The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1951
Page 7
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST », 1W1 IM" iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllll CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DAilr r»l« per tltia 101 cor.jecuilir* Insmlon: Minimum charge , We I Unit nrx line . . . '5* 1 3 limes p*i Ur.fl pr-r dhy U« 3 tlmpp pel line per day ..t >.. 'c 6 lime* per line per day , 7c 12 tlmfs pel line pei dftj 3f Ucmlh per line -. - *^c Couni ll»* ATCMjie words to the line Ad orderrd for three or *lx times and **oppert btfnie expiration will he rhaic- rd for ihe ntmiher ot lime* the ad • ppcnrrd and adjustment o) bill made All clarified adTerlislnj; COJIT sub- mltled bj person" residing oulMde ol Ihe cHy mim be accompanied bj cftsh Rates may enst'jr be compxited from Ihe abore trible. Artvert1sln« on! r red Tot irreeiilnt in- ttrllnnf tnkrf Ihe nn« tlnse iahl« , SO respnn«,lhllUT will be laXpn for mor« thLn nnr Incorrect Hwcrllon of »nv elMnlMed ad. At) adF «r* rosirtctert lo their proper elaram«kitr>n styl* and type. The Courier N«w* rti'trreu tha right lo *nH or reject nnj ad. When it's painting you want, exterior or interior, he sure you Kfl whiil you pay for. Call a .sober and responsible mini with 20 years experience. Call Tim \Villiams, Phone 6<H)1, 8-23 pk ;10 pair A Myers (tiiATsntrirt Call Harry T|3] t>k 431 Apartment for Rent duplex, nr 2 bedroom nnfn decorated, Apply l fi H H 4349 Rfur 6 p.m. Nlcrly hirn, 4 Move and Frtetdtit \Va«hLne and ironlne Work reason able 2]On Mftrfcuirite. Ph. 3497 22 pk :'> Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dny rvrrrlce on Jewelry—3 rtayo on 7. tile he? and rlorki. Oiihrfcnterd work rtnn« hy eiper* rep airmen Lnwf*l "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second apt. ICI A?.h. Ph. fV2B 3 room unf- apt . private balh. ly decorated. Ash. ph - 3 •y it N>W- fc 2 mom fnrn- apt. Oas Couple only. 1«J W, A<h. 3 room unfurnished redecorated. Ph. 2350 o R28 pk 0:4 l" recently rm unlur duplex. W. Heater. Ph. «85. 8>5 Private bath. 30 Modern 3-room furnished ap*timrnt C»H JJH or 1595. *!* cfc If Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms f4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf New unfur., 3 large rooms and b^th, Ul< doors. Optn dally ^308 W. nose St Ph «107-W33 8J11 pk 8,11 Tjpttaln funi. apt,, private h. 8jl4 Fur. «p*.. *^lo rfrrlgerfc lurnlture. ,13 Slman. rt b*th. elec- ilpmen*. good Ph 3373 r 7,» ck Auto 5<ipp//es and Service* -Don'* endaiiffer your f ninny wll faulty *lr^B—BUT LKE TIRES. CHAPMAM SERVICB STATION Uftln tnd DtTltlon • Phone 25A3 U113 ck Highurt price* pwirt Tor wrecked o burned automobiles. 1940 or lute models. W»d.a Auto SRlvage. Ph. 31fi5. ft 8 ck 9; - DID YOU KNOW? Wi hav* every nnmtirr trnnsml. olon for Ford, cherrolet. nnd Ply mouth 1936-1D51 modfla; Wadn Aut BalvRge. ph 3785. 8,B ck f, AUTO AND FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Perponil Benlce Q«nrr»l Contract Purcbwe Corp 10t South 5th Phon» 6S03 V* ck l Services Washing Machines repnire< all makes. Blytheville Mnchin Shop. Pbone 2828. 3-6 ck 1949 Gibson Ranxe. New Cull Did. Rflbetti. '6100 RADIO & TV SERVICE s*l on the bllnk? Por trial Aerv :/ii] ManaKf/ CRT) Ixing >t BLYTH10V11.I.I': Television & Hfidio Service IM'.i V U.ln Phani! 