The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio on August 18, 1886 · Page 6
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August 18, 1886

The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio · Page 6

Marion, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 18, 1886
Page 6
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DELlt'Hlt US ?*«· Hiblr llrri*+r* Kl'IL. lluf Ifilt." Important. When you TO:: or lear» Sew York Citr, give iijf.-s'iag", anil $~ earruce b:r-, and v t i n g a ' IB'J i The Beauty of Woman ti hfr crown of jdorv. But, alas: hcvr qu! k- iy do*i th" nervous dctihrv auJ cbrcnic j 'circulation with Ui»-~i wea ka*-53 of th« f«i .au=e 'tbe bloom of j ·ur other fint-cliuui hotel in the city. tt from "vil." These words are coin- prrfie;iMY-, full of weight fur th- risw«l rasrn, ami clear to reason in it» dav.ii- 1OR- Our new reviaprs have thrown 3£idf this catalilLshed traa.-l»tion, anil for th« snlilimc words to which the ·whole Kiif-'lish-spc-aking Christian world tt «c;uitO!iijd hu'.i; biiWituU-d "L)u- Ii»er us from the evil one." If thc- Oret-k words which thf authors of this S" v w ri'jul'-riiiK had Ixiforc them rc- tjnin-d the chalice, they certainly w,-re i*j5LK], a* li'wst men. to do w h a t th-;. An KnelMi Jury. I was pre-ent in court when the following incident occurred: Scene: Uerbr Assizes. -- Samuel Lowe and James Halligau charged with stealing a ham. Clerk of Assize--l)o you find the prisoners guilty or not g u i i t v ? i'ort man of the Jury--We find as one on 'em .stol« it and t'io other received it knowing it to have b^eu ntok-u. Clerk of Asaiz*.--Who do you gay htole it? l-'or«-man--Xay, I can't sav which ! iloue but wliat ind"m-:it should i stole it. One on 'em brought it home ' * J ^ . I i_1 .. i t . - - A . , l - . f i . b--" jiron«un-ctl if tlu-\ Jiave disregarded the im-uuing of (!rvl: words, :t.- Unf«l in the f ircck cim-.s b-forf- tin- Christian era Ix'gan, and as us.-d in the New T«.°laineut itsi-lf, and tho 0 «' of it. books -vhich were written by the rno-.t ac- coaiplLshed mast, rs r,f tlio (Ireek lan- KTOIJJC to 16 found in t h a t volume? Xixt lOim-fe the conipli-tc Milir.nlinatim «tf QIC t^'injioral life to the Hie of the _*iil. The principle of absolute- equality is repeated in the words that rel.ite to Sfce mutual relation of man with man, ss transgre-wims, and how they may %*-. repaired. Then comes the longing i'or holiness, and the first ontreaty is '"ILwu'l iis not into temptation;" the de- ·*irc for absolute juirity is heard in the wxjond: "J'eliver us from evil." Tlio supplicant must search the of Siis own soul and .seek there for evil, auvl if lie finds it there he miiht bo rest- SCBS and iinlmpjiy until lie can tear it oat root and branch and gam pence -ivilli p u r i t y and justice. H u t , through ·war revisers, if their innovation is to Ue acce))ted, and prayer becomes the jiEij-nr of pride, of a man w h o attributes !Mt weakness to himself; and, instead of 3ooiving into himself for the seed of the -evil which he may commit, presents W own inward n a t u r e as in itself perfect, imd needing no protection