The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1936
Page 8
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,-PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SIS BELff THURSDAY, JULY 2, 1936 Rodjco Will Bring Cowboys-arid Girls i Carulhcisvillc Mayor Cites Inconveniences and Loss > Suffered by -Citizens :CARUTHERSVIM,K, Mo.—Mnyor 1 D. D. Pinion lias Ilird formal coin. plaint -wllli dKtrlct 1 and suite WPA lirndquartris, protesting delay In tlic street widening project in this city, which, was be' gun about six weeks npo. Mayor Pinion cited the incon- . \rniFnce caused traffic, liavini; to .dctonr over a rou^'h section of t.lie rlly, and also pointed out that I merchants along part of tlie twenty-block .section were Wllcr in their complaint nnd criticism iibout- the delay. lie further stressed tlio fuel Hint besides inconvenience to The above, croup of well-known cowgirls niid co'.vloys Is cnlv 11 smnll part of tlic townspeople tlic delay was cms-j nil i li Kfou tin |«ip!i of till nctli n nliui tin. l(Ms Km ,u, Ijoiko conn s to n li«? fpimcis to en to othr-r^ownsI,,,,,,, lhc f , , tl|K nUll , aloll fol lh( (jubuttion 1) Julj irray that will to fm•0 111 cimiiDcllon with the Tlic Editor's Letlcr Box Farm Relic I' Out'of Ether Negro Preacher Will j Spe&k at Laixora Sunday The 'ncv p. 'it. oibson.' neirn minister of •n.wsbm'ir.'-Timn., h:u, nnnounced thai lie will speak at 11 o'clock Sunday morning at the ne- gi'O Baptist church at Luxora. Gibson, who describes himself us tin advocate of cooperation between Jandowners and tenants, lu>5 won considerable publicity by his opposition to (he,•Southern Tenant Farmers Union, which he iKllevcs holds possibilities of hnrm rather than of good for nsgro frirm ten- arils. Praises ; ''1 Workers Apprccialion of the efficient :<:rvlcc rendered by postal cm-i In do thcii trr.ilinit In order to '.'"" '"" ^ -"«•• •••• ••» . v.^»...>..... •, I. s !(,« nri mold tile lotigh. (lusty detour. il<>'"'«l cpctiln;; of Wnlk.-v 1'itrk and the Mississippi Counly l.'ali-ro , Atout two months a(;o, WPA A two boi:r :m<l n half rodra will l:e sla.ii'd In Irtitil of the .i;iai)d:iirinil each afternoon and nhht 'i'l i vrikei', e\ca\.itcd five tret on Kaii^m bitnu wilh them mure Hum one hundred head i.t lu.rsei:, calves wild lirnhinn -Ib t "i e1lv" .'tain' «±,& '£ "" lrr if-'"' '">" '»"'•<; »«"' ™y performers wlip .11, ,Wl, a y for Hlythcville folks, for ^'^ tnt a'jcut twen(s--five ulocks. The >c ™ Lf 1! "' chn " :; """ "'""'>' " r n " n °' 1 ' Wwt - rfrcet has l:ecn burked at In- fersccfiotts, iinci re.sidcnts aloti^ ilte stretch have been forced lo i:cl to their businesses and |IOIIIL.> Hirciiyh L' alleys and acios. kits. Merchants rtlun^ Uie routi 1 inve repr.rU-:! markrd dr"rea-;c In business, and were, among the first to launch , a prolcit catn- ' Allhom.'li no mention was made r*f the £ewei project In his letter to district and state liead- fluaVtcrs, Mnyor I'iiiitin yeste.rd\j stated that this project \vas en- fcnntering indefinite delay nlso. n'e was of the opinion, lie .snitl. llint both projects, were, to linve been flnioheil within a few weeks fiTm the time of beRUUihif,', He pointed out, in addition lo tlie in- ccnvenielice of Imving two or three b!o::ks of^ -street rendered unusable because of the cxcavn- llon for new rower and repairs to the old sewer, it also prevented .Canilhersvtlle from having a. swinnuinK pool. Had the new .sewer and tepalis to the old sewer been completed, arrniiycmenls could' have been made to drain [ the local- pool, and it could have I Lesn |.ut Into operation. As it now | \slaiuh, ilic pool lias to be emptied ] by force pumpim,', and