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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 8

The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 8

The Morning Newsi
Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:

ITHE MORNING NEWS, WILMINGTON, DELV, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21,1910. FORMER DELAWARE CO NVINCINQ PROOF YduvEam LEV! COURT MAY AIDII1II -While al (he OF THE VIRTUE OF Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable Compound Whjt is the use of procrastinating in the face of such evidence as the following letters represent? If you are a sick voman or know one who is, what sensible reason have you for not giving Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-pound a trial? For 30 years we have been publishing such testimonial letters as these thousands of them they are too, every one ot them. Leaira Drafting, Shorthand, Penmanship, Begins Next night 6 hours Mrs. George May says Monday. September 261-3 nights a instruction week and in one week, 2 hours a study if desired- English. Typewriting, Spelling, Bookkeeping, Arithmetic, Rapid Calculations Mrs. 8. jr. Barber favs C'lthinkLvdiaF. jPinkham's Vege- i Hdine compound lis toe tiest medi. Jcine in the world tor women and I feel it my duty 1to lot others know the pood it has done for me. Three years ago I had a tumor which the doctor wm-iM i oeremovea Dyan operation or I could not Jive more than a vear. I' tJ t. or two, at most. I wrote Mrs. Pink- iiaiu, atjynn, for advice, and took 14 bottlef tydia E. Pink-bam egetable Compound, and today the tumor is jrone- and I am a perfectly well woman. I hope my testimonial will be of benefit to oth-ere. "-Mrs. S. J. Bahbee, Scott, Mrs. E. F. Hayes says: "I was under th "doctor's treat ment for a fibroid tumor. I suffered witn pain, soreness, bloating, and could not walk or stand on my feet any length of time. I wrote to Mrs. Pinkham for advice, folio wed her direction nnd took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable vompouna. xo-aay i am a well woman, he tumor was expelled and my whole system strengthened. I advise all women who are afflicted with tnmors or female troubles to try Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Mrs. E. F. 1890 Washington Boston, Mass. I I Tl I Thoroughly Tauuht by Expert Instructors Select Studies Yon want. Individual Instruction. No Class Recita- tioas. No Entrance Examinations. Both Sexes Attend. Positively no Embarrassment Special low Rales'. Yona Save $6 by Enrolling Now Office open daily, also each eyening this week from 7 tog. Call and talk it over with us. 1 Eighth and (first riour) ile You For 30 years Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has been the standard remedy for female) ills. fo sick woman does justice to berself who Mill not try this famous medicine. Made exclusively from roots and herbs, and has thousands jof cores to its credit. Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women fii- to write her for advice. She has guided thousands to health free of charge. Address Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass. one knows 'trZ V. 1 hat I have suf-' TIS', fped from fe- t'maie jiieuraiiria pains. 4and backache. My doctor said be could not give tint) anything to jcureit Througb. me auvice 01 a friend I iiegan to use Lydia E. Pinkham's Vere- table Compound, and the pain soon disappeared. I continued its use and am now in perfect health. Lydia E. Pinkhairf 8 Vegetable Com. pound has been a God-send to me as I believe I should have been In my grave if it had not been for Mrs. Pinkham's advice and Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound." Mrs. George May, 80 4th Ave-Patorson, If. J. Mrs. W. K. Housh says "I have been completely cured of a severe female trouble by Lydia E. Pink, ham's Vegetable) Compound, and want to recommend it to all snf. fering women. -Mrs. WV K. Hou8H, 7 East, view cinaati, Ohio. 1 Because vonr case is a one, aoctors having done you no u.w uui cuiiuuue to suner wunout trivinir Lvdia Pinkhsm'o etable Compound a trial. It surely has cured many cases of female ills, i suchasinflammation-nlceration riiaJ placements, fibroid tumors, irregu-'i larities, periodic pains, backache.etc iQ teacher at Hagmtown. HAGERSTOWN, Sept. 20. Miss Elizabeth Brown, of Queen Anne's county, who' was recently teacher of the new domestic