The Sandusky Star-Journal from Sandusky, Ohio on November 28, 1901 · Page 5
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The Sandusky Star-Journal from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 5

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1901
Page 5
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. i . 4 , ' "s4' ·' ''"V 1f**i J 'i . ,'*' "5 1 .'v.w'.-?*t'-. j r;''-V '7,'-^,' ' » " ' ' '-\. . .. ,,, f , ·«.,_,« ^ i ,, t* * . f'l'" » - ,,W«' V ^idUUBil Bay -a a*4stop ptylhf «w*- City kouc e* ud, tots tor Mto. LOOM CunpbeH Street, for site, time payments. Money to loan at kwe*t ;rate» of Merest. JAMES M.^FRENCH, srst Saadosky,0. ROAST THE TURKEY WITH INTER LAKE FUEL CO. COAL. -- If you're using this fine fuel you know how much it adds ·o your reasons for thankfulness. If you' re not using it. we would like to send you a trial load. T H E Inter Lak? Fuel Co; Office Cor. Woier *.id Lawrence Sts * * § Gossip of the $ I Footlights. 5? * S*X»\*X«X» ACROSS THE DESERT, alias ACROSS THE TRAiU Van Dyke and Eaton's old show. Across the Trail, appeared at the Nielsen opera house last r.l£hl, under the title of Across the 'newt Frank James was starred as a "ten thousand dollar" lutrnaion. He appeared for a few seconds in tl.e last ac-t Sowed to the ci rious public and t! at v , - s , ; i l l there was of it. For a ' tcr-twenty- thirty" cent show t!ie production '·- a good one, as it has all the blood ant' gore and all the lest of it. An animated cigar sign played the pprt of an Indian, carrying about with him a deadly rifle and muttering dread threats and prophesies. The management owes the thcat'e gomK public an apology for the show last night. Poo- pie went there expecting to see something new and that old timer · was dished up to them. A year T sc a^o they could have seen it. with the tow headed soubrette and h er snueal'y voice, the' villain and his dark plotting; the cheap" actors and the "realistic" stage setting, all for ten cents or twenty cents or tl.irtv cents, according e location of the seats. Last WANTED--Men to learn barber trade, only eight weeks required. Best trade in existence for a poor man. Special inducements at present, tools presented, diploma? granted. Can earn scholarship, board, tools, transportation il fi»tired. Write 131 particulars Moler Barber Uoll»go. Chicago, III. · tf WANTED--Middle .age woman to do light housework. Inquire- at 317 Market street. w3t \\l A a|T|Ti"\ A sentseveryffhi YY All I LU our V' m] combination , . . '-"ACaOBmtoltei, something entirely new and original wtth'.tbis Company. Costa bnt $8 per annum, pa^ibto ferred" risks, and all accidents coveted. Liberal contracts to good men. Address NATIONAL ACCIDEHT SOCIETY, Eatrblished 1889. 320 Broadway, New York, LEGAL NOTICE.' Helen E. Morey and Louis Morey, residing at No. 5003 Washington av.i nue, Chicago, 111., Joseph Andrews residing at No. 194 Clark street. Chicago, 111., and William A! and Ellena Andiews, residing at No. 227 Berkeley Place. Brooklyn, N. Y., will take no tice that, on the 13th day of November, 1901, Hattie D. Simmons filed her petition in the Court of Common Plei« of Erie County, Ohio, in case No. 924-1, against the above named parties anl others praying for the foreclosure of a mortgage a£d other equitable relief, and also for the cancellation of a mortgage for $1,017.32; which has since been paid, given to Ebenezer Andrews_._no\v deceased. ojLjstoemtier 22, 1S55. b Delanzon Dimon, on the west half of lot 41 in Hamilton and others annexation to the town of Milan in said Erie County. Said parties are required to answer on or before the llth day of January, 1902, or judgment may be rendered against them. HATTIE D SIMMONS. novl4th6t Waahlne Blankets and Oilntr. Flannel blankets may be successfully cleaned by using borax and soft soap. Put two tablespoonfuls of borax and a pint of soft soap into cold water enough to co\er the blankets. When the borax and soap have become dissolved, put tu the blankets and let them stand over night The next day rut) them out, rinse them in two waters ,and hang them to dry. Never wring 'them. ' " To wash chintz begin by boiling two pounds of rice in two gallons of water till soft. Pour this into the tub and when just moderately warm put the chintz in and wash It without soap. Boil the same quantity-of rice and water again, strain off the rice and mix it with warm water, preserving the water In which it was boiled for rinsing water. Wash the chintz in the warm water and rice, then rinse in the boiling water in which the rice was boiled. Are you v-eak. nervous irritable