37M 11115 ck t TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 111 W Wmlnul lenty of Parking Space Far Sale, Mite. Used Combine* All M.lVf ft ModFlu ca»h or Term* 61 Implement Co. . H1*AT H Phnn* 3141 trade and save! u^ •lumlnn nxl Ufa of jo Builti«r» Supply. Pill dirt for sat«. Ph. «3»3, 1951 Chevrolet An cx(ra clean 1-door Sedan. . .trade and save. ,. $1495 1950 FORD Tudor "8". a one-osvner car with just Ifi.OOO miles $1345 1949 FORD Tuslom Tudor with radio, healer ;ind overdrive. $1245 1949 FORD A Fordor Sedan with ra dio, healer and overdriv $1095 1947 FORD Trade nnd save on thif Tudor Sedan .. .our price $645 1946 MERCURY A 2-door Sedan bargain priced.. .trade and savi now, $745 1946 Chevrolet Trade and save now al Phillips Motor Co.. . .our price, $795 don't waste soybeans; get a MAY RATH loader arid GLEANER combine now from... Jack Robinson Implement Co. Ojceolo, Dial 520 — Blythevill*, Dial 2371 lnsuranc» Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. I Pollard Awncy Planned Prntrctinn W Anh At EfOTKI BIIIljJlNCl Private Rooms Bedrooms. BlythevlUe Hotel, Ph. M52 fi 24 pk 9;24 Bedroom c location, ph Sullivan-Nelson 332i. an w Main. 324 p Notice DISTINCTIVE STONE "Arkan*** Apple Orchard" Help Wanted, Malt Factory La bo rers—<J ood Pay—114-00 per Day. i day* per week Broadview Division. American Wllbert VaiiU Cotp. 2101 Gardner Rd.. Broadview, Ml , P O. IA Orange. II] 8 22 pK 0 7 BELt. DRESSES FROM NEW YORK Fifth Av«-.. N.Y-, llrm desires wo mm tx> .sell Dreeses, Suites, Lingerie. Se*-n j; "Voane." "Mademoiselle." Good com- ]| r/i'-^'nn*. Write Modem Manner. 2W '.SH Fifth Ave.. New York. &1H pk 20 Salesman Wanted WHY Spend the hest years of your life working for someone else? Sir^ta RawlclRh business of your own in north west Mississippi County. Re- qnlrempnts Rimpl«—opportunity ureat. I Arkan»ri4 Sales Manager will hR hprc | F.oon lo Interview Wrlie for appolnt- mrni. The W. T. Rawtel^h Co., Attcn- Ilnn C K. Caudle. P. O. Box 2467. Dept AKH-210-CEC, Memphla. Tenn. S2& p\ » • 1950 Chevrolet Hot Air equipped with Power-Glide, shining: black finish, deluxe radio. . .a clean, one-owner car priced for quick s;ilc! Broadway & Chickasawba nmpany Phone 4453 MfHlff tn 3 rootn hoi i PP.^c Lo1. block bus I1np. Kasy terms. Ph. 9951 < nflcr S p,m 207fi. 25 nk i am If you want to sell or buy USED FURNITURE see ua.i Arnold &Gaines 406 East Main Ph. 6357 2-26 ck tf Hnusr lor SA!P. Must lot. Call 31M or 6B1.V prert rocker aupplrs. Also Xllteni. Ph. 3101. Mm N. O ft; IB pX 30 Save Money When You Buy — Soil — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON &. SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 a-2 ck tf ultrtlnj; CHAMBLIN SALES CO, A A<i)i r.SSB Vour Friemlly SlmlH>;ifcrr Dealer Relf-Rcrylcn tnundry. IjOt. nnrl rqulpment. with Rood Idpni fnr couple, location In town Priced lo sell Diiy now and set hpnu- ! Tit of fall and winter b uM n p-ss Ph I 9G47 or «ee H H, Onrnctt, ,119 nr 323 N | 2nd St B H pk B l-i e crrAiti unit sandwich simp, Plon equip [ii ml Scats fi.S |irO[>lr EJr-sl orntlon. S-SOO on dawn nr would Ircvd* — u-hnt have roil Other bnslnrK.s rra- on for solllKR Phnnr fl~. ^^^n^h. ArX 2SI fl 22 pk O.Ji Alt MAKES--ALL IT SturlrbaktM nni|i:»in. 4 Dour. Our owner car. r*nii»- tril v> ith .ill .irrcs- o r i i' s. O% '-rilrivr. Liplil . F;lrrlric only $945 I9W Stmtrb-ikcr C'orn- msndrr, I Dnnr. i'lilly KntiEpprd. Onli 10,- rtQfl inilr*, t:i\lrn rlnn in.