gclenca department of the Female High School in this city, has arrived and is arranging to take charge the work this wgek. The school board is having a room equipped at the Broadway School Building for the new department Tiew Pastor for Frederick. Sept 20. Th Lutheran congregation at Middletowt has elected the Rev. J. W. "Gentsler, psstnr of Matthews Lutheran -Church at N. as pastoi to succeed the Rev. William E. Brown, who resigned to become pastor of tht Church of the Reformation In Baltfc more. Invitation to Attend Convention. FREDERICK, Sept 20 Secre tary F. B. Sappington, of the Board of Trade, has received an invitation fot his organization to send represnnta tives to a convention of Boards ot Trade to be held at Cambridge, October 26. The matter' will be considered at the next meeting of the local body. Frederick Women Dead. FREDERICK, Sept. 20. Mis Catherine Clementina Strawsberge died at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Adaline Janies, North Mtrkef street, aged 76 years. The cause Ol death was apoplexy, hne was a daugh ter of the late 'Mr. and Mrs. John F. Strawsberger, of Frederick county. Ona sister. Mrs. Adaline James, survive her. Court Opens at Elkion. ELKTON, Sept. 20. When tha September term of the Circuit Court for. Cecil county convened in Elkton yesterday James H. Smith, of Cecil-ton, was appointed foreman, of th grand jury. Chief Judge James A. Pearce and Associate P. Hooper are presiding. Death of Mrs. C. BelL FREDERICK, Sept. 20. Estella V. Bell, wife of Elmer C. BeJL died yesterday at her home nea Mount Pleasant, aged 20 yeam. Th cause mt her death was typhoid fever. Resides her husband she left an Infant son. Cerebrated Coldcii ELKTON, Sept. 20. Mr. and) Mrs, John F. Grant quietly celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their home, four miles north of hero, -A few of their relatives were present to congratulate them. Knlnhts of JTysUe Chain. MIDLAND, Sept 20. The annual convention of the Select Castla of Marylandj Knights ot the MvKtin Chain, began to-day. it 1 1 IS BEAD miv LMIA FBAZIER, WHO AWAY "WAS MEMBEB OF AX OLD FAMILY, a STREET CARNIVAL FOR DOVER IT WILL BE GIVE! BY W0MT.X OF I'tOFLES' CHURCH FOR BEJfE. FIT OF THAT ISTITCTIO. OTHER SEWS XOTES. "The Mornine vjy sept. 2). Mrs Kl- Jiunu irrazier, wife Wili'am E. K. riaur, and a Dtlawareaa of ilu. n-t rncestry of Anglo-Saxon oied at No. 19s Hailaday street, Jer sey city, N. and was buried to-dav me tamiiy plot at Elkton. Md. Mrs. Frazler was the daughter of the late William Gooden and Catherine jaw uer his wife, and was born at Willow Grove, this county, zi, isou. Her husband and two daughters survive her. Both Mary Rebecca tha elder daughter, who is married, and Dpra, single, live in Jer- Six brothers survive-John C. Gooden, Marvville. Mo- Hmn Gooden, Kirkville, Samuel S. uooaen, Athens, Texas; WiUIam Gil- oen uooden, Philadelphia; Albert W. Gooden, Willow Grove, DeL FOREIGNERS ARRESTED. One Was Tfeld Under Ball for 3Tak-inp Threats at a Cannery. Sept. 20. Charged With incitine to tint anil destruction of the lavge cannins of Charles U. Scott, several ifjreignors employed at the house were arreated to-day t.y IVtective Murphy and Cole. Mike Antonio ws the only, defendant held. MafTiitTfit. Whartn-i rtu a J300 baiipirre from Antorlo. wno at Italian prizefishter. Ks wife was iismissed. but a Mhen her hii'band wag Imprmrjcd. he trouble (itnrted a-hor, dicteing io the management to the number of operatives required for ta-n machines, threatened to fery employe who worked tlw-eon in jueu.ence to tha Dover Street Blectul to '-The itormn. M. 1X1VKR, Sept. 20.The women of the Peoples church. Dover, win hni.i a street carnival in the block on Bradford street, bounded by Reed stueet n. me nuuia ana Division street on. ths north, during old "home week" in Dover, Octolier 19, 20 and 2L booths and tents will be erected and lorches ill be nrofinselv rtwnroi tr the evm. Delaware dinners nA nare 1 rvea iu tne church dining room, and, in the evening, an opeii- consisting of concerts and charades, will front of the church, under the big electric lights there. The women of the tiiurra ate at work on some, novel amusement features-that are sura to incase ana attract tne crowds. to Pacific Coart Points, Baltimore and Ohio. R. The. Baltimore and Ohio'R. R. win sell one way Colonist tickets to points California, daily, to