The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 7, 2000 · Page 92
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 92

Los Angeles, California
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Friday, July 7, 2000
Page 92
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LOS ANGELES TIMES FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2(XX) F25 CHANNELS Los Angeles 03 KVEA (Tele) 23 Orange County 03 KDOC (Ind.) 56 HKCBSICBSI02 EB KJLA (lnd. 25 11KNBCINBCI04 BU KLCS (Edu 1 17 H KTLA (WB 05 EKBCAlnd.20 II KABC (ABC) 07 Palm Springs HKCALlnd.09 36 KMIH NBC 04 IDKTTv(fox11 42 KESQ (ABC) 7, IHKCOP (UPN) 13 25 DO KSCI (Ind.) 18 Sant(lBaha.a HO KCET (PBS) 28 1 tYT (ABC) D7 B3 KPXN (PAX) 30 San Bernardino H3KMEXUm 14 24 KVCR (PBS) 24 OD KTBN (Ind.) 40 Ventura County EE KOCE (PBS) 50 6J KADY (UPN) 16 Cable Services A&E 39 ESPN 34 MTV 48 AMC 35 ESPN2 84 NICK 38 BET 57 FAM 47 SCI-FI 87 BRVO 54 FNC SI SHOW 41 CNBC 31 FSN 27 SUND 36 COM 79 FSN2 59 I??. " TCM 88 TLC 51 TMC 58 CSPN 29 FX 89 CMAX 45 HBO 33 ? S !1LST 2! TON 49 i' lft " TNT 52 DISN 53 LIFE 46 USA 44 El 63 MSNBC 90 VH1 62 Use numbers alter call letters to set VCR Plus. Where there are two numbers, repeat the procedure. (R in the grid, denotes a repeat program. TV RATINGS (TVY) All Children (TVY7) Directed to Older Children (TVY7-FV) Directed to Older Children; FantasyViolence (TVG) General Audience (TVPG) Parental Guidance (TV14) Parents Strongly Cautioned (TVMA) Mature Audiences Only ID) Suggestive Dialogue ID Coarse Language (SI Sex (VI Violence Movie Ratings A CLASSIC FIRST RATE FLAWED: HAS MOMENTS DESPERATION TIME Morning 7:00 a.m. H KCBS The Early Show 47552 O KNBC 36! KMIR Today 32620 U KTLA Morning News 92026 U KABC 3 KEYT 42' KESQ Good Morning America 87194 ED KTTV Good Day L A. 23910 DO KC0P63 KADY Doug 17484 m KWHV El Desvan del Tio Ivan HD KCET Barney (TVY) R 73620 ED KPXN Employment Television S3 KMEX jDespierta America! m KTBN Rod Parsley HD KOCE Uncommon Knowledge m KVEA Doug, iOye Arnold! 93658262(7:15) m KJLA Richard Saxton (TVG) SD KLCS In Their Own Words KRCA Nubelu? (TVY) 69378 A&E The Gun Etlect (TVPG) BET Morning Moves CNBC Market Watch 24378 CSPN Democratic Platform Drafting Committee Meeting DISN Madeline (TVY) El Ei News Daily 320552 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Kiana's Flex Appeal FAM Donkey Kong Country (TVY7) FSN Regional Sports Report FSN2 Gilad's Bodies in Motion FX MASH (TVPG) HBO Adventures of Tintin (TVY) HIST Year by Year for Kids (TVY7) LIFE Denise Austin's Fit & Lite MSNBC Morning Line NICK CatOog 706842 SCI-FI Sightings (TVG) TBS Little House on the Prairie TLC Pappyland (TVY) TMC "My Life as a Dog" '851hr41 22151571 (7:15) TNT CHiPsfTVPGI VH1 Back to Back Videos (TVPG) 7:30 a.m. O KCAL Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles TVY7 28465 IB KCOP 63! KADYSabrina OD KSCI Iran-Sima (Farsi) 59945 SD KCET Zoboomafoo 92755 D KTBN Marilyn Hickey SD KOCE Keeping You in Stitches G0 KVEA Aventuras en Panales S3 KDOC Hollywood Plaza ffl KJLA Mike Russell (TVG) SD KLCS Arthur 51303 O KRCA Federrico DISN Bear in the Big Blue House E! Talk Soup (TVPG-D) 41258? ESPN2 BodyShaping FAM Angela Anaconda (TVY7 FNC NewsQuinn FSN National Sports Report FSN2 The Method FX MASH (TVPGI HBO Babar (TVY) HIST Gadget Boy's Adventures in History (TVY) 'Millionaire' By ELIZABETH JENSEN TIMHS STAFF WWTT'R NEW YORK Add two more millionaires to the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" club, and they couldn't