The Sandusky Star-Journal from Sandusky, Ohio on June 11, 1901 · Page 2
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The Sandusky Star-Journal from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 2

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1901
Page 2
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SJANDUSKY DAILY STAB, TUESDAY, JUKE 11. 1901. PREFERS BEINfi BAD. Young Man Nipped at Chicago on Charge of Forgery. IS KNOWN BY A NUMBER OF NAMES. B* Says H« Comes of Respectable Family and Could Live a Good Life If He Would Do as Hl« Father Would Have Him Do-Graduate of Yale-Wanted lu Many Cities. Chicago, June 11--After being chased through the streets by two de tectives and a crowd of people a young man was arrested who gave the name of Melville Chester Fmley, and who said he is the son of a wealthy business man of Kansas City and a graduate of Yale After his arrest he «as recognized as Melville Che'ster Finlay, alias Melville Chester Jr, Jordan Hanna. John Reid, W 0. Brown and various other names Chester is said to have committed over 60 forgeries in last six months He has been eagerly sought after by the police of Memphis, Boston, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Louisville, Pittsburg, New York Galveston, Lib ertv Mo, Bloomington and Normal, Ills Blakele), Colo, and other places When searched at the central sta tlon Chester had a number of checks of the National Biscuit compan his pockets, which he said he filled out as he used them -When told that he would go to the penitentiarv Chester said he knew it but did not care "I am glad I am arfiested," said he "I come of good people m Boston, vvheie my father is in the banking business I could live a good hie if I onlv would do as as my father lequested but I can noi content myself m one place long have no one to blame but ms self, anc now that 1 am undei anest I mil taki my punishment like a man " GATHERED AT BOSTON. Members of the Y. M. C A. Assemble For International Jubilee. Boston, June 11 --Streaming infc '.oston from nearly every quarter o e globe came delegates to the semi · ^ntennial and international jubilee invention of the Young Men s Chris · an association of North America Almost every civilized country in Me world was represented when thi onventlon was called to order m the exhibition hall of the Mechanics building, and it is confidently expect ed that there will be nearly 5,000 del egates in attendance from the different associations during the six days the contention is in session Awards of merit, consisting of blue ribbons and red ribbons, for first and second prizes had been distributed among the different classes of exhibits The exhibit contained material from all kinds of associations Cabinet Met at Night. Washington June 11--In response to messages from the president, sent after an hour's talk with the secretary of state, all the members of the cab met now m the city assembled at the White House at 8 o clock Monday night The object o£ the gathering was not known to the members of the cabinet, as the invitations to them simply asked them to call at 8 o clock Secretaries Long Gage, Hitchcock and Wilson Attorney General Knox and Postmaster General Smith were those present Secretary Root Is m Buffalo, while Secretaiy Hav had left for the same place The cabinet mem mers lemamed less than an houi On leaving they said the meeting had no reference to public questions, al though a personal matter was considered which none would discuss Aid For Nonunion Strikers. Toronto June 11--The Internation al Machinists' association decided to extend financial aid to nonunion men who went out \uth members of the asbooiat'on President 0 Connell s'at ed that the officials were not restrict cd as to the amount nonunion m r n should lecuvc, but he added that in an event it would be sufficient to in due 0 the' 1 ! to icmain in the fight to tht cna Since