\ft S l u cl c l> :t V r l Overdrive, One Own cr r,ir .a hie bir> al nnlv .......... . $1495 Other Cars & Trucks IJH16 Fnntuic Tnrpr- iln, S rvliiiflrr. 2 dnnr. nailio and Jlratrr, Kvtra (Iran, A Uar-' Eatn at nil Chevrolet. Two Donr Special I)' 1 , I,MM-, A prrmhini rar IHI7 Cbcvrnlnl 1/2- Ton Pifk-up. RnrUi> anrt I sprcrt Transmission. A harpain al only $795 $475 of our host he moved from 2.S pfc 29 e In Al- Iwo rnr pnrn^f. tnr»;c RhHflj or CRll MRX LOKan. L-ynrh 1 o:«. Ji Duplex lui'Hled in lituh' ci^lilioi'lioori. Low la\i insurance rate. Will net Small down payment will handle. Can finance al 4%.' See or call Max Logan Lynch Bkltf. Ph. '20;S4. 8-25 Vk 9-1 Real Estate Farms—City Property ...LCHN.S K-inlFrrMrd In Bu^Sni . or ftelMnE w» Noble Gill Agency REALTORS ' — Cecil Glnncoe BUlg. Earls — Ph. 68f>8 I. in ek If $350.1)0 DOWN 140.00 PKR MONTH Paymrnt Include tti*tx. and 1n anrp nn thl» newly-pa In ted 4-room home on Km wood Drlvn. HM Pro pan? Moor turn are, thermo^lni > pas tank. Ml<-« onk rioors Jtuu rlrai nnd wAted. factory-hi i 111 rablrjrt.i. E M. TERRY . Firestone* and Plre- f Chi run*? Caps qr delivered 4!i!fiO elUercrt 13 00 BeauUJul thin *>i ihlrk cut lonp I -tone for Homes Patios Walls. Walks arhecu* Pits. laces Also la Custom: per ]av : per s<ir l?irh«c(n*- PPI fqr dpllvprprl 22 .S 'blmnry oups. per .sqr foot .80 Telephnne 9^4-H -T nateATUle, Ark. or Wr1t« McBrklp Stone Quarries Anlarlo. Ark. WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF AN AC :IDENT If rnur car IB damaged \ in ncclriflni hpreV lomethlnR jnu ihould knrvv Bviurnett will ?1*» jo 're* paint 1«h on *nt r«r»Rlr wnrk ol 300 or mor* Th*- »ho1f car IK D&l •ri— not |iMl 'hr dnniapetl parts '•^il mil ten Fnr srr^ckfii Bertie P call fl] rtsiy* - *10!\ nlehts BtJRNETT HUDSON SALES 513 •«*! Udln 413 c* II Wanted (o Buy We Buy—Sell—trade Used FURNITURE Halsell & White Furniture Co. Main & Division St. Ph. 6096 8-20 ck 9-20 WALKER INSURANCE Glencne Hotel Building Phone 4360 Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low. Cost J. G. "Boh" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf female Help Wanted Esperlporpd Np^ro Mala" to rook, fcppp house arul <-RIP for baby. Must, hnvf TPtprrnrr* nntl hpnUh cnrri. Prp- /pr settlort ftlnclp. woman who ran live In house on rarm. Mrs. Bob Dyess, Rt 1. Box 133. Luxor*, phone Lniora 2656 8|H i>k 31 7.-Q Terry Ahstrarl A-. ne^U Phone 2.111— 213t s- Co Extra Inrpn 3 rmim house and 'l into Ht 220 Lilly VM* \ny\ * been renew c<L recently tn^Lr^e l l>Ari;e ^crron o«rJ< porch 10 :l. 12 n 24 mirn^e Also goncl 4 room use nncl Dnth on re.-\i ol lot renting property c^n For Kent 30 fJl rtii!