The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1931
Page 8
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Osceola if- -Personal Uiggart visStfd In the home (,' M.-.'B3!>:ht hospl'.al In Memphis Sat! and MI-J. Ulck Ncely Rundiy. uulny night and died .-early Sun• Miss Manic Holllngsworih ol day liimilnfr. His body v.'ns taken Cooler sp.nt Thursday Nioht with t'j his uM hu;ne at Clarendon, Ark., Mr. and Mrs. Dick Keely. for " " Hulon iMnifS and Mr. Miller o! rirnclimnn'.- Ilaycu were cm sis o! • I'uVn: I'erry and Mildred Mr.! Mrs. C:\rl Huilcy of.Ca ruih:iM-il!e -vislto) here Wcdni'S =^- day iilalu. Sunday In a German Undertaking ^ u ji : i'.i;cUi ivcre callcis :;( the j ambulance. Hoi- .daughter, Mrs .jj' C K a y home Tuesday. J Giabr-in and son, Hany Hiirlon .... ' '?'; .Mrs. E M. Jaffe and Mrs, V.'m.i >" r - c - *• < • • u --°" »»• < :. Nichols were hosier to the Jc»-'. >'"= MrtH' hr-spitLl at !> ••;jsh Ladies' Aid, entertaining laii /'evening ut the home Mrs. Jafle. '',: Thirty members ol the cream?., . .,.,.. ^vswffiWiTgSKfasf-g "s«vv=S;frs.« -•-ssbfs? "'""•""""/B-1 <»;IF Er°S •:&5'S.'<X"f .£« K »i.'»»»- ••-««•'>»'» .held in Temple -Israel on Febm- i'jy, 8th, and a program of Friday •/evening' talks to be presen'.e<l In ' tlie Temple was discussed Luxora Society—Personal rcrm:n.i at Ihe Etowah frticcol- • house Sunday corning ond"cvMiln«-' Mr. France Wells spent Sui'.tl.iy. »ith'Mls:i NiIHe Williams. ; •' Mlt.5 Hazel Jlull spent Saturday \ night, with Mlsa Opal Hlchsrdwn. i Mr.-Clinton Sharp spew, K.Uur- day v.ltli William Hall. . ! M!=!;es E'll;c-r Hodues. and IMIa' MIV-j returned to their homes Kn- dsy (jvi-nins lo spend the week tnd' wiih llicir parents. MlM Pauline Williams Sunday with Mt.s. Ins f .''c:x;r,ier First • : Prize in Sweepstakes spent Her Miss?s : Mnb!e Cook relum?;l S.->.i- f:om Mtiuphls v.-lvvt 1 she- hn? viMtbj tcr (In ;K:SI live SHANGHAI. (UP)—First pr!z? IP Shanghai's last Chain-lions sa'cep- stakss, tolallng Jvfex $324.00CH.a!)Cul U. S. 585,000) went to' a uroup o: cue foreign and liv'a Chine!.; em- ployes of the Eastern Extens:a;i Cable. Company v.-iio had allo:;?th- IT rLskcd tun Mex $11. Ttvo of Ihe ChlnejO'-had hive;.id Mamey and Amy Richardson, Arms cnl V 5 f ccllls M e * apiet?. and tlr.-ir UH .Meadows mid Huth Hall .s.K-nt.. bn:lrc of tlle winnings was Sll.iHO Sundny with Jnsic Davis. ' 'Cia-li. • - UtM uraee T.Oley has been ill: K^wspapsrs obtained -the names this week with whooping couch. i- of l ' K Chinese winners only with , Mrs. Trula Mae Uorsley lias ton th " *™ IM ' <"niculty. as '" I visiting her mother at- Card wil. Mo. for the past two weeks. ; Miss Iloilgr-.i. ElO',vah schcool tcnchcr. oiiliTiulncil her pupil.-, v.iih Coprland an:l Ka- .of the greatest Ings and cietenilon for ransom liave bc-jti SD fri-quciu in Shanghai o£ late that ii was feared the v;ina- f.iDs infill bring aitentlo.i from - ur.dvsir.".t)l2 quarters. An entertaining program V,T.-,| oini Wat.?,.-, tpor|t ins'. w«ek end In 'by M:f-, Hiytl :.t tlu- Buc.sts ol M.-s Rice "presented with readings !»' , - . " Frances Jaffe cf O3:eola a:v.l Mf.