inasnuieli | as this inelliotl is too costly the 5 pool lias not been operated lliisj year. Tlic:f/lorloiis Wnsl (To t'ne editor:) lleeanse a 'liumber of our fronds h;ive asked us to tell them about our wonderful trip \vo decided to write you » letter for all of them. We have Just returned home alter Ijeliij; invay sliiee May 11 on a motor irlji tbraijjli the west wlilc'n took us H.4'27 miles. :• To us il was the most Interest^ Ins, levfjilliig and scenically edu- ciiliona! trli)-bf our lives thus faV us the west; Is tnily a revelation of the vomtors of God. Prom lil';- Itnivillo wo i'ent fnrougli I.ltlie Kock, nallns and Mineral Wells. Twins, and on to Carlsbad, N. M.. we went through' the Carls- |j:td cavern, the eighth wonder of the world. I'rpiu there we drove lo Pimejiis. .sto]>|)li|i; nl Coolldge Dam on tin 1 way. .'Phoenix.Is one of.(.he mosl iinii|iieiy beautiful cit'ies of lhc Ki'-at .southwest, desert coun- .Iry with (be liiiinedlalely surrpniia- iii•• arid le.rritory devcliped into (in- of the most fertile and productive .sections of the United Slates. Tlic Or.ind canyon of the Cplo-| r;u!o river was the next place of init'/i'si. 211 miles Ion;; and from •I In 1« mill's wide and approximately it mile 'deep. At Illythe, we I'lilcml the. creat state of California, 'Flu- lirsl city we vlsllcil was Hun Dii'ijo, where we enjoyed file world's fair exposition. Proiii tliDrc w:' went lo Rnsenada. old Mexico i 60 miles fouth of the lino, iijre w:- j hail ilimier at the Lt I'luya hotel I tj-e palatial beach 'hotel owned by ; l).:iupsey n few years n»o. Gci- iwck to Sail IDlCa'b we next vh- occldenl blend In a galaxy of curved roofs, pagoda-like temples and n strange mingling of American styles niul Chinese stoicism. • I'orl Angeles, \Vasb.. was nnr next, objective after n short stop in Portland, Oregon. 1'ort Angeles, a little city of 12.030 directly .on 1'uitel Sound, [s noted for its paper pulp mills and salmon We had an interesting Victoria, n. the CCC In Hawaii to Kill .. 40,000 Forest Goats ;1IONOI,U1,U (Ul')-ln-n fijlil to' keep the wild goats and .sheep ; from destroying the forests of Ha- i wali by nibbling tlie youivm trees, i are mo 1 ; than 1,000.000 acres of 1 lorest in Ciio Hawaiian Islands Of I tills, 5(i!l,OCO acres arc ownerl by tlis-f Vi (joverummt and t), t > n -st by pri-' " - bi p \)i largely .su a ar i;ro\v- 40,000 of the former are ,„ k :[, s : I Shatly Grove Revival Meeting Is Postponed The task, which 'nas b:en given i to. the CCC, Is a part of the sjme nnd on to Salt Lake City where we heard the. world's greatest pbc organ in the Mormon tabernacle and enjoyed a swim In th = salt lake. We learned so much from this vacation and returned 'iiome with the earnest hope, that nil our friends may liiu'c (lie same Hip xomelimc, Dr. Kdna W. Hies.. yoals under control will be made ' i on « tract of 85.000 acres of youii" j forest. A sheep-proof fence of 52 j 1 miles i.s being built around ft, and Klves me _ January with, her small daughter K'enl pleasure to who is having special trainhic/ in ixpi-ess lo tlic Ihcmsniids or pcsL- (I'.ineinj. sln B ii"i K and dramatics" At mas ere, supervisors nnd other' I'lvad^na we s<iw IIis world famous inpioyes of Ine nastal service my , Hos; Howl surrounded by 10000 lueerc congratiilallons and tlianfc; rose plants. ' ' tor. their efflcleht hnnrilinn >....> Vn<,. m iir, their efflcieht handling fc; mid prompt delivery of the millions of rcjjistcn-d letters (,-ontiiinini; tile adjusted service bonds and the speedy, certification nnd payment V the bonds presented by Inm- dredK of lliousands of men and wouien , .who" participated in the World War, 11 he said YoEcmite Park was our next stop where we saw the world's Inrgesi lr.