and don't sleep well, seem to hare lost all ambition, Tory poor appetite and nothing tastes good? Yon go about in a listless fashion, half wondering what is wrong vith you anywaj. There is something radically wrong with you. Yoor blood is in an unhealthy condition, your digestion is impaired, yoar manly vigor ia gone, your nervous system is deranged and what is worse, you are not going to feel better unless some radical measure is taken to correct the trouble. BAR-BEN will restore your lost Energy, parity your blood, aid your digestion and promote healthy refreshing sleep. It will stopall unnatural drains and nature will presently reassert itself. Try it today. All drnrgists, 50 cents or mailed, on receipt of price. Write for freesam- T TBE BAR-BEN REMEDIES COMPAM, Thi Arcade Cleveland, 0 Canada'ii Forebt*. Canada's forestr are found to be equal to supplying the world with pulp wood alone (or 840 years on the basis of 1,500,000 tons of manufactured palp a year. Yellow Pl»«. Yellow pine when green weighs 33.81 pounds to tbe cubic foot and when dry 281. · * - on me? box of Ik* |ui«IM prices, the reason I. r -hich w.s not apparent, unless the "ten thousand dollar' Mr James was supposed lo lie worth the extra money. Pineapple Compote. Pare and shred one pineapple, usin£ a silver knife instead of steel; add to a sirup made froth two cups of sugar and one and one-half cups of water. Cook slowly until clear; then add the juice of half a lemon and a wineglass of sherry; set aside to get cold. Serre on rounds of "stale sponge cake with whipped cream. You can buy little penny sponge cakes. Hollow these out and use for cups for the frnlt. The crumbs can lie dried, rubbed through a Eieve and added to the whipped cream or put away for another combine in ifnother dessert. Quaint Worl£boxe. Old fashioned workboxes, with numerous compartments, utilizing every inch of space, are occasionally selected for the country house. They resemble a small trunk mounted like a low table or stool, and in «omparlson with modern work receptacles they appear exceedingly quaint. A THANKfUL PEOPLE: THOUGH tt)ft THE DAY. " * ' Sermon by the Rev. Wilson E. Donaldson at the Union Services This Mornlng-An Eloquent Recital of the Blessings Which a Nation Has Enjoyed. Union Thanksgiving services were | opened up before them. N Saving Carpets. Moth eaten carpets nrc often the result of covering the floors while they are still damp after sernbbing. The floor should be absolutely dry before the carpet Is relaid, and it Is a good plan to sprinkle a little insect powder between the carpet and the boards by way of precaution. Ship! In Fort. There arc abont $30,000,000 worth of craft In onr Atlantic and guK ports any day In thp year. The weather bureau can reach every vessel master in every port of material size within an hour In case of danger. Long Lived Animal*. Though life in a zoological garden must lower the vitality of animals, the London zoo has harbored polar bears, cranes, pelicans and a condor for periods varying from thirty to forty years. Force*. It has been calculated that the electro motive force of a bolt of lightning Is about 3,500,000 volts, the current about 14)000,000 amperes and the time to be ontftwenty-thonttndtA-part of * second. In sncn" a taft the* Is an energy of 2,450^000,000 watts, «l 3£84,U? horsepower. .aiitive BrwnMJnilAK liN*. Artwr win h nwalljk v,. rrraedT that nwn n cor* ta ··« *«y | ·OOOtJprenty-aeven lield today in Trinity Methodist Episcopal church, in which the congregations of the Baptist, Congregational. Presbyterian and Methodist churches Joined. The sermon of the day wis preached by the Rev Wilson E. Donaldson, of Toledo, a Presbyterian minister who is not an entire stranger here, and whose words were listened'to with great interest. The services were peeu'iarlv appropriate for the day, and there was a large audience in attendance. The music was very good, and the other features of the services, in which the of the etrirches interesting. The "ermbn by Rev. Donaldson had for its subject, ' 4. Thankful People," and the :est was from Psalm, 05:1], "Thou crownest the year with Thy goodness. Thy paths drop fatness." Rev. Donaldson said in part A new "Thanksgiving Day has dawned. And, in common with a \ast multitude of the people of this land, we are assembled this morning to express our thanks to Almighty Gnd for His great goodness .to us during the year that has passed. This anniversary clay has hren observed for many vears, and we do not ny evidence nf any desire on the pastois of several took a part, were part of the people to