-.i AincUl. Mrs. Arnold acco:n|)jn:e:l Fannie Myers of Blyihcri!l=, u| them hcmj Sunsay for the day. • vocal solo bv Miss Ruth Uclcitr.-r,'! A. B. R::ode-, and Sam Iiitmra of Osccola nnd amusing Jciia co-.v | made a businro trip to Cape l-ir- tributions by Mi?s Rutcnstcin, fol-l =i-de»u Vilday. lov.'lng which delicious ic-fresh-i Mr. -.aid Mu O. M. Moi; .. ments=vere sen-ed. ] Clythuvilk v.ew vlEllor:, hen- Two' new members, Mrs. AV,? l.v-i day. i eranl and Mrs. Bernsleln, both ot Ed M.n.<.h mude a business li'lpj "Luxora were added to the on^n- to Mem;:hiL-, V.'cdnesUay. totlcn and "the next mcea.u: ^\ Mi. and Mrs. Walter Bailey were .MISM -, Elizabeth Davis, Meredith and Olivia Clratjam were Osctala • U'Hc.-s i-TI:lay. . Mcubr.ics Waller Wood mid n. i\V. 'ihweal attended n metilnn nl tru' home o[ Mrs. Calvlu Lyr.cb in : No Jena Friday. O l| Herman Spicer. Will Wo:d L i^_ Ui-\-. Kinsalvltiij were OSCOOJL a' candy parly Friday afternoon. Miss Fayc and Ida I'olndcxteri noUEN, (UP)—Satntc CoV.imbc were guests of Nellie Williams Sal-jn villoL'C i!! Normandy, claims Hi? urdoy night. . v.-orld's record for siacnnnl popula- Mrr. McCullinn and Mrs. Georgia tl'.n. Us population In 1Q29 was Heard called on Mrs. H. P. Geuslin 123 and during 1030 there 'was not londay nflornoon. '' : a _ single birth, death or marriage. and vis announced to be held n'. Blythe-| • vllle with Mrs. Joe Klcban as lies' - ess. ! - Mrs. Clms. Rose dcJlghlfully cn-j tertatned th? tv:o table bricise club : ' to which she talcngs at her coun- ' , try home yesterday altcrnoon. together with an extra tnb!c <u . guests which Included Mcsdcimt-s : w J. Driver Jr., Hale Jocuson. C. B. Di'lvcr ami II. called lo do iU'H, Ark.. Friday the <i?atli ot Mrs. isnili-y's ^ Mri Kva noliniji'i-. by Huffman News Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Wilr.on M:^s -Maxinc liroyvn v;as the L | of her<T, Mr.-i.-'Jn.mcs'D:!vcr, Dr. 6. Howton and William Woo-j were O.weqla "visitors \Tuesiliiy. The Jgnlor girls .'aiid'boys ba:,- Xctball teams played' lliirdctti- teams at Ihe eyninasiuni Tuesday art'.-rnoon". lloth Luxora" teams won. The liaptist Woman's Mission Union met at the home of Mrs. children cf CarulV.crsvllle v:ere|j. M. Landrum Tuesday utlernoon BUMts o£ the laltor's mutlu'r. Mrs. ] to study the Hiblc lesson in the H. McKay, Thursday. . . . _ . .Loyd JudJon L. Quinn. Delicious refreshments were 'served following the game »nd ' high score club prize was awarded . Mrs. W. J. Sheddan. Mrs. C. B.- nnm 'Driver won hlsh tccre guest pvlze -and Mrs. O. E. MssscnslH c"' con ' isolation favor. Miss Marcnrelte ferry of Bly'the- villc spent Frit'ay with her sister, Mrf. li. Ij. Adtls.")ii. W. C. Ciowdor and Audley lirlg- bus |,. it .- s visitors In llulf- ln . )n FfU|(ly p .,, r| p eiilcrinlncrt n num- r ^ Ju _ r [ric|i(|s v;Uh R party ,. vi , (lay 1!iglu . hl cc iebrallun of her J.. C. White was hosier « bonk of Kxotlus. Mrfi;"S. J. Smith was leader. Mr. and Mrs. R, S.