modern tractor can and should bt. i It's waiting with extra power, extra ilee, extra weight. It'i ready to demonstrate new handling ease, comfort and convenience It's eagerly waiting to introduce you to th« most advanced hydraulic system in any trao tor. We call it Live-Action Hydraulic Con« trol. That means split-second hydraulic re< sponse any time the tractor engine is running; Then there's a cfioic« of hydraulic, speed* when you want even faster action. It is called Hy-Trol. • ' This new tractor is waiting with iti great new overhead valve Ford "Red Tiger" en« gine. With its greatly reduced piston travel, lessened friction and other advanced design features, this engine develops ample TS- serve power with new economy of £al and oil. But it would take a full hour to tell you of all the features and advantages of this new engine—let alone the rest of the tractor. Most important of all, Ford's Golden Jubilee Model is waiting to show you what it can do—what this great combination of modern advancements and every time-proved Ford Tractor advantage means in more and better work, done more easily and more profitably. please don't keep it waiting long! Come in and get all the good news, firsthand. Why not make it today? YOU'VE NEVER SEEN A TRACTOR TO MATCH THIS1 Built-in Live-Action Hydraulic System, with Constant Draft Control, Implement Position Control and Manual Touch Control » Provision for a complete range of remote hydraulic cylinder* applications • Hy-Trol, for extra fast hydraulic response • New lightning-fast governor • New wcatherproofed ignition • New rotating exhaust valves • New live PTO* • 3-Point implement hitch • New streamlined, row- vision hood • New extra-size differential and rear axle gearing • Selcc-TroI* for hydraulic control of front and rear mounted implements • A lot morel So LOW in Price, Too! 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