tun: aside from :he observance of it. though it is true ;hat all do not observe it in precisely .he same way. However, if we are to give thanks ntelligently, we must follow the example of the merchant who takes an nventory of his stock at certain sea- 'ons each year. He has two reasors or taking that inventory. \iz 1. That he may have an exact record if the amount of material on hand at hat particular time; and 2. That he may be able to discove- ust ihe amount of business he has ransactid during tl e vear and wh it ulvance he has ntade wheu compared ·. ith other years If I can lead you in thought today, so hat you will carefully co',s ! der "what God hath wrought" (a) For you, or b) By you. and be the means of ;t:rring you to give hearty thanks to God and to acknowledge Him as tbe ;iver of every blessing you have re- eived during the year, my purpose vill be accomplished, and the day will ie one of true thanksgiving in e\ery lomc and in every heart. We have been called upcn by ib? Chief Executive of the naticn to give narks. Have we, as a i ation. otra- .ion to give thanks' Let us see: As a nation we were small indeed at he first. But God blessed our fore- athers, and guided tljem in laying the oumlations of a gVeat and prosperous lation. He preserved them in times f great danger. He led them so that hey avoided serious evils. He over- uled again and--again--so- that ivius vere I rought to an end, and the people lecame practically at peace among hemselves and .vith other nations. There are perhaps differen-es o' jud:;- I «lo not believe that pny man can r*d with care the history of this nation, and note the great advance made, without a recognition that said ; vance is due to th/blessing of God on the nation, and a desire to egress i r i ·on* way h's thanks to God for that ulescing. Gnr vast territory has been up as man had need o r Man was led to look into remote sections foi thoie things God had resi-'vpd for Hv children. Truly we ma c-.ll this a delightsome land. But I flrmlv believe that the limit of its re'Oii"- t s has no! yet b^en reached. For, although Go^l has blessed abundantly I believe that He has blessings yet in store. And that as new needs appepr. or as new abilities ,ire-developed within us, GcV. will unlock some ether door o? His vast store-house, and pour out it" ric'i- es into the lap of this nation. "America.' said one. ' is chosen of Goij for groat ends. She depends upo i IHE PEOPLE to accomplish . ihesc- ends " God's dealing iv'tl- vs as a Hilton has been on the basis of his dealings with other nations. II" nas sxiveu his promises, and his blessings; but he has asked for honor ir.d service from those whom he has blessed Go;l's claims are just. He derr^nds obedi- FOR THANKSGIVING Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday We'll QveYoua SPECIAL ON LINENS We'll call it a Linen Sale, just to wake things in that line up a little. It shall coverall classes of Linens. We take great care that the patterns are new and the values as good as anything to be found in the country NOW-during this sale we'll gjve the purchaser a special Ten per Cent Off. o e. W E R S In the old world there is a union of Church and State. But in this new -world there is a separation of Church and State. Here religion is not made an ORGANIC part of our government. But it is, nevertheless, a most Important element in the life and in'luence of tht; nation. 'Religion has exerted its influence in a most ilelrite and tmpl'at;.- WEV in the work of the government -1 '.ing all these years. We aie K lown f i r and near as a Ciinst'a'i r- ion L'ut that estimate is not based 'j t .iu a r knov.'l- edgement of God in the Coiistitutio". Our tn.ictment might bs passed at one tim« whereby the name of God was d in te Constitution aud that enait.oent might be repealed at another Sjne. But we are a Christian na- tiort^because of- the principles that ol - ta'nf ! a the government of this nation. We thank God today for the confi- ilencf ihe nation ins txprcosed in Him. The abundant harvests that 'lia\v been gathered are the result on the one hand of man's planting, but on the other hand they are also the result -jf 5od's sending the rain am' the sui.