The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 19, 1947
Page 6
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SIX BLYTHEVILLTO (AKK.) COUKTEIV Js'EWS SATURDAY, APRIL 10. 1017 lish Navy rsfs Nozr >rt /nfo Sea A BRITISH NAVAI, April 19 (UP)—The Bri!- N»vy blew the tiny German fortress of Helgoland 1iUo Iho Sea today with n shnlUrlpg from 6,700 tons of hlga explo- •".^Tne explosion touched off bs' an WJWtric impulse Tiom a cab'; ship zniles a^vay smashed the /or- whicli had piotectcd Grr- JB«By's exposed noitliMC's; fln.'ik tluough two wais ( r M Commander Frank Mildred aboard the cable ship ITSSO 'Uppeel th* detonating .witch \vhon lie heard Uii ; gong of the hourly B.B.C. lime fRljaaalat 1 p.m. (0 a.m. ESTJ. -;iikfthe blast was intended to change itth* ; red rocky island, one mile long >'1U¥l one-third of a mile wide. stnmU 5;ta«: off the'; River Elbe cslur.ry 28 '• toUes from the' German m.iMand, !:.frg>jpaa fortress Into a haimlc*?:; lit- ^tJevhaven for North Sea fishermen, 'S: s-jplouds of smoke rose 8,000 feet. ^;B6fenarmc pens, nntl-uhrcraf*. Rims, $ radar installations were lipped Debris scattered the sea for I jhinidreds of yards around the islnnd ^ Greek Bandits Killed K; <>;.=-. • </.£-;^THENS, April 19. (IIP)—Mlli- ry.-.tiry authorities at. Larlssa inuioun- ;-,'cc«<I today that "the Greek Army's ( ^/an.ti-guerilla offensive in Northern | h.^-Tliessaly was ending after nine ^.;<J«y s of combat in which 200 "ban-I ?J'-,<jlts" were killed, arid 400 waund- % efl," captured or surrendered. ;; ",''iThere are no doctors in Lapland. WATCH FOR OUR NEW DAILY COMIC STRIP ay CfLLA'S l?//t£^f///~& N^% ^m- w. DON'T MISS THE RIOT OF LAUGHS FURNISHED BY THE NUTCHELLS America's Funniest Family By fftrtltonhnht Copyright by Given Dovcnpori; wavwpaa: Distributed by NBA SERVICE, INC. THE STOHYt. Aflc ime of ilnazliiiK llu- > httiuc to th <OVV1I Wlu*T« of liifr IllI M). miltm mm fur I- ntil Die Vl.-dirln feinkrr, nhtr bud :fcbly n« It' i- Klvlv Var. In Ju-r inirlj- J^nttlntt, ht'r Krainl - ilwiiirliftTf Xnrvrl I'errnuli, :iu tlili'My ;>'renr)miim Mini IK JKT iiitrlrali palnttf, and Sir C'fiarlc.* Mrnl- *«, hrr hutU-r. SoiiMc- luvs ImUfrht 1he ulil IValimlv fr.misr «• rexvInKfve Coime XrrlE |ml«<. Vicky in uiitir token »Hh linml: «om« Mnlly BnRnt, ^vlm HM-K xt dnor nndi- ivhoin s(u- fins n* met. Sir I'hnrli-.* wnvui ln-r nt «h«v Hn^nlH mny m»i »li- oye vi.Mnilntue vim 10) ck. ' 'OON after lunch Sally tclc- ~, phoned to say that the first •how began at 7 and he would call lor Vicky at (1:30. Since Macl- 'aine's household \iever dined bc- ' lor 8, Vicky had ( an apple at G j o'clock and drank; a .'glass of milk jbiefore she sal down' to wait for jJjiSalty. When he rang I he doorbell SJR'She admitted h|fn herself and was ~ "i;l4t eresteci to see that he wore the niform of a riax^al lieutenant, al- iLOii^ulLitWas somewhat disluvh- ig to-lfnd that the uniform made im look handsomer cvenV'than le rgrhembered. , p -, v (• "Hello," he said. "-'<'*• : I "Hello, Salty. Come on in." *J'He laid his hat on a bench neat jtne door, but without taking his ijes off her face. :"Well," she said in admiration I "I see you're an officer. I trust yoi l>re also a gentleman," "Can't you lell?" lie ashed nnx- "Oh—it's so hard to tell wher Du have a uniform on, isn't if 1 ^ou all look alike. Come in whil I;get my coat." 