Ma) 20 over $40,000 ha= been distributed among strike! a and ^ vet no regular sjstem of ben ofiK has gone mt force A reolu tion was adopted asking \mencan Federation ol Labor to lew an assess ment to DI ovule funds for strikers Damaging R a i n f a l l Chadron Neb, June 11--For three houis rain fell in toritntb in Chadron and v i u u i t ) , accompanied bv hail All biaimints and cellars were flooded Son* houses, in the low parts of the town UUP inundated but the orcu pant 5 -* vvpic rescued Reports from the rpuntn indicate gloat damage to crops and live stock and many narrow escapes fiom drowning Cutting Off Boer Supplies Cape Town, lunc 11--The military authorities are enfoiring stringent re stnctionb In the distribution of food bluffs noithwaid from DiAar and bouthward from Buluwayo Only es sentials ale permitted to be distnb u t f d and these only In limited quan tit.js so as to deprive the Boers of this source of supply Strike on Mam Central. Waterville, Me. June 11 -- A gen eral strike of the Brotherhood of Rail road Trackmen on the Maine Centia system has begun, with 800 men at fected The men ask for an advance of 25 cents per day PRESIDIO SCORCHED. Two Hospital Wards Were Dsstraytd. All Patients Rescued. San Francisco. June 11 --A fire la Jie general military hospital at the 'restdio destroyed three wards, kitchen, dining room and medical supply room None of the patients was injured Loss 525,000. The two wards destroyed were mown as the measles wards and wer» occupied by 60 patients There were 200 patients in the general hospital and all were removed to places of safety without confusion or injury until the fire had been brought under control The fire had Us origin in a room used to store paint, but the cause is not known Pugilists Matched. New York. June 11--Two matches were clinched by Manager Jim Kennedy of the Twentieth Century Athletic club between Tim Callahan. the Phil adelphia featherwelght.and Haggerty, the Australian champion and Kid Carter, the Brooklyn middleweight, and Jack Root of Chicago Billy Roche, on behalf of Callahan ard Charle Bangs, lepresenting Carter, signed the contracts, and the men left for San Francisco Both contests w al take place in the Mechanics' pavilion, San Francisco, on the same day. June 28 Coal Eaters. Pans, June 11 --The assistant chief engineer of thr Orleans lailway, when questioned regarding the report that the company -was dissatisfied with the American locomotives purchased last year, said "All 30 have been running since November, and there is no idea of withdrawing them But it Is true that they burn more coal, and that it is slight!} more expensive to main tain them than other locomotives doing the same work Asks For a Receiver. Louis-nlle, June 11--R E Wathen, claiming to own $2 000 of certificates, filed suit asking for judgment against the National Investment and Redemp tion company and its successor, the Kentucky Mutual Investment com pan}, and for the appointment of a receiver and an injunction to prevent the defendants from disti ibuting their funds passenger Boat Upset. Victoria, B C , June 11--The steam er Kmhsiu Maru ai rived from the orient She brought news that a Chi nese passenger boat bound from Cbu San to Nrag Pi was upset during a squall on May S and out of 68 on board only nine were saved Thirty bodies were washed ashore Puqilist Dead. Leadville, Ctlo, June 11 -- Paddy Purtell, who held the middleweigh championship of the west severa years, died in his saloon of heart fai ure Purtell retired from the ring tw years ago Iowa Theologian. Davenport, la., June 11 --D D Bar rls, 83, first professor of theology a Gnswold college, a prominent Episco pal clergyman 40 years and curator o the Davenport academy of sciences is dead Cubans Did Not Meet. Havana, June 11--Owing to the ab sence of Senor Capote president o the Cuban constitutional convention the secret session that was to ha\ been held was postponed THE MARKETS. tt C [ 1 1 1 Third Hailttorm Thii Season. Oreeley, Colo, June 11 -This vicln - ,,,,,,,,_,, Ity was TUlted by the third disastrous * !JJ Bnptl ^' luilntorm of the season It has practically destroyed all the fruit, alfalfa ·nd wheat All of northeastern Colorado It effected. Gram and Stock Prices For June 1 Clut-Hnd -- Cattle Good to chol i\ fini bteeF* 1250 ll)s ind upuurd $j 2/fl-i O good to cuolc drj fed light liters, ? 