but from an outside evil one. J n this way ifce prayer of humility becomes the woico of BclMeception anil pride. It remains only to ask how lifts the worlil for nearly nineteen centimes raklerstoixl the petition? The Greek irrf the two Gospels speaks for itself. The Vulgate, which is the first (Treat tamslation of tbe New Testament made ifor i,he Latin w o r l d , rightly reads: ILibera nos a mala, deliver us from evil, and this version in still read in .ill the world which adheres to Home. learned and uiso translators of the ilmy.s of King .Tames rendered t h e words ·oorreotly: Deliver us from evil; and iliey are followed by till English-speaking churches of every denomination. The rendering in tlio Douay ISiblo is tlic. same, and so it is in the Bible as Sranslatoil by Ijiither. The whole world of Christianity--- ·CalboJ-ie, Ane-licnu.Kpiseopal,-Lutheran. and Hi-formed--agree in the rendering: ·"D-ilivcT us from evil."--Crnrye lltin- 'sroJL, in, jN'cic l'i ini'i'ton A't'tiflir. under his arm. an 1 the other took it from him. Mr. .'ustico MctJiaw--That man is Low", and that i^ llalligau. Xow, which stole it? i'orcmnn--I don't know. I waru't there. How can I say? If thf-v didn't steal it why should tliey have it? Judge--tJentleman, this Is your foreman. Is there no one of you i-an saj whether Lowe is guilfcy of .stealing? .Foreman--Yes, I.owe stole it. Chorus of Jurymen--'o, the other ·tole. Clerk of Aisize--And is that the verdict of you all? Jury (foreman included)--YM.-- St. fame*' (Juzette. He lU-traywl Her I'onlWenir. Arlo Jiates was once talking with J. R. Osgood about the ehauges which liad been made in a popular novel between the time it was first placed in Uie hands of the house anil its first, appearance in print. "Von seem to know i good deal nbout it," Mr. Osgood ob- lerved. at length; "how did vou liud ;hat out?" "Oh, the author told ine herself," ic answered. "And did you go and print it?" he rueried. "Vrint it?" was the rather indig- mnt retort; "of course t did not." "Then," Mr. Osgood rejoined, with t droll twinkle in his eye, "then yon Mitraycd her cont'nleuco." Kept on Her Arctics. "Brides do aome curious things," said lie sexton of n fashionable church the )ther day, "and I could relate many nstunces where nervousness has made ,liem the laughing stock of crowded issemblages. For iuhtauco, at a wed- ling hero a couple of weeks ago it was laiuitig hard when the bridal party ur- ·ivcd at the church. In the flutter- nod jxc-itomont tlio bride-elect forgot all ibout having rubbera on over her white tid Mii^pers, and she slmlMed all the way ip the aisle and all the way down ngam »ith her overshoes, of the description tnown as 'arctics,' xeepiiig iu and out rom under her satin skirts. It was udicrotiH, I can tell you."