come at a better time. The ABC program, which is taped in advance, said it had two top-prize winners in the space of a week (the first, Kim Hunt, a math teacher from Collierville, Tenn., won Thursday night). That brings its total to six, out of about 250 total contestants in the course of its first 1 1 months on the air in the U.S. Producer Michael Davies, announcing "another two American lives changed for the good" at a New York press conference, said the new winners provide some dramatically emotional moments, as well as a chance for a "call out to our regular viewers" at a time when they may not be tuning in to each and every episode of what is currently a three-night-per-week show, soon to be four nights a week in the fall. The show, Davies said, is undergoing an "interesting transition. We were an event program. Now 'Millionaire' is becoming a regular television series. We're not the massive thing, totally different, totally reinventing television. That mantle has been passed on." Tips for Today 9:30-10 p.m., 2:30-3 a.m. Dragnet: High school students arc suspects in a siring of robberies (originally broadcast July 19, 1951), KNXU070). 10 p.m. -midnight Cleveland Orchestra: William Steinberg conducts Brahms (3rd Symphony; Piano Concerto No. 1, pianist Maurizio Pollini); Saint-Saens, Dvorak, KMT-FM (105.1). 1 1 p.m. -midnight law Set With Branford Marsalls: "Louis Armstrong: One Hundred Years," tribute by the Carnegie Hall Jazz Hand. Kl.ON-1'M (88.1). Drama-Comedy-Family 9-9:30 p.m., 2-2:30 a.m. The Lone Ranger: "Foxfire" (originally broadcast 4 TODAY LIFE Denise Austins Daily Workout NICK Hey Arnold! 792649 SHOW "Driving Me Crazy" '91 PG1hr29 7250113 (7:45) TLC Rory's Place (TVY) 8:00 a.m. 13 KCAL Mummies Alive (TVY7) 0 KCOP 63. KADY Pepper Ann ED KCET Dragon Tales 69842 DO KTBN Kenneth Copeland SD KOCE Jenkins' Art Workshop W KVEA Pistas de Blue m KJLA Laura Gregory (TVG) SD KLCS Reading Rainbow (TVY) m KRCA Chespinto AMC "Hotel" '67(PG2hr15 73076484 A&E Northern Exposure (TVPG) BRVO Grace Kelly (TVPG) 31 8842 CNN In the Money COM "The Man With Two Brains" '83 (R 2hr 3230668 DISN Bear in the Big Blue House E! Behind the Scenes (TVPG) ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Strongest Man Competition FAM Kids From Room 402 (TVY7) FSN2 Yoga Zone FX MASH (TVPG) HBO "The Natural" '84 (PG)2hr18 73154216 HIST Year by Year (TVG) LIFE Designing Women (TVPG-D) MTV MTV Jams Countdown NICK The Wild Thornberrys (TVY) SCI-FI Dark Shadows 9304668 SUND Short Scenes From America (TV14-DLSI TBS Mama's Family TLC Skinnamarink TV (TVY) TNT CHiPs (TVPG) USA Fired Up (TVPG) VH1 Music Videos (TVPG) 8:30 a.m. fl KCAL Beakman's World (TVY) EH KCOP 63! KADY Recess BD KCET Arthur (TVY) 681 13 HD KPXN James Robison QD KTBN Ray Brubaker HD KOCE Teletubbies 621533 m KVEA Lift-Off 24755 S3 KJLA Richard Saxton (TVG) HD KLCS Zoboomafoo 86571 GB KRCA Cine CMAX "The Beniker Gang" '85G)1hr27 231649 DISN Winnie the Pooh (TVY) El Fashion Emergency (TVG) ESPN2 Strongest Man Competition FAM Mary-Kate & Ashley (TVY) FSN Regional Sports Report FX MASH (TVPG) IFC IFC Short Film Collection II LIFE Designing Women (TVPG-D) NICK Rugrats 268007 SCI-FI Dark Shadows 9303939 TBS Mama's Family TCM "Pat and Mike" '52 1hr32 75180378 (8:45) TLC Skinnamarink TV (TVY) USA Almost Perfect (TVPG) 9:00 a.m. H KCBS Martha Stewart 56397 U KNBC 36 KMIR Later Today 41465 H KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TV14) 87281 O KABC 31 KEYT 421 KESQ Regis & Kathie Lee 89649 