Middletown Daily Argus from Middletown, New York on April 5, 1898 · Page 6
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Middletown Daily Argus from Middletown, New York · Page 6

Middletown, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1898
Page 6
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T. 10 you reauivlr for ux W H I P fit ome to ON THE CARDS. c you tt- tin she a · l.i i UK- U-.i/ ··.Some pk'vi/k''» S,u:'l 1 iry \ i » iiiollior'h?" I l f i i r . o i t i f i \vu.~- Uo/.n. in tlu' u r i n e - h a i r o.\ t i n - !jiv. "Oh, d o n t ' t be ailly! Mum's. f o r t t i i . . N toid." "I 'our m a m m a ! " "\\V1I. you U n u \ \ w h a t 1 mi-sin -- u 1 i hat's w o r t h t e l l i n g Slie ivl'iihed I h l a i r man ui:d n i a r r u - d tin.- d a r k one wahii't very rict) and wasn't very poor i j i i i t e poor enough!" She shrug.n-.'il lit 1 shoulders uiid niiulf a l a i n t \ gTUisace- ala.s! u n n u m u b l e . "Had t « o tin-sun;- lioys and one very nice girl-- voila moi.' ' "Who was an incorrigible l i t t l e flin and tease," 1 suggested. b i t t e r l y . "Fortunes don't fro i n t o such d e t a i l s iiboitt secondary persons, even if t h e \ happened to be t r u e ; which they aren't.' "Oh, yes, they do." "Since you know so much about it. you can tell mine." She scattered tin- cards toward me w i t h a crash. "It's a!! right, m u m ; I'm only t h r o w i n g the cards at Cousin Harry." % Her niothei gave a sleepy smile and returned to her slumbers. "You mustn't blame me if the cards are unfavorable." "1 shall know you've made it up if they are." "1 wouldn't dream of jesting upor, such a subject," I assured her. "Fortune t e l l i n g follows certain essential principles, which are i m m u t a b l e and -- " "Should be practiced, not preached. f!o on." "To start with, then, you are the queen of hearts." "Why?" "Because the queen of hearts repre n n r l charUX-1! - for Delicacy, , for "* Tity, and for impmvftn-nt o? the com- in n o t h i n g e''»a!" Pf-w.oxi's I'OWDKR '-Oh!*' she leaned back and lang-hed. "If you are only going- to flatter me I won't listen." "I merely state a fact. You are thf queen of hearts." "Xo, I'm not. I'm spades or clubs, because I'm dark." "Excuse me. it is not a matter merely of complexion, but of general appear- ruice. Spades represent plain people diamonds passable people, clubs nice- looking people, and hearts very nice- looking people. Therefore you are the Cjiie'en of hearts." "Lots of people "oulrln't consider rip rood looking at all." Her tone invited contradiction. "Very likely not." She flashed an in- iiignant glance at me. "But the f o r t u n e teller is the sole judge on these -oc ;;sions." "I'm glad the fortune teller is so appreciative. Of course I know you art- only pretending." She looked at me for denial, but 1 busied myself with the *-ards. "Go on!" she cried. "First T shuffle the cards--so. Then I cut them--so. Now T place my hand '·n them--so. You place your h a n d on top of mine." She did. "Now- T place iny other hand on top of yours--so-and you put your other hand on