--Philadelphia Ifnlledn. Oni faults, like weeds, spring up qiontaueously, and reipiire no ciiltiva- ion. )ur virtues, on the contrary, like lowers, require care und attention. If lOglectcd, they are apt to degenerate nto vices, as weeds, if allowed to grow, 'ertop the florers. A SfirNTlST sny- Hint a M-ry stiont; so- utiou of snlt applied lioiliiiR hot w i l l pre- e n e vooil. This is iiiipoil-uut to those ihose wood pile bus to Ije piotectcd by a (mug gun. ieqUHf t tkeci {r peri-oils ''ho have never bfsu aS!j Mnl with those lualadi'-e, but would be liable to incur them if moucmill; unprotected. It ehzninue? from the bloml ex-rta'n iinpun- i,f* whuh the mo-t tkilful pathologist? »*- fcij^u a*. tli* 1 c-xcitiiii; caue of ttiose as"H-mi'« minjiiamii*, rhcuuiat^m and gout, ami ii '". mi.ri'over, all «. ic*I!*!it remedy for an t:i- fcpbiod or over-wrought stale or the nerve*, auJ for int-Ltil dt -poudf-acj. ··Wi L' , I'.rowa, what do you intend to do for a ! ving. now that your firm lias ;one ont oi business?" imjirreil a jovia . well-salaried store-clerk of another counter-jumper vrho was ont of a job. "I've tried everywhere to gt-t something to do, but failed; and T guess I'll have to.-.tarveunless I accent a chance that is oiiered uie to enlist as a jir.iate in tlir ; L'n ted States artillery si:rvii-e," replied las acquaintance disconsolately. "Ah: 'Leek the bubble reputation at the cannon's inouih,' as it A-fre," fac-cti' ii=ly remarked the prosperous questioner. "Xot so much that. it's the boodle compensation at the i-annou's breech-thirteen dollars per month and rations--that I care the most about!" was the grim rejoinder.-- Chica/jo Led'jer. · * " · Stricture ot iho u r e t l i - u , liowcrsi Invuteratc- or coui|ilcat'-il from previous truHtintiit, ipt-i-Uily ""'I perimiueii'ly cured l*y our new und improw-d im-thods. Hook, reference-* und terin^rient for 10 cents in HampS. tt or tl's Ills pen »ry Mcdiciil .Vs- ·ociutloti, Gti^ Main street, llutTalo, N. V. A MAS of philosophical teraperameat re- Bemliles a cm-umber--fnr although he may be compleiulr cut up he still remains cool. race, and deareit to at! mankiud- tne iiealtb of woman. -the beauty and No, MIXJ:KVA; we are not hankering for Bocijty notes with a \en~ hirge-sued hank. 1'lain everj'-day batik notes are rich enough for our blood. "itouciu o~ jrcM." "Rough on Itch" 1 cares skin humors, ercp- A QUESTION ABOUT Browns Iron Bitters ANSWERED. ,- 1" 8 *** 1 teoe«u"l« i. ~ How c« Brown's Iftm Bnun cul***«y- Usia**" W«U. itdoete'l Bu: it don or* vij duMM for Which A mputafclfc phrsic Jin woolc pr«.cnb* 1H01 *- · · ~»- · "!,,,, ,, tb. b«t I - for Which ^UMfc:* ,, _ ·CWt knowa io"tb« profMMon. *od Inctdty of Afcf toutau dMmicil tnn «ill lutoustuu u uvnioa that 1£tn mr* mon trep«rttion.s of ifon uum of an J Till* ^1OW| COD' to b* ill* mmi Uu. to UM d»co*- :«ct- BROWN' , , - , , feet, ciiilbluns, iich, ivy poison, birber's itch. 50c. jars. __ _ _ _____ "KOUUIl OX CATMIHII" cnrreci* offensive odors at nnce cuieof worst chrome cu.-r5: al-so ui;f ,|iii!oil ai p-t^'le for diplithcria., sore :hrout, foul breath. As A stimulant to the stomach, liver, and bowels, the safest remedy n Acer's 1'ills. llj: is a miss guided youth who does everything his sweetheart asks him to do. Is another column of thi^ ir.