13 KCAL Maury (TV1 4) 30397 ED KTTV Divorce Court SB KCOP Montel Williams 76113 m KSCI I Can Do It! 03 KWHY Ellas, Inocentes o Culpables ;24i KVCR Sesame Street 32133 B3 KCET Barney (TVY) 59465 HQ KTBN Father Michael Manning SD KOCE Ethics in America m KVEA Monica 32151 HD KDOC Life in the Word m KJLA Mike Russell (TVG) HD KLCS Reading: Basic to Success A&E Night Court BET Videolink BRVO Moonlighting CNBC Power Lunch 97736 CNN Newsday DSC Interior Motives (TVG) DISN PB&J Otter (TVY) E! Celebrity Homes ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 WNBA Action FAM It's Itsy Bitsy Time (TVY) FNC NewsAsman FSN Sports Geniuses FXNYPD Blue (TV14) HIST The Real West (TVG) LIFE Who Knows You Best? (TVPG) MSNBC Headlines & Legends MTV Return of the Rock (TVPG) NICK Little Bear 355587 SCI-FI Highlander (TVPG) SHOW "The Naked Prey" '66 1hr34 64585587 (9 15) SUND "Sherman's March" '86 2hr35 638200 TBS Matlock TLC Bingo & Molly (TVY) TMC "Houdini" '53 1 7824007 TNN Dallas (TVPG) TNT Lois & Clark (TVPG) USA The Jeff Foxworthy Show Trumpets Two More Top RADIO Dec. 7, 1955), KNXU070). 10:06-1 1 p.m. Radio Hall of Fame Hour: episodes of "Boston Blackie" (1946) and "The Phil Harris & Alice Fayc Show" (1948), KNX (1070). Classical 8-9 a.m. Commuter Classic: Mendelssohn ("Hebrides Overture," Hanover Band), KM.T-I M (105.1). 10-11 a.m. Morning Symphony: Michael Daugherty ("Metropolis Symphony," Baltimore Symphony), KCSN-FM (88.5). 7-8 p.m. Symphony at Seven: Borodin (1st Symphony, Rotterdam Philharmonic), KMZT-FM (105.1). Country-Folk-Jazz-Pop "i 10 a.m. -Charlie Tuna, KUC (570). i ON TV 9:30 a.m. ED KTTV Divorce Court HD KCET Between the Lions (TVY) EE KTBN Jerry Barnard S3 KDOC Benny Hinn SO KJLA Dow 30 Report (TVG) HD KLCS Reading: Basic to Success A&E Night Court CNN Burden of Proof 532194 DISN Out of the Box (TVY) El Mysteries 8i Scandals (TVPG) ESPN2 RPM 2Night FAM CBN Special Edition 261674 FSN2 Gilad's Bodies in Motion LIFE Who Knows You Best? MTV TRL Wannabe's (TVPG) NICK Blue's Clues TLC Salty 's Lighthouse (TVY) USA Something So Right (TVPG) 10:00 a.m. II KCBS The Price Is Right (TVG) 11 KNBC Rosie O'Donnell 51 755 U KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TV14) 71533 Mi KABC 421 KESQ The View 79129 II KCAL Jerry Springer 24649 ED KTTV Queen Latifah 15945 EH KCOP Forgive or Forget 98303 m KWHY Hablame de Amor HD KCET Sesame Street 98939 S3 KMEX Maite HD KTBN Behind the Scenes HD KOCE Ethics in America S3 KVEA "Agente Secreto 0013" 2hr 32262 03 KJLA Richard Saxton (TVG) SD KLCS Kratts' Creatures 28533 S3 KRCA "Los Foraiidos" 90216 AMC "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" '38 1273397 (10:151 A&E Murder, She Wrote BET Hits From the Street BRVO "The Getaway" '72 PG2hr35 12065552 CMAX Shoes Off : "In Dreams" '99 (R 36725552 (10:15) CNN CNN Today COM The Daily Show 3233755 CSPN Public Affairs (10:15) DSC Home Matters (TVG) DISN Rolie Polie Olie (TVY) E! The E! True Hollywood Story (TVPG) "Jesse Ventura" 338571 ESPN British Open Films ESPN2 Vintage NBA 1931465 FAM The 700 Club FSN2 The Method FX Beverly Hills, 90210 (TVPG) HBO "Heartbreak Hotel" '88 PG-13)1hr42 90033228 (10:15) HIST Weapons at War (TVG) LIFE The Things We Do for Love MSNBC Home Page MTV Mandy (TVPGI NICK Kipper 718197 SCI-FI The Twilight Zone (TVPG) TBS Hunter TLC Pappyland (TVY) TNN Dallas (TVPG) TNT In the Heat of the Night (TVPG-V) USA Ned and Stacey (TVPGI VH1 Pop-Up Video (TVPG-DI 10:30 a.m. EE KTBN Casey Treat HD KDOC New Zoo Revue (TVG) EH