- shine in their order so tha' neither Irouth nor cold did destroy the see!. j ;t was therefore God's watering and blessing that the increase to the seed that was sown by men Aud for that blessing man should j,ivc his thanks to Almighty God. There are other lines also alonj. which God has sent his blessing. The health enjoyed by the Ir.natntants of our nation is an additional evidence c f Tjiviner Tuvor. The entire year has not b»en a successive day in which the sur 'lid shiue in all its brightness Tie shadows came, and for a time they did hang as a heavy black pall above us. In one of the most joyous seasons of the year, when the people had c cen sue hou- dences of prosperity and of comfort as ment as to the best methods to be used n our efforts to accomplish certain mds which all desire. But we stand oday without conflict on c,'ir own hbres.and occupying a position among ^''cheer" th'eTr 1 'herrt3!'Vhen"Hfe"and Jther nations of the world ihnt is far ac t ivity were manitect in evcry secllou of our land, the storm-cbud b:oke in all its fur. and the alack cloud spread from sea to sea an'', fr^m the lakes to the gulf. When oat fiom above the posit! 'n we ·ear ago. We should be a tha"ktul people in the second place, because nf tne development of the nation along varioi!?' lines. The first of these thit I will mention is ITS MATERIAL RESOURCES. The wealth of the nation has increased very materially during the Iastj 1 1 l o u g h ne t ,,, at hiil po , c when ,,,,,,,,. year. New doors have geen opened. tudeg of loya , people w , r p orowd ii,g and new opportunities presented to 4e nlm nonor his in ii, lcuce remains. that black cloud came the words wbic'i indicated the confidence our Mar'yr President had hi Him who lules over all, as hn said "It is the I^inl's way His will, not ours, be dore." whereby many have received special blessings through these new lines of work. But perhaps- greater blessings have comp through the disclosure to man of the.material resources of our nation. We have a vast extent of ter ritory. A little, less than 3UOO,Uf" square miles without Alaska. But when w? include Alaska and the later acquisition of ihe Islands within the seas, the number of sqi:are milts of our territory is very greatly ir- creased. Perhaps few of »; ^a." r«"3liz' the extent of our own territory as a nation. But another thing U a t should make us thankful is tbe ror.slderation of the wonderful value of tMa territory I do not believe we have learned even yet to appreciate that. value, whethor we consider the mlnfal «·- sources, or the pro-iuctlTenens "of the «U. . ,, I believe that Cod led our fote-fatk- cn to thft MUghtaoOM l*»d. That ttem o« nltedf.' Th^t He ptrfhtd tfalr kwrts a4«f?r*!to te tot, thMMelrei alone Uw line* which He In his dptfth the heart of this ns:ion was touched as I belicvp it had never beer, touched before. Again and again there has gone fortti the cry fruni heart aud from voice, "WHY WAS' HE TAKEN'' 1 But out of that darkness it scorns that a little light has come aud our nation has learned a lesson that it was slow to leatn before, namely that under the cover of free speech and liberty, we have received under the prntecti-m ar.d fostering cire of our government a clas" of people who have been and are as dangerous as the viper preserved by the charitably disposed man, until the heat from his own I fc had warmed lb it destructive thing into more vigorous life and Its real nature was manifest ,t-y the sinks at the head of the natfe-i under the belief that the nation itself rould be destroyed by the de- ttru«tion of tbe Chief Exectiti-e ( Tim tut* been le*rced at a fearful roc*. 'And I bel^ve it has beea so ere will be no need '.aBdo opportunity (or ito repetition. If that be true, then e«n n the dark THE L©NG ©YER60AT'S THE PROPER THING Thr-rc a-e countless other stvles. of course, but fashion always aits upon one particular design as the SEASON'S LEADING FEATURE. You will find the assortment here and prices that you must hesitate at. at $8.00, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00, etc. You have a beautiful range, made with or without yokes, with cuffs or sleeves. All the new fancy Scotch Cheviots. We also nave oiner lengths 1C-- overcoats. Stylish Military Suits. Newest Scotch Tweeds and neat Silk Mixed Worsteds, hand padded shoulders, hand made collars and button holes; extremely neat, a proper choice at $7.50. $10.00. $12.00, $13.00, etc. Fine Worsted Trousers at $3. No such variety or quality to be found elsewhere in this city. 500 pairs of Trousers at $2.25. All made of choice Cassimeres. Neat gray striped patterns. Youths', boys' and children's fashions. If it's a CHILD'S SUIT, OVERCOAT OR REEFER You will find our Stock complete and our prices will make you wonder. Will only be too glad to show you this grand new stock. THE OLD RELIABLE CLOTHIER. J A C O B K R O N T H A L ness that followed that sad event that i ccurred in Buffalo, we shRll have o- casio i to thank Ood that our 'eyes have been