-»iU' uillhfouitil »n eniirelv new and novel spcdnu-n of attractive advertising. It 19 one of the watest eTer phictd in oui paper, and ve tbink ou: readers will be «ell repaid for examhi ing the HUri'OSErD dis-play letters iu the advci - tisemeutof 1'rickly Ash Uiltera. "WAI'ITI:, yon cnn bring me n nice voting chicken smotheied iu onions:'" ''No, sah. We dnesn't kill 'em dat «ay. snb. AVecuts ofl' d'er hods." otic. ____________ ··Kofuii o^ I-II.KS." ' Whv etiffer PUef ? Imia'-lia: 1 - r',!:"f and com. plete "curn guaranteed. A 1 -).- for -itouKh on Files." Sure cu^e for iiuhiuj;. protiuding, bleeding, or »ny form of Pik-s. Me. At IJrug- n.-; or Miili S.°ir. buys a pair of Lyon'? Patent He*-! SaflVr-cr-.!c!i mAcs a "boot or shoe last «. orprodac* c medicine^ do. BKO«7V.« IKOX BITTERS curei IndiceMwa. lliUoinn«s»,W«-«lo«i«, I.t«pr|i«la. .lal*riti, chilli and t'wrr*, Tired KecliniI.UfHi r.l HrMlilT,Pkln in th* Sidtf. Hark or l.iinb«.llcHdaclteftDd»Hriil« tn«*4e Jments Iron ij {r«w:nbcd £ul^. ' C A T A - R R fcinnt*. IJk* all other ihorouch mftdkine*, it acts " h ^ a wk*a bv m+n. the iirrt pjn.ptoni of r*ri*-*ed *r»-ttf Tbe mascl«« Ui*u becomo *r, th* d^esUoo improTes. the txiwelsfcre a*,ti»e. T^Q ej»« iticin a; ur. cp helth color TOa's f.nataf for C»l»rrb li - . Essise: in Use. IM Ci for CoM In ihe Headache, H*y Fever, 4bx Lriabten, tiie skiu tu the clieek-, a*rrLt' ~ Hr kiid if a nurmin? cuthfr. abundant s'J?t*n;iEcft i 1 * tup;»h»*d for th" c£ti!d. Rernmiber Brown's Iron Bhtvnt m tbe IINI*Y iron medicir-e is noi and ltrv.fjgisU recammnid tt, linriKv !·= immediate, and a cure sure. Piso'3 Kernel}- to:- f'ntnrrb. 50 cents. HAU.' Huir Itenewer alway-) givei satisfaction, and is indorsed by our best physicians. Ir a burnt ihiltl cuends the fire, why does a pep-on who has been singed by Cupid's torch --o often have a lingering re- giird for the old flame? ' IT is an alarming fact that one-half of the deaths of children are caused by tlio Cholerl- Infantum or Hummer Complaint. Syirrita Blackberry B'ock" have been thoroughly trieJ in very severe epidemics of this dreaded dt»~ ease of childhood and has proved to be a sovereign remedy. Mothers raising children should have a package of the Blocks HI the house, BO that at the first commencement of the disease it can bo cured. Belays are dangerous. Twenty-five doses. 25 cents BILIOUSNESS la an affection of the Liver, and can be thoromghly cured by that Grand Eegulator of the Liver and Biliary Organs, SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOR, MANUFACTURED BT J. H.ZEILIN CO., Philadelphia. Pa. I was afllktc.l for =cveral ycari with (Iis- orderert h^cr, which rt,suited in a ^f-vere attack or jaundice. I hii'l as trood mtdical iitu-ndani-e as our pection aiToriK who failed utterly to restore lue lo the enjoyment of my former eood l-culth. I then tried the favorite iire^rription of one o£ tJieraost renowned o£ LOUH- ville Ky . but to no imriirne : whcr^nuou I was induced to trv iitiinoiis l.ln-r H*'»Tiil!itin\ I tnuiul iiiinirdiatf* benefit from IU U!«e. ««d it ultimately restoredine Tfcs Gonnino h*.i Trade Mtrk and crested omrr*p;^r TAKE O O T I 1 K U . Kenv(l% f- rCaUli is ju-t t- or."