September incltibive, and from September 30 to October 14 inclusive; to Alberta, Oregon. Washington, Montana, Idaho and British Columbia points September 14 to October ,14 inclu sive ana to many other western points. For rates, tickets and full particulars apply to ticket agent, citv ticket office, 814 Market street or Deleware avenue station, or Address A. Miller, T. P. Wilmington, Del. Charter for Auto Company. Wnrnrngr New. hept. 20. The Sho Department of TtelaWaro to-day issued certificates of incorporation to tbe Simplicia Automobile Company, to engage in the manufacture and sale of various Kinds of machines, engines motors and pro-pwllcd by gas, steam or electricity. Tiw incorporators are Stuart L- Jaffray of iwk; nimon j. BUlenker of Ke Orleans, Ia; and James AlcBrien of New Brighton, N. Y. The capital stock is $2,000,000. BOOK For Every Livm? Thing on the Farm Humphreys' Teterinary Specifics. 500 Page Book free, on the Treatment and Cure of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, Hogs and Poultry, also Stable Chart to hang up, mailed) fise. LIST OF SPECIFICS. A. A. For FKVEBS, Milk Fewr. Li Ferer. B. B. For SPBAI.XS. Lneaeiw. Rhrnmathm. C. C. ForSOBBThro.t.Epizootie. DUMmper! D. D. For WORMS, Bot, Gmbi. E. E. For COI GHS. Cold. IB F. For COLIC. Bell ycho. Oiarrka2 G. G. PreTenO MISCARRIAGE. H. H. For KIOIVEV mni Bladder ilmi I. I. Fo8KIJIDISF4SE8.MaW.ErDlna. J. R. For BAD COXDITIOX. Indl.tioo. At druggists or sent prepaid on receipt of price. 60 cts. each. HUMPHREYS' HOMEO. MEDICINE CXX, CoJoet Wiuiam ud Aon Streets, Kew York. The Wretchedness of ConstipatioLY Can quickly be overcome by CARTER'S LITTLE LIVtR PILLS. Purely vegetaUs act turdy and gently oa the liver. Cure Buiounesr, Head-che. Dizo- eu. aad Inadoo. Tbey do their dmy. Sman PiB. Small Do, Smrt Prico. liename ba Signature in WILL 3IAKE AX AFrROPRIATIOS FOR HOPE FARM IF THERE IS A LEGAL WAY. CCSFERESCE OH A SEW BRIDGE KEXT 3TEX WAXT THIS COUXTY TO JOIX WITH THEM IX IRECTIXG IT. In order to ask for an appropriation for Hope Farm, President of City council James L. Banning, John Bancroft, Miss Emily P. Bissell and Mfes Elizabeth Sumner, appeared before tha Levy Court yesterday morning, representing the Anti-Tuberculosis Society, and the circumstances were explained In detail, Misa Bisself stating that this city has more than' its share of pa- tipnts. vV'illiam G. Tr the Levy Court, was nf tfitmZ lTS do. ething. in -VJu It in conjunction with the Trustees of the Poor, and the body promised in uu done and to act as soon as possible. r'our members of tha I tDl(, t-UUUt vy court Charles E. Sherwood. James K-app, John Truax and Benjamin Donohoe, conferred with the court, relative to building a joint bridge oW Smyrna river at Pratt's miU dam, the idea being the two counties and Mr. Pratt, the mill the structure. The "matter was talked over at a conference yesterday afternoon, but It was stated at the conclusion that no agreement had been reached. The court' was asked in nWa on the White Clay Creek ma tM into Newark, such being badly needed and It was thought that the work could uun tor a.Dout fl.OO ro $1 R00 It was said court would bear nan me expense it was thought thati iceiut-nis or tnat serfinn wn.iM the remainder. A decisioa will be made later. A largo delegation of reKidenis Montrose, headed by William Carter went before the court to ask that ira- iirovemeiiHs oe made to Ienderman's Ine as the government Is about to suspend rural delivery of mail in fnat section on account of the bad condition of the roads. The court nromised tn look into the matter. The court received these bids for a steam roller, which were referred the eo'urt and the rouatr enzlneer- J. J. Shannon 11.025: C. Pano Ironuois New Works. Kelley-Springfield reeriess L.O., The.tourt decided to inspect the recently completed road from Middletown to Ginn's Corner, near Townsend, next Saturday morning. County Treasurer Burns presented to the Ivy Court the following report, showing the balances: Levy Court fis rviiaiis Christiana Mill Creek hundred. Clay Creek hundred Pencader hundred New Castle hundred Red Lion hundred St. Georges Appoqnlnimink hundred Blackbird hundred Brandywine hundred 92 12 810 64 557 42 JSi 12 f.73 22 16! S1 3,605 S5 251 07 9 4G 720 42 Captured Arthnr Adams. Special to "The Mornfitg News." LAUREL, Del.j Sept 20. Constable Stee-n of Seaford last night