top of mine." "T never heard of this before." said she. doubtfully. Xeither did T. but it had occurred to me as an improvement. "Xow you must sit quite still and rfleiit for a full minute." "I know I shall laugh." "Then the f o r t u n e will be spoiled." "T don't believe it's necessary." "Yes it is--to place the teller and lellee en rapport." "Hut we aren't. We always quarrel --at least you do." "Couldn't we be jnst for a m i n u t e . H i l l y ? " T d i d n ' t mean to speak seri- niis,ly. but 1 did. She nodded c-ravely, ar-d 1 sat lookinsr nt and w a t c h i n g the pink onlor stea' -ver her p r e t t y fnce. I t h i n k it m u s t l ave been two m i n u t e s t h a t we sat like ''int. d n r i n t r which I forgave all her " t t l c wickednesses. "There!" said 1. r e l n e t n n t l v . "Xo'v ' »· t h e f o r t u n e , flit the ranis. Mi'*--''he f o r t u n e m u s t b e y o u r m v n mnkiTiT-." "You l ; : \ e m a d e m e fee! q u i t e sevj- ·"O" jyi H] she, u i t li a nervous l i l t l i ' " I t is '-rin'T to be a serious f o r t u n e . " ' "-eiMit it to be. "Th n - - ! l i e n won't you c u t too. I ' a r ? To r e p r e s e n t o i l i e r p e o p l e ? I ·i't K!:" all the r e s ' O T i M l » i ) ' t \ "i :,' ·." So [ cut too. It d i d n ' t m a t t e r i ^ee. i " - e ; i i i s ' I looked at t i i e e a n ! · f ' . i r e I p u t t h e m d o w n i n t h e sha p e o f ·i f v i e n e d f a n r o u t - d t h e | i i e e n o 1 -- :irts. Of course. I dfin't-k-How a n y i n " a b - u i t t l i e f o r t i i M e - t e l l i n g . r " : i l l \ ''The d i s p o s i t i o n of the cards." 1 M t i d m v e l y . " i n d i c a t e s m a n y p o « s i b i l i t i e . - . ·' h r i [ ) p i n e s s n n d yoofl f o r t u n e , i f y o n * ' . - I ' s i - \ o u r o p p o r t u n i t i e s : b u t m u c h i- · i l I n y o u r o w n d e i - i s i o n . " " \ V l i a t ;i n u i s . ' i n e f ! I" 1 - n ' t t l i e v v;i · ' M I W I s h a l l dcM'ide'. 1 " I s h u n K n i \ lie:)' 1 "Tl'.e h e a r t s n e a r t h e q u e e n sho" ' h a t \ o u are and w i l l he m u c h n ' "I 1) ! · ve you're m a k i n g i' up." "The t liree k i n y s n e x t to her i n d i c a t e h r e e j . d m i r e r s - p e r h a p s lovers." " \ V h o e \ e r can t h e y be?" "The k i n g o f cTnbs w i t h t h e o t h e r ' t i l t s close- by. I t a k e to be a soldier-- ond looking, dashing, and, f r o m t h e ' · H i r n n d x in the same l i n e not badly o1T. ' lie heart;; at the end of the l i n e d e n o t e h:it \ on h a v e given him some encour- '·','enicnt." " I ' m Miro T haven't." said she. x v i t h v . ' i r i n t h . Of course she k n e w I m e a n t a p t . Ilieh.'irds. "The cards ar- 5 wrong." " P i - r h n p s t h e y inenn t h a t y o u w i l l d o · . " I s a i l . i n r p i m n r r l . v : h u t s h e t w i s t e d M her h a n d k e r c h i e f and made no n n - -'.