00~i5 10 preen h ilf f i t 900 1,200 11) rtpors f» -5«4 C5 fair to be betters, ?! 75f/4 75 fair to ixtra oovv 75, bullb ?J 5iX'/4 25 Sheep on Lambs--Good to (.hone unndy ynrllng $4 1M 1S5 f ill to goed $4 0(%4 75 culls nd common SJ OOii 1 "X) food te choke \\ether shiep 4 00ffl4 10 f i l r to good, M ~6i\ 00 good niiicel sheep $1 75f(l' *", Us anil «mmoa ?2 (Wei! 00 spring Umba, Kood 1" choke $ OUfnfi V), f a i r to goejel $% OOeVib 00 C a h e b -- l a i r to best, $1 OOOfi 2) Hogi--\orkers, ?0 00 mediums ind he-ivlcs, $6 05 t hie ago--( attle l»ool lo pi Imp steers $5 (jOf'f ( 25 poor to medium S4 50frfG 50, sloekirt and f l H i l e r i $i OWl4 80, COWS, $1 1 fi/~i no heifer-, $2 iy« 15 enoners, «.i WU l» l«hs $3 OO!i4 lu leias ftel slcrri SI Wei ' I*. fexli bulh S2 75SI185 sliei p and I nuibs--l,ood lo ihohc wethers, J" ) / i 4 l j f a i r to (.hole l mlieil, SI 70® ' ir H e s t e i u bhecp ^1 !HXi4 1" TearHuRs, f l lio'i-i .tt n a t i v e laml'" SI Wl~ 1" ( HIM l i m b s M W i ~ i l I lives--$4 00 Hogs--visaed "id bn rliers $" 7Vi? 1174 "ooel t) ( h o i e o I H I M ?- S-V/lj 10, ill,'h he ill V $5 7(X/"i to light $"i 7'yiT! ·171 VMie i t -- No 2 reel 74O7 .e I orn-- , i 4! H 'jc O i l s N, - -S'.lMSiA Buff ilo ( n t t l e 1 ur to e oo 1 e x p o r t *" "((Xftj M) shipping s., 2.11 i ) 50, i t e l i e i - $4 *sOy5 2~i ,, )oil t i i »l e e-ott s 4 J / i l 7" h e i f e r s f i l r t» d ^4 JVa J bulls ,, M)ll t ) p l i i n t e \ I o ! t e f - s $4 Wl I I I h u l l hi 1 bulls $1 Illio-l ^ s l o e k l l s ml f e e u r s f i l r to t o u ' , ?l c C l l tu eoru , HI S 'iiVi4 00 S h e e p und I iinfe T e s t nub- · 1- M ^ f a l l I i L"oO, 4 W i Oil ui.l-' uul e ominous ?l i i«'4 -'5 m i \ il s l u e i $ 7 / i 4 O) re irllngs $1 J / t 50 nil sheep JJ W K i J iO I nhes * i ^ i ,1, 00 Hogs-IlCs {h W V e r k e r i $1, Oyi 07 linif ineiliiuns S' 07 l i e i v i J( 10 1 i t t s b u i g -- Caltle I holce $5 'WjG 0) .rime $5 7lMt5 Sj gooe 1 $"» 4(y/1 0") t i e l y n i l r h e r s ^5 !Vu5 «» h e l f ( r s $t 'i~t 10 o»« bnlH and stags $ ) 0 « l 4 , T O frssh oi\« S"0 00150 00 Sheep and I,amhs-- hoi i sh ep SI f.i'i4 01) good S3 tKl^i 7 f i l r J t o t X i t ' i O e l m l e e j e a r l h u s :l , « ! s ,-,1111111111 to toe«i ?! OIK,4 I I I .prin,; lambs $4 OW "io ( ahcs--$b OeKi, , i"i Mo^s--rriuie h e - i v i e s brat medlnnis mil w 1 W o r k e r s $l li«Mi I 1 " light \orlt r^ ^1 UO,M O~i piss ?(, O / j d 10 N e w Vrk -- ( n i l " s t t i r s $"i OiW," flfl, bulls ?1 2^14 '7' lOivs ?2 Wn4 1 Sheep an.l Ijiinhs-sheip S2 DiVeM 00 if Hugs $1 OtV-M OO Hmbs $"» 50^it *0 -·V.ili $4 OOiiS 7*i Hogs 4« l(X t f t r VMieit--No 2 red S0-%c Corn--No I I m l n n t t l -- VMieTt No 2 red, 74 torn--No 2 railed 14/if Oati--No 2 mix i d NlV/i'JO-V lire--No 2 50c Lard-$\ -71^ Hulk VIeits-?8 12V Bacon- Si no Hogs-$4 iXV,ir 00 ( 1 ttle-$2 50® " 73 I.atnt»-t3 75Q FROM OHIO TOWNS. cvn Garnered In Buckeye FMcL Flagman Fell In a Fit. Cleveland, O, June 11 --A C. A. passenger train collided here with freight The accident was due to an tack of epilepsy to the flagman who ad been sent back to warn the pas nger train of a break lu the englno the freight Engineer Reuben Tay r, of the passenger train, was rown from the cab and severely in red A few of the passengers were urt, but none seriously. Roll Turnen Out Again. Youngstown, O, June 11--The roll urners at the American Steel Hoop ompany's plant of the United States ;eel corporation, who