-- **V. OL"TO^, JMa" CfttArrh te , and AlM :oot for Cold in the- E B«»u;he, Hay Fe\ er, Ac. 5o c( ^YNYITA BLACKBERRY BLOCKS, The tireal Diurrhora Chock^r, Get Checkerboard of your Druggist FREE) The latent, ami cheapest, | tht* nio--t plea-ant, ton- v c n i e n t ana rt-liaUe cure Flux. ClU'lura, Vh tlcra M'«rt'U» »nd Chol.-rd I t -- fiintu'ii of Summer r.nn- pluint ever diicovered. Have n e v e r f a i t f l to yure ehil«Ir**n. No tea-«[non! No sticky bottle Mwiiya rt-a'l^ and bandy, it'ulo-'ea 25 cents*. A Kuumnt* i « i n each packHKfc b; which « e w i l l r f f u n d the price puirt if Uln«-klj*»rrv Kiorka fail to c u r t - a l l disuses for w h i c h they nre reooiu- m^ndi rf .\«k y o t i f d r u ^ K i ^ t for t h e m . a n d take no *ub«ituv. i f ' y n u f ai11 " iret them, upon receipt of 2.* ft*., we wi'U seuil a piitkasts t'j return until, or 5 for 'A l l o l l j i r , A hand*ume ndverti-Ini: (.ness and chcuVtT-Unard fr^e with each order. _Atldres«* 4 SYNVlTA C'U,. Uelpliwft, Ohio. Ilichuiond. IWI-UIUTIKS of annum-: mcKi-i.r. "The |)cciili;ii-itff'h of TIui'iicu O i,vt 4 . all IH'OII gvciilly (iv nlriiuii. Bsia son-iu-l:i\v, t'ol. Xii'lu'liis Snii Xirw York, "it is ·j*-' 1 "1 ' n y tlioiis'i IMx. 1'ii'cMy was YLTV iiitii'li g' % t 'ri to sirotanilv A v l i o i i o^cili'il, lnt Jill t l n * l i t n c Siiat, J l;m»\v l i i n i 1 n r v o r liciird a Mti^lu jjrofnne wonl full from liis lips, ami my wife Ims often said tin 11 .stimi-. Hin Scinj)i'r;\to habiN arc «cll k n o w n ; lio mewl tonchi-il anything in t l i o war of IijtTior, i-xcppt ciilt-r, and sinyiilarly «jniisli, was very fond of cider. I have » little boy 8 years old, who is named Horace (.irui'ly, and he has inlicritofl this love for cider and dislike for other |tnrs from his grandfather, illn^trat- sng tliu ^ri'ftt law of hereditary. ^\lr. ·Grcoly was M-ry positive in his cuiivic- uVvns, to illustrate · Or. White, the Sate Vrcsidi lit of t h e C o i n e l l l"iii\cr- siiv. t '1U tlii story of him : I n e o n i m n v with the I'mfi'^or of l.iitin and ( I r e c k at ihe Cornell l"ni\e!xity, Dr. "White npor. ^\!r. (ireely. Tl'c l'rofe-.s'ir ^^l·. Ciroi'ly n j n i n liis liiio\\ii «!i- to the dead^ in t h e practical education of \outij; men. and a hot discussion \\.is commenced. Mr. CriM'lv plied argument upon argument sLciil t h o Professor was completely cornered, " 'Yon r.nist. a d m i t , ?Ir. Cii'eeU.' he fis.-vlly eried. 'that the Latin and (.".reek an? tin 1 threat conduits through \\hicli ttc lejiining of the. ancients have como liouti to us?'' "'Yes.' said Mr. Oreely. 'T admit £lutl.. but," pointing to the water faucet, *vou see tJiat fnucet ; 1 drink three or ferar glasses of v n t o r daily from that. »xil tho water comes there through the Croton aipiednet. l»nt. my dear ir, ss that any roa.son v h y I should chew JK ranch lead pipe?'" -- ./. Lori'if 7i'e- To Itenilrr. r u n yon (relieve thut the Creutnr itliiuis n i K M h i i i l til' iiiuiikin I w i t h mllst'a-e fu 1 wlrlcli ihc-rc 13 no luniedy.