> TlTe room unltirnlshed with private bath, hoi Nonh Franklin. Phone 4634 4 room hnvise with rlty wn So. of Cltv I.lmiUi on Hlc;h FALnlrw Acres. C. A Hun npnrtmcnl rucr 801 323 pte 30 E^rnln icn. capable of manasjlni rnr npcpa-ary. no house t< o rtrllvrrfpK, no collection? exrfllrnl:! for Intcrvli-vv writ Bnx CD. r^o Courir. for Safe, Ca/s and Trucks H1OKSITKR WRS' Pb t»7« 2t? Wr t room hom Ph, 3330- ' lots By own- Durocs—'10 pilts, 20 boars. for salo.'Srpt. R al Sikoslon. Mo. R. D. Clayton barn. Write Leonard Prcrnuuu Soc., S. E. Mo. Duvoe Hropflors ASS'TI. .];u-kson. Mo. 8-^ i rk :U fnslly ne ti] [Liianucd I'rlcc illi.Out). At Mia (jiKe SI . first cl.v.5 «to>t; luilldmR 'M » H) ft or 15UO ^(i (t Also In cnnnrciion with (nilkilns I* » i»r^« ".vell-nrraiiKert nioclcrn n It ol tlo ni ip»r ^na in llh I3M ['hi* property LK ITSI cUss cnnrtl- fut nevcrM d1 1 (PIT tit Prlc« S17.UOO. 13.000 Notice fs herd AOTO SALKS ; given lhat Hie i?r mix A: hath, fui '. rr(rli;*Tnlor. Llchls. turn Private eutr&m One 2 rm. fur apt . . . 821 pk 97 rh one a ifi py B 16 Cypress lumber nil lo Icr, G. G. Flowers. Th. i>: fi<V{*l Ho ore rquipir.rnl. SOI T.nVr ;iallrr martc v sh St., Ph :?fii r'Kiin Krrc*-r •1161 or 4214, Contart ("ircnt St'e or call JOHNNY MARR Office phone 1111 KesHleture phone l^o'JG Or See Kussull K. Marr I'll. 6807 7-lli ck U ar -irs Snnf1y l.oam Fin if, t:ircirlrUv, Pncc $100 pc rnsh oalfttice. irritis. a err.'; sandy Lo.xru cotloti i rolton. pilrfi $160 prr rn.tlu baUnrc terms. Kolli lrs ol MnntlA. wn by np]>f»tntinrnt only J T. Chapln M.inkLn. Ark Mortrrn i Cnurl- Ph nd telephone. Ph. Apts IxiM Floy 3 14 pic 9 14 rsii>!\ccl has rieri with the Commissioner or Revenues of the Stale B i of Arkansas for sermit to sell and dispense brer at fflall on the prcm- i I.SPS tlesnribcrl as N. Hiway No. 61, Blylhevillc. Missijsippi Counly. The \mriersicned states that he is a riti7cn of Arkaisas, of good moral cliaractcr, that re ha.s nr,ver been convicted of a fcliny or other crime involving moral urpiturie; that no to sell brerW (he undersign ed has been re\i'krc) within five years last past: an! that the under- j,it;ned h; Hollywood Ccntinued from Page 0 ;ram no kid in town could resist harl the boxoffice jingling for three days in Racine, Wis. The marquee spellrd II, out in Pied Piper fashion: TWENTY FIVE COUNT 'EM- CARTOONS—Two Extras." A drive-In (hrater a mil* from Atlantic. Iowa, has a permanent Klmmlck: "FREE PONY RIDES FOR KIDS." • + » The nation's highest TV receiving antenna irndoubtecily Is near Goodland, Kansas. A fellow- there ha.s instnlled It atop a. 400 Inol grain elevator. But the nearest TV sending station U l,>n mile, away «nri the poor guy Mill hasn been able to bring In a picture on his set. "Jungle Book" anrl the "Thie of Bagdad," two of Sa bit's 10 year old movies that died and wen to television, are back playing th regular theater circuits In the eas and mid-west. The box office re port: "Excellent" Proof that T\ can bring back old movies as as old stars. Overheard on the radio In Ne braska: "Do your cow,* snip at. your l feed and then leave it alone? 1 Television doesn't have to bins about the age of it,<; movies. Th big attraction, over a weekend, i the main theater in Sabula. I] wa-s the moth-eaten "All Quiet O the Western Front." \V-Ainut. cull 23SJO 8 U J unturnlshed ronm.s, SharR Water and lights Koi and cold - Prlvitr biir'rf and front cntranrr I-llly St . Ph 4CtRV 2S 3 im nn(»r Rpt. rear fiOl LAkr Prl- vnt*> hnih. dec h »• healrr. htilli 1n rabln*ts, ph, 6049- R2T pX 3 2 MfiamhPFUFd bed r o n m. Ad|olnlnK b.uh. t?01 w. Ash St. Ph, 22(19. R 17 pit 9 27 • 1!)J7 Ford V-8 deluxe 2-clnor Sedan. , a heautifitl automohile priced at just . .. • lir-18 l''ord V-8 deluxe 2-door Sedan, good-looking