KJLA Bio-Med Check-Up SD KLCS Imagination Station COM Whose Line Is It Anyway? DISN Bear in the Big Blue House FNC NewsVester FSN2 Yoga Zone IFC "I Shot Jesse James" '49 1hr21 573736 LIFE The Things We Do for Love NICK Franklin 271571 SCI-FI The Twilight Zone (TVPGI TCM "It Should Happen to You" '541hr27 4695649 TLC Jay Jay the Jet Plane (TVY) TMC "Moonlighting" '82 (PG1hr37 84828939 (10:50) USA Hearts Afire (TVPG) VH1 Pop-Up Video (TVPG-D) 11:00 a.m. O KCBS The Young and the Restless (TV1 4 46823 KNBC News W KTLA Judge Mills Lane M KABC 1 3 i KEYT Port Charles (1VPG) 98769 I'l KCAL Judge Mathis (TVPG) ED KTTV Living Single EH KCOP Jenny Jones (TV14-DL) 12939 m KWHY La Corte del Pueblo HD KCET Noddy (TVY) 98026 S3 KMEX Quenda (TVPG) 90151 CD KTBN James Robison HD KOCE Dollars & Sense: Personal Finance for the 21st Century SD KDOC Southland Today S3 KJLA Local Angle (TVG) SD KLCS Destination A&E Magnum, P.I. BET Jam Zone CNBC Street Signs COM Win Ben Stein's Money DSC Lynette Jennings Design DISN Winnie the Pooh (IVY) E! Sun, Salsa and Stars (TVG) ESPN Golf- State Farm Senior PGA Classic, First Round. 683552 ESPN2 American Muscle FAM It s Itsy Bitsy Time (TVY) Indeed, CBS' summer series "Survivor" has taken some of the novelty out of "Millionaire," beating it in head-to-head competition. Host Regis Philbin said the "Millionaire" team knew a "stunt program" would eventually come along that might beat "Millionaire," but he still managed to get in a shot at "Survivor," noting that once he finally saw it he was expecting more than "throwing spears at a banana," adding: "It's not for me." Davies said he considered whether minting too many millionaires might devalue the show but decided the current rate is right. With all the effort that contestants go to in order to get on, he said, "I have to produce a show where contestants have a fighting chance." As to the low number of minority contestants, Davies said he remains "disappointed, concerned and frustrated" but noted that the blind call-in qualification process for selecting candidates had been scrutinized and no solution was found. The producers have discussed ways to recruit minority and female players, and Davies did note that more women have been getting into the show's "hot seat." Davies also said celebrity episodes of the program would return in November. FX Beverly Hills. 90210 (TVPGI HIST True Action Adventures LIFE Unsolved Mysteries (TVPG) MTV Hot Zone (TVPG) NICK Maggie & Ferocious Beast SCI-FI Star Trek SHOW "A Merry War" '97' (PG-13)1hr40 7612484 TBS "She's Out of Control" '89 (PG)2hr 787858 TLC Bingo & Molly (TVY) TNN Dallas (TVPGI TNT "D.A.R.Y.t." '85(PG2hr 333200 USA Wings (TVPGI VH1 Top 10 Countdown (TVPG) 11:30 a.m. H KTLA Judge Mills Lane M KABC News ED KTTVRoseanne EH KSCI Taiwan News S3 KWHY Noticiario HD KCET Teletubbies (TVY) 99755 HQ KTBN Benny Hinn HD KOCE Dollars & Sense: Personal Finance for the 21st Century HD KDOC Headline News EH KJLA Richard Saxton (TVG) HD KLCS Now and Future Parent AMC "Who's Minding the Store?" '63 1hr45 11007668(11:45) COM Win Ben Stein's Money CSPN Democratic Platform Drafting Committee Meeting DISN PB&J Otter (TVY) ESPN2 Magic: The Gathering FAM It's Itsy Bitsy Time (TVY) HIST Great Blunders in History NICK Shining Time Station TLC Skinnamarink TV (TVY) USA Wings (TVPG) Afternoon Noon f KCBS News (1 KNBC 36! KMIR Tennis-Wimbledon, Men's Semifinals. 