The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware on February 26, 1941 · Page 13
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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 13

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1941
Page 13
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THIRTEEN WILMINGTON MORNING NEWS. WILMINGTON. DELAWARE, WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 26, 1541 One to -By WILHELMIW SYFRIT: that come into his hands., ''Looka' here, what we've got! A knit shawl." "An afghan! " corrects one of the women before him. ''Oh. pardon me!", he replies. "It looks like a shawl to me. but here's a lady who says it's something that sounds like an ash-can." The buyers are collectors, dealers, second hand buyers. Lookinc with concentrated attention at the auction crier are the wivps of the rinrtnr lawvr mwrhant. anH frtnlirinnU chiof The i ; e . , . ... ding anniversary with a buffet sun wives of the nchman, the poorman and many times the men;,. and bridee mrrv Mondav ever. inemseives. A plump matron from sistantly raises the bid on an old brown pitcher, by a determined nod of her head. Bravo! She wins! The pitcher is hers! Her face is alight! Her hands are up-reached eagerly. From her manner she might be a mother reaching for the first grasp of her first off-spring. The out of town junk man is there to salvage the odds and ends and pile them beside him in a great heap. The woman In the mink coat is a bored spectator as she waits for the auctioneer to get around to the Queen Ann chest. But wait! Here is trouble! The auctioneer has unwittingly sold the heavy quilted counterpane to two women. At least both claim it vehemently.. There it is. treacherously stretched between the two women. The auctioneer rescues it and settles the j argument with much lively quibbling. He is one man who can! really referee a feminine squabble. But now is the brief second for the earthy farm pair, who have been holding hands beneath coat sleeves despite woolen gloves of one-quarter an inch thickness. The poorly clad young husband speaks at last with more than his eyes. He bids and bids. He wins! They look with clinging eyes for a moment before he bundles the red. much mended, and rose bordered rug in his arms. They start off. un- ; Miss Elizabeth Elley. a member mindful of the cloud of dust that envelopes them. It is the ' ('f the class of 1943 at Wellesley Col-end of their auction day. j 8 Vhslf r f- an fs" J ! H. W. Eney. haa as ner guest, at a 1 sophomore tea dance last week-end And always, almost always, at the sale is that man or j Mr. Robert Soule, a student at Har-woman on the edge of the crowd about the block, who will bid. I vard Medical School. and bid, and bid, for something at a price against what seems to be even the best judgment. And his or her's, is the siient, yet ringing voice of the past, urged by memory, toned by sentiment. The voice that rises and rises above all monetary value. In reality it is the voice of one of the family who remains, reaching out to recapture, to hold again, some remnant of a life that was dear to him. to her. But it is also the voice of love that breaks all monetary bondage. E Eaimc&seiEHi!ai Announcement is made by Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Yerkes. Greenville, of the engagement of their daugh ter, Mrs. Yerkes Smith, this city, to Mr. David Lindsav Evans, also of Wilmington, son ot Mrs. mrry L. Evans of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Mrs. Smith, the granddaughter of Lady Clipperton of Lcndon. who is now visiting in Philadelphia, was graduated from St. Timothys School at Catonsvi'.le. Md. She is a sifter of Mrs. Robert A. Rams-dell and Mr. William J. Yerkes. both of this city, and Mrs. Ludlow Elli-man and Mr. Leonard A. Yerkes, Jr.. New York City. Mr. Evans, who resides at 1019 Park Place, is a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. David Lindsav, Jr He is associated with the Philadelphia office of the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company. I Hall, ; Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. 