maroon color • 1919 Chevrolet ^-Ton Pickup... A steal at $775 $895 • I94S) Dodge :j 1-Ton Stake Body Truck . . .a city-driven Iruck .................. • 1 it-11 I'oni 1 \'i -Ton long whcctbuse Truck ivilh 12 fl. body. . .a real good farm truck. . • tflJl Ford l'/j-Ton Truck with 2-speed axle . . .our spcchil value ................. • 1018 Chevrolet l'/ z -Tun long wlicclbase Truck' with 12 foot platform, S good tires... has a 19 19 motor I hat's almost new ....... • 1948 Chevrolet i ', -Ton Panel Truck. .. a beauty you can get for just ........... $895 $195 $195 uck wilh $795 $745 $875 The I!IK "OK" Used Car I,ot un \Valniit Sheet Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 391 West Walnut Phone 4578 • mifc CMC V 2 -Ton Truck with 125' wheelbase, an extra clean truck N THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHTCKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Louis Wcinberg, Ptf. vs. NO. 11.788 C. B. McFarland. Pt al .Dft. NOTICE TO QUIET TITI.K On August 20. 1951. Louis Wrin berg filed suit to quiet title to the dy, unknown heirs at law of W. E. Grady; R- M. Trench. Mrs, Ida French; Fannie Taylor, Zona Tay- \nr, J, L. .Nance. Mtiry Harkey, P. R McMiUon. as surviving Trustees far the Penfecostal Holiness Churrh of I-eachville. Arkansas; all other members of Pentecostal Hollne&^j) Church of Leachville, Arkansas'^ 'hall appear in the above court and following described real estate in j cause on October 12. 1951, and show --•••- t)lc cause why the title ot Louis Weinberg trt snirl property should nol be confirmed. Witness my hand and seal as Clerk of snid court on this August 20. 1951. Harvey IVforrJs, Clerk By Ruth MRgee D.C., Oscar Fendlcr, attorney for plain- titf. Wm. s. Rader atty. ad litem. Mississippi County, Arkansas, above court and cause: '• Lots 16. 17.18. 19 and 20, "Block C". Smith Addition to the Town nf Lcachville, Arkansas, nccord- ing to plat, recorded in Plat Book 1, page 69, Circuit Clerk's office, Blytheville, Arkansas. All persons who claim any interest In said land or lien thereon, in- r.ludinp those clef end nnt£ named in the Complaint, to-wit: C, B. McFarland. \fr.s, C. B. McFarland, un known heirs at- law of C. B. McPar- The U. S. has 28 railroad tunnels land, W. E. Grady, Mrs. W. E. Gra- L °ver a naile long. the ln\Y.< any other state, r ctpd ot of this stale, or ativp [o Ihe sale nit l 1 day of Sept-. IS151 the 30 day of Junr*.i •itv B. F. GOODRICH SPECIAL Prices ail to the hone on new icK'vision sots. Tlu'sr aro not floor model?. L'se ymir old radio as p;u't or jill of ito\vn paymrnl. P'rop insinuation on! nny pnrcli^so. This \voek only.' 6 room huti »iHHl tloorp. rt riKini Italian on two lots Rli - fa ft niarhle Mirpla anri iivinc roonx rtrrnratPd a-U ported BrtUsh pnprr New ru match papri 3 brtl rooms, one \ ^4 1 1 vi ni:. t>rrlrfM-nn Double n-U)i utUltv room. hicK ysrii f Thlp U our liomr and will tic * hv nppolntnimt Mrs J. L, I.r<v1 E Dnvls. Phonr; 3M7. P :? room hon*F, with hsih, 506 5 n. Furnished, Phone 226fl ricTiis Rnrt bilh unfiiTnl?lircl house. c in couple only. Phone 6~;i? 'w Modrrn 4 room house and hath. Kenwood. Th, 59i M-3 OscfOla. 6.26 pk P ^ room house with hath: aho 4 n and balh upstairs apart merit. T 'inrurn. Located at Yurbro Ph. ft 23 pk 9 11 of nlcoholic liquor Application is fo permit lo he Is- surd for operation beginning nn the and to expire on 1952. 