- 1 Ilr. tl. V. i'ierou's "Uolilun Meilltal -Discovers" has :urucl h i i n i l i c U - o f OIIM;S of in|t ion. and in-n arc l i v i n g to-tl:iy -- honllhy robut men --·whom phj*!ehms ivronouncutl incnrnblc, ffnuse one hm}r wu-i almost irt)nc. St'ii'l IU j.Mits in ·-liini|rs tirr Dr. I'mn-e's book nn ·OIIMI nipt ion iiml ki:nlrud iiiri-ctlotn. -\il ttc^s, "'orlil's Dispon .ury .Mudk-ul Assouia- '.lon, tili-i Main "irecl. Hiihulo. X. V. ' "A si-OTTKu fhm by the l^ ·a'-hii'is. ililor" is » name grimly .siou Jicconl to defaulting INDIOCSTTOX, dyspepsia, norrom pnwtra- ion, and all fiinnd of general debility relieve iy taking MESfM^x's 1'EPTrtSIZEnr.KErTosii , .fii 1 onh prepuiation cf beef conl.iiiiiiig its en are nutritions prop'-i ties. Tt cnntainf l i l i m 1 iiakins;. forci'-jriMiei-Ating and lift- «n-«t.iinii"_ jroperties: is itiv.ilnable in all enfeebled t'on- litiin«, whetlier the le.-mlt of r\li:in-tior. lervons prtiatratum, overwork, irr unite di- liao.T'C, particularly if rt'snltni!; from pnlinnr «ry cotniil'iints. l.'i'.swell, Jl.izard .t Lo., pr. , ^ew Ymk. ou font. "Itougt: on liata' clears one Jtata, Mice. loo. "Bough on Corns" bard or soft corns, bunions, 15o. ·Bough on Toothache." Instant relief, loo. AVKI.IjS" HA III HAI-SAM. If gray, roatorea to original color An elegstn dresBing, foftcns and beautifies. .No oil nor crease. A Tonic Re-itonitivo fjtojia hair eora- lag out; etrengtliena, cleatia, heals scalp. 50c. "icouGii · uir.i:" 1'ii.T.s Start Uiebile,rtflieve the l)ilion« stomach, thick, achint; head «id nyorloadeil bowels. Small granules, small dose, big i e?ulta, ploanant iu operation, don't disturb thi stomach --~t Dri.rnos, Orno. July 7th, 18?6. STSTVTT.V CO. Our iVinonths-pM chil.l had a sc\uro nrtuck of SUIIUIHT Complaint. Phvarcittni conlil do iiotliini;. In dospiur wo tried Synvita Blncltbcrry WCOKS--recommended by a friend and a fuw'sma'.l i]rsc«f!fi'cti"i n complete euro. Accept onr hunrtfi It ituiorsfinput of vonr Blackberry Bloclta. Hit. .v^D Jtr.s. ,1. BANZIIAV. A Ki'jn:irk.illi' Curt- |I Serofnlll. WillMIll S. Ha),iT. c,t I-Ci.K, Vlg) (Villi'ti-. Illil. wnft-a .is fol'»u--. · Mi son wa* riikon witu Si-rofnli In the hip »hm mily h\o roai-j old. We tnfd --moral phM.ician'-. but the !oi Vt no rt lie' fr,,m tbrir treat- inrat. Notii ins onr Scovir.t.'-i S \ m vrAiiu.n »xr SriLi.iMit.v.or nioftilaiul Uvt=r feynnt. n'.viunu'iid- «l Mlii','lib. I boiirhnomc o£ vou in the vi-,nr IW-. :iul i-otitiniieil takin,' it i-.ll the "Jr.-s fliwl!} hcalf 1 up. Ho ii n o w J i y i - i H of aire. and. beini,' sntufitd thai o " i r m o d n m e did htm w much K"od « hen hf used it, wcwiiit to try it asam Iu another case, and M nt' 1 10 j on to c^'t somt* nion-." ^^^^^ HEADACHE Proce^.!- from aTOWin 1J\KR \Nt IWI-UI OFTUK STOMACH. It c»u !»· uu^nalily cim d Ij.. tikmi- H1MMONS I,1VEK llKtil'LATOIt J ft all »ho snirern-iueinber tliat SICK .VXD SLKVOUS nKADACIIKS r,m be- |lro^cnt«l by takine a (lo-(. .13 iKou as their sj mptoms indicate the LOUimsr ot ua " Ui«ea Siramon-t IJTIT Hemilator » li»ii troubled serioli'ilv with lic:nl.a-he cim-ed by CoiisUput.otl. "it nrocluwd » f:v\orjbl« rciiilt vltlitnit liiiitlertitti my reuiiliirniirnuit* in btixiitei*. I rciriril it not as a na tent inaii-mi, but as a ready DifiTiWioii [or Di-or- deruil Liver W. H. \UTJlkU. " I)c« Moine 1 '. Iowa." The ttcst and surest Remedy for Cure of all dlst-asea canscd by any