- Ashmorj and. little (laughter Mary Louise and Miss Niaiul l.illiolon of Oses i(iay. ola OTIC Luxora visitors Tuc: towah News Notes . gp?nl ceiviug by Mrs. Godfrey While a'kl Miss Rose While. Tiie afternoon's lesson on Soviet Russia was lead by Mrs. C. s.i ilurweli with parts toton by Me;- sen-ed. Sliest of Pearl Perry ri-ltlay n Biucrd Southerlancl of Ui':i!;y Mo., has been visiting !iiend r . for several days. Cilv hr-r> Mrs. R. li. Adkbson nml t\vo snns spciit Sunday with Mrs'.Vic- dam«s W E. "Hunt, John Edrln*-iloria Koaly. tent's M Hodges and'G. B. S;-1 Mrs. J. A. Cnsslday and fmiiily graves ' Delicious rcfvcshmcnts were Sunday ijuesls of Mrs. Eva 1 • Cassklay.' • ' Mis. Welch is visiting son. Hubert V.'olch. this vvrek. The Infant son of Mr. and; ;. Steelt .' Society—Peisonal Charley Nelson died at tho fniully •TheMissionary Society of tte Methcdlst Church met Monday uf- ternoon at the home of Mrs. Paul I McCutcheoi^. with nip-? memb?rsl ond one visitor present. Plans were 'made for the" Lifter Club banquet. The meeting - next Monday altci- rioon will be at the home of Mrs. 'Ed March.;. .-. •. • '-! The "'American Legion banquet «I11 be held at- the Methodist ohurch in ' Caruthersvllle next : Tuesday.evening, Jan. J7th to en' tertain Mr. Harry C. Blnnton of .' Sikeston, State commander of' th? American Legion.All members and] ex service men are cordially Invit- ed'to attend'with their wives. ] '.At the last meeting'cf th= Lifters] C\ub which was given over to th-: ( discussion of a canning factory, ai home Thurtdny morning'. I Joe Rymils visited in I Sunday. ! Virgil Cribs r:as a Memphis vls- iltor Mr. Howard was- taken to .the Tlic Elowah 4-H club met Janu «ry 20th with Miss Hazel Hal Resident, presiding M[; s j os i Davis «-ns appointed by the prcs Went to act ns .secretary In th placo ot Miss Ruby Rlchunho who wos absent. The club was opened In due term. The secretary called the roll ilnd read the minutes. Howard Hbhlo-whs e'cctecl ns song captain 'Hie different clubs elected their captains as follows: William Hall captain ol the cotton club Wilford Hall, captain of the corn c'.u!), Josie. Davis, poultry club captain. Lcroy Wildy, captain of Ihe lxv?f club. Th; following new members were added to the roll. Hubert Fields Huby Fields, Clinton Sharp and l.eroy Wildy. Tlia club nd- icurned to meet the third Tuesday .n February. .>.•.; Rev. Wilson of "Keiscr delvercd PilTZ THEATRE Friday and Saturday See 'THE CAT CREEPS' ''> with Helen Twelvelvees and Night—10 and 35e. Sunday and Monday l~\ Raymond Hackell full attendance of the membership: Admission—JIaliHCL-—10-30c. was present and visitors from Union City and Huimnlt Tennessee and Mr. J. F. Boble of Stt-ele. AHer j a very interesting meeting, the, president was asked to appoint ft committee to pursue the matter further and if possible get somcon? Interested in putting in a factory. A. B. Rhodes, J. H. Workman anl 1 J. R. Morgan weri.' apointed. | Tne stockholders if. Ilia First j National Bank held their annuall meeting Tuesday, Jan. 13th. The; present directors were rc-e!re.ted| for the coming year. | Misses Florence Stone and Ruby Spencer, vrere Sunday dimsr! guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ab:ier Asii- i fcraft. . I Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Haygood wliol - have been visiting the layer's parents here have returned to their j ••.