returned to ork last week after a two-weeks rike without receiving recognitio.i om the company, have been called ut again by the roll turners' union 'he settlement effected by the men as not satisfactory to the union Mahonlng Molders Compromised. Youngstown, 0. June 11--The hreatened strike of the molders of he Mahoning valley has been aveit d At a conference a compromise 'as effected by which the men get a y., hour day for six months, after that 9 hour day They demanded a 9 hour ay June 1 Independent Oil Mill. Toledo, June 11 -- Land was pur based foi a linseed oil mill, the laig st m the world It will fight the rust E* Major Guy Major of Toledo s said to be interested m {he piojer t ogether with E Lewis Metzgei of 'hiladelphia Bride Now a Widow. Blanchestei, O.June 11--At Lynch mrg tfor} Bolts of Martmsville. a nidge carpenter for the Baltimoie and Ohio Southwestern, was killed b} falling bridge beam He was mai ried a month ago Coal Mines Sold. East Liverpool O, June 11--Thi announcement of the sale of the Ce dar Hill Coal company s mines at Sa meville to the Big Vein Coal com pan of Cleveland is made Fought Seven Rounds. Cincinnati June 11--Hike Schreck of Reading O was awarded the de cision ovei Charlie Burns after seven rounds of fighting The contest wa scheduled for 10 rounds Played With Matches. Steubetmlle, O. June 11--Lizzie, 5, daughter of Henr} Paiker of Rich mond O , burned to death Her cloth mg was ignited by matches with which she was playing Flames and Explosions. San Francisco June 11--A flie started in the wrecking establishment of T P Whitelaw, on Spear street Several explosions of boilers occurred There nas a quantity of nitroglycerin and dnamite stored in the building The fire was confined to the warp house, which contained machinery, etc principally for abandoned ships On account of the explosives the situ ation was ver} dangerous to the fire men but the several explosions did no damage to sunounding propel ty Loss $30,000 Sale of the Cloverleaf. Cleveland June 11--It is conceded in iuthontative circles that the I B poit of the sale of the Cloverleaf rail load to the Vandeibilt mteiests is based on fact The further und.T stadnng now is that thf road when full} acquired will be turned over tc the Michigan Central to operate, thtt giving the line a southwestein outlet ELOPEMENT )f a Tiffin Girl Who Has Many Sandusky Friends The many Sandusky friends and ac- amtincps of Miss Nina Beuner. of '.mn, will be interested in the fol- ovvmg fiom the Tjffln Tribune The announcement of the elopement if Miss Nina Benn»r, with Leonard ,raef was a surprise to their many n»nds Miss Benncr If ft home, Satii ay afternoon, taking the electric cai or Fostona where she was joined by he Utter Shortly after suppei Di Benner received a telegram .'roni Miss Nina sent from Toledo, ui which sh' tatea that he should not worn and hat she would not be home for suppei, ut would write Some time later, a i icnd fiom Cleveland phoned that the oung people had left that city for .lichigan to be married The doctor tateu that he nad no particular objec- lon to the marriage except on accourt cf the voutbfulness of his daughter It piesumed mat the mainage tooV ilae_e in Detroit Snnda) Mr Siaef intil recently, held the position as 01.- ?ntor ir the Tiffin Western Union Telegraph office and is a worth-* and illustrious vo'ing man Miss Benn i -, the onh daughter of one of Tilfip s lest known phvsioinns and is a voting 5 of manv thaimng qualities lattiigclittiBgslattiiigs We hne jost received 47 rulli of fine Jtpwiew ludmc, worth 26o per y»rd,, onr price only 12^0 per ymrd. Only 30 yards or lew will be sold to · cnttomer I We also h»ye a fine lot of Roeketr and Obain, Gawliiie Stoves and Bake Oven* aleo ladiei' and gents' Bicycles at your own price. Give us a call and save money at Samuel Love's Store TIT Muketitrwt. · Harrtaon phone alt j Let Us Store Your