-v.'s and drove our car through one of them! Our;visit was culminated by a gorgeous'-view of the sunrise over the mountains. ''• J X ft i On the way to San Francisco we slopped at San Jose and .went through the I Rosecriician Teiiipie, "I also wish to cx]iiw.s my up- " 10 " lo 1>al0 A1(o - fo: ' n bm< st preciitlton for the wbolclicarted "' Stanford University grounds. Will Hold Luxora Circuit Conference at Highlowcr Tiie, t'nlrd quarterly confrencc of the I.txora circuit of ^Icllio.list churches Will be held nt High'tow- er Sunday' with the Rev. Sum B. Wiggins.' presiding cldsr of I'nc Joncsboro district of M«lho:llst churclics, conducUrij th: conference. The Re,v. J. C. Agncw, pastor of the Methodist churches in tile Lvix- ora circuit, will pre,ich at lti»h- tower chiircb. Saturday night. 7:-lo o'clock, and Sunday morning, n o'clo:k Here's the answer lo llmt muslcnl query, "How yon gonna keep down on the farm?" A radio on n cultivator does'it. for Hcrschcl Uatey, Pameoukl, Ark., shown here as lib enjoyed . music and baseball resumes while his mule team moved up and down the corn rows, naileries and radio were, set on the tonjjui- of llic i-ullivator nnd aerial fixed from front to back, with the cultivator frnmc serving us the "(sroniid." cooperation by the veterans themselves, the veterans organizations labor unions, fraternal .societies, service clubs,, radio broadcasting stations, newspapers, mat-ariiies and the. general public. This tremendous undertaking has bcei] b iKcly completed. The .successful ccompllshinciil o! Ibis Mantle risk again deinonslrnle.s the ef-' elency. the iinrniling loyalty and le dcvotton lo duty of the entire uslnl personnel." New mirrors on the market Milled pink to give reflection. flesh-colored 'Electric Eyes' lo Guard Gems at Exposition JOHANNESBURG. (OP)— Hidden detectives will gimrcl precious stones worlli millions of clulliu'.s at the Empire Inhibition lo be singed at Johannesburg in September. The .stones \vill be displayed i" tlie null of Jewels which Is tolng converted from one win<; of the Transvaal Chamber of Minci building. Tiic strides!, precautions nre bcins tnkeu by authorities to assure the snfcty of the gems on fhow. in addition to detectives, concealed at vantage points, there will be 'alarms operated by photoelectric cells, as well as other in- genious devices designed lo : baiTle thieves. . AnoLYicr "safety factor" is the absence of any windows. Ventilation Is provided artificially. F.n- trnncc lo the chamber will be bj turnstile, allowing "one-way traf tic" only. The last sip's as good as the first if you me KING ARTHUR "SOFT-STILLED" GIN On aliot (lay...the first sip of a tall, coKl Collins, dial's somc- iliing! Bui is lhc last sip always as u$ty as die first? It will be if you use Kms Arthur "Soft- Stilled" Gin! Melting ice can't spoil the II.ivor...thc last si[> of your Ktckcy or Collins will taste jusl as guoit as the first. tatm KING ARTHUR GIN DiiiilM f'am 100ft Aatricai Grj'm Ntu:,jl Sfhils \ Seagram UistilUrsCorp.DUtillcry: I-viviei Executive Ofi'icc: N'cwYork *ST.CHMB IfOUt its-*/ , A/etv L/tle<zn5 fio/ne Tastefully furnished rooms Beautyrest martresses Simmons beds Comfortable chairs ' Restful bed lights Well lighted bathrooms [These comforts aro yours i whether you occupy an ex• pensive suite or a minimum ! priced room. And lhc same, friendly and efficient service goes to EVERY guest. | Direction DINKIER HOTELS CO. lilCOUPCnAlED CARLINC DlNKLfi? ' :=• Operating The ftnsley ATLANTA The St. diaries NEW ORLEANS The Savannah SAVANNAH TheTulwiler BIRMINGHAM Jefferson Davis MONTGOMERY AndrewJackson NASHVILLE . In Sun Francisco we especially enjoyed Chinatown, the world's largest Chinese section outside the orient. Here fne. orient and the Italy, lo .Open Cable Railway Line to Peak ! AN Itrao, Italy (UP)—What Ilaliims claim to he the lor.'