'A Salty, followed' her into tin Jib-awing room, looking around room doesn't look a bit a did when the Peabodys livoc he said, his tone implyin the change was all lor the worse JShe went in for New Englam olonial—you know, spinning wheels and hooK'nd rug^. Slie'd .irn over in her &rave if she coxild :e it now. That is," he added in n afterthought, "she would if ne were dead." "iVInybe she is dead and doesn't now it," Victoria said. *'Oh, no, sho couldn't be," he nswered solemnly. "I'd have card if she were. 11 ~. ,- .. , iV/ELT^, thought Vicky, anyone who makes such a lecblc at- empt at humor deserves to he akon seriously. "And my groat-uncle Adam saw icr at a synnphony concert only a ouplc of months ago," he went in, ."That's when she told him Madame van Kyck had bought her louse." llo caught sight of the t of Sophie as Juliet thai uing over the mantel. "Say—is hat your grandmother? 11 * "Yes," said Vicky proudly 'That's Granny as -Tuliet," "Who painted it?" he asked, regarding it critically with his hcac on one side. fV great artist named Marce' Pen-anil." "Never heard of him. What else has he done?'' "Only -15 other portraits, alt o Grandmother." I hope the others are bettc than this," said Sally. "Sort o what you'd call Cubism, isn't it I don't care for it, myself. Ii fact, as f;ir ;ts I'm concerned UK Cubans just can't paint at ali. ; Victoria laughed merrily, "Ini stopped when she saw him Inokin; at her in astonishment. "Uncl Marcel," she said, "isn't a Cuban He's a French Impressionist." "Oh, is he your uncle?" aske< Salty in real distress. "I'm sorry! I wouldn't be riule lo your uncle for anything in the world. Yon kno\\ r that, Vicky." "Oh, that's all right. Have a ,arct, won't you?" To make him feel more comfortable sho lighted for him. "Anyway, I just call im Uncle." t "lie must be the old fellow in beret 1 saw on the cliffs ycstcr- i»y," said Sally. "1 eviSi ?'.*y he .ocsn'l look a bit Ilka pictures I've een of Sophie van Eyck. I'd icvcr guess they were related." i Vicky laughed nervously. "Well, 't course—" She paused, womlcr- ng how lo explain that they wcra/ iot. .• -. ' .-^• 1 fe*Jt«li '"* i/~\F course, if he's your grand-. mother's brother," S;ilty \viis4 ay ing, "then he's your great- inclc." " f - " "Why, he and Granny are "Croat riciuls—•" "Good!" cried Salty heartily. "I ike IhaL H isn't often thnt close/ •plativcs are also good friends. lave you ever noticed people ; lon't necessarily even, like their • own relatives?" |j *'That*s very true, 11 she agreed. ; 'Now Unit you speak of it, I had/ noticed." /T< SMly sat down hi a chartreuse- • velvet arnichiiir, reached for an . ish tray and made himself com-for (able. "You lake my mother atul her undo by marriage, my great-uncle, Adam Bagot. He won'l even live in the house with us and \vhou we till coma down here for the summer he stays in, a liltlo gardener's collage by him-/ scl[. He liacl some kind o[ a tragedy in his youth that he never got over, but you'd like the old gentleman. I'll take you to see him some tune before 1 go," "CloV'fiaki Vicky, and \va* sur- / prised to find a note of. alarm in,/, Jicr voice. "Back to the Navy Yard. I'm, only here /or two weeks' leave.' You ?re> I'm in the Naval Reserve!. 1 I don't expect fo get out of un form for another year or two." >"*j "Well, then," Vicky said, "ofl course 1M love to meet your yreat- S uncle, bul if you have just two* weeks' leave, don't you think we' might find something a little more"' exciting to do?" v ->0 Salty got to his feet. "We can \ start by holding hands iu the • movies," ho. said. "Three day.