\er. "The 1 i n g of d i a m o n d s , w i t h p p n d e ^ Mllowb-.p. m e a n s an elderly s u i t o r who ' i n s prospered in t r a d e . He is shown 'n- the d i n m o m l s . e n d i n g with the l "';ue. to h a \ e n m d e n f o r t u n e nnd re' ; r e , l . l i n n d i n g m r r t h e business t o his «'TI " I m e n n t oll Parsley. "1 cnTl it very u n k i n d of Von. Harry." If · iaiHt«rj prisoner puw so much M · foot or a hand over the "dead l i n e , " be i.s shot through the head. In d i s e a s e w v never k n o w - w h e r e t h * ^2 "dead line" is; we . never know when .~ it is too late to draw \ b a c k . The only --- buie way is to taki- iso rists; gro no w h e r e near tbc "dead line." 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Tr. rharnot'* Tonic THW«t«,th« (Trent rnr rcmflr.l" n itnurnnT. «i cnrf for t.hn Drink hnblt; nlno n«rTomnimi And m*litnRholj raniwd bj It P*«irof^ i*t« ·ml oil Intoxlcntlnit FVYM-IMW, And !HTXI mum MI hf nhonlrt bn. It rn« rm «rtmlnhit»T*i1 wlthov* thu knnwlodcn of the AMri tor n«fnphhtt. »oW by J. R. Hlr^m, Mo. I *»|Hi» Woek. Her lip dropped m little, and 1 tm»t«D«U to u|Hlog-i2e. "It iKu't iny doing-. It'* the oardn." "Well, you k n o w It isn't true. It'K only"--she looked OVIT her ehoulder to see t h a t her mother was KtilJ tislef |-- "maninia's silliufss. Why, he'* a» old as d u d ; and 1 wouldn't. You kuow 1 wouldn't." "The curds leave it to.you, Alilly." "Don't you believe me?" She looked q t i i t t 1 liurt. "Of fonrse--if you say BO." I patted ·r l u n i l w h i c h was lying on the table, · u t she drew it sharply away and .-tibt/ed the touch qff with her hacdker- fhief. "AVcll? The king of hearts? What does "ne rneaD?" 1 considered a moment. "The king of hearts," I pronounced ulowly, "means a handsome young fellow who paid you a great deal of attention when you were" staying- with the queen of clubs, a dark relative--probably your aunt." "I won't listen to another word!"she cried, indig-nantly. "It's a uasty, horrid fortune, and quite untrue. There!" "Very well." I made as if I would sweep the cards together. "Don't be disagreeable." Sbe looked at m« reproachfully, with one of her kaleidoscopic changes. "I want to hear it--my proper fortune--not nonsense." "Well, isn't this true?" "No, it isn't." "Didn't he pay you a lot of attention?" "Young- Jephson ?" "Yes." He was the rival I really feared. "Xothing- special.** "So many pay you attention that you think nothing 1 of it." "You silly fellow!" said she, scornfully. "TVhy, he's almost engaged to Cousin Annie." I felt as thoug-h a weig-ht was taken off me, "Why," I said, "how stupid of me! She must be the dark lady, I suppose. I ought to have connected him with her instead of with you." "T don't believe you understand the fortune business a bit." "It's very difficult," I apologized. "But you see the cards are all right, when you read them properly." "What else do they say?" "The next point is money. The seven of diamond?, tvext to the knave of clubs--probably your uncle--indicates a legacy; and--" "Xo. no!" she interrupted. "I don't want to know about money." "Well, the duration of life is shown by-" "Thnt doesn't matter,** said she, quickly, shrujrinnp her shoulders. "Then I hardly know what else there is to tell." I looked at her doubtfully. There was on« thin;; only that I wanted to tell her. "What do J-OTJ want to know, Milly?" She put her elbow on the table and rested her head on her hand. Then she laughed uneasily, and I held my breath for a moment. "Isn't there--I mean did you finish with--the--the--admirers, as you call them?" "There is another." T told her, "but he is hardly -worth mentioning:.