'helma sworn (,o before UK. 1951. shall Blackarrl (Notary Public) plres: 3,9.53. — I me this 27 day of My Commision r LAND FOR SAKK hniisr. with hMh. hot ratalnrl*. phonf 23*-t o R K ir>^rrn 4 room hons*-. rltt he.iicr. tpncU^n hllrn!;.. i MSPO Phone 43$6 water. ?5i7. ck tf Clirrokep Inrii^^s once occupied In Ihe nation a' B. F Goodrich Co. m ^« c "' 117 \V. Main I'lu 8-2$ ck JUM off roncrrif 1 lii. rtom reslriencp, 5 loon .1.11 .flatter- ,1 good icnaut hoxis*-, 1 .. ' v '*' 1 anrl plenty of out buLIrllngrt. For Rent or Safe IB10 Hfftrn 5T . Ph From coast lo toasl, owners of roadside cafes have found sales lc In the word California. Signs proclaim rverylhinp from "California Hamburgers" to "California .ervice." Blllboarrl MvMery The price of billboard space on he iron fence around the White House is a big buzz, in Washington. \ contrarlnr named John McShain s rcmoddinR the prpsicienlial man- ion. When he arhrrrl lo do the job, he stuck up his eipht foot square .hingle for all !o see. A couple nr days later it was missing. Then it appeared again, and it's still Ihere. Whether MacShain marie a contribution to Ihe Democratic party for the prize billboard space, whether the ethics or a contractor's sign in front of the White was considered, are two questions with no answer*. If you've wonder PC! what happened In the ?ood rive cent cup of coffee that laded away with Inflation, slop at the Ranch House In Canon City. Colo. The. owner, a rugged, is still serving five cent a cup coffee. Good too. Fo/ Sale, Reaf Estate school rnis person • L f in thp hank ot UUle Hlvcr «nri rlcn a." rn^ be. prlre 5227.50 per ar: fO ft err K on hlftrk top. LivO trni housm. good bnrn and nlrc main re- rtrncr fifl «crr.= on thr hanX* of IlUlr Ki T, src it for your self Mudrrn fi ioc hoinr anrt everything 10 mAVr an M' pl*cc for R homf, price S2oO 01 i> rUrr has a large Uv.n and can For Rent, Misce/Joneous M im pei month, O: dRT w»xe nmnlh h ti.\b? i.n ROURX E, OR r.M.I. We liAve all acres up. Sotnr conic Tn to fff sl?P f«rni of the vor>- Tm T* 1100 • . II (VI prr .. . | WAD? ^UKNITUR Ci oocl lo<:a t ion - CA ! I Licensed Real E?tat- For flenf or Lease house, Fh 3?70. maltei rtruc you'll personal Minor Co car AS rou ,oney by get- rvice afc r L e'll ear« for [ould yourself T.I.SEAY MOTOt CO. 121 K. Mr.IB FOR SALE LUMBER Oak & Cypress All Dimensions BULLINGER'S STORE sf Gilherls Crossing or Call fifit.i WE WANT YOUR TRUCK NOW . . . get the highest cash price at Horner-Wilson—or trade your late model truck on o new GMC. We need your truck if it's in good condition. So sell it or trade it NOW —at Horner-Wilson in Blytheville! 50 '49 '47 '44 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores GMC 3 /4-Ton Pickup that's like new . . . very low mileage . . . Chevrolet ]/a - T on Pickup with deluxe cab, radio and heater . , , good tires, too . , Chevrolet Vi - T o n pickup with deluxe cab—new tires— it's the best buy in Blytheville! , Dodge 15/i-Ton Long wheelbase truck . . . look twice at this super-bargain price! , ,. 1045 $895 $795 14950 HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lot - - - 300 East Main Street

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