917465 II KTLA Little House U KABC 3 KEYT 42! KESQ All My Children (TV1 4) 94397 13 KCAL News ED KTTV I Love Lucy EH KCOP Ricki Lake (TVPGI 94921 EH KSCI Mandarin Drama S3 KWHY Cine HD KCET Mister Rogers 42129 H3 KMEX Cosas del Amor (TVPGI EE) KTBN The 700 Club HD KOCE World of Wildlife ES KVEA Yo Amo a Paquita Gallegos 42649 HD KDOC Rockford Files EH KJLA Tech Trends (TVG) HD KLCS In Focus ES KRCA Noticias 3! KADY Bloomberg Television A&E L A. Law CMAX "The Last Broadcast" '98 1hr26 132858 CNN TalkBack Live 628945 COM Saturday Night Live (TVPGI DSC Christopher Lowell (TVG) DISN Out of the Box (TVY) E! Celebrity Profile (TVPG) ESPN2 NFL Yearbook FAM Two of a Kind (TVG) FNC NewsSmith FSN Daily Sports Source 88465 FX "Cheech & Chong's Next Movie" '80 R 2hr 3929587 HBO King Gimp (TVG) HIST FBI: The Untold Stories IFC At the Angelika LIFE Lifetime live 184571 MTV Sisqo's Shakedown (TVPG) NICK Little Bear 262823 SCI-FI Quantum leap (TVPGI SUND "The Monster" '94 (R) 1hr55 427823 TCM "Born Yesterday" '50 1hr42 9788754 TIC A Wedding Story (TVG) TMC "The Secret Life of Algernon" '97 93651910(12:25) TNN Matt Houston (TVPG) USA Working (TVPG) VH1 Back to Back Videos (TVPG) 12:30 p.m. H KCBS The Bold and the Beautiful (TV141 35620 ED KTTV I Love Lucy HD KCET Storytime 90200 SD KOCE Mochila al Hombro EQ KJLA Media Investor (TVG) SD KLCS Story of Read-Alee-Deed- Alee; Phonics in Context (12:45) B3 KRCACapulina BRVO Inside the Actors Studio (TVPGI 70026755(12:35) DISN Rolie Polie Olie (TVY) ESPN2 NFL Yearbook FAM Big Wolf on Campus (TVG) HBO "Baby Geniuses" '99 IPG) 1hr34 13900194(12:45) HIST History's Crimes and Trials IFC "Picnic at Hanging Rock" '75 (PG1hr55 648649 MTV Making the Video NICK Blue's Clues SHOW "Kickboxing Academy" '97 1hr25 1382246(12:451 TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) USA The Naked Truth (TVPG) Please see TV LOG F26 Winners 9 a.m. -noon Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCKW-FM 89.9). 10 a.m.-l p.m.-Global Village, KPFK-FM (90.7). 7-9 p.m. Madly Cocktail, lounge music, KCSN-FM (H8.5). 7-11 p.m. lazz on the Latin Side, with JoscHizo, KI.ON-FM (88.1). Rock-Urban Noon-l p.m. Noon-Time Disco Workout, K.BKI-I M (104.3). 7-8 p.m. '70s at 7, KCMd-FM (92.3). 7- 8 p.m. Old School Block, urban oldies, KKHT-FM (100.3). 8- 9 p.m. Mix-Down, rap, hip-hop, KKHT-FM (100.3). 8-9p.m. Dcmolistciv IaHI-HM 88 9) - The Big Challenge: Fine-Tuning Radio Having posted its worst ratings in 40 years, the station looks for ways to restore its prominence on the airwaves. Around the Dial By T.L STANLEY SPECIAL TO THE TIMES Struggling talk radio staple KABC-AM (790) may be in for a make-over of Madonna-sized proportions. Just because the station doesn't play pop music doesn't mean it can't take a cue from the queen of reinvention, says its recently named program director Erik Braverman. "It's a matter of staying in touch with what the times are telling you, as Madonna has been so adept at doing," said Braverman, who, at 30, is a 13-year talk radio veteran who has been an on-air reporter, a producer and programmer. "You have to evolve." Executives at Disney-owned KABC have reason to be introspective. The station finished the recent Arbi-tron ratings for January through March with its worst showing in 40 years, a 1.9 share of the listening audience. By May, soon after the numbers were released, KABC's program director of two years, Drew Hayes, left. His departure followed a series of on-air shake-ups this spring liberal comic Stephanie Miller was ousted over "creative differences" ("I was creative, they weren't," she said