** "Why not? Because he doesn't care for--doesn't admire, or whatever you call it--much?" "Oh, no! "But he's poor, you see. - Beinsj only the kinsr of spades, he has to work for a living-, so he a d m i r e s at a distance. There are two card-s between him and her. you see." "But," said she, very gently, "they are hearts." "Yes," said I, "they are hearts: being 1 two. they show t h a t he is di.=fnnt- ly related." We nre KPOOIH! cousins really. "They i n d i c n t e t h a t he is very fond of her. but le«vp it d o u b t f u l if she is more t h a n sliirhtly nttached to him." I looked appealing!3' to her. but her eyes were eap-t down. "TIow do you make that out?" she asked, at leng-th. "The card next to her is the two: but t h a t by him is Ilie ten: which means great nfTction." "What does the rest of the l i n e mean?" "The nine of spades, on the other sirle of the king 1 , show? t h a t he hns a great deal more work to do before he can be in a position to ti.sk the k n a v e of hearts--her f a t h e r -- f o r her h n r i f l . M e a n w h i l e the eirrht of .spades a n d the nee of clubs show t l i n t he must toil at come risk in n I p n ^ nerops the s-ea." She clasped her b a n d s suddenly n n d looked up. "Oh, no. no!" she cried. "Yes," I «;nid. q u i e t l y and sadly. "Where?" ITer d a i n t y m o u t h was quivering-. "The cards rlo not say. Hut it.is the Cnpe, I believe, whore a r e l a t i v e has offered him a crootl bei-th." We looker! at t h e r-nrds in dismnl silence for awhil^. Then she smiled at me ever so b r i g h t l y . "There is the are of hearts nt fhe end of the line. Hrrr.'-," she whispered. "What docs t h a t mean?" I took the h a n d near me g-ent'y in mine. "T think, Milly," I said, earnestly, "it must be my heart, because it is over by you. W i l l you have it. dear?" She looked down f o r a moment, t h e n pushed it gently t o w a r d me. "T f h i r . k . " phe said, "it must be my heart--which Is going over the. sea w i t h you!"--Hlnck and White. A n o l e n t I t o m n n The most e x t r a o r d i n a r y t h i n g s were pnten in the reign of J u l i u s Caesar. Varro, n writer of t h e t i m e , gives rules for f a t t e n i n g rats for the table, and the m e n u included sharks' flesh, t h i s t l e s , cacti nnd sen n e t t l e s . The cooks were exceptionally s k i l l f u l . One of them pcrved » whole pig, stuffed w i t h thrushes, m i n c e m e a t , yolks of eggs nnd spices, nnd it wn* Impossible to sec where the k n i f e h a d entered t h e body of the animal. A n o t h e r cook prepared n t u r n i p In inich a w«y t h n t his empJoy- f r thought It. *·«* « rnr* flah he n«.d «·*- * tvlah for. -- CMc*#o Fnttr MCAtWff ·» rill AUU MXH Vor UM l*tarm*tta* at omr M*4mb ·* MUaA Mow · conphit* hut nt tk* ··mlMr* *-i| tn«« ttouof all tk*tt*M»riulxwl» tktedty: ^^ 14-- Wlc-kbau A»*.. cur. frinet, O. * W. B. B. IB-- Kurt* attHM *·* Low »raa«t. ha* ahooZ in-Worth Bt. »tt4 Wto*W AT*.? trp» afco*. nrt areDU* kBd Print* aUtwt. S3 -- Wlvkbnn »T*BW», eonur Utwrtjr atr***. »4-- W«t Mum Htrwt »od WUIklU ·TVDIUI. i*-- North *tt«wt. vornvr WI-kh*M a-rvatw. ··-- Jntni* and lienrr otrwU. 