demngefficDt of ho Liver, Kilne.ys, Stomach mid Bowels. Jlyspcpsln, Sick Headache, Constipation, _ tilloas Complaints and Malaria of fill kinds ield readily to tlio beucQcent ioflnence of Tin: man of inOiucnoni bunions may bo aid lo I'e » p i^on of gn-nt it".ouuvs. iiR-o he ··onerally h.i- ^onii'tliin -n /.M* /-·» / 1: i //·· 'ooi». Mr. Klines -- T don't .see w h y yon eat *o miifh of that stuff. It v ill ruin your ·Wife. Mrs. Klinks-- Tt i-.the very best confectionery in the city, d ar, "Ji's more thsin half gl;u - iv,e.' ! · ° \ V h a f s t h a t V " ·^Jt's »!iide of c.T/n." *Is ii ^ e l ^ l i i i w h ''.e-on 1 · .'" %V,-]1, 1 !"Je %ou liro:!s:h M ord v-crn' on "A IVt l'ro|i'«itlnn." Amrmg t!n l.V KuiJs of ("Kith I'.omid Tolnincs «ivon awav 1'V the Jloclu-tor (N Y.) ^mrri"i» /fund //oi/ic"for cvcrv SI «uli-=crip- ticin to tliat Oruat Spapo, 4ScoI., lliyuarold, ·n-ceUv, (all r.\7 iiirlies, from ;;w to 'AV bou-.ui m C'otli,) aro Ki\v AVttlnmt I^iwyora. Dnnolson'a (Me : Vanuly (.'j cloiieili.v Counselor. Farm \'\ oloiu'dm. Boys' Usc F»nncr5' »iul Stock- Five Years Before Ihe brecilcrd' Guiile. Jlayt. Common Scuso is Peoples" History of Poultry Yanl. Cmtcil SUtw World Cyolopodia. tTnirors»l llistoir of Wliat Everyone Should »11 S»tioRS. Know. rop«l*r History Cml \"»r fl^tli sides). Any out book and pippr, all post-paid for 11.15' only! Satisfaction guaranteed Ecfcrence: Hon. C. K VARSONS. -Mayor Kochestet. ^mploa-'c. Itviut. HOXB Co., LTI . KochM- t*r. S Y Qri;RY for yai-hlmcn: If nve^sol c»n sail boforo the wiiul. why should !lu have to n»it for the «iinl? SPACE'S LIQUID GLUE "MEKDS EVERYTHING Wivxl Lt-rithcr.rap' i r.'rvr.«..CIa':i. ChuiA, 'unntur«. Bric-u-Urac, Acu ;Strong as Iron, Solid aa a Boer. I Tho total qtinntity Md during ilio [past li.e ytur* amouiu^rt to oer b«ttlS!EVEli\ HOD V WA IS TT. All dfr.ier;" cnn *t-H it. A^ardnl TWO COLO MEDALS.. £rmJm. 1?-^ -V«« W^«*n». 1SJ. fronounf-ftl Strongest Clue know n Stud dealer's cunl iind HK-. posti^e tof KArnple c-m FRLR fcvmmUj . Alio cooft for Cold In the H e. Hay fever, Ac. U ci "Tiso"-* 11* medy for Catarrh 1-4 ;irodua esulu."-- (JEO. W. WITH AM, I'luladelphj !» B«n*dy for C»t»rrh h Brtl. £ul««t to t?M, tnd C'bte) C A T A R oort fbr Cold'In thp n je.Hay FBTK, Ac. Wo JONES PAYSthfrREICHT 5 Ton Wajton Srul**+ ' on l.tMtrs. ^c-rl Hc-irin**. BfMI . . pnc« lUt me mi on thit pnpcr atul alJrt« J D f l f S Of I I N C H I M T O I , BI.MiIIA.MTII. N'. T. ly cured thunii; S M i l . l l r . l i u u ! freetiuilut t u n lion(" k lnve?tisriht tisrihtorB.TiiEHuMANK Consumption Can Be I -HALL'S LUNGS. BALS C « r c C o » - * ' i f » p t i o i i T Colils, l*n«u tiiK-ii7.u, ISruiivlilal litticultien r 1 JIoMrrifiiPr**, -\-ithma, Croup. Coui;h. and all IMit-ast'j of t h e OririiiiH. I t huothr* niitl hettU |y ("In,* acoininin it. . H tl prevent* Bcrds i K u i n p t i L'S lt.