captured Arthur Adams, the young Dover negro who is lharged with snooting John Horsey of this city, a week ago, as he was boarding a train at Seaford for Laurel. Adams was brought here for tnal and in default bail. Constable Mipos B. Hearn took him to tha county gal. Horsey was not seriously hurt. Typhoid Sfecial to 'Tte Mornins New." LAUREL, Del." Sept. 20 The enl-demic of typhoid fever which has raged in the eastern section of Laurel and adjacent country is abating At ona time three weeks ago one Laurel doctor had seventeen cases of typhoid "Jone and one case of scarlet fever Special to "The Morning- News." Factorfe Worklne Overtime. Sept 20. Laurel factories are rushed and working over time on orders for tomato and potato baskets and box shucks. i Contest for SherinV Special vb 'Tti Morning Sew DOVER, Sept 20. The interesting Smith-Brown contest for th-i office of sheriff of county, subject to Democratic convention on Thursday, in Dover, and the will of the voters in-November, has been decided by the voter of their homo town, Harrington, "in favor- of Mr. Smith. However, "Mr'Brown may now get delegates elsewhere and make the fight against his opponent in open convention. RepnbHcan Committee Met Rpeeia.1 to -Trie Morning New? DOVrSR, Sept 20. The Republican county committee of Kent began a series of weekly meetings here to-day to plan for a vigorous campaign to throw Kent county back into the Republican columns in November. Nearly all the members of tha large committee wer present; to-day. "ew Station For Liturcl. Special to "Tlie Morning News." LAUREL, Sept, 20. Work has been commenced on Laurel's new Pennsylvania railroad $12,000 passenger station. "When completed. It will be by far the finest station in the state excepting Wilmington and Dover. Wnrder Trial at SALISBURY, Sept 20. The authorities here are preparing for the trial of Mrs. Annie Hudson, who, a Jew weeks ago, shot and killed her husband, Tobias Hudson, wRile in a jealous rage. The shooting' took place the office of State's Attorney Bail; Court will convene next Mondar. Death ofjffrs. George Brant. OAKLAND, Sept 20. Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Goorge Brant of McHenry.this county, at Grand Junctiok. where she aad accompanied her father, John T. in quest of health. She wa. 25 years old, and is survived by her husband and one child. Leam VISITING SCHOOLS Sev.lbert Price is Looking Ints the Education the Negro Children 4 in This City What He Saw at No. 29. The Rev. Albert Price is making a tour of the schools for negro children. He beesn hfs work yesterday by visit ing school No. Twelfth and Pop lar streets. He reports: i ma won, in it 11- purpose or lea rams; the number of pupils and tenrhers and. to see the work they are doing. This is one of the new schools for the. colored people, and is a mag-njficent structure. Room No. 8, Miss Frances Sot-ney, has 23 pupils; room No. lMiss Emma B. Gibson, 50; room No. 3, Miss Rhoda K. Robinson, 5.1; room No. 4, Miss Russ. SI; room No. M'ss Emma E. Servis, S7; room No. 9, Celestine O'Perry, 3s; room No. 12, Edna Parker. 35; room No. 7, Mins Elsie 41; room No. 6. Miss Emma Caldwell, 88; room No. 11, Golden Av Williams, 43; room No. S. Miss Florence Trusty, 40. Miss Ed-wina M. Kruse is the principal. All the teachers in this school are graduates of Howard High School. We wish to faring this school before the peonlo of our race, and as well the work being done there. We are gratified with the results of our visit "This will refute the argument that I we cannot gain a competent ninratin. i from the primary grades to the high est, vv are urging all parents to edu- cmiaren. Send them to You have a splendid corps of wnuiiera no, ay. Wedding at Cumberland. CUMBERLAND, Sept. 20. Cornelius Claude Campbell, lumber inspector for the Babcock Lumber Company of Davis, W. and Mlu feavilla.Yiola Viering, daughter of V. Viewing, woods superintendent of the Babcock Lumber Company, came to Cumberland and were married. Recovering From a Tall. HAGERSTOWN, Md Sept 20 Gilbert Dennis, who fell from a building 25 feet, is in an improved condition to-day. Although he weighs 225 pounds he escaped serious injuries. LUCK WAS WITH TAFT. Might Have Been TBInwn I'p by Fifty Pounds of Pynamlte at Panama. "Seeing the the dynamito man asked the visitor In the Canal Zone. "Well, you'll see one in a minute. Just going to lift