919 SU si A P ' 1 v. I Costumes like this abound in our 919 Shop -rendezvous for those who love styles, but respect their doMars . . . Wool coat with dressmaker grace. N a vy o v e r n a vy Another To the many little stories that do not fit into the more strictly classified columns of- your newspaper and now and then, oh, very rarely, to a vagrant-thought, is dedicated this little space. Few spots present more human interest angles than may be found at a good auction sale. There is the slap-stick comedy of the auctioneer who pauses in his "What-'ll-ya' bid! What "11 ya' bid!", to comment on the things the countryside primly but per-1 Churchman Road, New Castle, an- j nounce the engagement of their j daughter. Miss Alice M. Hail, to Mr. Edward M. Kellev. Jr.. son of Mr. ! and Mrs. Edward M. Keiley of 124 i West. Twenty-third Street. I Mr. Kelley is employed at. the! Deepwater, N. J., plant of the Du-i Pont company. I The engagement of Miss Edith M. i Spicer. this city, daughter of Mr. j wmara t,. topicer oi Miccaetown. to, Mr. Paul D. Know: Catherine Knowles Md, is announced. son of Mrs. North Eat. RESERVES HEAR TALKS Talks on infantry tactics were; given by Capt. J. F. Loritz and Lieut, j J. W. Libby at a meeting of Chemi- j cal Warfare Reserve Officers, 303rd j Chemical Regiment, last night in the postoffice building. About 15 ' officers attended. The next meeting will be held in the postofHce March 25. Crushed peanuts are used for cattle feed in Brazil. Spring Costume Lined Coat Polka Dot Dress $17.95 FOR THE TWO ?4 V S or red beige over luggage. ) . V Ot M ISS CHARLOTTE S. COAST, daughter of Dr. PAN- Char les S. Pancoast of Germantown, Pa has issued invitations for a bridge party and shower on March 15 in honor of Miss Elizabeth Douglas Horsey of Philadelphia. The engage ment of Miss Hersey and Mr. Adair; Rogers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Laussat i the Christian year, commemorative be designated, "Church Council Richter Rogers of New Castle, has of Christ's 40 days of meditation. Night." been announced. prayer and fasting in the wilderness. ! A special series of Lenten sermons ( begins today. Ash Wednesday, and . on Wednesday nights beginning to-Miss Cornelia Draper is spending will cloe at noon on Holy Saturday, i night at 7:45 o'clock will be preached some time as the guest of Miss Amy April 12. j at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church by E. duPont at "Casa del Sueno," Lenten regulations governing fast- ! the Rev. James F. Kelly, pastor. The Santa Barbara, Calif. ing and abstinence for Catholics be- j theme for the Wednesday evening j come effective today. All physically series will be. "Various Responses to Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Reese and ! able persons between 21 and 59 years, 1 Jesus' Invitation." Tonight the sub- their children are with Mrs. Charles i inclusive, are bound by the rejsula- ject will be "The Lenten Call." L. Reese in Naples. Fla. j tions which stress the principle of Another Lenten series of sermons j physical mortification in the inter- wi;l be preached bv Mr. Kelly on Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. Speak-; ests of spiritual progress, and recom- Sunday evenings at" 7:45 o'clock on man. jr., iiiu nat- oeen in riunua ; mena me Hearing oi mass on wees-with Mrs. Speakmars's father. Mr.' days, giving of alms to the poor and Jasper E. Crane, are expected to ; other good works. The regulations return next Monday. j were promulgated here bv the Mast i Rev. Dr. Edmond J. FitzMaurice, Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kelly ; bishoo of the Diocese of Wllmineton. celebrated their twenty-fifth wed- mg in the: attended. home. About 40 guests Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. McLean and Mrs. James Wharry are expected home Sunday af:er a three weeks' stay in Miami, Fla. Mrs. Martin W. McHugh will entertain at a bridge luncheon in her home on Fridav. Benjamin