on her way out), and conspiracy theorist and late-night host Art Bell retired. Radio talk show veteran Michael Jackson, now at competitor KRLA-AM (1100), had made an exit shortly after Hayes arrived. Braverman, who has been at KABC four years and in his new job a few days, says "everything is under review. There's no magic formula to fix a radio station. You need to use your research and your gut, and combine it with good programming and talent." It's still to be decided what changes might take place in the station's talent or program lineup, but Braverman said the tweaking will begin before the fall Arbitron ratings. Marketing, both on- and off-air, will intensify around that time, aiming at the core 35-to-64-year-old AM talk radio listener. On the talent side, mainstays Larry Elder and Dennis Prager, the station's top-rated personalities, will remain at the center of the lineup. Other strong performers likely to stay: Al Rantel, Mr. KABC (Marc Germain) and John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou ("The John & Ken Show"). As a first step in trying to reverse the slide in listeners, the station's on-air promotional spots have been Prime-Time No Summertime Blues for The windup to the long Fourth of July holiday weekend didn't produce the usual ratings swoon for the broadcast networks, which continue to receive a lift from so-called reality programming, based on viewing estimates issued Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. With "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in reruns, CBS' summer series "Survivor" received the most votes from the Nielsen judges, topping the prime-time standings for the second straight week despite the first week-to-week audience decline since the program's May 31 premiere. CBS attributes the dip in part to lower viewing in the opening hour of prime time due to Daylight Savings Time, noting that more people watched the final portion National Nielsen Viewership Here are the rankings for national prime-time network television last are based on the average number of people who watched a program from U.S. viewers age 2 and older. Viewership is listed here in millions. Nat-work Program 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ti 12. 13. 14 15. 16. 17. IB. 19 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25 26 27. 29 30 31. 32. 33 34. 35. 36. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65.. 66. Survivor CBS Millionaire flue.) ABC "Search for Jesus" ABC Million. (Tnu., 9:30) ABC Million. (Sun., 9:30) ABC Every.Ray. (Wed.) CBS Millionaire (Ttiu.. 9) ABC Millionaire (Sun., 9) ABC Law & Order NBC Every. Loves Raymond CBS The Practice ABC 2020 Downtown ABC Dateline NBC (Toe ) King ol Queens (Wed.) NBC CBS NBC CBS C8S CBS NBC CBS NBC ABC ABC CBS ABC NBC EH Becker 48 Hours (Man.) 60 Minutes II Fnends 60 Minutes Frasier 2020 (Fit.) Dhatma & Gieg Judging Amy 2020 (Wed.) West Wing Law 1 Order SVU NSC King o! Queens (Mon.. 8 30) CBS "Star Sate" NBC Diagnosis Munler CBS Whose Line Is It? (8:30) ABC JAG CBS Law & Older (Mon.) NBC Touched by an Angel CBS Just Shoot Me NBC "Vanished" ABC King of Queens CBS Dateline NBC (Mon.) NBC 3id Rock From the Sun NBC Dateline NBC (Fit.) NBC Two Guys and a Girl (9:30) ABC The Oiew Carey Show ABC "Best Fnends lor Life" CBS Third Watch NBC Diagnosis Mulder 19 p m.) CBS "Tidal Wave: No Escape" ABC "Pepsi 400" CBS Spin City ABC "To Brave Alaska" ABC Will & Grace NBC Dateline NBC (Wed.) NflC "Dukes ofHaarard" CBS WWF Smackdownl