5 1-- Nortk and John itr«*U. KH« crowlu. »-- Luko »v«aiie unil WwtHtrmt. *»-- W. Mala atrwt, curiwr Uouha««ii BTM 1I»-- 8t»t» Hoapltnl Unto. » 14-- I'roKiMict »tr«t and llfghlatid BTMM. · IS-- ItMr of Ktatc Hoopltal. 34 -- Kultoa and Mill utrtwtB, hat abop. SS -- High uid HanfurU utrwt*. M Cuaal «tr*rt, eonilvOMry. »7-- MaltwtT/ tend Fultun airewtn. «H-- KHlrrWw BT^OIM and Houth *lrwt. 41-- Folton «tfwt and Koat arenoe. 4X -- Academy avenue aad HouxtoB **MHM. 4 It -- Kiuit il»lu iftmct aud Kailro»d aTenoa 45-- Kii-t Mala ltr*et. foot ol Orcbnrd atraM. 4HJ-- Ac*d«my «»»nm- aad Genang atnct. 41 -- Myrtle and Pro*p«ct tt»«uu». 48 -- Grant ntreet aad Sprajrn* ar«nn«i. 4fl -- Kaat Main acre«t and Ptoeptet arcaMt ·4 -- North Birwt, near Orchard. K1-- FranUIn Mqnarv. II -- Rnnjc Ix*fo» a box number, dwotaa iaatUbelnsnia.de. a atroka d*not«a clrrnlt brokMi, ·~S-9 Dtrokw of U-ll d«notc« CtttrTi r»tt. · atrokn ot bdl d«not«a It o'clock tin: a. 4 atrokea ol bell OouutM raeaa. On la on*. M1ODLJBTOWN TIME TABLBA. Brl* RfJIrocd Co. ·!·· MOV. «, isir, aodoe, aafoUowa: Trmiaa mw uawnn nui dally. Tnlai lite wXL BudBraOadjr. AllwtM y exeeptSanda,*. tTralm So«. 1 A t wW Hop only forftmeotfn tor BlafUmtOB at vwM tharao*-- On* moOflc*tvn moaiD* ft*«a M OM ticket offlue, Tnloa wltb tft« foUowinf ItHtn ftfflxad ladtou* ooauoctlott, m.: "O" vtth H*w. Mir* Branch Yla Grey court ; "T" with Xrwwin Siort-cnt Branch rla Tnrnen; ··A" win H«vS onrgh ahon cat Tla Arfli-n. "IT 1 wltlt MOIIV lomcry Brancn, and "f" witn Plat laUad Bnaeh. oomc UUBT. . . o Sz. ........... 4. t a-aa. 10 New York Special ..... «.oi " M MlddletownVay ...... «-*i · -..«.ni M WOr*nireCo.Ex.,(}.it... 7.10 « ....T.ll » »» Moon tain Kx.,T ...... tt " ... M - M W»T. A. M. F. Q". '.. 4.10" « ...4,11 · I C. *0. T. XX. "A".... f.OO » · t C. t St. L. Limited, ^JtM - _ » P. J. Loc*JT 196 " ...f.1 · 14 WelIcF«-iroKxpr«M..10«e " «w P. 1. Locta (San olr) M. P. «nd O.T....... an^M. «OP.J. Loc»(9n onlyl-'O" §.« p. m. U Mil* tf»anJ»y only).... CM p.m. eorao wjt9T MM. JMB««Bt.8U. XatnBtl f! Port Jerrli Way ....... V. .la.Mk.aj I Cornln? Expreai......11.18 11 Port Jerri* Local , L(M p.tn. Lfl p.1 * Port Jerriii Kip «.«o " .... Mr " lllfotmtminExp.".'.'.""" 6.41 " .... ».m · 1» Or«n«e Co. Eip (L4« » .... 141 " »MidOletowo Way «... 8.0* - ....§.«· ·* · T C. * O. T. Bxp... t.M " ·01 Sunday Local ....... 103Sa.nL Ml P. i. Way (Son only).. I.OS p m all " ·* " ..10V '· PaaaeQf«r Tr»n* for Mlddl«town Isare toe* «t Chamber ttreet. New York, at *00, T.4C, f .M. W.tO a. m.: 1.00, 8.90, 4.30, x.X, 30,*T.M, ·« p. m. AJao additional Sunday traina at T.4a, a. m ls.M«ad t.so p. m. Cravrferd Brauich* ·owe MOST*. ITe La*Tetor Jameo 8t 8ta MaUSLm Itl Pine Boan Man ..... llMa.m. ....... 