The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1930
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARKQ COURIER NttWS a.'ioso. .-I i Interest QilfUFTV PI I IRQ OUulE I Y-ULUDO Activities anil News. of Women I 1 ,"- . '« /: .V ( V.,.. fblw tar her ribbon, b«)l or scarf, ^- "tthwjf 7 ^" ftttr , tch WJT siuSpfciiviKa sky; *tr her loiislnj-gla^s, her her choice,'and g. 'Rratubbariiig ''stui "Love's'V""l "' _ prefer each, otter in Heaven or Esrfh! Clubs lf*ve With. A)' of the bridge clubs huv- flhteusttal weekly parties sei!" Kf (*»* frdtspension for. the iumnwv months the three 'clubs meeting on I&r«rif' ! fiMl lt - | asnfriH«l i rf»lW» gthis Wffc. . v ... I /; dfth«*8nd green qiade pii effec- j *Hlv«coi<>r scheme for 1 ihe Mid-- •iltdlfi r*wei-i«»ted at one Ub\e %li«b,j*d',lfUji,sreen toxsrs. Hosiery. S*-ent to Mrs? H. A: Bffillh for high S . -Miss Margaret 'Manan was . -- .•li. was UV3 .SOnlR|tt«t?»t;the .Thursday Lurwfti-. "chj&' which met:,y<ittv;Mrs. H, Klrshner. ' Snipdragoiu formed Bits of News Mostly Personal ch.' »'n apl«t¥ng twq .. b? . ^W/ i 'AMick-.,Yecelved' -hosiery for •'hqnori. ,,;...-,,,.,:, .^, -,-,..-,. ... T.; . in" the YouriijV Matrons 'club -Mrs. C..E. Atkinson, entwialntd; the two ,-tai)lM W ,ir>?mber?.,»nd_ one guest, ;Mr». Roscoe :0r«fijprf, In' trie after- '.'vof&f -Plnk'roiet W» Jused ,f or; her Vjapartrgeat'^ •decorations. Mrs. '--Cr«^!or3 '.Greene ' won the prto, :5ho«ifryji-oiiJcken . lilacl,- ' slutted s,.. olives, ^lls _aud Iced ' ! ., *by theJiA and «B Reading cluDs of ?itii£i,iiqdbiiry elementary 'sclioiil 'to-day,* Trl.Uie. first grqupithesc niun- -j tors were heard: review of the book •.-. "ptif! Bciilts ». ; 'fll'l'l • • ' —~»\Uttll. Maiirioe "Halsell, son i 1 of <Mr. ohd M,rs.'J. E. Hnlsell, Isn't bJt ntae months old but his daddy believes 'j "wants to 'be'a "car hopper" lUie irs an Is pi? : ;-Iiahey Claire McCauJey; book study, . t ,... ash' hunipro'uj book-review" bn."Dr>DoLlttIe," Cecil' Sanders, • '''•' .John Howard,Willie gave on 'a boy tntereited lu aviation for the.nrst number :of- the .program by the 6B-group. Bland S, ' 'Luxora Society—Personal Mrs. BiU'llc Bond's and Miss Cnth trine Davis V5verc Memphis visitor. Mesdamcs b. Howloii, Willie How aid and Ora Woad' were busj t|qnday. ^ .prciiarliig . 'the Pnre'n!- 'teiicher risVo61fltibn 'booth for fh cdimty fair: at Blyth.ovllle. A The', eleb: club, directed by Mrs Jewell Biynn, gnvo Its first son 'n'mhber at 'the *igh school chnpe meeting Monday morning.; 1 JIrs,;Jqhn Clowan. nf'Osceoln vis Ited In .Heath "and RpbjrtT-Scott also .talk- fiay ..,ed of- birds and' : Homer" Smith jr.;'' Mrs. Wtawed/a war story. ••'„• '.* -^ > ••'• ^ •';"-' » • ' . Chli Mrs;- : H. .P.,\v6rsley and'dhildre Margaret; H.'^P/JK, arjd Eclwnrd ttslta'd ln^. Osceolh Friday as guesl byfcand .Mrs. W. P. Worsley. ' •'ItMsdafnes Russell Bowcn, H. Hunt, Mn- anrt Mrs. Alvln Wundcr Hch were vfiltors 'In' Memphis Mon ., - ts tyery ether 'week, liad u iie- 'lth Mrs.,C. E. W1I-- . ye^U;rday. • included thres tables of'ptayers were mi«.--.-..Oeiitiat .-Rv.. -OrocketU uMaigaxetH. Minor, B.-M. MatUiews ' ''" 1 '-'I "ay- Olti itill hns moved Int corns nt Mrs. Thwcatl's home. Mrs. 'A:.L.-Riggs is visiting he nolhcr nncl slsl,;r in Trumnm Ark. 'Phliip'Cicorgc was a'bustncss vis .. A-n6te ef- color was scon In '.the -delicious. .salad.; plate sen'ed with s 'arid ••" ta- : 1Hs • aotutrfi'/'flbVe'rs :P1« Btanliiicationol V . Lvxont School Grounds *' LUXORA,' Arlc. ' TJe Mrs. W« I- Dcriioii and daughter, 'Miss Katharyi:?, have velurned ' Mom Meridian, Mlsj., .where they .leaded Ihc funeral of Mrs. Densi's son-in-law. M. Goldstein, W St..