The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1934
Page 6
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f AGE SIT RF..YTOEVIU.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEW,S MONDAY. APRIL ?.3, IK LUIS I HE FULL one Jpr.kson,' Ln7.crn, Ulilc. McMamis Are Few of Veterans' Brigade. Can't. CornoJJack? ThfsojVill_Playfirs Did! |J|[|N[K[ [|fl||J5 IB LONE hull ol 11n "V WiKcn WAS n f- I ii .*-1, •nnr'c hen frnU. TIE-: Mr I'M 1"-: WHITE 4l FIN !•—o linn, .1.. M.,..'.. ,),,, lyjys Said M"" "'tis f'<rou"h. l.:'St year three diamond riRinc.s wore snic t/j Li- nil washed up. Joe Vo-smik, Cleveland ti:itlldder. loll, had lost his punch al Ilic bat, us had llnck Wilson. DcMlgers 1 gardener, upper right, it wns said. Travis .lacfcon. lower rl;;ht., wus repuittd to tse through with baseball because of an .tiliiiS knee. 13ul were they tlnoii|;h? My. no! Vusmll: mid Wilson l-.uve bi!cn pounding all sorts nf pitching so far tliis year, and Jackson has ousted Blondy Hyon fioin his Job at short for the GiunLs. - >i n ]-}<ii !>fr|vn.i |n life p»r'0'i. | r/>^*>^n "vi-^re'H'v fo 1 * the 1 ' s^f'l '••^o minimi "KI..I Before the Yan- r>wi r-ori] !>!<: inh With tt>» WOrl-l p"o Tti^ <--hnn Mm Cubs eot rid qf him lo the piling nnd he tli»n v'" 1 ; trnHM to OSncinnitl. Ihe un- •«'"rriiirers i-oiri a convention to bid Tn,.v -i.-nRr\l Well, his mini- ,. On Freddie Knichel Tonight A iii'ivcnincr from the land | Hoy Welch and his rough sUtfl whr-rc tamnlcs ure hot nnd teciniito. !, v i]| mil |. c || l(n ,. ].<H-ular weekly is hotter will take un Freddie , nw ,carii!icc. meeting' Rny Myers In the iircliminary match. The latter will be njaklny his first ap- [warnncc here since Ihc ctirrent. who hails fvom | nilll rev i vn | was In Its calry sf.igc. Knichel. lavoiil? ol local In the feature match on lonighf.-i i^ur card al the armory. ! Tommy T Old .Mexico, will be the opponcni j W(1 j eh ,, as nw carcd here more of Knichel and rcpom arc that| cf , C |, [ tlan nnv olllc , r ^-former he hr.s ikliirito over a milliter |OI1 l!lc C j,. c ui; which includi'.s this ol well mteii wrr-Mlers to his i c | ly nnt] | S . lt tni , lol , ()( , llc credit. Ai " ' " ' ~" l*i"i rt^nniticr fnt <if t|m^" 1 " in* 1 " 1 !] P'lfl ni;-"iil tlntr oue ni'ire jrnr'hu In fill Ills boots, Wf!S the cnnver-nlEon. I niil rti<] jMiihr-r Time foo!- eri' A'i'l |""vl j .TnM-.snn. l]ls ti-i^k Vnre onH r(1 lv | b"i'"d tins "ii-JiuM IJlnnrlw "Tlirv r.Ti't, TtoT* TVs" j?vflii *i"hi o\ii. of il'M s' 1A rtsto-j ifb n<"' is looking be"rr Minn he ever did. .foe Vosroik's eve 1 ;, reported t-o r.f? rendv for n course in Braii!e r-j'lcni tbnl he bli^ied th« nireh- ine of Carl Hubbcil, Hal Schu- nnchcr. and the rest, of the Oi- ents' slars all nver thp sotilhland in snrin- " vh lhlt.ion mm<-s. over a wr.'Mlers -din;; to Com- mKMoner .'eh KotaiKl Tassns will meet Knichel here in Ihe only match hi' will have in