about seventy-five thousand cubic yards off the top of that rjill back there. Accidents? one or two. See that ledge there? i That's Bas Odispo. Put twenty-six men into rlar there at one shot and winged some sixty more." t4 His left hand involutarily went to his empty right sleeve, says William H. Foster in Scrlbner's, and it was clear that he had a vivid recollection of the disaster. "Never knew what fired be said. "Some thought it was a high temperature layer of limestone about thirty feet down. Some said -short circuit- All I know Is that she blew about Jour hours too soon, and twas something wicked. "Now, dynamite 1s very- wierd stuff," he continued. "You don't know just what it will do, and we have accidents right along can't seem to hHj it. The more I know pbout dvna-rcite. the more I find I don't know. "The worst scare I ever get, though, outside of feeing blown up myself, was when the President came through here, on an inspection car. Orders had been" given to have all switches spiked, all loaded boles fired and no more to be loaded. All powder was to be put back in tha magazines and locked up. 1 "All was fine as frog's hair as far as Empire, when I happened to look ut and there was a fool nieeer slidins down the cut right in front of thi car with a fifty pound box cf dynamite on his head. didn't even know where he got it, but anyway he drop- Pfll It. wen. sir, expected to see that inspection car and the high and migh-ties and the President of the United States just disappear but they didn't I've known dynamite to go off, though, with less excuse than that had." Wore Room for Cars. The Street and Sswer Department at their meeting yesterday' referred to EngineervTaylor and Street Commissioner Pierson the request of the Wilmington and Philadelphia. Traction Companyto lay special tracks at the old Delaware avenue power house of the company, where It proposes to store cars. The present storage plant is overtaxed. Bot Hit, Bv Anlo. HAGERSTOWN, Sept 20. The young son of John Seaman, living on Corbett's Addition, was rua over by an automobile driven by Dr. S. N. "Wagaman on West Washington street and seriously injured. Bystanders said that the accident was unavoidable, as the boy, who was running away from another, lad. ran in front of the machine. One of his ribs wis broken. Sts. am WORK FOR 60,000 POUTS. Conurry Xcwspapcrs and tha ATertls-ing Agencies Alike eid Verse. New York Sun. ''Now that our population has been estimated at 100.0(1,000," said the practical poet, "it would he cars to say that the nation's nest of songbirds will aggregate at least E0.00O. O' course I refer to the simoti pure songsters, and not to certain individuals who endeavor to pass themselves off as the real article. "There isn't a hamlet in this magnificent country of onrs that hasn't its ltttle newspaper, and the poet's corner of the sheet is never without a lucubration from the local bard. These are the poets who actually believe and live up to the art forart's sake dictum, and not the lugubrious rhymesters in cities who preach the doctrine and adopt methods in direct opposition to it The country newspaper is the cradle of our national sons, and some of our enduring poetry has been printed originally in its column. "About the first of last April a society was started in a fashionable up-town apartment They called it something hke 'The Poets Association of A mcrinn 1- iue iiiemoers or it were mostly all from the with a few nuuaua songDirns thrown in for good measure. They talked of everything from1 rhe rtrnnn iHwiuim or in caesura to the delicate shsdine of the uijuiuiun. At one stage of the proceedings the lights were turned down "'e room looked as If they wer trninnr 1 1 JII.MU ft HI fun men they read tlfeir poetrv nno auufcuei, ana ine result must have ureu general dampness, for the society ha never met slnc "Nevertheless poetry as an art Is making splendid progress. of uiiivm-iMues- are offering sub stantial prizes to encourage the bud mng muse, and the advertising Te fabulous sums iuuLi ci.1 itef wiin me right word in the right place. ttus correspondence school of mine I do the best can jfor a very trifling consideration. My ai present is that some day I II be duly recogni7ed as the stepfather of American literature." AMERICA WAYS a'brOAD. Dry Martini Coektafls nnd Totato Chips on the Beach at Dinard. "American manners rule at