-Louis, Is vis- ing here for several days. Mr. O.IQ Mrs, R. II, Bonivilt have j r , llieli guests yettcrday and lo- j ay Mr. Bennetl-'t mother, Mrs. V. ! \. Dennett, ijnd daughter, 'Miss Lciie, Mrs. Enim'a Hayley'of-Mem- bls nnd Mrs, Jack Oliver, of Ward, ,rk. ', -• LJrs. II. A. Taylor, U H. Moore nd II. S Davis attended the tec- mi meeting of the Northeast Ar- nnsas nnd Souiheast Missouri d,2»a! sliitly club at Kennett Wcdncs- r.y nlglit. Dr. Taylor Is president nd Dr. Moore,. secretary. Thew nonlhly meellngs are 16 fc held at for ihc pretent. to his business Interests In the city for several- days. W. J. Pollard wlli go to^t. Louis Saturday night fcr the world series gcirno Wild to b3 with A. M. Butt who Is receiving, treatment' there t:fcrc' undergoing an .cp:ra{lon, Mrs. J. \y^. Rowland, .of Hayil, tbDpped In .the city Thurs-Jay. Mrs. .r. Johns, cf I,uxora, vU- Itcd friends and shopped hire yesterday. . .. :, Mr. and Mrs. of ire In Ih- city yesterday for Hie Jewish liollday. Richard and Mi Jleflel returned Jris morjiins from Helena ,\vhcre r.oy iptiit a short llnie'al lioine.- Mrs. Jt=so.Brown tuid.ciaujtiler, iiUs Maxlne,' of Luxdi'a, shoiHxsd lore yesterday. . . ; . Miss Delja Mlk'ft of Manila, spent TliurtJay hi Ihe'clty. Mlis Virginia Fowlsr, of Holland, shopped here Thursday. MesJamcs Otto Koclitltaky, Wal- IT H. Uaker, C. S. Slevens nnd Rii'.h ^r.^!•!^n nrc In Memphis Ic-Jay. . . Miss Electra Buck, of OscsoU, I WlflS Awards Roselund News This' has been. a. pjrfect .week for the farmor, Everyone hereabout Is picking cot'toTi. - ' • • •',..' Mr. and Mrs. Wnltcr Rcsi of | Flint, Mich., have visiting llie i former's father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ross-of this place. Mhs Madeline Chlldcrs Is spending the week with friends In Missouri. -.".:. •)' • Glen Mauldln of 'I'uckcrmari Is visltlns. his-sister, Mrs.-'-AV-;.'P. Ford. • •'.. 'i.,..| Ml?s Trielma Johnsion Is In Poplar DluII, Mo. ; \vl)cr: she will sp»nd *,few \vc;ks with, 1 her sister,; * J ' | Hcnisr Oriffln called on Miss Vivian Chllders Sunday 'afternoon. Misses Winona Ford, EviOcfcrla of Taylor, Miss., Edith Wrlsftt . of Blytlicvllle. and ! Essie Lonij' of j.lj- '. nsUe Ihe fainji!OU4rJs I al UlyOisvllle Tuesday night... ! 'Prnnl! Green called on Wlncn? \ Ford Saturday evening and .-Sunday. '-' Mr. and "Mrs. P. D. Ford ipsnt Saturday nli'lit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Glove,- of 20. atlfnacd lo business here today. Mrs. W. Owen and MUs Alice M»e Carmen J'.ave returned frosu Memphis where they were guerls of Mis. Baxter Monday for two days. Mr.' and Mrs. E. »yl. Jafle and t>ushtcr, Mrs. RCSD Goldberg ond .giiler, Miss-Ruth Goldberg/of OrcsoSn. were in the cily yesterday lor Yom Kip'pur celebration. Mr. r.iul Mrs. Abe Llveranl, o! Liixcra, visited friends in Dlythe- vllle yesterday. Mr. tin:! Mrs. J. Louis Cherry lik uday lor Paris, Ark., where they will visit relatives of Mr. Cherry going csp-jcially to te with his brolhcr, of New York city, who Is there fcr a vacation. Mrs. John C. Mctinncy jr..was called lo Keimett, Mo., today by the deal liof her broiher-ln-liw, Thomas Hall, who (lied suddenly las', night. She expects lo be away several days. I. RcieiUlial, of SI. Louis, wlio formtrly lived here, is nltendins Art, and Bread Making Mrs. L. S. Briscce knows how! lo win prizes. At Ihc county .faiv all of her entries received awards with six of them capturing.,;firstj honors. :.