this src- tion, nmtttir; the ittue here while en route across country. . Tassas doesn't, pack much ijonnd- je as Hie usual run of grnnters j according to r^iiorls bul i heap here. Tile Canadian usually dors not tndulec in a variety of grips but luriLs on the heat in tlic manner of rouyh tiictic-s 10 win. Local fans arc still wailing for .some one to IKMI! him. 7 to .1 yesterday at the high school :|,, c i. field. This was the second game 'rnuj of the season for M. H. S., the) locals lostitg the first «ame to Kcl- j .A at Reiser the early part of • f r., tlie week. • • . n , Giants iii Defeat; Yankees Take Game Behind Gome/As Pitching. The first defeat of the scnson ifor the world champon Oants nnd one-hit i)llchin« pcr- frmnnnrc bv l/in Wnrneke. Cub are. \v.-re the sltnilont events In "••icidny's bis Icastie baseball Lshow. held the henvv hitting r.'nrdinals to tt lone blow while his hnpvuHl on the ofTerlnvR of lie Or-:n; Ijrothers and -t.wo les^fr f'ird ll"bls for h 15 to 2 triumph. The b^'l-bnstln 1 ? Cubs made a lo- tal of 22 hits olf the Card mounds men. riianls ran Into n fi to 5 at Ihe hinds of the Boston Tbe nlant.s threatened in Innlntj whon l.hev sior- M iwo T'tns. The Bn nt 10 n<\ earlv lend, nouiifi- i' i r the ofl"eriiv /<! o^ Fred Mt^sirn- »io:w. fi was l'io r-lnnls' first loss in *:j\ "^mr^_ VJrandt was the wln- 'iti-her. I.-t.. Kitlto Turn Trirk Th n Pitishnrv 1 ' Pirite.s wnllon^d P"ds 5 to 4 pi Cin- won in tl'e )»!ii tl1 wh^^ the wtnnin? run ^ r c/»unie'l. T^eu had senred four in Ihc fh-sf Itviln". Smith was the and Sliaute the losing yiMier. ' ' ' The nvooMvn nod"ers D'lt on a • run rallv in thn eighth In- tr nnH turned b°^k tile Phll- 'ies nt Drnnklvn. TliR score w-n. 1 ; 7 to r,. Minuis. nod"cr recruit, (tie winning r»itcher. Tiirrow i t h « Ivor. Allen and Cucci- i f-^r iho circuit. j Wflshinotoii S"nators ek^d j tr> 3 Miimnh over the »l|ihl" AI'''"H(-5 nt, Phlla- *i ^^orod t h e winnine rim :l'"Ue's .sinrle. Rehnlte and "nve.s hit homers. Thomas was •u.iim. and MnHatTcv the pitcher. Both went the n,o n<'icli'"->ll P"ds ! ci'innll. The Bui's 5 LOSE TOCH!CJffi,5T01 Pelicans Take Barons,] Lookouts and Vols Turn in Sunday Victories. Tlw Ut'.tle Rwk Tievolors tomd Marry Kelly too tough n^riiii yc-S- te day nnd the Memphis Chicks ivfin a ball yainc, 5 to 1. ut ^jesn- The Chicks u°< b\tt ejoht hits ff two Pt'l.'ble hurlcrs buc thai '/as luo more than Ihe Travelers •arnered olf Kellv's delivery. KC]- >f ke;>l 111'.' Pebbles writ In liai^l I'Jho'.it the Kuinc. The Clilcks nude four errors which didn't fi7- ire in tht' .s'rorlnii, and the l j cb- ninde two. The Travelers p:v- •rnteri n ch;nii;i'<l line-up, due to ! t- in|iny of IJuchanan, iT-milai 1 •i-roiul baseman, Tin' New Orleans Pelicans beat. ; Ilirjnim'ham llarotus, 4 to 'J, il lliriiiliii'.hiitn. A hoiiior in Ihc went'.i by Cilvcson, pinch hitter, ••jive, the Pelicans the tyin» and winninr; runs. Cumberland wns '.he winiiiii'i pitcher ami Shoaf the !o: er. Tlic Chnnnnooga LookoulJi lieat , .'lie Knoxvillc Smokies. 