CBS "Kiss of Death" FOX Whose Line Is ft? ABC Family Guy (8 p.m.) FOX The Simpsons FOX 48 Hours CBS "Animal Rescues 3" FOX NVPD Blue ABC Family Guy FOX Malcolm in the Middle FOX Drew Caiey Show (8 p.m.) ABC NVPD Blue (Sal) ABC Greed FOX PJs2(9:30p.m.) FOX News updated more often than L.fl.'s area codes. yfiif! ;"T4'j' - TV Rankings View-ore Program 23.98 18.45 16.56 16.48 16.35 14.03 14.00 13.65 12.42 12.29 1188 1168 1161 1159 1144 1130 1102 11.00 1055 1048 1021 1019 10.15 991 990 9.65 948 9.48 910 9.09 9.00 8.89 8.80 8 74 8.70 860 860 856 849 845 841 828 817 8.07 804 7.91 7.89 7.75 7.74 7.73 7.31 718 7.09 6.95 6.94 6.88 6.76 6.75 6.71 6.69 6.56 6.55 648 632 631 628 Peter Jennings Providence NBC 6.28 68 MV.0.B. NBC 6.18 69 Beyond Belief: FacVficoon FOX 6.16 70. PJs FOX 6.12 71. Whose Line Is It? (Wed.) ABC 6.05 72. Making the Band ABC 6.01 73. That 70s Show ABC 5.87 74. America s Most Wanted ABC 5.85 75. Dateline NBC (Sun.) NBC 5.75 76. Titus FOX 5.70 77. Profiler NBC 5.62 78. Cops (8:30 p.m.) FOX 546 79. "Ace Ventura" NBC 5.32 "Shama Twain" CBS 5.32 8t. Cops FOX 5.21 82. Making the Band (9 p.m.) ABC 5.10 83. Falcone CBS 5.03 84. The X Files FOX 501 85. Boy Meets Wodd ABC 4.98 86. Sabuna, the Teenage Witch ABC 4.96 87. Ally McBeal FOX 4.80 88. Veronica's Closet NBC 4.74 89. King of the Hill FOX 4.70 90. Suddenly Susan NBC 4.59 91. "TV Guide. . Sitcoms 3" FOX 4.26 92. Futurama FOX 425 93. 7th Heaven WB 3.71 94. Angel WB 3.05 95. The Steve Harvey Show WB 2.96 96. The Parkers UPN 2.95 97. Charmed YfB 2.91 98. Star Trek: Voyager UPN 2.87 99. The Parkers (Mon.) UPN 2.85 100. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer WB 2.69 101. Steve Harvey (8:30 p.m.) W8 2.64 102. Malcolm S Eddie UPN 2 60 103 Dawson's Creek (9 p m.) WB 2 56 104. GrownUps UPN 2.54 105. The Jamie Foxx Show (Sun.) WB 2.49 106. Foi Your love WB 2.38 107. The Jamie Fo Show WB 2.31 108. 7th Heaven Beginnings WB 225 109. 7 Days UPN 2.15 110. Popular WB 2.00 111. Roswell WB 1.96 112. Dawson's Creek WB 1.95 'iI'd'; ."i..Si. revamped, dropping their former self-effacing, tongue-in-cheek approach and adopting a no-nonsense tact that emphasizes history and reliability. The image campaign was created after KABC's recently conducted research project found that listeners associate the station with a balance of opinion and informed on-air personalities, said Braverman, who heads research for KABC and its sister stations Radio Disney and KLOS-FM (95.5), an area he will keep under his purview. "So many people grew up listening to) this station," Braverman said. "They knew they could hear the latest news, they'd hear from newsmakers and community leaders, and they'd get dialogue from all points of view. We'll respect and embrace that history." There is much for the station to overcome. KABC, whose line-up includes talk stalwart Paul Harvey, Web maven Matt Drudge and feminist attorney Gloria Allred, faces its most keen competition from the nearly dozen other talk stations available in Los Angeles, whose hosts range from local talent to the big syndicated powerhouses such as Howard Stern, Don Imus, Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh. Its chief rival is top-rated talk station KFI-AM (640), with a 3.5 share of the listening audience, or roughly 60,000 listeners per quarter hour in the most recent ratings period, almost double KABC's average of 33,200. While other AM radio is the most direct competition, Braverman also sees TV news as a threat, and a bigger one than the