.;est lusnended cable rillway • in tho •vorld is scheduled for inauguration here Oct. 2fl. The railway will carry tourist 1 ; 'o db/i' hel.'lits overlookiti:; th 1 - 'iulf of Olives au;l the village of -t. RcmulUK. 11 will oxt:'nd for itont -!!<j miles f real • e:m-.Homo '( lhc U.TI of Ml. l!i!;iione. Ac- ••ovdluf; to 'l^luuis, no exisliiu; •allrciul of this type now exceeds '1 ^ miles. . 'three Icrn-inals are included in :bo rvii, one of which w|i| the lo^•'fed nt a iii'iylit of nearly a mile. The cnble system will be Ki:ppcrtrd by 18 steel towers constructed en three mountains. In aiuiounciiiH Imminent iuaug-. nralioii of the line, sponsors of |iir> rrnrpct i<ninlc:l out that it represents a significant, industrial .•iL-icry for Italy, since constriction was carried cut entirely with materials and machinery fabricate) ili'ulic homeland at.a li!iie \vben sanctions were hi effecl. when completed, the tusk of rounding up and killing the wild animals in the enclosure will be undertaken. Tiie same process then will be repeated hi other districts of the American I-'orest Resi-ive throughout; thi;'islands: • It is estimated no-.v that there. World Famous Cllnlc'i Private P/«serIplloi\ Hovt Availabfe io All Suffercu, Thou!faiiils aro on Ilin r ul.l :iKy hucauHO of I'll. 1 ivliMt ^:i|> t| lc j r .t Sl-nor tlllnii-, \i-,iilLls ' r.-cuil jM.tnullc.ii.lslln-ii Robinson Drug Co. Krforc You Hny Any ": Oiilljbafcl -' "fife' Uip" 2 "• J> Single Cyl. (Other Sizes to 1C H. P.) JIUliliAKI) TIKE & HATTKKY CO. ITS FLAVOR WON THE NATION'S WHISKY CAPITAL! W HEN Kentuckians—America's most critical whisky judges — choose Bottoms Up in such overwhelming numbers, you know it must be good.' So why not try it? It's Kentucky straight whisky, every drop —made the costly, unforced, old-fashioned way, from a rich, old-style mash formula 66 years old! Bottoms Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY !• I KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY ! BROWN-FORMAN Distillery Co., Louisville, Ky. ' I . THE GHUTE5T NSMt IK WHISKY PRICED WITH THE LOWEST In Wlfi, the attorney [; f Hungary instiu-i.i-d a censorship n ' cro:jfra ord puz/lcs. s a E COOUCST SPOT' IN TOWN! Last Time Today Sylvia Sydney ami Spencer Tnu-y in \Vilh Wiiller Abel Paramount NVws anil "Hil and Kun llrivcr" —AdrnissTon— Mafhicr—III ,v anc—With ],• Ta Ni'Kht—10 A- .15,—With le Ta\ Friday - Pal Night! 2 Adults Atlinillrd lor I'riic of 1 All Children—ICe Novrlly anil Cnitu'dv —Admission— Malinre—Id A 25r—With tc T.t\ NiRltl—10 *—With le Tn\ SATliKDAV. ,H![,Y .|-- MIDNKJIIT "OWI," SHOW Delicious STEAKi 'Cooked with Electricity 5 We ;Ii:ive added amked K. ('. In Willi Chester Morris ami Miirgot (Jraltar.ic Ccmitlj July S-n_"S,\j; I.'U ..CISCO" nillt Cl.irk C.alite Jranctlc McDonald. TUESDAY. .U?t,Y 7 HANK NIKU THE ST. CHARLES, w; ORLEANS r rcjviiliir menu delicious, elect rira'ly- II:ilf or wlinlc Tciwlcrlnin and large or rniall T-Honc si-rvcsl with :t speciul Hahid anil polalucs. \Vc have a sppcini man for this job with IS years exncricnca prr pai'injj and pi'rviii); ivood si oaks. We inslallecl modern Kirrlrie Sicak Grills and Polalo Cooker because \ V e find lliai cook'mo- U 'itli , ; . ' ' O ' eleetrjei[y i.s .('leaner, (iouler, More KITieieul, ami •gives .Boiler Kesulls - - which insures your and satisfaction. RUSTIC /. Ernest Halsell, Prop.

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