duPont. son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Paul duPont of Montchan:n, has been initiated into the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity at Wcsleyan University. He is a member of the ieee dance band ' Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Gehrmann have returned from a stay at the Waldorf-Astoria, Now York. Mr. and Mrs. James Haldas and their daughter. Miss Jean Haldas. returned on Monday to their home after a visit in New York. Mrs. Audrey M. Payton and her brother. Mr. James H. Poteet. of New Castle, celebrated their birthday anniversary recently. They are the twin son and daughter of Mr. a p.d Mrs. Charles S. Poteet, of Christiana Road. Mr. Lewis W. Jordan, who has been seriously ill at h:s home, is much improved. Mr. Jordan is in his eighty-second year. Mrs. W. Ralph Maclntvre has re turned from Miami and Cuba. Dr. and Mrs. F. O Rovitti had a,? their week-end cuet Dr. ar j Mrs. J L. Fox o: B.'. wood. Pa. Dr. Fox j is associated with Jefferson Hospital in n.iaceipnia. Mr. and Mrs. John C Drew were oui.cay vis:.ors in Laurel Springs. N. J. Miss Mary E. Kates and Miss Elizabeth D. Kates of Hiilcrest were recent visitors at the Hotel Senator Atlantic City. Mr. and Mrs. William Tucker and ej aaugnter, Eleanor, of New Rochelle. N. Y.. were recent guests of Mr. Tucker's aunt, Mrs. Joseph Feat-herstone of this city. Mr. Tucker is a brother of the Very Rev Dr. J. Francis Tucker. Mrs. A. H. Coe will be hostess to members of her bridge club on Friday evening at her home. J I 15 ; TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES RENTED-REPAIRED DEL. TYPEWRITER fc StPPLY CO. 1011 TAT.NALL ST. PHONE S-1893 A9- 3 yr wamm bwt warn mm wamr m mmm y TO BUY DISTINCTIVE GIFTS AT p 40 to 50 OFF ABSOLUTE REMOVAL SALE OF EVERYTHING We are moving to 223 West 7th Street where we will specialize in repairing: nf china, marble and bric-a-brac. VAN MARK STUDIO 7th & Shipley ir"TliStf GOOD NEWS ?8S DEAFENED For the first time in history it is possible to show you in accurate, visual form an exact measure of the DECREE OF HEARING IMPROVEMENT which a modern Acousti-con will give you. Secure a FREE comparator test at once. Write or phone today. ACOUSTICON INSTITUTE 712 CITIZEN'S BANK BLDG. .SHOPPING ORDERS ACCEPTED- THIS AD WORTH $1.00 BKIXG THIS AD WITH VOL" AND GET A REDfCTION OF 81.00 ON" ANY PERMANENT WAVE. OFFER GOOD THIS WEEK ONLY! CROQUIGHOLEC PERM. WAVE OTHER WAVES $2.50, $3.50, $5. $6 Shampoo Finger Wave Reset 25c ea. MILFERD Ash Wednesday Services Today Open Season of Lent .Special Observance Will Be Held in Churches During Penitential At Noon Holy Saturday, April 12 Lent. 40-dav penitential period of Ash Wednesday in Catholic churches will be marked by the blessing of the ashes of last Palm Sunday's palm leaves, and their imposition on the foreheads of the faithfnl in the sign of the as the priests intone the solemn words: "Remember, O man. that thou art dust and into thou shalt return!" Imposition of the ashes will take place after early masses and again after evening devotions today. Noonday Masses Noonday mass will be said throughout Lent at St. Peter's Cathedral. Sixth and West Streets, every day. except Saturday and Sunday, at 12:10 o'clock, the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John J. Dougherty, V. C. rector, announced yesterday. This convenience fcr persons working in the business area of the city has been an annual custom for many years. All evening Lenten services at the Cathedral will be held at 7:45 o'clock. St Anthony's Church. Ninth and DuPont Streets, will have an additional mass at 9:30 a. m. during Lent, the Very Rev. Dr. J. Francis Tucker. O. S. F. S.. pastor, has announced. Beginning Sunday and repeated each successive Friday and Sunday of Lent, choir girls and altar boys of the church will present the dramatization of the "Via Cruris." company representative presented Other Christian denominations. , the motion picture. "Refreshments particularly the Episcopal and Through the Years." Lutheran churches, will begin their , Miss Gladys