4 to 1 at '^ t nl " llan! '0i!a. VniKlprterg of Ihe • -;|tcokouis limiled the Smokies to "•is lilts. Wetherell wa.s the los- [ ns pitcher. The Nashville Vols . turned back the Atlanta Crackers without. a run behind the one hit pitching of Brillheai t. The game lasted only five innings, however, with •ain hailing the nlfair. The Vols 'cored one run in the second and two in the fourth. Hie M. H. S. got 15 hits nnd K. II. 1 ' 1 " 'he iniinir .; 0. Samples, Manila, was the e»»ic. West's heavy hitter of the day, connect- winn'ivr r 11 ". ing with 3 out of 5 Ulvs to the «-i""in"z »"d )<«.<>-»•: Come Thronth ni,,th-'-ini'i^ "ictnrv was nlso,i Uv MK« pr T« vl | s Browns ^'r-.T'o The White SON wr" ' plate, with Mnniir, KeLser. getting i>"rlier. wr>s 2 out of 3 trips. M. H. S. played _f"« hut his third almost ulrtlijht ball, nwkini; only one error. M. H. S. is couched by "Pos" TUourton, Cornier Jone&boro Stole college star football, basketball. am! baseball player. I.ux- ora high school will play M. H. S. here Tiiosdny, (lie art of brcakiiia grips. advance rrporU arc true the "Tmnnl? Kid" will wdKh not mote tlian ICmchc-1. is i Manila Defeats Keiser, ill 7 to 3, in Manila u\ MANILA. Ark.—Mnnlln high Khool di'fe.aled Kei.ser lileli .-ichool Sandy Ridge-Blytheville Game Sunday Called Oil The scheduled Sandy RIilisc-Bly- ithcville Tigers jjume for Snndny (was called oft because, of wet, Sround.s. The game \va.s to have been ployed nt Sandy Ridge park. Read Courier News W:int Ads. e"d of n 6 to 5 >in^ie scored the '"""•torn wns the WvMl the loB'n^ driven from the Box first .wker. "me run 1n three rninM. Puce.i"eill made two homer 11 fn- tl-n Hi-own^. . A rrfin'd of 44.rxM fans turned lilt at Pr-ttoti In f/ij. the Red pnx h^rrlo- i.l 1>lfi H"1V of t> n p^i't 30X. T^e Y^^ltoe n"n Hashed mid-ya- ci* 1 f^'-'ii. Phfv'f s .started for nostnn |mi v"« sent to the F'IOW- erc h'.- tup Ynlik hiltws. Chtin- m"n of Kew York hit for the circuit. STANDINGS Chattanooga Memphis New Orleans Nashville .... Atlanta Birmingham . Little Tlock . ICi'.oxvillc ... NATIONAL Chicago New York Urooklyn Pittsbui'Bh Boston ineinnnli St. Louis Philadelphia AMERICAN Detroit New York Boston Philadelphia St. I,onis Cleveland Washington Chicago Sunflowers were cultivated by the Indians lona before white men cnme to America. W. 4 4 4 •i 1 •i w. s s 4 3 2 . 1 . 1 Lutes Trounces Dell in Good Game, 4 to 2 B. l^ites was in gooil form yesterday and strne'K out 12 men as Lines defeated Dell. 4 to 2. p r t. The Mites pitcher al. c o led hit- .800 tci' s with four .'•afc blows, liavin.^ .f!57,a iwrfpcl day nt bat. .C07 j Smith for Dell struck out nine. ,500 i 'f be Rox Score: .5001 Dell .333 -Crawford s.s 33S : Fvceman. U .200 Wall 21) ... Kochler Sb . Peterson cf Stacv iT ... Hardin ib . D. Morgan c Pet. LEAGUE W. L. .. 