Furutturr. i JHIRD RATIONAL EXCHANGE RANK Of Sandusty, OAfo. A (ettf*l fUBklBg Bi ed In all Capital - - $200,000.00 Surplus · · 80,000.0ft L. CaMe. Prert. R. E. Schuck, Vice Prett. F. P. Zollticer. Cashier. jt jt CHOICE Jfjt FRESH LAKE FISH W All Kind* at Schacht Retail Fish Market.! Sandtnky, Ohio. Ooe* · General Banking Business, and Pays 3 and 3% PER CENT. on time deposits. ALSO ROE AND BUCK SHAD, HAL-, IBUT, CLAMS, RUSSIAN S \RDIKES FINE MILKER HERRINGS, AND LOANS MADE ON REAL ESTATE. FULL ASSORTMENT OF HEINZ S T. B. TAYLOR, President BOTTLE GOODS HENRY QRAEFE, Cashier Phones, Har.. 618: Bell 155 HURON. QO TO THE Lorain Exchange, W. H. HASTINGS, Prop. Car. Water tail WmyntStmts Choice Liquors and Cigars Always on Hand. OF INTEREST TO HOUSEKEEPERS. We are showing inst now a large bud com plete assortment of Upholstery Goods, 9nch aa Velourn, Damasks, Denims ana 811k and Wool Tapestries, all of new designs and colors, ready M ne Auade np in any piece of furniture Prompt attention given to repair work Mat reittei made to order and old ones repaired ^ ill send man to make estimates Sandusky Upholstery Co., Both phones MBS L RICKEB8. Prn Mis Maitm A.ckprman ane" childien ot Vermilion have been spending i fc\v davs at the home of Mr and Mrs E E Paiker Ed Smith of this place went to De troit Sundav. Miss Beitha Tavlor of Bogart spen,. Sunday with Miss Mabellc Matt Di Cnle of CleveUrd \vas in towi Jlonc'aj when he Derfoimed an opera tion on Mr N Fisner, vv ho resides nei Ctjlon Miss Kat" Duff} who nas bee'i ··pendins: iitr lime Jt Kelleys Island, loi some time past mpile i visit w i t h ittiei'ts of this place Smdav Mrs Walter Clemmons and motnei, Mis Horkey of Mirblchead aie visiting Mr and Mrs Reitnei Alice Callan is visiting filends Sanduskj Mi Adam Becklofl. and Miss Mayme Cook drove to Clyde Sundaj E E Parker spent Sundaj with his family m Huron Mr and Mrs Warren Shirley and Mrs Beach, of Sandusky visited Mrs Bartson Shirley, of this place Mondaj Mr Childs of Albuquerque, whose family has been visiting since March with Re- and Mrs W T Hart arrived j Act First, think afterward, youi reflections w ill oe more than pleasant if Yon get our piano By holding to onr motto "to recommend pianos according to their actual merit" we expect to gam your confidence and patronage If yon want quality, durability and richness combined, yon can get it in a PULLMAN PIANO, Rentier Doerzbach. last Friday in Huron spend a short time where he \\ill HONESTY · IN Why PRINCIPLE, BUSINESS, DEALINQ WITH OUR CUSTOMERS, Our Trade Has Increased With Each Succeeding Day. ~ INTER LAKE hLEL CO., DEALERS IN ANTHRACITE AND BITUMINOUS COAI, Prompt Attention and Careful Delivery Paid to Family Orders. SIX MEN Thrown Into the Bay-A Pile Driver Capsized. and enabling it to compete wih the Wabash The Cloverleaf has 450 miles of lack with an aggregate liability of $26,000,000 Mrs. McKmley's Condition Washington, June 11 -- Dr Rlxey, when he left the White House, said "Everything is encouraging Mrs Me Kinley is doing very mcelj She is gaining steadily She sat up in a roll- Ing chair several times, aggregating probably, an hour. We^are vlfe ingfea encouraged by the steady Improvement" Claim Against Hoffman House. New York, June 11--A deputy serv ed an execution for $18,074 on the Hoffman House in favor of EdwafB S Stokes, for the recoveiy o£ money ex pended on the place and for rent while he was receiver of the house The Weather. For Ohio--Fair, possibly showers near the lakes, fresh southerly winds THIS AND THAT. Gaynor Brothers, who lie cjuairjmg btone ot Johnsons Island foi the nev. bieakvatei at Lorain are building ,i dock -it the island The pile dine, tint 'S being used ivas upset a few daja ago and six men weie thrown irto the biy They all manager' to save their lives ana with the exception of Supt Kennedy none' of them weie hart much Both of Mr Kennedj's legs were quite painfully Bruised and .1 bad ?ash was cut in his right hand He is again ab'p to be at work Educate Tour BoweH With Cairarets. Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever. 10c,25c ItC C C fall, druggists refund money. The Nickel Plate Red Book Gives lowest excursion rates to Chau- tijqua Lake, Niagara Falls Thousand Wand resorts also to other points east including the White Mts the Adi i oi'da-ks and Atlantic Coast points It w ill be mailed to any address upon re cunt of two cent stamp Address B r Hornei G P A Nickel Plate Road Ckvelard Ohio tu thtoJunelB Teleflraphic Intelligence of the Wo-Id In Tabloid Form. English hav crop below the average owing to drought Novelist \\altcr Besant, 65 died at London after a brief illness Westein plow manufacture! s effect ing a combination at Chicago Robert William Buchanan 60, poet and prose writer London claimed hy death In a quanel at Laporto Ind , Frank Palen 13 fatall) stabbed his brother Charles 15 Flameb licking up No 4 slope of the Luke Fidler collierv at Shamokin, Pa Thousand men idlo louis btern, formei United States commercial agent at Bambrrg, Ba \aria, suicided in the public gardens near that town Despondency. T IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN Spiritualism, Mental Science, Christian Science, Hypnotism, Mesmerism,Practical Psychology, Philosophy or any other phase in occultism, you cannot afford to be without the latest work on occultism "HYPNOTISM andPBYSICAL DEVELOPMENT" This work contains twenty-five lectures on the above subjects. Send for circulars. . . . . . . . E H. ANDERSON, 52) North Street, Toledo, Ohio. r lelfiln VMn'lt TJl BiMmorc - Butter 1.8H3-1 restl, torn 43%C. OtS, sf^d $t 40 Pane; cnauttji Subscribe for the Star Deafness Cannot be Cured Is lot. 1 application as they cannot r c i c h the diseased pomon of tl" eai hole is onlv one vva to cure deafness ul that is b} constitutional remedies pafncss is caused bv an inflamed con- ition o£ the mucous lining of the ustachian Tube W h e n this tube is flamed vou have a rumbling sound impel feet hearing and vvhe.i it is i tirclv closed Dtafness is the lesuU nd jnless the inflammation can be alien out and this tube restored to- its tormal condition hearing will be de troved forever, nine cases out of ten ire caused by Catanh which is noth ng but an inflamed condition of tht jucous surfaces We will give One Hundred Dollars for anv case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured bv Hall s Catarrh Care Send for circulars frc» T J CHENEY CO Toledo 0 Sold by Druggists, T5c Hall s Familv Fills are the best Ite Me. Genuine lUmptd C. C. 1 Never wM In bulk. Beware of the de*kr «ho triei to Mil "MmKthtaf |tut« jood." English Stripe Trouserings All the latest weaves. Exclusive Line See our $20.00 to $25.00 Suitings. Our Guarantee is Good. F. X. RINDERLE, I Door East of Columbus Aveaue. 642 Market Street. Livery and Bearding Stable Best rigs in the city, all robber tires Hued ngs delivered and called for Soaking Stalls for Diseased Horses' Hoofs Box Stall Accomodatlons. Special attention given to private horses and carriages GEO. DANIEL, Jr. 509 Hancock St., Samtaskv, Ohio. Harrison'Phone 319 Subscribe for the Star PILE AND FISTULA CURB nple tw»tm«it ot Bed Grots Win I Cure and book on pllw «ent free tn «hi rinSr""* * 0i """ Mir The Star IB the be»t advertising medium in Erie county. Subscribe for the 3Ur. The Kuebeler-Stang Brewin? and Malting Co. BKEVV ERS OF Lager, Bohemian, AmliT Export, Crystal and Standard Beer Brewed from the Famous Crystal Back Water Oar Un«tcelled Bottled Beer delivered to N» part of the city IB omen (or famitr us* COLD WEATHER HAS COME TO STAY Andweh».eprep»red»l«e8txiok of hejttBJ n Mid cook stoves, w»rm underwear, shoes, rubbers «nrt many other »rtW« to Henry Kluber, H«Ti.on 'show! 720 7*W»»«r8tr»t Subscribe for the Star. \ r . s ^

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