-\;' I Her fentnrc attraclions arc hr-rj ncv.T-rs, consisting of a general d!s- . piay of seven entries, dahlias, Ihe! I largest dahlia and marigolds, which J each won first prizes. She also won first In bread mak-[| Ing. first in cone painling and third In canned fried chicken, and has a dress in the wash contest, which hns not yet been judged. THANKS FOU AID ROCHESTER,-N. Y. (UP)—Raymond C. Fox, a salesman, receive:! a broken ness an:! tiiu thanks of the entire police department, when he jumped in nnd hclpe:! a noiic"-. man beat ofT a dozen hoodlums who had attacked Ihe officer 1 . F . f;ln the. auditcrium of th3 • . iibuilflljji> j» Tuesday. Mrs ' .<' t.Ccrlriah',' the • president, .pi-c-;r f/orer the mes.Unj,. Routine busnii-- '.i»«s attended' to airt ^'ris Kr bjati-' ^.-tifylng; the ^school .^grounds wer_ft *joutUneil by a' committee. Mrs. C. ~B'"V?ood; chiiUTnari'"bf' the year Jbopk . committee, outlined it and it ' voted to' riiyV'ln'e" boak pub '^cccrding fe the- oiltlihe. • ton In Blyllitvjllc- Wednesday. 1 Mrs. H. C. Davidson 'cf Wilso tvns the guest of her parents, Mr. .Bid Mt6. 'Bob Gillesplc;- Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Jcc Young of Oscc- lft v were "Visitors' in Luxora Wednesday.- >'. : ' ' i Miss Margaret Driver of Memphis ls_ visiting relatives here this week. Mrs. Herman nnd son were vlsllois In Blythcville Wednesday. ' Fred George entcrlained a number of lltllc folk at his home Wednesday at' a pary celebrating his sixlh birthday. Games were played, followed by cookies, watermelon and Eskimo- pies. Those present were Dixie and Peggy Sliliman, Louise Victory, Dlllic -Bcrtt,, Helen Corkran, Vivian McRae, Jane Richards, Junior Fordeecy, Josephine id Evelyn Shibley, Margaret, Fonl- cy and Ruth Corkran. = Hospital' Notes •'! Gers^Fry, Haytl, Mo.^ was admll- Ited'.to the Blylhevllie-hospital to- . ;~..Cut cor LOSES' "ci.UE". ROCHESTER, N. Y. (OP)—Once >s premkr sleuth of tr:c Hcclies- r Pclite Department ,nnd now a K-lvate .dctecllvc, John A. Doyle as found Unnecessary lo call'o: slice reporlers to help him track own'thls-missing parrel. "Clues." t for . pape -by ufl«)r'.--.i»rdboar some dtfptatlve- pap« backers 'to, lit -ihe booV wujI . thj..-jthjoluicss of ithij(t ' tbjit comes home fror.i '.:•.; r^aniidijf-.'ln' men's , shirts. Then lake ' -% Jpeirk. -feomtiVe 'At ^tt paper ",'Jfl'c6J(jrful :*iign'»nd (old it neat- a^afcsit- ttA '««4«iHi<)«-t'to book. ' back inside and ::|| i - ••>!?:•>• pro- n W'.lftriry U«e v V er l Fcvcv Scarlet Pcver iSiplithcria tubbyculo'sis and Djarrhcal Diseases can be greatly reduced • by-' using -. • Pasteurized Jlilk f i'om . DAIRY Phone 74 (Eleven .year?; experience iu l; pasteurizing Neui Fall Colors in Dull Sheer HOSIErlY new' dull sheer ;irc vcrv popular now . lioth Gordon :in(l Ak'C'alliim shown in Ihe favored•iiutunm shades. $1.95 1.50 Sim Hnnvn Moresque Tokay Thorn Hrown Walnut Gun Metal YlcCalluiu Ncl Jlosr WALNUT, ;.' ULACK, '' iUN MKTAli"' Full Fashioned Silk Hose ' A new slncliinR, silk from lop lo toe, fullff* •« fashioned, new sh;»lcH, per pair JJ) J_ Boys and Girls Sport Seeks G : o r v cl o n threc-(|iiartcr Snbcs cind Hosiery FOR SATURAr alM MONDAY Fancy Wyoming Sweet Potatoes Nancy Halilb, or 8k 7V ID- /2C '/',,Fancy Yeliow^Fruit Butter Brookfieidlb. 40c I Cabbagl, Green, Ib. 3c S Guaranteed Fresh Cranberries Fanc L d 20c Lettuce, Large Head Deans, Sunny Brook, Canova, Maxwei! House, 3 Ib.limit 3p ° und Bucket Northern 2 Pounds Corn Flakes Peaches Kellogg or Post 25c Flour, 24-lb. Sack 6Sc ricots and Ubbss = No. 21-2 Can Mothers No. 2 1-2 Can In Light Syrup Roast 171cj Hams Swifts Picnic Ik ShanklessctM Sugar, In cloth bags, 10 tsara. 25c |Soap L " xTailet 3 bars 23o| Black Hawk Bacon Sliced 3 Ib. Limit Ib. 29c Worrells 5 Pound Limit Roast Ib. 28c 8VealRoast"" >Cl K122C Salt Meat. Plates tor Boiling ____ / .' . _t_j_ _ "•__• y :C j-.-^* * . Dressed Hens and Fryers - Fresh Fish ahd Oysters "~***!

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