\l DCDERICK-S HAY.PRE · thec k«pn Ui«l Orileronlrjul, Hdi'rtiab for circular and WcBtrrn and'i*outh«;rn Sto^QOti-es and p, K. DEOESICK 4. CO., Albany A MONTH .YouiiirJrenorLadje- i n i 'P. W. ZlEGU-Ul ± CO. C S 65 WHO IS UNACQUAINTED WITH THE C£OCRAPHV OF THIS COUNTRY,' SEE BY EXAMINING THIS MAP, THAT THE It Is pleasant to the taste, tones tip tlic system, restores and preserrts health. It is pnrcly Vegetable, and cannot fail to prove Iwncflcial, both to old and yoang. As » Blood Purifier it Is superior to all others. Sold eTcrywberc »t $1.00 a bottle. THE VICTOR SI 000 REWARD jFTr »f machine feiiltaf ftid «mklKK 2' 'T »»rk*t »« mutbjA M It W Lh* VICTOR DOUBLE KULLER. MACHINi! for our 5F.W (AT H.dtJUK mailed Hampton : Detroit,Mich. FRAZER AXLE GREASE, B«t I* Ihe World. Grl the Brimlof. XT. MTk^V"r»cr" Voi.u r KTEKVWI1KI(E! CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND PACIFIC RAIL1N By reason of its central position and dose relation to all principal Joies t West, at initial and tennmal points, constitutes tee most Importaa^ mi ^^^n^^^^^^^^^S^SSFrS SgS^«S5?2SS2i.^ S°oS ^ **^T$^$£££ C wi^c^^fsMrig^^ TDav^nPortt Muscatine. Wasbinwton, Fail-field^ Ottum-vra. ±^.. V --*** -»V , THE GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE ali~conriect{n5 l Vo^^ a::ci ^^ unsurpassed 'ii-r-tna it? ifs tJoaaartw*'!* t^nninmAnT^ -luxuries of'itf er Equipment. I CURE FITS O-iico I "J cur« I Oo lint aiMtl nrjnlylo «tcp tUem I| »tlm« »»J tl.n mn tnen rtlara lfM. I;mn* «Jr»J tal eor». I !i»'o «*!» tl» dlwM* « UTS. KMLKH .. to tor. t»« wor.1 «·».·«««· "tlitr. Mr. .nortwm (or.otiio-t»Mt.!ii»«TMrj. ·ne* for · t-mlw »n4 · Fr« fcltH «f MJ I f»ra».lT G!»t Kit""' "ill TV OBc*. » c kelMn'v Tor · itl»l, »n*l I will car* " 5dd«ii »r. H. 0. ROOT. l IsffifiB Waterproo Ererla SSLCKER flV Artir »icr(T| hundlfd a catarrh rcmtcly thai ha,o, rnp- ·d.e-lising »pa» when in Chtdfo, wi)l f nd rt on fil« at to 43 Randolph St., the Ad«arti»n£ Agency o! 3 R d h s LORD*THOMAS, ON30_DAYS; TRIAL. ELASTiS TRUSS uries o i t osaenqer q u p m e n . . -,,_._. The Fast S.-cprssa Trains between CWcago and the MIEFOUI-I Kivera ·* . ^ ^^ .. *^ ... . _ _, ja ___ , __ ___ . __ T _ » ,, _ . -- a r\^rf fr*.tr*T*ft= T\ To cr~\1 rl f-«aVi tl t Antotite,'"anii "Health on botn." Bet-sreen Chicago Atchlson are also run tho Celebrated Keclining Chair Cars. THE FAMOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE Is the direct atid favorite line between Cbicasro and Minneapolis ana - ·where connections are taada in Union Depots for nil points. m tne IBI and British Pro-rincea. Over this route. Fast Express Trains aronn ·waterln.? places, euminer resorts, picturesque 1 ocaiitiea, ao^JHRrrS,?; in» t-rmin Aa of Trttea and Minnesota. It is also tho most desirable roui In? grounds ot and Minnesota. It is also tho mos' " aatoral lands of interior Dakota. riSi -whosit fields and pastoral lands or interior JJIUCOIB. Still another DIRECT LINE, via Sen.aca ftnd « :nnk J^«?-.5Sf I 2S?e between Newport Newa. Richmond. Cmoinnati. Indianapolis, f "SL^i^il Council BluJTsT Kansas City. Minneapoha and St. Paul »nd intermediave For dstailed Informaripn seeMapa and Folders, gj 1 ^ 8 *!*; ^ Tickets, at all principal Ticket OSlcaa in ta United States ana o«J by addressing . -- -.·· R. R. CABLE, E. ST. JOHN, Frt»W«nt and General Wanijtr, Chicago. 6«ii*r»l Ticket »nd Faistngtr «s«"'

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