opened to see i plate of dange 1 -. Though there is with us no union of Church and State, both Phurcli and State have long since learned to recognize UH value of education, and have provided institutions fo: the development cf the intellectual power of tbe youth of the land so that '.he hish-st grade of life as individuals or as n nation may be attaino:. Thanksgiving day is pre-eminently a home day. A day for the people. It is a day when there \e 'jess-itiou from work required on other days A day '.n which there is time for though', a'.iJ for the expression of our gratitude. The bestowal of a crown is an expression of honor. God has honored our nation by the crown he has placed upon it during this year. Thanks b-: .into Go't for these homes,. Than'vs b» unto God for the health given. Thus ills favors were manifest dav Ly day. In some homes there was sicK- ness, hut still God's fnvcr was manifest and the sick were restored to health. In some homes there has oeen sorrow and partings of loved ones, for the death anzel n-js come, and the spirit of some loved ones borne to meet the Masteu while the hearts of those who tarried behind ached because of that separation. But even as their eyes WTP filled with tears they looked !· their U.'.l ai:d were able to see his face ;u · face that did shine with the love of His hcau and they were then glad to commit their loved ones to His faie. Disappointments have com" to some, whereby long cherishsri plans have failed. But we have sometimes then learned that our disappointment? are God's appointments. That with a wisdom which we do not possess. He has planned our change? for us; and in all these plans shows His own love for "when we have come nut of the tunnels, and the sunlight of immortality is shining upcn us, we will forget whether the tunnels were kny ur short, and knov.- onlv that they weie on the road God menit us to travel over. Let this be a glad Thanksgiving day. A day of rial ani true rejoicing. A day when our hearts render continued praises to our God. and with song, aiui prai»e and laughter, and kitidnesc and sympathy and love we reiterate tbe word of the Psalmist that God ha= crowned the year with His goodneM. When he havp thus gene over the y*ar and taken the In^eTitirv. When we hare counted the blenlcp onr Ood has sent us through the year, and have "named them one by one" ,W9 shall have learned that (t has teen Indeed a year of blessing and we will Sing from the heart "Praise God from w.iom all hlusings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Foth'r, Pm, and Holy Ghost" "Sunset Mines" Coming. A play that contains a story that Is interesting, dialogue that is impressive, situations and incidents happily consistent, and alternate scenes of pa- thet'c and humorous description, is promised in the sensational scenic comedy drama, "Sunset M'nes," which will be presented at the Nielsen Saturday afternoon and evening. It is claimed by the management to contain all that Is devoted of the sensational drama can reasonably de"ir-, abounding in flue scenes and nv.cbarical effects, and a liberal sprinkling of bright specialties throughout. Tha scenes are laid in the California goM fields and Ne-w Yrrk City. Tliose depicting the miners' camp with the sh:ift in op-ration the fantastically decorated Concert Gaiden. and the thieves' headquarters on the East River, with the brilliantly illuminated city in tiie distance, are pronounced three of the most effective stage pir- tures now being ihown. A REPUTATION. How it Was Made and Retained In Sandusky A rood reputaton is not easily earned, and it was only bv haid. consistent work among our dtisers that Doan's Kidney Pills won their way to th" proud distinction attained in this locality. The public endorseneBt of SCOIPS of Sandusky rtsider'« has rendered invaluable sen ice to the community. Read what this citizen says: Mrs. John Peebles, of 92S Warren street, says: "I was taVen with backache and a distressing lameness across my back. A dull grindlrg pain kept up continually, and every sudden movement caught me with pains over the hips, while I was loadc-d down with a tired feeling that inclined me to sink down anywhere on anything. I was quite used up when I got Doan'i Kidney Pills at Melville Bros', drag store bnt I did not have to lake a Vkokt box before tte lawn*** in th» luck vanished. I had no longer tiat dnoM out feelint and no urinary Unable remained." For talc by all dealer;; price » i a box. FMtwMilban Co., N. Y, *ote aaento tor UM Id and take no etlwr. EWSPAPERl MEWSPAPEJRl

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