3 .83;) .808 .000 .400 .200 .MO Pet. .750 .000 .500 ..SOT .500 .42!) AT3 . 1 . 4 . 3 . 3 . 4 . 4 . 4 . 3 Smith p — Totals .... Lutes Whittle ss . H. Lutes e-s; Payne ef ... R. Lnte.s 2b Wrlshl If .. B Lute.s p . DHson 3h .. O'N'eal rf ... C. Lutes Ib Phillips c .. Tninls .... Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Birmingham at Memphis. Chiitianooga nt Atlanta, Knoxvilli: nt Nashville. New Orleans at Little Rock. NATIONAL Open date AB . 3 . 4 . 4 . 4 . 4 . 4 . 4 . 3 4 1! AMERICAS Oucn date, l,KA«l!K is found in almost parts of Colombia, the resources ol its better known region tain? I estimated, ni ri.OQO.OSO.fiOO im-l| rlc (ons. V irh til" nO'T rnM In t|y» ^r JT''-"H Ril-bit. M^rtv. n'ways n rlevr fielder. c"rtaln oblivion he ^nt; b to r"l)l(\ee lllC with <~" ill- 1 rt>rk. ^Ivos nromi^ of snb- l"'i"-' for t'i" injiired Brave in <*x- C oiv.,( fashion. ^<-or"e UMe p-ovod lie was fur VP -"r. Usir.* 1 hi.^ hend end ?mriuG M-; c<rir>. Tlhle Vnn G nnd lost 1 f"-- Sfclirthv. He'll nrolj.iVilv If,i-i^'<; r i.: n f r o]iff hcpc in tile prcs- •••)'. re'.inrint rnce. j Kry-ni^ rrn>^wv , v ^s the victim ! iif faiiiiv '•e-vilin-' -.vhnn he wi* I "I'h the VTI--S p.n\ Cubs. He j lbriv-r^| o- '-Tr'-:. and was nn" ex- i c-.oiipT" srl-kra-.'x. Hn u^rt-tiiue I '-h -i-i! th« rubs irk-;rt him. and | ivi'i-}- of fl-i"i; liors-hi''^. lli-'li be oul them fnr th« Rccl^ this year ""'1 nlenty! •. I a?/.eri? Thev c?n't sto-> tb-n : "-H-. Tonv. acconlnn to reports, ii I "nnsVii'i" 'Tn ur" with renewed vi- i for nt third base. To"v niter- I v i!rci between sccn-id and the ho: 1 r" in jpso aiwl mil. and i: I v.ts th"n that lie rot til? idt-ri if 1 i I'V-d third Vjsse best. It tooX htm two years to ret j Ihe M"! over, and finallv MrCa-- I '••v shifted him. His enrly season 1 work indicates he won't be osistnl. ; And they don't come back! I WRESTLING FREDDIP: KNICIIRL TOMMY'TASSAS ROY WELCH RAY MYERS ARMORY, MONDAY NITE up gers ,. , 13UT-'"! hate everything about the circus," declared temperamental Donnn, "... the parndes with the yokels staring at me, the nomad existence . . . the reek of the animals. I'd like to wash dishes nnd raise flowers and cook tor my man." So when handsome Bill Siddal came along to meet his cousin Madeline— Donna's partner — for the first time, Donnn decided to do a little masquerading of her own. just n harmless stunt— but it changed the careers of five people and brought violent death to one. DONNA OF THE BIG TOP A "Back of the Scenes" Story of Circus Life—Coming Soon Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-2Sc Nile 6M5. 10-35e \ < K Months , on Broad- CLARK GAB MYRNA LOY F'aramount News Technicolor .Musical "Not Tonight Josephine" with Frank ant Kitty Kelly LWHlNAGINT Paramount T-fews Anlv Clvde Comedy Tuesday - Weds. ' MAT.—l()-2Sc NITR—10-35c il

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