Jones reported a Lenten observances today with spe- ; Junior Council meeting held Feb. 17 cial services. ; at the home of Mrs. Amy Bullock. Services at St. Andrew's junior advisor, and announcement At St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. was made of several future activities, under the auspices of the Wilming- : Mrs. Edwin Anderson and Miss Har-ton Council of Churches, the 21st rington will represent the Junior : annual interdenominational noon section at a reciprocity meeting I Lenten services will open with the . with the Junior Section of the Wo-: Rt. Rev. Dr. Arthur R. McKinstry. , man-s club of Marcus Hook on i bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of;Marchli The Clavmont Juniors will j Delaware, as preacher at 12:30 :be guests of the juni0r Section of o'clock noon. Tonight at 8 o'clock the Bue Rock community Club of I in Trinity Episcopal Church Bishop tea on Saturdav March 15; jMCriinstrv win preacn at tne iirst ; in the series of special evening Lenten services of the combined Episcopal churches of the crtv and vei!titv "At"zion Lutheran Church. Sixth , and Jackson Streets, a snerial series! of Lenten sermons will begin this evening at the 8 o'clock service. The Rev. Sterling F. Bashore, pastor, will preach the series under the genera! theme. "'The Inescapable Cross." with tonight's subject. "Why the Cross for Jesus?" Wednesday. March 5. his subject will be. "The Man Who Turned Traitor." There will be special Lenten sermons at the German service at Zion Church on Friday evenings ar. 7:30 o'clock during this season. At St. Stephen's Churrh j At St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, ) Thirteenth and Broom Streets, the ! Wednesday evening services in Lent j will be devoted to a special series of j sermons for this season by the Rev. ; E. Theodore Bachmann. supply pas- ! tor. serving in the absence of the I Rev, Dr. Park W. Huntington, pas- tor, who is on chaplain duty with the 198th Coast Artillery, Delaware National Guard, at Camp Upton, j l j I Opening this series tonight at 7:45 ; o'clock. Mr. Bachmann will speak on the subject. "One-Man Invasion." j ,, ... , . . There will be appropriate music by i the Choir. Various Organizations Of the church will attend these Lenten Phone 2-1241 BEAUTY SHOPPE 5 W. 4th St. 0"e SHep. One Entrance Phone 3-6511 Period Which Ends : services in a group. The first will the general theme. "Six Men Who Knew Jesus." Next Sunday's subject will be, "Andrew." Early Service at Cathedral At the Episcopal Cathedral Church of St. John there will be a special early celebration of the Holy Eucharist on the Wednesdays of Lent, at 6:30 a. m. The Rev. Dr. Hiram R. Bennett, dean of the cathedral church, will be the celebrant. The Rev. Oliver J. Collins, pastor of St. Paul's Methodist Church. Tenth and Jackson Streets, will preach on "The Significance of Ash Wednesday" at the mid-week prayer service tonight at 7:30 o'clock. Classes of the church school will participate in a special program at this service. JUNIOR SECTION WOMAN'S CLUB OF CLAYMONT Miss Nellie Harrington, president of the Junior Section of the Woman's Club of Claymont. was selected as the group's "outstanding member" in a regular meeting Monday night at the old stone school house. Each of the clubs in the Junior Council is selecting a candidate for the drawing for Delaware representative to the golden jubilee celebration of the General Federation of Women's Clubs in Atlantic City, N. J., during May. Miss Harrington presided over the ; meeting during which a Coca Cola . , , , , , , A gei. -together dinner will be heid OR March 10 with Miss Gladys Jones as chairman of program, assisted by Mrs. Mary Jones. Miss Aretha Low- ther- and Miss Margaret Wehrheim. Mrs. Mabel H. Giles was chairman of hospitality for the meeting, assisted by Mrs. Charles Smith, Mrs. Philip Lammey, and Mrs. Mary Thomgate. HEARINGS BEGIN MONDAY IN 47 DIVORCE CASES Beginning Monday, 47 divorce ca."es will be heard in Superior Court, as follows: Elizabeth M. Dovrny vs. Robert S Down: John w. Scarborough vs. Eiizaoeth H. Scarborough: Michael Monico vs. Mary Lis: a Monico: Russell Henry Ramsey E!?ie Krui:er Ramsey: Elizabeth E. LeCi an infant under 21 years of age. bv Theresa KinseUa. her next friend. v$. Milion P. LeCaes: Ruth V. Fletcher Cmri-er vs. Robert Colder: Susie V. Winchester Percy W. Winchester; Mary Rose Italia vs Benjamin Italia; Myrtle E. Waller vs. Irving H. Waller; Joseph H. Al&ton Geneva M. Alston; Esther Ross vs. George j JT. i V'rRobert '.vch m& nam l. wercman vs. Eieanor M Schwartz I Cash vs. James Karl Cah. also known as i Karl Cash; Jenny M. A Harris vs. Sair.uel "nM. waller v-. He-bert c. waller: I nommick t. Deroca'is Maxme Helen I Pero5r8U5t- k"ow" 8 5 Thorr-a;iRe ; neorsraus: Edna H. Ffaster vs. Scott, S. Fea3W: Leon Hei'and somr-mes known i as Leon HIford vs. Helen Helfand. some times known a i-iejrn Henord ; Clarence S. Carson vs. Erma Br:chr Carsor. ; Meda Barnett vs. Charles D. Barnett. Jr.; Oscar neshore vs. Julia L Deshong ; Claude C-Sweeney vs. Alice Sweeney; Edna Lucia Moran vs Charles E Moran: Dorothy E. Hurlock vs. H. Vic!or Hurock: Mabel E. Malvn vs. Ellis J. Maim: Marcaret H. Morgan vs. Charles E Morpan; Jane Ferguson vs. Joseph E- Ferguson, also known as J. Ernest Ferguson. Florence M. Pratr vs. John Pra tt ; Joseph A. Vitalo vs Evelvn C Vs;aIo: Leona Apnes Daniels vs. Michael S Daniel. Jumes O. Ratti vs. Lefla Rat t i: Lilhan Bird Murphy vs. William Harold Murphy: Fiorita Diaz, also known as Florence Diaz, vs. John Diaz; Ida Mercer Brown s. Robert H. Brown; Marguerite H. Gamble vs. Robert Lewis Gamble; Le Moyne P;erson 1 vs. Ruth Pierson; Pearl B Martin, vs. Walter B. Martin; Albert M. Collins vs 1 Jane S. Collins; Robert L. Edwards vs. Martha M. Edwards; Grace I. Thompson i vs. William H. Thompson: Ann Catherine Palese vs. Samuel Palese; Mildred R. Card-well vs. Charles A Card well: Eleanor F. Hayden, sometimes known as Ella F. Hay-den, vs Marvel W. Hayden: William A. Elliott vs. Nellie Reeder Elliott: Ann Pedi-cone vs. Vincent. Pedicone; Sisnlslaw Ku!c7ewski vs. Stamslawa 'KulcaewsKi; Mary Burchinal vs, William J. Burchmal. Jr. Finger Wave gc Any Style .. Shampoo & Jfc Finger Wave PERMANENT i WAVES MANICURE IOc ALL OTHER BEAUTY .AIDS 15c MILFERD BEAUTY ACADEMY 400 Shipley St. Vz PRICE SPECIAL ON NAN'S $5 OIL MACHINELESS WAVE PUnry ot Curlj, JO 50 Deep Natural Wove .... " Othen from $2 to $10 i BEAUTY AIDS $1.00 BUI'S410 MARKET ST- Open Nites by Appt. Ph. 3-6623 OAK GROVE GIRLS TO HONOR PARENTS Laura Rutherford to Speak At Program Tomorrow Of School 4-H Sewing Club ! ELSMERE, Feb. 25The Oak Grove Girls' 4-H Sewing Club will observe "Parents' Night" at a meeting in the home of Mrs. Harry G. ; Kendall, adult leader, 1208 New Road, on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. Miss Laura B. Rutherford, county leader, will be a guest speaker and discuss the general work of 4-H Clubs. Moving pictures of the New York's World's Fair and motor trips will be shown by Mr. Kendall. The club now has 17 members, two girls. Frances Davis and Jean Edwards, being admitted last week. One of their important projects at this time is sewing for the Red Cross. The auxiliary of the Elsmere Fire ; Company will hold a card party Fri-' day evening at the fire hall. Mrs. Marie Caruso, president, is in charge. The Rev. Edward Todd, local j preacher, was guest speaker at the i monthly services conducted by the Epworth League of Brack-Ex Metho-' dist Church tonight at the Sunday Breakfast Mission, Wilmington. On Sunday the league will conduct a service at the New Castle County Workhouse. Lewis D. Armstrong will speak. A group of voting people of Brack-Ex Methodist Church have organ-'. ized a "Pinebrook or Bust" club and are raising funds to send members to the Rev. Percy Crawford's Pme-! brook Bible Conference in the Pcco-; no Mountains next summer. The : group will sponsor bake sales Satur-: oay at Shaffer's Market, Brack-Ex, ! and 1 rson's Market, Brookland Terrace. ' About twenty officers and teachers I attended a meeting of the Sunday School Board of Brack-Ex Church last evening in the church. Supt. William C. Lang presided. Efforts to increase attendance were urged. I Missionary Sunday will be ob-I served on March 2 and a special ; effort is being made to have an ; increased offering. A fellowship dln-' ner will be held preceding the next 1 meeting on March 24. and Mrs. : Warren H. Reuss and Mrs. William : C. Lang were appointed hostesses. ; The Brookland Terrace Civic Club will meet tomorrow evening at the ' home of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Ad-kinson. 