Dinard says the English Sketch, "and transatlantic tastes are catered for on the Casino terrace, where the band plays daily aa assortment of ragtime two-steps and a procession of assiduous waiters brings cocktails at noon to the Idlers in basket chairs, who never seem to tire of staring at each other "The men gulp (down tiieir dry nidiums wunout accompaniment, but the pretty American women drink theirs with cold filed potato chips, a singular form of nourishment which it is the mode at Dinard to convey to your mouth with nature's utensils your fingers. "Fried potato chips, I hear, are the latest fancy fantasy of the fair in American seaside places of the highest fashion, and they must be consumed in no other wav than with fh aid of rosy. nerfecJlv fingers. "Thus the most dazzling beauties of Dinard including thnrfo who. lovely and youthful enough to wear the new poke bonnet may be seen toying with this homely vegetable in lust this primeval manner. Wonderful are the ways of fashion, for nothing more unlikely could bav been conceived than that beautiful ladies snouia drink gin and vermouth in public while helping themselves in cold fried potatoes with their bare, beringed hands." Mother Ain't you gofn' to wash up them tea-things, Mariaranne, be- iare yon go out? Daughter No. I ain't: T'm Ut enoush fnr "Mother's 'elp" class, as it i iinoon upinion. REMOVING POLES -v All Unnecessary Ones Will be Removed by the Wilmington and Phil-4 adelphia Traction Company. In response to a reauest from the directors of the Street and Sewer Department as to what they were doing iu me prion to remove all unneces sary poles, L. II. Conklin manager of the lighting" department of the Wil mington and Philadelphia Traction Company, appeared at the meeting of the directors yesterday and stated that thpy were doing everything pos- oiuie iu remove me poles not in use. Mr. Conklin, in response to a question as to when the company was going to change the incandescent lights to the Tugsten burners, stated that the company was waiting on the manufacturers to ship the' materials, which have been ordered. Casqs In City Court. In the city court yesterday morn ing an attachment returnable -forth with was issued for John colored, charged with disorderly con duct, but. who did not appear. Wil liam Lynch was fined Sa for begging on the Etreets. Ida iv Tindle, colored, charged with larceny was neld in $200 bail for the nnner court. George IcCloskey and Caleo Lord were sent to the workhouse for ten days each when charged with va grancy. Annie Deputy, colored, was nnea io ana costs for acting disorderly. Isaac -Morris, colored, was sent to the- workhouse for one year for assaultjjnd battery. The men arrested in the raid on the "Wilmington Colonial Club's quarters had their cases continued until Friday morning. Jiorth End Anniversary. The twelfth anniversary of the North End Athletic Club will be observed this evening at the headquarters of the club in Fourteenth street. near Walnut The program calls fori North Encf Band will play, The celebration will be in charge of tha following committee to make me arrangements. Walter Tallev Harry MacDaniel, George Donohue, james iveuey, ana Marry Mc- vracKea. for all Aees. At Soda Fountains or Elsewhere Just Say" K1KIL-DKS It means the Original and Genuine Good Healti is the Target of your aim or should be and first in importance. Get arid keep good health and you can work with hope find life worth livin rise after nights of restful sleep have energy and ambition know content. Lf you are out of health, or in poor condition, see what The RkK milk, malted gram, in powder form. More healthful than tea or coffee. For mfantsjnvalids and growing chSdren. Agrees with the weakest digestion. Purenuhitkn.apbuadkgthewhc4ebody. Keep it on your sMeboard- at home. Invigoraiesnunicg mothers and the aged. A quick lunch prepared in a minute. Cw Take no substitute. Ask for HCLICK'S. an do for you. Your food wift taste right and nourish you better your bowels will be regular and your nervous system corrected. Your blood will be purer and you will feel more cheerful Your whole system will be benefited and you will know why so many thousands have found that Beecham's Pills hit the target and Hit Right Every Time SoiJ Ererrwhg-re. In fcoxe. with Tluble dlreclionm, 10c. and 23c. (fitter

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