Internet, which he says can complement radio because people often use both media concurrently. Another major challenge: good times. With a strong economy, low unemployment and optimistic consumers, there isn't as much demand for talk radio these days as there was in years past. But the genre still has a place, says Braverman, who started in sports talk when he was a 17-ycar-old high school junior in his native Houston. "Listeners aren't quite as angry as they were in the late '80s and early '90s," Braverman said. "But large numbers of people still use talk radio to become informed, because they might not have time to read the papers or watch the news everyday. They also turn to it for entertainment, and we can't forget that's part of our mission." Though he will aim for a dramatic turnaround, Braverman says it can't happen overnight. "It's not like an accounting job where you have to go from red to black in six months," he said. "It's much more subjective. The question we'll keep having to ask is, 'Are we on the right track?' " 'Survivor,' 'Millionaire' of "Survivor" when one "contestant" gets the boot than in any of the previous installments. ABC's two-hour Peter Jennings special "The Search for the Historical Jesus" also found a receptive audience, delivering the network's highest rating for a documentary since 1993. As a sign of "Millionaire's" ratings trajectory, meanwhile, the reruns are drawing more viewers than they did when they originally were broadcast in August. Although "Survivor" is attracting young viewers to CBS generally an older-skewing network so far the program has short coattails. The network still ranked third last week among adults age 18 to 49. -BRIAN 1.0 WRY week (June 26-July 2) as compiled by start to finish. Nielsen estimates that Network Joe- izy 1 MM KABC - AM Nielsen Media Research. They there are 260 million potential Net- View-Program work ore 113. Secret Agent Man UPN 1.89 114. For Vour love (Sun.) W8 1.82 115. Steve Harvey Show (Sun.) W8 1.81 116. Mission Hill (Sun.) WB 1.79 117. Shasta UPN 1.39 118. Dilhert UPN 133 119. I Dare You! UPN 128 120. The Snip UPN 1.18 Cable Top 10 Here are Nielsen's top 10 cable programs in prime time last week, also ranked by total viewers (in millions). Not- Vtaw- Pragraa wwi tre 1. Wrestling (Mon.. 10 p.m.) USA 9.15 2. Wrestling (Mon. 9pm) USA 7.61 3. Wrestling (Mon . 8 p m.) TNT 4.10 4. Wrestling (Sun., 7 p m.) USA 3.41 5. Real Work) MTV 3 33 6 Wrestling (Wed., 9 p.m.) TBS 2.99 7. Walker. Teias Ranger USA 2.95 8. Wrestling (Wed., 10 p.m.) TBS 2 88 9. South Park ComC 2 84 10. Wrestling (Mon., 9 p.m.) TNT 2 34 Network Averages Here is the number of viewers that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. last Season weak to date ABC 10.02 million 13.65 CBS 9.36 12.09 NBC 8.19 11.97 FOX 5.88 8.58 UPN 3.04 3.87 WB 2.48 3.46 Southland Viewing Here are Nielsen's Top 10 prime-time programs in the Los Angeles area during the same week. The rankings are based on the number of households watching. Sta- Housa- Program lion holds 1. Survivor KCBS 732,858 2. "The Search for Jesus" KABC 659,572 3. Millionaire (Thur., 9:30 p.m.) KABC 638,633 4. Millionaire (Tile , 9 p.m ) KABC 601,991 5. 2020 (Frl.) KABC 581.052 6. Dateline NBC (Tue.) KNBC 549,644 7. M.ll.onaire (Ttlur . 9 p m ) KABC 544.409 8. Millionaire (Sun.. 9:30 p m.) KABC 539,174 9. The Practice KABC 497,297 10. 2020 Downtown KABC 492.062 law Si Order KNBC 492,062 II

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