> o£ < my leave have gone by already-"^ "Ob, gracious!" she exclaimed, . lf Gct your coat," ordered Salty.' ''-•• (To He Continued) " For Limited Time 10! LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium si/.e ami l:irf,'p. tracts. No i-xtras. I r lill rciiuvniei>l privi- <cgc. SKE US FOlt QUICK SKUVICK ON FHA LOANS For Building trr Kcpairitis. Als» Auto Truck anil Trac-lor Lniins. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Gtr.inVs .levclry Store , IllytheviUu, ArU. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. V/ebb Hwy GJ at State Line Phone Ulythevillc 714 Let Us 5 STOP Hox 87!—1 ING cmedy for jn hell) you fy cost tj you ,CT Villc, Ark. ' / "Sonny's ideas certainly are changing .as he grows-—a year ago this room was full of airplane models, and now look ;\t what he has on his mindl" /?e Sure! INSURE j With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. B1TTNKH 38939! MUST MAKE ABOUT 3OO. OOO TURNS IN SPINNIN&A COCOON, AND THE THREADS FKOA\ COCOONS WOULD REACH COMPLETELY" THE EARTH. COfR. 1>17 BV HEA SEft'/ICf. IfVC. ""A RAINY DAY/MAT BE A RAH? DAY,"-% . R.PAlNVER., NORMALLY HAVE AN V£AfA't/A1&£/Z. OF FEATHERS. T. M. BEG. U. S. PAT. Off, 4-19 Lciwnmowers . . . Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop 1C Yes, We Have New Cars * Arriving Every Week * Pontiacs 0 Fords * Chevrolets * Pfymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Toi> Dollar f<v Clean Late Model Cure BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main S! NEXT; V-liat great historian met death !n a volcano? Arkansas State Planting Seed CERTIFIED Grade'A'D. & P. L. No. 14 Cleaned Treated Now Sacks Purify 99.5 Gcrrni^tiVipn 85% LIMITED SUPPLY Also Ogden and kuycri Soy l&qii ^™ JL f\ I k i A J^^ VlWlf* 1 ' EARL MAGERS Phone 635 ' t>el! y Arkansas WARP PRISOHERSGONE. HE CONCLDDES THAT THEVVIE CLI,'J6ED OL'T OW THt ROOF. Not. fov Long LOOK! THE CAT,,.IT'S LISTENING TO SOWETWMG 1M THE TOWER. tHM Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopleOuf Our Way By J. R. Williams 7 LOOti, SHE 1 W.-XMT& TO GET IM 7M' CLOSET AND SHE HIM ON TH' RUO.' f TH' LAZY, SPOILT LOUT— WOULPM'T DO YOU WILL WHEW VOU'RS MV AGE, HDP ING SOMEOME W!H PO ^HE S.-XME FOR VOL) WHEM IT GETS AS HARP FOR VOU TO SET UP ANSP DOWN) AS 1 r IS FOR. HIM.' i- WAllKEDJM QM A Deppsir IMSTCP.O TH6 OLD STIFF HV jnCHAKI, O'MAIJ-RY nnd RALPH t.ANK BUT I DO HOT VMMTIk 06ARET. THERE, THAT'S BETTER. THE LAST CISAR6T t HAVE, TOO. GENEROUS LOOK, VIC. THERE 5 A CAR FORKED WITHOUT UCMK TH15 ilOE; OF MUIVANE5'. DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT MEANS ANYTHING 1 IF THERE REALLY 15 ANYTHING WRONG, I DC«T WANT TO CO TOOLING UP TO THE PROMT DOOR IN A CLOUD OF OUST. I DONT KNOW, LIB8Y. CM GOING TO (WW BEHtNO IT, I RSI.IR TURNKP WEIL BEKINO WE, DME.TI'L I f Wt> IF IT'S SAFE FOR I'OU TO COKt FUETHER< RYJil'!• A Tost MY V. T. HAMIJN 1V5AS BULWW U11LE BEA\'£R] O,-^ PURPOSE TO LEARS! IF RYOE.R IVtoUGHI AOR& 01* MO THAW HE it LEY OOV LOOKS L1K.C TOU D DOA5ISKf,K052 W)LL HARrt A HAIR OKI L\me BEAMEK'S HEAD-' fWW SADDLE Uf TOURH055.'\1 IT'S TIME FOR YOU To DO TOUR SHARE O 1 THIS Shoo)! '%'i« :< ' EH? SVHATS WRONG! THE.YVH GCTT IN TOO CLOSE; i GNN'T GET TK= X^J-!.' BAR5Eu DO\vN FAC ENOUSH TO HIT 'EM: BOOTS AND HKR \Vh;it\s Up? MAHT1N

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