•Home at Arkadelphia, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Spencer arei the proud parents of a daughtei.j born- Tuesday morning. \ Mr. Joe Aloxam'cr has Cniiste:! in the U. S. Navy. . Mbiscs Clara M-ae and Louisa i Sloan were Steele viiilors day. Auslin Ellis trsnsacte< in Memphis Wednesday. Mrs. Alma Grlsfom has a severe case of flu. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bivem have moved to Caiuthersvirj. fczry Talben and Miss Evciyn HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday See Hooi Gibson 'SPURS' The King of I he Saddle Also Serial—"Spell of Circus" arid Comedy. Admission — JIntinee and Night—10 nml 25c. . Sunday and Monday CONSTANCE CASH GROCERY .-Self Rising GutininU'cd •• 4S-Lb. Sack $1.25 MILK 'Evaporated, All lirands ' O'iSmall or 3 Tall 25c BANANAS.,., 5 C |(POTATOESS40 1 Gold Pnt Pound 15c BUTTER Pure Creamery. All Brands Pound 30 c PORK SHOULDERS Pound PORK STEAKS Pound 13c 15c SAUSAGE Country Purl; i'ound 121c FRIDAY, JANUAttY K. !0:il For Saturday Only 10 Pound limit In Cloth Bags WESSON OIIj CLEANSER Old Dutch OAC.. ' /:•.-* \ -; S -ic" '. -r / • '•• ? ,. y,- Guarhntced Fresh PEANUT-HUTTICU 1W « ' i(i-0x. 1'et Jiir 11 B i mimniiiii IIMI n ITIMJ •BEANS N< ^Se 10 Milk PetiifCartffifiin' 3 Tall'or 6 Small Cans rOTATOES Western .'O1C Triump.hs : .Li}. .'i-r 1 -?, CABHAGE New-Texas-OQC Green.' 10 Lbs. APPLES'Rome Heauly •1 Llis. Schooiday or •''""-.Tiny •• Tad'" • l n APPLES Fine IJox Delicious. Lb. '-1 BANANAS. ^ 5 C OYSTERS P^t 33 C I PORK ROAST ,.,17 1C No. 2'/i [Sliced or •Crushed pro,costal 10 bar limit S|l ' ; White^r Octagoii w j|h purchase iH^*i^^HH^HI^i^^^^^i^^B^^^^^H^^HBHHBB9H^^HIHHHHHBI^^^^^H^9^1^l SPAGHETTL. Franco, 1AC .American. Can 1" . OATS Mli ?ro r 25; EOUR 'l e k.8f COFFEE Sunset Gold It's Fine ColTcc No. 2 Stand- IftC MUSTARD S 5r rt B c 'PORK & BEANS Chuck Roast or Thick Sirhin Steaks, K C Beef lib. 2di fefcfi JOHN IQUB; UON fhe Classified for Admission — If) and -10c.' Jlatinco— 2 and -1 O'clock Night— 2 Complete Shows. Results 306 PICNIC HAMS Wilson Best Pound 16c CfflU Kver-Good. No Limit Each isc BOILED HAM Pound PICKLED PIGS FEET 3 For lOc SOUP (.'ampiicll's Tomato 3-Kor SNOWDRIFT S-I.b. Pail PURE LARD 8-Lb. Pail $1.05 TOILET PAPER A ml i assail or Each Kraut, New Barrel, i Sausage ^ndlZic I Sausage W* 1 VMI1M ** B .TT ,, Pound Matinee—2 and -1 O'clock. Night—2 Complete Shows Admission — Matinre and Night—10 and 25e. i Corning — Tuesday, Wcdne 1 -1 Coming — Tuesday, \Vcilnos- 1 day & Thursday—Eddie Can-i day & Thursday—Paul Whit- .man in "KING OF JAZZ". MATCHES fi Boxes for Groat Northern 2 Pounds C SALMON Tnll Cans 2 for 25 c MEAL Gold Medal Pounds 65 c Pound lOc Pig Tails, Lots of Meat, Pork Liver Ib. tOelMSnesMe; i' ; fancy Milk 1 eel, frvers T __Fancy Milk Fed, Found Hams, Country Club Pi B' . 20c Ba Sliced lRj»a : - 1

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