11.4* a.M Ml 8mm. only ............ 11*0 ...... U.i*a. -!»· Am** from PlneBnak ....... -- .... ».«· GOOD TIMES HAVc UU;itL Too c«n afford to :adul?e youritlf or yow amily in tho luiory of a good w e e k l y nsw»- »«per and A qBarter-y ciagaz'OB of fienon. /oa can get toth of these p'-iM.icakcns witli ilrnost a l i b r a r y of srood nc-ve) for |; per year. ror'.d-famed for its brightness and the most *mpiete Generaf W e o k l v -- c o v e r i n g a wiJ:r ange of subjects su":ud to the tas'.escf n;sn ci v.-o=en of c-^I-'jre ar.d refinerner.'. t h - n ar.y oarcc!--ever pujl.shjtl i-ubscript;oa price, p?r ar.D-j-a. 1AI.E5 FROM TOWN TOPICS, a * 5 6 paj iuiiter'.y Magazine of fiction, appearing tlia irst c!-y of ^larch. June, Sep'.eoab^r oc^ De- etricr, a n d publ.abinjf or.?inM novels tv th« ^est w r i t e r s cf ii:e Oiv a n d a rr.-'Si of s..srt itoriss. pcesr.;, turleiq-jes. -wi:tic;sms, tic. Ji;b;r : pMo:: j-r;cf. 'ji p^r anr.^^a. Club price for both. $5 per a n n u m . V3-: can !.av? both of thiie .i y.-i Bubs:rib» ·«OW and a lonus of 10 aovt'.i se:ec'.ed from r.e I.jt t='.o-.v. P,-rr-j;Ur ori.o Tor each, 50 «c'.s. A ' l sent postp-.:J. Reni w S j in 7-cw Yarit esihsrsije, eipre^s or postal m o n e y order, or t y reg".a-crcd letter, ^oje'.her xv, .h a hit of lue 10 novels selec.ed. by D--!be: _. 'o TonS TOPICS, ; coa naii AI^UUC; .-Jen- Vork. , »_"fi" « » : -- op- A f,- L n v c M ; «f-i_-"in. 1-- , H i . '-.' ; w i n i .11- i i s.^, h A s v » ^ -*-"im » -- - I V M ' N T H - I · . l u n r ^ Rtr t i a n e l - c" ' · » - ] H j - - K l k i , ol- ( . H A X C b . by Cipii.u A.ticc 1 r tn , s T j ^ - A V . T M " N V ' ; L V T TIi- C'urlr« S"V*I W«yT ^ , _ A V . I · 1--I ., V I K l t i_ U v m , , , r . o n t.'.ltil I ..-AN V N - - H ! I'-;A U-fc -IM.^J. By KJ-M ~.i' U[ u - T H . v r t j K S A i i i ; : v. MAS- n v Hsr i n -.'ynnt U-A !i!' \'._ I X ur : v . I r, |i y ,,,. r . c r M . K r - !··- I ) - \ M I \ ' - - A N ' - '".I A T 1 , - l', v I -. 1 ^n-(·!. M --v ^ · - A M : ^ ^ m M A K K »'·! ; OI.M- c . H ;-· · -ri. IT--A M A r v M « . (; F f ) K ! | \ I [ i h v l U r "I (J ^ V n»« It-- OI'T .11 T I I F ~( 1 P H " k Pv T C Oc l.cin. it- rm- wid.M, MAN !·. ;-, f n v \, n Pmpii ·B--1 H I- H l - N ' r f - i . K M A I ' I M N L ^ S By A»'li Vl»»nrt f ^»n,-» m~HEK S I K A vr.l- F X I ' F R I M TN'T. F y H t r i l d R Vy«««. m- OS T K I 4. I ^ K nr I - A - - H N I v i · n OH.IU. IT»- A MA»v T V K I . , 1 o 1 . ' '· PIANOS We r.r« now doting out at a *acri!Ict leverml oM stylss cf new pianos, and a crer.t \.-.riety oT »!iahtl7 u'.cd organs and pianos l j i.-..ikc room lor now stock. s, full particulars one/ '.crma svii.l upon application. SOLD CN IMSTALMENTS, IF DESIRED. WF «; T STREET. NEW YORK LADIES DO ion not OR.rKL.IX LC ttRUN'S Stwl | Pemyroyal Tmtmmt 1. Erakina Mllln, tote wnwit, MiddtotoWB. V. t Tho*c «y««1ii1 Blank had m«te M McINTYRH'ft 31 North §tr«t, MhMteWwn. *«* ftH* «(*« tn4 tht price iNEWSPAFERr

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