412 Centerville Road. G. Hazel! Jarrell is president. NEGOTIATIONS RESUMED IN EFFORT TO END STRIKE ''Progress" was reported yesterdav in negotiations for a contract to settle the Eastern Malleable Iron Company strike, which is now in its fifth week. Participating in the conference in the offices of C. Edward DufTy, com- pany attorney, were William H. Modern - Convenient - Delicious 1 America's LIGHTING FIXTURES and LAMPS Imported Pottery Fireplace Fixtures Mc CiiULIiEY'S RUT SHOP 103 West 8th St. Special Wed., Thur., Fri. $.75 $3.00 OIL CROQUICNOLE PERMANENT .. A $5.00 ONE MINIT PERMANENT, $.95 Guaranteed OIL SHAMPOO AND GOHFJEY'S BEHUTY SHOP IN KRESCE'S STORE 11 '.'!""'-Tl3TH & MARKET STS. frioy BEDHOOM LUXURY On FEENEY'S Budget Terms or Charge Service Genuine "BLUE LABEL" Solid Mahogany PART OF A 70 PIECE OPEN STOCK GROUP Thii outstanding r!ae is rx-rlutive wiih nt. Finest work-minship and Materials plus authentic styling make this the best buy for your home. Just Received - Chairs Club. inr, Pillow-Bark and Occuional ttjn. A Slla95l'P rfmirkabit riluc it only -T- 711 SHIPLEY FSEIJEYS DIAL 2-6814 OPEN WED & FRI. EVENING S Cantwell, plant superintendent; Gene Derrlckson. New Castle County Industrial Union Council secretary; Don Harris. C. I. O. regional director, H. L. Smith, international board member of the United Auto Workers, C. I. O., in which Eastern Malleable employes are organized as Local 754; Michael Maiers. local president, and the strike committee. Yesterday's conference was the second since the return of Mr. Duffy from Florida, and will be followed by another tomorrow. Strikers will meet tonight at the C. I, O. hall at 234 Maryland Avenue to hear reports on the progress of negotiations. The current strike is the second at the plant since Christmas, and followed failure to reach agreement on a contract. TWO ROBBERIES REPORTED The theft of a drawing set, fountain pen and several other articles from the drawing room of the American Vulcanized Fibre Company, Maryland Avenue and Beech Street, was reported to police by Miller Darrell, superintendent of the plant, yesterday. The articles were valued at $50. Edward Cohen of 841 Lombard Street, reported that a radio, fur coat, and a hat, all valued at $187.50 had been stolen from his home yesterday. , AltTS COMMITTEE TO MEET The first meeting of the Delaware Festival of Arts Committee this season will be held today at 4:15 o'clock in the Chamber of Commerce headquarters. Mr. I. B. Finkelstein. chairman, will preside. WE SUGGEST Dkese Creams cJlolionS ELIZABETH ARDEN DOROTHY GRAY SUTRA - YARDIEY LEIGH - NORWICH SXOL - BELCANO end GABY Sunburn Preventative. T. H. CAP PEA Li Delaware Ave. at DuPont (Opposite B. & O. R. R. Sta.) Telephone We Deliver Dial 8537 8538 Finer Tea Dial 7529 FINGER WAVE, 65c j or Jonttiern C-xpoiure II A Al - n tti -r fft rMra rfatiii t miwn mllm II Group Illustrated 111.95 SV10RE RESULTS from News-Journal Classified ads. ft SOLD FOR SALE OAK DB&GROOM SUITE 10. PHONE This suite was quickly SOLD. Try your own ad. SOLD LIVING-ROOM r.a d.nnig -room iuiifs for sale. Good condition. One insertion SOLD this furniture. You can get cash, too. RESJTED 17TH ST.. E Fn'f rooim. bath, garage, $32 month Apply Ads like this bring desirable tenants. Have you extra rooms? z RENTED 7TH ST.. W, Seven rooms and bath, oil heat, $35 month. Phone 2-2257. Af-.M p. m. Another quick rental from this ad. Try a News-Journal ad. FOUND LOSTBSack and tan Dachshund. 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